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Chuck Negron Concert Review

We've heard from several of you that you really enjoy Shelley Sweet-Tufano's concert reviews ... in fact, Scott Shannon was even kind enough to drop her a line telling her so!!! ... so today we've got another one for you.
This time around, she focuses on Chuck Negron ... who is also one of our concert favorites.  Enjoy!  (kk) 
It's Mohegan Sun time again!  In the Wolf Den is Chuck Negron!  
The last time I saw Chuck at Mohegan, Floyd Sneed played, too.  Floyd has had some recent personal losses in family, as well as losing former Three Dog Night bandmate Jimmy Greenspoon ... so Chuck's drummer, Frank Reina, will be appearing tonight.  It was a thrill to see Floyd, but our 60's artists only choose the best ... so Frank is tops.  
I find myself enamored with lyrics at this show.  Starting out with 'Family of Man', I hear:  "deciding the fate of the family of man." I danced to this song, sang along with this song, but tonight THESE words pop out.  You know what?  Music can decide and / or explain the fate of the family of man.  That thought assures I will NOT be listening to rap music.  If that is the fate of the family of man ... I don't want to know.  
Chuck gives tribute to Jimmy verbally and vocally.  'Shambala', 'Liar', 'One Man Band' and Paul Williams' contribution 'Just An Old Fashioned Love Song'.  Chuck is recovering from a bout of laryngitis which, if I hadn't been told he experienced, I would never have known.  He must be tired out just from that, aside from the close four concert schedule he is finishing up.  His joke about "I'm always glad to be here at Harrod's", pays tribute to road and jet lag.  
Back to my lyrical status:  "Coming down in three-part harmony".  Words from 'Just An Old Fashioned Love Song'.  Wow ... really??  What perfect words for Three Dog Night with their three lead singers.  
'Pieces of April' gives us the words "I keep them in a memory bouquet".  I started thinking about all MY memory bouquets.  What about yours?  Can you reflect and bring them up to the surface again?  
"I want to let go of this mic stand, but I'll fall right over."  hahaha.  These are not lyrics, just Chuck being humorous and tired ... and still giving a great performance.  As he introduces this next song, he says it's so old, it's from Roosevelt's New Deal.  Not quite.  More like Johnson's Folly and the counter-culture with 'Easy To Be Hard' from 'Hair'.   
"OK. I'm gonna take a quick nap."  As his head hits the mic, he starts to chuckle.  Oh look!  CHUCKLE!  Perfect word choice.  I can understand the need for a quick snooze as we now go into 'Eli's Coming' with a different beginning arrangement by Howard and Danny.  It would be qualified in the 'advanced' class of music; very intricate and involved.  Chuck often says, "Eli must have been VERY bad to get this warning."  I am thinking that Eli never stood a chance of sneaking up on anyone or anything if this song preceded him everywhere he went.  Can you imagine having this song blaring out every time you went out a door?  Poor Eli!  Such bad karma!  
'Never Been to Spain', 'Celebrate', 'Mama Told Me Not to Come' (which also hit the R&B charts when it was released) and 'One' roll out.  One of Rob Grill's favorite lines was "Open up the window and let some air into this room," which is a tribute to 'Mama' and the wisdom she tried to impart.  
The final lyrical discussion in this review is from 'One'.  "Two can be as bad as one."  Oh yes indeed.  Sometimes being a One is a much better choice than being a lonely Two.  I am sure that almost everyone reading this can relate on some level.  Hmmm, the power of the poem!  The lyrics of the song!  
There is nothing I can really say about our final song:  our friend Jeremiah.  I mean he WAS a bullfrog.  Of course he was just a "straight shootin' son of a gun", which could make him more of a danger than Eli.  I don't think Jeremiah was afraid to say it as it is, or was.  
Chuck and musical team -- it was great and I want to applaud you, Chuck, for your patience in the autograph line.  Mark and I could not stop rolling our eyes as the fans could not use their cell phones correctly to take pictures, kept you posing with Grandma ... then Grandpa ... then one with Grandma AND Grandpa.  Oh how about the whole family?  etc,  etc, etc.  I confess that when the man ahead of me pulled out four things for Chuck to sign, I laughed and said, "Oh let me go home and get MY album!  It shouldn't take more than 2-3 hours.  I'll hurry back!"  The look Chuck gave me made me crack up in hysterics.  I could barely get out the words, "I'm sorry.  I couldn't resist.  You've been SO patient."   
Please remember that a good audience and fan is JUST as important as a good performer.  Finally, a thank you to my friends whose reserved seats from Chuck and Amy got bungled by the very young / new Wolf Den seating staff.  I pulled them into line with me to get them inside and then they got their seats straightened out; at which time they pulled me into their reserved section.  You didn't have to, but thank you!
-- Shelley J Sweet-Tufano

