Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Sunday Comments ( 08 - 10 - 14 )

re:  Paul Revere:  
We got the sad but inevitable news yesterday ... Paul Revere has officially retired from performing.  FH Reader Tom Cuddy sent us this official announcement:   

Having led The Raiders for five decades, Paul Revere announces he is hanging up his tri-corner hat but his band will keep on rocking. Paul Revere  
Today’s announcement states that Revere’s son, Jamie, is returning to the band.  Today’s Raiders include Doug Heath, Ron Foos and Danny Krause along with 10-year Lettermen  vet Darren Dowler and former Buckinghams  drummer Tommy Scheckel.  
There is a slight tweak to the band’s name.  The group will perform under the moniker Paul Revere’s Raiders.  
Together the musicians will preserve the legacy of the band responsible for such hits as “Kicks,” “Good Thing,” “The Great Airplane Strike” and “Hungry.”  The band’s most famous lineup included singer Mark Lindsay, bassist Phil “Fang” Volk, guitarist Drake “Kid” Levin, drummer Mike “Smitty” Smith and, of course, keyboardist Revere.  
Revere and Lindsay, along with drummer Hal Blaine, guitarist Freddy Weller and bassist Keith Allison, recorded one of The Raider’s biggest hits, “Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian)” in 1971.  
The band, which performs dressed in revolutionary 1776 garb, enjoyed a longtime business relationship with “American Bandstand” host Dick Clark which led to hundreds of appearances on the television show “Where The Action is.” Revere and Lindsay hosted two shows produced by Clark – “Happening ’68” and “It’s Happening.” Revere, who has suffered health problems for the past year, will continue to work with the band as executive producer.  The Raiders will release new material, including a song called, “Still Hungry,” in October.    

re:  James Brown:  
Your review of the new James Brown film is spot on -- it's uncanny how often I agree with your assessment of these things.  I, too, felt short changed by this portrayal.  I guess I was expecting more of a "warts and all" biography -- and Brown, innovator that he was, was FAR from perfect.  It seems that some of these flaws (many dangerously life-threatening) should have been addressed in the film.  Instead we got a "James Is Great" accounting.  A great performer, yes -- but as I said, far from perfect. 
Top Ten Kid   

Different strokes for different folks ...  

I have to agree with Chet on this one for a reliable review. Alex Valdez 

Hi, it's Rick Levy, tour manager and bandleader for TOMMY ROE.  The JAMES BROWN film was great.  You can tell your readers that my son, JONAH LEVY, is a special effects makeup artist, and did some of the makeup on the film. His site is  
We're off to LIVERPOOL soon to Headline International Beatle Week with TOMMY ROE! 

I wish I could find the James Brown Stay In School psa.  It is on an old reel to reel somewhere.  The attached I.D. came from that campaign.  JB did a personalized i.d. that stations could use in conjunction with the campaign.  The old reel to reel was spliced with James saying the call letters.  He must have had to say hundreds of call letters because they played all over the country.   I am sure the engineers were tired of splicing little pieces of audio tape! Here is WRCOs' personalized id.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film.  The non-chronological presentation had its own logic in establishing connections between his sometimes bizarre adult behavior to his very rough younger years.  Great to hear those precision grooves on state-of-the-art surround sound speakers ... brings one to appreciate anew the ground-breaking level to which he brought r & b and established Da Funk. I came away thinking much of what followed was a lesser echo of JB in his late 60's / early 70's heyday.  Have to enjoy the re-telling of JB upstaging the Stones on TV.    
As much as Chadwick Boseman had his moves down, there was only ever one James Brown who could deliver that legendary energy.  I'd rank this slightly ahead of Jersey Boys. 
One major plus for me (over "Jersey Boys") was the use of actual James Brown music, sung by The Godfather of Soul himself ... often in special, remixed, cleaned-up form.  "Jersey Boys" as a stage show worked very well with the actors portraying The Four Seasons and handling the vocals live ... because there's something about seeing a live show that has an impact on an audience.  (On playback you'll often find that things sounded better there at the time when you were caught up in the moment than they do on a recording of that same event ... witness virtually ANY "American Idol" / "Voice" type moment and you'll hear the same thing.)  With the benefit of the story-telling done in the film, I believe it would have had FAR greater impact had they used the actual recordings of the artists.  But this was not Clint Eastwood's vision ... he wanted to attempt to recreate the magic and excitement of the live show.  To my eyes and ears, he failed.  But, as I've said before, that doesn't mean I won't watch it again (and want to own it!) when it comes out on dvd.  I expect to feel the same way about "Get On Up" after it runs its course in theaters.  (Actually, we've already made plans to go see it again at the end of the month!)  kk

While I have yet to see the James Brown bipic "Get On Up," I did get to spend a couple hours in 1981 backstage at the Aquarius Theatre in Los Angeles interviewing James (and then, of course, saw his show).   My purpose was to collect the stories behind his greatest hits -- which he cheerfully gave, noting that in almost every case there was virtually no story!    
His standard method of coming up with new material was for him to think up or simply latch onto a title phrase while having his band improvise riffs.  When they collectively hit a groove he thought could be developed into something, he and the band just jammed on it, tweaking the words and melody until they felt they had what could be turned into a two to three minute commercial single.  That's why the depth in most James Brown records is not lyrical but emotional.  
Most of James Brown's output was originally issued on King Records -- the label which had rejected Brown's early material as completely uncommercial.  Label owner Syd Nathan was particularly appalled by the "low quality" (Syd phrased his reaction a little differently) of "Please Please Please," which subsequently got released without his authorization.  (Syd was the same guy who dropped The Platters from his label after hearing their first version of a song they'd later recut for Mercury: "Only You."  After The Platters became one of the '50s hottest acts on Mercury, King reissued that failed first version of "Only You" in countless budget line single and LP repackages.)  King no longer exists as an active record company.  Nearly all of its masters -- along with those of many other labels, such as Scepter -- are owned today by a largely inactive Tennessee holding company called Gusto Records.  I say "nearly all" because there are exceptions.  Dionne Warwick won back control of her Scepter masters, for example. and the James Brown King recordings were all sold to Polygram -- Polygram being later absorbed into MCA / Universal Records.  Therefore today all of Jamres Brown's King masters are owned by the same firm which controls most of the hits of Bing Crosby, The Andrews Sisters, Jimmy Dorsey, Brenda Lee, Nat "King" Cole, Jan & Dean, Conway Twitty, The Beach Boys, Patsy Cline, The Four Preps and many many other stars including The Beatles.   (Universal also acquired the masters of Capitol Records, Liberty Recortds, etc.)   
Aside from his poor relations with women and drug problems, James Brown had a rather strange sense of humor.  Circa 1971, King released a special 45 RPM single to radio stations only which contained several public service announcements James voiced to show his "support" for the war on drug abuse.  In each PSA, James expressed his view to all his fans that drugs were "super bad."   A lot of radio program directors played those PSAs until it was pointed out to station management that in the pop lingo of the time to call something "super bad" was to wholeheartedly endorse it.  When I mentioned that PSA single to James, he broke into laughter.  "Yeah, I really put one over on 'em," he said.   
Gary Theroux

