Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Saturday Survey - September 15th

*Survey courtesy C.J. Brown

9-14-68 - KTKT - Tucson, Arizona 

Tucson today boasts over half a million people and sits in southern Arizona only 60 miles from the Mexican border.  KTKT has its own INCREDIBLE tribute site ( run by my friend, CJ Brown, who supplied this week's 1968 survey.  Many stations have tribute sites, but few as extensive as this one, featuring the KTKT charts from decades to browse through.  These are even more interesting to me because I recorded off the station back in 1968!  As Casey would say, "on with the countdown!"  

#2's Washington, DC, Jerry Ross discovery is the Cherry People, covering a Left Banke tune, "And Suddenly."  Jerry Ross introduced the band on American Bandstand.  This clip has Jerry Ross himself on "Hit Heard Round the World," talking up his past hits and the new discovery.  Our Royal Guardsmen are featured in the middle of the clip too!  ALSO, the Magic Ring's pretty arrangement of the often recorded Phil Spector song  "Do I Love You" moves up to #14 this week!
-- Clark Besch

Wow!  That's a pretty impressive showing for The Cherry People, which only peaked at #43 nationally.  "Love Makes A Woman" is also doing very well in Arizona ... it sits at #3.  And check out Creedence Clearwater Revival's first chart hit, "Suzie Q," which leaps of 30 places to land at #10 this week!  ("Hey Jude" / "Revolution" moves from #10 into the #1 spot this week.)

One look at the featured albums chart shows you the heavier tone AM stations were playing by September of 1968 ... artists like The Chambers Brothers, Iron Butterfly, The Doors, Cream and the Super Sessions LP (featuring Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper and Stephen Stills) were more suited to the rapidly growing FM band.  (kk) 

THIS WEEK in 1968:

9/14/68 – Roy Orbison’s two sons die in fire at his home in Hendersonville, TN.  Roy is performing in England at the time.

Also on this date … The Saturday Morning Cartoon Series “The Archies” premiers on CBS.  (A year later, they'll top the chart with The Record Of The Year, "Sugar, Sugar")

9/15/68 – Jim Morrison collapses before a Doors concert in Amsterdam

Also on this date … Barbra Streisand’s television special “A Happening In Central Park” airs on CBS … and Lou Rawls hosts a television special simply called “Soul,” that includes Martha and the Vandellas among his guests.

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Hi Kent,
On Sunday (9/9) you wrote:

>>>Macca’s new “Egypt Station” CD hit the streets on Friday (September 7th) and Paul has been all over the place promoting it.  (The McCartney Media Blitz is on and in full force!  In fact, I can’t remember this kind of heavy saturation for a new McCartney product in YEARS!!!)  Watch this album come in at #1 next week!!!  (kk) 

The official numbers won’t be in until this coming weekend, but all indications are that “Egypt Station” will debut on the Billboard 200 at #2, behind “Kamikaze” by Eminem (which will likely spend a second consecutive week at #1).  If it does debut at #2, it will be McCartney’s highest charting album of new material since 1997’s “Flaming Pie” album, which also debuted at #2 (his 2001 greatest hits release “Wingspan” also peaked at #2).  McCartney hasn’t had a #1 solo effort since 1982’s “Tug Of War”, which spent 3 weeks at #1.  Still, a #2 debut would be pretty impressive.  The Macca media blitz has certainly paid off.
Paul Haney
Record Research
Pretty amazing, really!  How many other 76 year olds are topping the charts these days?  His career’s been going strong for nearly 60 years now. (I guess George Harrison was right when he introduced McCartney on stage to sing “Yesterday” alone during a Beatles appearance … “Opportunity Knocks!”)  Wouldn’t it be something if “Fuh You” started working its way up the charts?!?!  (kk)

As alluded to a couple of weeks ago, Paul’s recent need to reveal his old sexcapades continues … this week with a much-quoted story from an interview he recently did with GQ Magazine revealing that he and John Lennon (and a few other friends) used to masturbate together as teenagers.

Now for those of us who have followed Beatles folklore for decades and hung on every word, this really isn’t a new story … Lennon himself used to talk about it some 40-50 years ago … but why Paul would feel the need to drudge it up again NOW while he’s out and about pushing his new album is beyond me.
Under clever headlines ranging from the obvious (“Come Together”) to the slightly more clever (“Beat The Meatles”), Macca’s all over the press again with a story probably best left where it was … told by younger men (you’re 76 years old for God’s sake!) and then left buried in the archives.
I cannot help but wonder how new wife Nancy feels about all of this … from the two catchiest tunes on the album being “Come On To Me” and “Fuh You” to recent stories about “catching a lot of birds” back in the day and whacking off together as Lennon and McCartney. (kk)

kk …
It’s official ---
Sir Paul is senile.


Meanwhile, we found another website dedicated and devoted to Paul McCartney fandom … and we think you’ll like it …

We recently created and posted a new page on our site that has all the latest Paul McCartney news and covers him extensively, too, including some videos of his surprise live concert in NYC's Grand Central Station the other day.  I'd be honored if you'd let your readers know about the link.  Thanks, 
Jennifer Mandy

kk …
Happy Birthday, Dennis Tufano!
Check out this YouTube clip … interesting story before he sings.

We told you earlier this week that Olivia Newton-John is once again
battling cancer. (It's in her spine this time.)
FH Reader Tom Cuddy just sent us this very special ONJ piece that aired on “Sunday Night” … a very nice tribute to this very special lady.

He also sent us this new interview with Rod Argent of The Zombies …

And here are a couple of final smiles from Chuck Buell …

(Ain’t it the truth?!?!)  kk

Have you heard the latest concert rumor?
Here's an official Chuck Buell Gnus Update ...

HA!  OK, so maybe it's not so true!
CB  ( which stands for "Concert Boy!" )