Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Sunday Comments ( 07 - 03 - 16 )

Wishing you all a Happy And Safe 4th Of July ... 'cause this is really what it's all about!!!  

Hi Kent, 
Hope you, Frannie, and the kids are enjoying the Fourth of July Weekend!  Thought you would enjoy a bit of Brother Ray (I'll bet Usher and Jay-Z would like to sing into a Shure SM-58 and have a voice like this come out of the speakers).  In the words of Ral Donner:  "You Don't Know What You've Got Until You Lose It." 

I also thought you would enjoy Ray Charles, Burton Cummings, and Bobby Darin and their versions of "That's Enough."  
Tim Kiley

Bobby Rydell
Folks are still talking about our Bobby Rydell piece ... including Bobby himself, apparently, based on this tidbit that WRCO Disc Jockey Phil Nee just sent me ...
Bobby Rydell was my interview guest on this past Saturday night's show for the first time in over twenty years as he makes the rounds talking about his book 'Teen Idol On The Rocks'. 
I am sending a brief clip in which he mentions Forgotten Hits.
Out of all of the interviews that he has done regarding this project, you are the only one he mentioned!
Phil - WRCO


Wow!  Now THAT'S kinda cool - and I'll bet he's done about 60 or 70 of these interviews already! Would love to hear the whole segment if you have a chance. We've got him booked for a show here in November at The Arcada Theatre ... they're just starting to promote it now.  You should come down to see it - plus this would be a chance for us to finally meet too!  (kk)

I would love that!  I will have to see if I can get away.  I have never seen him play before. 
The last time I interviewed him I asked him about Kiss recording of Kissin' Time.  While it wasn't note for note, it was clearly taken from Bobby's hit.  He didn't know about it and I sent him a copy of the Kiss song on cassette!

Wow!  Never realized that!  VERY cool.  (Included here for others to enjoy, too!)  Thanks, Phil.  (kk)

Kent ...
Here's a photo of Philadelphia's First Rock Star, Charlie Gracie, and Bobby Rydell.
Frank B.   

I've been following the Bobby Rydell material.  Loved him.  And yes he was a fine singer, but the main reason I liked him is he also was a musician.  He played drums as I recall.  So that makes him GREAT with me.  AND I always loved his Wild One tune.  I used that very beat on our Crazy Little Thing on our Time Tunnel album.  Although that was probably not him on drums, but some  old studio guy.  Heh Heh - just joking around on this a bit - but not really.
Ken "Furvus" Evans / The Fifth Estate
Bobby WAS a drummer ... and a damn good one, too ... his story about going toe to toe with Buddy Rich in his biography is a great one ... you should check it out!  (Actually, it's a great book from cover to cover!)  kk

Our Philadelphia Music Hall of Fame TV Special featuring interviews and / or performances with Bobby Rydell, Charlie Gracie, The Tymes, The Soul Survivors, The Rip Chords, Danny and The Juniors, Gary DeCarlo (#1 Hit "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye"), David Uosikkinen (Hooters), Ready Steady Now and several others, is now available to view online at: 
This Philadelphia Music Hall of Fame Episode features an introduction to The Philadelphia Music Hall of Fame by PMHOF President George Pettignano and Mainline Televisions John Ricciutti and The PMHOF's George Manney Tribute at Philly's legendary Clef Club hosted by The PMHOF's Bob Charger.
The PMHOF Special will air in The Suburbs in July and on cable throughout The City of Philadelphia in August. Follow The Philadelphia Music Hall of Fame Events and TV Specials at:
This And That  
Thanks Kent that was refreshing!!!!!!    
Dennis Tufano   

The song you shared by The Crystal Blue Band made me immediately think of Michael's "Love Never Felt So Good"
Really?  Well, I'm going to take that as a good thing!  Actually, I thought it was pretty good track ... and hopefully a sign of more good things to come.  (kk)
Kent ... 
If it wasn't for Ron Smith's "Eight Days A Week,"  I wouldn't be as smart as I think I am.
6/27/1963  =  Billy J. Kramer records " Bad To Me. "
Frank B
Watch for an interview with Billy J. Kramer, coming soon to Forgotten Hits.  (I'm reading his book now and then we've agreed to talk afterwards.  Problem is I've also been working 65-75 hours a week for the past three weeks ... so I've had VERY limited reading times ... and, unfortunately, by the time I finally DO get home, my eyes are pretty well shot!)  But it's coming, I promise.  Billy's out on The Happy Together Tour right now, filling in for Spencer Davis, who had some health issues.  He'll be in Chicago in August for The Fest For Beatles Fans ... hoping to meet up with him then as well.  (kk)


And, speaking of The Happy Together Tour ...

