Friday, July 9, 2010

The Friday Flash ... And The Deadline Dash

A few last minute comments, news items and interesting tidbits to round out the week:

Legendary performer and writer Harvey Fuqua died from a heart attack Tuesday (July 6) in a Detroit hospital. He was 80. Born in Louisville, Kentucky (the nephew of Charlie Fuqua of the Ink Spots), he founded what would become the Moonglows after leaving the service for Cleveland in 1952. DJ Alan Freed found out about the group, which included Bobby Lester, Pete Graves and Prentiss Barnes, and recorded them on his own label. He changed their name from the Crazy Sounds to the Moonglows after his own on-air nickname, the "Moondog." With Bobby on lead, "I Just Can't Tell No Lie" became a regional hit in Cleveland, but failed to chart nationally. So the group traveled to Chicago, where they signed with Chance Records. With Alan Freed often listed as co-writer, theycontinued to find success in Cleveland and now Chicago, with tunes like "Baby Please," "Hey Santa Claus," "Just A Lonely Christmas," "Secret Love" and "I Was Wrong." The group moved across the street to Chess Records in 1954 and "Sincerely" became their first chart hit -- reaching #1 R&B but only #20 pop (thanks to a cover version by the McGuire Sisters). It was followed by "Most Of All" (#5 R&B - 1955), "We Go Together (#9 R&B - 1955) and "See Saw" (#25 pop, #6 R&B - 1956). Harvey was co-lead singer in the group with Bobby, usually on the up-tempo numbers. As Harvey asserted more authority over the group, Bobby left and the group became Harvey and the Moonglows. "The Ten Commandments Of Love" got to #22 pop and #9 R&B - 1958. But the next year, Harvey fired the rest of the group and instituted the Marquees (including young Marvin Gaye)out of Washington, DC, as his new Moonglows. Despite singing background on hits by other Chess artists, the Moonglows had no more on their own and by 1960 Harvey moved to Detroit. His Tri-Phi label introduced the Spinners and Johnny Bristol to America. He also married Anna Gordy, sister of Motown President Berry Gordy, Junior, and was there for the early years of Motown, eventually folding his label and moving his acts there. Harvey headed artist development at Motown and wrote such hits as "What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)" and "Someday We'll Be Together." In later years he produced Marvin Gaye's hit, "Sexual Healing" and is credited with discovering disco acts like the Weather Girls, New Birth and Sylvester. Harvey (along with the Moonglows) appeared in the AlanFreed movie, "Rock Rock Rock" in 1956. They were inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in 2000 a year after joining the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.
-- Ron Smith

Lolita (real name Edith "Ditta" Zusa Einzinger), whose 1960 German-language tune, "Sailor (Your Home Is The Sea)" reached #5 in the U.S. in 1960, died Wednesday (June 30) of cancer in Salzburg, Austria. She was 79. She was a kindergarten nurse in Austria when she was discovered on a radio program and began recording in 1957. Considered aone-hit wonder, she did manage a couple of American follow-ups (again in German) to "Sailor" -- "Cowboy Jimmy Joe" (#94 - 1961) and "Theme From 'A Summer Place'" (#112 - 1961).
-- Ron Smith

By the way, DJ Stu Weiss has planned tributes to BOTH of these artists for his Friday Night / Top Shelf Oldies Program, "The Pop Shoppe". Here are the details:
Hi everybody:
Here are the details for this week's show. It's as good as it gets, but sadly there are some special tributes to artists we loved and lost.
My show "The Pop Shoppe" is on Friday nights from 7 PM till 3:01 AM (eastern) and can only be heard at
7:00 PM / 9:00 An assortment of memories from the 1950's and 60's. Sing along to the ones you know. Enjoy the ones you aren't familiar with.
9:00 / 9:15 Something new! Bi-weekly you'll be hearing a special segment by Ed Rambeau. His interview recently wasn't enough, so now you'll hear Ed Rambeau's Little Corner of The World. It will take a few years to hear all Ed has to say and hear his music. So start this Friday night. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Ed on Tuesday and can't wait to have him appear in October at my old-time radio convention in Newark.
9:15 / 9:30 Remembering Lolita. Although her music consisted of mainly songs sung in German, one of her hits did great over here. You might recall "Sailor" (your home is the sea). She did a few really nice tunes that I'd like you to hear.
9:30 / 10:00 30 minutes of folk music. This portion of my show keeps getting requested as a favorite for many. Mostly I remember the 60's when this music was at its peak before The Beatles came in and kind of changed things and this music was harder to find on radio.
10:00 / 11:00 From time to time, you might hear me mention Vito Picone's name. Besides being a booking agent, Vito is the original lead voice of The Elegants. It was some 50 years ago that "Little Star" burst on the scene. One of the true doo wop classics. Vito has a monthly cable tv show in Staten Island. Sadly you can't see it in other markets, although it sure would be a hit shown anywhere. This Friday night you'll be hearing a complete hour from Vito's show from a couple months back. Because of some mix-up, the guests didn't show up and Vito used this time to talk about his friendship with his dear friend of many years. Vito looks back in time as he walks down memory lane with Johnny Maestro and the years they spent together. It is a very moving program and will probably have you shed a tear or two. This show is being played with Vito's knowledge and permission. You will love it and learn much about Vito and Johnny.
11:00 / 12:00 AM We now look back on the career of Harvey Fuqua. It was my pleasure seeing them perform so many years ago on stage of one of Alan Freed's rock and roll shows in Brooklyn, New York. Harvey has just passed away and we remember him with and without his classic group / The Moonglows.
12:00 / 1:30 Change of pace as we go to Midnight Country. Some of the greatest country music came out of the 40's / 50's / 60's. I want to remember Ernest Tubb as part of this segment.
1:30 / 3:01 AM Our last 90 minutes or so together we'll go back to the where we started tonight with the 50's / 60's but adding a touch of the 40's.
It's all here Friday night. I don't think you want to miss this one.
Thanks to Ramtown Mike I now have a website where you can check out past interviews from my shows. Plus you can check out my picture collection and links.
It's at:
My email address is
You can use this anytime you want to contact me.
A special thank you to Randy Price. He just put together a top 100 songs program for me from 1964. He compiles it from both Cashbox and Billboard magazines. Here's another exciting night you can look forward to in the near future.
Well, I think I've said enough. Be here or be square. See you this Friday night for the Greatest Songs That Ever Lived. (Remember, you MUST be here, because I don't want to be alone!)
I am
Sincerely yours,
Stu Weiss / DJ STU
Sounds like a winner, Stu! Hopefully some of our readers will have a chance to tune in! (kk)

Harold Cowart, bass player for John Fred and his Playboy Band, died Sunday (June 27) at his home near Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the age of 66. Harold's bass work can be heard on the #1 hit, "Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)" from 1968, but he later worked as a studio musician in Miami and played on Brook Benton's "Rainy Night In Georgia," Frankie Valli's "Grease" and Andy Gibbs' "Shadow Dancing." He later opened his own recording studio and produced, among other recordings, Al Hirt's last album in 1999.
-- Ron Smith

This PBS Show sounds like a KILLER! Thanks for letting EVERYBODY know that it'll be coming to a TV channel near you in December. This will be a MUST SEE and you might want to make a donation and get a copy of the DVD. Check out the Forgotten Hits website to see the groups and songs you will see and hear!
"Wild" Bill Cody
Scroll back to July 3rd for the complete list of performers. Thanks, Bill! (kk)

To my friends in South Florida and anyone in my address book who might be passing through South Florida this summer:
I'll be back in concert at the CENTER FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING (formerly the Science of Mind Center) on August 7th.
I haven't seen a lot you Floridians in a long time and I'm eager to get atcha once again. This show is sandwiched between the Winter U.S.A. tour we did back in March and the European tour coming up in October. I've got a mess o' new songs and can't wait to play them for you.
So come on out and hear me.
Here are the details:
Saturday, August 7, 2010
Center for Spiritual Living
2 SW 12th St
Boca Raton, FL 33486
Showtime: 8 p.m.
I'll follow up with another of these notices when the time gets closer for those of you who like to make last minute plans.
BTW, I always send these notices to everyone -- not only locals. I never know when somebody on my inform list will be passing through the area on the dates I play. So if you live in South Africa or Wales or Denmark (which some of you do), don't think I'm including you by mistake. I'd rather inform you and have you not be able to make it than not inform you and find out later you could've been there.
Bob Lind

Here's another great shot of Jimy Sohns and Dennis Tufano, performing at the Arlington Heights Chicago Gold 4th of July Concert ... I can only tell you that they were rockin' the blues on this number!!! (Photo courtesy of Michele Abrams) kk

(click to enlarge photos)

Talk about your killer shows ... how about THIS one?!?!? We all know that Ringo celebrated his 70th Birthday this week ... but imagine being in the audience for THIS All-Starr Band performance:
For about 30 seconds it seemed like Ringo Starr's 70th birthday concert at Radio City Music Hall earlier tonight was over. An incredible assemblage of rock stars including Yoko Ono, Joe Walsh, Steve Van Zandt, Brian Johnson, Jeff Lynne, Nils Lofgren, Max Weinberg and Foreigner's Mick Jones had just left the stage following a massive singalong rendition of "With a Little Help From My Friends" that felt like the grand finale to an incredible night. Then, just as the house lights threatened to rise, a roadie brought out Paul McCartney's signature Hofner bass and the sell-out crowd went into absolute hysterics. When McCartney himself ran onstage and burst into (of course) the White Album's "Birthday," the screams reached a decibel level rarely heard since the Beatles stopped touring nearly 45 years ago.
Midway through Richard Page (of Mr. Mister)'s performance of their #1 Hit "Broken Wings," a murmur erupted through the hall as many of the rock stars in the audience suddenly got out of their seats and began walking towards the lobby. Out of the darkness came Johnson, Walsh, Lynne, Ono and more big names. Ringo's son Zak stepped behind the drum kit as a small army of rock stars took the stage to sing backup on "A Little Help From My Friends." It was incredible, but not the finale everybody was praying for, which came mere minutes later when McCartney arrived to accompany Ringo (on drums) for the rollicking "Birthday." It was sadly the closest thing to a Beatles reunion possible these days (the two had previously teamed up at
a benefit in April 2009). At the end, with Yoko beaming on the side of the stage, Paul and Ringo embraced before walking offstage to what must have been one hell of an afterparty.
-- Andy Greene / Rolling Stone Magazine

Photo by Rob Shanahan / PictureGroup

Hi Kent,
Enjoyed your weekend comments. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments from everyone. I love hearing the "backstage" stories.
Thanks for mentioning the Noonefest in PA this weekend. Not sure if you knew but Herman's Hermits staring Peter Noone will be at the West Chicago Railroad Days this coming Sunday (July 11). Not sure if you've had a chance to go to one of his hows, maybe you can check it out. He's a great entertainer and everyone enjoys his shows.
Thanks again! Stay cool in this weather!!