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday This And That

re:  This And That:
This just in ...
"The Wrecking Crew" documentary WILL have a Chicago-area showing after all ...
Denny Tedesco tells us that we can catch the film on April 10th at The Landmark Century Centre Cinema ... 2828 N. Clark Street in Chicago.  (This booking is so new that it doesn't even show up on the theater's website yet ... stay tuned for more details.)
If some of the "locals" on the list would be interested in doing some type of a "meet" at the theater to watch the film together, please let me know and I'll see if we can arrange something.  Meanwhile, catch this film anywhere you can ... you'll be VERY happy you did! 
(By the way, I also just saw my first-ever television commercial for this film!!!)  kk
Ron Smith's book, "Eight Days A Week", tells us that 3/21/1952 was "The Moondog Coronation Ball".  This event was considered to be the "First Rock Concert".
That's why I say it was disgraceful conduct for the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame to remove Alan Freed's ashes from the building.  If it wasn't for Alan Freed, there would be no Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.
Frank Buongervino
The Star Plaza Theatre (in conjunction with The Chicago Theatre) asks the musical question ...     
Are you a fan of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons?
Do You Love Jersey Boys? 
Then you should bid on this awesome VIP prize package:  
TWO Front Row Seats and a Meet and Greet with Frankie Valli when he returns to The Chicago Theatre on April 10th ... and a signed piece of Frankie memorabilia.  
Bidding starts at $500 and ends March 31st.  
Proceeds from the auction will support this year's Summer Music Theatre Outreach Program here at Star Plaza Theatre
The auction has been open for three weeks as of today ... and the current top bid is $510 ... so apparently not too many people willing to pay upwards of $500 for this.  (Apparently everybody already blew their wad on those $150,000 Grateful Dead seats!)  You can, however, bypass the entire bidding process and just BUY this package ... for five grand!  (kk)

And, speaking of Frankie Valli ...
Click here to listen to Scott Shannon's interview with Frankie Valli from last week on his WCBS-FM morning show ... this is a goodie ... and it's FREE!
Frank B also tells us that Big Jay Sorensen salutes Frankie Valli as part of his 60's / 70's / 80's flashback this week for WCBS-FM ...

