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The Saturday Survey (February 3rd, 1968)

*Survey courtesy Mark Prellberg

2-2-68 WROK Rockford, Illinois

This station was VERY well known by the locals and a great outlet for the scene that was happening there in the 60's.  The biggest of those likely was Fuse who morphed into Cheap Trick.  Not being that far from Chicago and the big AM giants, the music of Chicago bands battled with Rockford's scene for attention on WROK, too.  Usually, a local band was pictured on these mini-lists (another cop from WCFL mini-spin idea).  

This week, 50 years ago, the local combo, Missing Links, was on top of the Rock with their cover of the Stones' "Under My Thumb," with the B side at #2, another cover.  Their version of the Temptations' "Get Ready" at #2 would move to #1 the following week and be joined by another local band, the Iron Gate, with THEIR more polished version of the same song!  Who says "it's lonely at the top?"
-- Clark Besch

This is an unusual chart in many ways ... three of The Top Four songs never charted nationally and yet right there in the thick of it are The Beatles with "Hello Goodbye!"  (The Fab Four also occupy the #11 spot with "Magical Mystery Tour," an ALBUM track!)

Any idea if the Chicago Prophibition song is the same one that was a hit for Georgie Fame?  "Daydream Believer" by The Monkees is still hanging on at #14 ... and how about "Sunshine Of Your Love" already falling down ten spots when it just premiered nationally a couple of weeks ago?!?!  (I love the fact that the group is shown as "The Cream," which is the way they were billing themselves early on ... I don't think the record label showed them that way, 'tho, did it?)

Chicago's New Colony Six have one of this week's hot premiers ... and the never-ending typos continue on charts from around the country as The First Edition premier at #28 with "I Just STOPPED In."  (kk)

This Week in '68:  

1/28/68:    The Fifth Dimension perform “Up Up And Away” and “Carpet Man” on The Ed Sullivan Show.  (Harvey Kubernik)  

1/28/68:  Jim Morrison of The Doors is arrested at a Las Vegas Adult Movie Theater for public drunkedness after harassing a security guard.  (Harvey Kubernik) 

That same day The Doors are offered half a million dollars to star in a film ... but the movie never happens.  (Ron Smith)  

1/30/68:  Bob Dylan and the Band record a 14 song demo that will see the light of day decades years later when The Basement Tapes are released over a series of LPs.   (Harvey Kubernik) 

1/30/68:  Bobby Goldsboro records “Honey.”  It will top Billboard’s Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart for five weeks beginning in April.  (Harvey Kubernik)
[By Week #3 the sale of barf bags will hit a record high. - kk ... just kidding ... hey, I bought the record, too!  And so did my Mom!]   

2/1/68:  Lisa Marie Presley is born to proud parents Elvis and Priscilla ... EXACTLY nine months to the day after their May 1, 1967, wedding!  (Ron Smith)  

2/3/68:  Today marks the 9th Anniversary of the day Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper died in a plane crash - Rock and Roll's first tragedy.  (kk)

Friday, February 2, 2018

Jim Peterik's World Stage Concert Review

photo by Brett Beiner

Review in a Word:  Wow!  

I’ve never been to a World Stage show before … which is pretty amazing when you consider that the show we saw (as Jim Peterik’s guests) last Saturday Night, January 20th, was his 19th presentation.

The concert event played to a full house at Wentz Concert Hall / Fine Arts Center in Naperville, Illinois, a beautiful place to see a concert (unless you happened to be sitting up in the nose bleed seats behind the stage … fortunately, we weren’t … we were right behind Jim’s family, front and center in the theater.)  Jim explained the “rear seating” as “these are people that bought their tickets really, really late!”  (Actually, a good number of them were teachers and staff from North Central College … and they enjoyed the show just as much as everyone else!)

The concept is simple … Jim Peterik presents a wide variety of his music originally written and performed with The Ides Of March, Survivor, .38 Special, Pride Of Lions and more … but to keep things interesting, he always invites some “special guests” to participate and, as such, we are treated to some of THEIR greatest hits as well.  (Over the years, Jim has been joined on stage by Steve Cropper, Alan Parsons, David Pack of Ambrosia, Ray Parker, Jr., Jimmy Sohns as well as members of Night Ranger, REO Speedwagon, The Motels, Santana, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Toto, Starship, Three Dog Night, Vanilla Fudge and more.

