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THE SUNDAY COMMENTS ( 03 - 19 - 23 )


First things I thought of reading Friday's FH, were SAIL ON SAILOR by The Beach Boys, the group Sailcat, and the song LITLE RED RENTED ROWBOAT. Now in the case of LITTLE RED RENTED ROWBOAT, one had to sail ore else.


No question there were at least a couple of dozen other tunes that would have fit the bill … but as I know only too well from doing my Sweet 16 features, there is only so much music you can fit into a one-minute medley!  Factoring in tempo, blends, etc., the list becomes even more restrictive.  

Other viable add-ons that immediately come to mind include the OTHER hit “Sailing” by Rod Stewart, “Sail Away” by Randy Newman, “Sail On” by The Commodores and things like “Popeye The Sailor Man,” “Red Sails In The Sunset” and “Sailor (Your Home Is In The Sea).”  At this rate, there might have been enough tunes to fill a fifteen minute medley!  (And we haven’t even looked at the songs that mention boats!!!)  kk

After sharing his National Sailing Day post on Friday (while ignoring St. Patrick's Day), Chuck Buell more than made up for it when he also shared this news bulletin regarding a St. Patrick’s Day flight …


O No! The 'O'B O-News!

Top 'O' the Mornin' to ya from Charlie 'O' Buell!


And now, this ~~~


Earlier today, shortly after takeoff, on an Irish Aer Lingus flight from New York to Dublin, a Flight Attendant announced to the passengers that there had been an error made by their catering service and only 80 meals were loaded on board while the plane's sold-out flight had 228 passengers.


After apologizing for the mix-up, she said anyone who would give up their meal for another would receive free unlimited drinks for the duration of the entire six-hour flight.


A couple of hours later, another announcement was made that if anybody was still hungry, there were still 80 dinners available!




When the airline's CEO heard about this, understandably, he began bouncing off the walls!

Amazingly enough, his name is "Rick O'Shay!"




And finally, remember ~~~

You can lederhosen to water but you can’t make 'em shrink!




         "KEEP ON CHUGGIN'!"   Charlie!!

( Remember, please chug responsibly! )


Hi Kent,

On your recent Forgotten Hits post, I loved the collection of old WLS Survey sheets from the Elgin fan, but I am curious what year his Seeburg juke box is?

It looks very similar to my 1960 Seeburg juke box except I have one. large single speaker in the lower front!

When I play my juke box, even at almost 63 years old, it sounds better than my Bose Radio!!!

Keep up the Great Work.

Rock On,


I put your query to Chuck Buell, who tells us ….

It’s a 1959 Seeburg


So roughly the same vintage … in fact, one year older!  (kk)

Very happy to let you and the FH Readers know this epic music documentary that I served as a consultant on has acquired distribution for North America with Shout! Studios.



Revival69: The Concert That Rocked the World

Last Saturday, Cousin Brucie Interviewed Frankie Avalon. 

He Really Wasn't Interested In Music --- Till He Saw The Movie " MAN WITH A HORN " Three Times.

Frankie Went Home and Told His Father He Wanted A Trumpet.

His Father Bought Him A Trumpet At The Pawn Shop For $5.  He Practiced And The First Song He Played Was " MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC "

In 1956, He Was Playing Trumpet And Bobby Rydell Was Playing Drums With Rocco And The Saints.

They Wanted Him To Sing.

He Said No.

We'll Give You $5 Extra.

He Became A Singer.

Today --- His Oldest Son Plays Drums In His Band.

Frank B.   

A while back we told you that for the first time since 1987, vinyl records have now outsold CD’s this past year.

Me-TV picked up on this and ran this story this week …

This is especially timely for us as our oldest granddaughter is celebrating her 18th birthday AND graduating high school right now.

What does she want for a gift?

A record player!!!

Now that she’s building her own vinyl collection, I found her quote to be priceless …

“If there’s ever an apocalypse, I’m taking the player with me”  (lol)  kk

More buzz about Jim Gordon …

Beyond drummer Jim Gordon's work with the Everly Brothers, the Monkees, 5th Dimension, Burton Cummings, The City (a Carole King group produced by Lou Adler in the very late sixties) and on the Phil Spector production of "River Deep, Mountain High," as well as so many terrific recordings, my 2010 interview with songwriter/singer and instrumentalist Bobby Whitlock, co-founder with Eric Clapton and bassist Carl Radle of Derek & The Dominos, and heard on Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, sheds some insight into the role Gordon provided for the band. Whitlock is credited as a writer or co-writer on six tracks from the album.


