Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Sunday Comments, 06 - 26 - 11 (The Weekend Comments, Part 2)


Sorry to hear about Glen Campbell. If you were to ask me what my number one record
of his to me, I would probably have to say his 1969 recording of TRY A LITTLE KINDNESS.
We featured "Try A Little Kindness" a few months back as "Today's Forgotten Hit" ... always one of my favorites, too.  I read some postings on some other sites after Campbell's announcement became public and this seems to be one of the songs singled out most often.  "Gentle On My Mind" would probably be a close second.  (kk)

Glen Campbell will be in my warmest thoughts.  If I still had a copy (and, alas, I don't) I would be spinning "Gentle On My Mind", one of my favorites of his, a dozen times.
Bob Rashkow

Whoa!  Looks like the Rhinestone Cowboy isn't doing too well!
Wild Bill
GLEN CAMPBELL HAS ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE: In his new song, “A Better Place,” Glen Campbell sings, “I need the ones I love, Lord / More and more each day.” The lyric is more personal than the world knows: Campbell, 75, and his wife, Kim, reveal that the singer has Alzheimer’s disease. The couple has decided to go public with Glen’s diagnosis because he’s hoping to say farewell with a final slate of live performances this fall – and they want his fans to be aware of the musician’s condition.
Yes, it's really sad. Glen has had an amazing life, filled with some of the greatest memories anyone could ever hope to achieve.  Sure, he had his rough times, too ... but what tortured artist hasn't?  His autobiography barely touches on some of his incredible achievements ... here's hoping somebody finally puts together a book that does this guy justice.  (kk)

My husband has gotten me hooked on reading your blog, and after hearing the sad news about Glen Campbell's illness, it sparked a memory I had from what I believe was a concert series held at Arlington Park Race Track. I cannot for the life of me remember what
summer(s) they might have been, but my best guess is very early 70's. I didn't see Campbell's performance due to being on babysitting duty so my parents could go. I did attend a few concerts ... Tony Orlando and Dawn (he walked down to the stage with some of the fans and, yes, I was one of them!).  Also playing that summer was Kenny Rogers and the First Edition (front row for that one, have great pics somewhere).  And, last but not least, The Osmond Brothers.
Just wondering if any of your readers may have a memory of this that would help me date these events.
Hoffman Estates
LOL ... we've received several letters over the years from readers that placed us at the EXACT same concert event that they were at ... total strangers at the time, of course, but both sharing and enjoying the same musical memory ... so why not give it a shot and see what comes back!  (kk)

>>>Yesterday, on CBS news, I heard the commentator speak about the ceremony commemorating Sam Cooke, who he described as a pioneer in Soul music. Huh?
I know classifications in music are vague at best, but I never considered Sam Cooke, whose music I love, a Soul music artist, let alone a pioneer. Am I wrong?  You Send Me, Twisting the Night Away, For Sentimental Reasons, Wonderful World, Cupid, Chain Gang, Another Saturday Night ... Soul Music?  Sam was a pop / R & B / Gospel singer in my book, and a great one. I know his roots as the singer with the "Soul Stirrers", and have all his recordings from that early era, but this was Gospel music, not Soul music. Many would argue that Gospel music is the root of Soul music and I would agree, but that doesn't make Gospel, Soul music. Water is the root of snow, but water is not snow.  The closest song I think he recorded close to a Soul song, would be "It's Alright". To me, artists like  James Brown, Sam and Dave, Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett are the pioneers of Soul music. Memphis' Stax Records,  Muscle Shoals,  Booker T and the MG's, etc., are the pioneers of Soul Music..
It really irks me when a national media reports it wrong. The younger generation, who don't know what Soul music is, will be ill informed and history will be re-written.  Let's not let a national media, who did a poor job of researching this piece, muddy the waters of musical history. If I am wrong, I would like to know. What say you?  (Bob Hughes)
>>>I've seen Sam Cooke referred to as "The Man Who Invented Soul" many times ... in fact, if I'm not mistaken, there's even a CD Box Set available with that very name!  While artists like James Brown and Wilson Pickett were certainly innovators of a new genre of black music, I think THEIR material falls more into the Rhythm and Blues ... and maybe even "funk" category.  (Of course, Brown is ALSO referred to as "The Godfather of Soul", so who knows!!!)
In reality, it's ALL soul music ... and these are just "labels" attached to certain artists. 
Sam's gospel background certainly helped him once he started writing and performing his own material ... and this new music touched your very "soul" ... it was SO smooth sounding compared to much of what else was out at the time that it conveyed that sexy "getcha in the bedroom" feeling ... and nobody did that better than Sam.  (kk)
If one considers Marvin Gaye and Al Green to be soul music, then Sam Cooke is also soul music.A Change Is Gonna Come is the very definition of soul music.It is unfortunate that Sam passed away right after gaining full artistic control.He could have had many more years of innovative music.

