Friday, March 27, 2020


The complete, final list is FINALLY available ...

After months of organizing all the details, we are now proud to offer an Excel Spreadsheet documenting the final results of our months-long efforts.

This list allows you to view The Top 3333 in Rank Order (#1 - #3333) ... in Countdown Order (#3333 - #1), as well as in  alphabetically sorted lists by either Artist or Song Title.

If you want a copy, all you have to do is send us an email at and we'll send it off to you.  (Be sure to read the fine print below prior to requesting a copy.)

All that we ask is that you properly credit us for its creation and let us know how you intend to use it.  (We also ask that you link back to the original website where the results were originally revealed so that folks discovering the list for the first time can enjoy and appreciate the work effort that went into creating this phenomenal list.)

If you're going to count 'em down in some fashion ... Top 2500 (?), Top 1000 (?), Top 500 (?), Top 100 (?), Top 50 (?) or the WHOLE shootin' match ... please let us know when, where and how so we can link to YOUR efforts as well so that others may enjoy the process.

Some background information and a few quick details on how this all came to be ...

For 100 days, we asked Classic Rock Music Fans around the globe to nominate and vote for their all-time favorites.  We immediately began tabulating those votes ... "Layla" by Derek and the Dominoes was #1 at the end Day One ... and then never #1 again.  From that point forward, the lead changed hands over fifty times between "Hotel California" by The Eagles and "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.

During that same 100 day period, we monitored the play lists of 30 prominent US Classic Rock Radio stations across the country ... major cities and internet streams ... and logged the amount of airplay each song was being given.

The results were staggering.  While our readers came up with nearly 5000 eligible titles to choose from, Classic Rock Radio from coast to coast seemed to be playing the heck out of the same 300 songs.  It didn't matter WHERE you went ... THESE were the ONLY songs you were likely to hear during normal broadcast hours ... and some of those songs were being repeated as many as three to four times within the same 24 hour time period ... unthinkable in view of the INCREDIBLE wealth of songs being ignored yet available to choose from ... that Classic Rock Fans truly loved.  It became apparent VERY quickly that while these same 300 songs may have been the ones we all were hearing, they were NOT necessarily the songs we wanted to hear.  (All the more reason that a list like ours is so vital and necessary.)

Finally, we measured the number of downloads for each of the nominated songs ... perhaps more than anything else, these statistics helped to prove just how much the public really wanted to hear these songs in that they were shelling out their own money to OWN them and make them part of their personal music library.

When all was said and done, just shy of one million votes and points were accumulated and tabulated, making this list the most complete and comprehensive list of Classic Rock Favorites ever assembled ...

Not RADIO's version of the most beloved tracks ...

Not the opinion of a seven member critics staff of some rock magazine ...

No, this list was derived through the most important factor imaginable ...

YOU ... the Rock And Roll Public ... and this list can now be yours to have and to hold, to scrutinize and debate, and, most importantly, to share.

Much effort went into the final edition of this list to ensure its accuracy.  (For the first time, you'll find the year of release and source of that release ... very special thanks to Dann Isbell for all of his research in this regard.)  We found any number of inaccuracies along our path of nailing down these final details and encourage you to please help us fine-tune the list even further ... if you see errors that need to be corrected, PLEASE let us know so that we can make this list as definitively accurate as possible.

But most of all, enjoy it ... embrace it ... and share it.

I would still LOVE to see somebody take the bull by the horns and count down the ENTIRE Top 3333 Tracks.  (Hey, we're all homebound right now anyway ... what a GREAT way to fill a few weeks worth of programming time ... by keeping folks glued to their radios and computers to hear the final results!  Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to help us all take our minds off of what's been going on around us and escape into the enjoyment of this music, too.)  But I also realize that this isn't necessarily "practically" possible.  So again, if you intend to count down ANY portion of the list, please let us know so that we can let OTHERS know where and when they can tune in and listen.

And finally ... and most importantly ... thanks to ALL of you who participated.  We couldn't have done this without you ... and it wouldn't have meant what it means without this massive amount of input and support.  

