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Another Concert Review!

East Coast FH Correspondent Shelly Sweet-Tufano just sent us this "Peter and (Noel) Paul" concert review ... so we wanted to share with it with you ...

A) Because it's finally a DIFFERENT Peter ...

B) Because we don't feature this genre of music very often here in Forgotten Hits ...

And, quite frankly, it's just wrong to ignore it (intentionally or not), as folk music truly WAS all the rage for a brief period of time here in the early '60's.


C) Because it’s a damn good review!! 

So, without another moment of hesitation, here is Shelley's review of Peter Yarrow and Paul Stookey, live in concert, from earlier this week.  (kk)

It had been a year since we moved to Connecticut. The lake across the street had new houses built and sold since we had joined the neighborhood. Familiar music wafts through the air so I run outside to see who's radio is playing. But no ... the songs are coming from across the street and getting the echo effect from the lake. My father is working outside and says:

"He's a VP for a record company. I think he is having a party."
(WHAAAAA? Just how long were you going to sit on this information?)

My Dad: "Do you know the singers?"


My Dad: "Are they famous?"

There has been a generation gap since the beginning of time. Sometimes it seems deeper than other times.

On August 15, 2023, I sit in the balcony of The Katherine Hepburn Performing Arts Center. 
I am here to watch Peter Yarrow and Noel (Paul) Stookey in a perfect large, yet intimate setting.

Weave, weave, weave me the sunshine
Out of the falling rain
Weave me the hope of a new tomorrow
Fill my cup again

Yes, Peter, Paul and Mary were folk singers with the passion of the 60s peaceful protest for change culture. It is called a culture but it really is a personal belief system that evolved into songs for changing society's ills into wellness. It resonated with this audience for past, present and future issues. I heard songs I sang as a child, a teenager and a college student who became more attuned to the ideas expressed. As with all ideas of change, I can agree with some, disagree with others and respect your right to opinions. I firmly believe in every effort to respect others no matter what their creed, color, nationality, religion, orientations, or disabilities. That means respecting our differences. I sound like a special education teacher. 

Peter interrupts the singing of 'Weave Me The Sunshine' to comically stop the clapping of the crowd and announce, "This was to be such a formal event." He and Noel break up into laughter and the atmosphere is proclaimed. 
Throughout this concert, I feel as I did listening to the folk singing performances of college. Actually, this is the type of performance I heard wafting from lakeside that summer day. Great music, great musicians, great songs.

I refer to 'Paul' as 'Noel' because that is what Peter calls him. And when Noel introduces Peter, he pronounces his last name as 'Yair-row.'  They have a standing bass player as well, named John Miller. (known for his work on Broadway.)  Peter enjoys talking, and as he continues to banter with the audience about the relevancy of the lyrics of 'Weave Me The Sunshine' in today's world, Noel keeps asking, "Have we gotten to the steel and concrete crumbling yet?" 
"No," says Peter continuously.  (These words are part of verse three.) 
FINALLY, it happens: 
I've seen the steel and the concrete crumble
Shine on me again
The proud and the mighty all have stumbled
Shine on me again

This show is going to be fun!

Weave Me The Sunshine
Garden Song (this has become the theme song for Maine PBS)
PUFF the Magic Dragon
It's Magic
Been To Jail For Justice
Don't Laugh At Me
Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Don't Let The Light Go Out

'Puff' was first sung here in German. When Noel asked Peter, "Did we ever record it in French?" Peter replied, "No. They were too snooty!"

John Miller has some great standing bass solos and Peter and Noel are still bouncing around with guitars (especially Noel on the upbeat songs) at the ages of 85. Noel drove eight and a half hours from Maine to get here. They are playing for three nights at The Kate. Tonight was opening night, but it was the last one booked, as tickets just kept selling out and the theatre kept adding performances. 


Wedding Song (There is Love)
A House That Is Divided (this is a new song ... hope I have title correct)
The Times They Are A'Changing
This Little Light Of Mine / Down By The Riverside / When The Saints Go Marching In
Leaving On a Jet Plane
If I Had A Hammer
Blowin' In The Wind
Finale - This Land Is Your Land

The second act breaks up Noel and Peter for solo performances. With Mary, they did this at every performance, giving the audience a chance to learn about each separately. Noel begins with 'Wedding Song' and a new composition where he plays a mandolinio (sp?) I cannot find a picture online of what I saw last night. Noel said it was a compilation instrument, but it must be able to be found somewhere. Noel sang the original lyrics of 'Wedding Song.'  He wrote this for Peter's wedding after some prayer, and when he played it for his wife, she remarked, "They are not going to get the first person references. They will think you are proclaiming yourself the second coming." So it was recorded with the pronoun "He/His". We heard it tonight with the pronoun "I," which originally reflected the song coming from the voice from Heaven. 'House Divided' refers to elephants, donkeys, red, and blue. Guess which House this is that is divided?

