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The Saturday Surveys (3-8)

Here's a chart sent into us by Davie Allan ... who just happened to have the #1 Record of the week over at KFXM.  His instrumental giant "Blues' Theme" tops the chart for this week in 1967 ... placing him ahead of some pretty important (and heavy!) competition ... The Beatles are at #2 with their two-sided hit "Penny Lane" / "Strawberry Fields Forever", The Turtles are at #3 with their monster hit "Happy Together" and The Rolling Stones have just fallen out of The Top Ten with THEIR two-sided hit "Let's Spend The Night Together" [shown here as the A-Side] / "Ruby Tuesday"!

Also in The Top Five is one of OUR favorites, Emitt Rhodes and Merry-Go-Round with their first chart hit, "Live", a track that did MUCH better on The West Coast than it did nationally.

Actually, you'll find quite a few hits on this survey that barely got noticed nationally ... a GREAT example of what these local surveys meant back then!

The Beatles and The Stones also made The Top Ten on this Cleveland Chart from the year before.  (And there's Sonny Geraci yet AGAIN topping the charts!)

Unusual Top 20 Hits include "Time" by The Pozo-Seco Singers (I've always liked this song ... just never expected to see it in The Top 20!) and "From A Distance" by P.F. Sloan.  Sloan is best known for his song-writing so it's rare to see him on the charts singing one of his own hits.  In fact, the best this track could do in Billboard was to "bubble under" for exactly one week at #109!

Take a look at the bottom quarter of the chart and you'll find a decidedly country feel ... chart hits include the latest from Roger Miller, Eddy Arnold, Johnny Cash and Slim Whitman, along with country-flavored tunes by Billy Joe Royal and B.J. Thomas.

It's also kind of surprising to see a Bobby Sherman record as one of the "Very Important Premiers" ... he wouldn't really break into the charts for another three years!

Man, why doesn't radio play this one?!? One of the finest recordings B.J. Thomas ever made in my opinion!

A couple of weeks ago we promised Canadian Forgotten Hits Reader Doug Thompson that we'd feature his March CHUM Chart when the date came up.

Canada was a little late to the party with their coverage of "I Want To Hold Your Hand".  It had already held the top spot here in The States for six weeks by the time it finally reached #1 up north.  But that's only because Canada jumped on a couple of OTHER Beatles hits first instead.  (As we saw a few weeks ago, The Fab Four held down the #1 and #2 spot in January with "She Loves You" and "Roll Over Beethoven").

Here, they've captured SIX of the Top Ten positions  (with seven tracks if you count the charted B-Side "I Saw Her Standing There".)

Still holding on to Top Ten positions are the aforementioned "She Loves You", "Roll Over Beethoven" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand" ... but joining them this week are "Please Please Me", "From Me To You" and "Love Me Do".  (You'll also find The Beatles at #30 this week with "All My Lovin'"!)

The biggest mover of the week, however, belongs to The Trashmen ... who leap from #50 up to #25 with their rock - novelty hit "Bird Dance Beat"!  (I've got to admit that I'm a little bit perplexed by this one ... it's essentially the exact same song as "Surfin' Bird" ... only about 800% WORSE!!!  The "novelty" was fun the first time around ... but this recording pretty much sucks!!!)

Friday, March 7, 2014

50 Years Ago This Weekend

Leap year kicked in this past week in 1964, throwing all of our anniversary dates off by a day ... but we're still doing our best to recreate the evolution of The British Invasion once a week here in Forgotten Hits. 

On the Billboard Magazine chart dated March 7, 1964, THE BEATLES kicked off the month with three of the top four singles in the land … I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND (still #1, now for the SIXTH straight week), followed right behind by SHE LOVES YOU (#2) and PLEASE PLEASE ME (#4).  Dusty's record I ONLY WANT TO BE WITH YOU has stalled at #14 while I SAW HER STANDING THERE, GLAD ALL OVER and MY BONNIE continue to climb (at numbers 18, 23 and 31 respectively.) 

New on the charts are THE SEARCHERS, at #75 with NEEDLES AND PINS (you may recall it premiered here in Chicago a week earlier), a song (ironically) written by American Sonny Bono!  Rounding out The Hot 100, you'll find HIPPY HIPPY SHAKE by THE SWINGIN' BLUE JEANS at #80 and FROM ME TO YOU (the flipside of the U.S. re-release of PLEASE PLEASE ME, but a #1 Hit on its own back home in Jolly Ol' England) at #86, giving THE BEATLES a total of SIX songs in The Hot 100 this week.  

Here in Chicago, The Beatles hold down the Top Three Spots on the WLS Silver Dollar Survey dated March 6th with "She Loves You", "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and "Please Please Me".  "I Saw Her Standing There" is at #8 and "Twist And Shout" is brand new at #10 in its first week on the chart.  This gives The Beatles exactly HALF of the Top Ten Records in Chicago. 

Other British Acts making a showing this week include The Dave Clark Five at #12 with "Glad All Over", Cliff Richard at #20 with "It's All In The Game", The Searchers at #25 with "Needles And Pins" and The Swinging Blue Jeans premiering at #29 with "The Hippy Hippy Shake".  In "related" news, you'll also find The Viceroy's hit "Liverpool" at #32 while The Carefrees debut on the chart at #23 with "We Love You Beatles".


On TV, Ed Sullivan welcomed The Dave Clark Five for the very first time on his March 8th program.  (They performed "Glad All Over".)  They were back a week later to do three more songs ... and became favorites of The Ed Sullivan Show, appearing a total of a dozen times over the next four years.   
Click here: Dave Clark Five | Ed Sullivan Show   

And, speaking of The Dave Clark Five ...   

Forgotten Hits Reader Tom Cuddy sent us this great piece of news the other day ...   
Click here: PBS gets 'Glad All Over' about Dave Clark Five

Next to The Beatles, The Dave Clark Five were, without a doubt, my favorite British Invasion Act at the time ... one of the most exciting Christmas Gifts I ever received was their first "Greatest Hits" album ... ALL hits and no filler ... I played it Over And Over (pun intended) again and again till I started to wear out the grooves!  (Their singles were pressed SO loud that they sounded distorted every time you played them.  Now granted, that was part of their "sound" ... but at times it was just too much ... especially on the crappy little record player that I had at the time ... so getting the LP with CONSIDERABLY clearer sound was quite a bonus!)  And I played the heck out of it.  
I'm looking forward to seeing what PBS has put together ... Dave Clark has always been pretty tight with sharing his archives ... he owns the rights to virtually every appearance they ever made! ... so it'll be interesting to see what they've come up with ... although I hear it's pretty much a career retrospective, 1964 - 1970.  Be sure to check your local listings starting on April 8th to see when this will be showing in your area.  (kk)  

More on Tottenham Quintet ...  

Over the years it has been reported that Ed Sullivan REALLY favored The Dave Clark Five ... and that, in fact, the group appeared more times on his program than any other act ... other than Topo Gigio, of course! 

But I've seen that number of appearances distorted SO many times over the years that I couldn't help but wonder what the REAL number of appearances really was. 

So I went right to the source ... Andrew Solt, who owns the rights to EVERY Ed Sullivan Show ever broadcast.  (Andrew's official Ed Sullivan Website ... link above ... shows the count at 12 ... but the USA Today article we link to above puts the number at 18.)  I've seen 15, 16, 18, "over 20" and 24 reported by other media sources ... but WE wanted to report the REAL number.

Andrew connected me with Greg Vines, the guy in his organization who maintains the logs of EVERY Sullivan broadcast.  (Not only is Greg the guy who would know ... but he also has the official documentation to back it up!)

Here's what he told me:    

Hi Kent, 

Regarding The Dave Clark Five ... the reason for the discrepancy is a little complicated.  They appeared on the show 16 times, but three of those appearance were repeats ... and one was film clips of earlier performances.  We don't count the repeats or film clips so that's how our number comes to 12.  

Here's a breakdown of their appearances:  

03/08/64  (honored above)  
11/01/64 – REPEATED ON 7/11/65 
02/14/65 – REPEATED ON 8/8/66 
02/20/66 – REPEATED ON 7/24/66 
04/24/66 – ON TAPE & IN STUDIO 

Hope this helps.   

