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As we continue to look back fifty years with our weekly Super Charts, so, too, does Ultimate Classic Rock, who this week spotlights not only the biggest hit of Carole King’s solo career (the two-sided hit single “It’s Too Late” / “I Feel The Earth Move”) but also 101 albums of note from 1971 that should be on everyone’s radar.  (A quick tally tells me that I only have 23 of these LPs in my own personal collection … So I guess I’ve got a bit of catching up to do!)

King, by the way, is still in 6th place in this year’s Fan Poll for Induction into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.  (kk)

Darlene Love will be appearing on Cousin Brucie’s program this evening.

FH Reader Frank B. brings us up to date …

kk …

Cousin Brucie Update …

CAT FIGHT:  La La Brooks vs. Darlene Love.

I heard a La La Brooks interview a week ago.  ("HE'S A REBEL" / Crystals)

La La said that Darlene Love needed the Crystals --- the Crystals didn't need Darlene Love.  

She also said that Darlene was in her late 40's with two kids.


Spector used Darlene Love as an uncredited lead vocalist many times over the years … kind of a shame, as she didn’t get the proper recognition she deserved until many years later.

As for her age, Darlene was all of 21 when her first solo hit charted.  (“Today I Met The Boy I’m Gonna Marry,” #35, 1963) … just three months shy of her 22nd birthday … so I’m sensing some VERY sour grapes on La La Brooks’ part after all these many years!

You can read more about BOTH of these legendary female vocalists in our Phil Spector Series, of course.  (Now we just need to get La La, Darlene and Ronnie Spector to read it!!!)  kk

Frank also sent us this vintage posting by Roger McGuinn, former guitarist in Bobby Darin’s back-up band, prior to forming The Byrds.

A VERY cool piece of history, for sure …


Google it and look at its application nowadays. Only a rare mention of sunburn - but almost always used for hemorrhoids, with occasional mention of other rashes.

David Lewis

Ouch!  Lol … too funny!  I guess it’s still attacking “the burn,” ‘though, right???  (kk)


After you told me about it, I watched Brian Hyland on "TO TELL THE TRUTH."

Only one wrong guess = $250 divided by 3.

Do you remember?

I seem to remember a story from years ago --- 

Newspaper story about songwriter of "BIKINI SONG" having died. It was a mistake. Turns out the guy was lying to his wife about writing the song.  Very bad idea. 

Wife will go out and spend the expected royalties .


I DO remember something about that … and it was Ron Dante who told us that the whole thing had been a mistake.  (He was very close with the songwriters of this tune, Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss.)  

Somehow this guy who claimed to have written the tune, was getting credit for being Paul Vance (at least within the members of his own immediate family), while the REAL Paul Vance was quite shocked and upset to read his OWN obituary in the newspaper!!!

According to Wikipedia (a quick source but not necessarily the most reliable one … we already found at least THREE mistakes in this article alone!):

Paul Vance read about the death of another man, Paul Van Valkenburgh, who claimed to have written "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini" under the name Paul Vance. The impostor had explained his lack of royalty payments for the song by claiming that he had sold the rights as a teenager.  Vance, the song's true co-author, has earned several million dollars from the song since 1960, describing it as "a money machine."

Lee Pockriss, the song’s cowriter, passed away a few years later in 2011.  (kk)

For more on this story, check out this article …

From Tom Cuddy …

More info (and the duo’s recording of “Blackbird”) from their new tribute album to the music of The Beatles …

Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr:  This iconic duo’s new cover of "Blackbird" elevates the song’s Civil Rights origins to great heights

Tomorrow (Sunday, April 18th) will be the 7th anniversary of the death of Deon Jackson.  I rewrote the piece I did before his birthday back in January.  Hope you can fit it in.
Mike Wolstein


There's been a lot of great material written about Deon Jackson's musical career. I'm recalling bits and pieces from our 38-year friendship.

Deon Jackson, born January 26, 1946, spent his early life in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and 42 years in Chicago.

In March of '76, I got a phone call from a friend who managed a few local pop and blues artists. He suggested I stop by Myron & Phil's restaurant in Lincolnwood, IL., and check out the fellow who was performing at the piano bar. I walked in and instantly recognized him from his 1966 LP cover as Deon Jackson.

There were a few people at the piano bar. Deon asked for requests, so I asked for "Love Makes the World Go 'Round."  He was somewhat surprised, but happy to hear my request. He said, "You know the song?" I replied that I liked the tune, and remembered it hitting the charts for a few weeks in early '66.

