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As Part Of Our Never-Ending Service And Attempts To Always Please Our Readers, Let Us Help You Plan Your Next Vacation ... circa 2019!

The always clever and creative Chuck Buell has come up with another great marketing idea for our Forgotten Hits Readers.    

It's not the Heartbreak Hotel ...

Or Morrison Hotel ... 

Or the Hotel California ... 

It's not even the Kotal No-Tell Motel we've been trying to launch for the past several years ... 

This one's for real (and Chuck's even come up with a way for us to be involved!!!) 

Read on ...   

Now Kent, this just in, from your Exclusive Chuck Buell Forgotten Hits Fantasy Hotel Service!   

TWA’s New 1962 Hotel set to reopen next year (2019) 

“USA Today – New York – Rotary dial phones. Iconic midcentury-modern architecture. Tab sodas in the minibar.

If that sounds as if it could be 1962, that’s by design. It’s all part of the DNA of the new TWA Hotel set to open next year at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Anchored around the landmark TWA Flight Center that opened in 1962 as the jet age dawned, the airport property is one of the most-anticipated hotel openings of 2019. 

The 512-room hotel will feature two new six-story towers that flank the old TWA terminal’s “head house,” an architectural masterpiece designed by Eero Saarinen. The terminal is being converted into a 200,000-square-foot lobby the hotel claims will be the world’s largest. 

The TWA Hotel will include six restaurants and eight bars. One of those, a cocktail bar, will be housed in a refurbished Lockheed “Constellation” aircraft that was a staple of the TWA fleet in the late 1950s and early 1960s. 

Already, enthusiasts — both aviation and architectural — have eagerly awaited each new detail to emerge about the iconic structure’s rebirth as a hotel.

Everything they’re doing is unique. 

The standard rooms are on the small side, averaging 325 square feet. Forty-four of the hotel’s rooms will be larger suites, with the biggest topping out at around 1,200 square feet. All will include aesthetics that are sure to appeal to aviation and design buffs. 

The d├ęcor, handled by architecture and interior design firm Stonehill Taylor, could be mistaken as a museum exhibit highlighting midcentury Americana. 

Guests will be able to make calls on vintage 1950s-era Western Electric 500 rotary-dial phones, with no charges for either local or long-distance numbers. 

The Hotel is buying them on eBay because there aren’t many other places to track down working rotary phones these days. They replace the guts of the phone swapping out the old analog technology for a modern connection. 

No word yet on whether there’ll be instructions for guests too young to have ever encountered such a phone. 

Also, no word as of yet, of a Special Forgotten Hits Suite, which of course, would no doubt feature:

A Black and White Pay TV with only Three Channels,

A Coin Operated Magic Fingers Vibrating Bed,

The Suite warmed by Steam Heat,

Lamps, TVs and Pictures not bolted down to the tables or the walls,

Small Bathroom Soaps wrapped in Wax Paper and Tiny Little Tubes of Individual Toothpaste,

A Return Postage Paid Room Key!

In-room movie choices would include some of the iconic films from 1962 like “Lawrence of Arabia,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “The Music Man,” “Lolita,” “Birdman of Alcatraz,” “Days of Wine and Roses,” “Hatari,” “How the West Was Won,” “The Miracle Worker,” "Walk on the Wild Side,” and of course, “Three Stooges Meet Hercules!” 

In celebration of this Age-defiant concept, here's another special Chuck Buell Music Medley highlighting many more than just a few dozen of the Top Ten songs of that early 1960s era!  ( Actually, it’s a production piece I previously put together especially for a Class of 1962’s Reunion a few years ago, but it seems to fit here as well. ) 

So, turn up your speakers, sit back with your favorite beverage and take a dedicated five minute Hit-packed Oldies Trip back to the Fall of 1961 through the Spring of 1962!  