Peter sings 'The Times They Are A'Changing' with a pinch of Dylan added. The medley 'This Little Light Of Mine / Down By The Riverside / When The Saints' gets the audience pumped up and clapping again (It's ok ... Clapping really was allowed. lol) 

You can hear the remainder of the concert in your mind. 'Peter, Paul and Mommy, Too' was the first album I bought for my youngest brother. He played it into scratched out city. The other albums I owned ... WAIT! I still have them, thank you very much. 
So many memories arose tonight, including those of my first romantic love at the end of High School, beginning of college. Love you, Joel!


Oh Dad? Yes. They are famous!

Shelley J Sweet-Tufano
NE Correspondent 
Forgotten Hits

Thursday, August 17, 2023


I was VERY sad to hear about the passing of Jerry Moss, one half of the "M" in A&M Records.

There is no question that Herb Alpert garnered the lion’s share of the attention (the fact that he was one of the label’s most celebrated and successful artists certainly didn’t hurt!), but together they made a dynamic team … building a company that put the artists first ... and, along the way, became one of the largest independent record labels of that era.

A concert honoring and celebrating the life of Jerry Moss has been rescheduled for January … with a virtual Who’s Who of former A&M artists participating …

From Ken Voss …

A&M’s line-up boasted a wide variety of musical styles … everything from Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass and Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66 to Peter Frampton, Free and Joe Cocker … The Carpenters and The Police … Cat Stevens, Bryan Adams and The Captain and Tennille … Sheryl Crow, Styx and Amy Grant … Rita Coolidge, Janet Jackson and Billy Preston … Supertramp … the list goes on and on.  (kk)

On the mend, Madonna has now rescheduled her “Celebration” tour.

Because of the lengthy delay due to recent health issues, more shows had to be cancelled due to scheduling conflicts … and many others (including some of her postponed dates) have been rescheduled for new dates and, in some cases, new venues.

The announcement comes exactly one month after the show was originally scheduled to kick off (July 15th) in Vancouver.

Now set to kick off with four sold-out shows in London beginning on October 14th, Mags will spend most of the rest of 2023 in other countries … including Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Her first US concert will take place on December 13th in Brooklyn … followed by shows in Boston, Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Los Angeles. (Some of the new cancelled shows, due to scheduling conflicts, include Tulsa, Nashville, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Madonna’s full, updated itinerary is shown below: 

December 13th, 14th and 16th — Brooklyn, N.Y. — Barclays Center

December 18th and 19th - Washington, D.C. — Capital One Arena

January 8th and 9th — Boston, Mass. — TD Garden

January 11th and 12th — Toronto, Canada — Scotiabank Arena

January 15th — Detroit, Mich. — Little Caesars Arena

January 18th and 20th — Montreal, Canada — Bell Centre 

January 22nd and 23rd — New York, N.Y. — Madison Square Garden

January 25th — Philadelphia, Penn. — Wells Fargo Center

January 29th — New York, N.Y. — back to Madison Square Garden

February 1st and 2nd — Chicago, Ill. — United Center

February 5th — Pittsburgh, Penn. — PPG Paints Arena

February 8th — Cleveland, Ohio — Rocket Mortgage Field House

February 13th — Saint Paul, Minn. — Xcel Energy Center

February 17th and 18th — Seattle, Wash. — Climate Pledge Arena 

February 21st — Vancouver, Canada — Rogers Arena

February 24th — Sacramento, Calif. — Golden 1 Center

February 27th and 28th — San Francisco, Calif. — Chase Center

March 1st and 2nd — Las Vegas, Nev. — T-Mobile Arena

March 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th — Los Angeles, Calif. — Kia Forum 

March 13th — Palm Desert, Calif. — Acrisure Arena

March 16th — Phoenix, Ariz. — Footprint Center

March 19 — Denver, Colo. — Ball Arena

March 24th and 25th — Dallas, Texas— American Airlines Center

March 28th and 29th — Houston, Texas — Toyota Center

April 1st — Atlanta, Ga. — State Farm Arena

April 4th — Tampa, Fla. — Amalie Arena

April 6th and 7th — Miami, Fla. — Kaseya Center

April 14th and 15th — Austin, Texas — Moody Center

April 20th, 21st, 23rd and 24th — Mexico City — Palacio De Los Deportes

Shania Twain is returning to Las Vegas next year for a 24-show residency at The Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

