Saturday, March 16, 2024

The Saturday Survey

"I Want To Hold Your Hand" FINALLY falls out of the #1 slot, replaced by "She Loves You" ... and, since the #3 Record is "Please Please Me," The Beatles now have The Top Three Songs in America.

Meanwhile, "Twist And Shout" skyrockets into The Top Ten this week, too, shooting from #45 to #7, giving the lovable mop tops FOUR Top Ten Records this week.

The old guard, Elvis Presley (who was the last big thing of this magnitude) sneaks into The Top Ten with "Kissin' Cousins" ... while The Four Seasons and The Beach Boys hold down the number 4 and 5 spots respectively.

Watching the rest of The British Invasion acts, we find The Dave Clark Five's "Glad All Over" at #14, "Needles And Pins" by The Searchers up another sixteen spots to #23 followed by Dusty Springfield's "I Only Want To Be With You" at #24.  

"I Saw Her Standing There" sits at #33 while "My Bonnie" is now the #38 record.

The Swinging Blue Jeans continue to climb as "Hippy Hippy Shake" cracks The Top 40 at #40.

And The Beatles have three more songs on this week's countdown:  "From Me To You" now sits at #56, the Canadian import "Roll Over Beethoven" is #77 and their brand new record, "Can't Buy Me Love," debuts at #94.  (This is the first record to chart simultaneously in Great Britain and The United States.)

Beatle novelty records continue to appear on the chart ...

"We Love You Beatles" by The Carefrees is actually doing pretty well ... it climbs from #93 to #69, a move of 24 places, while "My Boyfriend Got A Beatle Haircut" by Donna Lynn, "The Boy With The Beatle Hair (by The Swans) and "A Letter To The Beatles" (by The Four Preps) are also making some noise.

Friday, March 15, 2024

March 15th, 1964


3/15/64 – Actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor are wed in Montreal, just six days after her divorce from Eddie Fisher is granted.

Burton and Taylor met while filming “Cleopatra” the year before.  They would divorce in 1974, remarry in 1975 and then divorce again in 1976.

Also on 3/15 – The Dave Clark Five are back for their second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show

 This isn't it ... but this is such a high-quality clip, I just had to share it!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2024

3-14 ... 60 Years Ago Today ... (and a little something for now!)


3/14/64 – Jack Ruby is found guilty of murdering Lee Harvey Oswald and sentenced to death. 

That conviction will later be overturned when it is ruled that Ruby did not receive a fair trial ... and Ruby will be awarded a new trial – however, he will die in prison before that trial ever takes place – meaning that technically, by the letter of the law, he died an innocent man, even though millions of viewers around the globe watched him gun down Oswald on live TV.

Till the very end, he maintained that he had no ties or connections to Lee Harvey Oswald ... and those who knew him best insist that in Ruby's own mind, he believed was the hero who avenged the murder of our President ... and should have been perceived that way.



And how about some Pi for breakfast???

Oh wait, that's wrong ...

This from Chuck Buell ...

Time now for a Blatant Excuse for a Chuck Buell Minute Medley!




Because, as all Forgotten Hits Mathematicians know, today, March 14, is “National Pi Day!”


So, here you are!  


My Chuck Buell 3.14 Pi Day Minute Medley!



CB ( which stands for "Calculating Boy!” )

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

More of Your Mid-Week Comments

I loved the Raspberries the first time I heard Go All the Way on the radio.  The group’s albums were full of great songs.  Eric's solo work was also steady.  She Did It was a favorite.  There were a couple of hits for Shaun Cassidy (That's Rock and Roll and Hey Deanie.) 

Seeing the Raspberries live during their brief reunion tour in 2005 is still one of my favorite live shows.  The opening act was the original Box Tops with Alex Chilton, followed by the four original Raspberries in Waukesha, Wisconsin, at an outdoor festival.  There were not many people there but both groups sounded great.  

Here are the set lists they played that night …

THE BOX TOPS:  Cry Like A Baby, Soul Deep, Neon Rainbow, I Met Her In Church, Choo Choo Train and The Letter

And then, The Raspberries  (I thought you might enjoy this ... 

I remember that day so well.

I remember how excited I got when they played “It’s Cold Outside.”)

THE RASPBERRIES:  I Wanna Be With You, Last Dance, Let’s Pretend, It’s Cold Outside, Party’s Over, Overnight Sensation, I’m A Rocker, Should I Wait, Tonight, Making It Easy, Play On, Ecstasy, I Don’t Know What I Want – ENCORE:  Go All The Way 

Phil Nee

A couple of nice tributes to the recently departed Eric Carmen can be found here …

And who can forget this ...

Some more sad news …

I've confirmed through multiple sources that Bob Wilson passed away late last week. More info to follow.

Chicago music guys will want to know this if they haven't already heard. 

David Lewis

Wilson was a latter-day member of The New Colony Six.  His charted hit “People And Me” (which “bubbled under” in all three trade publications) has LONG been miscredited to BRIAN Wilson in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles books, even though we have corrected this error numerous times.  (Paul Haney, if you’re paying attention and happen to see this, PLEASE fix it once and for all … and give credit where credit is due!)  kk

>>> 3/12/64 - The 6th Grammy Awards are held here in Chicago – The big winners include Ray Charles for Best R&B Performance for "Busted."  (kk)

It was then I had experienced one of my Early "DUH!" moments before "DUH!" was a thing.


I was a promising young Hot Shot Teenage Disk Jockey that year (actually Grammy qualifying year 1963) when I also held what turned out to be the first of my several Music Director positions over my career.


One day when I was going through the radio station mail of new record arrivals, I was at first excited to open an envelope with the latest Ray Charles release.


Imagine my young disappointment when I saw that the record had gotten completely broken in the mail!


"HA HA! What record was that young Chuckster?!"


It was . . . "Busted." 


Wait for it . . .




NOT the Postal Service.  It was simply a clever promotional concept by Ray's Record Label!  A busted copy of . . . "Busted!"


CB ( which stood for Slow "Cognisance  Boy!" )  


Jimmy Clanton Told Cousin Brucie That After A Few More Shows He's Retiring From Touring.  He Just Can't Take The Traveling At His Age (85 Years Old.)

1961 = Tony Orlando Was Introduced For The First Time Ever, By Cousin Brucie At Palisades Park.

2024 = Tony Orlando Will Be Introduced For The Last Time Ever At Mohegan Sun (March 22nd) By Cousin Brucie.

He's Retiring From Touring, Too..

Cousin Brucie Was The First To Play "HALFWAY TO PARADISE" (King - Goffin) On The Radio.

CUZ Says He's Going To Try & Re-Create His 1961 Palisades Park Introduction.

To Be Honest With You, After A While I Have To Turn It Off.

Every Week Tony Pops Into Cousin Brucie’s Show Right Before His Show Starts at 10 PM.

Tony = I Love You & Jody ... If It Wasn't For You, I Wouldn't Have A Career. Thanks For Coming To Mohegan Sun For My Last Show.

Cousin Brucie = Me & Jody Love You, Too. I Would Travel Any Where In The World To Be At Your Last Show.

Instead Of Listening To Music, We Have To Listen To Them Tell Each Other How Great They Are & How Much They Love Each Other.



Great review of the Eagles show in Chicago!

Since I saw them just four days sooner in Orlando, I felt I was reliving the experience. Great job again!

Rich Turner, 

Largo, FL

In other cool touring news …

John Fogerty is hitting the road with George Thorogood this summer.

Meanwhile, their opening act will be two of John’s children!

Hearty Har features Tyler and Shane Fogerty and the band has been together since 2012.  After they do their own set, they will then join Dear Ol’ Dad for his catalog of hits.  (During Covid lockdown, John recorded an entire family album … and it’ aint’ bad!!!)  kk

And, in other nepotism news …

You may have seen Sean Ono Lennon at The Academy Awards last weekend.

He was on hand to pick up an award for the short animated film “War Is Over,” inspired my his mom and dad’s holiday hit “Happy Xmas (War Is Over If You Want It)”

Sean, who shares a cowriting credit with Dave Mullins, also wished his mother a Happy Mother’s Day (Mother’s Day in Great Britain was March 10th … didn’t you follow any of the Kate Middleton scuttlebutt?!?!?)

The film tells the story of a heroic pigeon delivering messages across the battlelines of World War I. The messages are delivered to opposing soldiers, unaware they are fighting each other.  (Sounds interesting enough to check out!)  kk

And how about this …

10cc hasn’t toured The United States in over thirty years … but they’re coming …

And guess who’s got ‘em!!!

August 1st, The Arcada Theatre will host their premier Midwest engagement!

In addition to founding member Graham Gouldman, “legacy members” Paul Burgess on drums and Rick Finn on guitar will also be onboard.

It’ll be a quick jaunt thru the US, kicking off on July 24th in Montclair, New Jersey, at The Welmont Theatre and winding up just three weeks later at The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco on the 17th of August.