6/22/1947 = Happy Birthday Howard Kaylan
A couple of Howard Kaylan / Turtles clips are included in this e - mail.
Here he tells the story behind "Happy Together" in an interview with The Grammys.  This is the only time Howard was sure he had a #1 Hit.
You'll find a much younger Howard here ... performing The Turtles' biggest hit ...
And then on The Mike Douglas Show doing The Turtles' hit "Elenore" ...
Frank B.


That Beatles movie clip you ran explains why every one of us is either into rock or became a musician.  Wow!  Can't wait!Be well, my friend, and keep up the good stuff.
Bob Rush

We can't wait to see it either!

BIG news last week when The Beatles' catalog passed one BILLION downloads since their material was released for streaming just before Christmas of last year. That's unheard of.
To celebrate they released a new video to accompany George Harrison's stripped down version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".  (It is SO cool to see George's tunes being downloaded every bit as much as the ones written by Lennon and McCartney.  George has REALLY come into his own of late ... sadly too late for him to see and appreciate it.)  kk

Hoping that some of you will come out and join us for an early evening of great music out at Centennial Park in Orland Park.  The City Lights Orchestra will be performing (with a special guest appearance by The New Colony Six, who will do their Chicago Gold Medley along with their big #1 Hit "I Will Always Think About You".)  Bruce Mattey tells us more ...  

The City Lights Orchestra, performing this Sunday, July 3rd, from 5 - 7pm at Centennial Park West in Orland Park - 15300 South / 10400 West - East of 355 about two miles. Check mapquest for directions.  
Large grassy area so bring your lawn chairs, drinks and food. Note:  limited vendors near concert site ... and no amusements.
Don't miss this 32 piece orchestra (and the New Colony Six, too!)  
Free concert and parking
Bruce Mattey



Sunday July 3, 2016
5:00pm to 7:00pm
Please join us as we celebrate America's Independence in Orland Park, IL with a free concert featuring:
The City Lights Orchestra
5:00pm to 7:00pm
 45 musicians & our featured vocalists:


Located in the Colette Highlands Subdivision, just north of 159th Street and east of 108th Avenue (the actual location is Park Station Boulevard and Somerglen Lane), just west of the Metra tracks. 
Bring a blanket or lawn chairs and your favorite picnic elements.  Cooper's Hawk Winery will also be on site offering wine and
light appetizers for purchase.
The concert is being sponsored by the Village of Orland Park, Daniel J. McLaughlin, Mayor with support from the Music Performance Fund as administered by the 
Chicago Federation of Musicians, Local 10-208.

Please also let the world know that our "A Live and Well" CD will be available for purchase during the show.  We pressed a whole new run, due to popular demand thanks to the recent Cornerstone and New Colony Six dates we've played of late. 
Thanks, Kent ...  and see you in Orland Park! Best regards 
It's supposed to be a beautiful day ... so come on out and join in the festivities!  We hope to see a few of you there.  (kk)

>>>Joel Whitburn's latest edition of his "Top Pop Singles" book is now available and starting to ship.  (Hey, I think that's MY copy that Paul Haney is holding!!!  lol)  kk
Hi Kent, 
Thanks for the plug for the new Top Pop Singles 1955-2015 book (and yes, that’s YOUR copy I was holding)!  All of us here at Record Research put a ton of work into this edition.  I hope everybody enjoys it!
Paul Haney
Record Research
LOL ... I got my copy yesterday ... and it looks absolutely AMAZING.  One of the coolest covers yet ... so please pass the word to all concerned ... the book looks great and we LOVE it!!!
By the numbers ...
1200 fact-filled pages
Featuring nearly 40,000 charted hit (plus another 5000+ uncharted hits), recorded by over 9000 different artists!!!  It is, without question, the most comprehensive volume yet, featuring EVERY Billboard Charted Pop Hit between 1955 and 2015 ... an incredible 60 YEARS of Chart information, all packed into one gigantic volume.  A MUST HAVE for any music collection.  (And, you can still save $10 off the normal cover price by placing your order before July 31st!!!)
Complete ordering information can be found below ... don't miss out on this one!  (kk)

Dear Kent, 
You know what a big fan I am of Forgotten Hits so I just couldn’t help chiming in.  
The phrase  “to show her titties” is about as juvenile as one could imagine.  I do understand that some of the memories you bring to the fore in FH may have originated in our junior high school years but I think this turn of phrase is really beneath you.   Your point of view would have been much better served with something a bit more mature along the lines of “ Meanwhile, Elvis' grand-daughter continues to bear her breasts on 'The Girlfriend Experience.’"  
But what’s the subtest here?  That you object to nudity on TV?  That Riley, being of noble heritage, shouldn’t sully the family’s reputation by pursing her acting career if the role calls for her to be topless?  Just want to have an understanding of where you’re coming from in this regard.  Hope you take this criticism in the friendly spirit in which it’s offered.  I’m not a prude by any measure but this line stuck in my craw and seemed gratuitous and kind of strange so I thought I’d say something.  
Bob Merlis  
It was exactly as you described it ... "juvenile humor" offered up solely in an attempt to crack a smile on the faces of a select few.
Just to be clear, I absolutely do NOT object to nudity on tv ... in fact, I seek it out at EVERY opportunity ... and, since we're on the subject, I will ALSO go on record and admit that I LOVE the titties!!! 