The hard parts over ... now it's time to enjoy the list!  (kk)
Kent Kotal
Forgotten Hits


WHY 3333?
Because Classic Rock Radio was born when albums became the preferred method of listening to and purchasing music over singles.  (That's not to say you won't find some popular singles on this list ... it's chock full of them ... but we're spotlighting their album counterparts as a means to hopefully give you the chance to expand your own record collections by owing many of these significant pieces of rock history.)
We picked 3300 as a salute to the "33's" ... the 12" album speed ... which was really 33 1/3 ... so we took that 33 hundred and added another third to the tally to come up with THE TOP 3333 MOST ESSENTIAL CLASSIC ROCK TRACKS OF ALL TIME.


In order to obtain a copy of the final list of THE TOP 3333 MOST ESSENTIAL CLASSIC ROCK TRACKS OF ALL TIME, you must make your request by email.
[Send that email request to]
By requesting a copy, you agree to properly credit the source of these tabulations as "Research and Final Tabulations conducted by Kent Kotal / Forgotten Hits / Classic Rock Essentials,
© 2020, Forgotten Hits Publishing" in every way and instance that you share these results, regardless of media.  [And we DO encourage you to share these results!]
When ever, how ever and where ever you choose to share this information, we ask that you let us know in advance so that we can link to your efforts and allow other classic rock music fans around the world share in and enjoy the experience.  Please consider this to be our way of offering you the ultimate in cross-promotion!
You further agree not to alter this list in any fashion.  If you find that certain corrections or modifications need to be made, please notify us in writing and we will make the changes that we determine need amending.
Otherwise, simply enjoy the list ... and spread the word.  We can all use a little distraction during these trying times ... let the music take you away.
-Kent Kotal / Forgotten Hits

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thursday This And That

I had two opportunities to m.c. Kenny Rogers shows.  He was a great entertainer and was giving of his time to his fans.  He also shook hands and introduced himself to nearly everyone back stage.   One of those shows was on June 25th, 2009.   The shocking news of Michael Jackson's death was spreading around the concert grounds.  I was standing with the promoter and a few others when Kenny came up to us and asked if we had heard about Michael.  He told us a couple of stories about Michael including the making of We Are The World.   That night he put on a great show and he sang Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)  in front of a video of the First Editions' appearance on the
Smothers Brothers show.
Phil - WRCO

I remember seeing Kenny Rogers and the First Edition my freshman year in college. I was hooked and my then boyfriend, bought me the LP “Kenny Rogers and the First Edition: Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town” (thank you Bill.) I know that is the title because I am looking at it right now.
As a student of the Theatre Arts Department, I met them afterward. Kenny Rogers had just gotten his name displayed before the “and the First Edition.”  They were all equal in their conversations, answers to questions and friendliness. I never considered him as the star of the group and it appeared none of them (including Kenny) did either.
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano
I was fortunate enough to see Kenny perform (as a solo artist) THREE TIMES during his chart reign of the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s … but I’ll be honest with you … this isn’t a show I tried to get especially great seats for.
That’s because Kenny’s regular opening act during this era was Gallagher … and being splattered with watermelon and then sitting in it for the rest of the show really didn’t appeal to me!!! (lol) 
There were, however, MANY fans who lived for this experience … the first several rows had a plastic tarp they could cover themselves with when he hit that part of his act!
I have ALWAYS been a Kenny Rogers fan, right from the get-go … I have a few of his television shows (Rollin’ On The River) on VHS tape … and, believe it or not, still have a device hooked up to play them!
Kenny ruled the charts for YEARS … and while some of his material was ruled “too country” to crossover to the pop charts, there was some REALLY good material in that batch worth investigating.  He will be missed.  (kk)

>>>Here is a complete list of every Top 50 Hit Kenny had on both Billboard’s Pop Music Chart AND their Country Chart  (kk)
If you add Cash Box and Music Vendor to the list, it starts much earlier than 1968:
1958 - That Crazy Feeling (Cash Box = 51 / Music Vendor = 77)
– Randy Price
This is true … but it still wouldn’t have made our Top 50 cut-off.  Still, it was a big enough hit to earn him a spot on Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand” program.  (We covered that, too, in Part One of our Kenny Rogers series from a few years ago … but the audio track no longer plays.  Here it is again for those who have never heard it …)  kk

Sam Tallerico capped off his Lost And Found Oldies Show this past weekend by playing his all-time favorite Kenny Rogers song … which just happens to also be MY all-time favorite Kenny Rogers song, “Twenty Years Ago.”  (I swear I cannot hear this song without getting a little bit choked up EVERY single time!)