“Carl Radle and Jim Gordon … Didn’t get any better than that. The only other alternative [for Derek and the Dominoes] was Jim Keltner. And that’s who should have been the guy and who was supposed to be the guy. But it didn’t turn out that way. He was busy.

“The rhythm section of Carl and Jim propelled the songs we put together. Jim Gordon is the most musical drummer I ever heard. All of the drums were in tune. literally tuned to a key on the piano. Big kit. But Jim had this wonderful ability to interpret the nuances you could feel but not hear.

“Carl was solid as a rock. A downbeat player and right on it. So, we have Carl who is solid and down and Jim who is up and on it. So, it was perpetual motion.”

-- Bobby Whitlock


From Mark Bego, who is currently working on a “new” Joe Cocker biography for release later this year for Yorkshire Publishing, regarding Jim Gordon:


Gordon brought a very professional edge to Joe Cocker and his still-gestating Mad Dogs & Englishmen tour. Gordon was one of three drummers on stage for that outrageous tour. Having been a member of The Wrecking Crew, Gordon, despite some head-scratching antics, helped give the rough-and-tumble troupe a much-needed degree of professionalism. However, Gordon began displaying a violent nature on that tour when he hauled off and punched Rita Coolidge in the face, one night after the show.


Bego's Cocker bio is provisionally set for release during the holidays. 


From Tom Cuddy …


Paul McCartney Gets the Star Treatment from the Likes of Graham Nash, Peter Asher, Denny Laine, Christopher Cross, and More for a Good Cause

A short list of tour dates for the Felix Cavaliere / Gene Cornish "Time Peace" Tour have just been announced.  ("Time Peace," of course, was the name of the first Rascals' Greatest Hits album back in 1968.)

Unless more dates are added later, this sounds like an East Coast Only series of concerts (save for the closer in August in Iowa!)  kk

April 6th – Englewood, NJ – Bergen PAC
April 7th – Bethlehem, PA – Wind Creek Event Center
April 8th – New Brunswick, NJ – State Theatre
May 25th – Jeffersonville, IN – Abbey Road on the River
June 25th – Lynn, MA – Lynn Auditorium
June 27th – Ocean City, NJ – Ocean City Music Pier
August 13th – Arnolds Park, IA – Roof Garden Ballroom

Sadly, Drummer Dino Danelli died late last year ... and singer Eddie Brigati has had no interest in reteaming with his former bandmates after their "Once Upon A Dream" tour ended.  Worse yet, the last time Felix and Gene teamed up to do this (2018), Cornish had a heart attack on stage!  So we can only wish them the VERY best of luck on this new outing!!!  (kk)

I found this on the Internet the other day. Is it accurate?  Might be helpful.

It might have been accurate at the time … 

but it is already ten years out of date!  (lol)  kk

Hi Kent –

It looks like Elk Grove Village had some extra money! Found this out …

I saw in the Elk Grove paper that the Grass Roots will be appearing at a new festival on Sunday, June 4th 6 pm at the Village Green (between Library and Village Hall.) 

Mike DeMartino


And they're also playing (on my birthday, no less) at The Des Plaines Theatre August 27th with The New Colony Six!!!  (kk)


The Grass Roots are one of my favorite groups. No slight on any of the members now, but I have only seen them in their current version once or twice … and that was because it was free. I tell people when I hear these songs, I think of Rob Grill and it is just not the same.

I also have to tell you this ...

I am so excited … my girlfriend and I are planning to trip to Canada. The reason for this is because I have always wanted to see the rock group Lighthouse and they are performing June 10th in Petersburough, Ontario.

I have come to the realization that if I don't see them now, who knows if they're going to be performing again … or for how much longer. There are still two original members, as the rest have been long since gone, either due to having health issues or having passed away.

To sweeten the deal, we are also going to Niagara Falls, New York, as my girlfriend has never heard of this group and, considering she is in her 50s, I hope to convert her! She never heard of the Ides of March, the New Colony Six and Tommy James either, but I have succeeded in converting her and now she enjoys going to see these groups. She calls Jim Peterick “the purple guy!”

Hopefully she gets her passport in time so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Hope you don't mind me sharing all of you with this.

Most of my friends that were into rock and roll have either moved or have passed away on to their way to the great concert in the sky.



I read your post regarding The Ides Shames Union with interest. I wanted to add that they played at the Elgin High School 1973 Prom. The article says they formed in November, 1973, but the prom was in May or June.