Judi G.
Livonia, MI
Sounds like what Peter REALLY needs is somebody to look into his itinerary a little bit closer ... he's in Elk Grove Village on Tuesday ... then off to Philadelphia for a couple of appearances ... and then right back here to Chicago for another show this weekend!!! (Actually, I'm not sure if Tuesday's show went off as planned or not ... it was storming pretty bad here right around showtime!!!)
Without question, Peter puts on one of the BEST live shows around ... we've been letting the fans know for YEARS now that he is an absolute MUST SEE if he comes to town ... in fact, we've probably been to close to a dozen shows ourselves over the past four years! Wish we could hit Noonefest but it just doesn't work out for us ... meanwhile, you can bet that a nation of Noonatics WILL be attending!!! (kk)

Hey gang:
You need to go onto this website and click on Herman's Herman's Greatest Hits and just let it go with the speakers full-tilt.
Some of the songs are remakes but they sound better than the originals ... and if you have to leave your computer for any reason, they'll just keep playing, or minimize the tunes and go about your biz on the computer and enjoy! When you listen to these you'll be amazed at how many hits these guys ACTUALLY had, you'll remember them all! I'll bet money that you WILL be singing along to each and every song. Isn't it funny that you can remember the words to these songs but you can't find your keys?????
"Leaning on a Lampost" and "Listen People" are my all time favorites!
Wild Bill Cody

Thanks KK!
I know you did a work of endeavor to present Davie Allan's tribute to Wayne Allwine to your readers, which I as one appreciate. Again thanks for your self commitment to see it posted.
For those who think of Davie Allan & The Arrows as Drive-In action music like the biker soundtracks that rattled the speakers and your brain back when you parked the car to watch B movies on a summer weekend, they are correct in doing so and there are tunes on this CD that evolved from that pool of crank by Davie & his Deltonian Duo that will usher you back and forwards but also on this retrospective CD where past meets present you not only get the vibes of Ferry 'Cross the Motown,California Dream Believer and Ride The Wild Turf ... you also enter the doors where Dim Lights Thick Smoke & Loud, Loud Music come billowing out and reflect the strobing of psychedelia where toys in the childhood attic bleed into a domestic bliss ( Can I get a witness!) and there's this modern equivalent where we all need a Lesley Gore today ... Lisa Mychols ... who takes the listener to a vacation paradise so vivid you can smell the coppertoned bodies sauna steaming in the ocean breezes and later to visit a house of horrors so spine tingling gothic that your need for a ghostly encounter song need never look beyond!
This CD, "Retrophonic" is sure to awaken and arouse the listener that there is and always was an artist that remained faithful and dedicated to the era where we evolved from. To those who ask ... "Where is something today as good as it was when we were growing up listening to the radio?", Here it is!
Davie Allan & The Arrows lineup has changed over time but he never did. He remains an unsung hero among that era and he is relevant today ... and not an "oldies" act either, mind you! He's been steady crankin' 'em out.
Readers here would be astonished at how many times they have actually heard songs on records and movies and TV shows where this man contributed his melodic guitar masteries and "nasturies" (Davie helped spawn grungy) from the sixties even as up to just a few months ago! That list also includes some members of his band The Arrows, too!
If you buy just one CD this year let it be his. You will not be disappointed.
Tell him the "Vibeman" pointed the arrow at him.
PS Davie handles his own emails and merchandise via his website ... you deal directly with the artist who signs it. He is readily accessible.
You will be handled personally and that's almost practically unheard of in the business. He responds ... not some form letter or secretary! You will be one on one! And he is affordable ... no gouging here! Free shipping too! How's them apples?
Davie has been a friend of Forgotten Hits for several years now ... and allowed us to not only "sneak peek" new music as it becomes available, but has also signed copies of his latest CDs to be given away to Forgotten Hits readers. He's a heck of a good guy and we appreciate all that he's done to help spread the word about what we're trying to do here in Forgotten Hits. (And it's damn good music, too!!! We LOVE it!!!) Now if he'd just come and do a show here in Chicago!!! (kk)

... and, speaking of Davie Allan, we just heard from the man himself!!!


Thank you for posting the Wayne Allwine Tribute. He was a gem of a friend and a great talent. His stint as an "Arrow" was short but oh so memorable.

Davie Allan

Hi Kent,
Heard the sad news that Tommy James had to cancel his July 10th show in Westchester. We've been playing his songs all weekend in anticipation.Then I heard the good news that they got Paul Revere and The Raiders to take his place. So excited to see them in person, I never have. I heard that The Buckinghams drummer Tommy Scheckel is playing with them now, too. So now we're playing Paul Revere songs all week! "Kicks just keep getting harder to find" ... but not in Westchester!
;-) Sandi
Yes, The Buckinghams seem to be going through some "musical chairs" of late ... but I guess this happens from time to time. There was a big heart-attack scare surrounding Tommy James last week ... but apparently this was NOT the case. (I'm sure there were all kinds of "mob hit" rumors circulating, too ... but the latest word is this, according to frequent FH Contributor Ronnie Allen):
The following message was posted on Tommy's Website Bulletin Board:
Hello everyone,

I just heard that Tommy is doing ok. He did have a scare and spent a few days in the hospital (for precautionary reasons). He wants everyone to know that he is back home and doing fine.
Tommy's Manager Carol Ross-Durborow revealed to me that Tommy did indeed have a scare. According to her, he went to the doctor for his annual physical and his doctor was concerned about something but did not have the proper testing equipment. So he sent Tommy to the hospital. Carol said he spent one day there and was NOT there for a few days.
The bottom line is this:
(1) Tommy did have a scare and was in the hospital but for no more than a day
(2) He did not have a heart attack and
(3) He is very busy doing interviews and plans to keep all of his schedule intact including the RockCon event at the end of this month.
-- Ronnie Allen

... and, speaking of RockCon ...

Hey Kent ...
We'll be appearing at The "RocCon" at The Sheraton Meadowlands on Sunday, August 1st. We won't be performing, but we will be doing a meet & greet. Looking forward to seeing a lot of our friends there!
Mitch Schecter / The Rip Chords
There are quite a few of our "Forgotten Hits Regulars" making an appearance at this big show ... besides The Rip Chords, you can catch Beverly Bremers, Ron Dante, The Fifth Estate, Tommy James, members of The Rascals, Charlie Gracie, Jay and the Americans, The 1910 Fruit Gum Company, The Orlons, The Soul Survivors, Billy Hinsche, Al Jardine, and many others are confirmed guests ... hopefully Charles Rosenay will help to spread the word about Forgotten Hits to this collective group of our musical heroes! (Wish WE could be there, too, but it's just not possible this year!) kk

We'll have more of your comments coming your way on Sunday ... 'til then, keep your feet on the stars and keep reaching for the ground!!! (kk)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

And Now ... Sum Mohr Muzikal Edjumakayshun

Looks like most of today's entries seem to involve Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits in some fashion again!!! (lol) Here's the latest:

>>>Hy Lit books Mick Jagger & The Rolling Stones, Herman's Hermits and a half dozen other groups for a major stage show in Philadelphia. Toward the end of the show, Mick Jagger & Keith Richards inform Hy that if they don't close the show ... and perform after Herman's Hermits ... they will not perform at all. Moments earlier Herman's Hermits gave Hy the same ultimatum. Frank Rizzo, the Chief of Police at the time, was also backstage. Frank immediately placed managers of both groups under arrest on a disorderly charge for attempting to incite a riot, and after assuring them they would all be spending the next few days in Philadelphia, the feud between the two groups was quickly settled. After a coin toss, Herman's Hermits played second to last and Mick and the gang closed the show. (Sam Lit)
>>>GREAT story!!! I asked Peter Noone what, if anything, HE remembered about this night. Here's a little background twist that makes it an even BETTER story!!! (Talk about your perfect punchlines!!!) kk
>>>I don't recall the whole evening, but I know we knew that PHILADELPHIA had a CURFEW then, and at least 70% of the crowd would leave at a certain time, which was about 10 minutes into our set or the Stones' set. So we conveniently didn't mention it and a coin toss is so un-English. We were not being mean-spirited as we all loved the Stones (especially Brian and Charlie), but we all thought it was a HOOT and it is still fondly remembered as one of those fun nights when we got one over on the Stones.
That night in Philly has been written about so many times, that even I have lost total recall, but I think if you check with the cops in Philly, you will find there was a curfew that year and I stood at the side of the stage with Andew Loog Oldham to watch Mick's face as the crowd left during their 5th song. Fun night!