Deon's routine consisted of pop tunes by Sinatra, Lou Rawls, and many other 50s and 60s pop artists. Once in a while he'd do some light rock. His favorite male vocalist was Tony Bennett.

I wondered how he'd ended up there. He'd spent a few years playing clubs in New York City before coming to Chicago.  You never knew who you'd run into at Myron & Phil's; I'd met boxer Ernie Tyrell (Tammi's father), Jack Brickhouse, comic Marty Allen, and others. I had a wonderful surprise one night in 1978, when I overheard the woman next to me at the piano mention that she was from Toronto. Deon asked for requests, and she asked for "I'll Never Smile Again," which was a huge hit for the Platters. I turned to her and said, "I love that song."  She replied, "Thank you. I wrote it."  The woman was Ruth Lowe, who wrote several songs, many of which were hits for Frank Sinatra.  Sadly, she passed on three years later.  It is said that the songs she wrote for Frank Sinatra helped greatly in rocketing his career.

Around 1981, after he'd finish playing at M & P's, we'd meet up at a place on Lincoln Avenue called Earthquake McGoon's Saloon for a drink and to mingle.  On nice nights we'd take our drinks out onto the sidewalk and stand around chatting with the other patrons. One evening, we noticed lots of stylishly-dressed people coming out of the building next door to the bar, and some were singing R&B tunes ... but not just "singing" like WE did, but these people were GREAT. Turned out that the building was Curtis Mayfield's Curtom Records, and these were known recording artists! Sometimes we'd sing along with them, out on the sidewalk. Eventually, the Earthquake's crowd learned of Deon's musical background, so he'd bring his portable piano into the bar and sing for the customers.

Deon moved from M&P's Lincolnwood to their new, second location in Highland Park, around 1981. During that time, I'd been hanging out across the road at WVVX 103.1 FM, between midnight and 3 AM, during their "All Night Oldies" show, which ran from midnight to 5 AM, Saturdays and Sundays.  I became friends with three different DJs over a period of about three years.  Once in a while, we'd discuss record collecting on the air.  The second of the three fellows who DJ'd the show was Bill Dahl, who writes R&B and blues columns for the Illinois Entertainer and other music publications.

While at the station one night, I mentioned that Deon was playing piano at the restaurant across the road, and Bill became interested in doing an interview with him.
Deon agreed, and one night I brought him over. Bill put the station on backup and did a 20-minute interview, which was soon run on WVVX, and was also published in the Illinois Entertainer, among other publications.  It can still be found on the Net.

From there, Deon went to work playing piano bar at "Billy and Company" on Milwaukee Avenue in Wheeling.  One night in 1982, a nice young guy walked in and sat down next to me at the piano bar.  During a break, he asked Deon if he could play the piano. Deon said "Sure," and the young man sat down and blew us away with his talent.  Later on, he'd bring a guitar with him, and he and Deon would play and sing together. There was nothing musical this young fellow couldn't do.

His name was Mark Eskin. I don't have to elaborate on Mark.  He was a phenomenon. I miss him a lot, as do thousands of his other fans. I didn't find out he'd passed on until "Danzman" told me, a month after the funeral.  I was shocked and saddened to lose a good friend like Mark, and I felt terrible to have missed the service.

At one point, Deon and Mark went to a recording studio, where they cut an acetate; Deon wrote a simple tune, which took him a few minutes to write.

Over the following years, Deon played and sang at various establishments and provided entertainment for various private affairs.

In 2007, I coerced Deon into calling Dick Biondi on the air so that Dick could "interview" him; it aired on March 22nd.

Prior to his passing, Deon had been working as a student counselor at Wheaton-Warrenville South High School. He'd occasionally play piano and sing for the students, who all loved him. Helluva nice, talented guy.

R.I.P., De.

A nice story about Deon, which was done in 2014, can be found here:


Hi Kent,

I recently came across your website which had Dotty Daniels write a comment about her record 'I'm Alone' / 'The Casual Look' on AMY. 

I am trying to locate a copy of the record for my collection and wondered if you could help with any contacts which could possibly help look out for one. 

I'm twenty-four years old and writing from the North of England - any help would be appreciated.  I adore the “No Hit” songs and this track in particular is one of my favourites and I would love to add it to my collection.

Thank you for asking your readers.

