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Kent - 

Thanks so much for running the WLS/WCFL Rewound promo yesterday.

As you know (and as you stated), we are counting down the days to the 2023 Edition of WLS/WCFL Rewound.  Labor Day Weekend is sort of the official end of summer, and it is a great way to look back on what you did over the past three months.  But not only that, we can reflect on the summers we have experienced over the decades.  What stands out for me was high school, and going to the dunes along Lake Michigan and listening to WLS and WCFL.  In fact, that’s all anyone listened to back in the 60s and 70s.  One of those two stations was on virtually every radio on practically every blanket in the sand. 

As you know by now, is celebrating Labor Day Weekend with a replay of shows over the years from two Top 40 legends, with WLS/WCFL Rewound.  The 2023 edition will feature almost all “new” airchecks from our first event last year.  But stay tuned…there’s more.  We will also be adding some special features over Labor Day Weekend, with three noontime (ET) specials.  On Saturday we will replay “WLS Music People” with Jeff Davis interviewing members of Jefferson Starship from 1976.  This comes to us from Jeff’s personal collection.  Sunday midday, it’s Dick’ Biondi’s musical retrospective with “Pop Goes The Music” featuring 1966, highlighting the songs that hit the charts over the year.  Labor Day will not disappoint as we present an encore of the famous WLS Montage, re-mastered in stereo by WLS Historian Scott Childers. 

In addition to the midday specials, we will be offering a glimpse into the talents of Dick Orkin and cast with limited playbacks of Amazon Ace, The Tooth Fairy and Chickenman…he’s everywhere, he’s everywhere.  Dick’s daughter Lisa graciously gave us permission to include her father’s work during this three day retrospective.  They go quick, so you will have to pay attention. 

Also be sure to listen up as some of the DJs and Newspeople share their stories of working at The Big 89 and Super CFL, including a special salute from Lyle Dean to his good friend Clark Weber.

Of course, WLS and WCFL fans want to know the line-up of playbacks over the weekend.   That’s a tough one, as the schedule is fluid.  While we know the programs that will be featured, we are continually adjusting the order up until the last minute. When an official schedule is published and last minute revisions are made, listeners can become frustrated, as you can imagine.  I guess we view this similar to a baseball game, where you know the players, but the coach needs the freedom to be able to change the line-up and make substitutions due to the flow of the game.

So, you ask, who are the players this year?  We will stick with the traditional voices of Fred Winston , Chuck Buell, Kris Erik Stevens, Bob Dearborn, John Records Landecker, Barney Pip, Ron Britain, Larry Lujack, Dick Biondi, Charlie Van Dyke, Joel Sebastian, Art  Roberts, Clark Weber, Steve King, Brant Miller, and Bob Sirott.  Also in the mix are Chuck Knapp, Bill Taylor, Johnny Driscoll, Yvonne Daniels, Big Ron O’Brien, Ron Riley, Dex Card, Bernie Allen, and Scotty Brink.  Look for new players this year with the additions of a 20 year old Jim Kerr, Jim Runyon, Chuck Britton, Turi Ryder, Chris Shebel, Steve & Garry on the Larry Lujack Show, Jerry G. Bishop, Chuck Williams, Tom Graye, Mort Crowley and Gene Taylor and more.  It is interesting to note that practically all of the jocks that are still with us have lent their voice for our Production Director, Steve Brelsford, to mix with WLS and WCFL jingles to promote this event.  Tremendous support from the DJs, with special thanks to Kent Kotal and Mickey Nelson in this effort to contact some of these hard to reach individuals.

The final touches are being made by Restorian (if that’s a word) and Technical Advisor, Bill Shannon, as we continue to polish and buff theses dusty old airchecks for the big show over Labor Day Weekend.  A reminder that all the fun and festivities begin at 6am ET/5am CT on Saturday morning, and will run well after midnight on Monday.  Please feel free to log onto the Rewound Radio Facebook Page and offer your comments over the weekend. We would love to hear from you.

Here’s how you can listen:

1.   Log on to  Click the cell phone icon and press play in

      the Pop-up Audio Player

2.   Use the I-Heart or Tune-In app and search Rewound Radio

3.   “Alexa, play Rewound Radio”

We hope that you will “Tune-in” over Labor Day Weekend.  Let us offer an “iHeart-felt Thank You” (see what I did there?) to our friend Allan Sniffen of Rewound Radio, who handed us the keys and is letting us drive for three days.    

As our friend Fred Winston says, “See you on the radio.”

Ted Gorden Smucker

Anyone who has gone to the World Radio History site and spent hours / days / years / decades reading and searching out your favorite bands, radio stations, DJs and all to do with radio and music of the past, now you will know that ONE MAN is behind creating and running this incredible site. 

Billboard, Cash Box, Record World, RPM, Radio & Records, New Musical Express, Melody Maker, KRLA Beat, Broadcasting Magazine and so many others are here for decades and totally searchable!  Thousands of incredible magazines, pamphlets, books and more.  It’s all here!  (Of course, it does NOT have every issue of everything, but the amount that IS here is staggering.)

The first time I found this site about 10 years ago, I almost fell over.  My collection of actual copies of magazines now just sits dormant unless I search for something on this site, cannot find it and then go look for it in my collection.

An example:  every Hot 100 chart from 1967 one after another in one DOWNLOADABLE PDF click:

Anyway, here's an hour interview with this incredible man.

He mentions things he is still mostly after about 47 minutes in, but anything he does not have, up is probably fair game.

Clark Besch

On another note ...


Sorry to anyone who tuned in to hear my radio show Thursday night. 

The guy I was filling in for realized half an hour before my show that he forgot to upload it to the station.  It will run in two weeks now. 

SOOO, it proves that not going to a real station has its drawbacks!  Old school is always the best way.

My show will now air on Thursday, 9/7 at 8 PM Central, if anyone cares.  :)


kk …

Off The Top Of My Head, Without Looking It Up, I Remember Dave Somerville (Lead Singer Of Diamonds) First Being A Member Of Four Preps … And Then After That, Doing A Duet Act With Bruce Belland. Do You Remember That Kent?

8/26/1973 = Bobby Darin Performs His Last Concert At The Las Vegas Hilton.

Perfect Song To Play --- " THE CURTAIN FALLS " (1963)


I don’t specifically remember anything about Dave Somerville (who was a good friend to Forgotten Hits … we talked on the phone a number of times over the years about all kinds of things!) being an early member of The Four Preps.  I’m not sure the logistics work … since The Diamonds were a Canadian band and The Four Preps were based in California.  Since their careers virtually overlapped one another, the timing doesn’t quite work out either.

According to Joel Whitburn’s book, Somerville and Belland worked together as a duo from 1962 to 1969 after the hits stopped happening for both groups.  However, Wikipedia says that Somerville JOINED The Four Preps in 1967, replacing Ed Cobb.

I’m looking forward to reading Bruce Belland’s book, which should shed more light on this subject. 

Great choice on the Bobby Darin record … I can take care of that!  (kk)


The Four Preps are kind of pre-rock, but not entirely, so maybe this new book by Bob Beland is something your readers FH would be interested in. Hope you’ll click on the playlist to hear music by the Four Preps, including their most significant hits, and music that influenced the group and that puts them in some context


Funny note about their hit “More Money For You And Me” —


When I was a kid, I liked the parodies they did on that record but I never understood the reference to “The Hollywood Argyles” doing “Alley Oop” because the version we knew in NY where I grew up was by Danté & The Evergreens.  That’s when I learned about cover versions.  



PS Little known fact: Ed Cobb, one of the original Four, wrote “Tainted Love," “Dirty Water” and “Every Little Bit Hurts.”

The Four Preps had six National Top 40 Hits between 1958 and 1961 ... so they certainly made their mark on the charts.  (No, they weren't rock and roll ... but they certainly had some fun poking fun at some of the acts who were.  Their 1964 novelty hit "A Letter To The Beatles" only reached the lower region of the charts ... but it has become a highly sought-after collectible over the years, if only for its subject matter.)

Their biggest Top 40 Hits include "26 Miles (Santa Catalina)," #2, 1958, "Big Man" (#3, 1958), "Down By The Station" (#13, 1960), "More Money For You And Me" (#14, 1961), "Lazy Summer Night" (#21, 1968) and "Got A Girl" (#24, 1960)  kk

>>>We’re also hearing that Katie and Keith (WHO!?!?!?) are being considered for this year’s Super Bowl Half-Time Show.  (Seriously???)  Apparently, Taylor Swift turned it down … as did Ed Sheeran … but Katie and Keith?!?!  I’m sorry … but I have absolutely NO idea who that even is!  (kk)

This is it? These are they????? 

If Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Won’t Play 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show, Who Will?

Pop Shop Podcast


On the new Billboard Pop Shop Podcast, Katie & Keith are checking in to see who Billboard readers are picking in our Super Bowl fan poll and to make some suggestions of our own -- including a possible Trolls-fueled *NSYNC reunion.


Hi Kent,

Like you, I was stymied by your mention that a certain "Katie & Keith" were being considered for next year's Super Bowl halftime show.  The duo in question is actually Billboard staff members Katie Atkinson and Keith Caulfield.  They did an article/podcast speculating on next year's performer(s), but I don't think they were nominating themselves for the job.  Although I know Keith (he's a longtime member of the chart department) and he'd probably get a chuckle out of it.  Anyway, just wanted to clear that up.

Paul Haney

Record Research

Whew!  That’s a relief!!!  I could TOTALLY live with an N*SYNC reunion at Half Time!!!  (kk)

Speaking of things that don’t make sense, when I first read that Dave Stewart was planning on doing a 30th Anniversary Tour, promoting the fact that The Eurythmics first hit the charts thirty years ago with their big hit “Sweet Dreams,” I thought, Well, this might be interesting … I like a lot of The Eurythmics’ stuff!

But then I read that Annie Lennox would not be participating in the tour and I thought to myself “Then why do a tour at all?”  The ONLY way people know these songs is because Annie Lennox sang them!  Who wants to hear Dave Stewart perform them?!?!

Not that he isn’t a genius … he most certainly is … but HE was not the sound of The Eurythmics, even if he did have a hand in writing all of those hits (with Annie, I might add!)

ANNIE was the whole sound associated with the group (who scored ten Top Ten Billboard Hits between 1983 and 1989 including the Top Ten Singles “Sweet Dreams” (#1, 1983), “Here Comes The Rain Again” (#4, 1984) and “Would I Lie To You” (#5, 1985).

I get it … Annie doesn’t want to tour anymore … she has closed that chapter in her life … and apparently several other fans felt the way I did … without Annie’s voice, there IS no Eurythmics Reunion.

But now comes word that Dave Stewart is planning on having guest female vocalists since these familiar tunes throughout the tour.

As of right now, only one official date has been announced … and that one’s in Switzerland.  None of the female vocalists have been named … but Dave promises “a stunning show full of memorable songs.” 

There seems to be a little lost brotherly love between Isley Brothers Ronald and Rudolph.


After the passing of brother O’Kelly in 1986, the two reportedly shared the rights to the Isley Brothers name … but Rudolph has not performed as part of The Isley Brothers since about 1990.  As such, Ronald feels that HE has been the only one keeping the family name (and family business) alive … and, as such, should own the full rights to the “brand” name.  (Rudolph, of course, feels otherwise … which is what has landed the brothers in court right now.)


Last week, Rudolph testified that even though he stopped performing as part of the act, he did not technically leave the group, but “instead took on the sort of continuing managerial role that creates a continuing ownership right in the mark.”

Meanwhile, for the past 30+ years, it is Ronald Isley’s name that everybody is familiar with, both as a founding member of The Isley Brothers and also as a solo artist.  (Ronald Isley scored a Top 10 Hit in 1990 when he teamed with Rod Stewart to record a new version of The Isley Brothers’ hit “This Old Heart Of Mine,” besting The Isley’s original recording by a couple of places on the chart.)


This one may take a while to resolve!


MORE:  At one point in time, original founding members (and brothers) Ronald, Rudolph and O’Kelly invited their younger brothers Ernie and Marvin into the family business.  Ernie and Marvin would eventually leave to form a new group with their brother-in-law Chris Jasper in 1984 and scored a couple of minor chart hits.
In all, between 1962 and 2006, The Isley Brothers placed 78 hits on Billboard’s R&B Chart.  Some of their biggest cross-over hits to the Pop Chart include “Twist And Shout” (#17, 1962), “This Old Heart Of Mine” (#12, 1966), “It’s Your Thing” (#2, 1969), “That Lady” (#6, 1973) and “Fight The Power” (#4, 1975).  As recently as 2001, The Isley Brothers hit the Pop Top 20 with their song “Contagious,” which was released as The Isley Brothers Featuring Ronald Isley aka Mr. Biggs!  (kk)


Have you heard the title track from Ringo Starr’s new EP?  Not bad!