James Brown's hit 'Living In America' was a HUGE comeback record for The Godfather of Soul.  How do they cover his life story and leave that one out?  
Honestly I think it was a licensing thing.  If Universal owns the rights to everything that used to be King Records and/or Polydor, they own the rights to the bulk of the James Brown music catalog ... but "Living In America" came out on Scotti Brothers Records which, I believe, was a division of Columbia at the time. (I don't know how ANYBODY keeps this stuff straight anymore with all the acquisitions that seem to be happening on a daily basis!) 
"Living In America" WAS a huge hit for Brown ... it was featured in "Rocky IV".  (Hmm ... I wonder what music they're going to use in "Rocky 16"???)  But not only was Brown tied to the careers of legendary boxers Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed, he was also a fixture (and the star attraction) at The Rumble In The Jungle ... the fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman where Ali regained his Heavyweight Champion of the World crown for the unprecedented third time!  (kk)

>>>Jack Bart adds: “I have no ill feelings about it. It’s only a movie.” 
That quote hit me.  The first part about no ill feelings is good.  Just release it, Jack.  The second sentence bothers me.  I am at first thinking:  GOOD.  We cannot hold much stock in the things we see on the big (or little) screen when it is made primarily for entertainment.  However, people (especially kids) DO hold it as fact.  I know from experience that I am called on to dispel rumour after rumour in the classroom. 
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano  
And, as we've discussed SO many times before here in Forgotten Hits, these "mistruths" then get repeated again and again (often with even MORE embellishment) and pretty soon the story that's circulating doesn't even remotely remember the truth.  (kk)   

I was so happy to see that I wasn't the only one who was bothered by the way-too-short "cape routine". I saw James Brown at the Howard Theater in DC when I was 14, and that was the most memorable part of the show for me. I really liked the movie (Chadwick Boseman was amazing) but I thought it felt a little disjointed at times. In the film, they cover the episode at the T.A.M.I. Show (making the Stones the closing act) before talking about his "Live at the Apollo" album that was recorded almost two years earlier and has been called one of the best live albums ever recorded. (I agree). It was played on Top 40 stations and James performed "Prisoner of Love" (great song) from that album on American Bandstand in '63. So in that context, it made more sense that he would feel slighted at The T.A.M.I. Show. I also think they could have spent a little less time on his childhood and a little more on some of the more interesting parts of his life you talked about. You mentioned " Don't be a Drop-Out". He got a lot of support from The White House in getting that into schools. He got a lot of flack for endorsing Hubert Humphrey, and later, Richard Nixon. He performed "Say It Loud" at one of Nixon's '69 inauguration balls. That was a movie moment! All that being said, It's  a must-see movie. Thanks for letting me vent! 
Carolyn Travis 
While I'm sure MOST of the audience that will be attracted to this film are well familiar with the whole James Brown cape routine, there is probably no more signature moment of his stage show than this ... and I felt it should have been given the full song experience ... especially when one considers that brand NEW James Brown fans will be cultivated thanks to this film.  I believe the T.A.M.I. backstage moment probably happened pretty much the way you saw it ... Brown, at this point an accomplished performer revered by his peers (and frontmen like Mick Jagger) couldn't believe that these brand new British upstarts, The Rolling Stones (who "hadn't even had a hit record yet") were given the honor of closing the show.  Without question, Brown made his act nearly impossible to follow, forcing Jagger to improvise some brand new moves of his own.  (It's hysterical to watch ... as even his bandmates are amused to see how animated he becomes in this sequence ... at this point, totally out of character ... but soon to be a fixture of "making show" from that point on!) 
I also agree that Brown's live performance of "Say It Loud, I'm Black And I'm Proud" would have played in MUCH more meaningful context had they used the Nixon inaugural backdrop rather than just rounding up a bunch of kids to sing background in the studio. 
And that was the KEY to James Brown's music ... it didn't come alive until he performed it on stage.  "Live At The Apollo" is STILL considered by many to be the greatest live album ever made (sorry, Peter Frampton!) ... and, as we saw in the film, it nearly didn't happen.  Jackie Wilson may have been called "Mr. Excitement" ... but NOBODY commanded a stage the way James Brown did.  It's hard to achieve that "feeling" by simply playing a song on the radio ... James Brown live was something you had to "experience".  Perhaps this is why he will most likely forever hold the record of most charted singles in Billboard Magazine (107) without ever hitting #1.  (kk)

re:  This And That:
Reminder ... You're gonna want to check this out if you're able (or happen to be in the area!) And what a TIMELY coincidence to catch The T.A.M.I. Show again on the big screen!  (We're planning on watching it from start to finish this weekend!  lol)

The American Cinematheque,
Amoeba Music and Santa Monica Press Present "Turn Up the Radio: L.A. Rock featuring the World Premiere of a New Documentary about The Seeds, The Doors at the Hollywood Bowl, Frank Zappa and THE T.A.M.I. Show Featuring James Brown, The Rolling Stones, The Supremes and More 1960s Bands 

August 13 - 17, 2014
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Press Release August 5, 2014

For Immediate Release
The Seeds, The Doors, The T.A.M.I Show, Frank Zappa
August 13 - 17, 2014
Egyptian Theatre
6712 Hollywood Boulevard, CA 90028

Presented by the American Cinematheque and co-sponsored by Amoeba Records and Santa Monica Press.

Los Angeles has been the center of the film world for nearly a century, but the city's leading role in popular music began more recently. The birth of rock 'n' roll brought forth a teen record-buying audience independent of the Broadway/Tin Pan Alley axis, which had long dominated American music, and as local rock scenes began to ferment across the country, few could compete with the sunny SoCal environment as a draw for the top performers, songwriters and producers. Harvey Kubernik's new book, Turn Up the Radio!, captures the zeitgeist of Los Angeles rock and pop between the years of 1956 and 1972 - an era of unprecedented growth and creativity in the record industry.

The American Cinematheque celebrates the intersection of music and media in the City of Angels with several evenings devoted to L.A. rock icons on film. Southern California was on the itinerary of virtually every performer of note, and director-producer Steve Binder put many of them on film and TV, including the all-star line-up in the classic concert film THE T.A.M.I. SHOW. Legendary quartet The Doors were at the peak of their powers in hometown appearance LIVE AT THE BOWL '68. The Seeds once headlined a tour with The Doors; the world premiere of the documentary PUSHIN' TOO HARD tells the story of the L.A. garage rock greats for the first time. And musical iconoclast Frank Zappa paints a fascinating portrait of The Mothers of Invention at work in UNCLE MEAT. Read about this series on our website.

Series programmed by John Hagelston, Harvey Kubernik and Grant Moninger. Program notes by John Hagelston.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 7:30 PM
Presented by the American Cinematheque and co-sponsored by Amoeba Records and Santa Monica Press
2012, Eagle Rock Entertainment, 71 min, USA, Dir: Ray Manzarek
A legendary band, an iconic venue! With their Waiting for the Sun album fresh in stores, The Doors made a triumphant appearance at the Hollywood Bowl on July 5, 1968. The L.A. quartet was at the peak of its powers that night, balancing hit singles including "Light My Fire" and "Hello, I Love You" with epic renditions of "When the Music's Over" and "The End." Painstakingly restored from original camera negatives and remixed from multi-tracks by the group's longtime engineer, Bruce Botnick, this mesmerizing film presents the historic concert in its entirety for the first time.

Program begins with a slide show by rock photographer Henry Diltz, who will share his classic images of The Doors and other L.A. music icons. Film begins at 8:00 PM.

Thursday, August 14, 2014 - 7:30 PM
In-Person Tribute To Steve Binder! 50th Anniversary!