All the best,

Greg Vines
SOFA Entertainment
Andrew Solt Productions
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Thanks, Greg, it sure does!!!  (Again, you can always count on Forgotten Hits to bring you the most accurate truth possible!  And, in this case, the definitive correct answer.) 

Inspired, I decided to do a little more digging.  

Here's what The Dave Clark Five performed during each of those "new" appearances:

03/08/64 - Glad All Over
03/15/64 - Do You Love Me, Bits And Pieces, Glad All Over
05/31/64 - Can't You See That She's Mine, Do You Love Me
11/01/64 – (REPEATED ON 7/11/65):  Any Way You Want It, Because
02/14/65 – (REPEATED ON 8/8/66):  Everybody Knows, Any Way You Want It
06/20/65 - Glad All Over, Come Home, I Like It Like That
11/14/65 - Over And Over, Catch Us If You Can
02/20/66 – (REPEATED ON 7/24/66):  Over And Over, At The Scene
04/24/66 – ON TAPE & IN STUDIO:  Catch Us If You Can, Try Too Hard
06/12/66 - Look Before You Leap, Please Tell Me Why
11/20/66 – FILM CLIP – NOT IN STUDIO:  Sitting Here Baby, Nineteen Days
3/26/67 - I've Got To Have A Reason, You Got What It Takes
12/21/69 – FILM CLIPS FROM EARLIER PERFORMANCES - This was a clips show that spotlighted British Artists The Beatles, The Dave Clark Five, The Animals, Petula Clark, Herman's Hermits and The Rolling Stones (along with other highlights broadcast live from Ed's stage during the 1960's.)  

Wow! That show already sounds better than anything that's on TV today!!!  Also included were performances by Diana Ross and the Supremes, who performed a medley of Baby Love, Stop! In the Name of Love, Come See About Me, My World Is Empty Without You, You Can't Hurry Love, The Happening, You Keep Me Hangin' On, Reflections, Love Child and I Hear a Symphony along with their latest (and last hit with Diana Ross) Someday We'll Be Together.

And finally ...

Don't miss our buddy Carl Wiser's interview with Dave Clark ...

You'll find it here:  
Click here: Dave Clark: Songwriter Interviews

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Helping Out Our Readers

re:  Helping Out Our Readers:  
>>>I know this is a LONG SHOT!!! ... But maybe you or one of the dedicated Forgotten Hits fans can pull this one from somewhere.  I'd like to know the song and artist of an instrumental (the worst kind of song to not the know the title to) track used in an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  Here's the episode on Hulu.  This is front the 1st season, and the song appears around 9:15 and continues throughout a very odd scene for The Mary Tyler Moore Show, with an outdoor montage of footage. 
The title of this episode is "Bess, You Is My Daughter Now" from the show's first season.  This song has been used in the series at least one another time, albeit in a short snippet only.  It might just be generic TV music, but this full length song leads me to believe this track might exist somewhere.  Now I have a hunch the artist might be Patrick Williams, who was responsible for scoring several films and shows.  His personal website confirms some work on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  William's body of work is quite extensive. Anyway, it is a long shot, but any way somebody might be able to put a name to the song I linked to, or maybe even a confirmation that it is indeed part of Williams' work?  Thanks Kent and FH Readers.  (AJK) 
>>>I investigated Patrick Williams' site and, based on what I'm hearing here, I'd have to say that it's a real strong possibility that he supplied the music for this track.  It seems his "incidental music" used in both The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Columbo regularly get comments and requests.  But it ALSO sounds like most of these snippets never even got song titles ... he was just told to fill "x" minutes of screen time and come up with something based solely on that criteria.  He also doesn't own any of the rights to his own music ... so he has no way of making it available to interested parties and, surprisingly, it sounds like there have been THOUSANDS of requests over the years.  I received this response from Jason Lee, an associate of Patrick Williams with a bit more detailed explanation.  (kk) 
>>>My name is Jason Lee.  I work with Patrick Williams, and was forwarded your message in hopes that I could assist you.  It's a tough inquiry, as all of that music is owned by FOX (formerly MTM Enterprises). Often times there were no actual "titles" to the pieces other than a cue# and the length of the piece.  Pat does not have any of the music from that show in his personal archive, as it's owned by FOX, so it's pretty much impossible to track down the information you're looking for unless you were to contact the studio directly ... and even then, I can't imagine it being an easy task.  Pat gets requests almost daily for his music from the Marry Tyler Moore Show and especially the work he did on Columbo.  Unfortunately, we're not able to re-release any of this music or make it available for people to enjoy.  Thanks for your inquiry, Kent.  Sorry I don't have a better answer for you.  (Jason Lee) 
I was recently introduced to SoundHound and Shazam by a friend I had asked to help me ID a song for which I didn't have a name and artist.  Apparently these and a handful of other apps and programs just need as little as a hummed tune to ID the song name and the artists who have recorded it.  It isn't a perfect science (what is?) but can you even imagine the technology it takes to perform this magical miracle?  BTW, I'm not promoting anything ... and I don't have stock. 
I think the biggest key factor here (in this case anyway) is that it's highly likely the song doesn't even have a title!!!  Theoretically, that leaves nothing to identify.  I still suggest just burning the audio to your computer from the Hulu link ... because even if we could eventually nail down the actual name (assuming there even is one!), Patrick Williams wouldn't have the rights to this music anyway ... despite creating it!  (kk)  

>>>I'm trying to produce a documentary about the local Boston, MA, music scene in the 60's and was writing to ask if you could post this on your website. I'm trying to find any archive video from the mid 1960's concerning some local Boston, MA, Rock Bands that anyone might have in their archives that they could share or may know of that might have aired on any local TV or news shows on any networks from the years 1966 - 1969. The main bands I'm looking for footage of are Orpheus, Pandoras, Ill Wind, Teddy & The Pandas, Rockin' Ramrods, Barry & The Remains, Ultimate Spinach, Beacon Street Union or any one else associated with that scene at that time. I know a lot of these bands had done some TV over those years so I'm hoping some may be around.  Any help would be much appreciated.   (Lenny Scolletta)  
I don’t know about local Boston broadcasts, but there are a couple of national videos from The Remains. One was from Hullabaloo in ’66 and also they were on Ed Sullivan in ’66. They do “Diddy Wah Diddy” on Hullabaloo, and a song not on their LP or single on Sullivan. Both are in color and very cool. I know there is also an Orpheus video of “Can’t Find The Time” floating around. Off the top of my head I can’t remember the show. You tube is also a good place to try & find material.  

Has the strong similarity between Mike Curb's "Burning Bridges" and Pink Martini's "Splendor In The Grass" been discussed on FH?

David Lewis
I can honestly say "No" ... nor am I familiar with the Pink Martini track you're referring to ... I did a quick search on Amazon but the 30-second preview sounded nothing at all like "Burning Bridges" ... so I really don't know.  Have you got a copy to share with the class???  (kk)

I wasn't familiar with this band until recently. A young friend told me she enjoyed their music, and that they were well-known - so I decided to check them out. Less than ten seconds into this track you'll recognize it as "Burning Bridges" (written by Lalo Schifrin and sung by Mike Curb's friends for the flick "Kelly's Heroes.") You'll also hear a Russian classic in this track.
The story behind and about Pink Martini is quite interesting.
Click here:  
Fans of "The Sound Of Music" will find it cool to see that Pink Martini is working with the Great-Grandchildren of The Van Trapp Family!  (kk)

Got this request from Fred Glickstein of The Flock ...
Favor -  could you post this for me? I'm looking for a few people with whom I did musical projects in the late 70s, early 80s. I am doing a musical project and need to contact these folks. Please post the following info and have whoever replies send you the contact info.  
Here are their names: 
1. Steve Misic - Guitar, played in a group called the Strategic Air Command with me, Ron Karpman, Arch Terrance,  and Tom "Flash Commander" (Can't remember Tom's last name).
2. Tom "Flash Commander" - Like I said, don't remember his last name but remember that it sounded Polish. 
3. J.B. Skye - Songwriter and vocalist ...
Last I heard he was living on one of the Caribbean Islands.
It would also be great if anyone had any pictures of Strategic Air Command.
There is one more name and I'm working on getting his last name. I now have Kenny (The "Fonz") and he played keyboard and sang.
Thanks So Much,
Freddy Gee!   