CB ( which stands for “Concierge Boy!” )

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The Sunday Comments ( 04 - 22 - 18 )

With the 40th Anniversary of “Grease” upon us this was a cool find!  (And be sure to read the whole interview!!!)  kk

(Thanks to Tom Cuddy for sending this one in)

Barry Gibb reveals his long-lost Grease demo for film's 40th anniversary -

We told you about Felix Cavaliere teaming up with Gene Cornish, meaning that one half of the original Rascals will be doing a series of shows this summer (with Carmine Appice on drums no less!) for the first time since their Once Upon A Dream tour a few years ago.
What do you call an arrangement like this??? (I mean if Danny Hutton can go out as a "single" and still call himself Three Dog Night, surely one half of The Rascals should count for something!!!)  Or maybe as a fun way of honoring their roots, The Old Rascals might fit!!!
Anyway, FH Reader Danny Guilfoyle sent us this promotional poster for a show coming up in his area …

Having just seen Felix Cavaliere’s Rascals last weekend it’ll be interesting to see how this changes up the dynamics of the show.  (kk)

Speaking of tours, we've been talking about the Roy Orbison Hologram Tour for awhile now … but the first review we've seen (courtesy of FH Reader Tom Cuddy) isn't very flattering … in fact, if anything, it makes the whole experience sound, well, a little creepy …

Roy Orbison, Hammersmith Apollo, review - a live hologram show that's about as dead as can be …
There were audible gasps when the glowing figure of Roy Orbison rose from the bottom of the stage.

FH Reader David Salidor sent us this link to The Mac Wire, covering a couple of recent news headlines we told you about … the closing of B.B. King's in New York City and a couple of up-coming Micky Dolenz events …

Now that this year’s class has been inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, the speculation begins as to who’ll make next year’s ballot.
In order qualify, an artist had to release their first record 25 year ago (or, in this case, 1993.)  REALLY hard to believe that the music of 1993 is already a quarter-of-a-century old!!!
The list of first time eligible artists isn’t particularly inspiring … Ultimate Classic Rock lists the “most likely candidates” as Beck, Blink 182, Jeff Buckley, Candlebox, Counting Crows, Sheryl Crow, The Dave Matthews Band, Outkast, Snoop Dogg, Everclear, The Roots and Shania Twain.
Do ANY of these artists strike you as being particularly Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame worthy???  (Maybe this would be a good time to recognize some of the deserving artists you’ve ignored over the past 25 years!!!)
Or maybe it’s time to just call the whole thing off.
If you listened to Chubby Checker’s comments last week (and you can scroll down to hear it if you happened to miss it), right now his CLOTHES are good enough to be in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame … his RECORD of “The Twist” is good enough to be in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame … but HE isn’t good enough to be in.  (Tommy James has made similar comments over the years … in fact at one point I think he was actually going to ask for his suit back, which had been on loan to The Rock Hall for years!!!)  How is it even REMOTELY possible that Tommy James has never been considered for induction … yet he has never even made the ballot.  Pretty sad.  (kk)

This is one of my average type ideas, not one of my great ideas.
I feel kind of guilty --- always making you do all the work.
This time I did the heavy lifting ... all you have to do is copy.
What to call it???  Maybe --- Before & After
Chuck Girard went from The Castels to The Hondells 
"General" Norman Johnson went from The Showmen to The Chairmen of The Board  
Johnny Maestro went from The Crests to The Brooklyn Bridge 
Sonny Geraci went from The Outsiders to Climax  
Mr. Earl "Speedo" Carroll went from The Cadillacs to The Coasters 
Doug Sahm went from The Sir Douglas Quintet to The Texas Tornados 
Billy Vaughn left The Hilltoppers to form his own band 
Tom and Jerry went back to their real names, Simon and Garfunkel 
I would also play a song by each group. 
I bet you and the DJ s who subscribe to Forgotten Hits could come up with a few more. 
Frank B. 
P.S.  One More ... Bill Black left Elvis to form The Bill Black Combo
We actually did help put together a radio show sort of similar to this a few years back … in fact, one of our readers spearheaded the whole thing … but I still think it would make for an interesting weekend feature.  (Some of yours are pretty obscure … and, of course, the station would already have to be playing music by these artists in order for it to make sense to their listeners … but I like the concept.)  I just think it’d have to be more contemporary … for example, Joe Walsh (play The James Gang and then The Eagles … and, if you’re REALLY creative, one of Joe’s solo hits.)  Another one I always liked was Jay Ferguson … play Spirit’s “I Got A Line On You” followed by Jo Jo Gunne’s “Run Run Run” and wrap things up with “Thunder Island,” a hit Jay had under his own name.  Certainly one of the more enterprising deejays on the list can come up 48 of these and spotlight one per hour for a weekend special!  (kk)

Hi Kent,
John here. My site (Uncommon Top 40) was torn down, but amazing until then. Attracted many due to alternate versions and stuff. Contributors came from everywhere. Maybe you and others can feature what others found ... like this one … The Doors, Hello, I Love You … studio opening, Jim Morrison moans, vocal dub, lead and backing, but the really odd thing is the screamin' ending!
Please feature. Thank you.

