Friday, June 30, 2023

A Super Quick Friday Flash ... 'Cause I'm Running Out The Door!

All kinds of 4th of July Weekend radio specials going on …

But this one caught our ear ... 


Sirius XM’s 70’s on 7 Channel kicked THEIR holiday weekend off YESTERDAY already!!! (Siriusly … FIVE DAYS EARLY!?!?)


They’re playing down (again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again) The Top 1000 Songs of the ‘70’s, as voted on by their listeners.


As is usually the case with countdowns such as these, you’ll find the most interesting tracks in the BOTTOM six or seven hundred before all of the obvious choices kick in.


But I’ll tell you what …

I listened for a little while on the way into work yesterday … and they were only in the 960’s … and some of these “favorites” were mind boggling!  “Stick Up” by Honey Cone???  “Jungle Fever” by Chakachas?!?!?  That song is actually somebody’s FAVORITE?!?!  (Although I have to it admit that it WAS cool to hear it … because it’s not one that typically gets played a lot … and, to top it off, they played the LONG version!!! [I didn’t even know there WAS a long version!]  LOTS more moaning … or perhaps more fittingly, bang for your buck!)  kk



I enjoyed your blurb in today's FH about Wheel Of Fortune.

As a former contestant (I was on in January, 2020), I experienced first-hand how Pat Sajak uses his wit and humor to help myself and fellow contestants relax when the cameras are on.

Believe me - it's a much different situation when you're trying to figure out puzzles and you know millions of people are at home yelling at you from their living rooms. Anybody can tell contestants how many Rs are in a puzzle and what the wheel landed on ... I'm hoping Ryan Seacrest is able to make the same connection with the contestants like Pat can. 

Back in the 80s, Wheel used to have a daytime version, which Pat also hosted. After he left, a couple hosts filled his role until that version was cancelled in 1991. As much as I'm skeptical about Ryan taking over, I wish him success for the future of the show. 

Colin Donahue

VERY cool!

I have always considered myself a pretty good player … at home, of course, without the pressure and the lights … and I will admit to yelling at contestants during nearly every episode I’ve ever watched!  (lol)

But what everybody reading this wants to know is … how’d you do???  Did you win any money???

And how’d you manage to get on???  (kk)


Mark Volman Event Alert 

At: BOOK SOUP – 8818 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069

On 07/18/2023 – 7:00 pm – Mr. Volman is scheduled to autograph copies of his new book!


Sunday marks the 70th Anniversary of ...

-- Tim K.

>>>89 year old Frankie Valli got married last week!  (kk)

And the Guy's Ten or So Years Older Than Us!

"My Eyes Adored You," "Sherry!"  "I Can't Take My Eyes Off You!"  You know Who Loves You!"  "Can You Come Out Tonight?!" 


You're no "Rag Doll!"  You're my "Candy Girl!"  And you make me "Walk Like A Man!"  "Let's Hang On to What We've Got!"


You can choose wherever we go on our Honeymoon because I'm sure it'll be "Oh, What a Night!"


89 year old Frankie Valli got married last week to 60-year old ( you want to do the math or me?! ) Former Actress and afterwards the Senior Director of Marketing at CBS!


We all should have a photographer who can make us all so good at those ages!


Postings over the next several days may be scarce ...

So all of you please enjoy a fun (but safe!) 4th of July Weekend!  (kk)

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Thursday This And That

89 year old Frankie Valli got married last week!

Tom Cuddy sent us this article from People Magazine …

Sounds his eyes first adored her some sixteen years ago (and they’ve been together for the past eight)


Photo:  Cashman Photography


Also there will be Sirius' Michael des Barres, who interviewed Dolenz earlier this year for Little Steven's Underground Garage.
And, the "fifth"-Monkee Bill Chadwick will also be at the event.

I am cleaning, exercising and listening to Lou Simon on Sirius. He just got a phone call for a request. They want a Skeeter Davis song. When he asked which song, the answer was "End of the World!"  Lou Simon then said, "THAT'S MY FAVORITE SONG OF ALL TIME!"