(Peter Noone)

Great story! In fact, I read it and discussed it on last night's "Remember When"! And, as absurd as it may seem now - Herman's Hermit's closing a show with The Stones on it - wasn't entirely nuts. At least not in May of 1965, anyway. At that time, Herman's Hermit's were huge and had a slew of hits and were - in record sales, anyway - comparable to The Stones. Go figya. Good stuff!
Steve Ross / WPHT 1210 in Philadelphia / "Remember When"
*Listen to the Steve Ross 'Remember When Show'
Saturday Night 11pm - 1am on 1210 / WPHT Philadelphia
Next to The Beatles ... and ONLY The Beatles ... Herman's Hermits were the biggest group to come out of The British Invasion initially ... The Dave Clark Five would have probably ranked third ... and The Rolling Stones, by May, 1965, standards anyway, was a little ways down on the list. Their biggest '60's hit, "Satisfaction", would change all of that forever a month later ... but way back then Herman's Hermits were considered headliners and even The Who at one point was their opening act! (kk)

I was at that concert. I was in the front row and Mick Jagger took off his coat, folded it and was handing it to me. And Mike Smith of The Dave Clark Five (also performing that night) asked for my number and we chased him through the halls! I have really nice memories. Sam's Dad Hy Lit spoke at our Synagogue. He was the best.
- Jeanne Feldman Coren
Hy Lit was QUITE the Philadelphia Radio Legend ... if it was happening, you can bet Hy Lit was in some way involved. Here's another cool shot of Hy with Herman's Hermits, circa 1965, courtesy of his son Sam. (kk)


Meanwhile, the Herman's Hermits / Jimmy Page / Vic Flick / "Silhouettes" controversy continues!!! Read on:
>>>Jimmy Page of 'Led Zepplin' fame was actually the session guitar lead for most of Herman's Hermits hits. In fact, that guitar intro for "Silhouettes" is a riff that Jimmy used as a warm up exercise, and when Mickey Most heard it, he built his arrangement for the recording around it. (Jim Pritchard / aka Jim Southern)
>>> From our Forgotten Hits / Peter Noone Interview:
FH: So, can you confirm then, once and for all, if Jimmy Page is the one who played the guitar riff on your original version of "Silhouettes"?
PETER NOONE: Jim played on Silhouettes and Wonderful World and, once Karl Green faded, he was replaced on ALL the recordings by John Paul Jones, who also arranged almost everything and was our genius.
(And there you have it ... right from the horse's mouth, as it were ... that IS Jimmy Page doing the cool little guitar licks on "Silhouettes"!!!)
>>>EDITOR'S NOTE: After this piece originally ran, it was brought to our attention that the on-going guitar riff that runs throughout Herman's Hermits' version of "Silhouettes" was actually performed by British Studio Guitar Whiz Vic Flick. Vic and Peter BOTH confirmed this new piece of information in later editions of our Forgotten Hits Newsletter. (At ONE point, there was even some speculation that Vic Flick had SHOWN Jimmy Page the repetitive riff that runs throughout the song ... and then later it was debated as to whether or not Page was present at the recording session at all!!!) Certainly memories fade after 40+ years ... but the general consensus when all sides were presented is that it was Vic Flick ... and NOT Jimmy Page ... who handled the guitar duties on the Herman's Hermits version of "Silhouettes".

>>>I HAVE to point out a correction regarding the Jimmy Page / "Silhouettes" story ... that story has been circulating for YEARS ... and we FINALLY put an end to it a couple of years back when we interviewed Peter Noone for Forgotten Hits. (You can find the entire interview here:

Click here: Forgotten Hits - Forgotten Hits Interviews Peter Noone)

It turns out that while John Paul Jones (Page's bandmate in Led Zeppelin) arranged a number of Herman's Hermits records over the years, Jimmy Page only played on about four tracks ... and the riff on "Silhouettes" is NOT one of them. (Rumors abound on this issue ... in fact, we have had a couple of people state on the record that Page could not nail the riff properly so session guitar virtuoso Vic Flick was brought in for the session ... and that later he even taught Page how to play it!!! Can anyone even IMAGINE a time like this when a guitarist of Jimmy Page's caliber would need to be SHOWN a repetitive riff like this?!?!?) After much discussion back and forth between both Peter Noone and Vic Flick ... (both of whom are on our Forgotten Hits List ... and who even picked this topic up again when both musical legends were in Las Vegas) ... as well as Herman's Hermits Guitarist Keith Hopwood (who was there at the session), all parties concerned acknowledged FOR THE RECORD that it was Vic who played this famous lick, and NOT Jimmy Page as has been widely reported for years. (After our piece first ran, we issued a special "amendment" to the story which you'll see as part of the interview posted on the other Forgotten Hits Website.) In fact, if you do a bit of web searching now, you'll find Forgotten Hits credited on a number of sites as putting out the final word on this subject. You can read the whole interview on The Forgotten Hits Website via the link shown above. After careful consideration, Peter Noone stated that Jimmy Page only appeared on about FOUR of Herman's Hermits' recorded tracks, not "most" as has been widely circulated. (kk)

>>>It is amazing how many of these 'fantastic sources of background info' get things wrong. It is also amazing that people who weren't even born know more about what happened on recording sessions than the musicians who were actually there. I can remember distinctly playing on a few Herman's Hermits recordings and especially 'Silhouettes.' That title was recorded in Kingsway Studios, London and produced by Mickie Most. Peter Noone, bless his cotton socks, gets a few things wrong now and again - sometimes on purpose. I suppose he must think it sounds better to say Jimmy was on the track instead of me. I worked with Jimmy Page on various sessions and indeed helped him with some difficult passages as he couldn't read music. Most of the rhythm section guys realized Jimmy had great potential as a guitarist and as he was a good guy to get on with, we helped him, as we did others, as much as possible. Jimmy Page has also been credited with the guitar work on the James Bond Theme. I can assure all your readers, it was me. Elsewhere in your Forgotten Hits you mention Ringo's Theme (This Boy), the tune in the film A Hard Day's Night. That again was yours truly at the request of George Martin, but I expect someone will contest it. Very best wishes. (Vic Flick)

FH -
Now wait a minute. In the Herman's Hermits DVD, "Listen People", both Karl and Keith tell the story that Vic Flick was brought in to play the intro to "Sillhouettes". They claim that he could not play it and finally Lek just played it straight out. They now claim that it is his lead that is on the record. So much for everyone agreeing on that!
Dave Frey
I saw the very same interview ... and cringed the minute I heard it ... all I could think was "Oh boy, here we go again!!!" This may be one we NEVER truly get to the bottom of. (Ironically, as mentioned above, Forgotten Hits has been credited by MANY web sources as being the ones who finally cracked this mystery! Strange, too, that Keith would say on camera something different than what he told me a few years back when he, too, confirmed that it was Vic who played on the session. There is SO much mystery surrounding one track! (kk)

From Keith Hopwood's interview with Forgotten Hits, circa 2008:
Hi Kent
This thing has certainly generated some print hasn't it?
Sorry, but I've no intention of becoming embroiled in a slanging match about who played on what. I'm sure Peter's list is more or less correct. Suffice to say we did not play on all our records, for whatever reason. Oh, and yes, it was Vic Flick who played on Silhouettes. And yes, I would have been a lot more unhappy about it all if it were my songs he was using the session guys on.
Best -
Keith Hopwood

By the way, Vick Flick's published biography, "Guitarman: From James Bond To The Beatles And Beyond" also credits my brief interview with original Herman's Hermits Guitarist Keith Hopwood for confirming that it was, in fact, Vic who played the guitar lick that runs throughout The Hermits' monster hit "Silhouettes"! Glad I could help!!! You can pick up a copy here:
Click here: Vic Flick, Guitarman (9781593933081): Vic Flick: Books or from Vic's website: Click here: Vic Flick - The Official Website (kk)

Hi Kent,
Thanks for the heads up on 'Silhouettes.' Amazing how this song's controversy is still going on.
I always look forward to the Forgotten Hits. Keep up the good work.

Just got THIS email from Mike Melfi of The Princetons, who recorded one of MY favorite mid-'60's songs, "Georgianna" ... seems like we got their bio information all wrong on the website a while back:




I would LOVE to listen, Mike ... send me what you can. (There is virtually NO information on The Princetons anywhere to be found on the web so this would be a great chance to spotlight the group, who earlier hit the Chicagoland charts with their version of "Roll Over Beethoven" ... recorded as The Princeton Five ... right at the height of Beatlemania.) We are ALL about "setting the record straight" so please get back to me ... would love to do a spotlight feature on The Princetons and share some of this music that we were fortunate enough to enjoy back in the '60's! (kk)

and, The Critters' original version ...

Hi Kent,
While Jimmy Czak was an engineer on the Lovin' Spoonful session at BellSound, he was not the keyboard player on "Summer in the City". I must have mixed that up for something else he played on. Sorry for the mistake. Kudos to whoever did play the part; it was a great hook.
Don (Young) Albano

According to Fred Bronson's book "The Billboard Book Of Number One Hits", everybody's All-Time Favorite Summer Song first saw life as a poem written by John Sebastian's brother Mark. John decided to set the poem to music ... he LOVED what ultimately became the chorus but he didn't think the beginning of the song was "exciting" enough ... it needed a "grittier" sound to kick things off. Sebastian said, "We hired an old sound man, obviously from the radio era, and he had old acetates of traffic jams and car horns. We listened for hours and selected the ones we wanted. We even found a pneumatic hammer to provide the payoff for that section and put it all together."

The opening piano riff came from Lovin' Spoonful bassist Steve Boone (who, along with the two Sebastian brothers, also shared song-writing credit on this track.) It came from a piece he had written for piano before but which hadn't really fit into any other song the band was working on ... so it was adapted and incorporated into THIS track. Obviously, it all worked ... and "Summer In The City" went straight to #1 in August of 1966 ... and stayed there for three weeks! (The book doesn't say if Boone played the piano part he had written on the record or not ... and with studio musicians so prevelant back then, I'm not even going to speculate ... if we hear something back from John Sebastian, who has participated with Forgotten Hits in the past, we'll let you know!) kk

Then this very similar story written by John Sebastian himself for the liner notes of the Rhino "Lovin' Spoonful Anthology" CD:

That song was co-composed by my brother, Mark Sebastian, and I. He'd written a song called "Summer In The City" with a chorus that went, "At night, it's a different world." I said, "Mark, that chorus is a monster, but it swings so free. Let me write something with a whole bunch of tension in the front part so that when we come to the chorus, it's going to be like falling off a cliff." I wrote the piano intro and the verses and added them to Mark's chorus. Then there was another little piano figure that Steve would play in rehearsals. We still didn't have a bridge, so we played that, and it sounded great. That line reminded me of Gershwin's "American In Paris", th esection that tries to give the mood of a city and represent traffic. So I said, "What if we actually overdub some traffic on it?" Well, Zally, as the comedic and radical element in the band, went into fits of delight over this. We found this funny old radio soundman who came in with records of car collisions, horns and traffic, and we'd pick out horns from those records. To us, it was like a radio drama: you close your eyes and imagine one nerdy guy starting this off with his Volkswagen and, of course, the response is this incredible barrage of horns.