Hey Kent -
I love the way you handled the Joe Bennett piece! It's really that cool you got hold of Joe.
I had put in a call to him to see if he had ever heard of that guy.  Thanks for spreading the word.
Some other musicians from my home town include Hank Garland, Buck Trent,and of course Marshall Tucker, Artimus Pyle (drummer from Lynyrd Skynyrd) and Pink Anderson, the blues guy that Pink Floyd took the first part of their name from.
I was TOTALLY pleased that Joe Bennett got back to me in time to include his comments in the piece ... and thanks again for sharing your work with our readers! (kk)

Uh-oh ... some of our readers found David Salidor's list of "Ten Things You Never Knew About Freddy Cannon" a little bit inaccurate ... read on!
3. He opened for the Rolling Stones once … in 1965; with Herman's Hermits and Little Anthony & The Imperials.
Of course I knew that- I WAS THERE!!

Kent -
Thanks for the posting. We had a small error ... see below. Can you fix?
Many thanks,
David Salidor
9.  Freddy is a HUGE fan of horror-meister Stephen King.
9. Horror-meister Stephen King is a HUGE fan of Freddy's.
Well, hopefully the feeling is mutual!!!  (lol)  Thanks, David, we'll fix it!  (kk)

>>>7. Elvis Presley once climbed 17 floors up the fire escape of The Peabody Hotel in Memphis to hang out with Freddy Cannon, Frankie Avalon, and Fabian after a concert.  (David Salidor)
That would be very hard to do as the Peabody has only 13 floors!  I know because I've stayed there.  Makes you wonder how many others of these 'unknown facts' are wrong ... David Salidor probably should have done a little fact-checking before emailing this out.
Ooops!  (I think he gotcha there on this one, David!  lol)  Of course we ALL know these stories get repeated SO many times over the years (and sometimes embellished just a little bit, too!) ... but part of OUR job is "correcting history" ... so consider today's lesson "noted".

Happy Summer KK,
Reading the most recent article, I noticed people mentioning oldies tunes in current movies (i.e. Palisades Park), and it got me to thinking that maybe you could invite readers to identify their favorite Oldie used in a movie.
I would nominate Ivory Joe Hunter singing Since I Met You Baby (in Spanish) in the John Sayles movie 'Lone Star', a very good flick and a moving scene.
Sweet Dreams
Charlie Fraser
Easy enough for me to remember the most powerful oldies music I ever heard in a movie ... it TOTALLY blew me away and I had to go out and get the soundtrack album the very next day.  The song in question is "Since I Don't Have You" by The Skyliners and I heard it for the very first time in "American Graffiti" ... and to this day it's STILL one of my all-time favorites.  (Believe it or not, I heard "All Summer Long" by The Beach Boys for the very first time in that very same flick!) 
Hey, I'm all for taking some comments on this one ... not necessarily the best soundtrack ... and not NEW music ... but how about the best use of an oldie in a motion picture.
I'm sure we'll get some votes for "Unchained Melody" from "Ghost" ... that movie certainly rekindled THAT record again ... pushed it right into over-played status!!!  Another personal favorite is "You Never Can Tell" by Chuck Berry in "Pulp Fiction" ... what an unexpected delight THAT was!
OK, enough of mine ... let's hear some of yours! (Thanks, Charlie!)  kk