Well, it’s one of MY favorites, too … and I know you won’t want to hear this but I definitely prefer the Skeeter Davis version to Herman’s Hermits’ …

I dated a girl in High School whose all-time favorite song was “End Of The World” by Herman’s Hermits … in fact, it was the only version she knew.  She was shocked to hear that someone else had recorded it.

Herman’s Hermits “bubbled under” with their version (as the B-Side to their #1 Hit “I’m Henry The VIII, I Am” in 1965.)  It reached #113 in Cash Box during its two week run and spent a week at #141 in Record World.  It failed to chart in Billboard at all.

But I also happen to know that it’s one of Peter Noone’s favorite records as well.


Years ago he told me:

FH:  In concert you most often cite THE END OF THE WORLD as your favorite HERMAN’S HERMITS recording.  What are some of your other favorites?

PN:  I'm Into Something Good, for its pure pop honesty ... and No Milk Today, which is the PERFECT Herman record.

Another one of PETER NOONE's personal favorites is the HERMAN'S HERMITS recording of THE END OF THE WORLD, the old SKEETER DAVIS song.  It was released here in The States as the B-SIDE to their chart-topping hit, I'M HENRY THE VIII, I AM back in 1965 ... and it seems to remain both a fan favorite as well as a PETER NOONE favorite.  (DIDJAKNOW?:  Despite being one of their biggest U.S. hits ever, I'M HENRY THE VIII, I AM was NEVER released as a single back in England!!!) 

PETER NOONE:  Let me give you a little background on Herman's Hermits’ recording of The End of the World –

Early days in The Heartbeats, Keith Hopwood and I (he was a telephone engineer and I was still at school) listened to the Skeeter Davis version and learned the chords and some of the words and added it to our repertoire.  We also learned I'll Never Dance Again (a Bobby Rydell B-Side, I think) and many other songs that no other local bands played.  I believe that I'll Never Dance Again and The End of the World were actually discovered by the original singer of The Heartbeats (Malcolm something) and I would like to commend him for his excellent taste in music and also for not showing up that fateful night when I replaced him forever. 

I doubt if much of Herman’s Hermits’ version resembles the Skeeter Davis version because after a song gets played live a lot it usually becomes a hybrid, which is why some oldies acts completely miss the plot and forget to listen to the original recordings.  I wonder why it ended up as a B-Side anyway.  We usually used one of The Hermits’ written songs for the B-Sides.  The B-Sides were always left to The Hermits and we did what we could and I am proud of all of them except Truck Stop Mamma and I walked out of that session because Herman cannot sing about a Truck Stop Mama.

You can read our interview with Peter Noone here:

Hi, Kent!
First off, Sunday's second public showing of the Dick Biondi Film was very good!  Had about 150 people, and some great music provided by Joe Cantafio and others.  The next public showing will be in July, in Southern Michigan.
While reading your entries regarding "Here Comes Summer," I'd like to toss in an opinion: it's a nice tune, and Jerry Keller's version deserved the sales and attention it received.  However, I'll stick my two cents in and say that I think the Dave Clark Five's
version, which, I'm pretty sure was a B side, was much better.  I think it's smoother and has a nicer feel to it.  Just my opinion.
Lastly, on the subject of "High School USA," I figured I'd toss that 1958 Chuck Berry EP cover photo of Von Steuben High School your way. I believe it was taken by Leonard Chess' wife.  I used to sit on that concrete stoop every morning.
Mike Wolstein

Actually, The Dave Clark Five's version of “Here Comes Summer” was released as the A-Side of the single in both the UK and here in The States, where it “bubbled under” at #135 in Cash Box only.  (It made it up to #44 in Great Britain.)


In talking about RUB IT IN, remember singer Layng Martine's version of about a year later in 1971? With all this "rubbing it in", it reminds me of the calamine lotion the Coasters used in POISON IVY.


I have never heard Layng Martine’s version … but see that it charted at #49 in Record World in the Fall of ’71.  (It only reached #65 in Billboard … yet another of those really weird chart anomalies.) 