-- John Sebastian

My very first 45 was "Summer In The City" by the Lovin' Spoonful. I remember buying it at Montgomery Wards Dept store in Daytona Beach where I am from. It was 1966. I remember walking home carrying my prized 45 rpm treasure and then playing it on my little record player in my bedroom. I was 13. I still remember the bright orange / yellow label with the harsh black wording. My 10 year old sister and I sat on my bed and listened to that song over and over and over until we had memorized every word. We especially were proud of ourselves when we figured out the lyrics "hotter than a match head" !!
We both played the autoharp and loved the fact that John Sebastian played an autoharp riff at the end of the song. I cried when my little 45 became cracked some years later during a move to Georgia.
Summer in the City remains my all time favorite song of summer. How cool is it that it is also now the all-time favorite summer song as voted on by the Forgotten Hits readers ... and that I got to count down the top 40 favorites on my radio program!
Thanks for sharing the memories!
Scarlett Hayze

This JUST in from our FH Buddy Carl Wiser, who does that awesome Songfacts Web Site:

Hey Kent.
Hope the 4th of July weekend was good to you.
We got a note from Bruce Johnston explaining his thoughts on "I Write The Songs," which, it turns out, was NOT written about Brian Wilson. H
ere's what Bruce told us:
"The Captain & Tennille were the first artists to record my song 'I Write The Songs.' I never wrote 'I Write The Songs' about Brian Wilson. I wrote it about 'where music comes from' (for me, music comes only from God). My song has nothing to do with Brian! I admire Brian Wilson's great melodies and, as a member of the Beach Boys, I'm singing these fantastic songs in concert year after year."
By the way, I was on the Chicago airwaves last week talking to Bob Sirott on WGN about the most misinterpreted songs of all time. Here's the audio:,0,3453214.mp3file
Be Well,
Carl Wiser

The Captain and Tennille knew Bruce Johnston through their years of touring as part of The Beach Boys' back-up band. While they included the song on their first A&M album, it was never released as a single and, therefore, wasn't a hit. The first artist to actually hit the charts with "I Write The Songs" was David Cassidy, who went to #11 in The U.K. with his 1975 rendition. (In fact, Bruce Johnston should remember this ... he produced Cassidy's recording!) The story goes that Arista Records President heard David's record and thought it would be the PERFECT vehicle for his new up-and-coming artist Barry Manilow to record. From what I understand, Barry was reluctant to do so ... in fact, he found the song somewhat egotistical! (Honestly, I always have, too!!! lol And it's one of my LEAST favorite Manilow recordings.) Nevertheless, it still climbed all the way to #1 on the pop charts and has become one of Barry's signature tunes. Bruce Johnston would finally record his OWN version of his pop classic for his 1977 solo album "Going Public" ... with The California Boys Choir on background vocals!!! (To quote Billy Joel, "Don't Ask Me Why"!!!) kk

I asked Ron Dante, who co-produced Barry Manilow's version, about their version of the song ... and here's what he told me:
I Write The Songs came through Clive Davis.
I don't know which version he heard but I think we heard the Captain & Tennille's version. Right away Barry and I knew it was a hit song for us.
Barry's arrangement was perfect and so was his voice.
We sang all the backgrounds together and did well over 50 vocal overdubs.
As co-producer I worked on all aspects of the production from arrangement to lead vocal to mix. Michael DeLugg was the engineer on our projects and did an incredible job with sound for us.
This was one of the first times we used Barry's road band to play on an album.
Sid McGinnis on Guitar, Steve Donaghey Bass. Alan Axelrod extra keys, Charlie Brown Guitar, Jimmy Maeulen on Precusion and Lee Gurst Drums.
Over the years Barry has caught some flak about the title but the song and our recording has outlasted the critics, I'm happy to say.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Helping Out Our Readers


To all of those who have been fans for years and years, there are two groups with the name the Youngtones. My office heard from their office and it appears that there is no conflict of interest laws which may have been broken, but in several cases they did infringe on a few of our songs. We agreed on a fee settlement and they have agreed to include a few of our songs on a new CD. I plan to use any funds that this may generate to continue helping handicap treatment at the and La Casa Christian Medical Center. If there any former Youngtone members out there, whether you were a temp or an original, please contact the office by mail.

hi kent ...
I got one for ya ... I had this as vinyl LONG ago ... and would love to acquire the mp3's of some of the songs ... anybody else remember them ?
Nickel Bag - Doing Their Love Thing (1968)

Released on the Kama Sutra label in 1968. Arranged by Larry Fallon. They played the Red Lion a lot. In the summer of 1969 The Nickel Bag toured with Steppenwolf and played with The Turtles, The Buckinghams, The Flock, The Fifth Dimension, The Shadows of Knight, and others. Their bassist Bill Brackin also substituted as bass player for the Seeds of Doubt, another local C-U band a couple of times when their bass player was sick.
01. How Do I Love Thee
02. A Red, Red Rose
03. Lover's Litany
04. The Night Is Darkening Around Me
05. She Walks In Beauty
06. Shall I Compare Thee
07. God's Gifts
08. She Was A Phantom Of Delight
09. Tears, Idle Tears
10. Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam
YOU MIGHT NOTICE THEIR 'HOOK' ... setting 'standard cool' poetry to music ... it plays a lot better if you're stoned while listening ...

(gary) RENFIELD ...
I remember putting the word out on this one a few years ago ... can't remember if we got any results or not ... so let's give it another shot with our new and expanded FH audience! (kk)
NOTE: Gary eventually found a couple of tracks from this release, which he sent me under separate cover. After listening to these I can only say now that I've heard Nickel Bag ... and nothing more. (My parents always taught me that if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all!!! lol) By the way, these guys are called Nickel Bag ... NOT to be confused with Nickelback ... who actually make pretty good music! (kk)

Wow. Alive And Well by Spare Change. Thanx a million. You are the best!
Is it available on CD or MP3 anywhere?
Probably not through conventional means ... but I'll send you a copy of the same MP3 that I received for your collection! (kk)

I have just spotted your website when I was trying to trace an instrumental which I can remember from back in the 1960s. I think the title in the UK was "Imago", or something close to that, and was recorded by an orchestra leader with (again - I think) a french sounding name.
Very sketchy details I'm afraid, but can anyone remember any such recording? It was never what one could call a hit, but it got a few playings on the airwaves for a while then "disappeared".
But I do agree with what has been said on your web article, some of those instrumental recordings were outstanding and deserve to be remembered and revisited.
Robin Cavaghan
I checked a couple of sources for this one (including a book featuring all of the songs to ever hit The British Charts) and came up empty ... of course, if the name is off by even the slightest amount, that won't help our cause ... but maybe somebody else out there will recognize this one. (We have quite a few readers in the UK these days so let's see what comes back!) Thanks, Robin ... glad you're enjoying Forgotten Hits! (kk)

... and, speaking of instrumentals ...

My brother said that he used to listen to an album in the mid 1960's that included The Stripper, Theme from a Summer Place, Stranger on the Shore. Is there a CD out that includes these songs? Thank you.


Finding an album containing these songs as instrumentals probably isn't that tough a trick ... but finding all three original, hit recordings of these tunes (by the original artists) on the same CD might be a little bit tougher.

One of the best instrumental compilation CDs I've ever found is called "Instrumental Gems of the '60's". It was put out by Collectors' Choice Music and is now apprently out of print. While it lacks Mr. Acker Bilk's "Stranger On The Shore", it DOES feature "The Stripper" by David Rose and "Theme From 'A Summer Place'" by Percy Faith ... along with 38 OTHER great instrumental tracks like "Last Date" by Floyd Cramer, "Exodus" and "Midnight Cowboy" by Ferrante and Teicher, "Bonanza" by Al Caiola, "Classical Gas" by Mason Williams, "Love Is Blue" by Paul Mauriat, "No Matter What Shape" by The T-Bones, "Java" by Al Hirt and lots of other GREAT instrumental hits. has used copies available ... Collectors' Choice doesn't even list it on their website anymore. Hope this helps! (kk)

I just love that 1969 Heaven Scent commercial you featured. Thank you. There was also a Binocha commercial that ran around the same time span. I wonder if that is also available.

Keep up the good work and take care,


Let's put it to the list and see what they come up with. The "Heaven Sent" spot has certainly proven to be a VERY popular item with our readers! (kk)


I am a Disc Jockey Presenter, Matthew Harris, since 1972. I now produce radio programs as a volunteer for Hospital Radio stations both in the U.S. and U.K.. I am on 1/3/10 of your blog and you talk about spots and jingles, but I do not see any players. Are they removed? I play old Radio Ads and jingle bits. I am also looking for ARTIST DROPS AND LINERS. IE: Neil Diamond, Annette, Frankie Valli / Four Seasons,Tommy James, Pat Boone. I produce: "The Matthew Program" I feature a TOP Five in my program, usually a theme of something the songs have in common. I also feature Double-Play, usually SIDE A and SIDE B, Original and Re-Make, Demo and Hit, ect. Are mp3 of past posting that are no longer on your site available via email request? For fun, I have included a Tiger Woods interview I recorded right before Christmas. Please let me know.
Matthew Harris
I'm not sure what's up with the players ... they seem to go (sometimes determined by your web browser ... by the way AOL's seems to be the WORST!!! lol) Then again, the other day the website wouldn't let me upload ANY music, no matter how many times I tried!!! So who knows!

If you're into the "double plays", then you'll love our Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides feature on our OTHER website ... as well as The Top 200 Biggest Two-Sided Hits Of All-Time, which can also be found there.
Click here: Forgotten Hits - The Top 200 BIGGEST TWO-SIDED HITS of All-Time
Click here: Forgotten Hits - Your Top 200 Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides

Glad to have you on board ... your "Tiger-Man" interview is included on today's web page. (kk)

Hi Kent -
Regarding the Top Summer Songs, did "One Summer Night" by the Danleers get any votes?
Rumors had it that the late Morton Downey Jr.wrote the song and was involved in the vocals. Do you have any insight on this tune? I think it came out in 1958.
When in doubt, ask the master!!

Actually, "One Summer Night" got a quick wave of votes that all seemed to come in at once ... when all was said and done, it finished at #51. (You can check out the "expanded" countdown here: Click here: Forgotten Hits - Your All-Time Summer Favorites
The Danleers are one of those true One Hit Wonders ... "One Summer Night" was their ONLY chart hit, peaking at #9 in Cash Box Magazine back in 1958 (and reaching #16 on Billboard's Top 100 Chart.) Joel Whitburn's book credits their manager Danny Webb with not only writing their only hit but also being the inspiration for the group's name! I don't see anything mentioned anywhere about a Morton Downey, Jr. connection to the tune. (kk)

Morton Downey, Jr. DID, however, place some of his music with some very popular singers over the year. (His Dad was quite the singer, too!) For more on the Musical Side of Morton Downey, Jr., be sure to visit the official website here: Click here: Morton Downey Jr. Music

In hindsight one could argue that Morton Downey, Jr., paved the way for flamboyant, "shock" media personalities like Howard Stern and Jerry Springer ... whether that's "credit" or "blame" is in the eye of the beholder ... but between his radio program ... and then his syndicated television series, Mort was all over the place for YEARS. He passed away on March 12, 2001.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Huge Helping Of Forgotten Hits Leftovers

After the long holiday weekend, we decided to run a few more of your recent comments ... enjoy!

