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>>>so maybe we’re tooting our own horn a little bit today … but this is GOOD stuff … and you’re not gonna wanna miss a thing!  (kk)
You have every right to toot your own horn. Your readers are convinced there are three of you working on all of this stuff. 
Gerry Marsden's "How Do You Do It" comes to mind.
Thank you, Kent! 
David Lewis
Nope … it’s just little ol’ me … but with the comments, observations and supports of thousands of readers chipping in from time to time!  (Where would WE be without YOU???)  kk

"The Ten Cheesiest One Hit Wonders of the Sixties?"   
While I have no idea what exactly was "cheesy" about hits like "Nobody But Me" and "Spirit In The Sky," I should mention that nearly all of the acts profiled were not true One Hit Wonders (like, say, The Elegants and The Monotones were.)  They may have cut one hit which soared above their others, but most of those acts actually did chart singles other than the one spotlit. 
The Archies, for example, aside from "Sugar Sugar," scored with both "Bang Shang a Lang" (which reached #22) and "Jingle Jangle" (which peaked at #10).  And while some of the song "facts" cited in that compilation's narration are incorrect, on balance the video remains fun and entertaining. Gary Theroux
"The History of Rock 'n' Roll"
I have to admit that I didn’t’ make it thru the whole eleven minute presentation … but if The Archies are on there at all, it’s already about as wrong as it can be.
The term “One Hit Wonder” has evolved over the years …
Your examples of The Elegants and The Monotones are the toughest kind of One Hit Wonders around … exactly ONE hit to make Billboard’s Hot 100.
Seems like the rules got relaxed a bit along the way to include artists that only had one Top 40 Hit … which I can live with because let’s face it, those are the kinds of hits most of us are going to recognize.
But even that’s a bit of a misnomer …
I remember an early interview I did with Beverly Bremers, who TECHNICALLY isn’t a One Hit Wonder because her follow-up single “We’re Free” peaked AT #40.
Well, that’s a bit of a stretch.
I don’t know that there’s a single Forgotten Hits Reader out there who could sing a line from that one!
What about Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” (since we’re in the B’s!)  “Take Five” hit #25 in Billboard in 1961 … and two follow-up singles peaked at #74 and #69 … but would ANYONE out there know either of them?
Steam’s “Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye” is another prime example … a #1 Hit that EVERYBODY knows … but who can name ANY other single they ever released?  Still, “I’ve Gotta Make You Love Me” reached #46 just a few months later.  When’s the last time you heard THAT one on the radio?!?!
I guess I’ll have to listen to the rest of that YouTube clip.  (Was “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haa!” on there?  It should have been!  But then I guess TECHNICALLY S/Sgt. Barry Sadler’s “Ballad Of The Green Beret” isn’t really a One Hit Wonder either … because his follow-up single, “The A Team,” actually reached #28!  (Now THAT one I know!  But that’s because we used to have that 45 at home when I was growing up.)
I don’t know that you can come up with a STRICT criteria … because to me, songs like Bremers’ “We’re Free” and Sadler’s “The A Team” should be included under any circumstances … because NOBODY knows or remembers them.  (kk)

Why is Elvis on the cover with Nancy Sinatra and Bobby "Boris" Pickett?
NO clue … I have absolutely NO idea!  Nancy and Elvis don’t belong on ANY One Hit Wonder list! (kk)

To further drive home the point, if I was going to list the CHEESIEST One Hit Wonders of the ‘60s, I would have to think that most of these would be novelty hits … like the aforementioned “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haa!”
How about “Mr. Custer” … or “Mother-In-Law” … or “Alley Oop” … what about “Groovy Grubworm” or “Harper Valley PTA” or the Senator Bobby version of “Wild Thing?”
The thing about One Hit Wonders is that quite often these aren’t even “real” artists ... which is to say that they are studio creations designed to cash in on a new fas or a sure-fire hit that the record company wants to rush out right away … so they hire a bunch of studio musicians and session singers to get the record pressed as quickly as possible.  Some of the cheesiest of these would have to be these novelty tracks.  (Something like “Spirit In The Sky” is a timeless rock classic … nothing at ALL cheesy about that one!)
I guess I’ll have to listen to the whole thing … although I can’t say that I’ve mustered up much enthusiasm to do so after reading all of this dreck!  (lol)  kk

Hi Kent,
Another goodin' ...
I really thought we were to be a one hit wonders, but to our amazement, the puppy records sprouted long legs ... and I'm forever grateful.  It's been quite a ride.
Stay well, my friend.
Barry Winslow
The Royal Guardsmen