Layng’s version came first … in fact, he’s the guy who wrote it.  (Craddock didn’t have his run up the charts until 1974.)

Much like “Here Comes Summer” described above, The Dave Clark Five also recorded this song, although it never charted on either side of the pond.  (Actually, this came out as Dave Clark and Friends, which included Dave along with DC5 vocalist Mike Smith … but this sure doesn’t sound like Mike singing lead on this one.)

Although the DC5 certainly proved they could write some pretty phenomenal hits of their own, they also had to be one of the top remake bands of the ‘60’s … and, quite possibly, of all time.

Their versions of “Do You Love Me,” “I Like It Like That,” “Reelin’ And Rockin’,” “You Got What It Takes,” “You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby” and “Over And Over” (their only official US #1 Record) often out performed the original versions of these tunes!  They remain one of my all-time favorite bands to this day.

And I like your idea about “Poison Ivy” … what a great two-fer that would make!

(Don’t believe me?  Well, spin ‘em for yourself below!)  kk



>>>I just read last week that Vanna White gets paid $3 million a year to turn letters on the Wheel Of Fortune … while host Pat Sajak will be walking away from a job that pays about five times that!!!  (kk)


Do you know how much Ryan Seacrest will make to host "Wheel of Fortune?"  

Just asking . . .

Rumours,  Rumours  , Rumours ~~~

Seacrest also makes $15 Million Dollars to host "American Idol."  And if "Wheel" were to have given Sajak a raise for another season had he not decided to leave, then 15 Mill would be a Good Deal!

Just saying . . . 



It’s just insane … I mean, c’mon … it’s fucking HANGMAN!!!  Seriously, I was playing that in third grade!!!  (Kudos to Merv Griffin for not underestimating its mass appeal … the show’s been around for over forty years now.)

I think I’ve just overdosed on Ryan Seacrest over the past decade or so … in fact, I hold him personally responsible for today’s unemployment rate … how many jobs does this guy need, for God’s sake!!!

Not that we watch it that much anyway (“Wheel of Fortune” airs here in Chicago at 6:30 pm and I am rarely home from work that early) – but the very fact that Ryan Seacrest will be hosting it a year from now (quite possibly without Vanna) makes me think I won’t be tuning in at all anymore.  (Vanna has a year left to go on her contract … meaning she’ll be out of time just as Pat Sajak retires.  Will they use that as an excuse to completely revamp the show???)

Now THAT might be interesting …

How cool would it be to see Ryan Seacrest hosting …

And Brian Dunkleman turning the letters?!?!  (kk)


UPDATE:  Since we're talking rumors here, rumor has it that Seacrest will pocket $28 Million a year for taking over the Wheel Of Fortune hosting duties … or about TWICE as much as Pat Sajak was being paid.  Yeah, Vanna … you need to go in there and demand a raise!!!  (kk)


In what reportedly may have been Elton John’s final British appearance at Glastonbury last weekend, he pulled out all the stops.


Just check out this set list!!!


Pinball Wizard  (the first time he has performed this song live since 2009)
The Bitch Is Back
Bennie and the Jets
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues
Philadelphia Freedom
Are You Ready for Love
Sad Songs (Say So Much)
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Until I Found You (Stephen Sanchez cover, performed with Stephen Sanchez)
Your Song
Candle in the Wind
Tiny Dancer (with Brandon Flowers)
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (with Rina Sawayama)
Crocodile Rock
Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting
I’m Still Standing
Cold Heart
Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me
Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going to Be a Long, Long Time)


Man … would THAT have been the show to see!!!  (kk)


The Rolling Stones' Forty Licks, the album that gathered together fully three dozen of the most enduring and anthemic songs from the group's peerless career and added four then-new tracks to their incredible story, is to be released digitally for the first time on July 26. Two days later, it will be available, again for the first time, in a lavish, limited edition four-disc, 180-gram black vinyl version, housed in a wide spined gatefold sleeve. At the same time, Stones fans will also have an opportunity to stream new Dolby Atmos versions of the album’s 40 tracks.


