Saturday, September 26, 2020

What's Next?

During the past year we've counted down Your Top 200 All-Time Favorite Summer Hits ...

As well as The Top 3333 Most Essential Classic Rock Songs Of All-Time ... ...

So what can possibly be next?

Well, NORMALLY this month would have seen the launch of the brand new television season ...

But, thanks to Covid-19, the entire world has been knocked off its axis and production on the new television season has just started up again.

(That means that instead of November Sweeps this year, we'll be experiencing November Premiers instead.)

So we thought, since we've all been home watching more TV than ever, why not take another look at Your Favorite TV Themes of All-Time?

(We last ran this poll in 2013 ... so it probably needs a bit of updating anyway.)

And, just like with our recent Summer Favorites Poll, we're removing all year restrictions, meaning you can vote for ALL of your favorites, from the beginning of time to last season if you like.

(Now I think we'll all agree that they just don't make TV Themes like they used to ... but there have still been enough catchy themes over the past 25 years that are worth  considering.)

So, let's have some fun with this one!

The polls officially open today ... and will remain open for six weeks (until November 7th)

And let's face it ... this "election" is going to be a WHOLE lot more fun than that OTHER election that'll be going on right around that same time!

Life in 2020 has been scarier than most Twilight Zone episodes ... (and you can bet that THAT theme will earn its share of votes!) ... 

So spread the word ... and get out and vote!!!

(And, just like we've always said here in Chicago, Vote Early and Vote Often!!!)

If you're ranking your selections in favorites order, please note this on your ballot.

Just email it to ... and then watch for the final results to be revealed over the November 21st and 22nd Weekend.  (We're hoping to have some radio tie-ins for you to listen to as well ... so, as they say in TV lingo, stay tuned for that!)

Need some ideas ...

Just check out the results of our last poll here: 

No year restrictions???

Does that mean that "This is the theme to Garry's show, the opening theme to Garry's show ... this is the music that you hear as you watch the credits" could win??? 

Friday, September 25, 2020

September 25th, 1970

1970:  September 25th – The Partridge Family, a television show about a musical family, based loosely on The Cowsills, debuts on ABC-TV.  

It stars David Cassidy (who’ll become an overnight teen sensation) and David’s real-life step-mom, Shirley Jones.  Supposedly, neither knew the other was auditioning for the series.

They'll top the charts later this year with "I Think I Love You" ... and, over the course of the next two years, will score seven more Top 40 Hits, including three Top 10's:  "Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted" (#1, 1971); "I'll Meet You Halfway" (#2, 1971) and "I Woke Up In Love This Morning (#9, 1971).

In addition, David Cassidy will become an international superstar.  (He'll have four Top 40 hits of his own during The Partridge Family's reign on TV ... "Cherish" (#3, 1971); "Could It Be Forever" (#15, 1972); "How Can I Be Sure" (#15, 1972) and "Rock Me Baby" (#26, 1972)

Thursday, September 24, 2020

This Week in 1970

September 24th – Ringo Starr’s second solo album, “Beacoups Of Blues” is released.  (It’s the country album he always dreamed of doing!)

Also on this date, “The Odd Couple” premiers on ABC.

September 26th – Motown Records announces that The Jackson Five have now sold over ten million records between their first three #1 Singles … “I Want You Back,” “ABC” and “The Love You Save.”  (Hopefully Berry Gordy found it in his heart to actually present the boys with gold record awards for this achievement.)  Their fourth Motown single would also top the charts when “I’ll Be There” rose to the #1 position and stayed there for five weeks.  While their next two singles fell short in Billboard, peaking at #2, both “Mama’s Pearl” and “Never Can Say Goodbye” reached the #1 spot in Cash Box Magazine.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Some Of Your Mid-Week Comments


Tommy DeVito, founding member of The Four Seasons, passed away on Monday, September 21st … he was 92 … and apparently a victim of Covid-19.