1964, AIP, 123 min, USA, Dir: Steve Binder
The Rolling Stones, James Brown, The Beach Boys, Chuck Berry and The Supremes were among the top acts who took the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium stage for the Teenage Awards Music International Show, captured in "Electronovision." This priceless cross-section of Top 40 radio at its mid-'60s peak offers northern and southern soul, rock 'n' roll, surf, garage and British Invasion hits in one of the most legendary concert movies ever made. Unquestionably the grooviest, wildest, most exciting beat blast on the National Film Registry!
Discussion following the film with director Steve Binder, moderated by John Landis, who attended the original concert.

Saturday, August 16, 2014 - 7:30 PM
World Premiere! Special Guests!
Presented by the American Cinematheque and co-sponsored by Amoeba Records and Santa Monica Press.
2014, GNP Crescendo, 110 min, USA, Dir: Neil Norman
Beginning in the mid-1960s, The Seeds spread a web of sound from the Sunset Strip to the rest of the country with such anthems of teen frustration as "Pushin' Too Hard" and "Can't Seem to Make You Mine." Fronted by the sneering, attitude-laden delivery of charismatic lead singer Sky Saxon, the band's driving sound would help lay the groundwork for punk. This definitive documentary on The Seeds follows the quartet's bizarre odyssey from rags to riches to rags again - and ultimately their rediscovery by new generations of garage-rock fans - using vintage television and concert performances, rare photos and recent interviews with all of the group's original members, as well as fans and observers including Iggy Pop, Kim Fowley, Johnny Echols of Love and Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys.
Discussion following with director Neil Norman, producer Alec Palao and Seeds members Daryl Hooper and Jan Savage, moderated by Kirk Silsbee.

Sunday, August 17, 2014 - 7:30 PM
"Bunny Bunny Bunny" / "Cheepnis" / UNCLE MEAT
Co-sponsored by Amoeba Records and Santa Monica Press
World Premiere!
"Bunny Bunny Bunny" (ca. 1987, 20 min.) Directed and produced by Frank Zappa, this one-camera shoot stars daughter Moon Zappa (a couple of years after their radio hit "Valley Girl") in improvised dialogue with her best friend Kyle Richards and her cousin Lala Sloatman.

"Cheepnis" (1973, 10 min.) Featuring the only footage Zappa cut together from his legendary 1973 Roxy concerts, "Cheepnis" sings the praises of low-budget monster movies. This short documents the director, bandleader, songwriter and musician at work.

Followed by:
1987, 100 min, USA, Dir: Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa began directing The Mothers of Invention's one and only movie, UNCLE MEAT, less than two years after the group's 1965 debut but it did not see release until 1987. Colorful footage from their "Absolutely Free"-era residency at the Garrick Theater in New York, and from the Sgt. Pepper/psychedelia-mocking "We're Only in it for the Money" album cover shoot is mixed with orchestral bits from a 1968 concert at London's Royal Festival Hall. Plus you get Rodney Bingenheimer, Linda Ronstadt, Meredith Monk and others along for the ride at the legendary Hollywood Ranch Market on Vine Street. Camerawork by the great Haskell Wexler.
Egyptian Theatre Historic Tour on Saturday, August 16. Behind-the-Scenes historic tour at 10:30 AM. Meet in front of Box Office. FOREVER HOLLYWOOD follows at 11:35 AM. Next tours are September 20 & October 18. Future tours will be held each month in 2014 one Saturday per month.

2014: Recent Belgian Cinema (Aero & Egyptian) Monthly series on Wednesdays with Belgian Beer Reception Following. .

  • August 13 - 17: L.A. Rock On Film with THE DOORS & THE SEEDS (Egyptian) 
  • August 7 - 10: Universal Monster Mash (Egyptian)
  • August 7-21: Alec Guiness Centennial (Aero)    
  • August 15 - 27: The Cinema Of Robert Rodriguez with In Person Appearance (Egyptian & Aero)
  • August 18: Danny Elfman in person for BATMAN 25th Anniversary (Egyptian)
  • August 22 - 24: Eli Wallach Remembered (Aero)
  • August 24: Co-Presented with the Art Directors Film Society: THE GAUCHO  (Egyptian) 
  • August 21: Filmmaking Seminar: Director's Intent (Egyptian)
  • August 22: Sam Fuller Tribute with PICK UP ON SOUTH STREET & WHITE DOG (Egyptian) 
  • August 10:E.T. The Extraterrestrial (Aero)  
  • October: Recent Spanish Cinema (Egyptian)
  • September: German Currents: New Films from Germany
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History of the Grauman's Legendary 1922 Egyptian Theatre

Here's a cool little clip sent in by FH Reader Clark Besch ... it shows British songstress Cilla Black working in the studio with Burt Bacharach on Burt's soundtrack smash "Alfie".   
As I watch this I cannot help but wonder if there is any film out there like this with Tony Hatch and Petula Clark.  This is just a wonderful video of Cilla Black at her very best recording "Alfie" in '65 with Burt Bacharach at the orchestra controls!  How amazing!  I can envision this being similar to the way Tony and Petula did their recordings. 
Perhaps Tony will see this and let us know!  (kk)

I have admired Jim Peterik for years because he has never sold out.   Now, in his 60's, Jim doesn't give a damn if someone thinks he's nuts because he colors his hair purple.
At an age where most guys wear boat shoes, he still wears spandex.
He is now and always will be first, last and forever a rock and roller, a guy who lives, and breathes the sounds we love.
Jim is to be admired and applauded. A showman, yes. A high line pro, absolutely. Think the Ides, .38 Special and Survivor.  I do feel a kinship with this guy for one reason. This is my 47th year in the broadcast business. I picked up my first check when I was 18.
It's all I really know. It's all I've ever wanted to do, though if God had made me 5'7", I would have killed to front a rock band.
Anyway, bravo, Jim Peterik ... a pro's pro, by the way, without q!
Hey, my new read, "Chet Coppock: Laying it on the Line" will be out August 14.

Kent ...
It looks like Scott Shannon has kept his word.
When WCBS-FM hired Scott Shannon, he said he wouldn't be happy till WCBS-FM was # 1 in the ratings.  
I guess Scott is happy now. Here's the latest ratings:
#1 -- WCBS-FM = 6.6% of the audience
#2 -- LITE-FM = 6.2% of the audience
Let's see how long Scott will stay #1 in New York.
He's taking next week off - at #1, I'd say he deserves it!
Frank B.
Congratulations to Scott Shannon ... STILL makin' it happen after all these years!  WTG, Scott ... we love ya!  (kk) THANKS SO MUCH, KENT ... GOOD TO HAVE A FRIEND LIKE YOU! 