Pre-order now

Forty Licks was initially released in September 2002 to celebrate the Stones' 40th anniversary and to mark the beginning of their massive Licks tour. This global spectacle, mounted on the breathtaking scale that only the Stones could muster, crossed the globe over the next 14 months, playing 117 shows and became the second highest-grossing tour in history up to that time.


The collection, which times out at over two and half hours, includes no fewer than 20 (US) Top 10 singles of which 13 broke into the Top 5 and 7 going all the way to #1 including “Satisfaction,” “Miss You,” “Brown Sugar,” “Paint It, Black,” “Honky Tonk Women,” “Get Off Of My Cloud” and “Angie.” UK chart stats for Forty Licks tracks are quite similar with 20 Top 10 singles, 16 Top 5 singles and 7 #1s. The list of UK chart toppers includes “The Last Time,” “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and “It’s All Over Now” as well as “Satisfaction,” “Get Off My Cloud,” “Paint It, Black” and “Honky Tonk Women.”


Following its initial release, Licks would sell seven million copies around the world, and has since come to be seen as the definitive anthology of the band's recording career. It was, uniquely, the first collection to bring together landmark recordings from all points in their unrivalled songbook, from their early days via Decca UK and London US (ABKCO Records) through to the establishment of their own Rolling Stones Records. 


With the release of Forty Licks, longtime Stones fans and newcomers alike can enjoy a retrospective featuring the 1960s hits that made the band icons of successive generations.   


Full track listing below


Record One: 

1.   Street Fighting Man

2.   Gimme Shelter

3.   (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

4.   The Last Time

5.   Jumpin' Jack Flash

6.   You Can't Always Get What You Want

7.   19th Nervous Breakdown

8.   Under My Thumb

9.   Not Fade Away

10.  Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?


Record Two: 

1.   Sympathy For The Devil

2.   Mother's Little Helper

3.   She's A Rainbow

4.   Get Off Of My Cloud

5.   Wild Horses

6.   Ruby Tuesday

7.   Paint It, Black

8.   Honky Tonk Women

9.   It's All Over Now

10. Let's Spend The Night Together


Record Three: 

1.   Start Me Up

2.   Brown Sugar

3.   Miss You

4.   Beast Of Burden

5.   Don't Stop

6.   Happy

7.   Angie

8.   You Got Me Rocking

9.   Shattered

10.  Fool To Cry


Record Four: 

1.   Love Is Strong

2.   Mixed Emotions

3.   Key To Your Love

4.   Anybody Seen My Baby?

5.   Stealing My Heart

6.   Tumbling Dice

7.   Undercover Of The Night

8.   Emotional Rescue

9.   It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It)

10. Losin' My Touch

Hi there, Kent,

Frank B has just totally blown my mind.  Never in a million years would I have expected to find a video on YouTube with the RNB group the Five Sharps singing Stormy Weather live on a Boston TV show.

There are quite a few copies of the record on YouTube and, although the original Jubilee label, #5104, is extremely rare, the record has been bootlegged numerous

times.  Apparently, there was a fire at the Jubilee record plant, and all of the 45 RPM versions of that record were destroyed, so all that were left were 78s, and all of them were cracked.  But to actually see a video of the Five Sharps singing live was just totally amazing.  Little Walter is gone now, but he had a tremendous love and enthusiasm for early RNB music.  In fact, he always loved playing his original 45s, rather than his clean sounding CD versions of those old songs. "Old and scratchy,

that's how I love 'em" he used to say.  Anyway, thanks Frank B, for making me aware of this incredible vid from 1980.

I wonder if anyone will ever come up with any vids of Charlie and Ray. They were an openly gay RNB duo when normally that wasn't ever advertised, not back in the fifties, but they rocked hard and were often presented on Alan Freed's rock and roll shows in 1954 and '55. 

Anyway, Kent, it's amazing that even this type of information that would interest very few fans of oldies is sometimes available on your website, which is truly amazing. 

Keep up the great work!