Look forward to chatting soon, 

Jordan Wilson 

Hi Jordan!

We really don't sell records ... but I have asked a couple of folks on our list who do to see if perhaps they can help you out.

Coming up empty so far ... but stay tuned ...

We really have a pretty good success rate on this kind of stuff!  (Anybody got a copy for sale?)  kk

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Jingle All The Way ... We're On The Hunt!

All of this recent talk about radio ads has sparked quite a bit of mail … as well as initiated some interesting trades between collectors on the list … which we are always happy to help do.

But now WE’RE determined to find one, too.

After Mike Dugo mentioned a New Colony Six ad the other day that they recorded for Topps Department Store in early 1966, we’re now intrigued … and want to find a copy for our collection and to share with the members of the band … who don’t even have a copy in their own collections.

More on that later …

But first, just a few other tidbits from along the way.

(We can’t possibly run all of the mail we’ve received on this topic in the past two weeks … much of it includes extensive “want lists” of material that in many … if not MOST … cases, collectors have been searching for for decades!  But we will run the occasional list … or partial list … where it seems fit.)

Meanwhile, if you’re a radio ad collector, especially those recorded by some of the biggest recording acts at the time, we would love to hear for you and continue this Jingles Exchange!

>>>Hey Chuck, I didn't get my prize!  Does CB stand for Canfield Boy?  (Jack) 
HA, Jack!  I know we did this, but I don't remember anything about it like HOW it was done, much less the Awarding of any Fabulous Prizes! 

CB ( which probably stood for "Carbonated Boy!" )

Hi Kent, 

Thanks so much for mentioning Coke jingles on your great site.

Brad Howard 

We seem to have hit another hot button here with these radio commercials recorded by some of the biggest recording artists at the time.

But even MORE surprising is the focus on many of the acts who WEREN’T as well known but were still getting work cutting ads.  Some of the artists whose names have come up of late on some of these want lists are pretty amazing … and, being big fans, we’ve chosen to focus on The New Colony Six and THEIR ad for Topps Department Store.  Consider it our own personal quest!

Now I’m thinking that this had to be recorded and released in early 1966 when their song “I Confess” was ruling the charts here in Chicago.  (It peaked at #2)

I’ve asked around thru all of the usual sources, including talking to several original members of The New Colony Six who would have been present at the time … but nobody seems to have a copy … not even the guys in the band! Even the band’s official historian, Jerry Schollenberger, has been searching for a copy for years … and admits he’s never even HEARD it!!!

So we’re putting the word out there that this is our new latest search.  We are OFFICIALLY “on the hunt” for this NC6 Topps ad.  (My guess is the best bet might be to find somebody who has an old WLS aircheck from this era that just happens to have the ad included in it.)

Anyway, please let us know if any of you have any insight as to how we might get a copy to share with the rest of the class.  Thanks!  (kk)

Hey Kent ...

I've searched for many, many years trying to find a copy of the NC6 Topps Department Store recording but have never been able to turn it up. As a matter of fact, I've never even heard it. I'm thinking that it was used only as promotion for the regional Topps Dept. Stores in the local Chicago and surrounding areas.

As far as printed ads are concerned, the only one that I've ever seen, is the full-page color ad that the New Colony did for the 1969 Montgomery Ward catalog plugging the Monkey Ward brand musical instruments (which I have intact in that entire catalog.)  It's not to say that the group didn't do other printed ads for regional purposes. In fact, the NC6 did do a full-size poster for the Tastee Freeze Ice Cream chain back in the late-60's, (which I have), that was given away to customers who bought certain ice cream items at Tastee Freeze locations.

The one NC6 artifact that I would give my left arm for is the never-surfaced 1968 video that the Colony filmed for their big hit, "I Will Always Think About You," which the group traveled to (I believe Ray told me) down to Arkansas to film.

Again, although Ray Graffia, Jr. and the other group members at that time vividly recall filming the video, it never surfaced anywhere, and was unjustly shelved into oblivion. Finding a copy of that 1968 video would be the Holy Grail for me.

Jerry Schollenberger

Would love to get a copy of that video as well … never even knew it existed.  (Wondering what program it was filmed for!  Actually, promotional videos were still a relatively  new concept at that time … so pretty rare … one can only wonder how much bigger hit “I Will Always Think About You” may have been had a video also been circulating as various television spots.  It topped the charts here in Chicago … and rose to #19 nationally … could this additional exposure pushed it into The National Top Ten?!?!)