>>>Could you please, if you have it, send me any top 100 songs of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, sort of like a decade countdown.  I am trying to come up with creative ideas of things to do now.  Here is an example … do you have anything list like this for the 60’s 70;s and 80’s?  Thanks for your time.  (Eddie Spencer)
>>>I don't have anything prepared like this although there are any number of such lists floating around.  It's tough because they're all based on various point systems ... It also depends on which chart(s) they may be referencing.  That being said, Randy Price is one of the best chart statisticians out there and he has contributed numerous charts like this to Forgotten Hits in the past.  I would suggest you go back to wherever you happened to find this Top 100 Hit of the '80's and seek out his lists for the '60's and '70's as well.  (In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Randy sees this and sends us a couple of links for you to check out!  So stay tuned … and keep reading!)  kk

Well, as it turns out, he DID see this item posted … and sent this along for all you chart fiends out there.  (Not exactly a complete decade recap … but rather a year-by-year account of the Biggest Hits of the ‘70’s.  (kk)

In addition to the '80s Top 100 included in that email, the only other similar lists I currently have available are from the '70s and are included on this website:
– Randy

Please check out the Ides of March on Ravinia TV:  
It premiered on Friday night but can be seen anytime. (Also on YouTube:
Four songs and a short interview. Good camera work and sound by Frank Pappalardo and Larry Millas. Thanks to our old pal Dennis Polkow for plugging us in ... and everyone at Ravinia. Looks like the Ides will be back there in 2021.

And, speaking of great Chicago horn bands, here’s more info on a brand new Mob special coming up on Mike Baker’s Forgotten 45’s program … 

Hi Kent,
This is another teaser for the Forgotten Hits blog.  
The upcoming special broadcast and celebration of the first group from the Windy City to incorporate a full horn section (the Chicago horn rock sound) is:
The date of the fall broadcast will be Monday, October 12, 2020
More info will be posted on the Forgotten Hits blog in September.  Kent has inspired one part of the hour special.  When you read the Forgotten Hits blog in September, you’ll find out the name of the host, who is currently the WGN Radio Executive Producer, fun facts and more.
Here is the WCFL music survey with album’s ad on the back side.
(The lower portion has been modified)

Mike Baker And The Forgotten 45s

More on the local side from Ken Voss …

September birthdays for Chicago musicians:
Sept.   4     Kim Thayill (Soundgarden) - originally attended Rich East H.S. in Park Forest
Sept. 11     Tommy Shaw  (Styx)
Sept. 11     Dennis Tufano  (The Buckinghams)
Sept. 13     Peter Cetera  (Chicago)
Sept. 16     Richard Marx
Sept. 20     Chuck & John Panazzo  (Styx)
Sept. 28     Koko Taylor
I'm sure there are others.

One more local tidbit … from FH Reader Tom Cuddy …

Dennis DeYoung on The Story of Styx 70s Hit Lady | Revelations | Professor of Rock

And then this from Ray Graffia, Jr., of The New Colony Six ...

>>>Pepe Cardona and I had different flights that arrived at roughly the same time for a show where each of us represented our bands and wound up killing most downtime together over the couple days of the concert down in Jackson, TN.  Dennis Tufano was there as well and photobombed us as you can see.  KOOL 103.1 FM brought us in and the show was at the Carl Perkins Theater in Jackson.  Great fun; great loss; great guy; non-stop entertainer and lived up to the band’s name when still among us.  Pepe was truly “ALIVE” in 2018 and his performance there surely was “N KICKIN.”  (Ray Graffia, Jr.) 
>>>VERY cool!!!  Was this a solo show for you?  A concert featuring the music of Alive ‘n’ Kicking, The New Colony Six and The Buckinghams is a show well worth seeing.  (KOOL 103.1 FM needs to know about Forgotten Hits … sounds like we’d be right up their alley!)  Glad you had the chance to interact and spend some time with Pepe before his recent passing.  From everything I’ve heard, he was a great guy.  I know Tommy James was quite fond of him as well.  (Wish I could have seen the show!) kk
Guess I never told you this story, eh, Kent? 
Well, I got a voicemail message on the home phone prior to disconnecting it due to zero valid calls but literally dozens of robocalls every week.  It was an out-of-state area code and did talk about my time in music “in the day” so I gambled and returned the call.  It was Gerry Hunt, who talked about his series of concerts for KOOL-FM 103.1 over many years and wondered if I was willing to fly in and represent NC6.  I had zippo on the calendar for that particular weekend and over the course of a few additional calls, but ONLY AFTER reminding him repeatedly that while I was a Colony founder, I was not the lead vocal voice on the major ballads, I decided to take a shot and did!  He assured me that he knew I was not “that” voice and did not want Ronnie – goodness knows why not – so I then pursued logistics, asked him what he wanted as a set list and who would provide backing vocals and, of course, all the music.  Longer story shorter, he explained that he always gathered “cream of the crop” musicians and backing vocalists from Memphis and Nashville and hired them also to supplement Dennis’s and Pepe’s and Johnny Tillotson’s (How cool was that to meet him?  Awesome!) and several others whose names escape me right now … and my vocals. 
I accepted and wound up spending literally hours talking with folks who apparently drive in and spend those show weekends at the hotel where Mr. Hunt housed all of us.  This was, as I recall, his 36th of these concerts, and at least this one (all of them???) was held at the beautiful Carl Perkins Civic Center concert venue. 
He took us all out for an amazing barbecue dinner the night before the show and was really the nicest guy so while I had apprehensions and was pretty uncomfortable without the rest of the Colony, I guess it came off reasonably well though I did find myself struggling to remember to sing lead melodies and not my harmonies!  Not something I would have ever thought to do, never would have proactively pursued and almost surely wouldn’t do again, but it was a fun time and having Dennis there and meeting the folks I did and being able to assist Pepe who, I thought, was recovering from some minor surgery, helped me get through it.  Much more comfy as part of a group than being out there “solo”!  
Be blessed, safe, healthy and happy, kk.     
Wish I could have seen that! 
Please pass my info along to Gerry Hunt … we have a LOT of readers down in Tennessee … Frannie and I took a trip to Nashville a year or two ago and loved it down there!  I think KOOL 103.1 and Forgotten Hits might make for the perfect fit!  Thanks, Ray!  (kk)