Sam Ward

When it comes to doowop gems, Frank B is the man … so glad this recently discovery found a spot in your heart.  (kk)

Rumors of Little Peggy March’s death have been circulating for about a week now … but I’ve yet to find anything confirmed online.  Peggy is due to appear at The Arcada Theatre with Brian Hyland on August 19th … so hopefully she is alive and well and ready to perform!  (kk)

Harvey Kubernik talks to both Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman about what it was like working with Frank Zappa …

Howard Kaylan once told me that he was fortunate to have met two geniuses in his lifetime … John Lennon and Frank Zappa.  (That’s high praise indeed!)  kk

We’ve been hearing for nearly a year now that AM Radios are going to be eliminated in cars …

But now comes word that ALL radios may be eliminated!!!  (You already can’t get a cd player!!!  And now this?!?!)

Not sure I understand the logic here … especially since nearly every car manufacturer gives you 3-6 months of Sirius XM for free to try and get you hooked on subscribing to their service!

I don’t believe consumers will go for this (unless everything is now going to be geared around wireless streaming thru your cell phone … which, quite honestly, I do a fair amount of when I want to listen to Rewound Radio in the car for long drives!)

Only time will tell.  (kk)

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Tuesday This And That

This year’s Kennedy Centers Honorees include Barry Gibb and Dionne Warwick.

The ceremony will take place on Sunday, December 3rd, and be televised on CBS.  (Other honorees include comedian Billy Crystal, hip-hop queen Queen Latifah and opera star Renee Fleming.)  Gloria Estefan (recently honored by her induction into The Songwriters Hall Of Fame) will act as host of the televised event.  (kk)

A document officially dissolving the partnership of The Beatles (signed by all four members five years after they had already split) is going up for auction and is expected to sell for right around $500M.  (As I type this, only one bid has been entered … and that one’s for $100,000.)

You can place YOUR bid here:

(Who knows … you might get it for a steal at $350,000 if you act quickly!!!)

Or, you can just look at it here … for free!  (kk)

Harvey Kubernik tells us about a brand new 7-CD Box Set featuring Stax Records demos … 146 tracks in all, 140 of which have never been previously released.

Along with Motown and Atlantic Records, Stax posted some pretty impressive stats during its 1960’s and 1970’s run … 167 tracks that made Billboard’s Hot 100 Pop Chart along with 243 tracks that made their Top 100 R&B Singles Chart.  (kk)

kk …

This Past Weekend Cousin Brucie Talked To Paul Anka.

Paul Just Got Back From A European & Asian Tour ... Will Be In New York In November.

Paul Starts His Podcast In About 1 Month.

He Also Has A Documentary In The Works … Should Be Ready About 9 Months From Now.

And, They Are Developing A Broadway Play Based On Paul Anka's Career.

All In All, I'd Say That Paul Anka Is A Busy Fellow. No Signs Of Slowing Down.


P.S.  At 8:30 AM On 6/24/23 I Was One Of First 3 People Watching The Debut Of A Brand New Five Sharps Video.  Check Out "STORMY WEATHER" By Five Sharps. Rare Recording & Interesting Story. They Were Singing On Boston Morning Show. Little Walter Tells The Story Before They Sing The Song.

Paul Anka has been performing here every year for the last several years now at The Arcada Theatre … and has shows coming up at both The Arcada and The Des Plaines Theatre in November.  These are always very elaborate, Vegas-type shows, performed with a small orchestra … and they always sell out.  Anka is pure class on stage … and this year’s theme is called The Seven Decades Tour, meaning Paul will be performing music from every era of his career.

Between 1957 and 1982, Paul Anka hit The Top 40 a staggering 35 times … and I have long been a fan of his music.  (We saw him at one of the Arcada shows a few years back and he was outstanding.)  kk

It seems our conversations are being overseen by higher powers???

Paul Anka is coming to Mohegan on November 4th ... so let's see what songs he chooses to sing and whether I can confirm your statement about 'It Doesn't Matter Anymore.' 