If you saw the incredible hit musical “Jersey Boys,” you know that it was DeVito who recruited falsetto singer Frankie Valli to join “his group,” rising to unparalleled success … and it was also DeVito who nearly blew all of that through his mishandling of money and gambling debts.  In a pivotal moment in the play, Frankie decides not to fire Tommy or seek legal action but rather to have the band take on the debt.  It is a shocking and very emotional moment. (Of course, later at the conclusion of the musical they almost joke about how Tommy DeVito was “banned from Vegas for life.”  Lol)  In reality, Tommy left the group in 1970, selling his shares to Frankie and Bob Gaudio, writer of the majority of their hits. Twenty years later, they would all reunite (with bassist Nick Massi) for their induction into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

For toiling around for years (since the mid-‘50’s) performing under a variety of different names at a variety of “not so glamourous” venues (they took their name from a bowling alley they were playing at!), The Four Seasons hit it big in 1962, when they scored three straight #1 hits:  “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Walk Like A Man.”  They would top the chart _ more times with their hits “Rag Doll” (1964), “Let’s Hang On” (1965) and “December, 1963” (1976).  Other National Top Ten Hits included “Candy Girl” (#3, 1963), “Dawn” (#3, 1964), “Ronnie” (#6, 1964) “Save It For Me” (#8, 964), “Bye, Bye Baby, Baby Goodbye” (#6, 1965), “Working My Way Back To You” (#9, 1966), “Opus 17” (#9, 1966), “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” (#6, 1966), “Tell It To The Rain” (#10, 1967), “C’mon Marianne” (#9, 1967) and “Who Loves You” (#3, 1975).  Valli, of course, also enjoyed three #1 solo hits:  “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” (1967), “My Eyes Adored You” (1974) … both featured in last weekend’s “Eye Tunes” Weekend on Me-TV-FM and “Grease” (1978).  (kk)

I got emails from several readers when news of the passing of Roy Head got around.

Known primarily as a One Hit Wonder, Head actually had THREE Top 40 Hits in his career.  His biggest, “Treat Her Right,” went all the way to #2 in 1965 … and what a GREAT track it is … just a REAL good, FEEL good song.  His follow-up single, “Apple Of My Eye,” peaked at #23 a few months later … and then “Just A Little Bit” topped out at #37 to round out the year.

I remember when his son Sundance auditioned for … and then WON The Voice … made his papa so proud!

“Treat Her Right” sounds good EVERY time it comes on … it’s just an infectious little tune … and as you’ll learn in the emails below, it was one of Elvis’ favorites, too!  (kk)

RIP Roy Head.

If you can't move to his "Treat Her Right," you are dead!

Mike DeMartino

We were saddened to hear the news of Roy Head’s passing.  He was a genuine Texas rock ’n’ soul phenomenon who had been one of our early ... and continuing inspirations.  

Of course, everybody loved his hit “Treat Her Right,” and we were delighted when word got back that he was happy about the version we included in our Perfectamundo album.  Talk about validation!  

What’s perhaps a bit less well known is the fact that ZZ Top’s “Tush” partially appropriated its title from one of his B-sides.  

The follow up to “Treat Her Right” was “You’re Almost Tuff,” and the flip side was a blazing blues-rock instrumental titled “Tush Hog,” attributed to the Roy Head Trio.   

Roy Head will always be remembered for his music, his drive and the fact that, as he liked to put it, he was most happy when he was “a-wigglin’ and a-gigglin’.”  

- Billy F Gibbons


A friend of mine just emailed me and said that singer Roy Head has passed away. I always did like his TREAT HER RIGHT.

Kent, I've got a question.

Years ago, I was told that when Roy Head was about to meet Elvis Presley, he wanted to have an introduction that the "King of Rock and Roll" would never forget. Do you happen to know what I'm talking about?

I also remember that his follow-up to TREAT HER RIGHT was a song called APPLE OF MY EYE, one of those eye-tunes that could be played on the radio this past weekend on Me-TV-FM!