And Frank B sent us this list of upcoming shows … some GREAT line-ups here … mostly east coast venues but still some great artists definitely worth seeing.  (You'll find ANOTHER Chicagoland '60's Hero on the list ... our old buddy Dennis Tufano, original lead singer of The Buckinghams!)
I just wonder how many of these will actually come off.  Here in Chicago, everything is still being postponed and rescheduled.  (kk)

Looks like your buddy Dennis Tufano is on most of these shows.
I just heard from Dennis the other day … sounds like he’s still laying low, waiting for it to be safe to resume anything even remotely resembling “normal life” again.  
It looks like New Jersey is back promoting shows. 
I also saw a few park show ad's.
New York is doing drive-in type shows and virtual shows.
I got an email from City Winery this week announcing that they’re doing some patio shows … and, for the first time since Covid hit, a few indoor shows … but limited to an audience of just fifty people.
Not quite sure how that’s going to fly …
We had tickets to a couple of City Winery shows that were cancelled … both complete or near sell-outs …
How are they going to decide WHICH fifty people get to go???
Or is part of the new booking process going to require an entire week of shows … almost a residency if you will? (kk)

He also sent us this VERY cool photo of Elvis with Lou Costello and Jane Russell, circa 1957 … very, very nice.  (kk)

June 28, 1957 - Elvis Presley appeared at Russwood Park but didn't sing.  It was to raise money for St. Jude's Hospital. In the photo, Elvis is surrounded by comic Lou Costello and actress Jane Russell. (Photo: Barney Sellers / The Commercial Appeal)

Wait a second ...

Elvis ... Costello ...

Did we just tap into something here?!?!?  (kk) 

Just wanted to clear up a comment that was made about cousin Brucie being ‘dropped’ from Sirius radio - ain’t so- his contract was up for renegotiation and HE made the decision to leave –
Carol Ross
Thanks, Carol … not the way I heard it … so thanks for clearing that up.  (kk)

Here’s a well done piece on The Beatles’ 1964 US Hit “Ain’t She Sweet,” a track culled from their 1961 sessions in Germany and released to cash in on the Beatlemania epidemic that was sweeping our country at the time …
I have always ranked this as one of John Lennon’s Top Three Rock And Roll Vocals … and it’s amazing to think that The Beatles sounded this good this early on … especially for their first time in the recording studio.  (The “My Bonnie” single recorded with Tony Sheridan would also spring from these sessions.  It charted here in The States, too, once people learned that The Beatles were “the backing band.”  Of course it didn’t look that way on the picture sleeve!  Lol)   kk

By the way, as to my other Top Three John Lennon Rock And Roll Vocals?
Well, I think he absolutely kills it on this one, about as unlikely selection as you’d think the band could come up with to take advantage of for this golden opportunity … they also cut the Lennon – Harrison instrumental composition “Cry For A Shadow” at these sessions … I also like “Twist And Shout” (#1 for sure) and “Rock And Roll Music” (a very close second)  “This Boy” would also make my John Lennon Top Five Vocals list.  (kk)

And, speaking of John Lennon …

Lots of talk this week about the brand new John Lennon commemorative box set that’ll be coming out on what would have been his 80th birthday, October 9th. 
Released in various configurations, you can find a more detailed breakdown of its contents here:

This week marked the 50th Anniversary of Elton John’s first US appearance at The Troubadour in LA.
Harvey Kubernik tells you more here:

