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 With the temperatures already dropping ...

And our first round of snow flurries these past few days ...

(C'mon ... it's not even Halloween yet!!!)

We thought we'd offer up a little bit of HOT CHOCOLATE this morning, courtesy of FH Reader Mike Gentry ...


After getting dropped from the label's artistic roster during Allen Klein's takeover of Apple Corps' operations, two acts would come to somewhat dominate record charts for the next decade and beyond.

Jamaica born Errol Brown was lead singer of a south London band that started out doing reggae covers of UK hits of the day. Songwriters Brown and Tony Wilson wanted to make some changes to the lyrics of "Give Peace A Chance" and asked for John Lennon's permission. The Beatle was so impressed he decided to let them release their version on Apple Records. An Apple press secretary even suggested a name for the group, The Hot Chocolate Band. The single failed to chart. And, like James Taylor, Hot Chocolate became victims of Klein's belt tightening moves.

When A&R man Peter Asher was fired, he took his protege Taylor to Warner Brothers. Then legendary UK music producer, Mickie Most, claimed Hot Chocolate for his new RAK music label. Klein had been Most's US business manager for several years.

On August 15,1970, Hot Chocolate's first RAK rock/soul single, the optimistic "Love Is Life", was released and peaked at UK#6 on September 19. In 1973, Stories' sanitized cover of Hot Chocolate's controversial tale of an interracial romance, "Brother Louie", topped both Billboard and Cash Box in the US. Two years later, Hot Chocolate's mildly suggestive "You Sexy Thing" was released and became an international smash hit. This catch phrase from the song, "I believe in miracles", has been used in numerous tv commercials over the years. That single reached the UK top ten in three successive decades. Hot Chocolate was the only band to have a UK chart single in every year of the Seventies. In fact, for 15 straight years! In America, James Taylor also had a chart hit for every year in the Seventies. But Taylor's 1968 eponymous Apple debut album had flopped. His lone Apple single release was "Carolina In My Mind". I only remember a cover by Marmalade getting some UK radio airplay. The Beatles' brainchild, Apple Corps, gave both JT and Hot Chocolate their first big breaks, but let them get away.
Mike Gentry




1970 - Love Is Life - (US - xx / UK - 6)

1971 - You Could Have Been A Lady  (US - xx / UK - 22) 

This was a hit here for April Wine

1971 - I Believe In Love  (US - xx / UK - 8)

1972 - You'll Always Be A Friend (US - xx / UK - 23)

1973 - Brother Louie  (US - xx / UK - 7)

This was a hit here for Stories

1973 - Rumours  (US - xx / UK - 44)

1975 - Emma  (US - 4 / UK - 3)

1974 - Cheri Babe  (US - xx / UK - 31)

1975 - Disco Queen  (US - 21 / UK - 11)

1975 - A Child's Prayer  (US - xx / UK - 7)

1975 - You Sexy Thing (US - 2 / UK - 2)

1976 - Don't Stop It Now (US - 42 / UK - 11)

1976 - Man To Man  (US - xx / UK - 14)

1976 - Heaven Is In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac  (US - xx / UK - 25)

1977 - So You Win Again  (US - 31 / UK - 1)

1977 - Put Your Love In Me  (US - xx / UK - 10)

1978 - Every 1's A Winner  (US - 6 / UK - 12)

1979 - I'll Put You Together Again (from Dear Anyone)  US - xx / UK - 13

1979 - Mindless Boogie (US - xx / UK - 44)

1980 - No Doubt About It  (US - xx / UK - 2)

1980 - Are You Getting Enough Of What Makes You Happy  (US - xx / UK - 17)

1981 - Love Me To Sleep  (US - xx / UK - 50)

1982 - Girl Crazy  (US - xx / UK - 7)

1982 - It Started With A Kiss (US - xx / UK - 5)

1982 - Chances  (US - xx / UK - 32)

1983 - What Kind Boy You Looking For  (US - xx / UK - 10)

1983 - Tears On The Telephone  (US - xx / UK - 37)

1984 - I Gave You My Heart (Didn't I) - US - xx / UK - 13

1987 - You Sexy Thing (reissue / remix) US - xx / UK - 10

1987 - Every 1's A Winner  (reissue / remix) US - xx / UK - 49

1993 - It Started With A Kiss  (reissue) - US - xx / UK - 31

1997 - You Sexy Thing  (reissue) US - xx / UK - 6

1998 - It Started With A Kiss  (reissue)  US - xx / UK - 18

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The last remaining original WCFL jock, Ron Britain, has committed suicide, just days after his wife Peaches passed.