Speaking of Scott Shannon, we told you that he recently did his 101st show for WCBS-FM at The City Winery in New York City.  Here's a picture of Scott with two of his special guests that day ... Gene Cornish of The Rascals and Micky Dolenz of The Monkees!  (kk)

Gene Cornish and Micky Dolenz were guests at last week's 101th show anniversary with Scott Shannon  CBS FM at NYC's City Winery.  Dolenz had just played B. B. King's in NYC the night before.
L-R: Cornish; Dolenz; and, Scott Shannon
(photo courtesy of David Salidor / dis Company)

We saw this blurb about our FH Buddy Clark Weber in a newsletter put out by Claude Hall called "Claude's Comments".  (It features lots of stories and memories shared by former deejays ... if you think you might like to check out a copy or two or twelve, drop Claude a line and tell him Forgotten Hits sent you ... Anyway, after I saw this (it's actually a piece written by Lee Baby Sims), I forwarded it to Clark ... so you'll find HIS response down there, too!  (kk)  

Clark Weber!  Wow!  Man, you don`t know about me and Clark Weber ... so let me tell you. 
I love Clark Weber ... I have for fifty years (never met him either).  Clark is one of my boyhood heroes.  I remember laying in my bed late at night, in Charleston, SC, (I was 15 or 16 years old) in the wee small hours listening to 'East of Midnight’, transistor radio under my pillow, playing low, listening to Clark booming in from a thousand miles away (maybe more?) on WLS.  One night, all of a sudden, Clark, for some reason (between records) started to tell me about the contents of his wallet.  How much money he had in it, his driver’s license information, his union card (thank God for AFTRA, I would be in trouble without my little AFTRA pension), pictures of his wife, his children, some phone numbers on a piece of paper.  Other things.  He took his time (some minutes) to tell me.  This on a Top Forty station!  I was mesmerized.  I had liked him before but when he told me what he had in his wallet ... then was when I became his devotee.  In subsequent years when I was on the air and someone had the temerity to tell me that I talked too much, I would remember what Clark told me that he had in his wallet, and how much time it took him to tell me, and I would dismiss their criticism with a wave of my hand.  I knew that  I was in good company.  When you chat with Clark again, please tell him I said, ‘Thank you, Clark.  A minute or two of your life, changed forever the rest of mine.  
Your Fan - 
Lee Baby  
Wow, kind words from Lee Baby Sims who was certainly one of the best of the best dj's! It's amazing how so many dj's touched the life of other aspiring djs later in life. 

Hi Kent -
THANK YOU for unraveling the "Night Theme" Mystery and Ray Peterson!!!  Who would think that song and duo would make the "Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame"!!!!  The final answer will come from Fred Vail. So many twists like Laura Music! You are amazing putting the pieces together.
One more thing ... isn't Fred Vail the announcer who introduced the "Fabulous Beach Boys" on their Live Beach Boy Concert Album?  I believe he was their manager at the time????
Forgotten Hits is the GREATEST. You don't let anything unsolved.  Anxious to hear what Fred Vail has to say!
In the meantime, its GREAT to know the background of that little obscure record "Night Theme" when I play it in my juke box!
Thank you again, Kent!
One and the same.  Fred has been a Forgotten Hits Reader and Contributor for quite some time now.  Be sure to check out his behind-the-scenes recap of The Beach Boys' song "The Warmth of the Sun"! 
Click here: Forgotten Hits - The Story Behind The Beach Boys' Classic "The Warmth Of The Sun"   In fact, after running in Forgotten Hits, our exclusive interview and background story ran in David Beard's "Endless Summer Quarterly", the definitive Beach Boys Fanzine, a few years ago (kk)

In today's comments, reader Phil mentioned the song BLUEBIRDS OVER THE MOUNTAIN in his discussion of the Beach Boys' Albums. Haven't heard that song title mentioned in years nor heard it in years. I had to get out Ersel Hickey's (Ersel who?) version from 1958 and play it like they used to say, "one more time". His version was a lot shorter than I remembered it. 

So last week Rolling Stone Magazine reported that Marianne Faithfull told Mojo Magazine in England that her boyfriend at the time killed Jim Morrison of The Doors by giving him the fatal dose of heroin that ultimately killed him.  This after some 40+ years of never saying a word.  (She says that all of the other people involved are now dead and gone and that she's the only survivor ... so she can finally speak up.)  Let us know what happened to Kennedy and Jimmy Hoffa, too, Marianne, when you get a chance.  (kk)

And in OTHER really cool news, did you hear that there's a petition / campaign afloat to have the NFL hire Weird Al Yankovic (hot off his very first #1 Album) to provide the Half-Time Entertainment at next year's Super Bowl?  The twist is, he'd do a few of his popular parodies ... and then the REAL artist would join him on stage.  (It's actually a pretty cool and clever idea ... and I'd LOVE to see it happen!)  As I write this (Friday Afternoon), the petition already has over 75,000 signatures!  (kk)  
Click here: Fans backing Weird Al for Super Bowl halftime -    

Thank you Kent and Mister Hil ... I had not heard the Tony Bennett version of Mac Arthur Park before. I love it!   

The Zombies have returned to the States for what has become their annual summer visit. The tour started Thursday in Massachusetts.  Lead singer Colin Blunstone has been doing some interviews in preparation of the tour.   Here are two links.  
- Tom Cuddy  
We saw The Zombies for the very first time last year when they opened for Burton Cummings at The Arcada Theatre.  A good show (albeit a bit long for my taste) ... definitely worth checking them out again if they're heading out your way.  (kk) 

HAPPY FEET TIME by The Monclairs is one great funky-assed song (if you've ever heard it).
I remember that song being played on the radio back in 1965 when I was 10-years-old.
Tal Hartsfeld

I had NOT heard this track before ... and, as such, featured it as part of our Saturday Surveys a couple of weekends ago. It "bubbled under" in Billboard (at #108 in '65) ... so seeing it near the top of the charts in Pittsburgh was a nice surprise!  (kk)   

Our FH Buddy Al Kooper sent us this link, suggesting ways radio could improve itself based on the complete turn-around of the television industry.  Folks today say that we have entered a NEW Golden Age Of Television ... and based on most of our viewing habits, I have to agree.  (Of course there's still an awful lot of crap out there ... but the stuff that's good is REALLY good ... addictive tv! (kk)  
This is not meant to be funny or satiric ... it is merely the pure truth of why I have bailed out.  
Al Kooper

Regarding Johnny Winter, as he never actually scored any hits, I've never put together a "History of Rock 'n' Roll'' episode about him.  Johnny, though, is referred to in the episode I put together about his brother Edgar, which is attached.  You can hear "The History of Rock 'n' Roll" series three times a day Mondays through Fridays online at and and "like" the show on Facebook.  
Gary Theroux

Funny that you mentioned the GEICO ads, especially the Kenny Rogers ad.  The black dude in the intro talking to the old man is Don Franklin. He was on a show back in the early 90's as one of "The Young Riders", along with Josh Brolin, Steve Baldwin, Anthony Zerbe and a slew of various actors that came through the show. In the last episode I was working SFX and was handling the electric board to set off the squibs (gunfire pouches on the actors). So should you ever have occasion to see the last episode, I'm down in the dirt at his feet killing him. I'm with you ... it but it took me a few times to figure out the cowboy getting knocked off his horse by THE END sign.  But when I did it was well worth it. "Jesse" 
Alex Valdez 