I would also love to share the Tastee Freeze ad with our readers if you’re able to scan a copy for us.  (I remember coming across the Montgomery Ward musical instruments ad before … but I swear I remember them also doing a clothing ad of some sort … maybe for J.C. Penney’s???)  Anybody out there got any recollections on this one???  (Meanwhile, I can’t seem to find my copy of the Wards ad either … so if you wouldn’t mind, please scan this one as well and send it along.  Thanks, Jerry!)  kk

Kent ...

In regards to the filmed video, I have never seen the "I Will Always Think About You" video … you might want to reach out to Ray Graffia, Jr., to get his take on this … but my guess is that both Mercury Records (the label that the NC6 were signed to at that time) and their manager, Pete Wright, were responsible for that decision to have the guys film the video. It still boggles my mind as to why that video was never shown anywhere, or surfaced anyplace else even once in the last 53 years. It's no real secret that Mercury pretty much neglected to put any real promotional muscle behind the group the entire time that the New Colony Six were signed with the label, so it might just be a case of Mercury dropping the ball on using the video for promoting the group once the video was shot. I personally went up to the offices of Mercury Records on Wacker Drive in downtown Chicago back in 1977/78 to try to see if they could supply me with any NC6 artifacts of any sort, and the suits in charge there pretty much blew me off, saying that they didn't have even any old promo photos or anything else on the group.

Getting back to the NC6 Topps ad, I seem to now recall that someone (who I now can't remember after all of these years), told me that they heard the Topps radio bit on the air somewhere down in Indiana.  I tried researching that angle, too, but came up with nothing.   


Well, you’ve definitely piqued our interest with this one … so we’re going to do a little bit of digging of our own (with the help of Forgotten Hits Nation, of course!)  lol  - Thanks, Jerry!  (kk)

And these from some of the original Colony members, circa 1966 …

While I do not have a copy of it, Kent, I definitely do recall us doing it.  We sang, if memory serves, “I confess to have a willingness and wanting for Topps (Topps)!” but I don’t think we ever got a copy, and that’s the extent of what my now 75+ year old brain can remember.  Wish I knew more but can share that a few years before my dad passed away, he had oodles of Centaur / Sentaur / Sentar and Colony schnike stored in his basement, which subsequently flooded, and all that memorabilia was lost and tossed. 

The commercial was done pre-Ronnie and since I am pretty sure you know how to contact at least Chic, Walt, plus probably Gerry and Craig (all blind copied here to respect them; they can chime in directly if they want and have anything more or different to add) and surely you must have a means to reach out to our primary historian, Jerry Schollenberger, to whom I am sending a visible copy of this note, maybe one of the other guys somehow got hold of the jingle or at least have better / more extended memories of the event to share with you.


P.S.  Since Chic sent me this recently, and I am not certain I sent it to you, attached please find what I believe may be the only picture of most of us as “The Patsmen” – taken during the summer of 1964 after GVK, Pat, Chic and I (as did Walt Kemp) graduated from St. Pat’s.  

In that photo:

· Our bass player, Bruce Sneath, 2-3 years older than us, got drafted and passed away a few years ago now, though did play a role with us as roadie once back from his service.

· Pat, who did not play guitar but became killer on harmonica, liked to embellish things now and then.

· Our accordion player, Chris Wolski, who is still among the living but was forbidden by his dad to stick with the band (as he was two years younger than us), was forced to quit.

As a result of C.W.’s family interference and Bruce’s getting drafted --- if my memory is up to par this morning, Wally AKA Walt became our bass player and his cousin, Craig AKA Greg, took over on keys, just prior to our renaming ourselves to New Colony Six.  

Well wishes to you and yours – holler anytime.  

Love to you, Frannie, the grown-up Paige, and any other unnamed Kotals and/or FH readers whose days are made when you release the next edition of Forgotten Hits!     


The exact line was "I confess to have a willingness and wantingness to shop at Topps."  I had a reel to reel at one time. If I could find it, I am sure it has deteriorates beyond use. 

Chris Wolski does not live far from me in Georgia. We had the opportunity to lunch together during the holidays. He is a famous Santa for charity functions in the area ... had quite a music career as a concert producer as well. 

If ANYBODY out there can help us locate a copy of this very rare NC6 Topps Department Store ad, please drop me a line!  Thanks!  (kk)

Regards to all,


That reel-to-reel copy may be our only shot at locating this … I say it’s worth a shot to see if it plays at all.  (Then, of course, we’ve got to figure out how to turn it into an MP3!!!)  kk

Best as I can recall, all that Ray said is totally true, “give or take a lie or two”.