Jack Levin


On the one hand, I can honestly say that I'm not surprised –

Everybody handles grief in their own way … and this is certainly not the first (or last) time we’ll see this happen when someone THIS close to you … so much a part of your very being … passes.

It also doesn’t help that he has not been mentally stable for a long time –

Decades even –

(Some might argue his entire career … but that was all part of his charm!)

And my first thought when I heard of his wife's death last week was that he would probably die shortly thereafter, which so often is the case when literally your other self is gone.  She was such a HUGE part of his life and they spent literally every moment together, married for 62 years.

Even so, I really didn't expect the suicide thing ... but like I said,  I can't say that I'm surprised by it either.

Still, some VERY sad news to report.  (kk)

Robert Feder shares these memories:

Britain’s departure at Real Oldies was another sad event.  You don’t bring in a guy like Ron Britain, whose whole schtick was stream-of-consciousness broadcasting, and then try to confine him and prevent him from doing exactly what you hired him for!  The whole concept of WRLL was to bring on disc jockeys who we listened to growing up to here in The Windy City and having them play the music they played during the peaks of their careers again as oldies, sharing memories with the fans and listeners.  The signal was always too weak (and some radios didn’t even go up that far on the dial … Me-TV-FM anyone???) but we suffered thru the static just to listen to Uncle Lar and Little Snot-Nosed Tommy in the mornings again.  These guys were REAL pros … and even ‘tho their broadcasting manner may have seemed a bit dated to anyone who didn’t live thru it originally, they were the very essence of what radio sounded like in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s … and, as such, created some of our strongest and most vivid memories.

In this regard, Ron Britain was in a class by himself.  The double-teaming of Britain and Barney Pip in the evenings on WCFL was unlike anything else you were likely to hear on the radio dial.

Crazy as he may have been, he will be missed.  (kk)

Never be another another "King B," Tulu Babes.

Clive Topol

Somehow I missed running this shot of Micky Dolenz and Spencer Davis together, circa 1967, when we reported of Spencer’s passing last week.   

(Lately I feel like Ron Smith’s Grim Reaper around here … SO much sad news to report of late.  This has been a very tough year in SO many ways, not the least of which is the recent spike in Covid numbers.  And some of these names are really hitting close to home … including Ron himself last year.)  kk

Here’s a salute to the #1 Hits from our favorite year in music history, 1967.

You’ll see that this list contains quite a few titles that didn’t reach the summit in Billboard Magazine … it represents the Record World charts … and, as such, several deserving tracks are noted for their contribution to the Best Year Ever in Music!!!

You can follow along with our salute to 1967 by beginning here:

And then just tabbing forward at the bottom of each page by clicking the “Newer Post” link.

And this is new ...

Here’s the official trailer for The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame “remote” induction ceremony …

Did The Cartwrights REALLY flip the bird in that ViewMaster shot?

Or was this something that was photoshopped years later?


Apparently, it’s for real … and it sounds like Michael Landon  may have been behind it.  This topic has evidently come up before … but I’d sure like to see the original reel for myself just to be sure.  (Odds are I probably owed it back in 1964!)

I do believe than Ben Cartwright who, as you know, was virtually the same age as all three of his sons (!) had quite a sense of humor as well, as did the other cast members.  (kk)

The ages of The Cartwright Family has been the butt of many jokes over the past eight decades … so here’s the REAL deal.

Lorne Greene was, in fact, the oldest … but had to be made up to look even older to have any chance as being believable as Pa Cartwright.  (Some of his many flashback scenes were likely filmed WITHOUT all of the additional "aging" make-up.)