It was announced last week that Paul McCartney will be inducting Ringo Starr into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on April 18th.  This makes all four Beatles double-inductees into The Rock Hall, for both their collective efforts together as the band that changed the world AND as solo artists.  (It's great that they've got room to double-induct a number of artists ... but can't find a spot for Chicago, The Guess Who or The Moody Blues!!!  Not to mention countless other deserving and denied candidates mentioned here over the years.)  Stevie Wonder will induct Bill Withers (not THERE'S a great "rock" name!!!), new-comers Fall Out Boy will do the honors by inducting Green Day, and Patti Smith will induct Lou Reed, another two-time inductee.  (At press time there was no word yet as to who would be presiding over Joan Jett's part of the ceremony ... but it's probably a pretty safe bet that it WON'T be the members of Fanny, rock and roll's REAL first successful all girl group rock band.  (kk)
I just heard that Jorgen Ingman died = 3/21/15.
Had a big hit with "Apache" in 1961.  I bought that 45.
Frank B.
"Apache" was a #2 Billboard Hit back in 1961.  We featured it as part of our "Honest Injun" series several years ago.
Ron Smith reports this about Jorgen ...
Jørgen Ingmann, the Danish guitarist who gave us the instrumental classic, "Apache" (#2-1961), died Saturday (March 21) at the age of 89. Born Jørgen Ingmann Pedersen in Copenhagen in 1925, he won the Eurovision song competition for Denmark with his wife Grethe with the song "Dansevise" in 1963. His only other American chart tune was "Anna" (#54), another instrumental, in 1961.
Also leaving us recently (bios and death notices courtesy of Ron Smith, the official Forgotten Hits Grim Reaper) ...
Mike Porcaro, bassist with Toto after their "Toto IV" album in 1982 died from ALS Sunday (March 15). He was 59. His brothers Steve and the late Jeff Porcaro were original members in the group. Mike retired from the group because of his disease in 2007. He played on such singles as "Stranger In Town" (#30-1984) and "I'll Be Over You" (#11-1986).
Andy Fraser, bassist with Free on "All Right Now" (#4-1970) and "Stealer" (#49-1971) died Monday (March 16) at his home in Temeculah, California. The London-born musician was 62 and had been diagnosed with AIDS and Kaposi's Sarcoma cancer, though no cause of death was given. A classically trained pianist, he switched to guitar at 13 and at 15 worked briefly with John Mayall's Blues Breakers, which led to a job as bassist with Free, where he co-wrote and co-produced both of the group's chart hits. After Free split up he worked in a variety of other British groups, including his own Andy Fraser Band, which released two albums. Besides "All Right Now" and "Stealer", he wrote "Every Kinda People," (#16) a 1978 hit for Robert Palmer that was re-recorded as a soft hit again in 1992.
Michael Brown (nee Michael Lookofsky), keyboardist with the Left Banke and Stories, died Thursday (March 19) of unknown causes. He was 65. Michael's father, a session violinist, owned a recording studio in New York and produced, published and managed the baroque-oriented Left Banke when they formed in 1965. Michael wrote their two hits-- "Walk Away Renee" (#5-1966) and "Pretty Ballerina" (#15-1967), but when he recorded another-- "Ivy Ivy" (#119-1967) using studio musicians, the resulting friction caused the group to disband (though they later reformed without Michael and without any more hits). He went on to play with Montage before joining Stories, having been introduced to Ian Lloyd by their fathers. He stayed with the group for their first album and first three singles, including "I'm Coming Home" (#42-1972) and "Brother Louie" (#1-1973-- which initially was missing from the album). After forming the unsuccessful group, the Beckies in 1976, he eventually gave up music.
Sad to hear, too, about Jackie Trent who, along with former husband Tony Hatch collaborated to write a number of hit records for Petula Clark back in the '60's.  She passed away over the weekend after a long illness.  (Our condolences go out to our friend, Tony)  kk
British singer / songwriter Jackie Trent, who along with Tony Hatch wrote such tunes as "I Couldn't Live Without Your Love" (#9 - 1966) "Don't Sleep In The Subway" (#5 - 1967) and "Color My World" (#16 - 1967) for Petula Clark, died after what was termed a "long illness" Saturday (March 21) in a hospital in Minorca, Spain, where she lived. She was 76. As a singer, her only American chart appearance was "If You Love Me, Really Love Me" (#106 - 1964) but she reached #1 on the UK charts with "Where Are You Now (My Love)," used in the British TV series "It's Dark Outside" in 1965. 
Born Yvonne Burgess in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, England in 1940, she started as a child star. Signed by Pye Records, she began collaborating with one its producers, Tony Hatch, both in-and-out-of the recording studio. Their affair led to the dissolution of both their marriages and their own nuptials in 1967 (they were divorced in 2002). They are best remembered in Australia for writing the theme for the television program "Neighbours."
-- Ron Smith
FH Reader Tom Cuddy tells us about a concert event that'll be coming to Chicago later this year. 
Put together by the same guys who gave us Sail Rock a few years ago, this looks like an interesting line-up.  (I had to chuckle at Tom's comment below!)  kk
Paradise Artists, the booking agency for the Rock the Yacht Tour, is promising promoters a concert that will last approximately 3 ½ hours.  Some original members in all groups, except Little River Band.  Concerts are still being booked,  although a handful of dates have already been confirmed.  They are:  
7/16/15 - Staten Island, NY - St. George Theatre
7/17/15 - Westbury, NY - NYCB Theater
7/23/15 - Kettering, OH - Fraze Pavillion
7/24/15 - Aurora, IL - River Edge Park
I'm sure several more shows will be added ...
River Edge Park is a beautiful venue out in Aurora ... it'll be nice to head out there again this summer!  
Ambrosia and The Little River Band were both subjects of Forgotten Hits reviews last year.  Robbie Dupree and Player also performed as part of the Sail Rock Show a couple of summers ago ... and Stephen Bishop will be a welcome addition to the line-up.  This one sounds like a winner to me.  (kk)
re:  The First Day Of Spring:
Hi Kent ...
Thanks for the cool MP3s.   It was interesting to see the different songs from each decade that were on the Billboard top spot at this time of the year.  "Bridge Over Troubled Water" from 45 years ago is still a masterpiece. 
As far as the sampling goes, I tend to agree with your honey, Frannie, that there is indeed "nothing new under the sun."  Over all I think the creative spirit has gotten "lazier" over time but I still am hopeful that there are many more songs yet to be written. Where's the creativity? 
By the way, Happy First Day of Spring to you too!
Our first day of spring was followed by 6" of snow on Monday!  (which makes me wonder how many more inches of spring we're expected to get this year!!!)  It was in the 60's and beautiful outside prior to that!  (kk)
The perfect song to usher in spring:
Gary Theroux
Yep, that's a good one ... and, despite a #6 chart showing, a forgotten hit for sure!  (kk)