It's not a summer song, not exactly, but this being the longest day of the year, I was reminded of Maurice Jarre's theme for the 1962 film "The Longest Day."
I don't know if it was ever released as a single, but I know when the film was current I would hear it played on WGN while we were in the car with my dad. It doesn't have the sparkle of "Bridge over the River Kwai" theme, but I still considerable it one of the more memorable warm film themes of that era.
-- Jeff Duntemann
I wasn't really familiar with this one ... but I did find this clip on YouTube ... not sure if it's exactly the one you're referring to, but I think we get the general idea!  (kk)

Hey there Kent ...
Just to let you know, my listener response was so wonderful from our All Time Top Songs of Summer shows, that I am making it a weekend show from now and through the next eight weeks ... taking the top hits from each year, beginning with the Summer of '63.  I will feature a different summer every weekend on my Sunday / Monday Night Sock Hop. It's going to be a great summer of  memories on my Veranda ... hope to see you there!  
Beginning at 7 pm ET (6 pm CT) Sunday night, June 26, 2011. 

Thank you, kk ... you make my summer shows super special ...
Thanks for the support and all the work you do to keep it alive!
Moochas smoochas ...
DJ Scarlett Hayze
Revolution Radio
Wow!  It's been so long, I had forgotten that we even had this stuff up there!  But you're absolutely right ... visit and you will find the VERY Biggest Songs Of Summer for EVERY year, 1955 - 1980 on the website!    (kk)
Kent ...
I'd like you to consider this one for clip of the week.
Frank B.
I've got to give it to you this week, Frank!!! (lol)  kk

Just got through reading Sunday's Comments. Enjoyed them thoroughly as usual. (Wouldn't
that be a good title for a song?). Two comments if I may.
You mentioned towards the end how sometimes you like songs which were remade but to a slower tempo than the original, MIDNIGHT HOUR being the example used.
I am kind of the opposite. I never really cared for Neil Sedaka's 1970's remake of his 1962 hit BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO. But that is just me.
Second thing you mentioned towards the end of you hoping to break 1, 000,000 visitors this year to your website.  I hope you make it and believe that you will. In fact, I just got off the phone talking to my bookie in Las Vegas and he said that the odds of you doing it are  A MILLION TO ONE (again that sounds like a good title for a song).
Have a great week.
I think we'll make it, too ... web action has been EXTREMELY high lately ... good word of mouth ... and interesting articles!
I personally LOVED Neil Sedaka's remake of "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" ... it is just SO far removed from the original ... and the song sounds great BOTH ways to my ears.
But my all-time favorite has got to be Burton Cummings' remake of his former bandmate Randy Bachman's biggest hit, "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet".  Cummings does a GREAT "lounge-lizard" version ... and I just LOVE what he did with the stuttering B's!!!  (lol)  We've featured it a number of times before ... but it's certainly worth another listen today!  (kk)

BS&T - I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know (Again)
Maybe you can get Al Kooper on the horn and tell us all about this recording. I assume it's a (Take #1) demo. If so, it's very good, though the intro sounds like a radio jingle. I attempted to make it sound more like the final hit, since it's a raw recording. Removed a verse to accelerate to the bridge (love the horns!). I enjoy the lyrics! Was the "Again" in the title just a misunderstanding? Runtime: 2:12. Thanks!
"From Al Kooper's biography Backstage Passes and Backstabbing Bastards:
"'I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know (Again)' was a split tribute to Otis Redding and James Brown. (The lyrics were a nod to Otis' song 'I Love You More Than Words Can Say,' and the melody was 'reminiscent' of James Brown's 'It's a Man's World.')
"On December 6 ('67), Otis died in a plane crash and it really f***ed me up. The next night we began recording the album. I insisted we record 'I Love You' first. Nobody objected. We put down a blistering track, and it looked like this was gonna be an easy album to make. We overdubbed Freddie [Lipsius]'s solo and Steve [Katz]'s fills, and then it was time to put a vocal on it."
Kooper goes on to say that the band was so nervous about his vocal skills, that he prepared a practical joke to ease the tension. On the first recording take, he started singing the lyrics in French, having memorized them that way beforehand. Everybody stopped in shock and he innocently smirked "Oh, you wanted me to sing it in English?" Then there was take two ..."
Have to assume that was the actual album recording session, since the demo(?) (below) states Take #1 and it's clearly in English!
Enhanced, edited, snippet ...
Jersey John
Al Kooper has participated with Forgotten Hits many times over the years ... he recently dropped off the mailing list ... but maybe he'll see this posted and still get back to us.  He's a GREAT storyteller ... and his books are VERY entertaining.  (kk)