Hi John!  Long time, no type!
Yes, you had some REAL rarities up on your site over the years … so I am happy to feature this Doors track today (and others from time to time in the future.)
This ties in nicely with the book I’m reading right now, Harvey Kubernik’s “Summer Is Gone,” a tribute to The Doors with TONS of commentary on the band, both from folks who were there at the time and reflective looks back.  VERY well done.
As it turns out, “Hello, I Love You” is a song the band was performing for YEARS before recording and releasing it in 1968, only to capture another #1 Record in the process.  (While these guys were considered one of the bands that helped launched FM Radio, they were no strangers to the pop charts either … between 1967 and 1971 The Door had a dozen National Top 40 Hits including THREE #1 Records (“Light My Fire,” 1967, “Hello, I Love You,” 1968 and “Touch Me, “ 1969 as well as the Top 20 Hits “People Are Strange” (#10, 1967), “Love Me Two Times” (it just missed at #21, 1968), “Love Her Madly” (#7, 1971) and “Riders On The Storm” (#12, 1971).  (kk)

And finally this from FH Reader John LaPuzza ...

Am I safe to assume that "difficult listening" is virtually EVERYTHING being played on the radio today???  (kk)

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Saturday Surveys (April 21st)

4-15-68 - WQXI - Atlanta, Georgia 

As could be guessed, Atlanta's top 40 station's list in 1968 was top heavy on RNB music.  In fact, I doubt you will see another top 40 survey in this year's FH feature to have so many soul records in its top 20 list.  

It is doubtful many of you have even heard the #1 song here by Ollie & the Nightengales.  Beginning as a top gospel group in Memphis, this group soon found its way to recording secular music for Stax Records, like other gospel bands of the era.  Their "I Got a Sure Thing" knocked the Wicked Pickett off the top this week in 1968 in the ATL.  

This survey featured QXI's album of various hits for sale.  Alike last week's KIMN album, both (and many others) were on the Take 6 label and featured some of the same recent hits on them -- but no bonus 45s.
-- Clark Besch

Ollie and the Nightingales (originally The Dixie Nightingales) got as high as #73 on Billboard's Top 100 Pop Singles Chart.  It's not a bad song ... just not necessarily what one would consider #1 material when stacked alongside some of these other major '60's R&B artists.  (Talk about your reverse discrimination ... it looks like The Beatles, Johnny Rivers, Simon and Garfunkel, The Rascals and Bobby Goldsboro are the only white faces in this week's Top 20!)


4/15/68:  Aretha Franklin records “Think” … it will reach #7 on the pop charts a couple of months later

4/19/68:  John Lennon and George Harrison leave Rishikesh, India, two weeks earlier than originally planned, disillusioned with their studies under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  (Paul and Ringo had already returned home earlier.)  Soon after all four Beatles would renounce their association with The Maharishi.

4/20/68: The Rolling Stones record “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”

Deep Purple perform in concert for the first time in Jastrup, Denmark.  Four months later their version of “Hush” will debut on the US Charts.

4/21/68:  Tom Jones performs “It’s Not Unusual” and “Delilah” on The Ed Sullivan Show.  (Despite extensive checking, I could not find official documentation as to just how many socks he had stuffed in his pants for this performance.)

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thursday This And That

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame:
Just saw your note on the six singles that were recently “inducted” into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  I’m not sure if you’re aware that the Hall of Fame already did something similar to this back in 2004 when they presented their list of “The 500 Songs That Shaped Rock & Roll.”  They just recently added another 160 titles to that original list.  You can find a list of all the songs here: 
We have noted that original 500 list under each title in our most recent Top Pop Singles book.  In fact, I just noticed that we did note those additional 160 R&R Hall of Fame songs in our most recent Top Pop Singles book, so they must have been added a while ago.
Paul Haney / Record Research

You mentioned that "Rocket 88" by Jackie Breston (1951) is considered by many to be the first Rock and Roll recording. 
That's true. There are others to consider.
Wild Wayne thinks that "The Fat Man " by Fats Domino ( 1949 ) is the first Rock and Roll recording. I think its Bill Haley's recording of "Rock Around The Clock" ( 1955 ). Because of the movie "Blackboard Jungle,"  this song is better known than the others.   
As far as the first song inductees into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, I can't believe that "Earth Angel" by The Penguins and "In The Still Of The Night" by The Five Satins and "Rock Around The Clock" weren't included in the class of 2018. 
Frank B.