I found your website on a google search. I have an instrumental from the late fifties / early sixties on cassette I've been trying to identify since around 1971! It was played on a Boston College radio station WERS when they had an oldies show on Saturday nights and was played as a News Roller intro. If I send you a copy of it on CD, you think you could take a shot at who the artist may be, or the name of it? 
Appreciate your time.  Wish I could get posted  somewhere as the theme has been eating my brain for almost 45 years!!!! 
John Sampson 
Leominster, Ma  
Instrumentals are always tough ... but if you'll send me an MP3 of this track, I'll be happy to post it on our website and see if we get any suggestions.  Thanks, John!  (kk)

And here it is!

I've never heard it before ... but maybe one of you has!  (kk)     

I'm looking for title and composer of gorgeous classical guitar composition that came along right around the same time as Classical Gas.  I believe it also made the top 40 but I'm not sure though.
Like I said without a sound clip, instrumentals are virtually impossible to guess at.  1968 gave us a few Top 40 Instrumental Hits:  Love Is Blue (odds are it isn't this one ... the "classical guitar" bit is what's throwing me here), Grazing In The Grass, The Horse, The Good The Bad And The Ugly, Soul Limbo, Soul Serenade and Ame Caline (Soul Coaxing) all hit Billboard's Top 40 ... and Mission Impossible just missed.  My suggestion would be to take this short list, slug them all into YouTube and see if you find the one you're looking for.  (kk)
I dont have a sound clip.  I know it has a lot of syncopation ... absolutely gorgeous.  I would like to the score to it.  Sorry, but no sound clip.
I'm also thinking that you should try the "Airport" Love Theme ... and the Theme from "Midnight Cowboy" ... neither is from 1968 but they're both still from around that era ... and perhaps more inline with what you're looking for.  There's also the "Phoenix Love Theme" from '66.  Maybe it's one of these. (kk)

Good Day, 
I have often heard a classic Rock N Roll protest song about Chicago that you can hear in the background the words "Go see Obama" but I cannot remember who performed the song or the title. I'm getting senile in my advanced years but still enjoy Rock music. Even today's rock music stirs my music appreciation for the genre. 
Would you please enlighten me to the title and group of that song? 
Best regards, 
Robert Whited 
still rocking @ 65
Not familiar with that one ... but it must be fairly recent if they're screaming about Obama!  (lol)  Anybody else out there have any ideas on this one?  (kk)  

Hi Kent -
I'm wondering if you would be able and willing to do me a gigantic favor by helping me to advertise my fundraising event to the Chicago people on your distribution list. Or even on the website??
I am head of a 501(c)(3) organization called OPPA (Orchestra Parents & Patrons Assoc) and we raise funds strictly for the Lyons Township (La Grange) high school orchestra. They're planning a trip to France in 2015 and our goal is to raise over $100,000 to help defray the cost for the families. Many of us can't afford the $3,700 price tag. This could very well be the one and only time some of these kids ever get to go out of the country. It's professional and educational experience that will be invaluable and unforgettable to them.
The talent schedule is as follows
LTHS orchestra
Far-Sighted (my son Mitch's band) with Special Guest Shirley King (BB King's daughter)
Buzz Kilman and the Blues Rocket Scientist. (Radio legend and star of Silence of the Lambs ... EMT operator in the elevator scene)
I'm inviting local celebrities to volunteer their time for a meet and greet that people would pay extra for. 100% of the proceeds will go towards this trip and the orchestra program as a whole. It's family friendly and there will be things for kids to do.
The flyer is attached. Thanks for your consideration!!
P.S. I'm also welcoming vendors to purchase space at the event.
I'm not really sure that this fits what we do here ... but having kids who were also very active (and prolific) in the arts, I'm inspired to do my part in helping your son Mitch and his class make the trip if only by letting the FH Readers know that such a fund-raising effort exists.  (And how cool is it that he's performing with B.B. King's Daughter?!?!?)
I don't really have a local "Chicago only" list ... but if any of our generous readers out there (no matter WHERE you are) feel inspired to contribute to such a worthy cause, I'll be happy to pass the information along.  (So if any generous, kind-hearted souls out there would be interested in helping some High School Kids pursue their love of the arts ... and take part in this trip to France ... please let us know.)  
Like I said, not normally what we do here, but I'M feeling especially kind-hearted today, too,  and I'm all for helping out a friend and fellow musically-inclined dreamer!!! (kk)

Hi Kent,
I was recently thinking about a couple of 60's top 40 radio station themes. KFWB's logo became "Image Pt 1" by Hank Levine and actually charted; KRLA's was "That's Where It's At" by the T-Bones. Can you or your readers think of any other radio ID's that were made into full-length recordings that were released on 45's?

-- Gary E. Myers / MusicGem
I know quite a few programs had "theme songs" ... the first one that immediately comes to mind is "Play Those Oldies, Mr. DeeJay" by Anthony and the Sophomores, a big hit in Philadelphia and other spots up and down the East Coast that did virtually nothing anywhere else. (It actually DID chart here in Chicago but never made the national trades.)  The song is still be used as the theme song for several Doo-Wop Internet Radio Programs.  (Here in Chicago, popular radio favorite Art Roberts used to do a program called "Hey Baby, They're Playing Our Song" ... which I believe inspired local Chicagoland Songwriter James Holvay to write a song by that title which became a Top Ten Hit for The Buckinghams in 1967.  Actually, Holvay wrote FOUR big hits for The Bucks:  "Kind Of A Drag", "Don't You Care", "Hey Baby" and "Susan".) 
Several jocks have written in in the past talking about their theme songs ... in fact, we were shocked to learn that Scott Shannon used to sign off every day with "Cherish" by The Association!  But as far as RADIO STATIONS using a particular theme, I'm guessing these were pretty few and far between ... but let's see what the list comes back with.  (And if you've got copies of a couple of these, let me know!)  kk   

Hi Kent -
Saw your excellent write-up on the group the New Colony Six with several song postings. Wondering if you might have (or be able to post) the b-side of their last single, Run, which came out on MCA. 
Actually, we just DID that!!!  Scroll back to January 4th of this year and you'll find it there.  A B-Side that sounds nothing at all like anything else the band ever did.  (kk)   

Can you please help me by naming left to right the members that are pictured here?

I am sure that a guy named Gus Pedigo is second from the left, as he was on the recording of the album Last Kiss.  Can you verify that and supply the names of all of the pictured?

Thank you so very much  
Just to be sure, I went to Sid Holmes, who wrote a very definitive book about the history of "Last Kiss" ... and played with The Cavaliers for quite awhile.  He tells us:  
Top L to R:  Lewis Elliott - Gus Pedigo - Roland Atkinson - Buddy Croyle - Mike Hodges
Pettigo is deceased.
Lewis, Roland, and Buddy cloned Wayne Cochran's second recording of "Last Kiss" note for note in the studio in San Angelo, Texas in 1964. Former member Jim Wynne (not shown) from the '62 group played piano. His piano work was the only original part of the recording. Frank sang it 64 times in a three hour period one afternoon before getting the master. Roland Atkinson claimed for 40 years that his girl friend sang behind Frank. After searching for 40 years and finally running her down in Odessa, Texas, she said he was full of it, as she'd never been in a recording studio. Roland also claimed the short tour they were on September of 1964 was the Dick Clark Show of Stars ... more b.s. It was a whirlwind tour that featured the Animals who had just arrived in the U.S. with their #1 hit "House Of The Rising Sun." Frank was the opening act, as "Last Kiss" was #63 on the charts at the time. A short time later they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.
The guys pictured above played behind Frank in the studio a few weeks after the record hit and managed to record some of the worst songs in history. The girl who sang behind Frank on Last Kiss is still unknown today as her voice was dubbed in a few days later.
Keep in touch as Rodney Wilson (Frank's son) and I have been going after royalties as when Last Kiss was recorded he was under an exclusive contract with me covering 1963 - 1966. 
Take care,

By the way, you can pick up a copy of Sid's book "Rockabilly Heaven" here:  
Click here: West Texas Music Hall Of Fame
It tells the WHOLE story behind the hit song "Last Kiss" and the band that recorded it, J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers.  (kk)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday This And That

SCOTT SHANNON -  formerly of the SCOTT & TODD SHOW,  the bane of Jock-tober, an annual ball-busting of the lamest radio hosts in North America by OPIE & ANTHONY on Sirius-XM Radio ... bravely, did a 15 minute on-air phone-in to the O&A SHOW dazzling them and winning them over with his 'no-holds-barred' attitude and abandon-ment of 'lame'.THE AFTER-CALL VERDICT - O&A are now Scott Shannon fans and are convinced that TODD, who stayed behind helming the 'old show' by himself was holding Shannon back.  SHANNON is a great fit as morning man on NYC POWERHOUSE OLDIES STATION - WCBS-FM !  At an age and point in his career where he can tell the 'powers' to kiss-his-derriere, it looks like listeners can expect great, NEW, things from him.  