Hey Kent,
Great to hear from you. Just read your "Weekend Comments". Love the Watusi video!!!!
I just simultaneously released two CD's: "Rhymes and Misdemeanors" and "Right as Rain" - each with 21 songs!!! I sell 'em for $10.00 each but for $25.00 I also send the two previous CD's "One Hit Wanderer" and "Foreverland" ... 74 songs for $25.00. I'll never break even but my fans love them. "What can a poor boy do but play in a Rock & Roll band??????" Getting the word out is hard ... so thanks for helping to spread the news. 
Here's "Right as Rain" - the opening track from that CD ... along with the first song from the 2nd CD - "Rhymes and Misdemeanors", "If You Want To Be In Love Tonight".
Rock on,

Always happy to help spread the word, Henry ... I love the new stuff!  Would love to have you out here to Chicago for a couple of gigs!  (kk)
I'd love to be on a show in Chicago. Thanks for thinking of me. It seems like forever since I played there. Hard to get gigs!  Did the Steve & Johnnie show on WGN a couple of weeks ago- They're big supporters of my music. Great folks!!!!!!

Hey Kent,
Thanks a lot for letting us listen to "Uneasy Rider" by The Charlie Daniels Band. I have the original single, but it's hard to find. My records aren't as organized as they should be. Either way, I loved it.

Funny you should mention ...  
>>>"Uneasy Rider" always had that Johnny Cash story-song feel to it ... (kk)
There were a few places it was real easy to sing ... " ... and cut off a piece of my ear ... "  Even though it was from A Boy Named Sue, it fit right in ...
Go ahead ... try it ... you know you want to ... lol ...