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Helping Out Our Readers

>>> Help!  I had a white label 45 in the 70's and lost it in the 90's. Not only can't I find it anywhere, but I can't find anything on it nor anyone who has ever heard of it. Sung by a female, it was on an independent label, and the chorus was "Michael Michael Michael life is but a garbage pail ... " 
It was probably a novelty record, but it was sung straight and serious. The song title had parenthesis and part of it was "The Unexpected ... " something or other. I can't recall the entire title because it was one of those ridiculously long titles that had nothing to do with the lyrics.  Any clues?  Cheers!  (Charles Rosenay)   
The song is "The Unexpected Experience Of Michael D.Tippet In An Unspecified Part Of San Francisco Last July (Michael, Michael, Michael)" from 1969.
Here is a label scan:
– Randy
I'm not familiar with this song and couldn't find it on YouTube ... now that you've seen it, does it ring a bell with you, Charles?  (kk)
Good morning,   I am trying to recall a song from the 60's or 70's that contained the lyrics: "... she's a child of summer, and she's mine, all mine ..."
Please help an old man's memory.
This one's not clicking with me ... anybody?  (kk)
Kent ...
I was listening to Scott's Sunday show.  He said that only once in music history, both the A & B side went to #1. It was Elvis = 1956, A-side "Don't Be Cruel" / B-side "Hound Dog."  I guess the Beatles never did it.
Frank B.
I would have to say that that's MOSTLY true ... if you consider only the era when Billboard Magazine charted both sides of the same record separately.  (Roughly 1955 - 1969)
Quite honestly, I never really understood how they accurately determined which side of a record people went into the record store to buy since it was the same 45.  For example, did you go into the record store to buy "Travelin' Man" (#1 in Billboard) or the B-Side "Hello, Mary Lou" (#1 in Chicago ... but only #9 in Billboard) ... or simply reap the benefit of getting BOTH incredible tunes for 99-cents back in the day?  How on earth would the record store owner know how to distinguish sales or popularity of one from the other when reporting their record sales to Billboard that week?
The Brooklyn Bridge tell a story in concert that in 1969 their record company (Buddah Records) got the great idea that as their current hit ("Blessed Is The Rain") was starting to fall down the charts, they'd start pushing the flipside ("Welcome Me Love") to see if they could extend the life of the record before the group had a chance to record their follow-up release.
The experiment worked ... "Blessed Is The Rain" reached #45 and two months later "Welcome Me Love" peaked at #48.  In fact, for a couple of weeks, the two-sided hit competed with itself on the chart!  (That's not the first time that happened, potentially hurting the record in the process due to the confusion of the buyer OR the statistician responsible for determining that week's chart ranking!  Several people out there believe that many two-sided hits actually HURT the artist's chart performance because, in effect, they were "splitting the vote" with their fans ... whereas a big push to a dedicated A-Side probably insured a bigger hit overall.)
As they tell it, in the case of the Brooklyn Bridge record, when all the final sales were tabulated ... and all the dust had settled ... it turned out that BOTH sides of this record sold EXACTLY the same number of copies.  (How could it not?!?!  They were both pressed as one piece of vinyl!!!)  lol
Other artists have enjoyed similar experiences ... The Guess Who followed their smash "Laughing" up the chart with its B-Side, "Undun", which has proven to probably be the more popular of the two tracks today with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight (and extensive airplay over the years for this very popular flip.)  Original B-Sides like "Black Water" by The Doobie Brothers and "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by The Rolling Stones" both enjoyed tremendous chart success and popularity when they were re-released later as A-Sides ... after first being stuck on the flipside of "Another Park, Another Sunday" and "Honky Tonk Women" (respectively), at which time they went virtually ignored.