Kent ...
From the sounds of things, Scott will be playing mostly '70's and '80's on his WCBS program ... no point in tuning in to hear that ... we get nothing but that (times six) here in Chicago!  I'm hoping he'll also stay true to his roots 'though and still slip in more than the occasional Rascals song or '60's oldie like he did at WPLJ.  (And with Big Jay Sorensen being the other "blast from the past" at the station, one can only hope that more '60's tunes will find their way into the mix.)  Most of us (if choosing to listen over the Internet) will probably opt for the True Oldies option rather than the WCBS option ... but living in New York and being able to pick him up live on the radio is a different story.  I like to be entertained and smile a few times before I get to work in the morning ... otherwise I'm just a crabby old man!  (lol)  kk  

>>>What I want to know is this:  Are you going to get up early to listen to your pal Scott's debut on WCBS-FM, or am I going to have to tell you about it?  (Frank B)  
>>>You're going to have to tell me about it!  (lol)  Even when Micky Dolenz was the morning deejay I think I only heard a total of about four hours of his show spread out over three months!  Unfortunately the only way for me to listen is at the computer ... and that one hour time difference is HUGE at 5 am!!! (kk)   
Kent ...
-- Don't You ( Forget About Me ) = Simple Minds
-- Murray The K, Alan Freed, Dan Ingram (WABC All-Americans), Scott's Resume, WHTZ - Newark, Z100 -The Morning Zoo, First Scott and Todd Program (June, 1991), Last Scott and Todd Program  (February, 2014), Thank You & Bye Buckaroos, The Tradition continues:  Scott Shannon In The Morning on WCBS-FM, March 3 , 2014 ... Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor ... Mr G's Forecast  (He got it wrong ... 4 to 8 inches of snow ... we got maybe 1 inch) ... Sports ... Everybody loses ... Academy Award Report (Debbie Rodriquez) ... Traffic with Joe Nolan ... he knows Scott ... they worked together before.
Scott said "It's like the first day of school. I had to lay out my clothes last night and my lunch box.
Back Stabbers by The O' Jays
Scott said he came in the other night and sat in with Big Jay Sorenson to get the feel of the place.
You May Be Right by Billy Joel
So far Cousin Brucie called in to wish Scott luck ... Chicago's Robert Lamm called in from Canada.
In the Hall Of Fame (All Day), music from 1983 ... first year Scott Shannon was on New York Radio.
Frank B.
Actually, that's a pretty damn good play-by-play ... Scott Shannon sent me this clip of his first break at his new gig ... I told him, "Hey, it's just like falling off a bicycle" ... you never really forget how to do it!!!  (lol)  
Remember back when we were kids and all our Grandparents were these old fogies that retired when they turned 65?  Here's Scott Shannon starting the next chapter of his illustrious career at 66 ... and still lovin' every minute of it ... he's been living the dream of a 15 year old nearly 50 years now.  I don't care what ANYBODY says ... our generation has GOT to be the coolest grandparents ever!!!  (kk) 

Kent ...
Scott just signed off.
Jon Bon Jovi called in to wish Scott good luck ... 
Too much information:  At 9:40 AM Scott stepped out to use the restroom.   
Micky Dolenz of the Monkees called in. He just got back from England.  He was in the play "Hair."  He's looking to get back to Broadway here in New York. Three weekends in March, there'll be a Monkees Convention in New Jersey.
Micky was the morning DJ on the old WCBS-FM when they were replaced by JACK-FM. He said the hardest job he ever had was being a Disc Jockey.
Now I'm signing off.  
Frank B.

Kent -
While reading through today's comments, two or three things came to my mind immediately.
First, at the beginning where your readers and you were discussing Scott Shannon and his new air shift beginning on Monday at WCBS-FM, the first record I thought of was Shannon's 1969 ABERGAVANNY which I think you have featured before.
Your reader, Stacee, wanted to know who did the song of CALL ME that you posted.  Once in a BLUE MOON (as the Marcels would have said), you post a song that I am not familiar with or have never heard before. I don't really know how difficult it would be for you to list the songs and the artists or groups who did them. Most of your readers know who they are anyway, but ONCE IN A WHILE (as the Chimes would have said), one gets posted that one does not know.
One of my favorite all time foreign language songs of the rock era is ERES TU. I am not sure but I believe the flip is the same song in English.
My mother's all time favorite had to have been Guy Mitchell's SINGING THE BLUES.
Thanks again for another great Sunday Comments. Really enjoy reading it.
Larry Neal

Most of the time, we DO list the song title and artists ... seems like every time we don't somebody write in to ask!!! So it's just easier to list them.  Usually when I don't it's more for the element of surprise ... or in keeping with the theme of the day (like our recent "Game Day" / Super  Bowl extravaganza. 
I believe the flipside of the hit "Eres Tu" was, in fact, the English translation of the song ... which makes it all the more surprising that it was the foreign version that radio played and people bought.  (I remember working with a girl at the time who was of Spanish decent and she literally translated the entire song for me before I knew there was an English translation on the flip side!  lol)
I don't care what ANYBODY says ... "Singing The Blues" AND "Heartaches By The Number" would STILL sound great coming out of the radio today.  This is not true of all of the songs of this era ... but I guarantee you these two tracks would find a whole new audience that would welcome them into their hearts. (kk)

You often talk about "The Wrecking Crew" film. You should bring to your audience's attention the Oscar nominated "20 Feet from Stardom", taking a look at the value and importance of background singers. Darlene Love, Merry Clayton, Claudia Lennear, Tata Vega, Lisa Fischer, The Waters. We've heard them for decades as integral parts of the music we listen to. But we seldom know their names. It is truly an amazing story of the impact and careers of these voices. The film is nominated as Best Documentary at this year's Oscars, although doubtful we'll get much coverage on it tonight.
The film synopsis: The untold true story of the backup singers behind some of the greatest musical legends of the 21st century. Triumphant and heartbreaking in equal measure, the film is both a tribute to the unsung voices who brought shape and style to popular music and a reflection on the conflicts, sacrifices and rewards of a career spent harmonizing with others. These gifted artists span a range of styles, genres and eras of popular music, but each has a uniquely fascinating and personal story to share of life spent in the shadows of superstardom. Along with rare archival footage and a peerless soundtrack are intimate interviews with Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Mick Jagger and Sting to name just a few.
In process of being released on DVD. You can watch a trailer at:
Ken Voss  
We've probably covered this film about 25 times now ... and, for the record, it's already out on DVD ... as well as OnDemand. And, Sunday Night it WON The Academy Award for "Best Documentary" at this year's Oscars Ceremony!  Without a doubt, a great film ... but it still can't touch The Wrecking Crew documentary in my opinion.  (kk)

A "20 Feet From Stardom" highlight for me is the Merry Clayton segment when she talks about recording "Gimme Shelter" with The Rolling Stones.
I found this short clip on YouTube of her discussing her amazing vocal with Terry Gross during a "Fresh Air" interview.  
Click here: ? Merry Clayton isolated vocal on Gimme Shelter - YouTube

And check it out ... Darlene Love crosses over into BOTH films!!!