Our 50th reunion is coming up. I don’t have any pictures of the band (only pictures of me and my date), but I will post on the reunion website and see if anyone else does.


Tom Bryan

And can you believe The Ides Of March and The Cryan’ Shames are STILL performing some fifty years later as well!!!  In fact, you can catch both bands together at any of their Cornerstones Shows (which also feature The New Colony Six and The Buckinghams … as well as tributes to a couple of other great ‘60’s Chicago Rockers, The Shadows of Knight and The American Breed.)  If you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth checking out.  Even after all these years, these guys still bring it every night.  (kk)


Welcome to today’s Micky Dolenz Newsletter!!!

(Just kidding, but it DOES seem that way sometimes … especially of late!)

But what are we to do???

The master showman just keeps making music headlines …

So how can we not let you know about it?!?!


Actually, this whole concept sounds kinda cool … 



AXS TV is turning back the clock with the new “Retro Night” block — the ultimate celebration of the enduring pop culture that defined the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, fueled by a pair of original retrospectives and the EMMY®-winning music sitcom The Monkees. “Retro Night” airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, beginning April 7, with The Monkees airing at 8:30 p.m. ET. All 58 episodes of The Monkees, which is distributed by Sony Pictures Television, are available in HD on AXS TV.

This nostalgia-fueled lineup puts the spotlight on the music, movies, personalities, and more that made each decade so memorable, serving up a special roster of classic series, star-studded retrospectives, and original premieres — bolstered by the network debut of the groundbreaking 1966 music sitcom The Monkees. Starring music legends Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, and Michael Nesmith, the series captures the original boy band as they embark on a sidesplitting quest to make it big in the wild world of rock n’ roll. Notable guests include Stan Freberg, Liberace, Burgess Meredith, Frank Zappa, Tim Buckley and Julie Newmar.

The Monkees sitcom was truly ahead of its time and paved the way for countless series and bands throughout the decades and still is,” said founding Monkees member Micky Dolenz. “I am so pleased that AXS TV is featuring it in their ‘Retro Night’ lineup. I hope that it will continue to inspire and entertain new generations of viewers for years to come.”

“Retro Night” also features season two of the AXS TV original series The Very, VERY Best Of The 80s at 8pE, where a rotating panel of celebrity guests breakdown the decade’s top Teen Flicks, Early 80s Sitcoms, Fantastic Mullet Men, Epic Movies Of 1983, Aliens, and Game Shows. Highlights include appearances by beloved entertainers such as Brady Bunch duo Susan Olsen and Barry Williams; Growing Pains star Tracey Gold; Diff’rent Strokes standout Todd Bridges; Facts Of Life favorite Mindy Cohn; Happy Days scene-stealer Anson Williams; film and television bombshells Morgan Fairchild and Tia Carrere; and Horror icon Dee Wallace.

Rounding out the lineup is the all-new original series Nothing But Trailers Flashback, presenting original theatrical previews of unforgettable films such as Return Of The Jedi, Scarface, 16 Candles, The Towering Inferno, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, and many more, in eight themed episodes covering ‘80s Teen Movies, ‘70s Disaster Movies, ‘80s Action Movies, and ‘60s And ‘70s Westerns, among others.

“AXS TV’s new ‘Retro Night’ lineup is like a perfect time capsule compiling everything we love from three of pop culture’s most definitive decades,” said Katie Daryl, Executive Producer and Vice President of Programming for AXS TV. “The ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s were packed with iconic music, groundbreaking movies, legendary series, timeless fashion, and so much more, with each era leaving an indelible mark on entertainment that remains to this day. Whether you lived through it or wish you had, this block is the perfect chance for our intergenerational audience to fall in love with these decades all over again, and we invite viewers of all ages to join in on the fun as we take the ultimate trip down memory lane.”


8pm ET       - The Very, VERY Best of the 80s

8:30pm ET  - The Monkees

9:00pmET – Nothing But Trailers Flashback

*Micky Dolenz will be on tour this April performing all of the Monkees classic hits in select cities, for details see


What am I to do???

OK ... Andy Gibb's biography arrived. "Dear Mr. Pop Star" is on its way, and I am ordering a copy of Charles Rosenay's new book. HOWEVER, if you continue to print pages like today's 'Thursday This and That', how am I ever supposed to find time to read these books?

Shelley J Sweet-Tufano


It’s The Forgotten Hits Book Club for sure!

(But you DEFINITELY still need to find a way to squeeze us in from time to time, too!)  kk