Adam and Hoss (Pernell Roberts and Dan Blocker) were both thirteen years younger than Greene … so he would have had to have them pretty early in life!  And Michael Landon was just a baby comparatively … but still only 21 years younger than his TV Papa.  (kk) 

New Supergroup THE RISE ABOVE (featuring JAY DEMARCUS of RASCAL FLATTS, DEEN CASTRONOVO of JOURNEY and JASON SCHEFF of CHICAGO) Come Together With Their First Live Show to Benefit The ACM Lifting Lives COVID Relief Fund

From Rock & Roll to the Broken Roads, The Journey that led them to become, THE RISE ABOVE. Made up of Music Legends, 2 time Grammy Award Winning JAY DEMARCUS of RASCAL FLATTS, former lead singer and drummer of JOURNEY, DEEN CASTRONOVO, and JASON SCHEFF, lead vocalist and bass player for the multi-platinum band Chicago for over 30 years. Joined by, CHRIS RODRIGUEZ and TOM YANKTON.

In the beginning of 2020, the band got together with the intent to form a supergroup with a purpose, to bring 80’s Rock and Classic music back to life. The group has spent the past 9 months in the studio working on their debut album set to release in 2021.

25 OR 6 TO 4 - CHICAGO


October 28, 2020 - Marathon Music Works - Nashville, TN
All proceeds benefit The ACM Lifting Lives COVID Relief Fund

For more information:

A couple of years ago we gave away several copies of Mark Bego’s book “Eat Like A Rock Star,” featuring celebrity recipes by several of our favorite music artists.

Well, that book has FINALLY made its way to paperback …

And here are all the details … 



We would all like to live like a rock star, but now you can cook, eat, and drink like one thanks to the ultimate rock & roll cookbook:  Eat Like a Rock Star by Mark Bego!  The new paperback version of the best-seller will be released November 24, 2020 by Skyhorse Publishing.

Who knew that Mary Wilson (The Supremes) loves a Caviar Omelet, that Michael McDonald (The Doobie Brothers) loves Pasta with Ham and Parmesan Cheese, that Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones) makes an amazing Lamb Chops with Endive and Blue Cheese Salad, or that Boz Scaggs cooks Tuscan Grilled Chicken? 

New York Times best-selling author Mark Bego, along with ‘Supreme’ singing star Mary Wilson, have gathered beloved recipes from legendary rocker friends and invites the ultimate music fan to put on an apron and join them at the table.  Eat Like a Rock Star gathers together more than a hundred recipes from seven decades of rock & roll, pop, country, R&B, and disco.

According to Bego, “I was working with Mary Wilson on a magazine project, and I asked her if she had a couple ‘Supreme’ recipes to contribute to the magazine, she gave me two, and all of a sudden, I had this idea:  a rock & roll cookbook, that’s what I want to write next!  And, Eat Like a Rock Star was born.”

Adds Wilson, "I loved the idea of this cookbook from the moment Mark mentioned it to me.  He not only gathered recipes from our rock star friends, but he also proves that he can cook as well, and every chapter of this book contains some of his favorite recipes."

Featuring each rock star’s biography, their favorite recipe, and other fun facts, Eat Like a Rock Star is a must-have for every die-hard rocker-at-heart who loves to cook and eat. 

When the hardcover edition of the book was first released, in 2017, it immediately shot to the Top Ten on the Amazon charts as well as becoming a must-have item for rock-music reviewers across the country.  It was so successful that Skyhorse Publishing decided to release it to a wider audience in this new paperback edition of the hardcover classic. 

There is nowhere else you will find Thelma Houston’s “Better Than Sex” Cake, Rita Coolidge’s Collard Greens, Rickie Sambora’s (Bon Jovi) Mint Julip, Ray Parker Jr.’s Salmon and Eggs, Joey Fatone’s (’N SYNC) Rice Balls, Micky Dolenz’s (The Monkees) Micky ‘D’ Cocktail, Randy Jones’ (Village People) Bruschetta, and Freda Payne’s amazing Gumbo all in one book. 

Whether it’s brunch, lunch, dinner, or desert, learn to cook:

• Michelle Phillips’s (The Mamas & The Papas) Organic Lemon Chicken

• Lou Christie’s Linguine with Fresh Tomatoes

• Marilyn McCoo's (The 5th Dimension) Leg of Lamb

• Jimmy Greenspoon's (Three Dog Night) Leg of Lamb

• Glen Campbell’s Favorite Mexican Chicken Casserole

• Sarah Dash’s (Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles) Peach Cobbler, and more!