I don’t know how many listeners would recognize (or would ever have even HEARD of) Roy’s follow-up hit!  Badfinger did a song called “Apple Of My Eye,” too, and it’s actually not a bad song.  It was for their final album for the Apple label and I think they were getting their little digs in along the way.  (The album was called “Ass” … so I don’t think they parted on the best of terms with The Fab Four!)  Unfortunately, that one wouldn’t have generated any recognition on Me’s weekend either. (Now maybe if it had been featured in the Dr. Doolittle film it might be a whole ‘nother story!)

As for Roy Head meeting Elvis Presley, Elvis’ longtime friend, disc jockey and high school buddy, George Klein loved to tell this story: 

I told Elvis that our guest was Roy Head, who’d cut “Treat Her Right.” 

“Man, I love that record,” said Elvis, extending a hand to Roy. 

Roy didn’t shake Elvis’s hand.

Instead, he fell to the floor, grabbed Elvis’s leg, and bit his ankle. Elvis went into a karate stance as if he were ready to kick Roy Head’s head off and shouted, “What wrong with you?” 

Roy stood up, dusted himself off and said, “I’m sorry, Elvis. You really are an idol of mine. But if I just shook hands with you, you’d never remember me. Now I know you’re never going to forget the guy who bit you on the ankle.” 

Roy had a point — Elvis never forgot him.

Too funny!  (kk)

Other deaths this past week (from FH Reader Ken Voss):

Lee Kerslake – September 18

“Besides being an awesome drummer with bands like The Gods, Uriah Heep and Black Sabbath and many more, he was one of the funniest guys you would love to have as a friend,” -- Gods’ guitarist Joe Konas.


Georgia Dobbins-Davis - September 18, founding member of The Marvelettes


Pamela Rose Hutchinson – September 18 - succumbed to health challenges that she'd been battling for several years -- The Emotions



Not sure if you saw this, but Pamela Hutchinson, one of the singers of the iconic family music group, The Emotions, has died. 

The Emotions had a history intertwined with the Staples family and were a great family.  I worked with a brother and his wife of the Hutchinson sisters and they were great people. 

The official Facebook page for the R&B group -- comprised of three Hutchinson sisters -- made the announcement Sunday, saying Pam passed away on Friday, the 18th ... going on to explain she succumbed to health issues she'd been battling for years.

They added, "Now our beautiful sister will sing amongst the angels in heaven in perfect peace. During this time, the family kindly asks for fans and friends to respect our privacy. We appreciate all kind words, photos, and videos you may want to post for our beloved Pamela and, of course, your loving prayers."

Of Pam, the group also says ... "A life so beautifully lived deserves to be beautifully remembered. We love you, Pamela!"

Pam was the youngest of the famous trio -- her older sister, Wanda and Sheila are a good 5 to 7 years older than her ... which might have to do with the fact that Pam actually replaced the other original sister, Jeanette. Despite their age differences, The Emotions left their mark in music history ... of course, with a major contribution of Pamela as one their key singers.

The group got its start in the '60s, but skyrocketed to mainstream fame in the 1970s with a string of hits that landed on the Billboard charts. They're perhaps best known for their single "Best of My Love," but they also have a legendary collab with Earth, Wind and Fire.

The girls served as the backup singers for "Boogie Wonderland" -- a gig that landed them a Grammy nomination in 1979 ... this after they'd already won one a couple years prior. Over the span of their multi-decade career, they cranked out nine albums, two of which achieved were certified gold, and one platinum. The Emotions pumped out countless singles, too.

Pamela was 61. RIP

Clark Besch

The Emotions hit #1 with “Best Of My Love,” a jumpin’ tune in 1977, this after eleven previously charting records dating back to 1969.  Their collaboration with Earth, Wind and Fire produced the Top Five Smash “Boogie Wonderland” in 1979.  (kk)



Mornin' Kent,
One more good read, my friend ... Enjoyed the bit on Jimi. 