In between, you can catch stops at:

July 25th: Sony Hall - New York, NY
July 26th: The Patchogue Theatre in Patchogue, NY
July 27th: The Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA
July 29th: Ocean City Music Pier in Ocean City, NJ
July 30th: The Kent Stage in Kent, OH
August 1st: The Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, IL
August 2nd: The Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, WI
August 3rd: The Pageant in St. Louis, MO
August 4th: Ludlow Garage in Cincinnati, OH
August 5th: The Toby Theater at Newfields in Indianapolis, IN
August 6th: The Brooklyn Bowl Nashville in Nashville, TN
August 8th: Majestic Theatre in Dallas, TX
August 9th: The Empire Theatre in San Antonio, TX
August 10th: ACL Live at Moody Theater in Austin, TX
August 12th: The Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ
August 15th The United Theater on Broadway in Los Angeles, CA

Fans of Jack Bruce may be interested in this special 6-Disc Set coming out later this month …

Jack Bruce “Smiles And Grins, Broadcast Sessions 1970-2001”

4CD / 2Blu-Ray Video Remastered Box Set Released March 29, 2024




The set features all the surviving BBC radio and television appearances made by Jack between 1970 and 2001, along with a wonderful un-broadcast session recorded for the German TV show Beat Club by Lifetime (also featuring Tony Williams, John McLaughlin and Larry Young) filmed around the time of the album “Turn it Over”.

The BBC material includes two legendary In Concert recordings. The first concert dates from 1971 (with friends Chris Spedding, Graham Bond, John Marshall and Art Themen) and is included in its entirety with the full 18-minute version of “Powerhouse Sod” presented on CD for the first time, the second concert dates from 1977 and features the band Jack assembled for the “How’s Tricks” album. Also featured are both audio and video recordings of the 1975 Old Grey Whistle Test special concert with Jack’s band featuring Carla Bley, Mick Taylor, Ronnie Leahy and Bruce Gary. The set also includes a concert from 1981 recorded for The Old Grey Whistle Test, a TV appearance from 1982 and the complete Jazz in Britain sessions from 1971 and 1978 featuring Jack Bruce, Jon Hiseman and John Surman, along with a session for Later with Jools Holland from 2001.

“Smiles & Grins” is the most comprehensive collection of Jack’s broadcast sessions ever released and it includes an illustrated booklet and essay – a fitting celebration of the musical legacy of Jack Bruce, a much-missed master of his craft.


BBC Sessions 1971
In Concert August 1971
1 You Burned the Tables on Me
2 Smiles and Grins
3 Folk Song
4 A Letter of Thanks
5 We’re Going Wrong
6 The Clearout
7 Have You Ever Loved a Woman?
8 Powerhouse Sod
9 You Sure Look Good to Me

Sounds of the 70s – July 1971
1 Theme for an Imaginary Western
2 You Burned the Tables on Me
3 Folk Song
4 A Letter of Thanks
5 The Clearout
Jazz in Britain – 10th August 1971 – Jack Bruce, Jon Hiseman & John Surman
6 Baru
7 Powerhouse Sod
8 Oom Bham She Bam Bom
9 Jack’s Gone
10 Clearway
11 Walkabout

Old Grey Whistle Test Concert – 6th June 1975
1 Can You Follow
2 Morning Story
3 Keep it Down
4 Pieces of Mind
5 One
6 Spirit
7 Without a Word
8 Smiles and Grins
Jazz in Britain – 4th September 1978 Jack Bruce, Jon Hiseman & John Surman
9 Fifteen Minutes Past Three
10 Ten to Four

BBC Radio 1 In Concert – 30th April 1977
1 Madhouse
2 Without a Word
3 Times
4 Baby Jane
5 Born Under a Bad Sign
6 Lost Inside a Song
7 Something to Live For
8 How’s Tricks
9 Spirit
10 Out into the Fields
11 You Burned the Tables on Me
Jazz in Britain – 4th September 1978 Jack Bruce, Jon Hiseman & John Surman
12 Twenty Past Four

Lifetime – Beat Club, Bremen un-broadcast performance – 24 November 1970
1 Smiles & Grins
i Devotion
ii Smiles & Grins (reprise)
iii Dance of Maya 2 One Word
The Old Grey Whistle Test Concert – 6th June 1975
3 Can You Follow
4 Morning Story
5 Keep it Down
6 Pieces of Mind
7 One
8 Spirit
9 Without a Word
10 Smiles and Grins

The Old Grey Whistle Test Jack Bruce & Friends in concert – University of Surrey, Guildford – 9 June 1981
1 White Room
2 Hit and Run
3 Soul Blues
4 Living Without Ja
5 Dancing on Air
6 In This Way
7 Theme for an Imaginary Western
B.A. in Music – 30 August 1982
8 Theme for an Imaginary Western
Later with Jools Holland – October 2001
9 52nd Street
10 Sunshine of Your Love

To purchase:

Bruce died in 2014 … but his work and his legacy live on.  (kk)

And once again it is daughter Nicki who takes home the award for making me laugh the loudest today when she sent me this ...

(and I'll betcha it's 100% true!!!)  kk



Billboard Magazine is reporting that sales of Beatles singles in The United States currently account for 60% of ALL singles being sold.