As for your original question ... (yes, I DO have a tendency to over-elaborated these points!!!) ... in late 1969, Billboard switched their policy of charting each side of the same record as independent hits and instead began showing both sides of the same record at a "shared position" ... in many cases this was a HUGE misrepresentation of reality ... nobody will EVER convince me, for example, that an equal number of people went into the record store to purchase The Beatles' "For You Blue" instead of the A-Side, "The Long And Winding Road", thus allowing "For You Blue" to "equally contribute" to this record reaching #1.)
However this would NOT be the case with The Beatles' two-sided hit "Come Together" / "Something", which I would ABSOLUTELY consider to be a Double A-Sided #1 Record.  In fact, "Something" was printed on the Green Apple (A-Side) of the 45 while "Come Together" was denoted as the B-Side (sliced apple).  Even The Beatles themselves celebrated the fact that George Harrison had finally composed, earned and recorded his very first A-Side Single.
Billboard defined their method of determining which title was listed first, stating that it was based on the song currently receiving the most airplay at the time.  So for the lone week this Beatles single sat on top of Billboard's Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart, "Come Together" was listed first, ahead of the ACTUAL A-Side, "Something".
But if that's STILL not enough to convince Scott to modify his findings, then THIS one should do it hands down.
Frank, you mentioned hearing this two-sided hit #1 tidbit on Scott's new, syndicated program "America's Greatest Hits" ... which seems to focus primarily on the music of '70's and '80's these days ... and even dips its big toe into the '90's (shudder!) from time to time ... but rarely explores the '60's and, virtually NEVER acknowledges the '50's (which is why I was so surprised to hear about his Elvis comment above)This being the case, he certainly cannot deny the chart history THIS mega #1-Hit from 1997.
That's the year that Elton John hit the #1 Spot for 14 incredible weeks with his two-sided hit "Candle In The Wind, 1997" / "Something About The Way You Look Tonight". 
The A-Side, of course, was the reworking of his popular "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" track from 1973, now sporting new, updated lyrics dedicated to Princess Diana, who had recently died in that horrific car crash a few months earlier that year.  (Elton even performed the song with its new lyrics at Princess Di's funeral.)
For the first three weeks of its 14-week #1 chart run, "Candle" was shown as the A-Side #1 ... but for the remaining eleven weeks on top, it was "Something About The Way You Look Tonight" that held the lead position.  That incredible fourteen week run even trumps Elvis' "Don't Be Cruel" / "Hound Dog" run of eleven weeks as a two-sided #1 hit back in 1956.  (Who knows ... maybe he'll amend his original comment and acknowledge our findings on an upcoming show!)
Kent Kotal
Forgotten Hits
By the way ... several years ago, with the help of Randy Price, who put together The Super Charts, calculating the COMBINED chart positions of EVERY hit record, utilizing information gathered through all of the available, multiple sources used by the three major music trades at the time (Billboard, Cash Box and Record World) to tabulate their own charts, we mathematically calculated The Top 200 Biggest Two-Sided Hits Of All-Time and posted the results list on our website.  This list was determined by the COMBINED POINTS earned for BOTH sides of the same record ... which meant that a record like "Hey Jude" (which topped Billboard's Chart for nine weeks) actually finished below another Beatles Hit because the flipside "Revolution" only peaked at #11.  (And, because we only used mathematical statistics collected at the time in order to develop this ranking, it is free of any personal bias ... or benefit of hindsight ... that might otherwise impact how popular many of these records have remained over the ensuing years.)
Our final chart covered the years 1955 - 1979 ... the first 25 Years of Rock And Roll ... and, as such, doesn't take the 1997 Elton John record into consideration.
However, you MIGHT be surprised to see that The Top Three Records on this list are none other than "Travelin' Man" / "Hello, Mary Lou" by Rick Nelson (#3), "Come Together" / "Something" (#2) by The Beatles and "Don't Be Cruel" / "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley (#1)!!!  (Now, what are the odds?!?!?)
You can check out the whole list here:

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Mark Bego - 2.0

re:  Mark Bego ... Biographer To The Rock And Roll Stars:
After the passing of keyboardist Jimmy Greenspoon of Three Dog Night a couple of weeks ago, we ran a heartfelt tribute by Mark Bego who, along with Jimmy, told the rock star's story by way of the musical biography "One Is The Loneliest Number". 
Here is Mark's original piece as submitted to Forgotten Hits:
Hello there.  I am sure you heard about the passing of Jimmy Greenspoon of Three Dog Night, March 11.  At a loss to find a way to immediately channel my grief for the passing of a dear friend, I composed the following.  Hopefully you can run it in Forgotten Hits.
Many thanks,
Jimmy Greenspoon of Three Dog Night (1948 – 2015)
Jimmy Greenspoon was one of the most upbeat, talented, energetic, and positive thinking people I have ever met. I had the rare privilege of writing his autobiography with him, "One is the Loneliest Number" (1991).  Along the way, we became close friends. I am so saddened to hear of his passing today. He came to New York City in the late 1980s, and together we plotted to tell his wild roller coaster ride to the top of the rock world, his descent into the depths of drug abuse, and his dramatic stint with rehabilitation.  We hit it off immediately, and we plotted to write what we thought was the ultimate rock & roll autobiography.  Being with Jimmy was like trying to harness a tornado.  He had such boundless energy.  Once we sold our proposal to a publisher, I moved into his house in Arizona, and we worked every day for over four months.  Together we created one of the best and most popular rock & roll books of my career.  When I came up with the idea of producing a radio show, it was Jimmy who stepped up to the plate and wrote me a theme song called “On the Mark.”  When I told him that I wanted to write a rock & roll cookbook, he was one of the first rock stars to give me recipes.  That was the kind of friend he was.  Whatever was needed, he was there to help.  Jimmy Greenspoon continues to be an inspiration to so many people—me included.  The world has lost a wonderful and talented keyboard player, and we have all lost a dear friend. Jimmy was truly the heart of Three Dog Night. His music and his talent lives on.
Mark Bego

While I have read a number of Mark's books over the years, I had NOT read "One Is The Loneliest Number" ... and, with Jimmy's passing, I was intrigued to do so.  However, in searching for a copy online, I discovered that this book is now out of print.  (Even Chuck Negron's excellent book "Three Dog Nightmare" ... aka "The Story of Chuck's Exploding Penis" ... a book we have highly recommended many times over the years ... is now out of print, too.)

Far too often this books disappear right before our very eyes before new fans discovering their existence have had a chance to read them.  (Sure, used copies can be found ... for $999!!! ... check Amazon! ... but AFFORDABLE copies are pretty scarce and hard to find.)

And, the fact of the matter is, that MANY of these books, with a little bit of serious updating, could easily become viable and desirable, sought-after collectible material again.  (Kind of like "Behind The Music: Remastered" ... where VH1 takes fantastic documentaries from their archives and then tacks on a new 10-15 minute epilogue, bringing the audience up to date with (what Paul Harvey used to like to say) "the rest of the story".

So I got to thinking ... what about a Bego 2.0 book series?  Mark has written SO many books over the years ... 61 and counting, to be exact ... why not pick some of the most desirable titles, commission an upgrade to bring these books up to date ... and make them available to the public again?  (I mean, technically Forgotten Hits is a publisher, right?  So who can we partner with to do a "soft launch" ... isn't that the radio term? ... put some feelers out there and make new and updated versions of these books available to the public.)  With all this new digital, on-demand printing and publishing available, wouldn't this make for a likely outlet to do so?  Make the books available through our service, Amazon ... and others LIKE Amazon ... the artists' websites ... etc, etc, etc ... they could be sold at live shows and places like Half-Priced Books ... and, in this way, brand new fans could discover their existence at an affordable price.

So I'm throwing it out there to all the movers and shaker on our list ... we're open to any ideas that might help to make this happen.  Drop me a line with your suggestions and we'll see where it goes from here.  (Hey, I figure that at the very least, I'll be able to read "One Is The Loneliest Number" for under a thousand bucks!!!)