As final preparations have been completed for this month’s launch of the much-anticipated ZZ Top / Jeff Beck Tour, ZZ Top’s Billy F Gibbons met with Jeff Beck in Los Angeles for a photo session for the cover of the next issue of Guitar World Magazine. On hand to document the guitar slingers' summit was legendary British photographer Ross Halfin.  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees and mutual admirers ZZ Top and Jeff Beck who have almost a century’s worth of combined touring experience under their collective belts are less than one week away from embarking on their first ever tour together. The tour is formatted to offer a free-standing set from Jeff Beck, a free-standing set from ZZ Top and a joint performance wherein Beck joins ZZ Top for a rocking finale.  
On the heels of releasing Live At Montreux 2013 DVD / Blu-ray through Eagle Rock Entertainment and The Baddest of ZZ Top CD / 2CD retrospective from Warner Bros., “that little ol’ band from Texas” will be cranking out classics such as “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Legs” and “Tush.” The lineup of Billy F Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard has been holding steady for over 44 years - an unprecedented feat in rock.   
Jeff Beck’s touring band will consist of Grammy nominee and Flash-era vocalist Jimmy Hall (Wet Willie), bassist Rhonda Smith, drummer Jonathan Joseph, and guitarist Nicolas Meier.    
16-year-old Texas guitar prodigy Tyler Bryant has recently been announced as the opening act for the vast majority of the tour dates. Bryant already has experience as an opener for Jeff Beck, and also cut his teeth on bills with Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, BB King, Heart, Vince Gill, and many others.  
While ZZ Top and Jeff Beck have never toured together before, this is not the first live collaboration between the two camps. Billy Gibbons joined Beck and his band on stage at the 25th anniversary celebration of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009 at Madison Square Garden, where they performed the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s “Foxey Lady” and ZZ Top’s hit “Rough Boy” together. The following year Beck joined ZZ Top in Lucca, Italy for an extended rendition of the band’s signature piece “La Grange.” 
The excitement is brewing between the musicians. Jeff Beck proclaimed, “Ever since Eliminator I thought it would be great to play with ZZ Top.” 
Likewise, Billy Gibbons, who has long viewed the English fret master as a musical role model going back to his days in the Yardbirds, has declared his admiration for the man behind the platinum selling albums Blow By Blow and Wired. “We could never figure out what Beck was doing on his instrument to get those sounds, and it was that mystery that inspired us to push our own sound to the next level.” Gibbons continues, “It is an honor to be sharing the stage with the curator of crunch.”
ZZ Top with Jeff Beck Tour Itinerary:  
August 8 - Ogren Park - Missoula, MT
August 9 - Chateau Ste. Michelle - Woodinville, WA
August 10 - Cuthbert Amphitheatre - Eugene, OR
August 12 - The Mountain Winery - Saratoga, CA
August 13 - Greek Amphitheatre - Los Angeles, CA
August 15 - Ironstone Amphitheatre - Murphys, CA
August 16 - The Joint - Las Vegas, NV
August 17 - AVA Amphitheatre - Tucson, AZ
August 19 - Sandia Casino - Albuquerque, NM
August 20 - Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre - Englewood, CO
August 22 - Zoo Amphitheatre - Oklahoma City, OK
August 23 - Starlight Theater - Kansas City, MO
August 24 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Maryland Heights, MO
August 27  - DTE Energy Music Theatre - Clarkston, MI
August 28 - Ravinia Festival - Highland Park, IL
August 29 - Seneca Allegany Casino - Salamanca, NY
August 30 - Concert Venue @Harrah’s - Atlantic City, NJ
August 31 - MGM Grand Theater @ Foxwoods - Mashantucket, CT
September 2 - Blue Hills Bank Pavilion - Boston, MA
September 3 - Merriweather Post Pavilion - Columbia, MD *
September 4 - Nikon @ Jones Beach Theater - Wantagh, NY
September 6 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Alpharetta, GA
September 7 - St. Augustine Amphitheater - St. Augustine, FL
September 9 - Cruzan Amphitheater - West Palm Beach, FL
September 10 - Midflorida Credit Union Amphitheater - Tampa, FL
September 12 - Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion - The Woodlands, TX
September 13 - Winstar Casino - Thackerville, OK **
*Tyler Bryant and Gary Clark Jr. open
**ZZ Top and Jeff Beck only

Hi Kent - 
I still disagree with your assessment of Kenny Loggins' performance, but that's ok - to each his own, right? Hey, I don't think much of Bruce Springsteen (not him personally, just his music), but look how many people would disagree with me on that!  I have to agree with you and Shelley about concert etiquette - where has it gone? Where I work, people are allowed to stand in front of their seats if they want to, but if someone behind them complains or they stand for the entire show, we can ask them to be considerate and sit at least for a while. Most people will sit once they realize they're blocking someone else's view. But they shouldn't be in the aisles. Also, regarding 'Ravinia type' set ups - I totally agree! They bring enough stuff these days to stay for a week, and we have to search it all! Most people are glad we're doing it now cuz they feel safer ... it's just too bad that's the world we live in. But still, I remember going there years ago, on the Metra, with a blanket and a can of pop and a peanut butter sandwich and sitting on the lawn enjoying the music. It's pretty crazy now. But they do make an announcement before the concert starts for people to reign it in if they can and leave some room for latecomers, so that's good. But the amount of alcohol consumed at some of these concerts astounds me! I'm not much of a drinker so maybe it seems like a lot to me, but when you see people who paid so much for a concert ticket and then they're out in the lobby drinking the whole time, I don't get it. And then they get in their cars and drive home on the same roads as you and I ... scary! Until I started working at concerts, I also didn't realize how many people had to be paid to put on a show these days. Everyone from the police and security to the bus drivers, to the electricians, carpenters, stage hands, wardrobe, hair and makeup people, catering, food service, cleaning crew, truck drivers, pyrotechnics experts, production crew, dancers, and on and on ... and that's before the artist even gets paid! So yeah, ticket prices are crazy, but maybe it helps if you understand how many pieces it's broken up into. I still miss the days though, when you just had somebody on stage with a couple of guitars and drums - I hate all the big overly-produced shows that seem to be the norm now - but again, that's just me. Am I getting old and cranky? (Don't answer that!)  

You know, I read all about the Kenny Loggins fracas ... and, then he was on Kathie Lee & Hoda here this week ... and, he does look different!  

Regarding the Kickstarter campaign, my initial feelings were the same as yours. Then I started wondering what do people get for the contribution? Maybe it's just special perks or goodies or VIP Passes.  Heck the Eagles do that all the time. I'm finding that even local venues are doing that kind of thing with certain acts -- even local ones. Why not sell it ahead of time on Kickstarter to finance their new CD? It's essentially going to their fan bank and if they want to pay for a chance to meet their star, or watch them walk buy on the way to the dressing room, or get a T-shirt, I say go for it. 
One of my own band mates kind of pointed these things out to me. I was thinking they needed the money for studio time, etc. One would think Kenny Loggins has his own or has access to one. Producers are fairly cheap these days since the record companies are tanking.   
I wouldn't think he should need to use Kickstarter, but it's a good way to raise money without interest, and if you give the fans a little something they are generally happy to help. 

>>>At yesterday's performance at The Wisconsin State Fair, both Mark Farner and Gary Lewis were missing in action.  Gary "US" Bonds stepped in to perform his 20 minute set ... but none of the other acts expanded upon their shows ... so the whole thing was over in an hour and a half, start to finish. (Hoping it's the full line-up when the show makes its way to Chicago later this month!)  kk  
Wow, I wonder what happened?  It may have been planned that way originally.  I know there are bookings that are made way ahead of time that do require changes in performers per contract, but I have heard nothing.  It could also be prior commitments, family issues, or just plain getting sick.   It was relayed to me that "Gary's health is better" so hopefully he'll be back in the line-up in no time (if he isn't already.) 
From the sounds of Phil's review (and the shortened sets mentioned), maybe The Turtles weren't feeling well either.  The only song WE didn't get was, of course, 'You Know What I Mean'.  There is even a whole schtick routine built around 'You Showed Me'.  Of course we need to remember that contracts can (and usually do) include a length of performance time.  The Happy Together gang may shorten and lengthen as needed.  However, with Gary Lewis out sick, it does seem they could have thrown in a few extras.  But, again, if you have already set up the staging for a particular show??  Well, I'm game for a return featuring ALL the posted players PLUS Gary US Bonds.  
As for me, I absolutely loved the show, but as I stated, it flew by.  However, as we have also noted in shows that are lengthened to the point of ad nauseum, that is far worse. 
At least with a fair atmosphere, there are other things to do and places to go.  
Thanks, Kent.   

