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More Of Your Comments ... and a Sneak-Peek Preview of WLS, 1969

Spilling into our fourth straight day of reader comments, we're running a few more of them today.  (Maybe in some ways The Sunday Comments HAVE moved to Saturday after all!!!)  Or in this case, instead of the Weekly Comments, we seem to be at the tail end of the Week-Long Comments!

I'm sure we'll have many more to share next week as well ... along with a few more guest concert reviews from our East Coast Forgotten Hits Correspondent Shelley Sweet-Tufano and a very interesting piece submitted by Clark Besch celebrating his love for "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" ... and you're not gonna wanna miss my New Year's Resolution for 2019 ... so be sure to stop back to check all these things out as well!

Meanwhile, on with the show ...   

So you thought these guys were just a wimpy soft-rock duo, eh?  Well, look again.  (OK, well they DID have the big pop hit with “Muskrat Love” … but you’ve got to go below the surface to find some of their other accomplishments!)
We mentioned their ties to The Beach Boys … but did you also know that you can find either / or / both involved with other rock artists like Pink Floyd (yes, Toni Tennille did vocals on “The Wall”!!!) and Elton John (“Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”)
Here’s a cool piece telling you about some of their OTHER triumphs beyond “Love Will Keep Us Together” …
(C’mon, is there a catchier pop song out there than this one?!?!?)  kk

Captain and Tennille:  Captain Fantastic
by Harvey Kubernik - Melody Maker
© Harvey Kubernik, 1975, 2019   
IN SEPTEMBER 1973, two Chatsworth residents recorded a song, 'The Way I Want To Touch You'. Subscribing to the Phil Spector school of self-distribution, they pressed 500 copies and without the aid of a major record label or formal distribution, achieved success in the Los Angeles area. 
Two years later the Captain (Daryl Dragon) and Tennille (Toni Tennille) have the definitive summer record of 1975, 'Love Will Keep Us Together'. 
The tune has topped the American Billboard chart and if one was to use the KHJ Top Thirty as a yardstick, the group have tied with the Monkees' 'I'm A Believer' for the longest time at No 1 (eight weeks). Penned by Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield, 'Love Will Keep Us Together', is a classic love anthem featuring the throbbing keyboard work of Daryl and the Southern-based vocal of Toni. Overnight this husband/wife combination has turned into the hottest act going. 
Sitting in the Bel Air Hotel's Grace Kelly Suite, Daryl & Toni greet their initial British exposure eagerly. First the basics. Daryl Dragon is the son of well-known symphony conductor, Carmen Dragon, and a hint of the old man's influence is there on the C&T's initial A&M album. When the first strains of Fats Domino erupted in the Dragon household, the older Dragon figured it was just another phase. "But I never got over Fats Domino and the blues," says the Captain. 
"I had a chance to pursue a career as a session musician but I saw too many musicians becoming hard and not caring after a while." So, steering away from the computer-like existence of the session man, Daryl joined the Beach Boys' live show from 1967 to 1972. At a Beach Boys' concert you couldn't miss the various organs and pianos that contributed to the live Beach Boy sound. Their commander was Captain Keyboard a.k.a. Daryl Dragon. 
Daryl linked up with the group before their revival, just when they were at their lowest ebb: "When I was hired for the first tour I got to go first class. On the second tour the bass player and I were put in second class. That's how I knew things were changing. I did a lot of tours with them and learned the business through them. I was paid per tour, and then they asked me to join in '71, I figured a Beach Boy is a singer so I rejected the offer. I was really involved with Dennis Wilson's productions. I helped him write out arrangements, oversee his tunes and help him copyright material. 
"In 1972 Toni and I figured the only way we were going to get our own group going was to drop out of the Beach Boys touring schedule and concentrate on Captain & Tennille." But BB influence is still present in the Captain's music, Daryl credits the Beach Boys for helping him learn the tricky business ropes of the music world. 
Toni Tennille is a soft Southern beauty who takes a more vocal role on stage. She's toured with the Beach Boys as a support vocalist and piano player, and last year graced Elton John's Caribou album. "I toured with the Beach Boys for a year. They needed a piano player since Billy (Hinsche) was determined to finish his education. That was in 1971-72. My first real experience with a rock concert was with the Beach Boys." 
Toni, from Montgomery, Alabama, was raised for a theatrical career. "I was involved in theatre and plays. My dad sang with Bob Crosby's band and at one time was asked to join the Modernaires. At a very early age he introduced me to some incredible singers like Carmen McRae, Lena Horne, and Ella Fitzgerald. My mother had a TV show in Montgomery, so my sisters and I were around TV for years. I came to California about ten years ago for a vacation and couldn't return to Alabama. The whole world opened up when I came here." 
The inevitable question, how did the Captain meet Tennille? "I'd written a musical on ecology for the South Coast Repertory group, Mother Earth. It later became a professional production, eventually reaching Broadway. We played in San Francisco for several months and I wrote the music for it and needed a keyboard player. We were going to play the Huntington Hartford Theatre, and Daryl was recommended to me. 
"Daryl heard a tape of the show, and he liked my singing, so we got together." Toni was also impressed that he was musically open-minded and, since both of them liked ballads, boogie, country, and rock and folk music, she suggested they form a night club act. "In August, 1971 Mother Earth closed. Shortly after, Daryl called me for the Beach Boys tour. We would do Beach Boys tours, come back home and start working in clubs. Every time we left town with the Beach Boys we dropped Captain and Tennille like a hot potato. 
"Then we decided if we were to get something together, we had to drop the Beach Boys and concentrate on our own group. It was during the Beach Boys tour that I wrote 'The Way I Want To Touch You'." 
That record has an incredible story behind it. The young couple went into a San Fernando valley studio to cut their own single. They spent $250 of their own money and pressed 500 records. Then they sent them to radio stations. The tune achieved legendary status in the Los Angeles area and became a top ten seller at Wallichs Music City. A&M Records bought the disc, re-serviced it and signed the duo to the label. 
There's a heavy Beach Boys flavouring on their album, with 'God Only Knows', and 'Cuddle Up', from the Carl And The Passions LP. co-written by Daryl and Dennis Wilson. There are also two Bruce Johnston tunes: 'Disney Girls', and the current David Cassidy hit, 'I Write The Songs'. 
Will the Captain & Tennille take their musical ship to Britain? "We found out yesterday that our record was breaking there. It was a dream come true. England has a mystique to it. When Daryl found out the record was breaking in England he said, 'Thank God, now I'm excited'." 
© Harvey Kubernik, 1975  
Also check out the chapter on The Dragons in my "Canyon of Dreams" 2009 book
I am so saddened by the passing of Daryl Dragon.  This is coming on the heels of the death of another one of my famous book subjects, Aretha Franklin. In many ways, Daryl's death is doubly upsetting to me, as 'The Captain & Tennille' was my very first published book back in 1978.  I fondly remember meeting Daryl and his wife Toni Tennille backstage after one of their performances at The Westchester Premier Theater in Tarrytown, New York, as I was preparing my book on the duo.  They worked together with The Beach Boys, found initial fame with the hit song 'Love Will Keep Us Together,' and then became the stars of their own network television series.  Few people remember that Daryl was the son of Carmen Dragon, who provided the musical score for countless Hollywood films.  Daryl Dragon started my book career, and his trademark keyboard work will be deeply missed.  
Mark Bego
Happy New Year!
So glad I rediscovered your site just in time to review the charts from the year that really got my love for AM radio going --1969.
I started listening to CKLW in May, 1968, became obsessed with their "Big 30s" so that era will always have a special place in my heart (you always remember your first), but the Summer of '69 saw the release of My All Time Favorite Single -- of ANY year -- the one I vote for as Number One in those Rewound Radio surveys. Looking forward to seeing what you and others have in store for us from (gasp) 50 years ago. Thanks!