For this year’s concert, Jim’s co-headliner was Mark Farner, founding member (as well as the voice, the heart and the soul) of Grand Funk Railroad.

photo by Frannie Kotal

I’ve missed several opportunities over the years to see Mark Farner in concert (and even blew the chance to interview him the year he was touring as part of The Happy Together Tour because I couldn’t clear my schedule on a weekday afternoon when he was available.)

I grew up listening to Farner’s music … Grand Funk Railroad was my brother’s favorite band so it played non-stop at our house.  I became familiar with it thru osmosis … and became a bit of a fan myself.  (On the way to the show, Frannie asked me if I thought he’d do “Bad Time” … (that’s one of her all-time favorites.)  I said I really wasn’t sure … “As part of his OWN concert,” I said, “most definitely” … but as part of a limited set length that might only include four or five songs, I just wasn’t sure if that one would make the cut.  

“He’ll definitely do ‘The Locomotion’ and ‘Some Kind of Wonderful,’” I said … (which, of course, he did) … songs that many of us felt at the time were “sell out moves” made just for the sake of making a hit record … but as far as the REAL music of Grand Funk … the music that defined the band and made them one of the top-selling acts in America during the early ‘70’s … I wasn’t so sure.

Turns out that not only did Farner do “Bad Time” … he also explained how that record was the most-played record in America in 1975.  “It never made it to #1,” he said … “but it got PLAYED more than the #1 records.” 

He also did “Closer To Home” (the full-length “I’m Your Captain” / “Closer To Home” version) and opened his set with “Rock ‘n’ Roll Soul” … but he DIDN’T do “We’re An American Band,” a #1 Hit Record from 1973 that introduced the band to a whole new audience. 

He was fun to watch … totally animated, prancing around the stage like not a day had passed since the glory days of the early-to-mid ‘70’s.  He was clearly having a ball … and the audience loved it, too.   I would DEFINITELY go back to see one of Mark's solo shows.  (In fact, he'll be back at The Arcada Theatre on April 28th!)

photo by Tim Bales

But wait … I’m getting ahead of myself.  Farner CLOSED the show.  Prior to Mark taking the stage, we were treated to 3 ½ hours of non-stop rock and roll, presented by a core band that included Ed Breckenfeld on Drums, Klem Hayes on Bass, Christian Cullen on Keyboards and Mike Aquino on Guitar … each and every one of them a top-notch musician in their own right.  (I have to admit it was weird to see Jim Peterik on stage NOT playing lead guitar!  He’s one of the best!)  But Mike Aquino was simply amazing … he blew us away … and gave Jim the chance to bounce back between guitar and keyboards during their set. 

They were all accompanied by The Ides Of March Horns:  Steve Eisen on Sax, Tim Bales on Trumpet and Henry Salgado on Trombone … and the incredible background vocals of Colin Peterik, Yvonne Gage and Riley Pettrone. 

The show opened with the Survivor / .38 Special song “Rockin’ Into The Night,” a GREAT opening track, followed by “Burning Heart” and then “Caught Up In You,” performed more in “The Songs” re-imagined vein with  Andy Ohlrich on fiddle, beautifully synchronized to a video from the recording session that also featured Chihsuan Yang, who we’ve featured in Forgotten Hits before.   

Jim’s son Colin Peterik then took center stage to perform a song called “Body Language” before rejoining the other background singers.  (I would have liked to have seen more of Colin who, I’m told, had about a 15 minute spotlight treatment at last year’s World Stage Concert.  He’s a great pianist who Saturday Night accompanied himself on guitar.) 

Next up … Toby Hitchcock. 

Why isn’t this guy a household name??? MAN, what a voice!!! 

He’s about as unlikely looking a rock star as you’ll ever see … but the minute he opens his mouth these INCREDIBLE vocals fill the concert hall … the power and range of his voice are spine-chilling.

photo by Brett Beiner

Toby did a short set that included a few of his Pride Of Lions tracks and wrapped things up with a medley of two Survivor tracks, “High On You” and “I Can’t Hold Back.”  (I’m not quite sure I understood this one … with Survivor original lead singer Dave Bickler also on hand, I would have figured HE would have been tackling all of the Survivor tracks that night … but that being said, Toby also did an outstanding job with these. 

Then background singers Riley Pettrone and Yvonne Gage took center stage to perform an absolutely stunning and beautiful reading of the Michael Jackson classic “Man In The Mirror.”  It was absolutely perfect … and I loved the way they didn’t try to imitate Michael’s recording but instead put their own touch to it, while still allowing the familiarity of the original to shine through.  It was an exquisite performance … and a REAL change of pace … since the next guy to come bursting on stage was none other than Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick!!!

 photo by Brett Beiner

photo by Brett Beiner

Yes, the crowd went expectedly wild … and deservedly so.  Rick joked that he was going to do a song and then head back to the old people’s home and go to bed … but from the opening chord of “Surrender,” the whole crowd was up on their feet, cheering on what had to be the ultimate climax of the show thus far.  

He left the stage throwing a flurry of guitar pics out into the audience and I’ve gotta tell you, I wasn’t quite sure how ANYBODY would follow that.
The guy left in that unenviable and nearly impossible position was Dave Bickler, original lead singer of Survivor, who, quite honestly, didn’t look physically up to the challenge.   

 photo by Kath Galasso

Bickler fronted the band for about 4 ½ years and was around long enough to sing their all-time biggest hit, “Eye Of The Tiger,” which would be saved for the grand finale.  Having been the front man for that length of time, he looked a little bewildered up there and I got the impression that maybe he hadn’t been singing for a while, although he did mention having just recorded a new tune called “Hope,” which he also performed.  He was beaming proud that his whole family was there to see his triumphant return to the stage … I just wish he looked a little bit happier about it himself!  (He seemed very uncomfortable back in the spotlight … and I think Jim may have been trying to give a boost to his old friend who, prior to forming Survivor, used to sing jingles with Peterik while they were between bands.) 

His set consisted of a few lesser-known Survivor songs that some of the real die-hard fans in the audience recognized (but probably left the majority of the audience scratching their heads.)  One tune he did that sounded exceptionally good was an early favorite of mine, “Poor Man’s Son,” a Top 20 Hit here in Chicago back in 1981.  Man, it was great to hear this one again (so I’ve included it here for you to enjoy, too.)

Personally, I would have given anything to see him sing his Jamestown Massacre hit “Summer Sun” over a couple of the Survivor tunes … and I think the overall feel of that track might have made his set a bit more uplifting as well.  (It’s virtually impossible to sit still during “Summer Sun” … it’s just one of those songs that grabs you and your feet start moving the moment it comes on.) 

After a brief intermission, The Ides Of March took the stage.  Jim prepared us ahead of time that they’d be featuring some of the songs from “The ‘70’s Ides Of March,” which meant we weren’t treated to one of my all-time favorites, “You Wouldn’t Listen,” The Ides’ first hit record and a staple of ALL of their performances. 

photo by Brett Beiner

Also missing was “Aire Of Good Feeling,” another fan favorite.  Instead we got “Music Messenger” and “Live Life” and another stirring rendition of Survivor’s “The Search Is Over,” clearly a song that means a whole lot to Jim Peterik in many ways.

It's nothing short of amazing that the four core members of The Ides of March (Jim Peterik, Larry Millas, Guitar, Bob Bergland, Bass, and Mike Borch, Drums) have stayed together since the very first time they got together in a Berwyn Basement some 52 years ago.  Joined by Scott May on Keyboards (who's already a 30-year veteran!), these guys never give less than 1000% on stage.  ALWAYS a delight to see.  

And then it was time for yet another surprise guest. 

After playing “L.A. Goodbye,” Jim brought out Danny Seraphine, the original drummer from Chicago, who sat in on The Ides’ set-closer “Vehicle.”  (Danny had a concert the following night at The Arcada Theatre with The Buckinghams so this was a nice way for him to do a little “warming up” before his big show!) 

But he wasn’t finished next …

He brought out his CTA Guitarist Marc Bonilla, who joined the complete group on stage (meaning all of the World Stage Players AND The Ides Of March, along with Danny Seraphine still on drums) … plus Toby Hitchcock on lead vocals ... and then this monstrous montage of musicians performed an absolutely KILLER rendition of the big Chicago hit “25 Or 6 To 4” to nothing short of thunderous applause.  (And I can attribute a good amount of that applause to Danny’s guitarist, Marc Bonilla … Jim Peterik is amazing … Mike Aquino is one of the best I’ve ever seen … but Marc Bonilla is out of this world … just CRAZY good … I have NEVER seen fingers move so quickly up and down the fret-board of a guitar, belting out one of the most impressive guitar solos this side of Terry Kath … in fact, I can honestly say that I’ve never heard the REAL group Chicago perform this song as well as it sounded Saturday Night!  And Toby sang it as well as it's ever been sung.  Simply put:  The place was on fire!) 

photo by Brett Beiner
And then it was time for the Mark Farner set we told you about earlier before a full scale finale that included ALL of the players (minus Rick Nielsen, of course, who by now was safely tucked away in bed, probably well into the first dozen of his 40 winks) to perform the show-closer, “Eye Of The Tiger.” 

photo by Brett Beiner
It was an incredible night of music performed by some of the top notch musicians out there today.  I can only hope that Jim will be so kind as to invite us to next year’s show, too!!!
Kent Kotal
Forgotten Hits

We ran into a couple of Forgotten Hits Readers at the show and one of them, Art Walicki, turned in his own review of this concert event ...

Here is my two-cents on the Jim Peterik World Stage show ... 


First, let me say what a great venue this is to see a show. This was my first time to Wentz Hall and I don't think there is a bad seat in the house. My wife and I had seats in the second row of the balcony and they were great. 

This was also my first World Stage show and I was not disappointed. In fact, I was blown away by all the surprise guests. It was great to see Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick ... I just wish he would of stayed for more than one song. 

Actually, all of the guests were great. I was not familiar with Dave Bickler, but he also did an admirable job. 

The cherry on top for me was Mark Farner. 


He performed perfectly, sounded great and had a lot of energy. I was hoping for some more deeper tracks of Grand Funk, but at least we got to hear Closer to Home / I'm Your Captain. The other songs to me were more pop than Grand Funk, but it was still great to hear Mark do them. 

My only very minor disappointment was I thought that the show included too many Survivor songs. Nothing against Survivor, but I was hoping to hear some more Ides songs or other local songs. Just my personal nit-pick. 

All in all for all of the seniors on and off the stage, it was a high energy rock n' roll show. It looked like the people on stage were having as much fun as the people off the stage. And it showed in their performance. 

I’m already am looking forward to next year’s show. Jim Peterik NEVER disappoints. Rock On!
-- Art Walicki

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Guest Concert Review: Bowzer's Doo-Wop Concert

We've got another concert review for you this morning as our frequent guest columnist Shelley Sweet-Tufano ... yes, our very own Show-Biz Shelley ... takes us thru the paces of Bowzer's latest Doo-Wop Concert.


Remember the Peppermint Lounge? 

Remember twisting? 

Remember that your ‘twist’ comes with a pain factor now? 


Joey Dee opens Bowzer’s Doo-Wop Concert and we HAVE to start twisting and get back our happy groove.  Joey has a high energy act while twisting in his bright red suit. ‘Let’s Twist’, ‘What Kind of Love is This?’, and ‘Peppermint Twist’ are the three numbers we hear in rapid succession with a little info banter between. Since Bowzer’s shows run three and one-half hours in length, the performers TRY to keep the talk to a minimum and fill the stage with music, dance, and yes … sometimes unexpected mayhem.  

The music of the 50’s and 60’s was one of diversity, both through the artists involved and the styles they sang. It was an all inclusive time, which is why my grade school students could relate to it and embrace it. It is clear examples of what we teach and SHOULD be living. 

I am reaching for the time when we don’t need to look for the diversity in life, because it is automatically there in some manner, with the word ‘bigotry’ forgotten from unuse. 

So fitting then that following Joey Dee, is The Dubs, with original member Cleveland Still. ‘Please Don’t Ask Me To Be Lonely’, ‘In The Chapel of Dreams’, and ‘Could This Be Magic?’ are their selections and what smooooooooth vocals and synchronicity they have. As Bowzer points out, those “young Dubs sing pretty good”. In blue brocade jackets (you know I love my fashion reports, left over from modeling and costume design) they sway, hold onto those harmonic tones, and give us back that slow dance you had with your current crush.  

Bowzer, alone on stage, at the piano, re-playing his classical training at Juilliard and remembering his mother, Bessie. She was the push behind his forward shove to success. The best mother doesn’t plot out your life. She prepares you to live it fully ... and rejoices in ANY success. “Jonathan, you made it!” Tears fill his eyes as he finishes. Maybe his best tribute to her?  

A first-timer, brand new to Bowzer’s circuit is Dennis Tufano. Again, I hear from the stage about what a nice guy he is and how great a performer we will see. True. 