I meant to write to you sooner to thank you for running my paragraph on my dear friend Jimmy Greenspoon.  I have just been stunned by the news of his passing.  I thought there would be at least several more weeks to do more and say more to him.
The book "One is the Loneliest Number" was such an important book in by career.  Unfortunately, at this point, the book is out of print, and in the last several weeks I have started to actively looking for a publisher who would be interested in purchasing it to publish an updated version.  I would love to get an advance that would be of help to Jimmy's widow, to offset the medical costs that I know they will be hit with for Jimmy's care.  If you have any suggestions, let me know.  I would love to have his book come out again, so that his story will live on.
Thank you so much for your letter.  I like your ideas, and I will put a list of titles together to send to you.  I have been thinking about the prime ones that are due for updating and I will put some thoughts down on paper and send them to you.
Many thanks to you Kent.
After reviewing Mark's list, we've flagged some of the most likely candidates for updating below ... obviously, we don't need (nor could we possibly afford) to do a ton of titles at once ... just pick the very best, mostly "timely" and deserving titles as a starting point ... and see who out there might be able to help us get this project off the ground.  Again, please drop me an email and we'll see if we can get the ball rolling from there.  Thanks in advance to all who might be willing to support our efforts!
Kent Kotal
Forgotten Hits
Books by MARK BEGO 
1. The Captain & Tennille (1977)  OUT OF PRINT
Might make for an interesting update ... now nearly 40 years out of date ... especially since the couple announced their split after nearly 40 years of marriage, reportedly with behind-the-scenes motivation tied to medical reasons that never really came out.  (kk)
2.  Barry Manilow (1977)  OUT OF PRINT
3.  The Doobie Brothers (1980)  OUT OF PRINT
4.  Michael! [Jackson] (1984)  OUT OF PRINT except IN PRINT IN JAPAN
5.  On the Road With Michael! [Jackson] (1984)  OUT OF PRINT U.S.
6.  Madonna! (1985)  UPDATE IN PRINT
7.  Rock Hudson:  Public & Private (1986) OUT OF PRINT
8.  Sade! (1986)  OUT OF PRINT
9.  Julian Lennon! (1986)  OUT OF PRINT
I'd be curious to see an update to this one ... although Julian has been out of the public eye for quite some time now ... he may have some interesting perspective to share, however, after nearly thirty years of new reflection  (kk)
10.  The Best of “Modern Screen” (1986)  OUT OF PRINT
11.  Whitney! [Houston] (1986)  UPDATE IN PRINT
12.  Cher! (1986)  UPDATE IN PRINT
13.  Bette Midler:  Outrageously Divine (1987)  UPDATE IN PRINT
14.  The Linda Gray Story (1988)  OUT OF PRINT
After the success of the Dallas reboot ... and the passing of Larry Hagman ... this might make for some fascinating reading.  (kk)
15.  TV Rock [The History of Rock & Roll on Television] (1988)  OUT OF PRINT
16.  Aretha Franklin:  Queen of Soul (1989)  UPDATE IN PRINT
Highly recommended  (kk)
17.  Between the Lines [with Debbie Gibson] (1990)  OUT OF PRINT
18.  Linda Ronstadt:  It’s So Easy (1990)  OUT OF PRINT
Definitely due for an update, with her current health condition and induction into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame  (FINALLY!!!)  kk
19.  Ice Ice Ice:  The Extraordinary Vanilla Ice Story (1991)  OUT OF PRINT
20.  One Is the Loneliest Number [with Jimmy Greenspoon of Three Dog Night] (1991)  OUT OF PRINT
With Jimmy's recent passing ... and the fact that two factions of Three Dog Night continue to perform around the globe ... this would make for a very interesting update  (kk)
21.  Madonna:  Blonde Ambition (1992)  UPDATE IN PRINT
22.  I’m A Believer:  My Life of Music, Monkees and Madness [with Micky Dolenz of The Monkees] (1993)  UPDATE IN PRINT
I might have to get the new version of this one ... Micky's been busier these past ten years that at any other time in his long-running career!  (kk)
23.  Country Hunks (1994)  OUT OF PRINT