Our buddy Mark Dawson of The Grass Roots saluted 1969 on his program Thursday Night.
Here is a link to his archived show so you can enjoy it as well!

Hi Kent!
I read Forgotten Hits every day.  Thanks for making it happen!
The Air Force PSAs Phil Nee submitted caught my eye immediately today.  I do the production for oldies 95.1 KISN in Portland, Oregon.  We're a non-commercial low power FM so we sell underwriting announcements instead of commercials.  But that doesn't mean we don't air commercials!  We air LOTS of them but like the music we play, they're all classics.  To me, the classic spots are as much memory triggers as the songs are, and even though there are over 1600 in our classic spot library, I'm on a never ending quest for more.  Those eight Air Force spots are a very welcome addition.  My thanks to Phil for preserving and sharing them.  As he said, these were all disposable content after their run dates so the fact that they've survived seems extraordinary.  I guess anything disposable that gets left alone long enough becomes someone's treasure!
I'm attaching a scoped hour of Rich Patterson's show on KISN from the Saturday following this past Thanksgiving that I hope you'll enjoy.  You'll hear some classic spots and jingles from the original KISN that dominated Portland radio throughout the 60s, as well as jingles from the first resurrected KISN as an oldies station on 97.1.  That particular KISN-FM was getting great numbers right up until Entercom blew it up in 2005 and flipped it to "Charlie" because everyone knows you can't sell oldies anymore!  The current incarnation of KISN is run by a small volunteer group of old radio guys who want to honor the radio station we grew up with and make it happen one more time.  Believe it or not, this little radio station has quite an audience!  Once we get a stream up and running I think it'll take off like a rocket.  Thanks again for Forgotten Hits! 
Scott Young 
This is a fun clip … anybody interested in receiving a copy, drop me a line and I’ll forward it to you.  Thanks, Scott!  (kk)

