Saturday, October 23, 2021


One of the greatest voices in pop music has died.

Jay Black, the second lead singer called "Jay" to front Jay and the Americans, and the voice heard on the majority of their hits, has passed away ... no cause of death has been announced.

Black (real name David Blatt) took over lead vocal duties after their first hit with Jay Traynor ("She Cried") in 1962.  Black's incredible, one of a kind voice guided them the rest of the way through their hit era, including the classics "Only In America" (#21, 1963), "Come A Little Bit Closer" (#3, 1964), "Let's Lock The Door" (#10, 1965), "Cara Mia" (#3, 1965, which he still performed brilliantly well into his 70's), "Some Enchanted Evening" (#13, 1965), "Sunday And Me" (#18, 1965, an early chart success for Neil Diamond as a songwriter), "Crying" (#25, 1966), "This Magic Moment" (#4, 1969, and a HUGE comeback hit for the group) and "Walkin' In The Rain" (#10, 1969.)

Black's gambling problems were infamous and he ran up such an incredible debt that it ultimately forced him out of the band.  When appearing before a judge at his bankruptcy hearing in 2006, Jay said he had nothing of value that could possibly pay off all that he owed, to which the judge replied, "Yes you do ... your name."

Founding member Sandy Deanne quickly bought out Jay's rights to the use of the name for $100,000.  However, one of the stipulations of the court hearing was that the band had to be able to represent the music and legacy of Jay and the Americans in a professional and accurate manner, to which Black argued, "Nobody can sing those songs like me."

And then in stepped Chicagoan John "Jay" Reincke, who had been performing Jay and the Americans songs in his stage act for thirty years ... and, in fact, had bid against Sandy Deanne for the rights to the name in order to become Jay #3.  

Because The Truth In Music Act mandates that a band performing under this name has to have at least one of the original members onboard, Reincke pulled himself out of the bidding ... but then, after hearing Reincke sing a few of these tunes, Sandy did them one better and recruited the rest of the original members and, with Jay #3 now fronting the group, they have been performing together again ever since.  (In fact, they're due to take off on the Malt Shop Memories Cruise in about ten days!)

Still, it is Jay Black who will always be associated with the sound and the success of Jay and the Americans.  Today, we lost "The Voice" ... there was truly nothing else out there quite like him.

In a widely circulated "Then And Now" video, some might argue that Black sang the song better at age 72 than he did in his 20's!  Both are knock-you-over performances.  Thank you for some incredible memories ... that will outlive all of us.  (kk)


In talking with a brand new Forgotten Hits Reader the other day (welcome aboard, Nick!), I was telling him about some of the things we’ve covered over the past 22 years of doing FH … so naturally, I brought up our Year-Long Tribute to 1967.

It is, without question, the most ambitious piece we ever did …

Recreating the entire year, 1967, day by day, throughout 2017, its 50th anniversary.  (OMG ... has it REALLY been four years already since this thing first ran?!?!)

Wanna relive 1967?

Much as the link we posted the other day to review our list of THE TOP 3333 MOST ESSENTIAL CLASSIC ROCK SONGS OF ALL-TIME as determined by you, the readers, the fans of Classic Rock Music, radio airplay, iTunes downloads, etc., if you click this link:  Forgotten Hits: Forgotten Hits Salutes 1967 ( … it’ll get your journey thru 1967 started … and then, as you complete each daily entry just click the “Newer Posts” link at the bottom to take you to the next day’s chapter.  (This also allows you the opportunity to pause where necessary as there is just a WHOLE lotta information here to digest!!!)

And, as if THAT wasn’t enough, we’ve also got a site devoted to The Best Of The Rest, featuring all of your comments collected during the course of this series, which ran as additional chapters, often by email only.  

You’ll find this 1967 bonus here:  

The Best Of The Rest of 1967: 1967 Bonus #1( 

(same deal … just click the “Newer Posts” link at the bottom of each page)

52 additional chapters (one for each week!) collected to celebrate an amazing year. 



Kent Kotal

Forgotten Hits

Friday, October 22, 2021


We promised you a new ABBA single on Friday … and now it’s Friday … so here it is!


First recorded in 1978 (and then revisited for release this past year), this is another great up-tempo tune from Sweden’s Sweethearts, who rose to worldwide fame, earning fourteen Top 40 Hits here in The States between 1974 and 1982.  I like it!  (kk)


I have been holding tickets for over a year for the Tommy James concert at The Arcada Theatre … and finally got to see one of my faves on Sunday.

Well, it was worth the wait!

Tommy never disappoints, hit after hit!

I was fortunate to also see the sound check before the official concert, thanks to a friend of a friend.  He really cares about the music … time after time, he stopped the rehearsal to advise the band members / sound man about the tempo or the sound quality. He really cares about the music.

I wish there was more time for some more hits like Out of the Blue, She, Gotta Get Back To You, Ball and Chain and my favorite, Get Out Now. A bigger mystery is why 3 Times in Love, his big comeback song, is never performed. I wonder why?

Talked to Ronnie Rice yesterday. Boy, I could talk to him for hours. BOY, ARE WE FORTUNATE to have the BUCKS, the NC Six, the SHAMES, the IDES and JIMY SOHNS ... all great performers and even better people!!

Mike De Martino

Tommy James NEVER disappoints in concert … he’s a class act and puts on one of the best shows out there.