I remember one of the very first times Sam and I ever talked, this song came up as one of those GREAT, overlooked forgotten gems that should have been a MUCH bigger hit.  (It did all-right on the country charts, peaking at #2 … but it never made the pop charts at all … and it deserved a FAR better fate.)

And the video’s not too bad either.  We’ve run it here before in Forgotten Hits … but I’m in the mood to see it and share it with you again.

Kenny loved a good story song … in fact, it was this type of material that helped to make him the well-loved, crossover performer that he was.  He had a way of bringing ALL of these songs to life … so enjoy this one … 'cause it's one of the best ... “Twenty Years Ago” by the late, great Kenny Rogers.  (kk)

(You'll find more on Sam’s LAFOS show below) 

Hi, Kent -
Just read the news - we lost Kenny Rogers yesterday, and Jerry Slick (Great Society) - wondering if and how he was related to Grace.
Jerry Slick was Grace Slick’s first husband.  He was (by his own admission) an inexperienced and not especially talented drummer in their first band together, The Great Society.  (Jerry’s brother Darby was also a member of The Great Society ... in fact, it was Darby who wrote “Someone To Love,” a song that Grace would rework as “Somebody To Love” when she left The Great Society to join Jefferson Airplane.)  She also brought one of her own songs with her when she made the move … “White Rabbit.”  “Somebody To Love” and “White Rabbit” BOTH became HUGE hits (and rock classics) for her new band.
Jerry did not make the move with her … and instead joined The Final Solution … and then got into filmmaking.  (In 1971 he won a Clio Award for a commercial he made recruiting policemen … kind of the opposite approach his by then ex-wife took along the way!)   kk

Looks like Neil Diamond has worked up some new lyrics for his 1969 classic hit “Sweet Caroline” … in light of the ongoing CoronaVirus pandemic …

Bravo, Kent !!!
Your sentiment in reference to what’s going on in the world is spot on.
I find myself even more losing myself in Bubble Gum Music like Yellow Balloon and mostly instrumental music, where there are no words to get in the way of my escape time.
I just love the posting of the Yellow Balloon performance on American Bandstand, especially Dick Clark trying to get Don Grady to reveal himself. I guess if you were a Teen Screen Magazine subscriber and a My Three Son fan, the dimpled chin may have given him away.
Thanks for all that you do, Kent. 

Hey Kent –
Thanks for the posting of the Yellow Balloon on Bandstand.   Boy I wish I still had those teeth! Can't tell you how long it's been since I’ve torn in to a good T-bone steak! LOL!
Thanks again!

Interesting stuff on “How Long” by Ace. As a Paul Carrack footnote, one of my favorite CDs (when I still could play CDs in the car) was Paul Carrack’s Greatest Hits. It included the Ace hit, “Tempted” by Squeeze, the Mike and the Mechanics hits, and Paul’s singles. Taken as a whole, it is a great collection of songs from one of rock’s most underappreciated vocalists.
Bob Verbos
PS:  My favorite virus story is about the people tearing apart their two-ply toilet paper, not realizing they could just use half as many squares.

Me-TV-FM is doing their Forgotten Hits-inspired “45’s and Flipsides Weekend” again this weekend, kicking off at 7 pm (Chicago Time) Friday Night. They’ll be playing “notable A and B – Sides back-to-back throughout the weekend.  (kk) 

You can listen live here:

The New York Metro Fest For Beatles Fans has been rescheduled for October 9th – October 11th.  (I guess we have to be optimistic, right?!?!)  Coincidentally, this will now coincide with John Lennon’s birthday … so maybe this was all meant to be.  (By then the brand new Beatles film “Get Back” will be out, too!)
Meanwhile, they’ll still be celebrating the original, postponed fest dates of March 27th – March 29th with an online VIRTUAL FEST.  (They haven’t missed a beat!!!  SO glad to see so many of the promoters and artists coming up with ways to still share our mutual love of music with us!)
Mark Lapidos tells us:
You can look forward to a weekend of livestreamed Beatles performances by our Special Guests and Apple Jam performers! And presentations by our Guest Authors and Beatles Experts and more!
Tune in to and Instagram @Beatles_Fest to be all together now in these socially distant times. 

