Thursday, August 18, 2022

Henry Diltz's Journal ... and a Bob Rafelson Memorial

Can you even imagine living a life that would involve a schedule of conflicts and events like this?!?!  Man, talk about living the dream!!!

From Henry Diltz's Journal, dated July 25th, 1967 (courtesy of Gary Strobl)


Henry Diltz Journal

Tuesday, July 25, 1967

I’m in NYC, brown from last weekend in Westhampton.

John (Stewart) is waiting for me in San Francisco to sing;

Chuck Laufer (Tiger Beat) is waiting for me in Los Angeles 

to write a M (Monkees) story; 

Judy Henske Yester wants me to keep her company

on Long Island this weekend; 

the visit to my parents in Washington DC is daily potential; 

and tonight Micky asks me to come on the road 

with the Monkees this Thursday.

Who am I and what am I going to do tomorrow?

• Today I: sang on a Monkee tune; 

Saw Peter Fonda’s private screening of “The Trip”; 

Turned on w/ the Byrds; 

watched Micky’s first slides.


Gary also sent me this heartfelt remembrance of Bob Rafelson, co-creator of The Monkees television series ...

Tuesday, August 1, 1967

Wednesday August 2, 1967

Because of these cancellations, The Monkees used the time to film music segments for the second season of their TV show featuring many of their new songs (from their Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.) in The Rainbow Room at Fred Niles Studios in Chicago.

Bob Rafelson directed Davy on how he wanted him to dance

at the end of “Daydream Believer.” 

Thank you, Bob, for co-creating The Monkees 

with your partner Bert Schneider, 

and making our childhoods into adults 

bright and happy to this very day.

 With A Saddened Heart But Still Filled With Joy,

Gary Strobl


Look for more Magical Monkees Moments and Memories tomorrow in Forgotten Hits! (kk)