Over the years, we’ve heard from many, many fans who have told us that the song they would MOST like to hear Tommy perform is “She” … it’s one of my all-time favorites by him, too. 

I mentioned this to Tommy’s manager a couple of years ago and she said she would pass the info along to Tommy … it sure would make for an interesting surprise to hear that one (and a few of the others you mentioned) again once in a while.

Still, when you’ve had 24 National Top 40 Hits, it’s hard to miss with any selection you choose to perform … and that doesn’t even include hits like “Tighter, Tighter” and “Sugar On Sunday” that he wrote and/or produced for other artists.  Several of Tommy’s own hits have gone on to become hits all over again when performed by other artists … so yes, if you haven’t had the pleasure yet of seeing one of Tommy’s shows, do yourself a big favor and get your tickets now.  You will not be disappointed.  (Tommy returns to the area on December 4th with a show at The Genesee Theatre.)  kk


Billboard Magazine give Stevie Wonder the spotlight treatment this week in their on-going Grammy salute.  (And who more deserving than Stevie … who’s been nominated 74 times and taken home the statuette 25 of those times!) 

Stevie Wonder Is Still Going For Grammy Gold And Defying Expectations | Billboard

One of this year’s Black Friday Record Store Day releases will be a live album featuring both performances by Big Brother and the Holding Company (featuring Janis Joplin)’s performance at The Monterey Pop Festival.

As Harvey Kubernik tells us …

Big Brother performed at the Monterey Pop festival on both Saturday, June 17th and Sunday, June 18th, 1967.

Both sets are included on this Record Store Day Black Friday release pressed on psychedelic color vinyl in a high-gloss tip-on jacket. I had the pleasure of writing the liner notes for this brand new release.

Side 1 (set one): Down On Me / Combination Of The Two / Harry / Road Block / Ball and Chain
Side 2 (set two): Combination of the Two / Harry / Ball and Chain

The Fest For Beatles Fans certainly gets this analysis right …

This has been an amazing year of new releases for Beatles Fans.

From McCartney III in late December of 2020, to Ringo's Zoom In EP, to John's Plastic Ono Band, to George's incredible All Things Must Pass, to Ringo's Change The World EP, to Let It Be last week, to Paul's Lyrics Books, all leading up to the Thanksgiving airing of the 6+ hours of Peter Jackson's The Beatles Get Back on Disney + over three nights. YEAH YEAH YEAH!!

I’m not quite sure how you top this!!!  (What kind of anniversaries are coming up NEXT year??!)  kk

Next week The Genesee Theatre celebrates with the Pop 2000 Show, featuring Chris Kirkpatrick of N*Sync, Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray and performances by Ryan Cabrera, OTown and LFO.

Still plenty of great seats are available for next Thursday’s (October 28th) show.

POP 2000 Tour Tickets Oct 28, 2021 Waukegan, IL | Ticketmaster


There's been some discussion lately about how some of the big stars have lost their singing voices over the years - and I'd like to bring up the same topic regarding some of our favorite DJs. Have you heard how rough John Landecker sounds lately? Compare his voice to Kris Erik Stevens or Jeff Davis. It's interesting how some keep their voices while others don't. And Tony Orlando - who isn't famous as a DJ but is on WABC nonetheless - his voice is really difficult to listen to. 

Just a couple of observations ...

David Lewis

No doubt about it, we’re all getting older … and when you make your living with your voice (as both singers and deejays do), it certainly becomes a point of concern.  (I know several artists who, WAY before covid, refused to do Meet and Greets after concert appearances for fear of catching something after hugging or shaking hands with a fan … they just couldn’t risk getting a cold or throat infection and risking their whole livelihood by being sidelined with some type of virus or infection.  Others simply say “the more the merrier” … so we say “to each his own … just do what you’re comfortable with.”

I still haven’t listened to Tony’s show … but his singing voice is still very strong … we’ve seen him a couple of times in the past few years and were always very satisfied with his performance.  (kk)


Check out this incredible looking 12-LP set celebrating some of Quincy Jones’ best work, put together by Vinyl Me Please.

While not exactly a Greatest Hits collection by any means (the hits we know him for best aren’t even part of this collection … maybe there’s more to come?), this is still a great way to explore Quincy’s jazz roots and collaborations with Frank Sinatra and Miles Davis.  (And it’s just so darn pretty!!!)  kk

Fly Me to the Moon: Vinyl Me Please Chronicles "The Story of Quincy Jones" on New Anthology Box Set - The Second Disc


I learned from Diane Diekman’s Country Newsletter this week that Clint Black and Lisa Hartman are still married – who knew?!?! – and they’re going out on tour together – Wow!!!

Even MORE fun???  They’re billing it as “The Hits … and The Mrs.” Tour!!!  (lol) –

He’s 59 and she’s 65 … and apparently they’re still making beautiful music together .. so how cool is THAT?!?!?  (kk)


>>>I will tell you that I've sworn off asparagus since the age of seven ... never cared for the taste ... and it makes your pee smell funny!!!  (kk)

I, too, have long sworn it off!  At a similarly young age, we had the name of that vegetable that shall not be named, and I was convinced it was that that later in the evening made me throw up!

So imagine how I CANNOT GET how anyone can eat even "Roasted A-------s!"

CB ( which then stood for "upChuck Boy!!" )

And another thing …

I never did like that "Dawning of Aquarius" song!