Hi Kent:
In tribute to American Top 40’s 40th anniversary this weekend, your readers might enjoy this interview with one of the founders of AT40 (Tom Rounds) and excerpts of Casey’s very first show, provided by The Radio Business Report.
And, for any of your readers who might have missed it, one year ago Casey Kasem signed off on his final countdown, July 4th 2009. For Casey fans like myself, it was a sentimental moment. I have attached an mp3 of it. Having had the pleasure to work with Casey back in the 80s as Executive Producer of “American Top 40,” I can assure you that nobody will ever have the impact of hosting music countdown shows like Casey did. He was in a class of his own. He will always hold the crown as the King of the countdowns!
-- Tom Cuddy

It took a little while for American Top 40 to make its way to Chicagoland ... but once it did, I was hooked ... always interested to see how records were doing on the national charts compared to how they fared here in Chi-Town. It was, without question, a radio institution. Thank you, Casey, for all those great years! (kk)

And an update on that OTHER countdown that was going on this weekend:
Kent ...
It's 7:30 A M (7/3/10), and we're up to the "L's."
Now playing " Lonely Teardrops," by Jackie Wilson.
Big Jay Sorenson back in at 2:00 P M.
Frank B.

This is a tribute that Davie Allan had put together for Wayne "Tony" Allwine who was the 60's rhythm guitarist and a vocalist with Davie Allan & The Arrows during their "Cycledelic" era. Wayne Allwine, as many remember, was the American Voice Actor of the cartoon entity Mickey Mouse for 32 years and actually married Minnie Mouse (American Voice Actress: Russi Taylor Allwine). We lost "Tony" last year in May and "Retrophonic" is the CD by Davie Allan & The Arrows. Wayne Allwine was always a musician first and never let his thoughts stray from beyond that realm of creativity. "Davie Allan & The Arrows Forever!"
For whatever reason, the link originally supplied for this won't play ... and, since we seem to have been having problems of our own posting any music or video on the website this past weekend, it's gonna be hit or miss on this one. Hopefully this'll work and you will be able to
enjoy Davie's tribute. (kk)

Dear Forgotten Hits Crew;

My name is Mike Baxter and I was referred to your site by Mike Dugo, owner of
Recently I have been able to locate my old band JUMBO. We are all alive and well, and, of course, scattered around the country. But through the miracle of the Internet, we have reconnected and created a web site to commemorate our time together.We were actively playing around So.Cal, from the south beaches and Topanga to San Francisco from 1969-1971 and you might have some visitors that remember us.We recorded our one and only album with Lou Adler's Ode 70 Records / A & M Records in 1970, but sadly, it was never released.However, you and your visitors can now hear it and share our forgotten hits. We would love to invite you all to check out our new web site and enjoy the music.Downloads available for your pleasure at: Also, check out my interviews on, re: Jumbo and my earlier group St. John Green. Thank you for your time and for getting back to me with such a positive response ... the guys will be more then happy to hear they have been added to your prestigious web site. (I should sign up to get your weekly newletter and updates, so put me down.)
Thanks again,

Mike Baxter and Jumbo
Happy to pass the info along, Mike ... please share some of your musical memories with our readers! (kk)

De Do Do Do De Da Da Da (1980) - The Police
Q: What is more devastating than a US Police Sting?
A: A Japanese Police Sting!
Hello Young Lovers (1960) - Paul Anka
Paul's web site claims he took his ABC-Paramount Records (tape) masters when he parted. One BIG (reissue) RECORD COMPANY informed me licensing (as I suspected) is the key issue behind the absence of these gems, at least on Audio CD. Maybe the licenser is deceased (his Dad?) or Paul is just greedy and wants a fortune. Can't be any worse than ABKCO. After all, he did claim that's all he had at one time, the reason behind his Spanka label. Paul's web site discontinued any e-mail correspondence.
Fire (1968) - The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
Since this is mastered from something other than tape recording media, it's possibly the Demo, though some claim a "First Version". Edited; slightly enhanced
That's it for this week's installment! :)
John - Founder - The Uncommon Top 40

During the early days of top 40 radio, a lot of top 40 radio DJ's did crazy stunts orpromotions. Most of the time this occurred on weekends. One I remember very welloccurred in 1960. Bobby Hendricks came out with a song called PSYCHO on Sue Records.One of the DJ's here went to a department store here in downtown OKC. From 6 PM Friday evening until 12 Midnight Sunday, he listened to that record over and over without going to sleep. People could go by and watch him make a fool of himself. Another gimick I remember was when the morning DJ got to the station and the music room was locked and he didn't have a key. So he said. All he could play was some Frank Sinatra records which were somehow there. So he began playing these Frank Sinatra records. Mind you now this was our top 40 rock and roll radio station. He finally said over the air if there were any listeners out there who could bring to him at the station some of the rock and roll records that would normally play. Needless to say, listeners started showing up with their own records.
Larry N. Boyington,
aka Larry Neal, former curator of the Wax Museum on the big 1520 KOMA

You did us a service by foresaking your holiday so we could have another terrific edition of FH. Thank you!
The Pittsburgh PBS special looks amazing. I'm having lunch with my dear buddy Stephen Caldwell tomorrow. He told me when he was headed out to film it, but I figured it was "just another gig." Wrong! I can't wait to see it, and will pump Stevie for more details now that I know it was so special.
I love Al Jardine's website videos, and his new album is terrific. Following is an excerpt from my March column for "The Beat" with some more album details:

I just got off the phone with original Beach Boy Al Jardine. He’s in beautiful, warm California while I’m still here in increasingly snowy New Hope, PA. We were reminiscing about gigging together, which was an even bigger thrill for me than it was for Al (!J) It’s always great to speak with him: gang, he’s a sincerely kind and humble man, and an incredibly talented singer, guitarist and songwriter. I asked Al about his new EP. It’s a 4-Track offering from Al’s up-coming CD, “A Postcard from California.” The album / CD is being released in early Spring ( The EP, which Al calls “The Heart” of the Album, is being released as a digital download in March to iTunes and other digital music outlets. The cuts are all “green cuts,” as Al describes them, all of which have an ecological theme. The songs are “Don’t Fight the Sea,” which is a whimsical look at man’s folly and his inability to tame the ocean, featuring Brian and Carl Wilson, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, Al Jardine (of course) and Matt Jardine. This was intended to become a Beach Boys cut but was not finished by the time Al left the band. Next is “A Tidepool Interlude,” with a spoken soliloquy by actor Alec Baldwin, in praise of California and the Pacific Ocean. Next is “Campfire Scene,” with The Hillbillies (Al’s studio band) and “A California Saga,” which is a re-record of an earlier Beach Boy recording. This version features guests Neil Young, David Crosby and Stephen Stills. “A Postcard from California” promises to be a terrific musical tour de force with musical guests Steve Miller, Matt Jardine, Glen Campbell, Brian Wilson, David Marks, Richie Cannata, Dewey Bunnell, Adam Jardine, John Stamos, Gerry Beckley, Flea Neil Young, David Crosby and Stephen Stills.

Interestingly, Al’s publicist is former Fortunes keyboardist, David Carr. Of further note, Al and Brian Wilson are featured in the “We Are the World, 25 for Haiti” session and recording. It aired at the televised Opening Ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympic. Al was also interviewed on the Red Carpet of this year’s Grammy Awards, from Hollywood, California.
Anyway, Kent - keep rocking, and keep writing.

All the best always,
Bob Rush (Dr. Robert, "The U.S. Beat," for THE BEAT magazine)

Thanks, Bob ... we wish Al the best of success with his new record and tour! (kk)

Hi Kent,
I saw a mention of Nancy Sinatra's Summer Wine on FH and I wonder if you ever noticed that The Electric Prunes' I Had Too Much to Dream has the same verse melody. The Jake Holmes suit filed against Jimmy Page this week might be a good peg for a FH "sound-alikes" feature. I have all the songs posted together on my blog.
Keep up the great work!
Tim English
We keep talking about doing a feature on these "sound-alikes" and I can never seem to free up the time to put it all together! I think the readers would REALLY enjoy something like this so we've just GOT to make it happen. Meanwhile, be sure to check out some of the examples on Tim's websites.
I never noticed before the similarity between "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" and "Summer Wine" but I could hear it immediately in my head the minute I read your email. We've run both tracks here on the website today so see what our readers think, too! Thanks for all the interesting stuff! (kk)

I appreciate your welcome to your website.
I very much enjoy your articles and info.
I seem to find a BIG WLS trend there.
I started in radio in 1972 in Topeka, Kansas, and at night I was a WLS listener.
Around 1973 or 1974, I had begun volunteering as a fill-in Disc Jockey at the Veterans Administration Hospital WVAH station. WVAH, not having any professional I.D. jingles of any kind, I took it upon myself to call WLS asking for any help possible. (Topeka stations didn't help anyone).
WLS mailed me a PAMS box of WLS promotional work-parts, news logo stingers, beds weather intros and year intros.
In the 1980's I dubbed these to CD.
I have hundreds of reel to reel tapes still to dub, including jingle packages.
Now, I am a full time volunteer, working with Hospital Radio, seeking record artist drops and liners.
I know your site has artists reading your blogs.
How could I get a post asking for their help with generic intro's.
Separate styles and decade programs from 1940 through the 2010, Popular, Rock, Country Western and Rhythm Blues, are planned, Children programs and other specialty networks.
I am producing several programs ranging from 1950 to 1979.
Currently, I have several volunteers assisting me, to set up 24 hour streaming internet stations once finances become avialable.
Besides the networks, D.J.'s are volunteering to record single 60 minutes filler programs for download.
Most hospitals go off the air when the last volunteer goes home.
We are working on keeping stations on longer.
I would appreciate any help in this area could could assist with.
Thank you,
Matthew Harris
J.A.M. Hospital Radio
By the way, J.A.M. stands for Jingles And Music!
Over the years, a number of the artists on the list have recorded little "drop ins" to be used by some of the jocks on the list ... hopefully, some will respond to your note and contact you at the email address listed above. Good luck, Matthew! And please keep us posted!!! (Hey, and throw a plug OUR way once in a while, too!!! lol) kk