Speaking of The Beatles, The Beatles Channel posed an interesting question this past week …

If you were introducing somebody to the music of The Beatles for the very first time, what is the first song that you would play for them?

Curious to hear your answers.  Do you start with the classics?  (“In My Life,” “A Day In The Life,” “Yesterday”)  How about Side Two of “Abbey Road?”  (And would that even count?)

For me, I’d have to go with “She Loves You” … because this is perhaps their most infectious song ever … and was a HUGE part in launching them here in The States (in my mind, even more so than “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” which actually was their breakthrough record.  I think “She Loves You” has aged better, too.) Why not give your brand new listener a chance to be swept in by the same music that drew all of us in in the first place.

What say you, Forgotten Hits Readers?  (We’ll let you know the results of The Beatles Channel Poll next week when they reveal The Top Eight.)  kk

And finally, here’s a cool little bit that Dana Carvey put together … a phone conversation between John Lennon from heaven and Paul McCartney, about working with Kanye West … sent in by FH Reader Charlie Ricci …

I love it!  (kk) 

Last week we told you about the new “Ready, Steady, Go” documentary being put together for British Television (and, ultimately here in The States, too)
Well, today Harvey Kubernik shares the behind-the-scenes stories about this landmark British television series …

I think our FH Buddy Sam Tallerico hit the nail right on the head when he said on his show this past weekend that maybe we’re experiencing March Madness right now after all!

Here’s a new note from Sam … 

Your Forgotten Hits site really does provide a welcome distraction.
Reading over the recent comments, I realized that I have become a fan of many of your frequent contributors as well. I was all set to see Burton Cummings if he was coming to my area thanks to Shelley Sweet -Tufano' s review. Frank B is always good for a chuckle, though you might want to take down his now debunked strategy to see if you're infected with C19.
But this week the highlight for me was seeing Clark Besch's personal chart. OMG!
A Top 100?? And typed out and color coded no less, complete with those innocent inaccuracies. Could there be anything more adorable than song number 83 by The Beatles called "lead me to your door"? Love this, Clark!
Attached is my own personal chart from this week in 1970. I frequently botched the titles, too. #5 is supposed to be the duet by Glen Campbell and Bobbie Gentry "All I Have To Do Is Dream." The chart on the left is the CKLW Big 30 that I wrote down live as I was listening. The Big 15 were my own personal favorites that week. The super albums chart let me know which albums I played most that week. Considering I only had five other LPs –a ll by The Monkees -- there really wasn't much competition. And then the other two charts we're just copied from the Detroit Free Press posting of what I believe were the Billboard charts.

Finally, Kent, thank you so much for your nice comments about last week's 1970 lost and found oldies show. My Mixcloud archive has two new followers and I don't doubt they came as a result of reading your Forgotten Hits page. I'll try to live up to whatever standard I've set until now or do even better. Tomorrow it's March, 1972, and I think I've got some real winners in the mix.
Keep up the great work, Kent!
Sam Tallerico
Here’s hoping the Burton Cummings / Randy Bachman tour isn’t affected by this worldwide pandemic … but I’m not so sure that’s a realistic hope at this point.  Many states (including our own) is enforcing a mandatory lock-down, trying to get a handle on this rapidly spreading virus.  (I just hope that WHENEVER they finally get around to rescheduling this tour, the two guys are still talking to each other!!! Lol) 

Meanwhile, I’m told that Burton has been posting live musical bits on his Facebook Page since they can’t currently play live anywhere else at this point.

Hey Kent –
Your buddy Burton Cummings is playing a few songs every night and doing it live on his Facebook Page.