Frank also sent us these highlights from the induction ceremony, courtesy of WCBS-FM.  (The HBO television special begins airing on May 5th.)

Thanks, Kent. Finally! After being overlooked and misunderstood by the keepers of the keys, it looks like the door to the Rock and Roll Hall is opening for some more of the originators of the genre. It’s about time. Tommy Roe
Long overdue, for sure.  Hopefully they will continue the tradition and recognize more of the innovators while there are still some of us around to remember and appreciate them!!!  (kk)

You Don’t Own Me:
Classic interview with John Madara. Great to see it again. 
Carl Wiser

Great stuff, kk 
Chet Coppock  

Hi Kent - 
What a FANTASTIC edition of  Lesley Gore and "You Don't Owe Me."  I enjoyed reading all of the ‘insights' from not only Lesley Gore but the composers, Madera and White!!   
It is truly one of Rock n Roll's Anthem Songs that will live on forever. 
And adding the You Tube versions of the various artists that performed  this song was an added treat!!  
I was fortunate to see Lesley Gore perform 'You Don't Own Me" at a Wheeling Summer Fest when she was appearing with Lou Christie on the same bill.  
Lesley and Lou toured together frequently – they also did some recording together.  (Never got the chance to see this pairing … too bad as I’m sure it was a GREAT show!)
I’m hoping Lou will share a memory or two with our readers … stay tuned!  (kk)

The Lesley Gore song "You Don't Own me" DOES have the Women's Lib Movement idea behind it, but it was a pretty innocent idea at the time, IMO.  I suggest that Lesley herself really had no idea of treating the song as an anthem, especially considering she followed that hit with these lyrics in "That's the Way Boys Are" … and next up was "Maybe I know that he's been cheatin' but what can I do?"  
So, if you wish to put the great song talked of ( and don't get me wrong, I love the songs of Lesley) up on a pedestal, you must follow with the several songs saying it was OK for boys to treat her badly???
Lyrics from "That's the Way Boys Are":  
When I'm with my guy and he watches all the pretty girls go by
And I feel so hurt deep inside, I wish that I could die
Not a word do I say
I just look the other way
'Cause that's the way boys are
That's the way boys are

When he treats me rough and he acts as though he doesn't really care
Well, I never tell him that he is so unfair
Plus, he loves me and I know it
But he's just afraid to show it
'Cause that's the way boys are
That's the way boys are

Clark Besch
I see your point … but this also makes “You Don’t Own Me” stand out as even MORE revolutionary.  The fact that female artists were willing to sing these types of lyrics and condone this type of behavior is pretty eye-opening.  You just don't think of this type of attitude as being reflective of the times.  "You Don't Own Me" drew a line in the sand and basically said, "I'm not putting up with your shit anymore."  It marked a HUGE step forward in women standing up for themselves and demanding a little bit of R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  (kk)

This And That:  
MICKY DOLENZ, prepping for his upcoming June tour with Michael Nesmith (The M&M Tour) will appear at next weekend’s (4-27-28) EC Comic Con in Secaucus, New Jersey, and will be presented with the key to the city from its Mayor, Mayor Michael Gonnelli, at a Micky / Make A Wish event.
Dolenz will also sing the National Anthem on Sunday, July 1st, at Citizens Bank Field in Philadelphia, as the Phillies play the Nationals.

We had Chubby Checker on WOR Radio in NYC today.  The co-hosts of Len Berman and Michael Riedel were talking about last weekend’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in Cleveland and were upset that Chubby was still not inducted ... so they arranged for Chubby to call in to talk about the HOF and an upcoming Long Island, NY appearance with Mary Wilson and Martha Reeves.
I have attached a recording of WOR’s interview with Chubby. 
Tom Cuddy 