Ground was broken, late last month, for Seattle’s Jimi Hendrix Park.  Here’s an update ...

SEATTLE – After more than three years of planning and fund-raising, groundbreaking for a Seattle park named in honor of hometown rock icon Jimi Hendrix has come to pass.. City officials, park committee volunteers and neighbors celebrated the milestone with a program including music and the ceremonial shovel full of earth at the 2.5-acre park, located adjacent to the Northwest African American Museum in Seattle’s Central District. 
Janie Hendrix, sister of Jimi Hendrix and President and CEO of Experience Hendrix, LLC, commented,  “Every project endorsed by our family which bears Jimi’s name is meaningful to us, but this park holds special significance.  Seattle will always be Jimi’s home.  This very area is where Jimi grew up, where his dreams were cultivated and his creative energy awakened, in many ways.  So to see this amazing place of beauty, dedicated to Jimi and his artistry, blossom into reality is indescribably fulfilling.  Having been involved in each facet of the park’s creation, I can honestly say that this musical garden is a fitting representation of Jimi’s imagination. It is truly inspired.”  
Friends of Jimi Hendrix Park, under the auspices of the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation, launched a capital fund-raising campaign in 2012 that raised more than $1 million to finance initial construction. The park plan, supported by a $500,000 Seattle Parks and Green Levy Opportunity Fund Grant, aims to create a vibrant space that celebrates the life, music and legend of Jimi Hendrix.  
Christopher Williams, Acting Director of Seattle Parks and Recreation remarked, "What a great event -  inspiring and fun!  The commitment and energy of the Foundation and Friends of Group was apparent and strong.  We look forward to continuing our partnership and creating a great new park for the neighborhood, greater community and Jimi Hendrix fans!"   
Phase 1 of the park development, designated “Little Wing,” includes a new stairway and entrance at the southeast corner of the park, paved pathways, a chronological timeline of Jimi’s life and career, enhanced landscaping, seatwall benches, ADA accessible walkways, rainwater infiltration gardens and a butterfly garden.  The bulk of construction is expected to occur in spring 2015.  
With the groundbreaking, a new fund-raising campaign is underway that is aimed toward construction of second phase of the project, including a central shelter and performance space as well as “Shadow Wave Wall,” depicting silhouette images of Jimi Hendrix. Design by Murase Associates of Seattle, the location is expected to draw both local residents and visitors from around the world.  At the groundbreaking Scott Murase, design principle with the company, exclaimed, "Let the Experience begin!"   
Donors to the project have included Hard Rock International, Fender Musical Instruments, King Conservation District, KISW Radio, Northwest African American Museum, Nisqually Indian Tribe, Seattle Parks Foundation, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Parks and Green Spaces Levy Committee along with numerous private donors. 
The mission of the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation is to create a community space inspired by the extraordinary life and musical legacy of Jimi Hendrix – a gathering place for individuals of diverse backgrounds and ages to celebrate cultural heritage, experience community pride, and enjoy innovative educational programming in partnership with the neighboring museum. The park plan envisions a space that will motivate youth and others to explore music and art, and strengthen the cultural pulse of the Emerald City as a primary focal point for multi-cultural events, gatherings, and activities for the community.    
To learn more about the project and to make a contribution,please  visit  
Contributions to the Foundation, a 501c3 non profit, are tax-deductible.

I think that ALL great Americans who have died from drug overdoses should be commemorated with their own U.S. Postage Stamp, don't you?!?!  (Somehow I don't think this is what Benjamin Franklin had in mind when he founded the first Post Office!!!)  But it seems to be EXACTLY what we're doing.  (Personally, I just don't get it!)  kk

This from FH Reader Tom Cuddy ...  

Janis Joplin Postage Stamp Released Today; 
Special Ceremony Taking Place This Afternoon in San Francisco
The U.S. Postal Service officially released the latest in its Music Icons Forever Stamp series, a stamp paying tribute to the late Janis Joplin, on Friday morning.  A special ceremony celebrating the stamp’s arrival will be held this afternoon at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park during the first day of the 2014 Outside Lands Festival.  

Janis’ brother, Michael Joplin, will attend the event, which also will feature performances by Mary Bridget Davies from the acclaimed Broadway musical A Night with Janis Joplin, country star Kacey Musgraves and local singer/songwriter Nicki Bluhm
Michael Joplin said in a statement, “The recognition of [Janis'] legacy and persona on such a permanent and iconic symbol as a United States postage stamp is truly humbling and it fills us with joy and pride.” 
Janis’ sister, Laura, who couldn’t attend the stamp ceremony, added, “I am happy for Janis that her image stands strong, representing the power, artistry and independence of women…As a rock and roll icon of the turbulent 1960s era, Janis’s inclusion helps remind us of the positive strength of an era devoted to peace, love and — as Janis said — ‘Be True to Yourself.’” 
The Joplin stamp resembles a psychedelic concert poster from the 1960s, and features well-known photo of the legendary blues-rock singer taken in 1970 by renowned photographer David Gahr.  The image is tinted blue, while the granny glasses Joplin is wearing are pink.  Running around the sides and top of the stamp are the words “Forever Janis Joplin USA” in shades of pink and orange, with three light-blue stars separating each word.  
The design for the sheet of multiple Joplin stamps also offers some interesting elements.  The pane resembles a 45-rpm record sleeve, with the image of the tip of a vinyl single peeking out above the stamps.  The reverse side features a photo of Janis taken in May 1968 at the San Jose Pop Festival, the Music Icons Series logo and the words “Janis Joplin Blues, Rock, Country, Soul, Folk.” 
A brief bio of Joplin provided by the U.S. Postal Service praises her as “a groundbreaking singer whose powerful, bluesy voice propelled her to the pinnacle of rock stardom,” while also noting that “she was known for her uninhibited and soulful performances,” and that she was “a pioneer who paved the way for other women in rock music.” 
Janis was just 27 when she died from a heroin overdose in October 1970.


New York, NY (August 7, 2014)-- On November 4, 2014, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Planes, Trains and Eric by Eric Clapton on DVD and Blu-ray [Pre-book Order Date October 10, MSRP $19.98 Blu-ray, $14.98 DVD].  This is an intimate film documenting life on the road during part of his 2014 tour intercut with superb full-length performances.  The film features many classic tracks including: “Layla,” “Wonderful Tonight,” “Cocaine,” “Tears In Heaven,” “I Shot The Sherriff,” “Crossroads” and more.  
Planes, Trains and Eric follows Eric Clapton and his band on the Far and Middle Eastern leg of his 2014 World Tour. The film features 13 full-length performances blended with interviews with Eric Clapton and the band members, rehearsal and soundcheck footage, travel by trains and planes, presentations and “fly on the wall” filming of all the many aspects of being on the road with Eric Clapton.  
Eric Clapton is one of the most revered and influential guitarists of all time. From his early days with the Yardbirds, through John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek And The Dominos and on to his solo career he has had consistent critical and commercial success. 
The line up of the band featured on the film is Eric Clapton (guitar & vocals); Steve Gadd (drums); Paul Carrack (Hammond & vocals); Nathan East (bass & vocals); Chris Stainton (keyboards); Michelle John (backing vocals); Shar White (backing vocals).  
Planes, Trains and Eric offers an unrivalled peek into the world of one of today’s greatest performers; and of course plenty of fantastic music.  
1) Tell The Truth  
2) Pretending  
3) Crossroads  
4) Driftin’  
5) I Shot The Sherriff  
6) Little Queen Of Spades  
7) Layla  
8) Wonderful Tonight  
9) Key To The Highway  
10) Before You Accuse Me  
11) Tears In Heaven  
12) Cocaine  
13) Hoochie Coochie Man  
14) High Time (Credits – Audio Only)

re:  Beatles-Related:
Here's a recap (by event coordinator Charles Rosenay) of last weekend's Danbury Fields Forever Beatles celebration ..