Hey Kent.
Good to see Uneasy Rider show up on Forgotten Hits.
Here's what Charlie Daniels told us about the song:
"I used to do a little bit of record producing. I used to produce a group called the Youngbloods that were headquartered at San Francisco. And we were doing a live album, and we did part of it at the Fillmore East and West, and we did part of what used to be called a Rock festival, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It was one of those big three-day affairs where everybody in the world played. And that day I think it was the Youngbloods and the Grateful Dead and the Jefferson Airplane, and I don't know who else.
And all these people were there at the motel. And they were these long-haired hippie-type people. The movie 'Easy Rider' had not been out very long, and here we were sitting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with all these long-haired people, and I think a lot of them had the impression that if they were to get two blocks away, that somebody was going to run out with a pair of shears and cut their hair and threaten their life. I was born in the South, and to me this attitude was just kind of funny, and that's where the idea came from. I just took a guy and put him in a fictitious situation, and extricated him. But of course there's no truth to it other than just being around people that kind of had a fear of redneck bars."
Be Well,
At 68 years-old Johnny Rivers proved Saturday night at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut that he hasn’t lost any of his rock and roll mojo!  His voice sounded as strong and distinctive as it did in 1964 when he debuted his first top five smash “Memphis.”  
Johnny rarely plays in New England, so for this show it was standing room only and many fans were turned away when the Wolf Den venue was filled to capacity.  This was a free show.  No tickets were sold.  
His band was super tight, and for this one nighter, he supplemented his usual quartet with an incredible blues guitarist from New England, who is a friend of Johnny’s.  I couldn’t make out his name when Johnny introduced him.  
Although what follows is not the complete set list from his 95 minute performance, here are the highlights:  
-- Midnight Special (which later became the theme for NBC-TV late night concert series)
-- Seventh Son (written by Willie Dixon)
-- The Snake (the 1968 Al WIlson hit recorded for Johnny’s label, Soul City Records)
-- Track of My Tears (his 2nd Motown cover)
-- Mountain of Love (# 9 on the Billboard charts in 1964)
-- Summer Rain (penned by Jim Hendricks)
-- House of the Rising Son (an acoustic version of the 1964 Animals classic)
-- Swaying to the Music (Slow Dancing) — This was Johnny’s last Top Ten record.  He said “We don’t do this one very much anymore, but we’re going to do it tonight.”
-- Rockin’ Pneumonia - Boogie Woogie Flu (cover of Huey Smith’s 1957 hit) — After finishing the song Johnny said, “Let’s do it one more time for Wolfman Jack” — and then he did!
-- Poor Side of Town (Johnny’s only # 1 song and the only hit he wrote for himself)
-- Barefooting (Robert Parker’s 1964 hit)
-- Baby, I Need Your Loving (Johnny turned the Motown classic into an audience sing-a-long)
-- Memphis (the Chuck Berry song that introduced the world to Johnny Rivers)
-- Maybelline (he covered it nine years after Chuck Berry’s original)
-- Secret Agent Man (he did an extended version of this tune with some dazzling guitar work)
After the show, hundreds of fans stood in line as Johnny autographed copies of his latest release, “Greatest Hits and More,” which includes four new songs.
Tom Cuddy
New York, NY
Sounds like a GREAT show, Tom ... and here are a few photos, courtesy of Stuart Hersh!  (Thanks, Stuart!!!)  Man, I would LOVE to see Johnny Rivers come to Chicago ... never had a chance to see this guy and it sounds like a GREAT show!!!  (Ron Onesti ... are you listening?!?!?)  kk

all photos courtesy of Stuart Hersh

I'm going to be in concert at THE CENTER FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING in Boca Raton, FL on Saturday, July Ninth.  This will be my first South Florida show of 2011.  And, as so often happens, I've got a slew of new songs to play for you.  I can't wait to get you in my clutches.
Call (561) 368-8248 for tix and information.
More Details here.
Whether you already live here in Florida ... or you may be down here visiting in July, we would LOVE to see you at the show!
Bob Lind

"Magical History Tour" features concert by U.S Beatles tribute band The Fab Four
Liverpool, England:  American Beatles tribute band "The Fab Four" make their triumphant return to Liverpool as part of the city-wide BeatleWeek festivities.
On Monday evening, August 29, the Fab Four will be performing their full show at one of the most prestigious concert venues in all of Merseyside, the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. Known locally as "the Phil," the beautiful theater boasts some of the best acoustics in all of Europe. The concert by the Fab Four there will be the climax of an all-day outdoor live rock & roll extravaganza, the "Mathew Street Festival," which attracts hundreds of thousands of music lovers. The Fab Four's concert at night is expected to sell out, but Liverpool Productions has priority V.I.P. seating for the event as part of their "Magical History Tour" to Liverpool.  
The fully-guided professionally-escorted "Magical History Tour" brings fans from all the U.S., Canada and overseas to such landmarks as Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, the Cavern Club, all the Beatles homes, schools, clubs and all the places fans have only dreamed about someday visiting.  
The tour is presented by Beatles fans for Beatles fans and is open to all ages. Travelers have the option of just seeing the band's Philharmonic concert event, spending a day or two in Liverpool, experiencing the entire "BeatleWeek" in Liverpool or even adding on a few days in London. 
The Fab Four will be performing, but they are not joining the tour at all, as they did in 2004.  
For further info on the Fab Four concert at the Liverpool Philharmonic, or any details on the "Magical History Tour" travel package options, contact: Liverpool Productions, 315 Derby Avenue, Orange CT 06477 USA, email or phone toll-free (866) L-I-V-E-R-P-O-O-L (direct line is 203-795-4737). The website for the tour is

