Friday, October 26, 2012

The Friday Flash

Another week of crazy work hours ... 

But we were able to pull these together for this week's edition of The Friday Flash ...

Sorry for the delay on this report, but things have been crazily busy, and this is the first chance I’ve had to write to you on Johnny Rivers' 70th birthday concert at BB Kings in New York City. It happened on Sept. 28th and it was a sellout. Although Johnny was born in NYC, he rarely performs here.
He was surrounded on stage by members of the Beatles tribute band, Fab Faux, who are excellent musicians and well known for their day jobs: Guitarist Jimmy Vivino (Conan O’Brien’s band), bassist Will Lee (David Letterman / Paul Shaffer’s band) drummer Rich Pagan and Skip Edwards on keyboards.
Although his birth certificate says he’s 70, you would never know it to look at him or to hear him sing. He has aged well and his enthusiastic fans showered him with love and applause during the 19 song set.
The set included: Midnight Special, Seventh Son, The Snake, The Tracks of My Tears, Mountain Of Love, Summer Rain, Put A Spell on You, Rockin’ Pneumonia & the Boogie Woogie Flu, Poor Side of Town, Baby, I Need Your Lovin’, Memphis, Maybellene, Secret Agent Man and Jet Airliner (a super Steve Miller Band cover)
--Tom Cuddy
New York, NY
Here are some videos from Johnny’s 70th:

And some GREAT photos, too, courtesy of Stuart Hersh ...

So October finds me back at NYCB Theatre (nee' Westbury Music Fair and all the other name derivatives) to see The Buckinghams, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone, and Tommy James and the Shondells. Again, I decide to watch it through the eyes of my students: WOW!! FUN! but too short. And now from MY standpoint: WOW!! FUN! but too short. All too soon we found ourselves back outside the theatre, having been 'shoo'ed' out the door by security. You know, last month they told the performers to hurry up and move the show along. Does Westbury have a curfew?? Do they shut the theatre lights off whether the show is over or not? And every artist was signing, and talking to the crowd! WESTBURY, that is a BIG draw to bring audiences. We love to mingle with the performers. Ah well, those are my disparaging remarks for the venue. As I have already stated, the show was too short in our minds, but just fantastic. Opening up with The Bucks, everyone was all smiles. Including Nick Fortuna, who cracked a few jokes. Nice. The Happy Together Tour must have been a real mood uplifter for this group. Gary Lewis 'borrowed' The Hermits as a back-up band (The Her-boys?) and they melded into a solid unit. Rich Spina and Billy Sullivan worked with Gary for just under 20 years so it was a homecoming for them. Gary responded to a heckler with, "That's my Dad. He's looking for a job." The switch to 'Vindaloo' brought Peter Noone onstage complete with new jokes (NEW jokes??) and "choreography". Yes Peter, I caught it. Vance jumps to the left, Billy jumps to right, and you jump backward in synchronization. ROFLMAO!!
(Ten minutes later) I am off the floor now, and remembering just how deftly Peter handled the crowd from the spinning stage and presented an all-too-short (there is a recurring theme running through this piece) repertoire. Tommy James and his Shondells were equally dynamic last night. Tommy still spends a portion of his act walking through the audience and shaking hands. I have even seen him do this in an arena venue. It gave us in the audience more free time than we really needed, but he obviously enjoys this act of thanking his fans so we allow him the time without too much fussing. Musically, a superb group! Since next month I will NOT be going to Westbury, Lon Giland, the theatre can pull the plugs whenever they choose.
Shelley J. Sweet-Tufano    

Barry McGuire celebrated his 77th birthday last week, and here he is at The Coffee Gallery with John York doing his Trippin The Sixties show last night. Is there another rocker (folker?) any older than Barry out there doing gigs?
David Lewis

I just wanted to tell you where I was Saturday night. Another phenomenal show as usual! His music as well as songs from Smokey Joe's Cafe, as well as his band members each being highlighted-including Toni Wine. Stories of how he came up the ranks in the songwriting business and hired on people such as James Taylor and Carole King. A tribute to the veterans. He is the consummate entertainer, crowd pleaser and humanitarian. I have seen dozens of his shows over the years, and I always come back for more.