Nice tribute to our FH Buddy Scott Shannon in AdAge …

Before you get your tickets to see The Bay City Rollers, you'd better ask Ron to confirm who is in that band, Kent ... from what I've read, there have been multiple bands recently touring by that name ... something that's occurred with a bunch of groups over the years, as you're well aware.
Yeah, I did a bit of checking online myself trying to pin down the line-up with no real success.  We saw Kyle Vincent perform as a “former member of The Bay City Rollers” a few years ago … he told me later that he was something like the 21st Roller and was in the band about a minute and a half … still, he’s an incredible entertainer with a GREAT voice and he put on a very entertaining show, also handling the lead vocals for Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods.  (I don’t think Kyle’s involved in this show but it’d be cool if he was.)
It’s definitely a “buyer beware” situation … but it’ll also be a fun-filled evening of feel good music … so I think we just may risk it and go.  (kk)

And Vintage Vinyl News is reporting the end of The Searchers, one of the best harmony bands to come out of The British Invasion …

Add another artist to the growing number who are going into retirement.
The Searchers have announced that a performance on March 31, 2019, will be the last for the group. Frank Allen, who has been a member since 1964, made the announcement in the new
Searchers Newsletter, saying that he and John McNally, who has been a member since their 1957 start, made the decision for a number of reasons.
For Allen, it was the travel, but much more than just being away from home. "For some time I have become increasingly weary of the travelling side of the life we have led for more than five decades. It reached the point where I no longer wanted to get in a car. When I am at home I drive only if I have to. If I dine out in London, I take the tube these days. A few paltry local miles a day when necessary is enough for my needs and if or when I eventually downsize to a new home it will be within walking distance of an underground station."
He did suggest that McNally carry on with the group and just replace him but, with John being 76, "I don’t think he has the heart to take on such new responsibilities at this time of life. It’s a shame. I think he could have presented the band in a different way and make a great success of it."
The two originally decided to close thing up by the end of 2018 but further discussions between McNally and their promoter, Alan Field, added a final solo tour which went through the end of March of the next year. Even a very lucrative final tour of Australia had to be turned down.
The decision has also been made to not sell the name or license it to any other musicians, just in case they want to, no matter how short of a time, come out of retirement.
Allen finished "So let’s look on the bright side. We still have nearly a year to go during which we can all look back on some wonderful times and enjoy a few more evenings together. John and I, along with Spencer [James, who joined in 1986] and Scott [Ottaway, who joined in 2010] of course, hope to see you at another concert very soon. Let`s make this final year something special."
The Searchers originally formed as out of a Liverpool area skiffle group in 1959 by McNally and Mike Pender. They had their first hit with "Sweets For My Sweet" (1963 / #1 U.K.) and went on to hit the U.K. top ten with "Sugar and Spice" (1963 / #2 U.K. / #44 U.S.), "Needles and Pins" (1964 / #1 U.K. / #13 U.S.), "Don't Throw Your Love Away" (1964 / #1 U.K. / #16 U.S.), "When You Walk In the Room" (1964 / #3 U.K. / #35 U.S.) and "Goodbye My Love" (1965 / #4 U.K. / #52 U.S.). In America, their only top ten was "Love Potion No. 9" (1964 / #3 U.S.).

The end of another era …
To Our Valued Patrons -
It is with an extremely heavy heart that we share that after 18 wonderful years bringing you live performances by some of the most talented names in music and entertainment, we have announced our final run of shows in the current Times Square location. As a result of escalating rent, we are being forced to close our doors at the end of April. While we are in the process of selecting a new location in Manhattan to relocate the venue, we wanted to curate a special closing week celebration to thank you all for your support over the past two decades. None of this would have been possible without you and we are eternally grateful! 
The celebration will consist of performances by Rick Ross (4/23), Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh (4/25), El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico (4/26), George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic (4/28), and Buddy Guy (4/29), who will be headlining the final B.B. Blues Club show. See below for the current schedule and ticket links.
All shows scheduled beyond the April 29th closing date will be moved to various venues throughout the city.  The weekly Sunday Gospel Brunch featuring The Harlem Gospel Choir will give their two final performances on April 22nd & 29th, and we are currently working with the group to find a new home for their weekly residency which will be announced shortly.  Lucille's Grill, located inside the venue, will remain open until April 29th and will feature sets by club favorites B.B. King Blues Club All-Stars, Jon Paris, A Decade of Soul, and more.
We look forward to celebrating the past and looking toward the future with you all. Your patronage means the world to us and we cannot thank you enough. We will see you soon! 
The B.B. King Blues Club & Grill Family 
This breaks my heart!! I love the BB King trips. Going in on the train, a night of great artists at BB’s, a beautiful hotel, and a train ride home next day. NO!!!! 
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano
While I’ve never been there, we have been able to give tickets away to special shows held at BB King’s New York several times in the past for our East Coast Readers.  It’s a shame to see any long-standing venue like this close its doors simply because they can no longer afford to keep them open … proof again the big business trumps any sentimental attachment again and again.  Too bad … but it does sound like they’re trying to present these shows in other venues … so hopefully they can still keep things going for a little while longer.
How fitting, though, that it’ll be Chicago Blues Legend Buddy Guy who does the last performance.  (kk)