With a red stylish handkerchief peeking out of his jacket pocket, he delivers a bold, strong vocal rendition of his songs, ‘Don’t You Care?’, ‘Hey Baby’, ‘Mercy, Mercy, Mercy’, and ‘Kind of A Drag’. Rocky and the Rollers Band is backing the majority of the acts today, and I notice they follow Dennis’ lead and direction as if they know him well. Seeing Dennis twice in consecutive months, I can attest that his touring days are at an all-time high. 

And my girls are here ... Shirley Alston Reeves and The Shirelles! Man, I see them listed all over the country. They booked down to Florida after this concert. Ok, my female friends … WHAT ARE THEY WEARING, YOU ASK?  

Snow white glitter, sparkles and chiffon give them sway and float them across the stage. Shirley still wears platform shoes that increase her stage presence mightily. I just heard her in Torrington, CT; but her voice is even stronger here at the Mohegan Arena. ‘Mama Said’, ‘Baby It’s You’, ‘Tonight’s the Night’, ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?’ and ‘Soldier Boy’.  

Bowzer brings out The Stingrays and Sha-Na-Na special guest: Johnny Contardo. They just have to start with ‘BLUE MOON’. Then Johnny sings ‘Runaway’. I notice how the years have melted away and the audience has grown younger as we immerse ourselves in the music. ‘Those Magic Changes’ and ‘Lovers Never Say Good-bye’ done as a duet between Johnny and Bowzer. AND THEN … ’Twisting the Night Away’, ‘Hand Jive’ and ‘Shout’! OK, I am dancing and feeling as though I could do the choreography I used to do in my dancing days. Wait a minute! I COULD DO THAT CHOREOGRAPHY TODAY! I feel it! And then I could feel the ride home with the EMT’s.  

How to close the first act? DON’T STOP! Ok … unreasonable, unfeasible, ridiculous. So, bringing out Jay Siegel and The Tokens is brilliant. ‘Tonight I Fell In Love’, ‘Please Write’, and ‘PORTRAIT OF MY LOVE’ (oh yes!) A medley of ‘See You In September’ and ‘One Fine Day’ are sung to honor two groups that The Tokens produced:  The Happenings and The Chiffons. Bill, Kurt and Joel end with a tickling rendition of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’. You know, singing that song is always just a whim away for me. (grooooooooan … saaaaawwwwy)  



‘Baby Comet’ is Bill Turner, who has been singing with The Comets on and off since 1987. Originals are Dick Richards / Richard Boccelli (same person) former football player, phys-ed teacher, actor and 93 year old STILL DRUMMING rocker; and Joe Ambrosio, former Caesar’s Palace Floor Boss, 83 years old and STILL ROCKING THAT ORIGINAL SAXOPHONE, from the Bill Haley records. They give me goose-bumps still! They instill energy in me and easily convince me that the future is bright and loooooong in front of me. Red jackets for the originals, blue for the “baby”, they open with ‘Shake, Rattle, and Roll’! They could have done that one number and rocked the Arena, BUT they continue with the 1956 hit ‘See You Later Alligator’ which evolves into Dick’s many-minutes long drum solo. Joey is featured in each of the songs, so Dick gives him a break during this solo time. STANDING OVATION!! ENTIRE ARENA STANDING OVATION! Three milliion people says Bowzer! Even though the truth is almost 10,000 people are here (practically full house), it is ROARING! Can we quiet down to hear their final contribution? Yes, ‘Rock Around The Clock’ is clearly heard, jumped to, and clapped to around the Arena with another rousing good-bye send-off to the amazing musicians of the birth of rock-and-roll.  

AH! Time to sit down and calm down and STILL enjoy the greatness of Charlie Thomas and The Drifters. Blue Frock Coat Suits, red ties and matching stylish kerchiefs these professionals put us in the palms of their hands and romance us with ‘On Broadway’, ‘Sweets For My Sweet’, ‘Save The Last Dance For Me’, and ‘Would You Stay?’. A young girl playing percussion (Tori?) is a welcome new addition to their performance, and I believe, is a niece of Charlie Thomas’. Then we go ‘Up On The Roof’, ‘Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay’ and lastly ‘Under The Boardwalk’. Showmanship! Dancing! More Showmanship! More Dancing! And The Drifters drift off-stage as if floating away in a dream.  