We saw Tony Orlando a few years ago and were blown away ... it's not a show that I would have even normally considered buying tickets for ... but we went on a whim and were totally entertained. He had an EXCELLENT back-up band and was just the complete entertainer, allowing each member to shine in their own special spotlight. We would definitely go see him again! (kk) 

Other big concert news and touring headlines last week ...

The Rolling Stones have added two New York dates to their 50th Anniversary Reunion Tour. (Not much of a "tour" ... so far these are the ONLY U.S. stops!)   

The Rascals have added three more shows to their New York appearances next month. (The first three shows sold out in a matter of hours!) More Rascals news below.   

Neil Diamond will receive the "Legend Of Live 2012" Award next month, presented by Billboard Magazine.   

And finally, it's official ... next year's half-time entertainment at The Super Bowl will be Beyonce.   

Last week CBS This Morning ran a lengthy piece about Charlie is my Darling, out on DVD/Blu-ray and in a Super Deluxe Box Set on Nov. 6th. Thought you might want to see it so, if you do, please click on the link below and enter the password.
Password: charliecbs

Also providing an 'exploded' view of the 'Charlie' Super Deluxe Box Set and a link to a two minute video that explains the painstaking restoration process that has made this film, essentially unreleased for the past 47 years, the brilliant document it has become.
Restoration video:

All "Charlie" all the time:

Pre-Order the Super Deluxe Box Set:  

October 17, 2012 8:58 AM
Rolling Stones' defining era revealed in new film
(CBS News) The Rolling Stones announced the first concerts for their 50th anniversary tour on Monday. Now there's a long-lost piece of their history that's surfaced: the first movie ever made about the band, which was never publicly released.
But now, Stones fans are getting a chance to see it in the new documentary "Charlie is My Darling."
The movie includes footage of Mick Jagger singing The Beatles. And, previously just a blues cover band, The Stones had reached a defining moment when the film was shot in 1965, finally generating its own material.
Andrew Loog Oldham was the band's 19-year-old manager. He had the idea to record the rare images of the band riffing, writing, and composing while on tour in Ireland.
Asked why it was so important for the band to write their own material, Oldham said, "Well, look what happened to the bands that didn't. You know, I mean, you're like an airplane without parachutes. It's a voice. It's a very necessary part of a band to have a voice. Or else you're just duplications."
Drummer Charlie Watts, in particular, stood out. But in the film Watts says he's "just a drummer," saying, "I'm not a musician of that caliber ... maybe it's just an inferiority complex. Maybe I'm great after all."
Asked why Watts stood out so much, Oldham said, "It's indescribable. He looked like a French noir gangster star. He had the voice and the resonance and everything."
Watts still jumps off the screen, according to John Schaefer, host of New York Public Radio WNYC show "Soundcheck." He said, "At their finest, when Mick is doing his rooster strut and Keith is standing there propped up by some force of anti-nature with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, and to see Charlie just kinda grinning and saying, 'Oh, there go the kids again.' His expression is priceless."
Don't be deceived though, the film is about much more than Watts, from the moody, messy Brian Jones who said at the time his future with the group was "very uncertain" to the surprisingly self-aware Jagger who said in the film, "I mean, you're acting. You're doing an act. It's not really you."
"Charlie is My Darling" shows a band teetering on the brink of international rock 'n' roll stardom and struggling to figure out what it all means.
Schaefer said, "Jagger's ego -- I mean, he has said this himself -- was one of the things that powered the Rolling Stones and turned them into the juggernaut they would become later on. The idea that, not only are we this successful, but we kind of deserve to be this successful."
In 1965, success meant touring the biggest venue spaces in Ireland: movie theaters. Schaefer said, "There's no moat. There's nothing to protect them. You've got this band that maybe doesn't even realize quite yet just how popular they are, and just how enthusiastic and excitable their fans are."
Oldham recalled, "I had to dislodge somebody's hands from the trunk of a taxi. Eventually, I had to whack (fans). But they still didn't feel it. They went, 'Oh, that's nice.' It's just part of the buzz. ... They couldn't get enough."
In motel rooms and on trains, Oldham made sure the Stones kept the music coming -- and they never missed a gig. "I have always known that, regardless of how they may have appeared, that they were soldiers, and they never missed a date," he said. "They never fell over. ... It's a long-distance race. ... You know it, because it's part of you."
A DVD box set of "Charlie is My Darling" goes on sale Nov. 6. It will premiere on Direct TV on November 10.
Watch Jeff Glor's full report in the video above.
© 2012 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.     

And, as if Mick Jagger isn't already busy enough, we just got this press release from FH Reader Frank B (by way of WCBS-FM) ...

Yes, Mick's been busy this past year (but hey, he's no Micky Dolenz!!! lol) MY favorite hightlights of the year were his appearance on Saturday Night Live, probably one of the most entertaining episodes I've seen in YEARS ... and his video for the Super Heavy track "Miracle Worker". (kk)

Kent ...
Who do you think should play James Brown ?
Frank B.

Anybody but Eddie Murphy!!! (kk)

Kent ...
Happy 13th Anniversary. Hope 13 turns out to be a lucky number for you. You've had your share of bad luck lately.
I know that you did a great interview with Felix Cavaliere for Forgotten Hits. He was just on WCBS-FM, with morning man - Dan Taylor.
Dan asked Felix "What's the one thing on your bucket list you have yet to do?"
Felix said "I've never been able to dunk a Basketball." Felix also asked for donations.
Frank B.
Some fans seem noticeably ticked off about the whole Kickstarter / Fundraiser for The Rascals show. I guess I feel okay about it ... if I had the money to contribute ... and it meant getting one of those GREAT prizes / rewards for helping out (including tickets to the show and more), I think I'd probably do it. I would LOVE to see The Rascals get back together ... and STAY together ... long enough to do a kick-ass reunion tour. Hey, things are tough on EVERY level these days ... and I can attest to that personally. Had we not done what we did to get Forgotten Hits up and going again, this site would still be "dark". And look at all of the GREAT stuff we've been able to bring you recently that you otherwise would have missed out on. Awkward and uncomfortable as it is, we're STILL accepting donations to help keep Forgotten Hits going. It's not something I ever thought I would have to do ... nor do I feel good about doing it ... but unfortunately it's the world we live in right now. Interested friends and fans of Forgotten Hits are welcome to contact me regarding our "Save Forgotten Hits Fund" at any time. Wanna keep it going for another 13 years? Then we need your help and support. Thanks to all of you out there who have already kicked in to the cause ... believe me, it means a lot ... and I can honestly say without a moments hesitation ... we wouldn't be here today without you. (kk)    

Speaking of which, according to this report, Little Steven and The Rascals have exceeded their goal of raising $100,000!

Here's a brand new interview with Felix Cavaliere:
-- Tom Cuddy
OMG ... a WCBS-FM link that DIDN'T come from Frank B!!! (Jotting this down as a memorable, historic moment in Forgotten Hits!!!) kk     

Click here: 2012 Long Island Music Hall of Fame Inductions Tomorrow, Featuring Felix cavaliere of The Rascals & More! « WCBS-F
Ironically, Felix was just telling us a couple of weeks ago about inducting former bandmate Gene Cornish into the Rochester, New York, Hall Of Fame. Now it looks like it'll be HIS turn for this honor!
And, speaking of The Rascals, they've just added three more shows to their New York reunion stint. (The first three shows sold out immediately.) 

You can read our exclusive  interview with Felix Cavaliere here:
Speaking of Micky Dolenz, he's certainly been making the rounds lately, talking about his brand new CD, his recent show at B.B. King's in New York City (for which we were able to award three FH Readers free passes to see) and the up-coming Monkees reunion.
Here is is with Dan Taylor of WCBS-FM, talking about all of the above ... and sharing a few of his favorite Davy Jones memories: 

Since I was unable to take you up on the free ticket offer (and don't think my friends didn't try to make me fake a flu bug to get there) I was thrilled that a friend of mine made it, and you were provided with great pictures and reviews for all of us to see. Thank you everyone.
Shelley J. Sweet-Tufano

We've been plugging the new Micky Dolenz version of "Sugar Sugar" that comes from his new CD "Remember". Here's a clip of "Sugar" songwriter Andy Kim doing a version of his #1 tune last week on Canadian television:
Live this morning, here's Andy doing the song he co-wrote that has amazing staying power. Watch long enough to see the second song.
David Lewis

Here are some more GREAT videos sent in by our readers this past week ...


Hallo Kent -
Here's a little something to make all our Halloween's just a little bit happier ... or a little bit somethinger??!!
We are putting it out for the first time in celebration not only of Halloween but also of our brand new release - Fifth Estate - Anthology 1 - Just released through UMG and generally available and on line.
We also just put up one version of our new video of our tune Time Tunnel ... thought maybe the FH readers might get a kick out of seeing what the band looks like these days. (The movie I sent of us playing Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead was done in 1967 and this one a couple of months ago here in 2012, I think?) - that's a real time tunnel indeed!
PS - When we did this it was over 95 degrees in the place!! Just the way we like it. Getting close to candle melting temps!!
And one more ...
Hi Kent -
As you know The Fifth Estate - Anthology 1 is out on Fuel / UMG and it is doing really well. I guess a lot of people had been waiting for it or something. Some also knew we had movie footage around so we put some of it up on Youtube. It starts out with some black and white footage, but then most is in color. I hope some of the FH readers will get a chance to dig it! This really brings the band back to life as we in fact are on our new Time Tunnel album.
Hi Kent ...
I hope things are good with you!
Check out Bristol Palin On Dancing With The Stars. She is dancing to "At The Hop".
Loving Forgotten Hits! I look forward to reading every new Forgotten Hits posting. You're the best!!!
John Madara
VERY cool to see Dancing With The Stars remembering the oldies ... and ESPECIALLY cool to see them dancing to YOUR song, "At The Hop"!!! Thanks for sending, John ... and, as always for your on-going support and kind words. (You'll find ANOTHER John Madara classic featured below ... read on!!!)  kk     

Here's a clip about converting The Beach Boys' classic "Good Vibrations" to stereo:

And here's our buddy Dave The Rave talking about his Relics And Rarities Show ...
I just wanted to share with you a short two minute video that was just released today, October 17th, about me and my radio show, "Relics & Rarities". I have been doing this show for 16+ years and it has simply been a blast! As you will see and hear in this short video, a dream come true! Thanks to all of you for being supporters and / or listeners to my show. Feel free to post your comments..but only if they are good! LOL     
The video link is:
Rave On!
Dave the Rave  

I am enjoying the discussions on FH about Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman -- almost as much as seeing them both live this past year! To further illustrate that Burton Cummings sounds just as great as his original recordings, here's a link to video I shot a few months ago of Burton performing "These Eyes" at The Tarrytown Music Hall, just outside of New York City.
Brad Joblin
Yep, we've run this clip before ... I love Burton's opening rap (especially the part about how he IS the guy who sang it on the record, yet another dig at the current version of The Guess Who, performing with a Burton impersonator.)
We've given both Burton and former bandmate Randy Bachman quite a bit of press in Forgotten Hits lately ... here are a couple of recent links ...
Click here: Forgotten Hits: Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman
And this is a most-excellent shot of Burton from that above-featured video clip ...

And this video is getting quite a bit of press. "You Don't Own Me" was written by our Forgotten Hits Buddy John Madara back in 1963 ... and now it's being used as a new campaign by women for women's rights in the Presidential arena. We received this clip from several folks on the list ... and while Forgotten Hits has always tried to steer clear of any political views, this one packs a pretty powerful message. You can check it out here:     
Click here: "You Don't Own Me" PSA - YouTube
This PSA came about as a result of Tennessee Thomas (of The Like, daughter of Elvis Costello & The Attractions' drummer Pete Thomas) and Lesley getting together. It's something that every voter should see ... so if you could spread the word it would be greatly appreciated.Best,
Bob Merlis / M.F.H.  

Here's one for just pure enjoyment ...
Kent ...
I think you'll like this one.
Frank B.
Amazing! (kk)  

And, last but not least ... my favorite clip of the week (and a Forgotten Hits Exclusive!) ... 
A special night in New York City this past week when Rockers on Broadway held their annual fundraising concert at the new Cutting Room (partly owned by actor Chris Noth), and they honored songwriter-performers Paul Williams and Rupert Holmes. A large variety of Broadway stars, including Micky Dolenz from the Monkees, performed the music Williams and Holmes throughout the night.
Rupert, who rarely performs, because he’s too busy composing music for Broadway & Barbra Streisand (& many others), as well as writing books, producing songs and theatrical shows, made an exception for this one night only.
After other performers came center stage and performed his 1980 smash, “Him,” and his memorable “Answering Machine” tune, Rupert was presented a lifetime achievement award from Rockers on Broadway Founder Donnie Kehr. Then, as the video below showcases, Rupert, at the piano, explains how his # 1 chart topper “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” was written and then proceeds to sing it, accompanied by a full band. 
The video below was shot for Forgotten Hits by Brad Joblin:
Since his hit record days, Rupert has won multiple Tony Awards for the “Mystery of Edwin Drood”. . . has enjoyed the royalties of Barry Manilow recording his gorgeous ballad, “Studio Musician,” and just finished writing a score with Marvin Hamlisch (who just passed away) for a Broadway bound musical, directed by Jerry Lewis, called “Nutty Professor.”

More ...
Alan Kalter, the announcer from David Letterman’s CBS-TV show, MC’d the evening’s activities and did a wonderful job. Alan said he was willing to donate his services to the worthy cause in tribute to his good friend, Paul Williams, the songwriter, actor, singer and current President of ASCAP. 
Williams, who is best known for the long string of hits he co-wrote for the Carpenters, also supplied tunes to Three Dog Night, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Johnny Mathis, to mention a few.
Some of the hits Paul has co-written: We’ve Only Just Begun; Rainy Days and Mondays; You and Me Against the World; Just an Old Fashion Love Song; Evergreen; Out in the Country; Family of Man; Rainbow Connection (sung by Kermit the Frog); I Won’t Last a Day Without You; Love Boat TV Theme.  

Below is a link of the only song that Paul sang during his tribute. His co-writer, Kenny Ascher, played piano for him on what Paul feels is his most important song, “Rainbow Connection.”

The video was shot for Forgotten Hits by Brad Joblin

A movie on the career of Paul Williams (“Still Alive”) is currently being shown in select theatres across the USA. It can also be downloaded at
-Tom Cuddy
New York, NY

Hey Kent,
I, too, am a fan of The New Colony Six. As I have written before, I saw them in concert here in Springfield, Mo, back in the late sixties. 
I have four favorite songs ...
I Will Always Think About You
I Confess
Things I'd Like To Say
Can't You See Me Cry
What I find interesting is that each of these songs is right around 2 1/2 minutes long. Back in our day we didn't mess around ... these groups said what they had to say with great lyrics, lovely harmony and beautiful music all rolled in to a 2 1/2 minute song.
And, perhaps even MORE amazingly, radio didn't have to bleep out three or four words in every verse!!! Who'd have EVER thought that an artist could write beautiful lyrics without having to resort to swearing simply for shock-value's sake?!?!? (kk)   

I thought I was the only one who knew how great the instrumental "Ruby Duby Du" was. As much as I like it, I think I would've sold the picture sleeve for a $1000. For that price I would have thrown in the 45!
Frank B.

Dear kk:
I read your commentary on Jimi Hendrix.
Playing guitar 43 years myself, I can tell you that Hendrix has NOT been equaled as a guitarist.
He didn't play scales or unnecessary notes, unlike today's Yngwie Malmsteen or other speedsters. What Hendrix did play had soul, tone, and dynamics from the old school of Albert King.
I once personally asked jazz guitarist great, Larry Coryell, at a nightclub, who he thought the greatest guitarist was, expecting to be told Segovia or John McLaughlin. Instead, he immediately said, "Hendrix -
No one has beat him, because he yanked his soul out of every song he played." Then he stated, "People think I'm a genius on guitar, yet I can't come close to Hendrix - he was that good."
And he was not a one hit wonder. Per Eddie Kramer, "every song Hendrix wrote was a gem. "The Wind Cries Mary, Manic Depression, Foxy Lady, Easy Ryder, Freedom ... just virtually every song."
Further when it came to studio recordings, Hendrix was a perfectionist. It has been reported many times that he had over 40 takes on Gypsy Eyes and House Burning Down. One would think that overkill and perhaps to some degree warranted. However, the proof is in the pudding. Listen to other bands try to perform those songs. When you listen to a cover band version vs. Hendrix, you immediately hear the difference. The can't match the playing ability, the rhythm, nor the tone.
One other mention, having played in bands and been around other musicians most of my life -- what was often mentioned was rarely, if ever, did you hear a band play a Hendrix cover song. Other guitarists could rarely come close to duplicating Hendrix's guitar playing. Though in more recent years, I have heard some long time musicians say they've finally cracked some Hendrix songs well enough to play them, but that it only took 40 years to decipher how Hendrix played those songs. Then it would always be mentioned - "that's how far Hendrix was beyond his time."
So, with all respect from being a playing musician and guitarist, "No, Jimi Hendrix was not 10% playing ability." He was way beyond the average guitarist. I often marvel what his peers have to say. Pete Townshend said, "Hendrix was expert."
Mitch Mitchell who wrote "Inside the Experience" said that Hendrix worked hard to maintain a high level of quality in his work and decades later, that body of work has stood up. The music does not sound dated in any manner and is as creative today as the era it was created. Noel Redding also made the same comments.
Have a nice day.
Charles W. Wilson
I was surprised to hear last week that, in a poll conducted by Guitar Player Magazine, Eddie Van Halen was named the greatest guitarist of all time, just ahead of Brian May of Queen! Hendrix ranked fourth ... and Jimmy Page was sixth. Incredibly, Eric Clapton didn't even make the top ten. So it's all relative. Don't get me wrong ... I absolutely believe Hendrix could play ... I just felt that far too often it was more about the "show" than the substance. Jimi was flamboyant ... that was part of his charm and appeal ... and the guy could fly on the strings ... but he seemed more concerned about the spectacle of the performance than the performance itself.
You can read our complete Jimi Hendrix article here:  
Our article was designed to be more of an educational piece than a critique ... I stated up front that I wasn't much of a Hendrix "fan" ... but still believed his incredible story needed to be told. (kk)    

Kent ...
Looks like Bobby Rydell made it back for Malt Shop Cruise.

Frank B.
That's great news! Thanks for sharing.

And in more cruisin' news ... 
With less than three months out, the excitement surrounding the Rock Legends Cruise II is beginning to build!
The Rock Legends Cruise II will be departing on Thursday, January 10, 2013 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and will return on Monday, January 14, 2013.
The music festival at sea will take place aboard Royal Caribbean's unbelievably cool ship, Liberty of the Seas.
Over 20 classic rock artists will be performing multiple sets on three different stages over four nights, enabling fans to see their favorites more than once.
Get ready, here they come: Foreigner, Paul Rodgers, Creedence Clearwater Revisited, Kansas, Bachman & Turner, 38 Special, The Marshall Tucker Band, Blue Oyster Cult, Foghat, Molly Hatchet, Kentucky HeadHunters, Bobby Keys & The Suffering Bastards, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Pat Travers Band, Melvin Seals & JGB, The Artimus Pyle Band, Black Oak Arkansas, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Devon Allman's Honeytribe, SwampDaWamp, Whiskey Myers, Fired Guns, Mike Zito, Citizens Band Radio and The Blue Lords.
Meet some of the artists ... hang with some of the artists.
On Saturday, January 12, you'll be in Labadee, Haiti, soaking up the sun in what's likely to be mid-80's weather.
The Cruise will benefit the Native American Heritage Association (see below for details).
Here's what the artists have to say ...
"This will be my first cruise and the first time I've played on a ship out on the ocean. This floating city is going to rock."
-- Paul Rodgers --
"Batten down the hatches and break out the rum, the rock and rollers are coming to have some FUN!!!"
-- Doug "Cosmo" Clifford / Creedence Clearwater Revisited --
"None of us have ever done this before, but we're happy to be embarking into 'uncharted waters' with our musical friends and family for what promises to be a tremendous experience."
-- Phil Ehart / Kansas --
"The Rock Legends Cruise has already achieved legendary status amongst the bands and the fans. Everyone in Bachman & Turner is looking forward to this gig. Sharing the ship with our fans and other bands will be a blast and a great way to rock in the new year!"
-- Randy Bachman / Bachman & Turner --
"All the .38 Special guys are gearing up for the big Rock Legends Cruise! It will be an honor to perform with the legendary artists who've not only made a big noise in the music world over the years, but have influenced our music as well. And the fans are ready for the party! It gets wild at times and we're looking forward to a big blast in the spirit of brotherhood and celebration. Hold on 'cause it's gonna be a sonic boom out on the ocean!"
-- Don Barnes / .38 Special --
"We're really looking forward to this once-in-a-lifetime gathering of bands. Set your cruise control for warped speed!"
-- Eric Bloom / Blue Oyster Cult --
"We had an absolute blast playing on the cruise last year. Three different venues to play on the ship ... a fabulous sound theatre, an intimate club and up on the deck at night! The sound systems were first class, as was the food and accommodations. Foghat will be there again to rock the boat! Keep on rockin'."
-- Roger Earl / Foghat --
An auction featuring over 30 guitars -- including those individually signed by Paul McCartney, The Allman Brothers Band, B.B. King, Eddie Van Halen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Journey and others -- will take place on board with proceeds going to the Native American Heritage Association. In addition to the pre-signed guitars, several of the artists on board will be signing at least three others for the auction.
The ultimate holiday gift for classic rock fans!
There's no such thing as the post holiday blues with a post holiday cruise!
For further information about Rock Legends Cruise II, please go to or call 888-666-1499.
For information on Liberty of the Seas, please see:
Pricing currently begins at $1049.00 person (interior, double-occupancy), with the majority of cabin levels still available. Cabins are going fast!

Not in an oldies vein, but new Christmas music nonetheless!

Has there been much discussion about The Mugwumps in FH? I have a friend who told me about the night in 1964 when Cass, Denny, Jim (not Jimi), and Zal played at his high school sock hop and performed this song. 
David Lewis
We may have featured a track or two over the years (although I'm not familiar with this one) ... probably more in conjunction with a Mamas and Papas article we were doing.  (kk)

We recently told you about 101 Essential Rock Records: The Golden Age of Vinyl, from The Beatles to The Sex Pistols (publication date December 6), a compendium of the rock albums, presented in chronological order of original release, issued between 1963 and 1977. It's an overview of the albums deemed to be the most influential that came out during the time that the LP was the dominant format and rock ruled. We sent out the list of those 101 albums along with a press release. The book has created a firestorm of controversy even though not a single copy has been made available. The debate about the albums that were included and those that weren't has been raging on Facebook and elsewhere since we sent it out last week.
Digital Music News posted the string of comments (some of which we've copied here) that should give you some idea of the intensity of this debate. By the way, Jeff has just established a site for comments so this kind of discussion is definitely encouraged; it's here:
The point of this is to note that 101 Essential Rock Records is making news even before anybody's had a chance to read it. Kind of phenomenal when you think about it.
Bob Merlis
47 Comments had already been posted at the point Bob sent this to me. We're not going to run them all (you can visit the site to see them) ... but here are a few that caught my eye. ANY List like this is going to create a "What Are You, Crazy?!?!" / "What about ..." response ... I could NEVER narrow it down to a hundred of ANYTHING!!! But it's always fun to read what some of these other so-called experts think ... so give it a go! (kk)
Scott P. Wednesday, October 10, 2012
No Van Halen 1? Changed guitar forever. One of heavy rock's great milestone albums. Everything that came after it was influenced one way or another. Defined the modern guitar hero for a decade or more.

THEODB Thursday, October 11, 2012
Yeah?!?!!!? No Van Halen ????????????????????? First album should be there without a doubt. sheeeesh!

@mattadownes Wednesday, October 10, 2012
How is Dark Side of the Moon not in the top 10?
Simon and Garfunkel behind The Who?

@guitar_man007 Thursday, October 11, 2012
1 -10 should be the Beatles, period.

(Yeah ... except it's chronological ... NOT in ranking order!!!) kk

@ringodolenz Thursday, October 11, 2012
For once, a list that isn't nuts.
jw Thursday, October 11, 2012
Yeah, this is certainly in chronological order.
My list would probably include Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean, T Rex's Electric Warrior & the Slider (if rereleases are counted, I'd also include Tanx on the strength of 20th Century Boy alone), Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' self-titled, Elton John's Tumbleweed Connection & Honky Chateau & Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, the Band's self-titled, the Faces' A Nod is as Good as a Wink, Television's Marquee Moon, John Mayall's A Hard Road, Fleetwood Mac's the Pious Bird of Good Omen, Leon Russell's Leon & the Shelter People and Carney, Freddie King's Getting Ready ..., the Guess Who's American Woman, & a bunch of other stuff.
It's a great list, for sure, but mine would be considerably different.

Dan Thursday, October 11, 2012
Yeah, The Band simply has to be on the list, or perhaps Music from ig Pink since they are listed rather chronologically. Who could argue against this.
Also arguably the most influential artist worldwide has been Bob Marley, including in rock, reggae references showed up everywhere. Pick an album ofyour choice.
No Elton John is a mistake unless we are really limiting this to "rock", not that he didn't rock - also hugely influential was Mahavishnu Orchestra, pick their first album. I suppose fusion is out but still...

LWG Friday, October 12, 2012
JW - Your list rocks. Just add a Chuck Berry record and ditch the folk music.

WTF?? Thursday, October 11, 2012
No Deep Purple - Machine Head?
Who paid for this list?

Jonathan Goldman Friday, October 12, 2012
This is an interesting list. We've all got our favorites. Most people would perceive that "Revolver" was a whole lot more influential than "Please Please Me" for example. But then influence is a matter of perspective too. I'd suggest that Jimi Hendrix changed the tonality of music more than anyone since the Beatles, introducing effects and what not that are pretty standard these days. But perhaps that's not being influential to you. Nevertheless, I really have to take issue with some of your selections -- not because they're not influential, but simply because it's hard for me to think of James Taylor (and some others) as being in the "rock" genre. Definitely in the "Golden Age of Vinyl", but rock? I do seem to recall that the song "Sweet Baby James" was initially written as a lullaby. Well, I guess one person's rock is another person's roll.

ms Saturday, October 13, 2012
I hate when my grandpa posts lists online...

(That one's my favorite!) kk

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FH Reader Geoff Dorsett has been interviewing some of our British Invasion Artists of late, including Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers and a couple of members of Manfred Mann. (He's done well over 700 of these interviews in all ... and most are available on his webiste.) Here are a couple of recent photos:
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Some surprising oldies on TV last week ... Frannie and Paige have been watching the second season of "American Horror Story: Asylum", which seems to be featuring "Dominique" by The Singing Nun as part of its soundtrack on every episode so far. (Listen to THAT one a few more times and you'll be ready for the asylum, too! lol) Actually, this just helps to reiterate the point I've tried to make for SO many years ... it has gotten to the point that I don't even care if I LIKE the song anymore ... just to hear something DIFFERENT is surprise and pleasure enough for me! Hearing "Dominique" a time or two mixed in with all the ususals is actually kinda nice. Don't get me wrong ... I HATE the song ... but it sounds suddenly fresh again after day in and day out of the same 25 songs we hear every time we turn on the radio.
An even MORE pleasant surprise came when we watched the new Alfred Hitchcock / Tippi Hendren movie on HBO, "The Girl" ... the opening sequence features "I've Told Every Little Star" by Linda Scott ... and MAN it sounded good ... SO good, in fact, that I'm featuring it today ... 'cause radio SURE ain't gonna play THIS one any time soon!

Think about that for a second ... "Dominique" was the #1 Song in the Country for four weeks in 1963 ... and "I've Told Every Little Star" reached #3 in 1961. The hits just don't get much bigger than these two ... and yet NEITHER song merits any airplay today ... yet we hear songs like "Jungle Love" by The Steve Miller Band, "Two Tickets To Paradise" by Eddie Money, "Only The Good Die Young" by Billy Joel and "Already Gone" by The Eagles multiple times a day ... every single day ... and none of those records even cracked The Top 20. THAT's what I mean by a more sensible, well-balanced rotation. (kk)