Walter T Kemp

Thursday, April 15, 2021


A brand new Happy Together line-up has just been announced for their show at The Genesee Theatre on August 7th

Headlining (of course) are The Turtles (featuring Ron Dante and Mark Volman.)

Also on the bill are Chuck Negron (formerly of Three Dog Night), Chicago’s very own Buckinghams, The Cowsills, The Association, The Vogues and The Classics IV.

Tickets are available now (and previously purchased tickets will be honored.)  No word yet on how social distancing seating will come into play … but this is a KILLER line-up so I’m hoping we can get the chance to see it, too!  (kk)

And, speaking of upcoming shows, Elk Grove Village has just announced their Summer Concert Series according to FH Reader Mike DeMartino …

Kent - 

I hear the Elk Grover Village concerts are on as of this minute. My friend found out from one of the village trustees.

Here is the line-up as it currently stands ... 

7/4   - Daughtry

7/13 - TBD

7/20 - Loverboy

7/27 – The Beach Boys

If I hear anything further, I will advise.


That Beach Boys show just may set a new crowd record.  It’ll be interesting to see how all of this pans out.  (Guess that means The Beach Boys WON’T be doing their much-rumored 60th Anniversary Tour in late July!  Lol)  kk

Hi Kent -  

I love all of these super charts. I have discovered some real gems that never were big charters.

This last week's chart has some real rockers including:

C'mon - Poco

Snow Blind Friends - Steppenwolf

Tongue In Cheek - Sugarloaf

The Animal Trainer And The Toad - Mountain

And, of course, several Forgotten Hits favorites like:

13 Questions - Seatrain

L.A. Goodbye - The Ides Of March

Broken - The Guess Who

For fans of pop and soul:

We Were Always Sweethearts - Boz Scaggs

Could I Forget You - Tyrone Davis

Do Me Right - The Detroit Emeralds

Plus some adult contemporary fare like:

Time And Love - Barbra Streisand

I Won't Mention It Again - Ray Price

I Think Of You - Perry Como

Also, a huge congrats on your landmark six million milestone. That is very cool. Please keep up the great work keeping this amazing music alive.

Santi Paradoa

Miami, Florida

Thanks, Santi!  The 1971 Super Charts will continue thru the end of the year.  (We’re still waiting to hear if deejay Sam Tallerico will be doing any more tributes on his Lost And Found Oldies Show.  Sam tended to do a nice mix of the chart hits you know along with several you probably never heard before.) 

Here’s hoping that we won’t have to wait too long for more.  (kk)

As we predicted she would, Tina Turner has overtaken Fela Kuti in this year’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Fan votes.  (I still credit the recent HBO documentary as a source of many of these recent votes … Tina is already inducted as part of The Ike And Tina Turner Revue.)

It isn’t much of a lead at this point (463,000 to 450,000 votes as of 6 am Thursday Morning) but I believe it will continue to grow.  (Who would have EVER predicted that Fela Kuti would have scored this high with so many???)

Rounding out The Top Five are The Go-Go’s (with 339,000 votes), Iron Maiden (with 328,000 votes) and Foo Fighters (with 318,000 votes … now THEM I would have expected to score higher)

That means Carole King has been pushed out of The Top Five … she now ranks at #6 with 300,000 votes, just ahead of Todd Rundgren, who currently has 225,000.

Dionne Warwick has slipped to 9th place with 198,000 (Dionne Warwick, rock and roll???  Seriously???) while rappers LL Cool Jay (114,000) and Jay-Z (99,000) continue to bring up the rear.  (Guess folks don’t consider THEM to be rock and roll either!)  kk

I am really bummed out that for whatever reason, I can't seem to stream the Me TV FM radio station in Chicago.  Oh, I can access the site OK, but when I click on the "play video" button, nothing happens, and I sure would have liked to see what novelty songs they played this past weekend.  Oh, well, I guess that's what I get for living in Canada. <grin>

Anyway, you take care, and have a great week.

All the best,


The Chicago Me-TV-FM station doesn't stream (although I sure wish they did) ...  But you can definitely pick up the Milwaukee feed and listen at any time ...

