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OK, so we did get to finally have the Cornerstones of Rock show shown here in Lincoln, but while I watched it, I kept thinking there were a few songs here and there that were missing.  I checked my DVD and sure enough, the Chicago WTTW broadcast of the event was longer than the pared down national PBS show.  SO, their pledge promises NOW fit correctly, even 'tho done back six months ago in Chicago.  NOW, the national showing deletes seven songs shown on WTTW's broadcast, so their advertising is correct for the current show offering bonus material not shown on the broadcast.  We original buyers still got a bit ripped off, but current buyers WILL get what is promised. 
AND FH member and friend and one of the Shameless girls who was there in the 60's and still stays in touch will these Chitown faves, Marlene O'Malley, is featured TWICE (same clip both times) in the national promotion -- once in the show and once in the pledge rap videos.  Marlene, you are a national star!!!  
Take care,  
Ahhh ... so see, they DID find a way to "make things right" ... by not doing anything at all except cut even MORE footage from the program.  (I'd be curious to see how the nationally syndicated version plays ... obviously a lot "tighter", I'm sure ... it'd be cool to check the continuity.  I'm sure in some diluted way PBS figures "less is more" ... now they can squeeze in an even higher pledge-time ratio and get more money for the station by shipping what appears to be "additional bonus footage" on the dvd's they already have in stock, ready to ship).  Maybe that'll fool most of the people.  However, we've already heard from readers like Tom Cuddy, who caught the show in New York City, and asked "Didn't The New Colony Six do 'I Will Always Think About You'?"  
Of COURSE they did ... it was their biggest, #1 Hit here in Chicago (although "Things I'd Like To Say" charted higher nationally) ... but BOTH were National Top 20 Hits!!!
As for Marlene, congratulations on making the cut!   She has ALWAYS been front-and-center supporting these artists dating back to their original hey-day in the '60's.  (OMG ... Remember when I referred to you and your posse as "The Shameless Hussies" several years ago?!?!?  I still get teased about that!)
Regardless of whatever shoddy final editing they did, this show is STILL worth watching for the pure talent and power of the music it encompasses.  The live show tomorrow night at The Arcada Theatre has been sold out for months ... and my guess is that more national dates will be added once this show airs a few more times across the country.  Congratulations again to ALL our Local Heroes for your most recent 50-year "overnight success"!!!  (kk)
Hi Clark,
So glad you got to see the show, and I agree with you about the stripped down versions. Everyone here was shocked, too, when they left off some of the biggest songs! Too bad, cuz they were all so great! And you're so funny, with your Shameless plug! I still can't figure out why that camera caught me and not some of the other fans ... although I was probably singing along more than most others! But again, I'm really glad you were able to catch the show. They're doing it again this weekend at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles ... and yeah, I'm going again!!! Man, I gotta start saving money for my old age!!!!!!!
Take care ...
Ron Onesti says he'll find a way to squeeze me in ... so you just me see me there Saturday night, too!  (I can't believe I've missed every show they've done so far!!!)  kk

Hi Kent -  
Thank you for mentioning Jimy Sohn's Birthday, August 23rd!!!  
It really hasn't been made clear about Jimy and the Original Shadows of Knight Concert that was to happen this month? 
When in doubt, ask the master ...  
Jimy is the GREATEST and me along with his MANY FANS  hope he is healthy and recuperating from his stroke.  
I wasn't really clear about the reunion show either ... I swear I saw as many as three different dates and two different venues listed at various times ... so I thought maybe they were doing multiple shows together.
Rather than guess (or try to sort it out) I simply went to Jimy (who is doing GREAT by the way!) himself to set the record straight.  (kk)
The reunion show was August 20th ...
As of now, no  others have been planned.
I will be performing Saturday, September 3rd, as part of the Cornerstones show at the Arcada.
Hope to see you there!  (kk)  

Earlier this year we featured a Monkees salute as one of our monthly Sweet 16 features ... the songs we felt were the most timeless and best defined the band.
Now Rolling Stone has put together a list of The Monkees' 15 Favorites ... songs that they feel were most important in their lives for one reason or another.  (Let me tell you, it's a drastically different list!  lol)
It still makes for some VERY entertaining reading, however, as you hear it from their side.
You can check the interview out here:
Regarding Dave Holliday, please let Jeff Tesch to check the comments under this Wayne Cochran YouTube video.  You'll see that Dave Holliday posted there.  
Enjoy your blog!