>>>I would LOVE to see Darlene Love live in concert!  (kk)  
Darlene was on The Colbert Report Monday night (2/24). After the interview, with a five-piece band and three background singers, she did an outstanding version of "He's A Rebel."
– Randy Price 

Speaking of Darlene Love, Ron Smith tells us that the "Wrecking Crew" screening scheduled for Joliet in March has been cancelled ... or, at the very least, postponed.  (Apparently they're still trying to make arrangements for a showing at an alternate location in the same area ... so stay tuned to these pages for updates.  Meanwhile, plans are moving forward for a commercial release ... so you'll soon be able to enjoy this great film in the privacy of your own home!)  kk

And, speaking of Ron Smith, here's another interesting tidbit from the Guru of Oldies Music
David Palmer, an original member of Steely Dan, filed a lawsuit Friday (February 28) in Los Angeles Superior Court looking for past performance royalties he says are due him on Internet and satellite airplay of songs he sang on in 1972 and 1973. The money is not insubstantial, since he did receive an $8,000 royalty payment as 1/6th of the group for a nine-month period in late 2012 and early 2013. The suit seeks an accounting going back to 2000. David sang lead on the songs “Dirty Work” and “Brooklyn (Owes the Charmer Under Me)” and backup on other tracks, including “Reeling In the Years.”  
So this would mean that Steely Dan as a group earned $54,000 in Internet and satellite performance royalties in one year (that's not counting songwriting) from just those songs off the first two albums. A far cry from the one penny royalty check Janis Ian was showing a couple of weeks ago. I guess Walter and Donald and company are a LOT more popular than her.
-- Ron Smith

Absolutely one of my all-time favorite Steely Dan songs ... so pay the man!!! (kk)

Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz to receive awards at Monkees Convention
Convention slated in Meadowlands, N.J., March 14 to 16
The Monkees will be formally inducted into America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame with a presentation at the Monkees Convention in Meadowlands, New Jersey, Saturday, March 15 at noon.
Michael Nesmith and Micky Dolenz will each receive awards marking their 2014 selection. The Monkees topped the 2014 Hall of Fame public vote.
Also elected into the 2014 Hall of Fame were the Bee Gees, Tony Bennett, the Carpenters, Chicago, Buddy Holly, Elton John, Carole King, Dean Martin, Roy Orbison, Patti Page, the Platters, Simon & Garfunkel and the Supremes.
This will be Mike Nesmith’s first-ever Monkees Convention. He will be performing his show, “Movies of the Mind” Saturday, March 15 at 9 p.m. The weekend will also include performances from Micky Dolenz, Coco Dolenz, Christian Nesmith and Circe Link, Jonathan Nesmith and Jessica Nesmith, the Blue Meanies and the 1910 Fruitgum Company, among others.
Actress Ami Dolenz will be signing copies of her new children’s book and participate in a question-and-answer session with sisters Emily and Georgia Dolenz.
A special tribute to the late Davy Jones is also planned.
Among others in attendance will be Billy J. Kramer, Butch Patrick (“The Munsters“), Larry Storch
(“F-Troop”), and the Monkeemobile. Tickets are available at
The Monkees and the 13 other 2014 inductees join The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Bobby Darin, Neil Diamond, Brenda Lee, Johnny Mathis, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Vinton and Stevie Wonder in America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame.
Inductees had to have a charted song prior to 1971 to be considered. Inductees are publicly selected from 25 nominees chosen by a music industry panel based on the breadth, depth and influence of the artists’ recordings.
A feasibility study to determine the size and location of a permanent Pop Music Hall of Fame facility is underway. Current plans are for a large, multi-use performance venue as well as both permanent and rotating exhibits. America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame is based in Canonsburg, the home of Perry Como, Bobby Vinton and the Four Coins, who together placed nearly 200 songs on the Billboard charts. Canonsburg is just south of Pittsburgh, Pa.
Election of the third class of inductees will be in September 2014.
For further information on the hall of fame, visit

Speaking of Music Hall of Fames, don't forget to cast your vote in this year's ballot for The Hit Parade Hall Of Fame.
This year's nominees (revealed here first in Forgotten Hits a few weeks ago): Alabama,The Coasters, Joe Cocker, Jim Croce, Bill Haley & the Comets, Herman’s Hermits, The Hollies, Whitney Houston, The Kinks, Reba McEntire, Conway Twitty, and Sarah Vaughn. More information here:
Click here: Hit Parade Hall of Fame  

Clark Besch tells us about a brand new Cryan' Shames CD release coming out in April .. the MONO Version of their "A Scratch In The Sky" LP (with bonus tracks) on the Now Sounds label ...

Kent -
Check out this new release on my fave band ...

The Cryan' Shames- A Scratch In The Sky: Deluxe Expanded Mono Edition CD


The Cryan’ Shames’ second album, 1967's A Scratch In The Sky, is an unsung gem of that heady musical era. The set’s distinctive mix of youthful garage-rock energy, sophisticated psychedelic-pop songcraft and forward-thinking studio experimentation reflects the spirit of the times and captures the sound of an ambitious band of young perfectionists (already regional stars in their hometown of Chicago) making a quantum creative leap into exciting new territory.
On A Scratch In The Sky, The Cryan’ Shames trade in the familiar rock ’n’ roll and soul covers that dominated their first album for a set of haunting, emotionally resonant, and experimental original compositions (plus a transcendent reading of the Carole King / Gerry Goffin-penned Drifters classic ‘Up on the Roof’) that are bolstered by adventurous soundscapes.
In addition to the album — presented in its original MONO mix for the first time on CD — two non-LP singles and five single versions are included, and all are sourced from the ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES.
The deluxe, full-colour booklet also includes rare photos and extensive liner notes by music historian Scott Schinder that feature the participation of original band members. Mastered by ALAN BROWNSTEIN from the ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES!
Reissue Produced by STEVE STANLEY.
Track Listing:
12.    YOUNG BIRDS FLY (Non-LP Single)
13.    THE WARM (Non-LP Single)
Audio CD  (April 28 2014)
Label:  Now Sounds
It looks like this is essentially the same as the Sundazed release from several years ago, only in mono (???)  Are they still using your liner notes?  Wasn't "Mr. Unreliable" also a completely different single mix?  Surprised to see that's not here.   (kk)
Indeed it was.  I think the bonus cuts are directed more at the softer sounds of pop that Now Sounds aims for.  Thus, the country feel of "Georgia" is also not included here.
Someone else is doing the liners.  I am helping with photos.  It is not the same as the Sundazed release in that several of these songs sound different in mono.  Things are mixed louder or whatever at times.  Listen to this 45 mix of "It Could be We're in Love" vs the stereo mix.  Drums are much louder on original 45 mix.
In that case, a "necessary add" to my collection!  (lol)  Thanks for sharing with the class, Clark!  (kk)

Speaking of The Cryan' Shames, Clark also sent in copies of these vintage newspaper articles about original Shames Drummer Dennis Conroy ... harkening back to the old school dress codes many of us grew up having to face! 

Most people only remember one of Jim Gold's hits.  Radio will occasionally play "Nice To Be With You" - and generally won't touch his cover of Mac Davis' "I Believe In Music" - but we remember those two pretty quickly.   Here's the one that's easy to forget.
David Lewis

Yep, Gallery had THREE Top 25 Hits in 1972 ... "Nice To Be With You" (their biggest) reached #1 in Cash Box Magazine.  (It peaked at #4 in the other two major trades.)  "I Believe In Music" (I still hear this one more often than the Mac Davis version) hit #12 and so did "Big City Miss Ruth Ann".  (kk)   

Folk Legends Peter, Paul & Mary's 1962 Debut Album To Be Released On Hybrid SACD By Audio Fidelity March 4, 2014 
“One of the best albums to come out of the 1960s folk music revival” 
Camarillo, CA - The group that transformed American folk music into '60s pop, legendary Peter, Paul & Mary's debut 1962 self-titled album will be released on Hybrid SACD by Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity on March 4, 2014. One of the best albums to come out of the 1960s folk music revival, the trio's debut release featured two of the biggest folk hits of all time, “Lemon Tree” and “If I Had A Hammer”, along with such classics as “500 Miles” and “Where Have All The Flowers Gone.” Peter, Paul & Mary's first album introduced one of the most popular, innovative and enduring folk music groups of all time!
'Peter, Paul & Mary' is a collection of the best songs that the group knew, stirring in its sensibilities and its haunting melodies, crossing between folk, children's songs, and even gospel; light-hearted just where it needed to be and earnest where it has to be. For a young group on their first album, this was meticulously produced and already showed their incredible sense of professionalism. The angelic voice of Mary Travers blends with Peter Yarrow's tenor and Paul Stookey's bass on some gorgeous harmonies.
It's one of the rare folk albums to reach US #1, staying in the Billboard Magazine Top Ten for 10 months, including seven weeks in the #1 position. At the Grammy Awards of 1963, their recording of “If I Had A Hammer” won the Best Folk Recording and Best Pop Performance by a Vocal Group awards. This classic recording helped to bring modern folk stylings to a mass audience for the first time. The album's innocent good spirit and optimism remains infectious even 50 years later!
Tracks:  Early In The Morning / 500 Miles / Sorrow / This Train / Bamboo / It's Raining / If I Had My Way / Cruel War / Lemon Tree / If I Had A Hammer / Autumn To May / Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
Mastered by Steve Hoffman at Stephen Marsh Mastering

This will bring back memories for all and it goes all the way back to January 1950 for you really "old timers"!   