Hi Kent,
I watched this quite by accident on Youtube yesterday. I don't remember seeing this posted on FH so thought I'd pass it on.
Burton Cummings: "Wheatfield Soul" FULL DOCUMENTARY

And here’s another Guess Who clip sent in by FH Reader DoubleDuty (Gary) …
It’s The Guess Who performing “American Woman” on The Midnight Special …

Meanwhile, I remember (like it was yesterday) the night The Guess Who hosted “The Midnight Special” … in fact, I just watched this one recently myself … but apparently it’s no longer available on YouTube.
How good was it???
It was good enough to make me go out the very next day and buy their brand new “Artificial Paradise” album … I loved both “Bye Bye Babe” and “Those Show-Biz Shoes”!!!  (kk) 

As we’ve seen, more and more artists are refusing to let this live concert ban keep them for entertaining their fans.

Many have taken to Facebook or their own websites to broadcast live, intimate concerts, often from their own living rooms.  (You can read about several recent such events below.)

But Elton John is taking it to the next level with a CoronaVirus fundraiser to help offset the incredibly high medical costs (and loss of pay) of MILLIONS of people around the globe.
This Sunday Night, March 29th, John and fellow musical guests Mariah Carey, Tim McGraw, Grammy-Winning Pop Phenomenon Billie Eilish, Country Music Superstar Tim McGraw, The Backstreet Boys and Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong will each broadcast their own live performances from their homes in an effort to encourage and show solidarity with the government’s recommendation of social distancing.
Titled the “iHeart Living Room Concert for America,” it all kicks off at 9 pm Eastern on Fox Television and will be broadcast as well on iHeart radio stations across the country.  (The “iHeart Music Awards” were originally scheduled to be broadcast during this timeslot but they, like all other live events of late, have been cancelled.)
Throughout the broadcast, viewers will be encouraged to donate to the Feeding America and the First Responders Children’s Foundation, two of the many organizations that have been set up to help victims and first responders during this medical crisis.  (The event will also pay tribute to the health professionals and first responders who are on the front lines battling the CoronaVirus.) kk  

Wow Kent!  
What an amazing thing to wake up to ... The Ides and my new song. 
I’m making sure all the Ides see this and all involved in Empty Arena.
I’m calling you the healers and the believers to fill this Empty Arena ... soon!  
Thanks again, Kent, for keeping the music alive.
Oops!  I just realized that when we ran Jim Peterik’s new track “Empty Arena” the other day, I forgot to run a couple of photos along with the Sneak Peek track.  (See what happens when you operate on only two hours sleep!!!)
Anyway, Jim has since posted a lyrics video on YouTube that we’ll share with you today which features the FULL song … a pretty powerful message at a pretty uncertain time.   
By the way, Mancow DID feature the same minute-and-a-half snippet on his program Friday Morning at around 7:30 … so that means we were still the first to broadcast it.   (Yeah!!!  Beat him by TWO HOURS!!!)  lol  (kk)

Hopefully, some of you had the chance to catch Peterik's live one man performance Monday night.  It's still posted on his Facebook page ... ... and, later this week, a cleaned-up, edited version will also be posted on YouTube.
You can watch it here - but fast-forward to about 20 minutes in in order to catch the beginning of the concert:

Awesome song at the right time for some lift.  Thanks so much, Jim, and thanks to Kent for taking up FH time and space for my Ides stuff, too.
I just asked my boss yesterday if I could forego my last three weeks until retirement and take my retirement as soon as possible.  I was to stay until April 15th, but three weeks is a lifetime, literally, at this point. 
Take care to you both!  AND THANKS for the terrific music, always!
Clark Besch
So sad that we’re living in a world today where tomorrow is uncertain to everyone.  (I mean I guess it ALWAYS is … but the pressure is REALLY on right now … and you have absolutely no say-so regarding your own personal future.  You can do EVERYTHING right … and still have it all taken away by some unseen unaccountable menace.)
After the Chicago lockdown announcement on Friday afternoon, they were playing Christmas Music on the way home from work Friday Night … as a means to bring some element of cheer during this desperate time.  The Hallmark Channel even ran 27 straight Christmas movies back-to-back … anything to convey a happier, more-spirited mood.
Everything seems fine when you’re sitting inside … you're kept away from everything else that is going on around you, sitting in your "safe spot" … but trips outside the house are still necessary, even if only for the essentials.  (Our company is on the “exemptions” list … so we will continue to work during this state-wide Illinois lockdown.  Good news … we’re still part of society and getting paid … bad news is every time you step outside your front door, you’re susceptible to contracting anything and everything around you, regardless of where it may have come from.  A lockdown of this magnitude means that we will only have “the most essential” people left to contaminate as THEY will be the ones being exposed to the elements on a daily basis … and who’s going to lead us then?  It’s kinda like we’re exposing our most elite and talented people to protect those who don’t have the skills to carry on once the A-Team is gone … so yeah, it’s safe to say that I’ve got some mixed emotions and concerns … but I am also unwilling to give up the fight.  We need to find a way to beat this thing and the only way to control the death count is through a lockdown such as this.  Still, I’ve GOT to tell you that never in my WILDEST dreams did I EVER imagine my tombstone saying “He gave up his life for printing!!!”  It’s just not quite the way I expected the story to end.  
I guess I’d feel a whole lot better about it knowing that somehow my efforts actually contributed to the saving millions of lives … but I don’t believe I bring ANYTHING to the table in this regard … so yes, it’s weighing on me for sure.)
Congratulations on your retirement … I hope and pray that the world survives all of this so that you can enjoy the time you’ve worked SO hard to achieve.  (kk)

This is the way to protect our mental health and keep us connected.
I am not a fan of having to practice social distancing. Oh, I enjoy my home alone, and with friends / family time AFTER work; or AFTER concert travel. But I am not fond of being forced to do things.
Musicians are the first people called upon when we plan benefits and now they give us Facetime events for free. Check out their merchandise. Throw tips in the pot. I wish I could do more than I do, but I will continue to do what I can.
{Holy Smokes what a great concert Mark Dawson gave and then immediately Rich Spina alerts that he is hosting a live video party for a duo. If this were not the result of a pandemic, I would never want it to end.}
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano 
Yes, there have been quite a few of these lately … and I’m fully expecting more.  (The Grand Ole Opry staged an event to an empty theater Saturday Night that featured Marty Stuart, Vince Gill and Brad Paisley simply because they would NOT let this pandemic shut down The Opry.)  At one point Stuart quipped that, looking out at the empty seats, “We’re not drawing like we used to.”  Not at all, Marty … over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND folks tuned in to watch this event … more than The Opry could possibly hold on its own on a Saturday Night.  Musicians are reaching a bigger audience than they could under normal circumstances … and many are also using these freebies as a means to raise money for various organizations. 
You can still catch this show here: 

Gotta be a tough time to be a promoter when there aren’t any live shows going on! 
Here’s a little profile on our FH Buddy David Salidor, who has always been so good about keeping us up to date on all the latest Micky Dolenz and Mark Bego news …

John Fogerty joins the "stay at home" musicians with this performance of "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" ... and other CCR Hits on Rolling Stone Magazine's new "In My Room" concert series ... a means to bring music into YOUR home during the CoronaVirus Crisis when we're all homebound. (kk)

In My Room?
The Beach Boys Should "DO IT AGAIN!"
Frank B. 

Here’s five more … from Frank B! 

kk -
FLORIDA = No "Glen Fisher Doo-Wop Revival" on Sunday … studio closed and locking up building.
CONNECTICUT = Wild Wayne sent me a message ... No "Memory Machine" on Sunday … University of Hartford is closing.
FLORIDA = Scott Shannon was off this week. He called in this morning.  He noticed that a lot of bars and restaurants are closing permanently.  The lock is on the door and the furniture taken out. 
WCBS-FM Update for This Week:
Scott Shannon is talking to us on his phone from Florida.
Patti (News) and John (Weather) broadcasting from home in New Jersey.