"Danbury Fields Forever" Fab 4 Music Festival Hits All The Right Notes  
There was music in the air for the third year in a row and smiles everywhere last weekend, Saturday, July 26 and Sunday, July 27, 2014, at Liverpool Productions' "Danbury Fields Forever lll" Fab 4 Music & Arts Festival, where some 20 acts played Beatles and solo songs for a crowd of over three thousand fans from all over the East Coast at Danbury, Connecticut’s beautiful Ives Concert Park.   
The gates opened at noon, and Chuck Lore, aka "Charlie Guitar," started off the festival with his breezy versions of Beatle and solo classics on guitar. The virtuoso had been the only artist to play all four evenings of "NYC FAB 50" in February, and he opened the festival beautifully as attendees made their way to their seats or opened blankets or folding chairs out in the lawn areas. Gary Theroux of was the event’s MC and he welcomed the acts while eloquently interspersing Beatles trivia throughout the day.    
The star students of New Canaan, CT's "School of Rock" followed Charlie Guitar and they wowed the crowd with their maturity and professionalism. Their song selection was spot-on and their performance further warmed up the crowd.
One of the British Invasion's founding fathers, Karl Green, bassist and one of the founding members of Herman's Hermits, was the festival's Special Guest of Honor, and he greeted the crowd from the stage before taking a seat in the vendor's section to meet and greet fans. A warm, funny and friendly guy with a huge heart, Karl signed autographs, posed for photos and mingled with guests for about two hours (with thanks to friends Mike and Connor) as hard-rockin' Pat Horgan & Thunder Road played their rollicking set. As a tribute to Karl Green, Pat's band ended their set of Beatle and solo rockers with a surprise non-Beatle nugget, "I'm Henry the VIII (I Am)." It was also a great ending to a stellar set from the band. 
Former Beatlemania cast-member Pete Santora was the first of several solo tribute performers, with an all-Harrison seamless set that consisted of Here Comes the Sun, Something, Any Road, I Need You, My Sweet Lord, All Too Much, Isn't It a Pity.
For the first time in history, the Honorable Mayor of the City of Danbury, Mark D. Boughton, recognized the festival with an official presentation and proclamation, declaring it "Beatles Weekend." His representative presented producer Charles F. Rosenay!!! with the following:  
I, Mayor Mark D. Boughton, do hereby issue this Proclamation in honor of The DANBURY FIELDS FOREVER Fab 4 Music Festival at Ives Concert Park, 43 Lake Ave. Extension, Danbury, CT, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles coming to America and their legendary music.   
WHEREAS, The year 2014 commemorates the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles' Arrival in America; WHEREAS, For 50 Years The Beatles and the Music of The British Invasion have brought joy and memorable music to millions;  
WHEREAS, Liverpool Productions' Fab 4 Music Festival has made its home in Danbury for three consecutive summers and has branded the event with the name DANBURY in its title;  
WHEREAS, DANBURY FIELDS FOREVER is the only such festival on the East Coast for Beatles fans and appreciators of their classic music; 
WHEREAS, DANBURY FIELDS FOREVER has brought not only families and fans from all over the U.S. to Danbury, Connecticut, to enjoy the music and the festival proper, but also brings 20 different bands/artists to Danbury to entertain on the Ives Concert Park stage;  
WHEREAS, DANBURY FIELDS FOREVER is bringing Special Guests of Honor from the Music and Entertainment fields, including Karl Green, bassist and one of the founding members of Herman's Hermits, a British invasion band;
WHEREAS, DANBURY FIELDS FOREVER has expanded from one day to two days in celebration of The Beatles' 50th Anniversary; 
WHEREAS, DANBURY FIELDS FOREVER has in the past made, and continues to make, a significant contribution to the economy of Danbury, Connecticut, and its citizens;    
WHEREAS, DANBURY FIELDS FOREVER has made, and continues to make, a significant contribution to cross-cultural, multi-generational understanding and celebration of music;  
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mayor Mark D. Boughton, do hereby proclaim July 26 and 27, 2014, as the official BEATLES WEEKEND in recognition of the DANBURY FIELDS FOREVER Beatles-themed Music Festival in the City of Danbury, Connecticut  
"Fools On The Hill" came on next. The Milford, CT group were one of only two bands who had played the festival every year prior. The band's leader, Sal Grillo, lead the band through a nice mix of crowd-pleasers including All My Loving, I Call Your Name, Boys, Can't Buy Me Love, Yesterday, I've Just Seen A Face, Ballad of John and Yoko and Hey Jude.  
A portable playscape, interactive hula-hoop display and a variety of art exhibits and food vendors kept the young ones entertained, while the bands played on.  
Genetic Control from the Bronx, NY are the only other band who had performed at the previous two Danbury Fields Forever festivals. Once again they delivered heavy rock versions from The Beatles’ catalogue, highlighted by a Joe Cocker meets Ringo meets Led Zeppelin version of “With a Little Help From My Friends.” Everyone agreed that they should always be invited back to be part of the festival. Beatlehead, formerly The Aardvarks, were one of the surprise hits of the weekend. With a tight set and a female lead singer, the band machine-gunned though Sgt. Pepper,  Back in the USSR, The Night Before, For You Blue, Dear Prudence, Hello Goodbye, Day Tripper and Don't Let Me Down. One of the festival wild-cards (because few had seen the act or had heard of them prior), they were a delightful addition to a roster with so many veteran acts.  
That paved the way for another non-vet band, Studio Two, a young, energetic group from New Hampshire, who won over the crowd instantly. They exploded out like the Savage Young Beatles with material from the Cavern, BBC and Hamburg days but with the polish of the Brian Epstein-managed MopTops. Reminiscent of a young 1964 The Tribute, with skinny ties and great vocals, the band poised themselves to be future festival headliners. There was immediate talk and speculation that the producers would discuss Studio Two to be invited to Liverpool's BeatleWeek in 2015. 
From newer back to veteran, The Oh Nos took to the stage with great fan fare. Having starred at the annual HarriFest, the group was well known to many of the New Englanders at the festival, and they rose to the occasion with their amazing solo selections, plus some other group surprises. The Oh Nos, from Massachusetts, finally appeared at the festival after being invited and not being able to make it for two years prior. Their set was a powerhouse combination of rarities and solo songs.  
And now it was time for the dress-up “boots & suits” band. Returning by popular demand, it was the Ed Sullivan Show brought back to life in the form of The Hofners, who once again had the audience in the palm of their hands – singing and dancing on their feet. Expectations were high for The Hofners after they headlined last year's event, and they expertly covered the early Beatles hits to the crowd’s complete satisfaction in celebration of the 1964-2014 50th Anniversary Celebration.  Fronted by famed Beatles drummer Mike “Ringo” Streeto, The Hofners played hit after hit and followed their set by joining the audience for a photo op to close out day one of Danbury Fields Forever. 
An after-party with singalong and DJ music ended the night at the nearby Maron Hotel.  
Day two began with welcome comments from MC Ken Michaels of the "Every Little Thing" radio show, WNHU-FM radio and, and an introduction of another class of School of Rock, this time from Bedford/Westchester. They held their own against the pro bands with a FABulous rendering of Abbey Road's side two medley (even including "Her Majesty"). 
Sunday's Special Guest of Honor, rock & roll vocalist Ian Lloyd, was both guest and performer, as his band delivered their versions of If I Needed Someone, Please Please Me, She Loves You, From Me to You, No Reply and Help before surprising the crowd with Ian's own mega-hit Brother Louie from when he was lead singer in The Stories. It's also the theme song of the TV hit "Louie." After his hot set, Ian went to the vendor's area to meet fans and sign autographs. There was another special segment at this point, as the winners of the online talent-search competition got to perform as part of their prizes. One very funny comedian, Beecher, had the crowd laughing before he brought on three amazingly talented singers, Kelly Tamale, Arlene Wow and Chelsea Hebert, who all could have been first place winners in any national singing competition. 
Paul McCartney was next up. Well, not really Paul but an incredible simulation in the form of lookalike Mike Miller and his tribute band "One Sweet Dream." They squeezed in solo Macca, Wings and songs that Paul sang in The Beatles. On drums was the multi-talented Jeffrey DiCera, who moved on to keyboards for the next act. Unannounced but incredibly appreciated was a super-group which featured some of the members of Ian Lloyd's band, bassist Gary Von Scyoc (who played with John Lennon in Elephant's Memory) and the lead guitar of Shannon. Yes Shannon! It should be noted that Shannon's presence and art was a huge part of the festival. Not only did her artwork grace the promo materials for the Fab 4 Music Festival, not only did she have a great display in the vendors area, and not only were giant murals adorning the festival site, but Shannon even played on stage - and rocked the crowd with While My Guitar Gently Weeps. She is a true artist in every sense of the word.  
Ken Michaels kept the crowd entertained with anecdotes and introduced AfterFab, a band similar in material to The Oh Nos. With string musicianship and a solid lead singer, they quickly proved that they were one of the best post-Beatles bands around. AfterFab machine-gunned though solo Beatle tunes, ending with New York City and winning over new fans along the way. 
True veterans of venues large and small, Norwalk, CT's The Way-Back Machine is a sixties music machine who entertained with a set consisting of Bad To Me, I'll Keep You Satisfied, You Can't Do That, I'm A Loser, Run For Your Life, A Hard Days Night, I Feel Fine and Twist and Shout. It would be a treat seeing this tight band do all their sixties in a venue where they would be playing multiple sets. 
Adorned in full Sgt Pepper outfits, Connecticut's The Mystery Tour returned for a second straight year with a set of Pepper, Mystery Tour and latter-day Beatle favorites. They were one of only four dress-up bands over the two days, and their show was a clear crowd-pleaser. The Lennon Legacy Show, a moving and spot-on tribute to John presented by Dave Pal from upstate New York, was a fine companion to the previous Harrison & McCartney tributes. With Lennon specs and army jacket, the singer/guitarist not only looked like John but sounded just like him. The crowd was mesmerized. Dave Pal would return to the stage soon with the closing act.  
Another band that was invited to the festival but couldn't play until this year was Rotary from central / northern CT. One of the highlights of the 2010 BeatExpo convention, Rotary aren't a Beatles band per se, they are simply a great rock and roll band who play Beatles. The audience wanted them to play more, as they did some of the other bands over the two days, but there were 10 acts to fill each day and one still hadn't played yet.  
The national touring show Beatlemania Again closed the historic festival with their faithful recreation of the MopTops circa 1964. With all the Ed Sullivan Show songs and the great memories of fifty years prior, it was a classic closing to an amazing musical celebration.  
Fans left Ives Concert Park commenting on how great the two days were, while looking forward to next year's festival.