Whom shall we talk about next? 


I’m sure this will be a very expensive ticket -

But it truly is like Las Vegas landed on their stage …

A show definitely worth seeing at least once.

(Sadly, despite our seemingly inspiration powers, it’s still too late to get The Beatles, The Beach Boys or The Monkees back together - but boy what shows those would be!)  kk

The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Monkees? I tear up thinking about it.

I saw The Beatles at their second Shea Stadium concert. Never saw ALL Beach Boys nor Monkees. Various incarnations of both. 

Just looked at prices. Ticket prices not bad, but when you go to check out, the added fees double the price.


Anka tickets at the Arcada are $119 (plus fees) – which really isn’t bad – there are also special VIP packages available.  (This is money well spent for an incredible show)

I’ve told the story many times before about having the chance to see The Beatles perform at old Comiskey Park (White Sox Park) in 1965 … but cousins had an extra ticket and invited me to come along … but my dad nixed the idea because it would required him to make an hour and a half round trip to come pick me up the next day … so I missed my one and only chance to see them.

Have seen McCartney close to a dozen times, Harrison twice and Ringo at least three or four times … but never John … and of course all of these were solo shows.

Never saw ALL of The Beach Boys together either … although I’ve seen some version of them at least another 12-15 times.  And same for me with The Monkees … seen each of them solo … seen all different kinds of pair-up versions, but never all four together.  (By the time Mike thought it might be cool to tour as a Monkee again, Davy was already gone.)

Thankfully, we have the music and the videos and the memories to keep their memory alive. 


kk …

If I'm Reading It Right, Starting In 2024, You Must Use A Certain Percentage Of Minorities To Be Considered For Academy Award. 

So, If You Were Going To Make A "GODFATHER" Or "HOLOCAUST" Type Movie, Which Doesn't Call For Minorities, You Would Be Forced To Use Them If You Want To Win Academy Award.

How Would That Work?


You know, that’s a very good question … and one I don’t have an answer for.  We seem to be so hell-bent on overcompensating these days, that all rhyme and reason has been thrown out of the mix … as has America’s sense of humor.  It’s a shame, in a way … not that all of these groups don’t deserve fair and equal representation moving forward … but trying to undo any past injustices … or holding people accountable for something they may have said 15 – 25 – 40 or even 60 years ago – hardly seems fair either.  What’s done is done. 

And moving forward, if someone DID want to make a new film documenting historical events, it would be a real shame to put for the expense and the effort to tell a TRUE tale without having to alter it by being swayed at the enticement for a reward for all your efforts.  The world truly has lost its sense of balance.  (But then again I just read last week that Vanna White gets paid $3 million a year to turn letters on the Wheel Of Fortune gameboard … while host Pat Sajak will be walking away from a job that pays about five times that!!!)  No wonder things are as fucked up as they are today!!!  (kk)

This week’s Forgotten Hit award goes to Sirius XM’s “70’s on 7” channel.

Now all of their decade channels (60’s, 70’s and 80’s) regularly run weekly countdowns of the biggest hits “this week in 19xx-something,” so it’s not surprising to hear a forgotten gem every now and then during one of these broadcasts.  (By the same token, invariably you’ll also hear a few head-scratchers … like “How on earth did THAT song make The Top 40?!?!?”)

But when you hear a “Wow” song during regular broadcasting hours, it’s a real treat … and last week 70’s on 7 played “Rub It In” by Billy “Crash” Craddock, a Top 20 Hit from 1974 that otherwise seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

Billy was an early rock and roll, charting with his first hit in 1959 when “Don’t Destroy Me” went to #77 in Cash Box (#94 in Billboard for one week)  Like Conway Twitty (and eventually Billy Joe Royal), he went on to launch a very successful country music career, charting 41 times on Billboard’s Country Singles Cart.  34 of those made The Top 40 … and THREE of them (including this one) went all the way to #1.

“Rub It In” is one of those feel-good, party tunes (with just enough innuendo to perk up your ears and listen.)  When’s the last time you heard THIS one???  (kk)