Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Weighing In On A Wednesday

I’m so excited about all this new January, 1969 stuff, yet I have to say that it all pales in comparison to the ’63 – ‘67 era recordings.  

The talk about The Beatles vs. The Stones has been going on so long, it bores me. 

It DID make me think about the recent "Wonder Years" episode, however, where the main character was trading baseball cards with his friends. 


IF five kids were sitting and ONLY trading baseball cards in 1968, THOSE KIDS knew who the players were and which were stars.  You did NOT trade cards like that in 1968 without being knowledgeable about them.  If you knew nothing about the players, you did NOT waste five cents on a pack of baseball cards when you could have the run of pixi sticks, gum, wax lips, fake Roger McGuinn rose colored glasses (I had all those AND was a card lover) and numerous other items you could spend your money on.

Trades he made:

Hank Aaron for Jim Fergosi and Bill Freeman

Carl Yaz for Bert Campinaris

and he took a Willie Mays off a kid DESPITE it being autographed.

C'mon, writers.  The Wonder Years is fun to remember the times, but I NEVER knew ANYONE who liked baseball cards be that stupid.  Personally, I traded with my three brothers and usually, it was two older season cards for a newer season one with player names being important.  Usually, the lousy players went into bicycle spokes.

Sad Wonder Years writing piece this time.

Clark Besch


I always figured it was Yoko and Linda that broke up the Beatles.  Most of the bands I've been in were broken up by wives or girlfriends. 

Ed #1

Part of this is growing up and evolving interests.  You can put 100% of your heart and soul into the band and sometimes when you do, you actually make it.  It’s SUSTAINING that level of intensity that presents the greatest challenge!  At some point, you also have to go on and live your life.  (kk)


kk …

I was watching a clip of John & Yoko -- co-hosting The Mike Douglas Show.

He denied the fact that Yoko broke up the Beatles.

BUT -- if she did, shouldn't she get credit for all four solo careers?

As for THE ROLLING STONES, I think they've hit the perfect formula.

For a few years you don't hear much about them.

Next thing you know, they're announcing another tour.

After the tour is over, they separate before getting on each others’ nerves.

It’s kind of like being broke up, without really breaking up, f you know what I mean.


I’ve long wondered how long The Beatles might have lasted had they just taken the occasional break to work on a solo project … and then only get back together when they were all gung-ho on doing something new. 

Today we take that concept for granted … Phil Collins doing a solo album and then a new one and a tour with Genesis … and several others along the way once things became a big more flexible.

(I guess the other idea would be to have just kept releasing 2-LP sets, with each Beatle taking a side for their solo stuff.  The others could act as back-up musicians until it was their turn to take the spotlight.  Or, as George did, they could bring in a special guest like Eric Clapton or Billy Preston and improve the greater good.)  kk


Hi Kent, 

I loved the Stones VS Beatles debate this morning. 

I thought you both did a great job.  Nobody lost the fight. <grin>

I have learned to appreciate a lot of Stones music that I didn’t like when it first came out.

I generally liked the hits but to this day, I have very few Stones albums. I can’t deny their legacy though. I did go see them on the Steel Wheels tour and loved the show.

If I had to pick between the two bands, I’d pick The Beatles, of course, but the Stones have really made their mark as well.


Other than their Greatest Hits collections, I was never much of one for buying Rolling Stones albums when I was growing up.

The first Stones album I ever owned was “Goats Head Soup” … and that’s only because I won a copy in a newspaper contest!  But I have to admit, I liked it and listened to it again as recently as a week ago.

I’ve since bought the complete collection … and discovered a few new surprises along the way.  Let’s face it, The Rolling Stones have always been well-represented on the radio … and it’s pretty obvious as to which songs were likeliest to be the hits … but they’ve got some great album tracks as well.  I probably need to get a bit deeper into their catalog in order to appreciate it better.

But like I said previously, there is VERY little “filler” on a Beatles album.  Nearly every track got airplay, especially early on, when many album tracks were played as though they were singles, making them all that much more familiar to anybody out there who didn’t already have the LP at home, sitting on the turntable!

Song for song, style for style, it’s The Beatles for me hands down.  Their creativity is unmatched … and to see the group develop as quickly as they did in such a brief period of time … they went from “She Loves You” to “Sgt. Pepper” in just four years!  The sophisticated McCartney ballads like “Here, There And Everywhere” and “Eleanor Rigby” and even the over-played “Yesterday” and “Michelle” were unmatched … and have become integral parts of the ‘60’s musical landscape.  (The fact that this same guy could then go off and write “Martha My Dear” for his dog … or “Rocky Raccoon” and “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road,” all for the White Album … and then bounce back with “Let It Be” and “The Long And Winding Road” for the grand finale just a few months later … not to mention the Side Two “Abbey Road” medley … there just wasn’t ANYBODY else out there doing this caliper of work.)  Did this make them “soft” … or just more versatile?

John could make a political point with a screamer like “Revolution” … while Mick preferred singing “Starfucker, Starfucker, Starfucker, Starfucker, Star” … most likely just to prove that he could get away with it!!!

Maybe someday I’ll be inspired enough to put together a list of The Top 200 Beatles and Rolling Stones songs, based on their lasting legacy.  (That means some of George’s tunes like “Here Comes The Sun” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” will leap to the top of the list.)

Or, you can simply look at the 196 Stones / Beatles tracks that made our Top 3333 Most Essential Classic Rock Songs Of All-Time List and get a pretty good feel for how they’d fall ... and that ranking is the result of YOUR votes ... nearly a million in all ... to determine the absolute best.  (kk)


(Start here and then just scroll forward by hitting the “Newer Posts” link at the bottom of each page … this will take you thru the entire countdown IN ORDER … all the way to #1.  The Rolling Stones have NINE songs in The Top 100, The Beatles have eight … but SIX of those nine Stones songs also made The Top 40, lending even more credence to the fact that they are The World’s Greatest Rock And Roll Band.  Can’t they just SHARE the title then by declaring The Beatles The World’s Recording Greatest Band???)  kk