With a chapter of head-spinning cocktails, full menu suggestions, as well as author Mark Bego’s own culinary concoctions such as classic French Macarons, Spicy Szechuan Sesame Noodles, and Boozy Banana Cream Pie, look no further for the all-in-one cooking and rock ‘n’ roll companion.  As Martha Reeves says about her recipe for Smoked Turkey Necks & Lima Beans, “Honey, this is real soul food!”

Chef Bego made and created all of the food featured in Eat Like a Rock Star, and took all of the accompanying food photographs himself as well, including the cover pizza photo. 

From 2018 to 2019 Mark Bego racked up three consecutive Number One books on the best-seller list.  They are:  Supreme Glamour with Mary Wilson (Thames & Hudson Publishers / 2019), Living the Luxe Life with hotel owner Efrem Harkham (Skyhorse Publishing / 2019), and Aretha Franklin:  The Queen of Soul / Tribute Edition (Skyhorse Publishing / 2018).  With his new 2020 paperback edition of Eat Like a Rock Star, Bego continues his winning streak!

If you don't already own a copy (Shame on you!!!), you can preorder the paperback edition here:

LOTS of great ideas are to be found between these pages!  (kk) 

Evenin' Kent,
Finally got off the Honey Do list long enough to read a bit ... lol.
When you were talking about tunes in commercials and movies, I'm still blown away that Leonardo DiCaprio sang Snoopy vs the Red Baron with me in "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood."  I can see where it could be quite lucrative if one could land a few of those a year.  :O)  Truly is an incredible business.
Have a great Halloween weekend, my friend. Try to keep the candy intake down ... lol
Stay safe and well.

I love how these songs keep coming back around … and in virtually any and every context.  While “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” takes place in 1969 … by which time music had taken a MUCH heavier turn (as reflected on most of the soundtrack), it was SO cool to hear our ol’ buddy Snoopy making a surprise appearance.  (kk)

Earlier in today’s post, we sent you Best Classic Bands’ look back at 1967, our all-time favorite year in music.

Well, they’ve also just released a 1970 calendar recap, too, pinpointing specific musical events from exactly fifty years ago.  (Hey, we’ve been doing that on a day-to-day basis all year long, too!)

Three reasons OUR look back is better than theirs (???)

#1 – By spreading it out throughout the course of the year, we can take a much more in-depth look at many of these events.

#2 – We run weekly charts, showing The Top 40 biggest hits for EVERY given week of 1970 (rather than an alphabetical recap of some of the most notable)

#3 – OUR calendar features my birthday … and their doesn’t (and likely never will!!!)

Still, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to size up the competition!  (lol)

Just kidding, of course … I read their posts every single day and they are ALWAYS extremely well done …

And (as I’ve been told numerous times over the years in regards to my notorious ramblings), sometimes short is sweet.

So check out their 1970 recap here:

Hey, does this clip get you in the mood to vote???

Even JEOPARDY had a TV Themes Category!!!

(And right now the JEOPARDY theme song already has more votes than ANY of the candidates shown in this clip.)  kk

You can cast YOUR vote …

Right here … Right now …

Monday, October 26, 2020

October 26th, 1970

"We've Only Just Begun" replaces "Indiana Wants Me" at #1 this week (up from #4 the week before) and The Partridge Family make another impressive leap to land at #4 this week (from #15 the week before, a move of 11 places.)

The big mover of the week is Canned Heat's "Let's Work Together," which jumps 16 places to land at #19 (from #36 the week before) ... but Christie's "Yellow River" and "Still Water (Love)" by The Four Tops both climb over ten places this week as well.

All three of last week's Hit Bound tracks make the Top 40 this week, leaving room for only one new premier ... and it belongs to Joe Cocker for his remake of the old '50's torch song crooner "Cry Me A River" done up NOTHING like the style we all became used to way back when!

Also on this date:

1970 - October 26th – Gary Trudeau’s comic strip “Doonesbury” premiers in approximately two dozen newspapers in the US

(Here's the very first strip)