24.  Country Gals (1994)  OUT OF PRINT
25.  Dancing In the Street:  Confessions of a Motown Diva [with Martha Reeves of Martha & The Vandellas] (1994)  OUT OF PRINT
26.  I Fall To Pieces:  The Music & The Life of Patsy Cline (1995)  OUT OF PRINT
I would think that there would ALWAYS be a market for this one!  (kk)
27.  Bonnie Raitt:  Just In the Nick of Time (1995)   UPDATE IN PRINT
28.  Rock & Roll Almanac (1996)  OUT OF PRINT
29.  Alan Jackson:  Gone Country (1996)  OUT OF PRINT
30.  Raised on Rock:  The Autobiography of Elvis Presley’s Step Brother [with David Stanley] (1996) OUT OF PRINT
31.  George Strait:  The Story of Country’s Living Legend (1997)  OUT OF PRINT
32.  Leonardo DiCaprio:  Romantic Hero (1998)  OUT OF PRINT
This is another one I think there will always be a market for ... Leo's grown up in the past 17 years!  (kk)
33.  LeAnn Rimes (1998) OUT OF PRINT
34.  Jewel (1998)  OUT OF PRINT
35.  Matt Damon:  Chasing a Dream  (1998)  OUT OF PRINT
36.  Will Smith:  The Freshest Prince (1998)  OUT OF PRINT
Another guy who's come a long, long way since 1998.  (kk)
37.  Vince Gill (2000)  OUT OF PRINT
38.  Madonna:  Blonde Ambition  Updated Edition (2000)  IN PRINT
39.  Aretha Franklin:  Queen of Soul Updated Edition (2001)  UPDATE IN PRINT
40.  The Marx Brothers (2001)   IN PRINT
41.  Cher:  If You Believe (2001)  IN PRINT
42.  Bette Midler:  Still Divine (2002)  IN PRINT
43.  Bonnie Raitt: STILL In the Nick of Time Updated Edition(2003)  IN PRINT
44.  Julia Roberts: America’s Sweetheart (2003)  OUT OF PRINT
45.  Tina Turner: Break Every Rule (2003)  IN PRINT
46.  I’m a Believer: My Life of Music, Monkees & Madness  [with Micky Dolenz of The Monkees] Updated Edition (2004) IN PRINT
47.  Joni Mitchell (2005)  IN PRINT
With talk of a Joni biopic in the works, this should be an interesting one to read  (kk)
48.  Jackson Browne:  His Life and Music (2005)  OUT OF PRINT
(49)  Yolana: Just One More Question [with Yolana Bard] (2006)  IN PRINT
(50)  Billy Joel: The Biography (2007)  IN PRINT U.K. / OUT OF PRINT U.S.
There's been a huge resurgence in Billy's music ... I think this would be a good one to update  (kk)
(51)  Macho Man [with Randy Jones of Village People] (2008)  IN PRINT
(52)  Elton John:  The Bitch is Back (2009)  IN PRINT U.K. / OUT OF PRINT U.S.
(53)  One Minute Before Midnight [with Ruth Mueller] (2009)  IN PRINT
(54)  Tina Turner: Die Biografie [in German only] (2009)  IN PRINT
(55)  Whitney Houston:  Die Biografie [in German only] (2009)  IN PRINT
(56)  Paperback Writer  a Memoir (2010)  IN PRINT
(57)  Where the Action Is! [with Freddy Cannon] (2011)  IN PRINT
Another good one ... written with our FH Buddy Freddy Cannon
(58)  Whitney Houston:  The Spectacular Rise and Tragic Fall of the Woman Whose Voice Inspired a Generation (2012)  IN PRINT
(59)  Aretha Franklin:  The Queen of Soul [Her 70th Birthday Edition] (2012)   IN PRINT
(60)  Murder at Motor City Records (2012)  IN PRINT
(61)  Life with My Father:  Glen Campbell [with Debby Campbell] (2014)  IN PRINT

Mark has a few ideas of where he'd like to start, too ... see below ...  

As you requested, below please find a list of all of my books, with notations about which ones are available and in print, and which ones are available for updating.
On the rock & roll list, the ones -- in my mind -- that most need updating are the Jimmy Greenspoon, and the Linda Ronstadt.  (Linda really wrote a shallow and unforthcoming book about herself two years ago, but she said almost nothing in it!)
Trailing close behind would be my books on Martha Reeves and Jackson Browne.  I would be thrilled if someone would take all four of these books for updating and for reprint.
Take a look at my list of books, their "in print" and "out of print" status, and let me know your thoughts.
PS -- Kent, also ... "thank you" very much for your interest in my books, and helping to keep these stories alive!
Again, PLEASE contact me if you think you might have an interest (and the resources) to help us relaunch some of these great titles.  Thank you!
Kent Kotal
Forgotten Hits