Here’s the lyric video for “Rewind Forward” …



Harvey Kubernik sent us this report from last week’s Grammy Museum Exhibit saluting Motown Greats Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye …

On Wednesday, August 23, 2023, The Grammy Museum hosted LET’S GET IT ON: Celebrating Motown ‘73.  Smokey Robinson, Jimmy Jam, and Marvin Gaye biographer David Ritz were on hand to discuss Motown Records' first full year in LA, including the 50th anniversary of Let's Get It On, moderated by UMe's Harry Weinger.


(photo by Gary Strobl)


So you love 'Tears of a Clown?'

Harvey, it's our biggest selling record.

I heard a circus noise in my head when the tune came to me. You know, Barnum and Bailey. Joyous.

But I wanted to make sure beneath all the happiness I had a clown who was sad, and knew Pagliacci had tears when he went to the dressing room alone ...

--Smokey Robinson


Smokey Robinson has just been booked for an appearance at The Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, IL, on December 29th. 

Tickets are available here:   (kk)


From Tom Cuddy …


Whatever happened to Gunhill Road???


“Back When My Hair Was Short” was a clever Top 40 Hit in 1973 … another one with a 15-point chart spread in terms of peak position, inching into The Top 40 in Billboard at #40 while climbing to #25 in Cash Box.  (It was a #13 hit here in Chicago on the WCFL Chart.)


This new track (more of a “spoken word” cut than a song you can sing along with … although it is accompanied by a KILLER bit of musicianship behind it) shows that their sense of humor is still intact.


Quite honestly, I doubt that very many will notice … but I can appreciate what they’re trying to do.  FIFTH album???  Now THAT’S pretty amazing!  (kk)


John Fogerty’s first two post-Creedence solo albums are being rereleased by BMG.

“Blue Ridge Rangers” (a truly solo release with John playing virtually all of the instruments) came out in 1973 and offered up his first solo hit, a cover of the Hank Williams classic “Jambalaya” … and “John Fogerty” (1975), which first introduced the world to his rock and roll classics “Rockin’ All Over The World” and “Almost Saturday Night,” songs that would go on to be covered my numerous rock artists over the years.

It looks like both releases are vinyl only at this time.  (kk)


Who knew that Rose Marie had this long of a career???

She first started recording at the age of six (!) … and then continued to perform for the next ten decades.

Sure, we all know her from “The Dick Van Dyke Show” … where she got the chance to sing a few songs over the years … but I had no idea she had this long of an extended career.


You can hear many of the highlights on this brand new release from Sepia Records …

Here’s a story I hadn’t heard before …

It centers around the theme song to the popular classic tv cartoon Woody Woodpecker!!!

Jeez … and I thought Patrick Swayze singing “I’m Henry The VIII, I Am” again and again and again in “Ghost” was bad!!!  Lol 

“The Woody Woodpecker Theme” (shown as “The Woodpecker Song”) was a #1 Billboard Hit for five weeks for Glenn Miller in 1940.  Cover versions by The Andrews Sisters (#7) and Will Glahe (#20) also charted.  (kk)

This week’s Forgotten Hits Award goes, once again, to Rewound Radio, who I heard play The Four Seasons’ 1967 hit “Tell It To The Rain,” a long-forgotten Top Ten Hit from early that year.


By 1967, the musical landscape was changing … and The Four Seasons were doing their best to keep up with the current trends in music.  As such, some of their 1967 hits pushed the envelope a little bit … but remain as some of my very favorites.


After “Tell It To The Rain,” The Seasons released “Beggin’,” a GREAT song that recently became a hit again for Maneskin, followed by what remains my all-time favorite Four Seasons tune, “C’mon Marianne.”  (They closed out the year with the rather bizarre-sounding “Watch The Flowers Grow,” which I also heard recently.)


What’s interesting is that NONE of these tunes were written by their hits-proven songwriting team of Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio, even though both gentlemen were still actively involved with the group.  (Interestingly enough, in the midst of all this “experimentation” with other musical avenues, Crewe and Gaudio gave Frankie Valli the song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” his first #1 solo hit … which has gone on to become an American Song Classic.)


Here is “Tell It To The Rain.”  (When’s the last time you heard THIS one???)




[OMG ... HOW CAN THIS BE?!?!?!?]

See you then!  (kk)