Shows kick of in May.  (This will be Shania’s THIRD residency in Las Vegas since 2012.)  kk

I just discovered your website and wanted to make a correction to your Carpenters narrative …

In The Category: More Stories Behind the Songs ... and the Remakes

Under The Entry: The Carpenters

A Correction Regarding: We've Only Just Begun

The song was written by Paul Williams as a musical background for a Crocker Bank (wedding themed) commercial.  Crocker Bank was a chain of financial banking institutions in southern California.  Crocker Bank was not an insurance company, as stated in the Carpenters narrative.  Perfectionist that he is, I'm surprised Richard Carpenter hasn't written to you about the origin of "We've Only Just Begun."  :)

Thanks and take care,

Glenn Potkowa

Orchard Park, New York  

P.S.  I will be sending in "My First 45" story in the near future.

Unfortunately, everything on that website is now “frozen in time” …

The service no longer allows me to make changes to it … so I can’t correct The Carpenters piece or add your First 45 to our long list of entries.

However, I have been looking at other options regarding moving all of this information to another site … it just requires hundreds of hours of work to do so.  (And I don’t want to shut the old one down because it is thru that site that I am able to use my email address!)

Stuck between a rock and a hard place for right now …

But hopefully things will change.

Meanwhile, I will be happy to run your First 45 story as part of our on-going, damn-near daily blog!  (Hope you’re liking what you see … and, if you are, please tell a friend … or two … or twenty!!!)  kk



I am always fascinated by the charts around the country ... which is why I enjoyed the year of weekly charts that you ran ... always fun to find records that didn't hit any national charts but hit the local chart. 

Back in the day mainly in the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s, KIMN (who I grew up listening to) would change around the Top 10 frequently and, of course, there were always the local artists (i.e. Gary Stites, the Astronauts, Sugarloaf, Moonrakers, Soul Survivors (not the black group but a local white group) would end up at least in the Top 10.  

Thanks for all you do ... it's amazing. 

Ted Scott


My two fave Record Research books are Across The Charts - the 1960s and the Chart Comparison book. 
I'd love for Paul and company to undertake another Across The Charts book for the 1970s!
And has it been discussed here before - that we should have an annual Joel Whitburn day or better yet, week on Forgotten Hits!

Mike Markesich

We did celebrate Joel Whitburn Day last November …

And I’d be all for doing it again this year … or turning it into an annual event … as long as readers continue to contribute material that we can run.  (Record Research has a new publication coming out in September featuring all of the charted hits from 1990 – 2022 … maybe Paul Haney would even be interested in doing some type of give-away in conjunction with more celebration of all the ways that Joel’s books enriched our lives.  (I have said at least 50 times … there is not a single day that goes by where I don’t consult at least one of them for one reason or another … they’re invaluable to me!)

So Readers (and Paul!), kick it around and see what kind of celebration we can kick up for this November!  (kk)


“ABBA – The Movie” is coming back to selected cinemas throughout Europe for two days only (September 17th and 19th).

With a fully-restored soundtrack (and additional bonus footage that includes ABBA – The Museum and ABBA – The Voyage … as well as some recently added archival footage), it’ll be like seeing the movie again for the very first time (which, hopefully, will lead to a far better experience THAN seeing it for the first time … because it was really pretty awful!  And I like these guys!)  kk



Our FH Buddy Billy James (of Glass Onyon Productions) sent us THIS promotional piece about ANOTHER one of our FH Buddies, Tommy Roe …


Sixties Hitmaker Tommy Roe Releases New Album “From Here to Here”

American Singer/Songwriter Tommy Roe had several top hits in the 60’s and 70’s starting in 1962 with “Sheila.” That same year, Tommy headlined a British Tour with Chris Montez - their warmup band was called The Beatles! After that tour, other hits followed:  “Everybody” (1963), “The Folk Singer” (1964), “Sweet Pea” (1966), “Hooray for Hazel” (1966), The Worldwide #1 Hit “Dizzy” (1969) and “Jam Up and Jelly Tight” (1970). Tommy also wrote other hits for other artists.

He continued to write throughout the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s, many times with songwriting partners Mac Davis and Freddy Weller of Paul Revere and The Raiders fame. Tommy’s catalog continues to be recorded by artists worldwide.