NEW YORK = Today is the first day that Aqueduct Racetrack is closed till further notice.
Luckily I have enough old WCBS-FM shows on cassette tape to last me a few years.
Norm N. Nite + Cousin Brucie + Bob Shannon + Harry Harrison, etc.
Frank B.
It is sad … and scary, indeed.  You really have to wonder how all of this is eventually going to shake out.  (kk)

Here is the weirdest request story I’ve ever heard …
40 years ago, a New York City gunman had one request: Play 'Desperado'
Hey, I’m not taking any chances!!! (kk)

kk …
To combat boredom, some of my nieces and nephews came up with this idea. 
Get the family together and act out a scene from your favorite movie.
They choose "16 Candles." 
It didn't work for me …
My favorite movie is "GOODFELLAS." I couldn't find a gun or a victim.

kk …
The Great Johnny Maestro died 10 years ago. 
I don't know what I'd do without Ron Smith's Book "EIGHT DAYS A WEEK." 
Don K. Reed was host of "THE DOO-WOP SHOP."  On Sunday nights, he always had a group singing live in the studio.
Today I’m all dressed up in my Johnny Maestro T-Shirt and Cap and Sunglasses.
All dressed up and no place to go.
I should be heading to Larry's Pub -- for my Johnny Maestro Jukebox Special.
I guess I'll just have to do it on the computer.

Check out this chance to win Tommy James for your high school concert!  (This was a fairly common practice around this time.)  You might want to ask Tommy about how HE and some of the other great Chicago bands got this concert gig for a high school in March, 1970.  What a great concert that would have been!

Here's the story of the WLS concert win for Woodstock, Il, that took place on 4-29-1970.  The power of WLS led students to 1 million entries (as "counted by a computer!" - haha)  to win this "toe tapping" event!!
Clark Besch

Looking at my 1970 chart, it might be an appropriate time to dust off BJ Thomas’ #16 hit "Everybody's Out of Town" for some airplay on FH (?)
I’ve never been one to turn down a BJ
Thomas song … this one, while not one of my favorites, peaked at #15 as the follow-up to his chart-topping hit “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head.”  (It stopped at #26 Billboard.)  kk

In the interest of keeping our readers up to date on all the latest chart performance records being shattered in Billboard Magazine, we just KNEW you guys would want to know that Drake has now charted more songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 Pop Chart than The Cast of Glee, making him the most-charted artist in Hot 100 History.  (I’m told that a select few of these songs even managed to stay on the chart for more than two weeks!!!  So CLEARLY he is an artist to be reckoned with!)
The most recent Joel Whitburn Top Pop Singles book only carries us thru 2018 … but at that point, Drake had charted 151 times.  (The Cast of Glee, thru 2018, had scored 207 times … so Drake did some MAJOR catching up over the past two years to pass them with 208 Hot 100 Hits … that means he has since placed over 57 NEW chart titles on the list over the past two years!)
Looking over those 151 “hits” thru 2018, I find that 82 titles … or just over half … actually DID stay on the chart for over two weeks (although quite a few of those only lasted three.)  However, 34 of those 82 remained on the chart for 20 or more weeks … so I guess we would have to concede that Drake truly IS bigger than Elvis … or James Brown … the only artists to ever chart more than 100 times during OUR era. (I'm sure history will remember him that way.  By the way, can ANYONE out there sing me a few lines of a Drake song??? 'Cause I don't think I know a single one!)

Most Hot 100 Entries All-Time
208 - Drake
207 - Glee Cast
168 - Lil Wayne
109 - Elvis Presley (*NOTE:  Does not include Elvis’ 31 Top 100 Hits before the chart was renamed “The Hot 100”)
108 - Nicki Minaj
107 - Kanye West
100 - Jay-Z
  99 - Chris Brown
  97 - Taylor Swift
  93 - Future
  91 - James Brown
  88 - Eminem
  80 - Justin Bieber
  75 - Ray Charles (plus one prior)
  73 - Aretha Franklin
  71 - The Beatles

More rescheduled shows have been announced at The Genesee Theatre (all subject to change again depending on where this CoronaVirus finds us in June)
The Glenn Miller Orchestra – Original Show Date = Saturday, April 4th / Rescheduled Show Date = Saturday, August 15th
The Million Dollar Quartet – Original Show Date = Thursday, April 23rd / Rescheduled Show Date = Thursday, October 22nd
The Little River Band – Original Show Date = Thursday, May 7th / Rescheduled Show Date = Thursday, June 11th
Los Chicos Del 512:  The Selena Experience – Original Show Date = Friday, May 8th / Rescheduled Show Date = Friday, August 14th 
LeAnnRimes - Original Show Date = Saturday, April 11th / Rescheduled Date = Thursday, July 16th
Christopher Cross - Original Show Date = Friday, April 17th / Rescheduled Date = Thursday, August 13th
Theresa Caputo - Original Show Date = Saturday, April 25th / Rescheduled Date = Sunday, September 27th
Home Free - Original Show Date = Saturday, May 9th / Rescheduled Date = Sunday, October 18th