And listening to it again, as I was capturing the caption to your cartoon to be sure I was close to its "Name Chorus" repetition, I really didn't like it!


To me, it's just too much of a saccharin overdose of cosmic hippieness!

CB ( which stands for "Curmudgeon Boy!" )

Well, on this one, I think you’ll find that you’re probably in the minority.  Not only did it top the charts for five weeks back in 1969, but it’s still very popular with oldies radio and oldies fans in general.

The fact that it comes from the hit musical “Hair” probably adds to its street-cred … there are a lot of show-tunes that have captured the hearts of America the way this one did.  (Keep in mind that “Hair” spawned FOUR big hit singles … “Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In,” #1 for The Fifth Dimension, “Hair,” #1 for The Cowsills, “Easy To Be Hard,” #1 for Three Dog Night and “Good Morning Starshine,” #3 for Oliver.  That’s one heck of a Broadway Soundtrack!  (kk)

[Of course, I came for the songs … and stayed for the nudity!]


A couple more things to make you smile …


Can you believe the Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone is celebrating its 60th Anniversary??? (C’mon, what kid didn’t have one of these!!!)



And, to capitalize on this special historic event, a REAL, wireless phone edition is being made available in honor of the toy’s 60th Birthday!


From Me-TV:  Since its launch in 1961, the Chatter Telephone toy from Fisher-Price has become one of the most iconic playthings the company has ever produced.

The colorful, friendly-faced phone has remained mostly unchanged over the past six decades. The original wood base is gone but you can still buy new versions with a rotary dial.

Because of its longevity, the phone pulls at the nostalgic heartstrings of three different generations who all pretended to make important calls with it as kids, sometimes well past the one to three-year-old age range designated by Fisher-Price.

The company hopes to capitalize on this prolific nostalgia with the launch of a special, real and working edition of the Chatter Telephone to celebrate its 60th birthday. It can make and receive phone calls and even has a speaker phone option.

Instead of a landline, it’s a wireless device that connects to any cellphone via Bluetooth. It even has a rechargeable battery!

Luckily, the modern amenities stop there. It comes with a working rotary dial and the only thing “mobile” about it is the wheels. In fact, Fisher-Price touts it as “a phone smart enough not to come with any apps.”

While you can pick up the toy version for ten dollars, this 60th anniversary Bluetooth edition will set you back sixty bucks. It’s currently available for preorder online from Best Buy. No word yet on if the eyes wobble when you pull it.

Don’tcha just HAVE to have one????  (kk)

Here’s a clip from the American Idol 2018 Finale, sent in by FH Reader Tom Cuddy.  (How can you not feel good when an icon like Steve Perry shows up to hear you sing one of his most famous songs?!?!)  kk

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Thursday This And That

What??? No one set to induct Todd yet?  I WANNA DO IT!  He has some great songs … 100s of faves!!!  One of my many rock heroes!  So glad he made it!!!

I'd have lots of onomatopoeia in my story!!!

I would guess Ringo might induct Todd so that the BEATLES could have yet another tricky reuniting onstage?

Clark Besch

Now THAT would make for an awesome site to see!!!  (Now all of a sudden a $500 ticket doesn’t sound so bad!!!  Lol) I dunno … it could happen … Todd certainly has done his fair share of All-Starr Review shows over the years!  (And just recently toured as part of the Tribute to The White Album show.) “Let It Be” just hit the streets … and the “Get Back” six hour film is only a month away …

You just may be on to something here!  (kk)


Speaking of Todd … 


Newly Inducted Rock Hall Member TODD RUNDGREN Releases Neo-Funk Collaboration With THE ROOTS!


In early 2011, as Todd Rundgren was promoting an upcoming tour, he stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon for live performances of two songs from his classic 1972 album Something/Anything, “I Saw The Light” and “Couldn’t I Just Tell You.” Backing Rundgren for both songs was Fallon’s long running house band, hip hop auteurs The Roots. The appearance marked the beginning of a furtive cross-cultural, cross-generational collaborative relationship born of mutual respect and admiration that would be repeated again in 2017 when Rundgren sat in with The Roots on a taping of the Fallon show. Now, these two musical giants reunite on a studio recording, a track that will appear on Rundgren’s upcoming Space Force album coming next year. The new single, “Godiva Girl,” is a delectable slice of neo-funk sweetness with a stellar, soulful groove, decorated with warm keyboards and smooth as silk background vocals. It’s the kind of rich musical confection that fans of both Rundgren and The Roots knew these two could cook up together, and it’s so been worth the wait.

Stream/download the single:

Check out the lyric video:

From Tom Cuddy …

Randy Bachman has been reunited with his lost guitar after 45 years


Talk about your collectibles …


A vintage, 1971 original Grateful Dead T-Shirt just sold for $17,640 at a Sotheby’s Auction last week.  (I hope they washed it first!!!)  kk


Sent in by Frank B …


60 years ago today (October 17th), Mick Jagger and Keith Richards meet each other again by chance on Dartford railway station in Kent, England, on the way to their respective colleges and discover their mutual taste for rock and roll.  They decide to form a band together.

Dion’s new album, “Stomping Grounds,” has been pushed back a couple of weeks to November 19th.  His last two blues albums have topped the charts in this category and have featured a wide array of special guest stars chiming in … and “Stomping Grounds is no exception.”

We’ve already featured the three pre-release tracks offered up by the label (including guest appearances by Joe Bonamassa, Boz Scaggs, Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa.)

Here is the complete track list once again:

1. Take It Back with Joe Bonamassa

2. Hey Diddle Diddle with G.E. Smith

3. Dancing Girl with Mark Knopfler

4. If  You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll with Eric Clapton 

5. There  Was A Time with Peter Frampton

6. Cryin’  Shame with Sonny Landreth

7. The Night Is Young with Joe Menza & Wayne Hood

8. That's  What The Doctor Said with Steve Conn

9. My  Stomping Ground with Billy Gibbons

10. Angel  In The Alleyways with Patti Scialfa & Bruce Springsteen

11. I've  Got To Get To You with Boz Scaggs & Joe and Mike Menza

12. Red  House with Keb' Mo'

13. I  Got My Eyes On You Baby with Marcia Ball & Jimmy Vivino

14. I've  Been Watching with Rickie Lee Jones & Wayne Hood 

From Blues to Doo Wop …


Here’s a sign that things are slowly getting back to normal. 

New York’s long running Doo Wop Weekend is coming back, after being cancelled last year.  Previously, fans from all over the northeast would travel to this event.  In years gone by I even met fans who flew in for the two days of shows from Phoenix and Los Angeles. 

Below is this year’s line-up.

-Tom Cuddy

LAR Enterprises Presents Doo-Wop Weekend

A Weekend With The Stars of Doo-Wop & Rock n Roll
APRIL 23 & 24, 2022







LAR Enterprises Presents Doo-Wop Weekend
A Weekend With The Stars of Doo-Wop & Rock n Roll
Saturday, April 23, 2022 -- 4 PM -- DOORS OPEN AT 3 PM

Herb Reed’s Platters----------------------------------------------------------------Only You
Harold Winley’s Clovers--------------------------------------------Love Potion Number 9
The Flamingos---------------------------------------------------I Only Have Eyes For You
Jimmy Clanton----------------------------------------------------------Venus in Blue Jeans
The Demensions-------------------------------=------------------------Over The Rainbow
Norman Fox & The Rob Roys--------------------------------------------------Tell Me Why
Tony Middleton & The Willows------------------------------------Church Bells May Ring
Robin Luke-----------------------------------------------------------------------Susie Darlin’
Jimmy Gallagher, Original Lead Singer of The Passions---------Just To Be With You
Cleveland Still & The Dubs-------------------------------------------Could This Be Magic
The Fireflies------------------------------------------------------------------You Were Mine
Chuck Girard Orig. Lead singer of The Castells---------------So This Is Love/Sacred
Tony Passa--------------------------------------------------------------------Oh Rosemarie
Acappella By The Classic Sounds
Sunday April 24 -- 3 PM -- DOORS OPEN AT 2 PM

Jay Siegel’s Tokens----------------------------------------------The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Ronnie Dove--------------------------------------------------------------------------Say You
Brian Hyland-------------------------------------------------------------Sealed With A Kiss
Chris Montez----------------------------------------------------------------------Lets Dance
Kathy Young--------------------------------------------------------------A Thousand Stars
The Capris----------------------------------------------------There’s A Moon Out Tonight
Larry Chance & The Earls----------------------------------------------------------I Believe
LA LA Brooks Original Lead Singer of The Crystals-------------------Da Doo Ron Ron
John Kuse & The Excellents--------------------------------------------Coney Island Baby
Charlie Gracie-------------------------------------------------------------------------Butterfly
The Eternals----------------------------------------------------------Babalu's Wedding Day
Little Peggy March---------------------------------------------------------I Will Follow Him
The Mystics--------------------------------------------------------------------------Hushabye
Dickie Lee-------------------------------------------------------------I Saw Linda Yesterday
Joey Dee---------------------------------------------------------------The Peppermint Twist
Half Hollow Hills East HS                   Tickets $65 Orchestra Rows A-T -- Per Show
50 Vanderbilt Parkway                       $55 Orchestra Rows U-Z -----------Per Show
Dix Hills NY  11746                             $45 Balcony--------------------------Per Show
Please Note: Just a reminder that purchasing Balcony Tickets requires being able to walk up two staircases and there are no Restroom Facilities on the Balcony Level
To order your tickets on line 7 DAYS A WEEK, CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW to pick your new seats, print out your tickets and you will be all set. You can also go to home page (online only) and purchase you tickets as well OR
OR you can call 1-888-718-4253 (OPTION 1) M-F, 9 AM – 9 PM or Saturday & Sunday 12 pm – 5 pm EST STANDARD TIME. After you have completed your purchase, don’t forget to print out your tickets and bring them to the concert/s . At the end of the phone sale an email address is required for you to print your tickets. Copies of tickets will NOT be accepted.
Some Acts may not contain all original members. 

Rock Legends Sweet Release New Single “Everything (2021)” 

Sweet (Featuring Andy Scott, original guitarist / songwriter of “Fox On The Run” and “Love Is Like Oxygen”) have released their new single, “Everything (2021).” 

“Everything” originally appeared on Sweet’s 2002 album “Sweetlife” … however, the band’s founding member and guitarist Andy Scott was inspired to re-record it after witnessing the new incarnation of his band rehearse the track live.

Andy explains, “During the rehearsals for Sweet’s forthcoming UK tour 2021, we were trying out various songs from our back catalogue that could be added to the set list. As soon as I heard Paul Manzi and Lee Small’s vocals on the song ‘Everything,’ I knew that we needed to get it down and record it as our new single.”

Commenting on the brand new recording, “Everything 2021,” Andy Scott adds, “I think the new version is a far superior production. It’s much closer to how I envisaged it when I co-wrote the song back in the day.”

Watch the promotional video:

Sweet’s “Everything (2021)” was released as a single Friday, 15th October, and is available on all the usual platforms:  iTunes / Amazon Music / Deezer / Spotify, etc.

Andy Scott is the only surviving member of the ‘classic’ Sweet line-up following the death of former bassist and founding member Steve Priest in 2020 aged 72. Brian Connolly and Mick Tucker passed away in 1997 and 2002 respectively.

The three cancelled Genesis shows scheduled for London have been rescheduled for March of 2022, leaving us a bit surprised.

Seems like all we’ve heard about is how much pain Phil Collins is in … and how he’ll never undertake another tour … and let's face it, it’s kinda hard to measure how much “fun” the guys may be having this early along on the tour (they don’t hit the US until November 15th when they perform here in Chicago), especially after being sidelined by a couple of tour members contracting Covid-19 … but if they’re going to regroup to make up these three London shows, does that mean that they may even add more dates to their agenda?  Only time will tell.  (Oh no, wait … that’s Asia.)  kk

Meanwhile, Rod Stewart has just inked a deal to appear in his 11th year of Las Vegas residency, performing at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace for two stretches in 2022.

Tickets will be going on sale for shows scheduled for May 13th, 14th, 18th, 20th and 21st as well as shows scheduled for September 23rd, 24th, 28th, 30th and October 1st.  They’re billing it as “Rod Stewart: The Hits” and the announcement comes on the heels of the upcoming release of his new album “The Tears Of Hercules,” which hits streets November 12th.  (kk)

And, from Chuck Buell, another "origins" feature ...

(In what can only fall under the TMI category, I will tell you that I've sworn off asparagus since the age of seven ... never cared for the taste ... and it makes your pee smell funny!!!) kk

So I'm signing you out as ...

CB  (Cauliflower Boy)


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Weighing In On A Wednesday

I’m so excited about all this new January, 1969 stuff, yet I have to say that it all pales in comparison to the ’63 – ‘67 era recordings.  

The talk about The Beatles vs. The Stones has been going on so long, it bores me. 

It DID make me think about the recent "Wonder Years" episode, however, where the main character was trading baseball cards with his friends. 


IF five kids were sitting and ONLY trading baseball cards in 1968, THOSE KIDS knew who the players were and which were stars.  You did NOT trade cards like that in 1968 without being knowledgeable about them.  If you knew nothing about the players, you did NOT waste five cents on a pack of baseball cards when you could have the run of pixi sticks, gum, wax lips, fake Roger McGuinn rose colored glasses (I had all those AND was a card lover) and numerous other items you could spend your money on.

Trades he made:

Hank Aaron for Jim Fergosi and Bill Freeman

Carl Yaz for Bert Campinaris

and he took a Willie Mays off a kid DESPITE it being autographed.

C'mon, writers.  The Wonder Years is fun to remember the times, but I NEVER knew ANYONE who liked baseball cards be that stupid.  Personally, I traded with my three brothers and usually, it was two older season cards for a newer season one with player names being important.  Usually, the lousy players went into bicycle spokes.

Sad Wonder Years writing piece this time.

Clark Besch


I always figured it was Yoko and Linda that broke up the Beatles.  Most of the bands I've been in were broken up by wives or girlfriends. 

Ed #1

Part of this is growing up and evolving interests.  You can put 100% of your heart and soul into the band and sometimes when you do, you actually make it.  It’s SUSTAINING that level of intensity that presents the greatest challenge!  At some point, you also have to go on and live your life.  (kk)


kk …

I was watching a clip of John & Yoko -- co-hosting The Mike Douglas Show.

He denied the fact that Yoko broke up the Beatles.

BUT -- if she did, shouldn't she get credit for all four solo careers?

As for THE ROLLING STONES, I think they've hit the perfect formula.

For a few years you don't hear much about them.

Next thing you know, they're announcing another tour.

After the tour is over, they separate before getting on each others’ nerves.

It’s kind of like being broke up, without really breaking up, f you know what I mean.


I’ve long wondered how long The Beatles might have lasted had they just taken the occasional break to work on a solo project … and then only get back together when they were all gung-ho on doing something new. 

Today we take that concept for granted … Phil Collins doing a solo album and then a new one and a tour with Genesis … and several others along the way once things became a big more flexible.

(I guess the other idea would be to have just kept releasing 2-LP sets, with each Beatle taking a side for their solo stuff.  The others could act as back-up musicians until it was their turn to take the spotlight.  Or, as George did, they could bring in a special guest like Eric Clapton or Billy Preston and improve the greater good.)  kk


Hi Kent, 

I loved the Stones VS Beatles debate this morning. 

I thought you both did a great job.  Nobody lost the fight. <grin>

I have learned to appreciate a lot of Stones music that I didn’t like when it first came out.

I generally liked the hits but to this day, I have very few Stones albums. I can’t deny their legacy though. I did go see them on the Steel Wheels tour and loved the show.

If I had to pick between the two bands, I’d pick The Beatles, of course, but the Stones have really made their mark as well.


Other than their Greatest Hits collections, I was never much of one for buying Rolling Stones albums when I was growing up.

The first Stones album I ever owned was “Goats Head Soup” … and that’s only because I won a copy in a newspaper contest!  But I have to admit, I liked it and listened to it again as recently as a week ago.

I’ve since bought the complete collection … and discovered a few new surprises along the way.  Let’s face it, The Rolling Stones have always been well-represented on the radio … and it’s pretty obvious as to which songs were likeliest to be the hits … but they’ve got some great album tracks as well.  I probably need to get a bit deeper into their catalog in order to appreciate it better.

But like I said previously, there is VERY little “filler” on a Beatles album.  Nearly every track got airplay, especially early on, when many album tracks were played as though they were singles, making them all that much more familiar to anybody out there who didn’t already have the LP at home, sitting on the turntable!

Song for song, style for style, it’s The Beatles for me hands down.  Their creativity is unmatched … and to see the group develop as quickly as they did in such a brief period of time … they went from “She Loves You” to “Sgt. Pepper” in just four years!  The sophisticated McCartney ballads like “Here, There And Everywhere” and “Eleanor Rigby” and even the over-played “Yesterday” and “Michelle” were unmatched … and have become integral parts of the ‘60’s musical landscape.  (The fact that this same guy could then go off and write “Martha My Dear” for his dog … or “Rocky Raccoon” and “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road,” all for the White Album … and then bounce back with “Let It Be” and “The Long And Winding Road” for the grand finale just a few months later … not to mention the Side Two “Abbey Road” medley … there just wasn’t ANYBODY else out there doing this caliper of work.)  Did this make them “soft” … or just more versatile?

John could make a political point with a screamer like “Revolution” … while Mick preferred singing “Starfucker, Starfucker, Starfucker, Starfucker, Star” … most likely just to prove that he could get away with it!!!

Maybe someday I’ll be inspired enough to put together a list of The Top 200 Beatles and Rolling Stones songs, based on their lasting legacy.  (That means some of George’s tunes like “Here Comes The Sun” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” will leap to the top of the list.)

Or, you can simply look at the 196 Stones / Beatles tracks that made our Top 3333 Most Essential Classic Rock Songs Of All-Time List and get a pretty good feel for how they’d fall ... and that ranking is the result of YOUR votes ... nearly a million in all ... to determine the absolute best.  (kk)


(Start here and then just scroll forward by hitting the “Newer Posts” link at the bottom of each page … this will take you thru the entire countdown IN ORDER … all the way to #1.  The Rolling Stones have NINE songs in The Top 100, The Beatles have eight … but SIX of those nine Stones songs also made The Top 40, lending even more credence to the fact that they are The World’s Greatest Rock And Roll Band.  Can’t they just SHARE the title then by declaring The Beatles The World’s Recording Greatest Band???)  kk

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Tuesday This And That

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony is finally here.

Festivities will take place in Cleveland next Saturday, October 30th … and the presenters list, for the most part, has been finalized (although The Rock Hall still promises more surprises.)  AND, incredibly, there are still tickets available for this event.

2021 Induction Tickets | Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (

Tom Cuddy sent us this announcement from Premiere Radio Networks:

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has taken the wrap off this year's initial list of presenters and performers for the 36th annual Induction Ceremony on October 30th at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland.

Paul McCartney will induct his buddy Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. This marks the fourth time McCartney is doing the honors for a fellow artist. The other three were John Lennon in 1994, James Taylor in 2000 and Ringo Starr in 2015.

Actress Angela Bassett will induct Tina Turner with performances by Christina AguileraMickey GuytonH.E.R. and Bryan Adams. Tina will not be attending the ceremony. Angela portrayed Tina in the 1993 bio-pic, What's Love Got to Do With It.

Taylor Swift will induct Carole King and perform some of her songs with Jennifer Hudson.

Actress Drew Barrymore will induct The Go-Go’s.

Lionel Richie will present the Ahmet Ertegun Award to music executive, entrepreneur and film producer Clarence Avant, who's often called "The Black Godfather."

No word yet on who will speak on behalf of Jay-ZTodd Rundgren and Kraftwerk  (Are you available Kent?!)

The ceremony will air on HBO and HBO Max on November 20th.

The idea of $50 tickets is kind of a misnomer … expect to pay more in the vicinity of $250 - $600 for a seat … but what a “Once In A Lifetime” event this would be to see, especially with the All-Star Jam Session that wraps up each ceremony.  (You’ve got to expect everyone listed above to get up on stage and jam, right???)

Of course, MOST of us will watch it at home on our television sets on November 20th (or on one of the countless reruns that will air during the next 30 days.)  Still, this isn’t a bad class overall.  (kk)

>>>Although I have a really hard time believing that a mobile bachelorette party, packed with young, beautiful women partying hard and out for a good time would so willingly welcome an 80 year old stranger onboard to join in.  If anything, I’d expect the reaction to be one more of “Get out of here, you creepy old man!” ... and perhaps even a call to the police!  Lol (kk)

You're just out of touch with today's young people.

Kesha kicks guys to the curb "unless they look  like Mick Jagger."

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 tries to impress girls by telling them he has "Moves Like Jagger."

Kanye West claims to have "Swagger like Jagger" …

and of the Black Eyed Peas says "These girls ... callin' me Mick Jagger."