Hi Kent, 
I am a collector offering top price for RW issue of March 23, 1968 if you might have a source.  
Sheldon Mulman
Montreal, Canada
Happy to put some feelers out there for you.  Good luck!  (kk)      

New York, NY -- On October 14, 2016, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Wembley 1996 Live by Bryan Adams on DVD and Digital [MSRP $15.98]. 
This is the first ever DVD release of this famous Bryan Adams show and it is of course packed with classic tracks including: “Summer Of ’69”, “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You”, “Can’t Stop This Thing We Started”, “The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You”, “It’s Only Love”, “Run To You”, “Kids Wanna Rock,” “18 ‘Til I Die”, “All For Love”, “Heaven”, “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman” and many more! The storming rendition of “It’s Only Love” features Melissa Etheridge as a special guest. 
It was July 27th, 1996 and a sell-out crowd in excess of 70,000 welcomed Bryan Adams to Wembley Stadium on his 18 ‘Til I Die Tour in support of the multi-platinum album of the same name. 18 ‘Til I Die had been released a few weeks earlier and hit the No.1 spot on the UK Albums Chart and gone Top 5 right around Europe. The show opened with the album’s first hit single “The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You” and immediately the stage was set for an energetic, hit packed performance which was received with wild enthusiasm by the huge crowd.  
Wembley 1996 Live is a legendary show for Bryan Adams fans, finally being released on DVD for the first time.  With Bryan Adams touring in the US and Canada this September, there is no better time to reconnect with this fantastic performer. 
See for more details regarding tour dates. 
View "Summer of 69":  
Pre-order here on Amazon:  

1) The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You 
2) Do To You 
3) Kids Wanna Rock 
4) Can’t Stop This Thing We Started 
5) This Time 
6) 18 ‘Til I Die 
7) Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman 
8) Touch The Hand 
9) Cuts Like A Knife 
10) It’s Only Love (w/ Melissa Etheridge)
11) Somebody 
12) (Everything I Do) I Do It For You 
13) Run To You 
14) There Will Never Be Another Tonight 
15) Seven Nights To Rock 
16) I Wanna Be Your Underwear 
17) Wild Thing 
18) It Ain’t A Party (If You Can’t Come Round) 
19) She’s Only Happy When She’s Dancin’ 
20) Summer Of ’69 
21) All For Love 
22) Let’s Make A Night To Remember 
23) I Fought The Law 
24) Heaven
Wow, this sounds like a good one ... LOVE Bryan Adams.  Have seen him live a couple of times so this one sounds like a keeper!  (kk)
Celebrating 50 Years of Good Vibrations!

Order the Exclusive Good Vibrations Sunburst Vinyl EP Now

The Good Vibrations (50th Anniversary Edition) vinyl EP features the original 7" single version, an alternate studio take, an edit of the song with elements from various sessions, an instrumental, and a live version from a Honolulu rehearsal in August 1967 that was originally intended for the lost album Lei'd in Hawaii plus the single’s B-side, "Let's Go Away For Awhile." A pull-out lithograph of the single’s original Japanese cover art, with its "Good Vibration" title typo intact, is included in the EP package, which features the original 1966 U.S. single cover art on its front.
Also available now ... The 50th Anniversary PET SOUNDS box set

We had a GREAT time at the Garfunkel and Oates concert last Sunday Night at The City Winery ... pure entertainment from start to finish (and I think they were having as much fun as the audience!)  Of course there's not a single joke I can repeat here ... funny ... filthy ... just all around good fun entertainment.  (Check out their YouTube Channel below)  kk  
Frannie was able to snap a couple of pics ...

Thursday, September 1, 2016


Happy Birthday To ...





And, Goodbye on this date, to JERRY REED ...

Who ironically died of emphysema.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday This And That

Well while I'm waiting for midnite for the Sunday Comments to post, I thought I'd make mention that roughly ten months after the show took place, The Cornerstones Of Rock PBS show is finally airing here in Southern Illinois. Both PBS stations here are airing it, one after the other. I'm seeing it for the first time. I am soooo glad I saw this live. If this show is all you could see, I would be pissed. The DVD is OK, as it has more stuff on it. My advice to everyone out there, as I believe it's airing in a lot of markets this week, is spend the money on the extras. You're still missing some great stuff, but this was a one of a kind show. My advice to WTTW, is go hire some decent sound engineers and tape editors, as well as someone who knows the music.  
I gotta tell you, I'm not sure how I found out about the show to begin with, but I never typed so fast in my life to get tix. I'm so glad I went. Urge your readers to pop for the entire package. Whoever decided what segments shout air, and what shouldn't, should be tarred and feathered. Too many glaring omissions.  
Oddly enough the national airing of this program was our lead story in this Sunday's Comments Page!  I caught the Indiana PBS broadcast last week and Jim Peterik was there in the studio during the beg segments.  Wonder who's doing this on a national level.
Yep ... suddenly everything old is new again ... and my guess is that ALL of our local heroes will see a renewed interest in their material.  I've been trying to get a record label to reissue The New Colony Six's Greatest Hits for over a year now and it's moving at a snail's pace.  Meanwhile reissues of The Cryan' Shames material, The Buckinghams' hits and The Ides Of March [who got a box set!] have all come out within that same time frame.  The New Colony Six had more chart hits than all of these artists combined!!!  Somebody really ought to be smart enough to strike while the iron is hot and make this material available again.  Sad part is it could have been all ready for release right now -- just in time for these national airings -- had somebody only listened to me!  (kk)

YES, I was surprised to see the Cornerstones concert on following the Surf oldies PBS show last night!  Oddly, it had the same pledge rap stuff with Peterik and Giammarese in our Nebraska airing as was on the Chicago one.  Thus, the pledge show also again erred in saying the DVD would have seven extra songs not on the show.  I watched it again and just felt bad that we could not see the whole show still today in any format.  Did anyone ever send info on how the Shadows of Knight reunion show went?  Would love to know.  
It's disheartening that PBS never corrected this problem ... or even spoke publicly to acknowledge it.  I really don't want to drudge the whole thing up again other than to say that potentially hundreds of other fans of this music will soon also be duped into donating money for less than they were promised they would receive.  Truth in advertising seems to hold no value to these folks and that's a shame ... worse still to see our Local Heroes (who had absolutely NOTHING to do with this) dragged thru the mud and come out on the receiving end of all the negative commentary we've witnessed to date.  Truth is they've had PLENTY of time now to correct this ... and on the Indiana broadcast I watched last week it looks like things have been edited even further ... now Jimy Sohns only sings "Shake" ... that is the full extent of The Shadows Of Knight's contribution to the program ... and that's just WRONG!!!  (kk)

I really enjoyed the Cornerstones concert but wish it included more songs.  Didn't the NC6 perform “I Will Always Think About You” during the taping?
Tom Cuddy
Yes, they did ... but heavy editing is what stirred all the controversy the first time around on this thing ... and, now that it's airing nationally, I guess we'll start to hear it all again.  VERY disappointing that PBS never got back to us with some type of solution to this, especially since they're now trying to entice more music fans to shell out big bucks (by way of a donation) to get a copy of the DVD which falls substantially short of what was promised during the broadcast.  (You think they would have put together a viable game plan by now!)  kk
I found this on You Tube.
Yes, you'll find at least a dozen clips here ... but fans shouldn't have to shell out big bucks and then search YouTube to see what they missed simply because it wasn't included on the dvd package.  (kk)

Hi Kent -
Ken Evans of The Fifth Estate here.  Saw The Cornerstones of Rock show on TV last night here on the East Coast.  Enjoyed it totally from top to bottom ... can't say enough about it.  Thought all the bands sounded great.  It's a top notch show and I hope it hits many more TV markets around the country.  I'm sure it will and should - it's that good.
It reminded me very much of the type shows we were often out with in those mid to late 1960s years.  Especially one tour for the summer of 1967 with The Music Explosion, us (The Fifth Estate), The Buckinghams, The Easybeats, The Happenings, and Gene Pitney.  All had hits in the top 20.  This was one of if not the biggest pop / rock music show out that year - the year following The Beatles retirement from touring.  It filled coliseums and even some football stadiums across the country. 
It was totally great to see Dennis sing again with The Bucks, particularly with Nick and Carl.  Although all the others played great, I nevertheless miss Marty and Jon Jon being out there.  Seems like yesterday to me anyway, and the Cornerstones show really brings all that and a lot of great music from that period back!  All the bands were cool and beautiful!!  Not bad for 50 years on almost - MAN !!!????

Kent ...
Last week was Jimy Sohns' (Shadows of Knight) birthday.
Happy Birthday, Jimy Sohns!  (8/23/1946 ).
Here's a vintage clip of Jimy with Wolfman Jack.
Very cool!  And The Buckinghams were on that same show!  (kk)

Hi Kent, 
In honor of your birthday, here's an interesting piece that rings true although the advertisers and programmers don't seem to understand it:

Lou Christie himself had a “Shoulda Been A Hit” ... “If My Car Could Only Talk”.
That shoulda been a hit!!
D. Freck
There are a couple of VERY radio-friendly tunes on Lou's brand new album ... if only somebody would give them a spin.  (kk)

Was there only that one page to Lou Christie's It Should Have Been a Hit? I didn't see any more places to click! Eileen  
Yes ... and I couldn't get the link to play when I went there either.  Lou's out on an extended road trip right now but hopefully somebody minding the store can fix this now that we've directed some traffic his way.  (Be nice to come up with an incredible list of lost favorites while Lou's out on the road ... and hit him with a bunch of surprises when he gets back!)  kk

Kent -   
Here is a release that Freddy Cannon wanted you to have first.  It will be released to the mainstream press on Tuesday.    
Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon, who holds the record as the recording artist with the most performances on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand (110), will debut his new tune on National TV Labor Day Weekend.  
The tune, “The Svengoolie Stomp,” was inspired by one of Freddy’s favorite TV shows, seen Saturday nights on ME-TV.  A long time fan of scary movies, when Freddy isn’t touring on weekends he watches Svengoolie host old horror and sci fi films.  Svengoolie has been played by Rich Koz since 1979. Koz, a former radio air talent before he became a well known and award winning TV personality,  started playing the movie host character in Chicago, where the show is still produced, however now Svengoolie’s show has expanded and is seen in all 50 states.  
Cannon, well known for his early rock hits including “Palisades Park” and “Tallahassee Lassie,” said he came up with his latest creation when a friend suggested he write a song about monsters.  Having watched many late night horror movie shows over the years, Freddy felt Koz’s Svengoolie was the best he had seen.  “Rich does an incredible job.  I love his humor and he’s always well researched with the tidbits he shares about his films.” 
Having never met Koz,  Freddy wrote and recorded the “Svengoolie Stomp,” based solely on his passion for the show and the character. Cannon sent it without advance notice to the ME-TV studios. Koz said “You can’t imagine what a thrill it is for me to have a great talent whose music I’ve enjoyed for so long to actually create a song about me.”  
“Freddy has perfectly combined the good time rock & roll he’s famous for with the spirit of what we do on my show-and, believe me, our show has had its share of spirits,” said Koz.
In preparation for the national debut of the “Svengoolie Stomp,” Cannon flew to Chicago from L.A. to film the music video on the set of the TV show. In addition to Cannon and Koz in the video, viewers will recognize cameos from a number of celebrities from the world of music and TV. 
Svengoolie will introduce the new tune during his showing of Lon Chaney in “Frozen Ghost” this Saturday, Sept. 3rd, 10 pm, (9 pm, central) on ME-TV.
“The Svengoolie Stomp” will be available for downloading Sept 4 on iTunes.  Plus, a collector’s edition vinyl copy of the tune can be ordered at

Photo Credit: Jim Roche
Plus, here's an EXCLUSIVE Outtake Photo sent especially for Forgotten Hits ...

Svengoolie with Freddy Cannon hamming it up on the set of Svengoolie’s TV show.Photo by Jim Roche
Tom Cuddy
Excellent!!!  Thanks, Everybody!  (I'm just sad to hear that Freddy was in Chicago and we didn't have a chance to say hello!!!  Ironically, I was down at Me-TV on Thursday of last week for a personal tour of the television and radio station, courtesy of Rick O'Dell!  (kk)

This coming Saturday ...   
Don’t forget (year unknown but), "It was the third of September, the day I'll always remember, yes I will 'cause that was the day that my daddy died," according to the Temptations' Papa was a rolling stone. 
Take care,
Rockin’ Lord Geoff (in England)

When I played in a band (called the "Banned") in the summer of 1968 at the Chez Lounge, an after hours dive in Waukegan, IL, I met a very talented musician who played keyboards and guitar.  His name was Dave Holiday (not sure if that's the correct spelling of his name) and I believe he was from Texas.  He claimed that he had actually written "Going Back to Miami" when he played in Wayne Cochran's band briefly.  Although I only knew Dave for a few weeks, he taught me many of the "jazz" chords on the guitar that I still use.  He seemed to be a pretty straight shooter and I believed his claim about having a hand in the writing of that song.  I have no idea what became of Dave Holiday after 1968 but he was a huge influence on my musicianship.  I have searched the internet for info on members of Cochran's C.C. Riders but I haven't found anything more informative than your blog which is several years old now.  Just thought I would throw out an email to see if anybody might have more information about this.
Jeff Tesch

Kent -  
Thanks for running the blurb about my new Tiki Lounge release ... very nice!  
As you know, Joe Klein and I go back to 1977 when I recorded in his studio! I remember him doing sessions with Bobby Kimball ... those were the days. I met Linda Carter (Wonder Woman) at Joe's studio when I was recording 'Calling From A Star". I'm still rockin' after all these years and consider myself fortunate to do so.  
All My Best,  

Last year's two CDs ("50th Anniversary" and "King of the Fuzz Guitar") are probably the last of the Arrows' physical albums. This new one (titled "The mini Album" ... only 7 tunes) is for "downloads only".
Sixties Music Legends The Box Tops To Celebrate Their 50th Anniversary!
Memphis, TN - The Summer of 2017 marks the legendary Memphis blue-eyed-soul group THE BOX TOPS’ 50th anniversary of the release of their worldwide #1 smash hit debut single “The Letter.”  To celebrate, they anticipate extensive touring and perhaps a new album that could include obscure never-issued tracks from their 60s heydays, with Alex Chilton on lead vocals. After THE LETTER, the group charted with other hits, including NEON RAINBOW, CRY LIKE A BABY, and SOUL DEEP.
In 2016, six years after the sudden death of Alex Chilton, original members BILL CUNNINGHAM (bass, keys, vocals) and GARY TALLEY (guitar, sitar, vocals) teamed with veteran music industry manager / guitarist Rick Levy to bring the Box Tops catalogue and their Memphis sound back to waiting audiences. Audiences are delighted with the way in which the show interweaves music and stories that connect the group to the explosive and all important Memphis music scene. Levy brought the band to Talent Consultants International (TCI), now their exclusive booking agency. It’s been a great first year back, with shows in Indiana, Iowa, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and more. The band finished August with 3 successful nights at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Park City, Utah (home of Sundance Film Festival.)
Upcoming 2016 shows:
SEPT 17 NYCB Theatre at Westbury, New York (with Herman’s Hermits, Grassroots, Gary Lewis)
SEPT 24 Holly Springs Cultural Center, Holly Springs, North Carolina
SEPT 30 Grand Opera House, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, headlining Flower Power Weekend
OCT 29  Dania Beach Casino, Dania Beach Florida
NOV 5   Savannah Center, The Villages, Florida (Vietnam Veterans Fundraiser)
Watch for future press releases as 50th anniversary activities and events develop.
THE LETTER ... live Levitt Pavilion Steel Stacks. Bethlehem PA ~ JULY 2, 2016
SOUL DEEP... same live info
The Box Tops official website:
Rick Levy Management
Worldwide Exclusive Bookings:
Mitchell Karduna, Vice President, Director of Talent Reps
Talent Consultants International Ltd (TCI)
Press inquiries: 
Glass Onyon PR, 

New York – Micky Dolenz, on a quick break from The Monkees’ ongoing Good Times tour, was in Liverpool for the recent International Beatleweek festival. 
Seen here with Micky are (photo 1 / L - R) Micky’s musical director Wayne Avers and guitarist Lawrence Juber; and, (photo 2) with Klaus Voorman.

To My Friends and Fans, 
Some of you have written saying you missed the live stream of Alan Haber's interview with me on Pure Pop Radio.
On the same night, Alan interviewed cult favorite rocker Jamie Hoover who produced most of the new album MAGELLAN WAS WRONG -- not to mention ALL the songs on the previous album FINDING YOU AGAIN
Jamie's interview adds a lot of insight into the making of the records. 
Now Haber has archived both interviews. Here they are. Just click on the link and wait like 30 seconds or so and they'll start playing like magic. 
These interviews are missing the songs, but my sense is that most of you have the album by this time so you know what the tunes sound like. 
Bob Lind Interview:  
Jamie Hoover Interview:  
Bob Lind

20 Songs That Defined the Early Seventies    

Pondering pop history from a generation or two away, it's easy to forget what things actually sounded like from inside the zeitgeist. Read it on Flipboard 



New York, NY -- Continuing the worldwide centennial celebration for legendary entertainer Frank Sinatra, on September 23 2016, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release another suite of titles in The Frank Sinatra Collection. On license from Frank Sinatra Enterprises (FSE), the definitive collection pulls together some of the finest performances on television and in concert from the greatest entertainer of the 20th century.  

‘Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back / The Main Event’ and ‘At The Royal Festival Hall / Sinatra In Japan’ are essential collections, all clearly bearing the hallmark of true quality. ‘Happy Holidays With Frank & Bing’ / ‘Vintage Sinatra’ combines a classic Christmas special from 1957 with a compilation from his 1950s TV shows. [MSRP $9.98 each]  

‘Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back’ was first broadcast by NBC on November 18, 1973 and marked Frank Sinatra’s return to performing following his “retirement” in 1971. The show, featuring special guest Gene Kelly, was filmed in front of a live studio audience but manages to retain an intimate concert feel. Sinatra gets us underway with the newly recorded song “You Will Be My Music” and performs a new routine with Gene Kelly to a medley taking in “Can’t Do That Anymore,” “For Me And My Gal” and “New York, New York.” The show closes with a reprise of “You Will Be My Music” to a standing ovation and Ol’ Blue Eyes is most definitely back.  

The Main Event concert, staged at New York’s Madison Square Garden, was broadcast by ABC as a television special on October 13, 1974. The show is introduced by Howard Cosell who highlights some of the many celebrities scattered through the audience. Despite the massive size of the venue, Sinatra still manages to deliver an intimate performance featuring many of his classic songs and really gets in the swing of things when the audience starts dancing in the aisles to “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.” Frank Sinatra’s storytelling and anecdotes are as poignant as ever and other highlights include “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” and a show closing “My Way.” At The Royal Festival Hall’ was filmed at London’s famous venue on November 16, 1970 and later broadcast as a television special by CBS. The concert was introduced by HSH Princess Grace of Monaco, the former Grace Kelly, who had co-starred with Sinatra in the film “High Society”. The setlist includes a superb rendition of George Harrison’s classic love song “Something” alongside classic songs such as “Pennies From Heaven,” “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” “My Kind Of Town” and “My Way.”  

Filmed at Tokyo’s legendary Budokan on April 18, 1985, the ‘Sinatra In Japan’ show begins with a montage of stills and film clips while the orchestra perform a medley of classic Frank Sinatra tunes. Sinatra then takes to the stage with a rousing performance of “The Lady Is A Tramp” followed by many of his best-loved songs and biggest hits.  

First aired on December 20, 1957, ‘Happy Holidays With Frank & Bing’ is a timeless Christmas favorite featuring the magical combination of Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby in an early color television special. The two legends swap Christmas carols, songs and stories, pay a musical visit to Victorian England and duet on some Christmas classics. The show finishes in inimitable fashion with “The Christmas Song” and “White Christmas” for pure festive perfection. The ‘Vintage Sinatra’ compilation DVD brings together black and white footage taken from Frank Sinatra’s television shows in the 1950s with color commentary and reminiscences from his three children: Nancy, Tina and Frank Sinatra Jr. It features performances of many of Sinatra’s most popular songs including: “Come Fly With Me,” “I Get A Kick Out Of You,” “My Funny Valentine,” which he sings to a young Nancy, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” “The House I Live In” and many more, all set into context by the anecdotes of Nancy, Tina and Frank Jr. Packed with his incredible renditions of the songs that he made famous, The Frank Sinatra Collection is a treasure trove for any Sinatra fan.  

Pre-order here:  

At The Royal Albert Hall + Sinatra In Japan:  

Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back + The Main Event:  

Happy Holidays with Frank & Bing + Vintage Sinatra:  



1) You Will Be My Music   2) I Get A Kick Out Of You   3) Street Of Dreams   4) I’ve Got You Under My Skin   5) I’ve Got The World On A String   6) Medley: Last Night When We Were Young / Violets For Your Furs / Here’s The Rainy Day   7) Medley: Take Me Out To The Ball Game / I Begged Her – with GENE KELLY   8) Medley: We Can’t Do That Anymore / Take Me Out To The Ball Game / For Me And My Gal / Private Skinny / New York, New York (On The Town) – with GENE KELLY   9) Nice ‘n’ Easy – with GENE KELLY   10) Let Me Try Again   11) Send In The Clowns   12) You Will Be My Music  


1) Introduction by Howard Cosell   2) Orchestral Intro   3) The Lady Is A Tramp   4) I Get A Kick Out Of You   5) Let Me Try Again   6) Autumn In New York   7) I’ve Got You Under My Skin   8) Bad, Bad Leroy Brown   9) Angel Eyes   10) You Are The Sunshine Of My Life   11) The House I Live In (That’s America To Me)   12) My Kind Of Town   13) My Way  


1) Introduction by HSH Princess Grace of Monaco   2) You Make Me Feel So Young   3) Pennies From Heaven   4) I’ve Got You Under My Skin   5) Something   6) The Lady Is A Tramp   7) I Get Along Without You Very Well   8) Didn’t We   9) One For My Baby   10) I Will Drink The Wine   11) I Have Dreamed   12) My Kind Of Town   13) My Way  


1) Orchestral Intro   2) The Lady Is A Tramp   3) Fly Me To The Moon   4) My Way   5) I’ve Got You Under My Skin   6) Something   7) I Get A Kick Out Of You   8) My Kind Of Town   9) Someone To Watch Over Me   10) All Or Nothing At All   11) Mack The Knife   12) Luck Be A Lady   13) L.A. Is My Lady   14) Strangers In The Night   15) Come Rain Or Come Shine   16) Pennies From Heaven   17) One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)   18) Theme From New York, New York   19) You Are There  


1) Mistletoe And Holly – FRANK   2) Jingle Bells – FRANK & BING   3) Deck The Halls – FRANK & BING   4) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – FRANK & BING   5) Hark The Herald Angels Sing – FRANK & BING   6) O Come All Ye Faithfull – FRANK & BING   7) The First Noel – FRANK & BING   8) It Came Upon A Midnight Clear – FRANK   9) Away In A Manger – BING   10) O Little Town Of Bethlehem – FRANK & BING   11) Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer – BING   12) Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – FRANK   13) The Christmas Song – FRANK & BING   14) White Christmas – BING   


1) Come Fly With Me   2) Opening Titles   3) Night And Day   4) Too Marvellous For Words   5) I Get A Kick Out Of You   6) One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)   7) All Of Me   8) My Funny Valentine   9) I Won’t Dance   10) A Foggy Day   11) The Lady Is A Tramp   12) All The Way   13) I’ve Got You Under My Skin   14) The House I Live In (That’s America To Me)   15) The Lonesome Road   16) I’ve Got The World On A String   17) Angel Eyes   18) Orchestral Interlude   19) You Make Me Feel So Young   20) End Credits