All over the news this week was the fact that Kiss will NOT be performing together at their Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony ... apparently these guys just can't set aside their differences for the sake of the fans for even one night ... even though it's the FANS who made them what they are.  (Seriously ... they're all in make-up anyway ... you could send ANYBODY up there to perform and told us it was the original members and I'll betcha half the audience wouldn't have known the difference anyway!!!)

And Steve Perry last week confirmed that he is NOT rejoining Journey.  (Of course he knew that all along ... because apparently he was the guy who started the rumor that he WAS rejoining Journey!!!  lol)  Other band members don't seem to miss him ... which is really too bad ... because Perry had one of the most distinctive voices in rock.  (I miss him!)

Meanwhile, Vintage Vinyl News is reporting that Michael McDonald will rejoin The Doobie Brothers for a country duets album ... not clear yet if he'll be on all the tracks or just one of the guest vocalists ... but this will be the first time that McDonald has performed with the band since 2010.  (kk)  

>>>Tommy Roe's connection to the Beatles in 1963 has resulted in his participation in anniversary Fab Four celebrations -- but what about the other headliner on that tour: Chris Montez?   I went to Chris' website to see what he was doing in conjunction with the annniversary and was surprised to learn that the most recent entries in his performance schedule are from 2011.   Does anyone know what's going on with Chris?  (Gary Theroux)
When we first received this email we did some checking and told you all that Chris was performing at this year's Winter Dance Party at The Surf Ballroom on the anniversary of Buddy Holly's last performance there.  Now he's off to for a tour of the UK where he'll be performing in Liverpool at The Cavern (along with none other than Tommy Roe!) as part of Liverpool Beatles Week.

Here is more tour information, sent in to us by Chris' manager Pam Dixon ...  

Hello Kent!
Chris Montez is keeping busy! 
The Winter Dance Party at the Surf Ballroom Clear Lake was awesome! The ladies on the stage are Ritcie Valens' sisters , Connie and Irma, who surprised Chris on stage dancing to La Bamba.
He had a show last weekend where Chris performed as part of the Spring Doo Wop Cavalcade at The Ameican Theatre in Lancaster, PA on March 1st.  
And finally, as promised, here are the tour dates for Chris Montez’ UK tour. He has a show in Vienna Austria before the tour starts.  
The Long Night Of Rock And Roll with Andy Lee Lang, Chris Montoez, Chris Andrews and The Monroes -
Stadthalle - Vienna, Austria - Friday, March 14, 2014. 
This is the link to the tour website will all dates and other artists names: 
Chris will also be appearing at the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool UK on August 26th with Tommy Roe during Liverpool Beatles week.

re:  He Was Our First:
Ron Smith's website is reporting:
Christopher Jones, who played Max Frost in the movie "Wild In The Streets," died January 31 of cancer at a medical center in Los Alamitos, Caliornia. He was 72. Though he portrayed Max Frost in the movie, the vocal on the song "Shape Of Things To Come" (#22-1968) was by Paul Wybier. Christopher also starred on TV's "The Legend Of Jesse James" and the movies, "The Looking Glass War" and "Ryan's Daughter."
"Shape Of Things To Come" was the VERY First song EVER featured in Forgotten Hits back in 1999 over Thanksgiving Weekend when we first launched our little newsletter to a captive list of 35 subscribers!  Wow!  Numerous attempts since then to contact Paul Wybier and have him help us celebrate during one of our fourteen anniversaries since then have all failed ... we know WHERE he is ... he has just chosen not to respond.  Too bad ... but we don't give up that easily.  (Hey, we're still trying to nail down Bobbie Gentry, too!!!)  Sad to hear about the passing of actor Christopher Jones ... at the age of 72 he was 42 years past the "expiration date" of everyone targeted in the movie over the age of 30!  (kk)

re:  Tunedex:  
My station has been on the air 24/7 since January of 2008.  I modeled the station after WHK 1420 AM, my favorite station while growing up in Cleveland. I incorporated the cover of one of my old "Fabulous Fifty Tunedex" sheets from my record buying days back in the early 60's.  Johnny Holliday was THE jock in Cleveland back then. Johnny was gracious enough to record station ID's for me.  WHK played the hits, a lot of local Cleveland artists like Andrea Carroll, the Grasshoppers, Bocky & the Visions and a LOT more. At least half of my 5200+ play list are songs most listeners have never heard or haven't heard in 50 years or so.  I call these songs you SHOULD have heard.  My transistor was tuned to local Cleveland stations during the day and at night, depending on the weather, I listened to big signal stations WLS, WBZ, and CKLW.  I loved listening to the radio back then, and try to recreate the same feeling with my station.  Just like my old baseball cards and comic books, if I had only hung on to all those TUNEDEX sheets. They're now popping up on Ebay for big bucks. They were guides for record collectors just as Joel Whitburn's books are today.  Ironic that Joel didn't know about them.  Kent - thanks for helping to keep the memories alive.  
Chuck Benjamin
24/7 50's & 60's Internet Radio at: 

I have to say that Tunedex was just a term used by stations born out of the use of rolodex's, which organized information in the days before computers and such.  Tunedex was just a term developed to use by stations for their lists which organized their songs in popularity order.  That's my opinion.  Stations used the term "survey" most of the time, but many opted to try and develop terms less used and new ideas such as "Color radio" "Fab Forty" "Nifty Fifty", etc.  Billboard chose "Hot 100" while Cash Box chose "Top 100."  Even the term "Boss Radio" was used by non-Drake stations in 66 / 67. 
Here in Lincoln, Ne, KLMS reigned king of Top 40 radio, yet KLIN tried to compete in late 1966 and early 1967.  For about six months, KLIN called them "Boss Radio" with no special graphics or programming other than the national top 40.  At a time when KLMS was programming local hit records, KLIN tried to go "basic" proven hits.  They failed within six months and switched back to their MOR styled news format.  The interesting tie-in to FH is the fact that for those six months, they published their own "Boss 40".  The best part of these surveys was that the back side had comments on what was going on with top 40 radio hitmakers.  Otherwise, the list itself was a bit familiar to us.  I had to fold the attached survey because it was legal paper size length and I could not copy the bottom of the chart which told the true story of KLIN's programming and downfall.  Note that the bottom reads "Listings compiled with the help and cooperation
of Billboard Magazine's 'Hot 100'".  Not only was it compiled with the help of the Hot 100, it was EXACTLY the same chart!!  This KLIN chart has ending date of Jan 5, 1967 and is the same chart as Billboard's week ending Jan 7 chart!  Somehow, Billboard was giving stations early info to do things like this.  I always thought AT40 was the first to do such, but in reality, it seems to have been going on for years!  Maybe they traded info on record sales, but obviously KLIN did not care about local sales or they;d have their own chart!  I am guessing KLIN paid for a service.  Anyway, Joel will likely find that Billboard DID offer their chart early to some stations.
Clark Besch
Apparently a MUCH more common practice than anyone realized at the time.  But I've got to be honest with you ... when I was growing up here in Chicago in the mid-to-late '60's, my whole radio world was WLS and WCFL ... I didn't even know there was such a thing as Billboard or Cash Box.  I guess I just never thought beyond our own radio borders ... I figured it if was a hit here, it was a hit EVERYWHERE.  That's what I still find so fascinating about looking at all these chart from all over the country.  (Be sure to check The Forgotten Hits Website EVERY Saturday for our new "Saturday Surveys" feature ... most of which come from the above-mentioned Clark Besch!)  kk