It's essentially the same play list (but probably features a few less tracks by our local heroes)

I think you’ll find it a VERY enjoyable listen.  (And you absolutely could have heard their novelty songs weekend as in THAT respect they run the same features.

This weekend they’re doing a Name Game Weekend …

Beginning Friday night in the 7:00 hour, we’ll be kicking off “A Name Game Weekend" featuring dozens and dozens and dozens (!) of songs with people’s names in the title. Will we be playing a song that mentions you by name? Tune in this coming weekend and find out!

Again, use the link above to listen … and you may want to bookmark that site … because once you listen, you’ll definitely  be back for more!  (kk)

Yesterday, Me-TV-FM saluted Tony Burrows on his 79th birthday.

We’ve spotlighted Tony’s incredible chart history several times over the years in Forgotten Hits.  He’s the guy who scored FIVE Top 20 Hits as the “ghost” lead singer on five different tracks, each released under the names of five different artists, none of which ever included his own!

Between 1970 and 1974, Burrows hit The Top 20 with the hits “My Baby Loves Lovin’” (#10, 1970, as The White Plains), “Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes” (#4, 1970, as Edison Lighthouse), “United We Stand” (#13, 1970, as The Brotherhood Of Man), “Gimme Dat Ding” (#7, 1970, as The Pipkins) and “Beach Baby” (#3, 1974, as First Class.)

More details (and a link to Tony’s fan page) below.  (kk)

Best Classic Bands also ran a tribute to The Beatles’ “Yesterday … And Today” album this week that makes for some tasty reading.

Even though most of us are well-schooled in the history of this unusual US only compilation, it’s still kinda cool to relive some of the hoopla that surrounded it back in the day.  (And its collectability hasn’t really waned either!)  kk

At a time when other artists are talking about getting back out on the road, Toto has just announced that they are pushing all of their dates in 2022.

Fourteen overseas dates are immediately impacted, including previously postponed shows in Germany, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland.  Additional dates are expected to be announced once their 2022 schedule is officially announced.  (kk)

Black Sabbath fans have got to be happy about all of the deluxe releases planned for the band this year.

Already available are 2-CD editions of their post-Ozzy Osbourne albums “Heaven And Hell” and “Mob Rules” and a 4-CD set of their “Volume 4” album … and now comes word of a super deluxe 4-CD box set reissue of their 1975 album “Sabotage.”

Of course, by now we all know that the band was REALLY inspired by Chicago’s very own “Coven,” the group that hit the charts with the theme to the “Billy Jack” movie, “One Tin Soldier” (just kidding … or maybe not … check out our recent piece on this topic here … … but it’s still gotta be a thrill for Sabbath fans to hear all this stuff coming out of the vaults after all these years.  (kk)

Also releasing some NEW material is Procol Harum, the group that recorded one of my VERY favorite songs of all-time, “A Whiter Shade Of Pale.”

Look for their latest EP, “Missing Persons,” due out May 7th.

Esoteric Antenna label is pleased to announce the release of a new CD EP by the legendary PROCOL HARUM. 

“Missing Persons” was completed during lockdown, after founder and lead singer Gary Brooker rediscovered a CD of rough mixes of two studio tracks the band had laid down during a previous session. “They weren’t written last week, neither are they old,” says Gary, but the precise date of the original recordings remains a mystery. With the world locked down Gary and the band revisited these tracks and they now proudly sit alongside the band’s venerable catalogue.

The title track “Missing Persons (Alive Forever)” is a particularly poignant and emotive song, and a fine example of the musical tradition of Procol Harum. Gary adds: “Keith Reid’s lyrics sound incredibly apt for the time we’re living in, this is the sound of Procol Harum today.” The EP’s other new song “War Is Not Healthy” is also a touching observation of war and its impact on humanity.

This is Procol Harum at their timeless best.

Procol Harum
Gary Brooker (vocals, piano)
Geoff Whitehorn (guitar)
Josh Phillips (organ)
Geoff Dunn (drums)
Matt Pegg (bass)

1. Missing Persons (Alive Forever)
2. War Is Not Healthy
3. Missing Persons (Alive Forever) (Edited Version)

(Photo by Deacon Comms)

Now that’s pretty cool …

When I went to post today’s THURSDAY THIS AND THAT sheet, the official web counter red 6,006,006 … EXACTLY six million, six thousand and six visits!  (You’re not going to see THAT every day … or ever again for that matter!!!)  Just the luck of the click, I guess!  (kk)

And how about this closer from Frank B …