Hi KK,
Hope you had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July even though it isn't over yet as I type this.
One of your readers mentioned about where he lived at the time his local station would play the JAMIES' 1958 song SUMMERTIME, SUMMERTIME, (Epic), at 33 rpm instead of45 rpm. To my knowledge and recollection, none of our stations did that here in OKC. I just now went in and got out my copy and played it at 33. Not bad! Not bad at all. It did sound sort of like r and b.
There were just 2 instances of when I actually played a record at a different speed. In 1964, a friend of mine came over and we put the KINGSMENS' 1964 hit LOUIE LOUIE on at 33 speed hoping to make out and understand the words that were being said. You know there was some controversy over what they might have been saying. We still really couldn't make out anything at the time.
The only other time I played a record at 33 speed was in 1960 when JOHNNYAND THE HURRICANES came out with BEATNIK FLY (Warwick). I don't really know why I did this but I turned the record over and played the "B" side, an instrumental called SAND STORM. It was a really good song. I never turned my records over and played the "B" side. Why I did this one, I don't know. And a greater mystery is that I started playing SAND STORM at 33. It still sounded good. So much for playing records at different speeds.
One final thing. As you might already know, in the entertainment section of our paper on Friday,there was an article about Dr. Demento. He has been doing his syndicated show for some 40 years now and will discontinue it this summer. I believe it said he is just now on some 12 radio stations and not one formats music which would be able to play his show on weekends. I believe it mentioned he might try to go online with it.
Enjoy your website. Keep up the good work.
Again, I never would have thought in a million years (that sounds like a Linda Scott song) of playing SUMMERTIME, SUMMERTIME at a different speed.
Yours truly,Larry N. Boyington, aka Larry Neal,
former curator of the Wax Museum on the big 1520 KOMA
We covered the good Doctor's "radio retirement" a week or two ago ... too bad ... I listened to him for YEARS here in Chicago.
We'll have to check out The Jamies at 33 1/3! (Anybody out there remember when record players had a "16" speed? I don't think I've EVER seen a record released at "16" ... but I remember as a kid listening to my "Alvin and the Chipmunks" albums at 16 rpm to see how "David Seville" achieved that incredible sound ... it slowed everything down to exactly half-speed and you could hear Ross Bagdasarian singing all of the parts in his natural voice!!!)
And by the way, you should ALWAYS listen to your B-Sides!!! Some truly undiscovered gems await you .... check out our website featuring The Top 200 Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides of All-Time ... you'll be AMAZED with what you find there. (Not ALL B-Sides were throw-aways ... 'tho many of them were!!!)
Click here: Forgotten Hits - Your Top 200 Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides

Kent -

I've been enjoying reading your fascinating posts. '68 was my first real "Top 40 Summer" and I monitored the WCFL and WLS charts like a hawk. CFL played "Lickin' Stick Part 1" quite a bit, I don't know about WLS. I purchased Status Quo, People (had no idea they were covering a Zombies tune!!!), Third Booth (boy was I wild about them -- and I didn't even know they were strictly Midwestern), Doors (Hello, I Love You ... ), Hugh Masekela, Cream, Vanilla Fudge and the Vogues. I wanted to buy the whole chart!!! Always regretting years later that I never picked up "Stoned Soul Picnic" -- yet another groovy '68 hit -- I managed to snarf a Bell back-to-back repressing copy in the 8Ts (b/w "Sweet Blindness") so now I can relive that whole peace-n-love far-out oh-wow-man idealism every time I hear it and the others. 1968 was a dreadful year politically and with Vietnam, but, alas, I was blissfully unaware of just how bad things were -- never picked up a paper except to check movie listings -- well, after all, I was only 12 ...

Best regards to all,

Bob Rashkow

Before the Summer of '68 was over, I would turn 15 ... and while 1967 will always be THE year for me, '68 is a close runner-up ... some GREAT music came out that year as things got just a little bit heavier every time you turned on the radio. (And then, right in the middle of it all, the Bubblegum Revolution took hold!!! Go figure ... just goes to show you how EVERYTHING fit on the radio dial back then!) kk

>>>Due to MORE computer and email problems, we've been out of commission for the past couple of days ... I spent the better part of six hours on the phone with the AOL Tech Reps trying to resolve these problems and get back up and running again. Unfortunately, along the way, we lost about 200 emails in the process, including all of our "Saved Mail Waiting To Be Sent Later", which are typically "rough draft" versions of what you ultimately see on the website. As you can imagine, we've got QUITE a bit of catching up to do!!! (Jeez ... don'tcha just LOVE this modern, computer age?!?!?) kk
Hey it's not just computers. I bought a new toaster and it worked fine, except it wouldn't toast whole wheat. Popped up raw every time. Come to find out, I didn't have a whole wheat driver.
-- stolf
lol ... funny! (Although NOT so funny when it's actually happening to you!!! lol I think we've detected something like 17 different viruses now in the past two weeks!!! And lost SOMETHING in the process each and every time.) Honestly, we're probably not that far removed from what you said!!! While I really can't imagine doing this any other way, it SURE does mess things up when things don't go exactly according to plan! (kk)

I saw a PBS or MTV Special the other night about Tom Petty's career and it's worth seeing if you get a chance. It includes a lot of video of all his years, including some great footage of The Heartbreakers on tour with Bob Dylan, and also footage of rehearsal time when The Traveling Wilburys was first put together, including really rare interviews clips with George Harrison that I had never seen before. Of course, their album had just taken off when Roy Orbison passed, and that event is also mentioned by George in the footage. It's worth seeing that Special, so look for it and check it out.
Veeder Van Dorn
The 'Original' Moonrakers
I haven't seen this, but I'm a BIG Tom Petty fan so I'll have to check it out! LOTS of great pop music specials running on PBS right now ... must be "Pledge Time" again! (lol) Thanks, Veeder! (kk)


>>>Hey, isn't that YOU in the background there on this ABC news clip?!?!? (kk)
Yes, that's me in the background of the Channel 7 piece. I'm pointing to my old office on the 12th floor of what was then WJMK across the street.-- Ron Smith
It's actually a pretty nice little news clip ... and still up on the website as I type this:
Click here: Chicago radio legend gets name on street sign

Hi KK -

Last night here at home I played some records (like I normally do in my spare time), when I started thinking about the subject of radio station surveys. Why I started thinking about them I do not know. I know that through the years I have heard and I have known a few people who liked to collect air checks from disc jockeys from around the country. I never cared for that. However, I don't think I have known anyone who wanted to collect radio station surveys from various radio stations around the country. I was wondering if there are many people around who do that.
In 1958 here in OKC, radio station WKY 930 AM started playing rock and roll music . Previously they had been playing what some people refer to as "elevator music". In August of that year, WKY started printing their weekly top 40 radio surveys and eventually quit towards the last part of the year 1979. I have a copy for every week of every year up until the time they quit printing them. I like to think I have a written history of the music which was played and heard here in OKC. Listening to WKY as a kid and later on as an adult, I went by what their surveys said as far as what records were big (i.e. number one, top ten, etc,). I really didn't know that such trade publications as Billboard and Cashbox existed. To me, the only surveywas the weekly ones which WKY put out every Thursday morning at 9:30. The surveys originally were 50 songs listed, with a pick hit of the week listed at the bottom along with at least one pick album of the week. Most, if not all, radio surveys, did the same thing. As time went on, the song list was shortened to forty songs, then 30, and later on in the seventies, to twenty songs with some 10 or 20 songs listed at the bottom of the survey being listed as "extras". These surveys had ads on them as well as pictures of the current DJ'S and the time they were on the air. I do know that once a week, all the DJ'S would get together and go through all the promotional records they got in the mail, from record companies, record reps, etc, and would go over them to see which ones made the survey. I always went by what a record did here in OKC as opposed to what it did nationally. If a record made it into the top ten locally but failed to chart nationally, to me it was a hit. I do not remember seeing through the years anywhere one can buy old radio station surveys. From your website, I have noticed that there have been records that made the local surveys which did not appear here in OKC or nationally for that matter. This happened in every market.

You've got a great website. I enjoy getting your news and messages through the e-mails
Larry N. Boyington, aka Larry Neal,
former curator of the Wax Museum on the big 1520 KOMA
Actually, we've got quite a few survey collectors on our list ... I, personally, have copies of every WLS and WCFL Top 40 Survey for the times these were AM powerhouses, playing the biggest hits of the day and, save a week or two, even the WJJD charts, one of Chicago's FIRST Top 40 / Rock and Roll Stations from back in the '50's. One of our readers, Jack Levin, sells these surveys at some of the record collectors shows ... and he recently wrote in about a customer who's trying to collect at least ONE copy from EVERY radio station that ever published a weekly survey. (Sounds like an ENORMOUS task ... but we wish him luck!!!)
I've always thought that it would be nice to collect a COMPLETE set of surveys from two of the top LA stations, two from New York and then, used in conjunction with my own collection of two Chicagoland Top 40 Stations, put together a "coast-to-coast" list to see how this chart information compares to the data collected by the national trades, Billboard, Cash Box and Record World. (Another reader, Randy Price, is building what we call "The Super Charts", a compilation of ALL of these national trades on a week-by-week basis, which would put to bed once and for all some of the chart discrepancies that seemed to pop up all the time. We can't WAIT to get a copy of these!!!)
Like you, when I was growing up in the '60's, my whole musical word revolved around what I heard here in Chicago ... I had NO idea that publications like Billboard or Cash Box even existed until many years later when I discovered and started collecting their charts, too. I just figured if a record was big in Chicago, it was big everywhere ... when, in fact, there are some HUGE exceptions to that rule (as we have focused on for the past twelve years here in Forgotten Hits!) In fact, discovering the national charts ... and then local, regional hits from other parts of the country, truly opened up a whole new musical world for me ... and I love it!
That's why we do the "Show Me Your Hits" feature ... regional hits big in certain areas of the country that barely made a dent on the national scene. Unfortunately, ALL of what we had saved in the archives was lost in our last computer fiasco ... so it will require a complete rebuild now to resurrect this series again. Hopefully, we can start with some of the Oklahoma Chart Information that Larry sent us! (kk)

re: WIND:
Regarding the Wind single charting in the fall ... I guess in Boston WMEX and WRKO or one of the others jumped on it early ... I have "Make Believe" listed as my Song-of-the-Week for August 23, 1969 ... yup, I still have the list!
--- stolf
Very possible ... I show it debuting on both the Billboard Chart and the Cash Box Chart on 9/6 ... here in Chicago, it premiered a week later ... but SOMEBODY had to get the ball rolling ... so in this case it just might have been Boston! (Of course it was still a Fall Hit, because it didn't peak on the charts until Summer was over ... but that's just me being technical ... or anal ... depending on your mood! lol) kk