Had the great pleasure of meeting him when we were doing our second album. He was staying at the same hotel. Met him in the hall and shot the breeze for a sec ... he said, “Come on down to the Scene in Greenwich Village” ... he was doing a gig there.
Of course as a young FL kid, I didn't know who he was ... LOL … So a couple of us went. The place was in a basement of a hotel ... low ceilings, huge exposed beams, and a tiny table, with enough room for four drinks ... lol.

A group called "Mandrel," I believe, opened for him.  Then Jimi came on ...


I thought I'd heard loud music before He opened with "Purple Haze" ... it was awesome as was the rest of the night ... never heard anything like that.
After the gig, we went back to the hotel and he invited us to his room. What a super nice guy. Got to hold his guitar. It was a right handed Fender, upside fown … (being a lefty, I felt empowered ... LOL!) … but found it was strung properly for a left handed player ... well, I never knew one was supposed to restring ... so I learned to play upside down and backwards ... lol. 

Anyway, it was an experience I'll never forget.

RIP Jimi ... you are missed.
You stay safe and well Amigo -
Later -

Holy Crap is right!!!  The Snoopy Guys hangin’ with Jimi Hendrix!!!  Now how cool is THAT?!?!

I think Jimi was always a musician first … and he drifted toward other musicians … it was an immediate bond.  Didn’t matter what kind of music you were making … (he toured with The Monkees, for God’s sake!!!) … it was all about the love for the music and entertaining the fans.

GREAT story, Barry … thanks so much for sharing it with our readers!  (You should write a book!!!)  kk

LOL ... I guess I should, Kent! 

My wife is an English major … maybe I could sweet talk her into service ... lol.

I've done a lot of crap, my friend ... and had some great memories.

Jimi was pretty special ... he was truly a great guy ... damn talented … and a great loss.

Looking back, I was pretty lucky to have seen and done some things.
Grab another cup of coffee and take'er easy Bro.
Later -

On the 50th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s death, Micky Dolenz recalls the tour where Jimi opened for The Monkees …

Lots more recent Micky Dolenz news here …


Thanks for touting the 2021 book on Jimi Hendrix I've done with my brother Kenneth. Very proud of this endeavor. Plenty of unseen photos and artifacts as well as "new voices" on the Hendrix journey. 

Let me also proudly acknowledge the impact Dick Biondi had on the Los  Angeles / Southern California radio market circa 1964-1966 on Pasadena, Ca.-based KRLA. 

His energy on the radio dial was not to be denied. Was he not called or even referred to himself as "The Wild-Eyed Italian" or something like that? I'm sure these days our politically correct climate would not allow this self-proclaimed description to be broadcast or even printed. I knew he had deep Chicago roots. My parents are from Chicago and that was one of the reasons I would try and hear his shift.   

I have faint memory of his Dick Biondi Road Show, which brought new acts to high schools. I remember he was one of the deejays on stage that introduced the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl for one of their appearances. I do have fond recall of a three hour 1965/66 New Years Eve program he did. Tons of R&B tunes were mixed with pop hits. It was a world just before FM rock radio began. 

KRLA was not an RKO radio affiliate. Dick Moreland, who was the Program Director or Music Director, really had a wide open playlist for his jocks. I cite the station and Biondi in my "Turn Up The Radio!" Pop, Rock and Roll in Los Angeles 1956-1972."   

So pleased to see FH readers tout his impact and influence. His tenure in SoCal was brief but he delivered on our airwaves.       


Harvey Kubernik 

The Wild I-tralian actually … which he is still known as today!

After his first, rather short stint here in Chicago on WLS in the early ‘60’s, Biondi bounced around quite a bit (perhaps most famously at KRLA … although his time in Buffalo, New York, PRECEDING WLS is also quite legendary.

It really was the beginning of the Rock And Roll Era … there were no rules … and Biondi was one of the first later-to-be-known-as shock  jocks, I guess.  His audience followed him religiously.  (If Biondi said, “For those of you out there riding around in your cars, honk your horns at 9:15,” you would hear horns honking all over the city outside your windows.  Worse yet, he once asked listeners to throw stones at his boss’s car if they happened to pass it on the highway!)