This new album is called “From Here to Here” and it is a collection of new songs recorded at Solar Studios and produced by Michael Franklin. Tommy and Michael have been lifelong friends and the band on many of the tracks, Paul Parker, Tim Franklin and Michael Franklin, were in Tommy’s touring band for many years. Four of the songs were originally recorded in 2012, including “Devil’s Soul Pile,” which went to #1 on the Adult Contemporary charts.

Track listing:
Devil's Soul Pile
Traffic Jam
Midnight Lights
Without Her
A Rose, A Candle and You
Frenchy and The Cowboy
If I were a Carpenter
Heather Honey
LA I Belong to You
Kick Me Charlie

Tommy Roe - Guitar and Vocals.
Tommy Calton - Acoustic 6 String and 12 string Guitar, Electric Guitars
Tim Franklin - Electric Bass and String Bass,
Michael Franklin - Wurlitzer, Bosendorfer Grand, Kurzweil and B-3
Paul Parker - Drums
Matt Brown - Drums on “Heather Honey,” “Frenchy” & “Traffic Jam”
Steady Joseph - Percussion on “Midnight Lights”
Randie Paul - Backing Vocals on “Devil’s Soul Pile”
Suzie Parks Hosmer - Backing Vocals on “Traffic Jam”
Charlie DeChant - Harmonica on “Kick Me Charlie,” and Sax on “Traffic Jam”
Danny Jordan - Sax on “Midnight Lights”
Brian Snapp - Flute on “If I Were a Carpenter”
Benoit Lajeunesse - Violin on “A Rose A Candle” and “Heather Honey”
Olga Kopalova - Violin on “If I Were a Carpenter”
Paul Fleury - Cello on “If I Were a Carpenter”
Tim Franklin - String bass on “Traffic Jam” and “If I Were A Carpenter.”

Recorded at Solar Studios, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Matt Brown
Produced and arranged by Michael Franklin for Solar Music.
“Devil’s Soul Pile,” “Without Her”, “If I Were A Carpenter” & “Kick Me Charlie” Mastered by Rodney Mills

“Traffic Jam” written by Tommy Roe and Mac Davis, published by Bike Music
“If I Were A Carpenter” written by Tim Hardin, published by Faithful Virtue Music, BMI
Frenchy & Cowboy written by Tommy Roe & Mike Stewart, published Roeboat Music, BMI
All other songs written by Tommy Roe and published by Roeboat Music BMI
Solar Music @2022

To purchase:

I just love it when artists show just how cool they really are.

Case in point:  Michael Buble (of all people!) joining Dave Grohl and The Foo Fighters live on stage to sing his hit “Haven’t Met You Yet.”

The set-up was hilarious … but the guys pulled it off … and had a blast doing so … and the entire audience was taken along for the ride.  (Between this and Grohl’s tribute to The Bee Gees a year ago or so, this guy just continues to win me over with not only his charisma, but also his deep love and appreciation for all things music.)

You can read the full account (and catch the video) here:

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Yesterday ... And Today

The events that happened over the 48 hours that encompassed August 15th and 16th during the course of Rock And Roll History are really quite amazing ...


Woodstock … The Beatles at Shea Stadium … the death of Elvis … all of these major events were bottled up into these past couple of days.


And it doesn’t end there …


Other significant life-changing events that happened on August 15th and 16th in music history include:


August 15th:

1947 – Songwriter Jimmy Webb is born

1958 – Buddy Holly marries Maria Elena Santiago

1962 – John Lennon and Paul McCartney ask Ringo Starr to join The Beatles

1965 – The Beatles perform at Shea Stadium

1966 – The Beatles perform at D.C. Stadium in Washington, D.C.

1969 – Woodstock begins its three day run


August 16th:

1957 – The Everly Brothers record “Wake Up Little Susie”

1958 – Madonna is born

1962 – Pete Best is fired by The Beatles

1966 – The first Monkees single (“Last Train To Clarksville”) is released

1969- The Guess Who receive their first American Gold Record for “These Eyes”

1977 – Elvis dies of a heart attack

1979 – The Knack receive a Gold Record for “My Sharona”

1983 – Paul Simon marries actress Carrie Fisher (well, it lasted eight months!)

2018 – Aretha Franklin died


And, from FH Reader Timmy (who aptly calls this the "Poster Of The Day") ... 

(promotional material for that 1966 concert mentioned above)

Thanks, Timmy!  (kk)