Thanks for "Make Believe," by Wind. When I read it, I thought it was one of your local Chicago hits that I had never heard. Then I played it, and I can't believe I forgot this amazing song! In '69 I guess I was a terminally hip 17 year old blues and rock player, and this song probably made my ears (and my "hipness") bleed. Evidently, though, it made it's way into my brain. Wonderful to hear again! Thanks! (even though I am still hip ... )

Dr. Robert

Bob Rush (The U.S. Beat)

Sorry to hear about the passing of Tony P. "Goodbye to Love" has always been my favorite Carpenters cut, and not just for the guitar part, but the whole thing. Heard once it was Karen's favorite, too. True? It's so sad how things turned out for her, kills me every time I think of it.
-- stolf
It's probably MY favorite cut by them, too ... although with SO much great music, it's tough to pick a winner. Early on, Randy L. Schmidt's "Little Girl Blue" biography tells of the time Hollywood Producer Jerry Weintraub approached screenwriter Barry Morrow with the proposition of writing a television screenplay about Karen Carpenter's life. According to Schmidt, "Morrow knew of the Carpenters' music and recalled news reports of Karen's untimely death the previous year, but he didn't particularly like their music. 'It was considered elevator music,' he recalls. 'I was listening to acid rock, Dylan, and Crosby, Stills and Nash.'" Weintraub suggested, "'All right, listen's what you have to do ... I am going to give you three or four albums and a great bottle of wine. I want you to go to a room, turn off the lights, drink this wine and listen to these albums.'" Morrow admitted that, at this point in his life, he had never enjoyed a good bottle of wine, let alone a GREAT one ... so he "followed Weintraub's orders. 'I had never heard her before; I had never stopped to listen. I had never heard the sadness and the sorrow and the pain in there voice. I never heard the undertones to it, the layers. When I heard the guitar solo in the middle of 'Goodbye To Love', I thought, wait a second, I never even knew the Carpenters!'" After he finished the bottle of wine, Morrow phoned Weintraub and said, 'I'm in if you still want me.'" (If that story alone is not enough to make you want to read this book, I don't know what else I can tell you! lol) kk

By the way, over the weekend we watched a number of Carpenters videos and interviews ... and even found one featuring Tony Peluso talking about his incredible guitar solo on "Goodbye To Love". Gentleman that he was, he gives full credit to Richard Carpenter for coming up with the idea to just "wail away" ... but also notes that, while this is now a common practice on power ballads (and has been for YEARS), this was the FIRST time such a solo had been attempted ... and, in fact, he says The Carpenters took a lot of flack for "selling out" by including a fuzz-guitar on one of their records. All I know is that it certainly worked for me. A year later, Paul McCartney would take a similar approach with the guitar solo on "My Love" ... and , as we've said, we've heard it COUNTLESS times since. Perhaps this will be Tony's legacy. (Hey, we're all talking about!!!) kk


Yeah, Johnny Mann Singers rock!

You know, if there's one thing I learned in radio, its that people's tastes are remarkably eclectic ... I remember we had this old fart of a newsman and one time I segued "We're Going UFOing" by Jimmy Durante with "Stray Cut Strut" and he dug it (management didn't tho, it's a wonder I lasted 36 years at the same place ... ) So right now I'm taping mix cassettes to listen to on an upcoming road trip to Ohio to visit relatives, and I've got Mann singers "Love Song, Love Song" and Steve Lawrence's ultra-smooth version of "The Drifter" cheek to jowl with Stones "Plundered My Soul" and Upsetters' "Haunted House" (reggae instrumental of "Spinning Wheel" ... ) That would be my dream format: mostly 60s, some 50s and 70s too ... but ALL the music ... all genres, tv & radio commercials, movies, tv themes, everything ... total immersion in the sound of the 60s, just like it was when you where there ... I mean, think about it: did they play ROCK MUSIC on the "Mod Squad"? ... geez, when they did a show about a "rock star" ... who'd they get? Noel Harrison! I'm serious ... anybody got a spare radio station they're not doing anything with? ... typical quarter hour sweep: "Dr. Robert" / Beatles ... "Barbarella" / Bob Crewe (LP version, not movie song) ... "No Money Down" / Chuck Berry ... "Wishing Well" / Free ... frig it ... Can I get a quick plug in ... spinoff of is open 4 biz ... ... #2 should be up in couple a days ...

thanx a ton
--- stolf

"A Word Without Love" by The Johnny Mann Singers ... GREAT track!


Heads up kids, there's gonna be an incredible show at Hudson Gardens this Sunday 6-27-2010 and it's none other than my good friend Peter Herman Noone and Herman's Hermits ... it's a MUST SEE SHOW and you're invited ... here are just a few videos of the Herman man ... check them out and I'll be checking you out this Sunday.
Much Love
Wild Bill
And then AFTER the show ...
You missed a TERRRRRRRIFIC show. And it's funny, a little divine intervention as well, it rained hard until Herman's Hermits took the stage, and then the rain stopped, the sun came out and what a great evening for a concert. Peter Noone was magnificent as usual, what a showman, wish you could have made it.

I just heard that Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits will be performing right here in Elk Grove Village this evening at a free concert! ALWAYS an entertaining show ... check it out if you can! And don't forget the First Annual Noonefest, coming up later this week in Pennsylvania! (kk)
Click here: Herman’s Hermits Starring Peter Noone » British Invasion

A fan fest event Friday - Sunday, July 30th - August 1st - at the Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel & Conference Center in East Rutherford, NJ.
Fans attending "Weekend Of 100 Rock Stars" will be able to talk directly to, obtain signed autographs and meet some of their favorite rock and media personalities on common ground: 100 stars all at the same time in the same place! Those attending the three-day fest can also browse through the world's largest rock & roll music and memorabilia marketplace.
Special Guests of Honor include Beach Boys founding member Al Jardine, Mary Wilson of The Supremes, Tommy James, Johnny Winter, Little Anthony, Billy Hinsche (of Dino Desi & Billy) and current or former members of such rock bands as: KISS, Suicidal Tendencies, The Hollies, The Animals, Porno for Pyros, The Rascals, Vanilla Fudge, The Yardbirds, The Archies, Jefferson Airplane / Starship, The Smithereens, Nazz, Tuff Darts, Stories, The Bay City Rollers, Spanky & Our Gang, The Village People, Utopia, 1910 Fruitgum Company, Human Beinz and many more.
Meet radio and TV music personalities like television DJ Clay Cole, the only host to have both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones on the same broadcast. Also, there will be the ROCK CON FILM FEST SCREENING ROOM with such films as "The Wrecking Crew," "Wages of Spin," "Fabulous" and other obscure titles.
Be part of the National Rock Icon Awards Ceremony, established to honor the legends, acknowledge music accomplishments and recognize fan favorites.
Themes for the Weekend include "LENNON LEGACY," with special guests from The Beatles' history, "ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAMERS," "THE GREAT GIRL GROUPS REUNION," "HORROR ROCKERS REUNION" and the "BUBBLEGUM REUNION."
A rock event like this is long-overdue. Celebrate 50 years of rock history live.
The list of guests is online at:
Tickets are now on sale on via the website:

Hello Friends - I hope this finds you well and happy!
First of all, I want to thank you for your support in my recent request for votes for an appearance at Lilith Fair concerts. Unfortunately, I did not make it, due to competition from 600 other artists, but I did fare very well and I so appreciate your taking the time and huge trouble to cast your votes for me. Thank you!!!!
Meanwhile, I'm heading back east next month for several occasions:
I'll be singing in New York City at the fabulous Metropolitan Room on July 29th at 7:30 pm. If you live in the area, or know someone who does, please pass the information along. I hope you can come to my show. It's going to be sooo fun!! Visit for more info and reservations.
Additionally, on July 25th, I'll be conducting an afternoon voiceover workshop in NYC. If you have an interest in attending or know someone who is, please contact me and I'll be happy to forward the details. Visit for info.
And last on my itinerary, but certainly not least, I will be signing autographs, schmoozing with my fans and singing, "Don't Say You Don't Remember" at ROCK CON at the Sheraton Meadowlands in E. Rutherford, New Jersey from July 30 - Aug.1st. There are going to be hit recording artists there from decades of music and it's going to be a blast!!! Little Anthony, Tommy James, Johnny Winter, members of tons of bands like the Beach Boys, Spanky & Our Gang, The Rascals, The Archies, The Crystals, Vanilla Fudge, Kiis, The Animals, Blues Magoos, etc. etc. Visit for info & reservations.
Plus, I get to visit with all my friends in Westchester & NYC, including my high school alumni in Dobbs Ferry, and fellow performers & writers from "The Me Nobody Knows", "Hair", "The Rocky Horror Show", and "Menopause The Musical". I am so jazzed!!!! I hope to see you, too, at one of these events, if possible :- )
Well, that's the news for now. Enjoy your summer and keep in touch.
All my best,
Beverly Bremers

Visit my websites:

Here's a Byrds Tribute Band that will knock you out!!!
Check out these guys three videos and tell me if they don't NAIL the Byrds!!!
Wild Bill

We did, in fact, meet up with Mike at the Arlington Heights Frontier Days / Chicago Gold Show (more on that below.) And HERE'S an interesting side note to the night's activities. I asked photographer Mike Bush if he remembered the first time we met. He admitted that he didn't so I told him ... that just about 35 years ago, I came out to hear and audition for the band he was forming ... and brought along with me a guitarist by the name of Greg Favata, now the newest member of The New Colony Six. When we got there, Mike's band played us their best song ... a rendition of The Outsiders' classic "Time Won't Let Me". How INCREDIBLY ironic that Sunday Night, some 35 years later, we'd be there ringside watching Sonny Geraci perform this song with members of The Chicago Gold Elite on stage!!! Who would have EVER guessed it all those years ago!!! (kk)