He HATED having to play commercials … and, of course, since his show was the most popular, WLS was able to sell more ads for his shift than any others.  Dick just wanted to play the music.  He LIVED to be on the air.

After leaving WLS in 1963 after what can only be described as a complete misunderstanding, he returned to the Chicago airwaves (on a wide variety of stations) by the end of the decade … and was a permanent fixture until he was very unceremoniously removed from WLS-FM in 2017.  It was NOT a proper send-off … or a fitting ending to such an illustrious career.

But the legend lives on … and now hopefully this new film will introduce Biondi to anyone out there not already familiar with his antics and legacy. (I just want to see this thing get made while he’s still with us!!!  He just turned 88 and is not in exceptionally good health.)

My hope is that The Dick Biondi Film will make your NEXT book of Docs That Rock!  (kk)

Speaking of which …

A reminder that the entire four hour Dick Biondi Day Birthday Special is now available for viewing on YouTube.  Please make a donation to help get this film made!  (kk)

The Official Dick Biondi Youtube Channel


How wild is this???

The Best Classic Bands website just ran, in their salute to The Top Ten Hits on this date for 1964, a list based on The WLS Silver Dollar Survey!!!  (Now what are the odds of that?!?!  And, might I add, what a GREAT idea!!!)

You can check it out here (although a couple songs from that week’s Top Ten have been omitted … I’m guessing they couldn’t even find “Car Hop” by The Exports, a local Top Ten Hit here in Chi-Town … but I can’t believe they skipped over the ULTIMATE 1964 classic, “Last Kiss” by J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers!)

“Last Kiss” has quite a history … so much so that we even ran a special feature devoted to it many years ago …

>>>When I Look In Your Eyes … Andy Williams … from Dr. Doolittle???  SERIOUSLY???  (Tom) 

Hey Kent:

You know, even hearing an odd Andy Williams song from Dr. Doolittle is preferable to hearing some typical dreck for the 850 millionth time! 

Ken Freck

Well, they played it again Sunday Night.  I even checked the Billboard Adult Contemporary book and this song never even charted ANYWHERE … again, defying ALL validity to the whole “timeless and memorable” concept.  And it doesn’t even fall into “Maybe this is something you missed the first time around” because NOBODY played it then either!!! 

With over a hundred “eyes songs” to choose from, there really wasn’t a need to repeat any of them … so to repeat THIS one out of all the possible candidates tells me they were playing it again just to spite me!  (lol)

Needless to say, I turned it off both times … and I’ll bet I wasn’t the only one.  (It all goes back to my showstopper comment from a few days ago.)

But overall I think they did a GREAT job with the Eye Tunes Weekend … and am happy to hear that they’re already planning on running it again. (Which means if for some bizarre reason you actually DO want to hear this Andy Williams tune, you’ll at least have another chance or two to do so!)   kk

And, speaking of Me-TV-FM, be listening THIS weekend for their Annual One Hit Wonders Weekend!  (This Friday is officially National “One Hit Wonders Day,” so they’ll kick it off then … and then carry over the fun throughout the weekend!)

Got some favorites?  Let ‘em know!

And be sure to check out THIS list put together by Rich Appell a few years back which ran on his syndicated radio program … as well as on Forgotten Hits …

(You might be surprised by where some of these tunes fell in the countdown!)

Hi again Kent,

This week on my friend Steve Summer's Oldies Time Machine show,

available for download at:

he played a song by a Chicago group called the Trolls that was number 10

on the WLS Silver Dollar Survey for the week of September 30, 1966,

Every Day And Every Night.  Apparently, the song was played on both

stations, and I'm just wondering:

1, Do you remember that group? 

And 2, What can you tell me about them? 