Beatles expert Candy Leonard announces launch of new Beatleness book, blog and website  Beatles author and speaker - Candy Leonard of Cambridge, MA, is pleased to announce the launch of her new book, website and blog – Beatleness: How the Beatles and Their Fans Remade the World.  
Candy Leonard is thrilled to announce that her book, Beatleness: How the Beatles and Their Fans Remade the World (Arcade, August 2014; ISBN 162872417X) has been released in hardcover one month in advance of its original release date.
Beatleness: How the Beatles and Their Fans Remade the World is a fan-centered, sociological look at the Beatles phenomenon and what Leonard refers to as the ‘joyful trauma’ experienced by millions of Fab Four fans. The book is available at,, and can be ordered from any local bookstore.
"The response so far has been great,” Leonard said. “People who’ve read Beatleness are saying they appreciate the fresh approach and are buying it for their kids and grandkids so they can see and feel what it was like to grow up in the sixties with the Beatles on center stage. In a way, Beatleness is a cultural history of the sixties as seen through the lens of Beatle fandom; it’s not just for the hardcore fan.”
Candy Leonard will be debuting Beatleness at the Fest for Beatle Fans in Chicago on August 15-17 where she will be giving presentations throughout the weekend along with greeting fans and signing books.
In conjunction with the release of her book, Leonard has launched her new website, where readers can find an overview of the book, the Beatleness Blog, reviews, news and events, and excerpts from the book. 
For information on scheduling interviews or having Candy Leonard speak at an event, email:
Leonard is a sociologist with a background in qualitative research, child development, popular culture, and media studies. She is also a first-generation Beatle fan, intimately familiar with their entire body of work, biography, the commentary, and Beatle fan culture and has written and lectured on the Beatles and their impact. She lives in Cambridge, MA.

re:  The Saturday Surveys:  
The song by the Messengers, THAT'S THE WAY A WOMAN IS, when I first heard it reminded me of Greg Kihn and the BREAKUP SONG. What say you on this one?

I always liked RESURRECTION SHUFFLE by Ashton, Gardner and Dyke over Tom Jones' version.
Speaking of the song RUB IT IN, remember a version from a few years earlier (1971) by Layng Martine on Barnaby Records?
And last but certainly not least, seeing Billy "Crash" Craddock's name reminded me of his SWEET MAGNOLIA BLOSSOM which did fairly well here in OKC.
  Billy "Crash" Craddock's earlier recordings for Columbia in the late fifties - early sixties made our local top 40 survey. Songs such as ONE LAST KISS, HEAVENLY LOVE and BOOM BOOM BABY just to name a few.  
Love these surveys with songs you don't hear on the radio anymore and also those songs that trigger my mind about other songs.
Keep up the good work!
I think The Messengers' song is a real goodie ... and, since it actually pre-dates the Greg Kihn number by about ten years, I guess that TECHNICALLY you'd have to say that the Greg Kihn song sounds like The Messengers record rather than the other way around!  (lol)  Disc Jockey Phil Nee turned me on to this one a little while back and I've been diggin' it ever since!
The Dave Clark Five did a version of "Rub It In" as one of their last singles just before calling it quits.  Unfortunately, it never charted on either side of The Big Pond.  (At best, I'd have to call it an "unnecessary remake" ... as the Billy "Crash" Craddock version was just fine as is!)  kk

Loved this week's installment of the Saturday surveys. WRIT in Milwaukee ... that and WOKY were the two stations I used to listen to when I lived in Milwaukee and then Mequon. 
"Who Do You Think You Are" ... I haven't thought of that one in forever ... love that song ... thanks! 
I think this was one of our best set of clips ever ... to paraphrase Hot Chocolate, every one's a winner!  (kk)
This was a VERY late post on Saturday ... for whatever reason, the pre-post of 7 am didn't work ... so if by any chance you missed it, do yourself a favor and scroll back and listen to these great tunes!  (kk)