re:  ASCAP / BMI :
Hi Kent,
If it's Sunday morning, it's "Meet the Press" ... and Forgotten Hits.  Great job as always.
Yes, seeing Paul McCartney as the sole writer of "Come Together" on the "ASCAP 100" list of songs was disconcerting, to say the least.  But here's the explanation:  Paul changed his performance rights affiliation from BMI to ASCAP several years back, so now they are the administrators of his royalties from radio, TV, film and Internet play.  If you looked up the song on the BMI site, you'd see John Lennon cited as the sole writer which, of course, he actually was.  But like all John and Paul songs from the Beatles era, the copyright is credited to "Lennon and McCartney."
People that pay close attention to songwriting credits will notice that there are lots of collaborators seemingly omitted from that ASCAP list.  For example, I noticed that the late Linda Creed was absent from the credit on "The Greatest Love of All."  That's because the legendary Philly lyricist was affiliated with BMI.
So in cases such as these two, ASCAP and BMI split the administration of royalty payments to the respective writers.  If there were three writers involved and two of them were affiliated with one performance rights entity while the remaining one was aligned with the other, it would be a 66 2/3 - 33 1/3 split.
There's also another significant administrator, SESAC, that has a measurable presence in the songwriting community. 
Scott Paton
I figured there HAD to be a reasonable explanation for it ... thanks for providing one, Scott!  (kk)

And, speaking of the (lately) ever-present Beatles ...

re: The Beatles:  
Kent -  
You wondered what the MGM 45 record of My Bonnie is worth. There are several releases of it. My price guide book from 1978 said that the copy you have is not worth much, although it is a 1200% return on investment.

I also bought in the "cut out" bin two Beatles records on 45.


What is the notation on the bottom right, just inside the white square rule to the left of the MGM lion trademark?  Starts with "Recorded"?
Easton, PA

It says:  "Recorded by Deutsche Grammophon Polydor Series"  (kk)

As far as the reel radio promotion goes, I’m not so sure that WABC was the #1 station in NYC. WMCA with a comparably weak signal equaled or bettered WABC in the overall rating up to 1967.

Hi Kent:  
Of the four tracks MGM released on singles by The Beatles, there is one interesting piece. If you flip over “Why”, you get a rare piece - A Beatles Instrumental!! And this is all Beatles - no Sheridan. Great Guitar Instro featuring young George! 
Ken's referring to "Cry For A Shadow", a very "of-the-times" instrumental written by (believe it or not) George Harrison and John Lennon ... before a single Lennon - McCartney track was every professionally recorded!  The title is in reference to Cliff Richards' legendary back-up band, The Shadows ... who had quite a few instrumental hits of their own!  (kk)
Kent ...
Heard this today on WCBS-FM.  The third Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show was on tape. It was taped right after their first appearance.
Frank B.
This is true.  (We covered that a couple of times now in Forgotten Hits ... including as recently as last Friday!)  Actually it sounds like this appearance was actually filmed even BEFORE the first live show aired on February 9th (same weekend but during an afternoon pre-show performance) ... by the time the third program aired, The Beatles were already back home in London!  (kk )

Frank also sent us this Beatles Profile Quiz ... have fun with it ...
Which Beatle are you???

re:  ELVIS:
Billboard Magazine remembers Elvis:

Hey kk!
Here are a few other Elvis numbers that are not Elvis.
Instead of a song everybody has heard period by the King of Rock 'n' Roll how about a clone from The King of The Fuzz Guitar and crew!
This sound clip features the vocals of Ralph "Russ" Viot aka "Val" who was Davie Allan's rhythm guitar / vocalist in The Arrows in the '66 era and he is doing an excellent man from Memphis impression. Davie has told the story how Russ bolted out upset from watching the movie "The Wild Angels" when only seven seconds of the tune got featured.   
"Heavenly Blues" (Peter Fonda) exclaims ..."Leave it on!" referring to the radio his biker babe "Mike" (Nancy Sinatra) just turned off and she hurtfully tells him "No!" and Russ, disillusioned by the process of the business procedures of soft shoe shufflers, let hurt set in.
Russ ventured from The Arrows not too long afterwards and left us too young at the same age as Elvis left us also.
But I betcha you could play that tune "Lonely In The Chapel" on the radio today and people who thought Elvis sang Be Bop A Lula and then some would buy into it was Elvis!
OK so I'm big on Davie Allan & The Arrows
ORION! Jimmy ELiIS  

re:  And, Finally, Elvis AND The Beatles!:  
Hi Kent,
I can honestly say that I'm getting an education reading your website.
One of the things that I really like about Forgotten Hits is setting me straight on artists and their songs.
I really thought the guy singing "Suspicion" was Elvis Presley and the group singing "Needles and Pins" was The Beatles.  Good to know I am never too old to learn something ... Thanks!

re:  On The Radio:
>>>Check out what they're doing now on The Drive ... playing more "deep tracks" than ever (probably part of the Cumulus take-over from a few months ago ... most likely an effort to distinguish the station from all the other Classic Rock / Classic Hit stations in town playing the exact same music.)  Good News / Bad News:  It's nice NOT to hear nothing but the same old tracks over and over and over again .. but now we're hearing stuff we've NEVER heard before ... so there's absolutely NO familiarity factor ... and a lot of of it simply isn't any good.  I find myself connecting less and less with The Drive's current play list ... and, for a while there, they were my "go to" station.  (kk)
The Drive is owned by Hubbard, not Cumulus (Cumulus bought Q-101 and the Loop, not the Drive).
Ron Smith
Oops!  My bad.  (kk)

Good Morning Kent,  
I had to smile at your finding my suggestions „obscure“. Of course, I tell the story from my point of view, and that is of someone who was born and who grew up in England and later relocated to Hamburg, Germany. Let me assure you, all the alternative suggestions I made were hits in the UK. I am not, of course, too familiar with the finer points of Oldies in the USA.  
Of course this is my theme, having run something similar of one of my Facebook pages a year or so ago. And although the songs we are talking about vary from city to city and country to country, the point being made is the same all over the world, and that is that the so called “Oldie Radio Stations” are killing off the very Oldies they should be preserving by reducing the artists featured to certain songs.  
I will try to use a couple of American examples here with which you may be more familiar to drive the point home. One artist I loved when I was in my late tweens, early twens was Bob Seger. He was commercially at the height of his fame. Albums like “Stranger In town” and “Against the Wind” were full of hits: Hollywood Nights, Still the Same, We’ve got tonight, Against the Wind all stormed into the European Charts (I assume in to Billboard too). But what has survived? As I noted before it’s probably different from town to town, but all you ever hear where I am is Against the Wind. The others simply don’t exist anymore.  
And so it is with Steve Miller. I recall you mentioning that you are fed up of listening to “Take the money and Run” and “Rock n me”. Well these I two songs that I badly miss… all you hear of Steve Miller here is “Abracadabra”.  
You’re right of course as far as Internet Radio is concerned. A couple of years ago I started my own station with a provider in Germany ( is anyone is interested). It’s not overly successful and I don’t do a lot of promotion for it, it only really gives me personally something to listen to (no live dj-ing, just one song after another), but the point I’m trying to make, is that I can follow the user statistics live, and I have noticed that people start to turn off as soon as anything that might be considered “obscure” comes on.   
Have a great day!  
The Music Movement
We literally OD here in The States on Steve Miller and Bob Seger music.  All kidding aside, between the two of them I easily hear (aka turn off) their music at least a dozen times a day ... EVERY single day ... and I used to love BOTH of these artists ... have many of their albums and loved nearly all of their hits ... but this complete saturation has ruined their music for me.
Steve Miller tunes in CONSTANT rotation include Take The Money And Run, The Joker, Rock'n Me, Fly Like An Eagle, Jet Airliner, Jungle Love, Swingtown and your Abracadabra.  
There's also non-stop Bob Seger, with tracks like Night Moves, Rock And Roll Never Forgets, Old Time Rock And Roll, Against The Wind, The Fire Down Below, Her Strut and Turn The Page (a song that wasn't even ever a single).  To a lesser degree we also hear Still The Same, Hollywood Night, Feel Like A Number and Katmandu ... so you'd probably LOVE it here ... for about a month ... until radio ruins these songs for you, too.  And that's the REAL shame ... most of these are GREAT songs that I've loved for years ... and now I can't stand to listen to a single one.
I cannot help but wonder how the artists themselves feel about this over-saturation of their music.  Are they, too, concerned that all this "over-exposure" is causing listener burn-out ... or do they just happily cash the royalty check every month?  (kk)

re:  Percy Sledge:
From Tom Cuddy:

Percy Sledge - Percy Sledge's Manager Plays Down Liver Cancer Diagnosis

by WENN | 20 February 2014




Percy Sledge's manager has assured fans the R&B veteran is not dying, despite cancelling a U.K. tour after he was diagnosed with liver cancer. 
The When A Man Loves A Woman singer, 73, was forced to pull out of plans to take part in David Gest's Legends of Soul trek earlier this month (Feb14), leaving the producer to break the news of his friend's health troubles to the audience.
He reportedly told a crowd in Stockport, England, "Percy won't be with us tonight, I'm afraid. He's in hospital with liver cancer. I know we are all going to pray for him."
Sledge's spokesman Mark Lyman has since revealed the star actually underwent surgery to have a cancerous polyp removed from his liver in January (14) , and he was advised by doctors against taking the long-haul trip from the U.S. to the U.K. to give him extra time to recover at his home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
But Lyman reveals the singer's cancer battle is looking positive and Sledge will resume his live gigs on 1 March (14), when he is booked to perform at the R&B Reggae Festival in Kingston, Jamaica.
Lyman tells the National Enquirer, "He's not dying. In fact, he's going to Jamaica for a concert next week...
"It (the surgery) wasn't a big deal. He was in and out of the hospital in two hours and has been at home ever since."  

re:  Surfin':  
I enjoyed Sunday's Comments as usual. I noticed one thing however.  This is no big deal but it was something I caught. Your posting of I LIVE FOR THE SUN fades out at the end while the original recording
on 45 ended abruptly or cold.  Through the years I believe Ricky Nelson's recording of TRAVELING MAN
fades on the radio while the original ended cold.
Unfortunately that's one of the downsides of featuring music from CD's ... which is often the ONLY version available.  We've seen it from time to time over the years ... but there's not much we can do about it.  (kk)

I will agree with Chet Coppock that "Andrea" by the Sunrays beats out its predecessor, "I Live For The Sun" ...  but just barely!  "Andrea" was the record that knocked my favorite 1960's record, "Look Through Any Window" off #1 on my own charts for a week in early 1966! 
You might be interested in the fact that the Sunrays recorded for Tower records and in fact, their "Car Party" / "Outta Gas" car record was the FIRST 45 released on Tower Records!  Tower 101 in September, 1964!  Our own David Allan and the Arrows had the first Tower CHART record with "Apache '65", for which he recently sent the Tucson radio chart listing in February, 1965. Besides Davie on lead guitar, Mike Curb was on keyboards for that 45.
Ian Whitcomb would scrape the bottom of the charts on Tower with his "This Sporting Life" before the label would get a big hit with Freddie & The Dreamers' "I'm Telling You Now" shortly after.  The Arrows followup "Dance the Freddie" / "Moon Dawg '65" was certainly tied to their first 45 AND the Tower Records' new sensation!
Although the Sunrays would be the first to issue a 45 on Tower, the Arrows would be the first to issue a 45 on Sidewalk Records.  The above "Apache '65" was leased to Tower after it was originally released as Sidewalk 1.  That label would later give us the Mugwumps' "Jug Band Music" local hit as well as early 45's by the Electric Flag and the Stone Poneys ... AND our very own FH member Gary Myers' Portraits!  BTW, the label was owned by Arrows' early member Mike Curb -- the same guy who went on to "Burning Bridges" fame and a successful political career. 
I was happy to work on the Arrows CD retrospective, "Devil's Rumble: Anthology '64-'68" for Sundazed just a few years ago.  This CD comp encompasses all the greatness David played on in those amazing 60's California years!
Clark Besch

>>>Should the group The Sunrays have been called the "Revenge of Murry" in tribute to Beach Boys father, producer and pistol whipper Murry Wilson?  (Chet Coppock)
Hey Chet,
Your "Revenge of Murry" statement got me thinking ...
How's this for the "chapters" in a book about the mercurial Murry Wilson?
Murry, along with his wife Audrey, provides an home in which Brian, Carl and Dennis (mostly Brian) discover a joy for music
Murry hits the "big" time when his song "Two-Step Side-Step" is featured on the Lawrence Welk radio program in 1952
Murry produces an environment of fear as he, reportedly, physically and emotionally abuses his boys
Murry hears the musical magic of the then future Beach Boys upon returning home on Labor Day weekend 1961 and gets them into Hite Morgan's studio to cut a demo
Murry forges a relentless campaign to get the boys a recording contract and finally succeeds with Capitol Records 
Murry, as their agent, runs Beach Boys records to DJs far and wide and drives their station wagon across much of the country as he helps them become a household name among teenagers across the country and beyond
Murry becomes obnoxious and insufferable during Beach Boys recording sessions and is eventually fired by his son Brian (see / hear Help Me Rhonda studio tapes)
Murry attempts to recreate his Beach Boys success with the Sunrays, who had two hits using a Beach Boys summer-surf sound
Murry is satirized in Brian's strangely serious "I'm Bugged at My Old Man"
Murry, to the astonishment of Brian (and the rock world), sells Sea of Tunes for a paltry sum that is decades later overturned
Murry, to the astonishment of Beach Boys fans worldwide, co-writes Break Away with Brian and, apparently, participates in the recording sessions. Break Away is all about inner reflection and the fight for freedom to "make a (new) way..."
Did father and sons end on a note of resolution? Greater understanding? Maybe even forgiveness? God only knows.

re:  The Saturday Surveys:
You ain't going to believe this. Just now while perusing your charts on this day and week back in Chicago in the year of 1969, they just played a commercial on my television of a car company with the background music of Sammy Davis' I"VE GOTTA BE ME which was number 4 in your Chicago town.
Where is Rod Serling when you need him?
Your survey of WAEB showed 20 records on their playlist. Ours had 20 records in positions from 1 to 20. However, also listed was 10 records as being HIT BOUND and 10 records which were listed as EXTRA for a total of 40 records on our survey No albums were listed on our survey.  This is the first survey I have seen with this many albums listed.
Larry Neal
It was GREAT to get a comment from Tommy Roe after he saw that his hit record "Dizzy" leaped from #17 to #1 that week in 1969.
Back in the mid-'70's and into the early '80's, the WLS Survey used to show The Top 45 45's and The Top 33 33's ... a GREAT chart!  (kk)
Hi Kent,
This is great stuff. There are thousands of possibilities and I want to get in on a little bit of the fun. It's probably the closest I'll ever get to programming. How about this: Instead of Proud Mary by C.C.R., Mary Lou by Fletcher Williams; Instead of One by Three Dog Night, One Night Stand by Magic Lanterns or One Night by Elvis; instead of the Association's Windy, how about Wind's Make Believe; For something from Chicago besides Saturday in the Park, how about Lowdown or Dialogue; instead of Black Magic Woman by Santana, Everybody's Everything; and even though I love the Fat Man, I'm tired of hearing Ain't That A Shame ... How about Shame Shame Shame by Shirley and Company; Mama Told Me Not to Come?, NO, Motorcycle Mama by Sailcat or That's Alright Mama by Elvis. This is Great stuff that I am fortunate enough to hear on one local station (WGVU 1480 / 850) but nowhere else. Keep up the crusade! 

And a couple more from me ... after hearing Journey's "Who's Crying Now" FOUR times this weekend (man, I used to LOVE this song ... and I'll bet I was actually IN the car less that three hours alll weekend!), how about just ONE playing of The Top Five Connie Francis Hit "Who's Sorry Now"???  (kk)

Of course there are OTHER alternatives for over-played Journey songs that might sound refreshing coming out of your radio once in awhile ...

For example ...