In fact, I may even go so far as to say that I love Riley Keough's titties ... and would most likely deem them to be the ONLY reason I'll stop on "The Girlfriend Experience" if channel surfing late at night.

It was all done in humor (locker room or juvenile as it may be) and should be construed as absolutely nothing more ... let's face it ... 60+ years ago NOBODY believed Elvis would last past his original fifteen minutes of fame ... much less still be considered the incredible music icon he is today.  Yet today, he continues to be BIG business ... a corporation ... no, an INSTITUTION ... so the fact that sixty years later we're still reading headlines about his daughter going through her fourth divorce (although I understand she has since recanted and is now calling it a separation) and his GRAND-daughter is doing topless television as a paid escort still makes news in a very big way.
With the passing of the legendary Scotty Moore, it just felt right to address ALL things Elvis-newsworthy that week ... no hidden agenda here ... no social commentary ... other than to say that I, too, love and appreciate the titties!  (kk)

(Now tell the truth ... don'tcha miss the "Whipped Cream" album cover right about now??!?)  kk   

A group of veteran rock and pop artists will appear at the Hollywood Show, July 9 - 10 at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel, near LAX.  
The show allows fans to meet dozens of popular record artists as well as familiar veteran film, TV and stage actors and actresses for conversation, autographs and photos. Among the pop and rock stars appearing are The Archies’ leader Ron Dante (“Sugar, Sugar”), “The Godfathers of Garage Rock” and The Standells’ founding leader Larry Tamblyn (“Dirty Water”) and his “West Side Story” acting and singing brother Russ Tamblyn, and The Moody Blues original singer and Wings member Denny Laine (“Go Now”). Also appearing are Alan Thicke (the TV personality who co-wrote a slew of sitcom themes with then-wife, singer Gloria Loring, including “The Facts of Life” and “Different Strokes”); Bo Donaldson (“Billy Don’t Be A Hero” and “Who Do You Think You Are”); Broadway and TV actress-singer Carol Lawrence (former wife of singer Robert Goulet); “West Side Story” star George Chakiris; Broadway’s “Annie,” Aileen Quinn; British child actress-singer Karen Dotrice (“Mary Poppins”); and Tim Curry (Dr. Frank-N-Furter), Barry Bostwick (Brad Majors) and Nell Campbell (Little Nell) from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”  
Among the actors appearing are Angie Dickinson, Fred Willard, Lesley Ann Warren, Greg Evigan and Jan-Michael Vincent.  
A gaggle of Bond Girls will also make the scene, like Lana Wood (“Diamonds Are Forever”), Britt Ekland (“Man With the Golden Gun”) and Gloria Hendry (“Live and Let Die”). For tickets and other information about the Hollywood Show and those appearing,

And how's THIS for vintage ...
The P-Nut Gallery Returns ... 
Cozi TV announced plans last week for an Independence Day marathon of The Howdy Doody Show. The six-hour marathon will feature nine episodes of the long-running children’s show plus a new “Howdy Doody for President” special. It will be the first time any episodes have been seen on television since 1960. The marathon will air from 9 AM to 3 PM ET on Monday, July 4th.  
DJ Stu Weiss

>>>This is why veteran acts are currently outselling today's popular artists ... because WE actually go out and spend the money.  The industry needs to recognize this and react (and report) accurately this information.  Otherwise the charts don't mean a thing.  (kk)  
Wow, 11,000 gets you to #1?  Anyway, it's a good point made about old timers and physical copies.  I REALLY have to have a physical 45, CD, LP to claim a record in my faves, even for reference reasons.  I like to leaf thru my faves and you cannot have any fun leafing thru MP3s of which I have thousands just for convenience in finding a track.  Old timers WILL spend money to get stuff.  The Monkees new CD is proving that, I guess.  It grew on me after a few listens.  Even tho the new Emitt Rhodes CD was a set of sad songs, they were well written and performed and I HAD to get the CD and LP of it, even if the LP might never get opened.  It's just something we oldsters did and still do, I guess? 
Clark Besch

Here's a brand new video clip released to support the track "You Bring The Summer" from the new Monkees cd ... yet another incredibly catchy track from the Pre-Fab Four!  (kk)