I'm catching up and while reading the 7/22/20 edition, Clark Besch wrote:
"They played ads from AT40 on Ron's show, but at the end of the first AT40
year, the MGM label actually advertised their new releases on the show."
Problem is that AT40 didn't include advertising.  The last Casey Kasem AT40
I have in my collection is from 12/13/80.  All spot time was sold by the
local station.
Mike Brown
Here is an update to my previous e-mail regarding AT40 and commercials. 
I received my copy of Pete Battistini's AT40 1970's book.
It states that AT40 was barter for the first 15 months.  Then, starting with the 4th
quarter of 1971, it was all cash. 
I don't have any of the 1971 shows, so I never knew it had commercials, short-lived as it may have been.
Mike Brown
I can see the show losing some credibility (or, at the very least, raise some suspicion about conflicts of interest, especially after years and years of hearing about the payola scandal) by accepting ads from specific record labels whose product was being represented on the charts.  (Then again we have also heard for years now about how labels were “encouraged” to take out full page ads in these trade publications in exchange for their latest hits to be awarded “bullets” or making moves of ten points up the charts for having done so … so who really knows all that went on in compiling this chart information.)
All I know is that you’d be hard pressed to find ANY chart from ANY era, 1950’s – 1980’s, where one could, in hindsight, justify all Top 40 chart positions … there are just far too many that never made the lasting impact associated with this honor.  (That being said, “pop music” is, by its very definition, a reflection of that moment in time … a capture, if you will, of any current musical trend, no matter how fleeting … so I can forgive some of these instances … but that still leaves dozens … if not HUNDREDS … of tunes that defy justification.)  kk

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you.  Hard to believe it’s been 45 years already.
Even more unbelievable to me is the fact that Michael Jackson would have turned 62 this weekend!!!  How the hell can that be?!?!?!  (kk)

One of those artists who just continue to defy all space and time by remaining “relevant” despite all passage of time has got to be William Shatner.  In fact, “The Shat” just may be THE #1 icon to define this description.
So the fact that he has a new blues album out, featuring an incredible guest list of support players doesn’t seem at all shocking!  (lol)
And he does!
A couple of weeks ago, we ran his “duet” with Canned Heat on their remake of “Let’s Work Together” …
Now comes his new version of “The Thrill Is Gone,” on which he is accompanied by guitar wizard Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night.  (kk)

WILLIAM SHATNER And Guitar Legend RITCHIE BLACKMORE Collaborate On New Single “The Thrill Is Gone” From Forthcoming Album THE BLUES
Hot on the heels of the superb joint effort from William Shatner and Canned Heat comes a brand-new alliance that is sure to have music fans cheering. Former Rainbow and Deep Purple axeman and one of the most revered guitarists of the classic rock era, Ritchie Blackmore, joins Mr. Shatner for a deeply felt, heart-rending take on the blues classic “The Thrill Is Gone.” The song, perhaps best known by the smash hit version that B.B. King recorded in 1970, was actually written the same year that the young Mr. Shatner made his film debut in 1951. Since then it has been interpreted numerous times, but King’s version was the first to unite the soul-piercing lyrics with absolutely awe-inspiring guitar licks to create the definitive version of the song, and no doubt inspired the Shatner / Blackmore version. As a special treat, Blackmore’s wife and longtime collaborator in Blackmore’s Night, Candice Night, contributes background vocals to add even more pathos to this inspired track.
Mr. Shatner had this to say about the song, “'The Thrill is Gone' is the title of the song, but the thrill is there with Ritchie Blackmore and his great guitar!”
Blackmore and Night return the praise saying, “We would like to express our gratitude for being able to appear on the recording with William Shatner. It is always an honor to work with him. He is a man of many legendary performances.”
“Thrill” is a highlight of Mr. Shatner’s fantastic new album, The Blues, which is now available for pre-order on CD, vinyl, and digital. The album will feature a constellation of blues, rock and country performers who work together with Mr. Shatner to bring the blues to life including Sonny Landreth, Brad Paisley, Pat Travers, Tyler Bryant and more! Look for the album to be released October 2 courtesy of Cleopatra Records.
Order the album:
Track List:
1. Sweet Home Chicago feat. Brad Paisley
2. I Can't Quit You Baby feat. Kirk Fletcher
3. Sunshine Of Your Love feat. Sonny Landreth
4. The Thrill Is Gone feat. Ritchie Blackmore
5. Mannish Boy feat. Ronnie Earl
6. Born Under A Bad Sign feat. Tyler Bryant
7. I Put A Spell On You feat. Pat Travers
8. Crossroads feat. James Burton
9. Smokestack Lightnin’ feat. Jeff “Skunk” Baxter
10. As The Years Go Passing By feat. Arthur Adams
11. Let's Work Together feat. Harvey Mandel & Canned Heat
12. Route 66 feat. Steve Cropper
13. In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company feat. Albert Lee
14. Secrets Or Sins