They wish.

Ed #1


We told you that Elton John hit Billboard’s Top 40 this week with his duet with Dua Lipa (“Cold Heart”) … but he has now also hit the #1 spot on the UK Chart (after sitting at #2 for the past three consecutive weeks), earning Elton his first UK #1 in 16 years.  (What was his 2005 #1 Hit, you may ask?  I certainly did!  Well, it was another duet, this time with 2Pac on something called “Ghetto Gospel.”)

Looking at the list of #1 Hits for that year, there are some pretty amazing entries hitting the top of the British charts …

For example, Elvis Presley had THREE #1 Hits that years, thanks to reissues of “Jailhouse Rock,” “One Night” and “It’s Now Or Never”!!!

The biggest #1 Hit of 2005 was “(Is This The Way To) Amarillo” by Tony Christie (featuring Peter Kay.)

For a complete list of EVERY #1 British Hit, dating back to 1952 and running right up thru this week, be sure to check out THIS link ...

All The Official Singles Chart Number 1s (

>>>“Cold Heart” incorporates three of Elton’s solo hits (“Sacrifice,” “Rocket Man” and “Kiss The Bride,” all Top 40 Hits in their own right, plus “Where’s The Shoorah,” from his album “Blue Moves.”)  Amazingly, it all works into a pretty good mash-up … in fact, it’s really not a bad track at all!  (kk)

Elton John and Dua Lipa ... two of my favorite entertainers. 

I'm not into mash-ups myself, but your assessment is on target … "really not a bad track at all." 

I was wondering if Elton and Dua collaborated on any actual songs and ... my lips to God's ears ... there exist two duet videos: Elton John's "Bennie And The Jets" and Dua Lipa's recent hit "Love Again." 

Dua Lipa should do a remix of "Love Again" with Elton John.  A few artists have done that lately and it has netted them Hot 100 #1's.

Ed #1


To Infinity and Beyond …

With William Shatner back safely from space, next up is rumored to be Forgotten Hits DJs Chuck Buell, Phil Nee and Larry Neal!  Not sure you guys will get a seat, because I doubt any of you can beat 90 years old, can you?

SpaceX announcers let the secret out first and then Jimmy Kimmel ran with the leaked story!  Check out :50 into this clip!

As the late, great Art Roberts would say ... "Excelsior!"

Clark Besch


Kent –

Great news about ABBA’s return –

Been a long time since “Dancing Queen”

Ron Riley 

Their “comeback” album hits the streets on November 5th.  (I’ve had my copy pre-ordered since it was first announced!) 

It has also just been announced that a brand new track from the LP will be released this Friday (October 22nd)  The track is called “Just A Notion” and was actually recorded back in 1978, but never released

Wish I could see the new avatar show … but a trip to London to do so just isn’t in the cards for me!  (Maybe when it finally hits Chicago!)  kk




Elvis’ Drummer Has Died.


Tutt was Elvis Presley’s Drummer from 1969 till The King’s death in 1977 as a member of the TCB Band.  As soon as Elvis went back to doing live shows (first in Vegas and then on tour), Tutt was the backbeat of the band.  Sad to hear of his passing.  (kk) 


I just had to write this.   

Honored to have seen Ron and Elvis a half a dozen times.  



Ron Tutt  (March 12, 1938-October 16, 2021)

By Harvey Kubernik Copyright 2021


I was sad to learn of the physical passing of Elvis Presley's TCB band drummer Ron Tutt at age 83.  Tutt also played on live dates and recordings with Neil Diamond, Jerry Garcia and Elvis Costello. 

Tutt joined Presley's TCB (Takin' Care of Business) band for Presley's 1969 Las Vegas debut at the International Hotel and remained with Presley until Elvis' untimely death.  Decades ago, I interviewed the legendary drummer/percussionist Hal Blaine. He recalled one of his encounters with Elvis about the coveted tour drum seat.

Blaine had already held the rhythm seat behind Presley on “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You,” “Return to Sender,” and “Bossa Nova Baby.” 

“Before these Elvis dates, I was on recordings by Nancy and Frank Sinatra,” Hal reminisced in 2008. “I was doing a job in the studio.  We used to say: TTMAR. Take the money and run. Nobody knew how long it would last. Elvis went to Las Vegas and came backstage when I was there with Nancy Sinatra at Caesar’s Palace. ‘Hey, Hal. You gonna come and work across the street [the International Hotel] with me?’ He expected me to join him for his debut and be part of that band, but it was impossible. I had two much session work.”       

Earlier this century I interviewed Jerry Schilling, Presley’s best friend and confident. I asked him about how Ron Tutt got the gig. 

“After The ‘68 Elvis Presley Comeback Special television broadcast, Elvis was a happy person like he should have been. He decided to put a band together and do a month at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. I became involved in what was happening around him, even though I wasn’t working for him. Colonel Parker is never there for rehearsals or recordings.

“I watched a guy put a rock ‘n’ roll band together. That’s what he does. He started by picking James Burton. That’s where Elvis was a genius. That’s where he was the most underrated producer in musical history. Whether it be in the studio or putting the band together. Whether it was ‘I hear voices here,’ ‘play this line here.’ The guy was a great producer.