Are any of the members still recording?  They obviously haven't had near the success that the New Colony Six or the Buckinghams had, but still, they were a local band, and local teenage fans always loved local bands unless they really sucked. 

Anyway, I just thought I'd bring this to your attention, Kent.

Sam Ward

“Every Day And Every Night” went to #10 on WLS and #12 on WCFL.  (A follow-up single, “There Was A Time,” charted for one week as a “premier,” meaning it didn’t actually have a chart position, but was being played by WCFL, most likely because of their local status.

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about them.  “Every Da And Every Night” made it to #96 in Billboard in its only week on the chart.  They charted a follow-up single nationally called “I Got To Have Ya,” but it just “bubbled under” at #127 in Record World.

Joel Whitburn’s book said they hailed from Lake Bluff, Illinois, and the band members included Richard Clark on vocals and organ, Richard Gallagher on guitar, Max Jordan on bass and Kenny “Apples” Cortese on drums.

I don’t know anything about the other members, but Cortese went on to become a publicist for Jim Croce.  Sadly, he died in the same plane crash that took Croce from us in 1973.  (Incredibly, that crash was exactly 47 years ago this week.)  kk

UPDATE:  I asked FH Readers Ken Voss and Guy Arnston if they could fill in a few blanks on The Trolls (both were key figures in the old Illinois Entertainer days!) and this is what they sent me … a pretty comprehensive bio and discography …

Speaking of Summer Favorites, Al Jardine’s team sent me a reminder that the full length Beach Boys’ performance of “Wendy” on The Ed Sullivan Show is now up on YouTube.  (God, they all look so young!!!)

While not a major hit (#44, 1964, as part of the “4-By The Beach Boys” EP), it’s still a well-known recording … and the fact that it’s all done live shows you just how accomplished the boys already were at this stage of the game.

You can check it out below:

Summer may have officially ended on Monday, but you can continue to check out and enjoy our Top 200 All-Time Favorite Summer Songs Countdown here …

Simply scroll back to watch the entire countdown again!  (kk)

And you can’t talk about The Beach Boys’ Summer Songs without talking about all of their great CAR Tunes (now THERE’s another “themed weekend” for you!!!)

Hi Kent,
I have been searching for a CD compilation of car songs from the 1960’s. If such a thing exists, it is not easy to find.

There are a couple of complications of hot rod songs from the 40’s and 50’s ... but I’d like to know if you or any of your readers can recommend one from the 60’s. Here are some of the songs that might be included:

1. GTO / Bucket T - Ronny & the Daytonas
2. Little Honda - The Hondells
3. Hey Little Cobra / Three Window Coupe - The Rip Chords
4. Hot Rod Lincoln - Johnny Bond
5. Boss Barracuda - The Surfaris
6. Little Old Lady From Pasadena / Dead Man's Curve - Jan & Dean
7. 409 / Shut Down / Little Deuce Coupe / Fun Fun Fun - Beach Boys
8. Jaguar and Thunderbird / No Particular Place to Go - Chuck Berry
9. Stick Shift - The Duals
10. Custom Machine - Bruce & Terry
11. Get Your Daddy’s Car Tonight - The Petites

If you are not familiar with The Petites’ song, check out this link. It’s a fun little song:

Bill Oakey

I’ll betcha you can find something out there … it may not include ALL of the tracks you’re suggesting … but I’ll bet there’s one that features a bunch of ‘em!  (kk)

One of our readers suggested that we should do a Favorite Autumn Songs Countdown … and I said that I couldn’t think of more than about half a dozen songs that would qualify.

Well, on Tuesday, (the First Day of Fall), Bob Stroud played ten of them on his daily Ten at 10 Program (how could I forget “Harvest” and “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young, two GREAT examples!!!) … and then Ultimate Classic Rock came up with THIS Top 20:

(I’m not sure I get the connection with all of these … but hey, picking TEN Autumn songs is a toughie … and they didn’t even include MY favorite, “Autumn” by The Edgar Winter Group.  Oddly enough, “Boys Of Summer” and “Night Moves” made their Fall List … both of these scored very well on our Top 200 List of Summer Favorites!)  kk

kk …

If you're interested, there's a Norm N. Nite book interview on the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame website … plus there's a link in Sunday's Glen Fisher Doo-Wop Newsletter.