And here are a few more "Wrecking Crew" show dates ...
We will be having TWO Nashville screenings next month.
First at The Belcourt Theatre, 2102 Belcourt Avenue, Nashville, TN, at 7 pm 
Tickets available through:
Q&A with Director Denny Tedesco after the show.
We have also been invited to screen "The Wrecking Crew" on July 23rd to celebrate The Summer NAMM Show.  "The Wrecking Crew" will be screened at The Idea Center and there will be a limited amount of seating.  Come by Booth #837.  Screening will run from 1:30 - 4:00 pm and we will have special guests and more Q&A after the show.
Finally, if you happen to be in the Pittsburgh area, we'll be showing "The Wrecking Crew" at The Duquesne University Power Ballroom on July 24th at 7:30 pm (with a 6:00 pre-show reception).  The Power Ballroom is located at 600 Forbes Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA.

Have you guys signed up for Bob Lefsetz's music newsletter yet?

Last week he had a GREAT letter from Steve Lukather of Toto, letting us all know what the band has been up to lately.  (Now THAT'S a show I'd go see in a heartbeat!!!)  We saw Bobby Kimball a couple of years ago (playing right here in Schaumburg!  With Mickey Thomas no less!!!) and he's still in great voice.  Here's the latest:
I am out with a new / old version of my old band Toto right now.  It is my high school pals and NO record.  We got together to help our brother Mike Porcaro who has ALS, a fucking horrible disease.  We got back together with Me, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Simon Phillips, Nathan East and Joseph Williams (son of John) singing and two great background singers, Jenny Douglas and Mabvuto and we are doing sell out biz.  Two shows in Amsterdam now and off in Europe for a month, Japan and South America thru October ... and people are lovin' it.
We are all healthy and just fucking happy to be here. Oddly young audience and I am havin' the time of my life. Perhaps I appreciate it more now than ever, having a clear head and heart.  I know we won't change the world and the hipsters hate us (although I wonder how many musicians / bands can say collectively we have done like 4-5000 records with almost every superstar in all styles of music over over the last 35+ years)
... however I digress..
I am on line EVERY day connecting ... answering questions, tech stuff, song requests, squelching bullshit rumors and mostly just saying thanks to all who have supported me and my old band. No point in the old band makin' new music. We have like 17 records of album cuts besides the obvious ones people wanna hear and I do MY solo shit for a core audience and I am happy to do it.
So ... have a nice day and it does not suck to be in Amsterdam with my 24 year old son seeing it and experiencing it all for the first time. For me ... fun to watch. Been there, done it all anyway. I go to bed at midnight now. haha
I am out till December and already block booked, doin' all sorts of crazy fun wacky side projects till March next year and beyond. I AM the luckiest cat in showbiz and I know it!
Stay the course oh great truth sayer haha

Tomorrow night we get to see America with Jethro Tull as part of The Drive's 10th Birthday Party Free Concert at The Rosemont Theater!  (Won tickets the old-fashioned way yesterday at one of the live give-away gigs!)  Really looking forward to this show ... ALWAYS a great time.  (We've previously seen Joe Cocker, The Moody Blues, REO Speedwagon, The Cryan' Shames and The Ides Of March at these almost-annual events ... Bob Stroud told me that this is actually the SEVENTH birthday concert event The Drive has staged ... a GREAT way this station continues to give back to its listeners.)  kk

And, on July 30th, Brian Wilson will be making a VERY rare local appearance at The Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, IL ... where he actually used to live some time back!!!  
Complete details are available at the Onesti Entertainment website:

And, let's not leave out The Happy Together Again Tour!!!
Hi Kent.
I don't remember seeing this on the Happy Together tour schedule I read on FH in the past but apparently this is coming to our fair August 3rd. I am very excited to see this just because of all of the references to it I have seen on FH. Three Dog Night will appear on the 2nd of August ... I saw them a few years ago.
Anyway I hope to catch the show.
A number of dates have been added to this year's Happy Together Again Tour ... we'll print the whole list on Monday (the 27th) ... and, every day next week, we will ALSO be saluting all of the artists performing this year in our daily Today's Forgotten Hit feature ... so please check back daily!  (kk)