Actually, Frannie and I had a VERY musical Fourth of July Weekend! (Check out our "Chicago Gold" review below!) On Saturday Night (July 3rd), we FINALLY saw "Million Dollar Quartet" at The Apollo Theater ... GREAT show and HIGHLY recommended!!! While they certainly took some liberties regarding what REALLY went on that night that found Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley together in Sam Phillips' Sun Recording Studio down in Memphis, Tennessee, they CERTAINLY made it an entertaining showcase for each of these musicians. It's 100 non-stop minutes of up-tempo rockabilly music, performed with machine-gun precision ... a VERY entertaining night of music and nostalgia. The audience absolutely LOVED it ... and the age range probably ran from 5 to 85!!! Shows have been extended through January of 2011 so if you haven't seen it yet, don't miss your chance to see this very exciting show. (The Broadway version has also been playing to rave reviews ... in fact, Levi Kreis, the actor filling the Jerry Lee Lewis role (originated right here in Chicago!), just won a Tony Award for his incredible performance!) Check it out! (kk)
Click here: Million Dollar Quartet - Official Site

>>>Bob Abrams (formerly of the Buckinghams) kk
Hi Kent,
I saw this comment on your blog the other day and couldn't believe it was true ... but then I just found out that it IS true. Bobby Abrams is no longer with The Buckinghams. How sad this is as Bobby was a Major part of the show. He plays a mean guitar and his vocals are out of this world. His humor and jokes kept things going, you never knew what he was gonna say next or if he was going to do a silly dance. I don't know why they would let him leave. No one can replace him. Without Bobby the show will never be the same. I hope another major oldies band finds him. It would be wonderful to put Bobby and Dennis Tufano together, I bet they would sound great. I would be there to see them front and center!
Best wishes,
- Sher

I had a hard time believing it myself ... Bobby has been a key part of the "live" show for years now ... and with Tommy having just left on drums, it sounds like The Bucks will be premiering quite the "revamped" line-up in the weeks to come. (Probably made all that much more difficult with Carl and Nick out on the road together doing The Happy Together Again Tour and away from the other guys and any potential rehearsal time.) It'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out ... but I don't think we'll be seeing Bobby Abrams sitting in with Dennis Tufano's band anytime soon ... but then again, you just NEVER really know in this crazy business!!! (kk)

Case in point??? You won't believe the band that was up on stage together for Jim Pilster's "Chicago Gold" Concert on The 4th of July!!! First of all, I no sooner typed the above response when I received this update from Carl Giammarese of The Buckinghams regarding their new line-up:
Hi Kent,
As you know, we now have Dave Zane and Rocky Penn replacing Bob Abrams and Tom Scheckel. They are a welcome addition and Nick and I feel they will add another dimension to our sound.
I hope you can join us on either July 3 in Hoffman Estates or Bensenville on Aug. 4. Kent, please let me know if I can add anything for your website regarding the upcoming dates or the second leg of the Happy Together Tour.
Best regards,
IL -- Chicagoland audiences will be pleased to see two familiar faces and professionals joining us on July 3rd. Along with Bruce Soboroff on keyboards and vocals will be Dave Zane on guitar and vocals and Rocky Penn on drums and vocals as the band kicks off the holiday weekend with a 90-minute show at the Village of Hoffman Estates Festival. Dave and Rocky are well known to Chicagoland and Midwest fans as they’ve played with groups including the Cryan' Shames, Sonny Geraci, and many more. We are pleased to welcome them to our lineup and invite you to come see us in concert on July 3rd.

Carl and Nick
Dave Zane has been a friend of Forgotten Hits for several years now ... we first met him when he was splitting his guitar duties between The Cryan' Shames and Sonny Geraci and the Outsiders ... with their heavy touring schedule, it sounds like The Buckinghams will be keeping him busy for a while! And Rocky's been drumming for The Cryan' Shames for something like the past 26 years!!! Congrats on the new line-up.
Yes, please do continue to send us updates on The Happy Together Again Tour ... many of our readers are hoping to catch you at some of your upcoming dates. And see if you can get some of the other participants to drop us a line from time to time, too ... first hand reports FROM THE STAGE from the likes of Carl Giammarese, Nick Fortuna, Mark Volman, Howard Kaylan, Micky Dolenz, Rob Grill and Mark Lindsay is what will keep Forgotten Hits THE place to come for ALL of the latest oldies news!!! Thanks, Carl! (kk)

Then, we headed out to catch a GREAT night of music on July 4th ... Arlington Heights Frontier Days was presenting Chicago Gold, an INCREDIBLE line-up of Chicago rock from the '60's, headlined by The Cryan' Shames, who, in addition to performing all of THEIR biggest Chicagoland Hits (and several key album track favorites), also acted as back-up band to a variety of "special guests". The band did a stellar job backing up Jimy Rogers of The Mauds (who had already performed earlier that same day with HIS new band, featuring Gary and Joan Gand), Jimy Sohns (former lead singer of The Shadows Of Knight), Dennis Tufano (original lead singer of The Buckinghams) and Sonny Geraci (lead vocalist and hit-maker with both The Outsiders and Climax)!!! What a show!!! But what REALLY turned the heads of those of us in the know that night was the appearance (exactly one night AFTER their debut as the brand-new Buckinghams) of Dave Zane on guitar and Rocky Penn on drums!!! And, when they brought Bobby Abrams up to join them on a couple of tunes, Dennis Tufano called it right, referring to what we were seeing as "The formerly of's and the currently of's", all together for the pure joy of making music." (Zane and Abrams even did an on-stage, "no hard feelings" / perfect example of good sportsmanship handshake prior to kicking off their set.) It was QUITE a night of musical magic ... we LOVED it. Everybody was in top voice Sunday Night ... Dennis and Sonny performed a KILLER duet on "Mercy Mercy Mercy", The Buckinghams' Top Five Smash from 1967, and virtually ALL of the hits were covered to near perfection. (Dennis looked and sounded amazing, by the way ... surely there MUST be a movie role out there somewhere for this guy playing George Clooney's brother!!!)

Cryan' Shames lead vocalist Tom "Toad" Doody was unable to attend as planned due to a freak "dog accident" (don't ask ... suffice to say that Tom ended up with a broken leg and was unable to fly in from California ... and apparently the "First Train" wasn't an option either!) so at the last minute, long-time Shames lead vocalist Larry Coveny came off the bench to pinch-hit with a letter-perfect performance. (After fronting the band for seven years in the late '90's / early 2000's, Coveny retired several years ago, paving the way for Bob Stroud to take over the lead vocal duties and then, when Stroud stepped down a few years back, this allowed Tom Doody to come back for many of these summer gigs.) Kudos to Larry, who absolutely NAILED it last night. (We miss ya, man!)

(An angry aside to those maintaining The Cryan' Shames website: Get it together, folks ... this guy deserves FAR more than a two-sentence mention ... an entire CHAPTER of The Cryan' Shames History is missing when you leave Larry out of the equation!!!)

We ran into quite a few of our FH Readers at The Chicago Gold Show ... great to see you all! (By the way, prior to heading out, I asked Ron Smith if he had plans on attending ... as usual, he came up with yet another classic line:
I don't think so. After you've heard them all sing "The Pizza Song" with a ukulele, what's left to hear?
-- Ron
lol ... too funny! (kk)

And, as yet ANOTHER side note, I also wanted to mention that we were VERY entertained by an earlier local band we heard perform that night called Shy Violet. A "cover" band with two VERY talented female lead singers, they played non-stop hits for nearly two hours, covering everything from the '80's to today's pop chart (and virtually everything in between!) From Olivia Newton-John to No Doubt to Taylor Swift to Lady Ga Ga to Wilson Phillips to The Cardigans to The Black Eyed Peas, they put on a VERY entertaining show. (And their back-up band is OUTSTANDING!!!) We'll be looking to catch up with them again before the summer's over! Meanwhile, you can check out their website here:
Click here: Shy Violet on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Timing is everything ... just a few short weeks ago The New Colony Six lost their long-time guitarist Mark Eskin, who died unexpectedly back at the end of May. Now long-time Buckinghams Guitarist Bob Abrams is looking for a band ... too bad something couldn't have been worked out to facilitate everybody's needs. (Isn't that what you call a Win / Win???)
Meanwhile, we got this note from NC6 Drummer Rick Barr ...
Hey, Kent,
The comment about the New Coronary Six really gave me a chuckle. When I was with the band in the early 70's we played a number of state fairs. We used to keep track of the worst mangling of our name by the local announcers at the fairs. Best one on record was a clearly older guy who stumbled through "And on the main stage we have the uh ... Rock ... Colony ... uh ... Carnival Band". But I think Coronary is even funnier. Thanks for sharing.
Hey, we're in Deerfield at Deerfield Square Thursday, 7/15, 7:00 to 8:30, Deerfield Road and Waukegan Road. Come on out and say "Hi".
Rick Barr
Hoping to make that Deerfield show!

Thanks for being there, forgotten hits. Since finding each other, my e-mails just seem to grow. We are very pleased with their knowledge. This week we have seven restored vehicles going on to different shows. (Barrett Jackson) See the golden boy in our convertible next week. We'll return from New York in August 2010

Jocco, Jr.

Hi Kent!
DJ Scarlett Hayze here! It goes without saying, but what the heck, I'll say it anyway - I love your web site!

And yet another great week of Forgotten Hits factoids, comments, and special features! Kent, I have no idea how you find the time to put it all together, but it remains fresh, pertinent, and fun. Thanks!!
David Lewis

Kent, My Brother, I don't see HOW that there is ANY way you have time to get back to a contributor with a comment, but then again, that's what makes your newsletter so damn special ... you make us all feel important. Somehow you find the time to respond, and to let us know 'what YOU know". Thanks.

Van Dorn

Of course not EVERYBODY enjoys and appreciates what we do here ... I just received THIS lovely email from a reader who discovered our Jimi Hendrix Series on the website:
Regarding the Jimi Hendrix article you attempted to write ...
If Jimi isn't the guitar God who is? Eric Clapton? hahaha Look up J.J. Cale, asshole!
Dandy Lion / Westcoastwindy

(And you guys thought doing Forgotten Hits was all accolades and glory!!!) kk