I am having such fun with my friends, the music, and meeting concert newbies that it is only now that I remember … this is the RETURN OF KENNY VANCE AND THE PLANOTONES! Four years later, Kenny returns to the concert stage. Hey, Scott Shannon!! YOU WANTED ME TO BE THERE, but you weren’t sure it would ever happen again. MUSIC RULES! MUSIC OVERCOMES! MUSIC HEALS! 

There is no way to express the impact of this moment as Kenny and Johnny Gale begin with an acoustic presentation of ‘For Your Precious Love’. Kenny, still in hat and sunglasses, sings as though nothing to challenge his life has happened. Bringing out his son, Ladd Vance, Kenny joins in duet for ‘Let It Be Me’. And then, to honor the original New Haven, CT, recording of The Five Satins, sings ‘In The Still Of The Night’. Fred Parris, of The Satins was actually in the audience here at The Mohegan Arena. Jimmy Bense, Chip Degaard and Tony Galina all return to the stage with Kenny and Johnny and, of course, we are still ‘Looking For An Echo’. Ending with ‘This Is The Night For Love’, I tell you that it certainly was.  

There is only one more thing to sing … ’Goodnight Sweetheart’ ... featuring Bowzer and The Stingrays with Johnny Contardo.  

Good Night indeed. I feel this is just a beginning.  
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano

Thank you, Shelley, for another great review.

And FH Reader Tom Cuddy tells us about another amazing up-coming show (if you happen to live up in that area) ... if so, I'm sure this is one you'll want to check out pronto ... especially if you missed the show Show-Biz Shelley just told us about ... as you'll find many of the same acts onboard for this event!


“A Weekend of Doo Wop and Rock & Roll” returns to Long Island , New York in April for its 20th Anniversary.  It’s a two day event, unlike any other one I’ve seen on the east coast in recent years.  Most acts are backed up by the same band, so the tempo of the show moves along quite quickly.  Each act does their hits. 

Among the chart toppers featured this year are Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon, Kenny Vance of the Planotones and Jay & the Americans, Brian Hyland, the Happenings featuring Bob Miranda, Jay Siegel’s Tokens, Gary U.S. Bonds, Charlie Gracie, Joey Dee and many more!

  Freddy Cannon 

Brian Hyland

Gary U.S. Bonds

One of the aspects of this show that fans love is that every artist interacts with their fans.  Either at intermission or at the end of the show, every act is invited to their own table in the lobby to chat with fans, autograph and take pictures, and sell merchandise.

It’s held at Hauppauge High School in Hauppauge , NY.  The auditorium is above most high school facilities.  It’s a huge stage and the sound and lights are better than many professional club settings.

The memorable weekend of music is put together magnificently every year by LAR Enterprises of Long Island. 

Tickets are available in advance by calling 888-718-4253. 
-  Tom Cuddy

   New York, NY

Saturday //  April 21, 2018
Showtime 5:00pm

Kenny Vance - Looking For an Echo
The Coasters - Charlie Brown
Willie Winfield & The Harptones - Life is But a Dream
The Fleetwoods - Mr. Blue
The Chantels - Maybe
Kid Kyle - The Diary
Jimmy Gilmer - Sugar Shack
Tony Middleton & The Willows - Church Bells May Ring
Lenny Dell & The Demensions - Over The Rainbow
Jimmy Gallagher & The Passions - Just To Be With You
Cleveland Still & The Dubs - Could This Be Magic
​Maurice Newton (original lead singer of The Fidelities) -  These Are The Things I Love

Sunday // April 22, 2018
Showtime: 3:00pm

​ Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon - Palisades Park
Kenny Vance - Looking For an Echo
Gary US Bonds - A Quarter To Three
Joey Dee - The Peppermint Twist
The Capris - There's a Moon Out Tonight
Brian Hyland - Sealed With a Kiss
The Happenings - See You In September
Charlie Gracie - Butterfly
Jay Siegel's Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Larry Chance and The Earls - I Believe
La La Brooks (original lead singer of The Crystals) - Da Do Ron Ron
The 5th Estate - Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead
The Quotations - Imagination 

Sounds like one heck of a show, Tom!
(We can't wait to see Freddy when he comes to The Arcada Theatre in July.  Jay Siegel's Tokens, Larry Chance and the Earls and Ladd Vance will also be on hand for this one ... as Doo-Wop comes to The Arcada!  (kk)