Norm N. Nite was one of the first to try and document a history of rock and roll based on short, mini-biographies of all of the key artists to hit the charts over the years.  At the time, there was nothing else like it on the market … and while later research found some errors (many due to publicity information given out by the record companies themselves), it was always a good starting point for research.

We’ve come a long way since then … and it would be really interesting to put together a completely revamped and updated version, utilizing all of the new information that is now so much more readily available on the internet (and, quite frankly, thru publications like ours!)

SO many of these great artists have left us … what a great rock and roll encyclopedia it would be to document the complete history.  (Even a sentence or two on the really obscure acts … and then perhaps complete chapters dedicated to the true superstars.  Only problem is, Norm’s books were already split into two volumes way back when … to do that today, you’d have to create an entire 30 volume set of encyclopedias … which WOULD be really cool … but it’s just SO much faster to google what you’re looking for these days!  Lol)  kk

Mark David Chapman, murderer of John Lennon, apologized to Yoko Ono last month at his most recent parole hearing.  (He was turned down for the eleventh time)

This week, the BBC released Chapman’s statement:

“I have no excuse. This was for self-glory. I think it’s the worst crime that there could be to do something to someone that’s innocent. 

“He was extremely famous. I didn’t kill him because of his character or the kind of man he was. He was a family man. He was an icon. He was someone that spoke of things that now we can speak of and it’s great. 

“I assassinated him, to use your word earlier, because he was very, very, very famous and that’s the only reason and I was very, very, very, very much seeking self-glory, very selfish.”

“I want to add that and emphasize that greatly. It was an extremely selfish act. I’m sorry for the pain that I caused to her [Ono]. I think about it all of the time.”

In denying his release, the court said that granting his release “would be incompatible with the welfare of society.”  Hard to believe that, come December 8th, John will now have been gone for as long as he was with us.  Such a senseless act by a very sick mind.  (kk)

On a much happier John Lennon note …

A few weeks back we told you about the live streaming event celebrating what would have been John Lennon’s 80th birthday.

We have just received more information on this … and wait till you see all the guests that will be checking in either live or on film.  VERY impressive!

Dear Beatle Friends in the Media,

Recently, I sent you a press release about the October 9th worldwide stream.

I appreciate all of you who already printed the press release and spread the word, as well as those of you who booked me to be a guest on your show(s).

Here is a list of some the special guests who’ll delivering messages to fans, and wishing John a happy 80th as part of this stream:

Lulu, Tommy James, Dick Cavett, Billy J. Kramer, Tommy Roe, Mary Wilson (Supremes), Mark Hudson, Fred Seaman, Dan Richter (JoKo Films), Marshall Crenshaw, Laurence Juber, Steve Holley, Phil "Fang" Volk (Raiders), Earl Slick, Gary Von Scyoc (Elephant's Memory), Don Dannemann (The Cyrkle), Chris O'Dell, Leon Wildes (John's immigration attorney), Melanie, Ron Dante (Archies), Angie McCartney, Ruth McCartney, Len Garry and so many others.

Thank you.

Cheers, Charles F. Rosenay!!!,

Liverpool Productions (The Magical History Tour to Liverpool!) (ALL Tours-Events-Concerts-Promotions) (Oct 9 2020 Tribute Concert for John Lennon) (returning again next year in the Summer 2021)

Click the link above to see how you can join in on the celebration!  (kk)


Summer’s over … so what kind of countdown are we going to conquer next?

Be sure to check back on Saturday for the official announcement.

Brand new posts are also planned for tomorrow, Friday, Sunday and  Monday …

So Stay Tuned!!!

(And yes … that just may be a hint!)  kk