“The ’68 special inspired him, but he was doing what he had not been able to do for years. He was doing his thing and he was doing it being able to choose the people he was able to do it with. Being able to choose what songs and not being told what has to be in the soundtrack. What he had to wear. He was out of prison, man.

“I remember being at Elvis’ house with a list that Joe [Esposito], maybe Charlie Hodge a little bit, ‘here’s some of the musicians that people are suggesting.’ What do you think of this, this and this? Elvis pretty much picked and chose.  He knew who James Burton was. He knew who Ronnie (Tutt) was. 

“Ronnie was the guy who did what D.J. [Fontana] had come in and done. He could accentuate Elvis’ moves, but more importantly, when there were bigger name drummers in the audition, like Hal Blaine. 

“I remember what Elvis told me and Joe. He would come over and we both thought he was gonna go for Hal Blaine. It was the obvious choice. And he said, ‘watch this guy (Ronnie).’ Elvis came over and he said, ‘I need one guy on stage that has my temperament. Ronnie Tutt.’  That’s why Ronnie Tutt has the job.”

Harvey Kubernik


More on Ronnie Tutt here:  Ronnie Tutt, Drumming Legend With Presley’s TCB Band, Dies | Best Classic Bands

Best Classic Bands also has a very nice tribute to the first Traveling Wilburys album, released 33 years ago this week on October 17th, 1988.

‘Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1’: Just Your Basic Dylan-Petty-Harrison-Orbison-Lynne Supergroup | Best Classic Bands


My wife likes to watch Hallmark channel movies and loves it when I join her.  Last night’s long awaited Signed, Sealed, and Delivered movie featured the wedding between the lead characters and a '71 classic song. 

In one of the last scenes, Never My Love by the 5th Dimension was the song that was used as she made it clear to him that she would never leave.  They used most of the song.  It was a surprise and great to hear Marilyn's beautiful voice.

Phil – WRCO



I saw for the first time today a 30 second commercial on television during the football games advertising the product "Fruit of the Loom."  I noticed in the background the song LA-LA-LA-LA-LA. I am sure this was the same song that came out in 1964 by a group known as the Blendells on Rampart and/or Reprise records. Have you seen this commercial yet? Don't really know how long it's been running. Again, the question is, "who determines these odd and obscure songs" used in background of commercials?


Another pretty obscure one for sure … #62 in Billboard in 1964.  (kk)


New book … 


Finding Fretless: The story of George Harrison’s mad guitar

The remarkable story of George Harrison’s prototype ‘mad’ guitar and the search for Jimi Hendrix’s and Frank Zappa.

“Paul has done an amazing bit of detective work for Finding Fretless, it would put Poirot to shame.” Fiona Bruce – BBC Antiques Roadshow.

“This is an incredibly rare Beatles guitar with an enviable history, which turns out to be one of the most valuable items ever seen … valued at £300,000 – £400,000 by Jon Baddeley”.

Finding Fretless tells the remarkable tale of the discovery and rich history of an invaluable late-1960s fretless electric guitar, one fondly remembered by George Harrison as the ‘Mad’ guitar.

The prototype fretless model was gifted to the Beatles legend by Hollywood session player and music shop owner Al Casey, whose wife Maxine took it to Blue Jay Way in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles while Harrison was staying there in 1967.

Returning to the UK with his new acquisition, it was used by Harrison and John Lennon on sessions for ‘Happiness is a Warm Gun’ and ‘Helter Skelter’ as the legendary Liverpool outfit recorded classic 1968 double-album The Beatles, aka The White Album.

Guitar experts and aficionados were previously unaware of the prototype’s important part in Beatles mythology, its history a mystery until 2019, after UK session guitarist Ray Russell asked, ‘Who knows anything about this guitar George Harrison gave me in 1985?’

Finding Fretless sees author Paul Brett amend the history books, piecing together the jigsaw to tell the full story of the prototype Bartell alongside that of one of the forgotten founding fathers of the electric guitar, master luthier Paul Barth.

Within, Brett’s extensive research is supported by leading academics and established authors and personal memories of top session players who worked with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and The Beach Boys, Finding Fretless including forewords from two highly-regarded guitarists intrinsically linked to the tale – London session player, producer and composer Ray Russell, and American producer, sideman and session player Richard Bennett.

In a compelling story, Brett also shines light on the incredible history of Bartell and a seminal period in California that influenced musicians on both sides of the Atlantic.

Finding Fretless also brings in the guitar’s associations with Charles Manson’s infamous murderous cult, a million-dollar lawsuit, fire, frying pans, drunken fistfights, corporate shenanigans, Elvis, The Wrecking Crew, and much more.

And those interviewed include descendants of Bartell company presidents and surviving employees, Brett also revealing previously-untold memories of some of the most influential creators in the development of the electric guitar, including Barth, Beauchamp, Rickenbacker, Fender, and the Dopyera brothers.

Price $24.99 Paperback

Publication date: October 26, 2021 - 190 Pages full colour

Order from


Interesting to get these next two emails within 24 hours of one another …

A Cappella Group Pentatonix Performs 'The Sound Of Silence' on …

Dan Guilfoyle

And then this from Chuck Buell (who absolutely LOVED Clark Besch’s response about the “Whipped Cream” album the other day, by the way!!!) 

Want to start your Day off on a wonderfully positive note?

I smiled all the way through this!

"The Sounds of Silence" never sounded, or looked, so good . . . . .

Chuck ( Buell )