Eagle Rock Entertainment has come up with several ways to rock out during your time restricted at home …




It’s a tough time for music fans, as upcoming concerts and festivals dwindle in the wake of Coronavirus. As we all do our part to self-isolate, Eagle Rock Entertainment offers a reward for those of us stuck indoors.
Eagle Rock Entertainment’s vast library of concert films and music documentaries are available via Netflix, Amazon Prime, Amazon Direct, Apple TV, Qello, Nugs, and a variety of other streaming services.
Historic concert films such as The Doors’ Live At The Hollywood Bowl, Black Sabbath’s The End and Motley Crue’s The End: Live In Los Angeles have been captured in the utmost audio and visual quality, placing the viewer right in the front row. Queen fans have a variety to choose from, including Rock Montreal, A Night At The Odeon, Live At Wembley, and Live At The Rainbow ‘74. There’s something for everyone, from Slash Living The Dream Tour featuring Miles Kennedy and the Conspirators and The Moody Blues’ Days Of Future Passed to Journey’s Live In Manila and Def Leppard’s And There Will Be A Next Time...Live From Detroit.
Additionally, there are a wealth of documentaries available, such as The Rolling Stones’ Olé Olé Olé!: A Trip Across Latin America -- a travelogue of the band’s 2016 Latin America tour, which culminated in a historic concert in Havana, Cuba. Recent releases include the critically acclaimed Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool and ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band From Texas, which each give an in-depth, introspective look at the lives behind the legends.
Of course, album aficionados should take a deep dive into Eagle’s heralded Classic Albums series, which unveil the creative process behind some of music’s most celebrated recordings. Groundbreaking titles from The Doors, The Beach Boys, Nirvana, The Grateful Dead, Rush, Peter Gabriel, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath, and Judas Priest are all explored, via interviews with artists, producers, and key figures and behind-the-boards dissections of some of music’s most treasured songs.
Fear not, homebound fans - Eagle Rock Entertainment has you covered. Stay safe, and rock on!
Deep Purple is proud to share “Throw My Bones,” the first single from their highly anticipated studio album Whoosh!  The single is accompanied by a new music video, which can be viewed here. 
Deep Purple’s 21st album to date, and third produced by Bob Ezrin, Whoosh! addresses resentments and ideas about our current world, with a message geared towards all generations. The music video for “Throw My Bones” reflects that message, extending an invitation to take a step back and see the bigger picture. It’s a call to observe the planet and take action.
“Whoosh is an onomatopoeic word that, when viewed through one end of a radio-telescope, describes the transient nature of humanity on Earth; and, through the other end from a closer perspective, illustrates the career of Deep Purple.” states vocalist Ian Gillan.
Whoosh! follows Deep Purple’s worldwide chart-topping albums inFinite (2017) and NOW What?! (2013). For the third time, the band joined forces with Bob Ezrin, and together they created the most versatile album in their collaboration, “stretching out in all directions” without any limitation, letting their creativity go.
Whoosh! will be available as a Limited CD+DVD Mediabook (including the 1-hour feature “Roger Glover and Bob Ezrin in conversation” and, for the first time, a video of the full live performance at Hellfest 2017), 2LP+DVD Edition, standard CD and Digital on June 12th, 2020 on earMUSIC. Pre-order is available here.
earMUSIC is the international rock label of Hamburg based entertainment group Edel, releasing internationally the works of Deep Purple, Foreigner, Chickenfoot, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard, Joe Jackson, Gamma Ray, Stratovarius, Skunk Anansie, H.E.A.T, Status Quo, Lisa Stansfield, Marillion, Thunder, Babymetal, Dragonforce, Tarja and many others.