Harvey Kubernik’s Summer Is Gone is an anomaly in a jungle of Jim Morrison tomes. While other literary endeavors focus on exploiting the folklore, Mr. Kubernik reveals the bare-bones of the Doors of perception. There is an old saying, “When you have the choice of printing the truth or the legend, print the legend.” Wisely, Kubernik veers away from mythology and gives the back story from insiders’ points of view, of the people who were there, who were now and present in that time that we shall never see again.
-         Jan Alan Henderson, author of Crypt 39, Speeding Bullet, Behind the Crimson Cape (the cinema of George Reeves), contributor to FilmFax Magazine, Cult Movies, and American Cinematographer 

 “Harvey Kubernik's newest book The Doors Summer's Gone gives the reader a more intimate knowledge - no holds barred - at times into the life and times of The Doors.    
    “Through the eyes and pen of Kubernik and his very many interviewees, I feel as I have been transported back to the magical years of the mid- to late '60's. 
   “Kubernik's last two books, his literary anthology Inside Cave Hollywood & 1967 A Complete Rock Music History of the Summer of Love shows all that this prolific writer ain't just whistlin' dixie.  Don't say that I'm not warnin' ya 'all.  This is some great human stuff, man!”   
Carlos "Cake" Nunez, former 'scribe for fLiPSiDE Fanzine (who is currently doing research for his upcoming autobiographical book about his experiences and friendship during his Punk Rock college days (1984 - 1987 and his eventual hook-up with fLiPSiDE Fanzine (1990 - 1999)
I’m actually reading this book right now and it’s really quite fascinating.  Once again Harvey has taken key elements from the interviews he’s done over the past 40+ years and woven them into a very descriptive perspective of The Doors, both musically as personally. (For those of you keeping score, Kubernik is averaging a new book about every 13 days now … I don’t know how the hell he does it!!!  But he has a wealth of material to draw from, having had his hands in every aspect of the music business for the past several decades.)
The book is brilliantly put together and even the most casual Doors fan will enjoy the fly-on-the-wall memories who were there from the beginning and caught these guys performing in the clubs before and after their first record was ever released.  The way the band grew in fan appeal (and mythical proportions) is unbelievable.  Highly recommended.  (kk)

Chuck Negron, formerly of Three Dog Night, will be joined by fellow vintage pop rock group "The Box Tops" at the Arcada Theatre on Friday, May 4. Audiences will leave the co-headline whistling the soundtrack of the 60s and 70s, re-living classic hits such as "Joy To The World," "Mama Told Me (Not To Come)" and "One" as well as "The Letter," "Cry Like A Baby" and "Soul Deep."
Chuck has been captivating audiences for over five decades with his iconic four octave range, unique humor and brilliant storytelling. His latest 2017 solo album, “Negron Generations,” features his two youngest daughters as well as original Three Dog Night drummer Floyd Sneed. Chuck recently announced his return to the highly successful "Happy Together Tour 2018," hosted by The Turtles. From his first single at age 15 to today, Chuck has learned that music transcends all barriers and differences that people might have: “That’s the power of music.”

In 2015, original bassist / vocalist Bill Cunningham and original guitarist / vocalist Gary Talley teamed up with veteran music industry bandleader / manager Rick Levy to bring the Box Tops music back to waiting audiences. The Box Tops' set list highlights their hit records and, equally importantly, Memphis music of the 60s, especially some of the songs that influenced the members as young teens growing up in such a musical hotbed. The show is complete with horns and promises musical history that is HIP!
Tickets for the 8:00 pm show are available at
We’re looking forward to this one … should be a great night of music.  (We saw The Box Tops and Chuck Negron perform together on The Happy Together Tour a couple of years ago.)
By the way, the revised edition of Chuck Negron’s incredible biography “Three Dog Nightmare” is now available.  There are eleven new chapters and over a hundred new photos, bringing the story up to date.  You can order your autographed copy here: