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12/16/63 – The Saturday Evening Post releases its special President Kennedy memorial issue, with a painting by Norman Rockwell on the front cover

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Here's the latest from our Forgotten Hits Professor of Hit Music History, Chuck Buell ... 


This week in 1976, “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith entered Billboard’s Top 40, where it would go on to become a Top Ten Hit in early 1977.

Inspiration for this song was  . . . ah . . . inspired by an old Western Colorado incident when a heavy-set, bowlegged cowboy shuffled into a dusty, rundown, wooden clapboard drug store and said to the proprietor, “After ridin’ the Range for weeks on end, I need me some talcum powder.


The slender, young store owner stood up straight and tall from his chair behind the well-worn wood counter and drawled, “We’ve got that,” and started walking towards the back of the store saying, "Walk this way."  


The old cowboy grimaced and said, "If I could walk that way, I wouldn't need the dadgum talcum powder!"


Badda Boom!


And with that, let’s walk our selves this way over to the Forgotten Hits Music/Video Department for this Rare, But No Less Special, Audio-Video version of my “Chuck Buell Walkin’ This Way Minute Medley!”


CB ( which stands for “Cavorting Boy!” )


LOVE that video!!!


Aerosmith had a bit of a rough go of it early on ... which is to say, it took them a little while to catch on ... but thankfully their record label believed in the band and stuck with them.  It has since blossomed into a fifty year career.

But things didn't always look this rosy fifty years ago ...

For example, their first chart hit, "Dream On," barely made a ripple when it was first released in 1973.  (Personally, I LOVED the song the very first time I heard it ... but it only went to #59 in Billboard that year.)


Its history kind of paralleled that of "Layla," in that the original released was a "shortened" version of the LP cut.  (Probably because this is the way I first heard this song, it is my preferred version ... I just don't feel that the longer version adds that much to the song overall.  "Layla," on the other hand, is a MUCH different story, since the original edit eliminated the entire ending, which has gone on to become one of the most identifying factors to the song.)

Their next single, "Sweet Emotion," fared a little better, breaking into The Top 40, ultimately peaking at #36 in Billboard.

To Columbia Records' credit, they had not given up on the band and felt that now that America was a bit more familiar with them, they would re-release "Dream On" again ... only this time in its full album-length edition.

Before they did, however, they issued "Walk This Way" as a single (Columbia 10206) and it COMPLETELY bombed, failing to chart at all.

They persevered, however, and THIS time "Dream On" went all the way to #6.


Encouraged, they gave "Walk This Way" another shot, releasing it again in November of 1976 ... and this time it exploded, even making The Top Ten (as Chuck explains above.) 

While that should of been it, it wasn't ...

In 1986, ten years later, rappers Run D.M.C. cut a version of the track, but instead of simply sampling Aerosmith's original recording, they invited guitarist Joe Perry and lead vocalist Steven Tyler into the studio to record new, fresh versions of their now classic hit.

It worked ... Run D.M.C.'s version shot up to #4, besting Aerosmith's original chart showing!  (Whodathunk???)  kk

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Thursday This And That

Hi Kent - 
Ted Gorden Smucker here.  
As many of us know, the 10th Anniversary of the death of legendary DJ Larry Lujack is December 18th, 2023.  
Rewound Radio is offering a non-stop streaming replay of the “DJ Hall of Fame” salute to Superjock that was originally aired on November 25th.   If you missed this six-hour program, it will remain available for listening until the 19th of this month at
If you haven't heard it yet, this may be your last chance to listen for awhile.

Here is what some listeners posted after hearing the Rewound Radio special:

I lived in Chicago from 72-87. Listened to Uncle Lar quite a bit on both LS and CFL. This is taking me back to those days!

Thanks -

Vince Leoni


Just finished listening to all six hours! It was wonderful hearing Superjock again. Still really miss him. Thanks to Ted Gorden Smucker, Tommy Edwards & Fred Winston and all that were involved in putting this program together. (Note: That would include Bill Shannon and Steve Brelsford.)  Much appreciated! 

Bradford Milliken


Listened all afternoon. It was a great show. Thanks to all of you guys for doing this. 

Wesley Johnson



Scott Messmer 

We lost Jeff Foskett, long-time member of both The Beach Boys Touring Band and Brian Wilson's Touring Band, earlier this week after a long battle with anaplastic thyroid cancer, a condition first announced here in Forgotten Hits several years ago.
Jeff had been a good friend to FH and was an integral part of The Beach Boys' live concert sound over several decades, providing the high end during their concert performances. He was also just a sweetheart of a guy ... and as big a Beach Boys fan as any member of the audience.

We got to meet and visit with him before or after a couple of Brian Wilson shows ... and then again when he produced my very favorite Micky Dolenz solo album, "King For A Day."  He will be missed.
And, speaking of Micky Dolenz, we just got this from Micky's PR Guy, David Salidor ...

Micky Dolenz will be on  KTLA's Countdown To 2024 New Year's Eve - on New Year's Eve -  interviewed by Nikki Novak. 
Here's Micky and Nikki  (photo by Kimberly Cornell)
Speaking of Dolenz, his "Shiny Happy People" recording remains for a fourth week on the UK's Official Physical Singles Chart, right behind Coldplay's Xmas single. 
Micky and Nikki ... I like the sound of that!  (kk)
Danny Bonaduce announced his immediate retirement from radio effective tomorrow.  The former Danny Partridge recently disclosed his diagnosis of hydrocephalus, a neurological disorder that causes the build-up of fluid on the brain.  
For the past twelve years, Bonaduce has hosted a morning program on Classic Rock station KZOK in Seattle.  (Danny launched his radio career right here in Chicago back in the '80's on The Loop, thanks to a little help from Jonathon Brandmeier and Steve Dahl.  After living a life essentially of chaos, Bonaduce did his best to clean up his act ... although he drifted back to his old ways far too often.  One big promotion event here was a boxing match between Bonaduce and Donny Osmond, who was starring in "Joseph" here in Chicago a the time. Still, he proved to be a natural on the air ... charismatic and charming, despite being a self-admitted fuck-up for most of his life.  Somehow, he was able to make a connection with his audience thru that very analysis.)  We wish him the best.  (kk)

From Tom Cuddy ...
A short profile on T.J. Lubinsky ...
T.J. ‘Doo Wop’ Lubinsky finally got to make his dream music show  
Earlier this week we ran Rich Turner's excellent review of the Cornerstones Of Rock concert he saw over the Thanksgiving weekend ...

But it sounds like he's got several other shows coming up too!

Tell us about them, Rich!  (kk

Well, Kent it's a huge concert week for me and my girl friend Alice! 
Tonight we're going to see Bowzer's Christmas Show with Peter Noone and other guests at our beautiful Ruth Eckerd Hall. I have seen the show before and have always enjoyed it. 
Tomorrow night it's The Outlaws Christmas Show with the Artimus Pyle Band opening at the Capitol Theater here in Clearwater. It is also an annual event with The Outlaws originally being from Tampa. 
And Sunday we are off to see Three Dog Night (or is it One Dog Night?) at Ruth Eckerd Hall with Firefall opening. I won these tickets or I probably would not be going, but it will still be fun. 
And if that is not enough, we will be catching The Steve Miller Band next Thursday at our brand new venue called The Sound At Coachman Park here in Clearwater. An outdoor amphitheater in December? Only in Florida! 
It's gonna be a great week of music!! Hope you are back to normal health-wise and enjoy the holidays!
Rich Turner,
Largo, FL 

Speaking of that Cornerstones piece, we got a few response to that as well ... 

Including a couple from the guys that we up on stage that night!

Hello Kent, 
I hope you are doing well ... it’s been a while since we’ve talked. 
Wow! Thank you for posting this. 
I remember meeting Rich and Alice at the Arcada. What wonderful and dedicated fans they are. 
We are blessed to still have such a strong following for our music, and that is why the Cornerstones of Rock and the Happy Together Tour are still going strong. I mention that and thank everyone at every concert.
Once again, thank you Rich and Alice for the great photos and taking the time to write about your fun evening at The Arcada. 
Kent, I hope you have a joyous, happy and healthy Christmas!
Carl Giammarese
The Buckinghams
Very Cool Piece, Kent!   
Thank you sooo much. 
Many blessings to you and your family on Christmas! 
And a toast to all you do for our Chicago community (and beyond!)
Rock on!!  
Please extend my gratitude to the creator of the original piece and thank the two of them for the tremendous support ...  
And thanks forever to Kent Kotal, all who follow us now, those who acquired enough of our band's music to keep us around (New Colony) SIX decades as of next year, and even those who could give a rat's derriere, but find these silly postings of mine to be amusing.
Blessings to each of you for Christmas and safe entries into 2024, which, hopefully, will be a life-changing one in its positivity for each of us and all who are important in our lives!
Peace, my friends, 
Love ya, man!
Hi Kent,
Loved the article about the Cornerstones of Rock.  You can feel the excitement in this man’s voice. Aren’t we lucky to live in a city where so much incredible entertainment is within reach.  And I am incredibly fortunate and thankful that all of these guys are paying homage to our great DJ Dick Biondi in his documentary.  
We’re making great progress as we wade through the licensing behemoth, seeing shards of light seeping through the end of the tunnel, onward and upward we go. 
Merry Christmas, buddy!
Very nice piece on the Cornerstones show!
Take Care & have a Merry Xmas.

Amazing Cornerstones review!!!  

Thanks Kent. 

Kris Erik Stevens

Hi Kent,
Thank you so much for the "Chicago Groups Extravaganza!!
Enjoyed seeing the photos and glad everyone is still touring. What a time it was in the 1960's when our Chicago Groups "invaded the British Invasion!!!!"
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy, Happy New Year and always
KEEP ROCKIN' and  KEEP THE MUSIC ALIVE.....EmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji

And how about a road trip ...

Thank you for that excellent review of the Cornerstones show. 
Just a thought ... 
The Cornerstones of Rock should consider a March show down here in Scottsdale tied in with  spring training. The place is crawling with Chicago area folks and they just opened an outdoor venue down town that hosted Wilco in October.
Robert Campbell
Boy, that's a great idea!
If you can put us in contact with the promoters ... and they'd be willing to bring everybody down there and put them up for a few days ... long enough to do the show and maybe see a Cubs and/or Sox game ... we may just have a winning formula here.  (I can't speak for The Cubs OR The Sox in that regard ... but the Cornerstones guys ALWAYS put on a winning show!)  kk

And now, a couple of video clips sent in by Chuck Buell, serving as a reminder as to just how great OUR music really was ...

But I like THIS one ... with which he included the tag line "Ah, To Be Sweet Sixteen Again" ...

If I'm being honest, I'm not so sure I would have known what to do with all of that when I was sixteen ...

But knowing what I know now, I think it'd be fun to give it a go!

(Of course I might also have had a dozen more kids if I did!)  kk
If you had "given it a go," you might never have made it to 17!


12/14/63 – Dinah Washington dies of an overdose.  She is found dead by her eighth husband, football star Dick “Night Train” Lane

This was very sad news.

Known primarily to us pop fans for her chart hits with Brook Benton ("Baby, You've Got What It Takes," #2, 1960, and "A Rockin' Good Way," #5, 1960) as well as her OWN Top Ten Hits "What A Diff'rence A Day Makes" (#4, 1959) and "Unforgettable" (#6, 1959), Dinah ended up with nine Top 40 Pop Hits ...

But she was also well respected for her jazz and R&B recordings.  To lose her this way was quite upsetting.