But unfortunately it isn’t all good news …

2019 starts with a downer.
No, I'm not talking about recently deceased recording stars, musicians or insiders.
I'm speaking of the desecration of one of the country's most iconic (perhaps iconoclastic?) radio stations.
WLNG 92.1 FM (Sag Harbor, Long Island, New York) had been an amazing station. Relatively unchanged sound-wise since 1963. I've been a fan since I discovered it in 1976. I still recall my call-in's to station owner Paul Sidney, during his "party line" afternoon DJ show. Told him on air my dream would be to go on WLNG and spin oldies - never happened, but I kept listening for decades.
If you have never heard of it, well, it sounded like no other station. Mainly because the broadcast concept stayed true to the strongest marketing element - locality, first and foremost ... the manner in which radio stations used to operate. But those days are now gone, one reason why terrestrial AM & FM radio suffers a continued decline. 
Yeah, some, especially radio programmers, would say WLNG sounded goofy, antiquated, out of date, with original and re-cut PAMS era jingles played before AND after every song aired.  Their oldies format, however, was hard to beat.  Much more selections aired than the usual bland and boring same old, same old 500 oldies heard elsewhere, ad nauseam, 24-7.  On WLNG, one could hear 1950s / early 60s doo-wop & rockabilly tunes, two styles that have been eliminated from nearly all oldies formats elsewhere. Ditto for obscurities; songs that did not make the national Billboard Top 40 charts were broadcast daily.
The on-air DJ's may not have been cookie cutter perfect, you know, the sparkly-smile guys with booming baritone modulations on mic that could move your living room furniture with every syllable spoken.  But that non textbook operational on-air "mish-mash" is exactly what made WLNG so cool and FUN to listen to on a daily basis.
Now? As of this writing, due to the recent sale of the station to a woman with zero broadcasting experience, the format is still oldies, but operating under a Scott Shannon oldies programming concept (read: dull and boring) with the main ID tag "The Legend Continues".  Maybe, but based on the complete withdrawal of the dozens of PAMS jingles, the free-form "never knew what you could hear next" DJ selected playlist choices (now - that same old bland overplayed oldies) the injection of numerous vapid 1980s era hits per clock hour (sounds that sound far too dated, dorky and annoying when placed alongside older songs) and the elimination of that familiar, decades strong WLNG on-air sound..well the legend MAY continue, but not for long. Guaranteed.
Count me out as a listener. I have no problem with change, but when changes made do not improve upon what was ... then it's time to move on.
I'm sure other long time listeners (and advertisers) feel the same as I.
Mike Markesich
Former WLNG listener (since 1976)

Have you any idea what has happened to the website? I believe one of the guys is known to you and frequently sends you updates about pop artists as to when they have the misfortune to die. I wonder if that is why over the weekend I failed to find reference on your sheet about Ray Sawyer from Dr. Hook. (unless of course it was there and my eyes are playing up lol)
Take care and have a healthy and prosperous new year,
Rockin’ Lord Geoff (In England)

The site is administered by Ron Smith, a long-time friend and colleague of Forgotten Hits … and I’m having the same difficulty accessing his site right now, too.  (I keep getting a redirect message.)  I've heard from several other readers who are concerned as well. I have reached out to Ron for more details and will pass them along as soon as I hear back. 
As for the Ray Sawyer death notice, I did post it (on Thursday I believe) … it would have gone out sooner but we got absolutely swamped with responses this week and had to spread things out over a series of several days to have any chance of keeping up.  Scroll back and you’ll find it (along with a link to a site offering more information.)  kk

UPDATE:  I just heard from Ron ... for those of you who were worried that perhaps this was a health-related issue, take a deep sigh of relief and know that Ron's all-right ... he just decided it was time to pull the plug ... so that's what he did on January 1st.  (I'm talking to him now about perhaps incorporating some of his features into the Forgotten Hits web page ... I will keep you posted if we find that a doable venture.)

Meanwhile, here's the word from Ron Smith himself ...

I decided to pull the plug on January 1. This had been in the works for months.  
As I explained in a message on the now-defunct bulletin board, the news page mostly consisted of whoever just died. How depressing! And I was getting tired of (literally) posting the same top tunes and calendar items for the 25th time (the site goes all the way back to 1994). It chews up a lot of my time (when a news story broke I'd have to quickly
write something during my lunch break at work, then come home to some know-it-all nitpicking the typos) and I have other things I'd like to work on -- like maybe updating my books.  

The site was originally a laboratory for my commercial Web designs, but that ended 20 years ago. Long ago I stopped making any money from Amazon sales and yet I was still paying hosting fees, board fees and domain name fees on it.
All good things -- and some bad things, too -- must come to an end. It was time.
- Ron

I love the idea of you revising and expanding your books to include some of the other Top 40 Charts that graced our city over the years ... WJJD, Top Tunes of Greater Chicago, WIND, WGN, WBBM, and more ... put together the most complete Chicago Chart History book possible by showing how each record did on these respective charts.  I, for one, would be first in line to buy a copy!
Good luck to you, Ron ... and if there's anything we can do to keep some of your efforts alive on FH, please let me know.  It'll give all your readers a new place to go.  (And let's face it ... oldies withdrawal is a TERRIBLE thing!)  kk

Sorry to hear about Ron shutting down his website ... but at least he's ok.  Maybe you can make him your assistant!  Frank B.  
Even if I offered to pay him three times the amount I'm making doing this, it would still come out to zero!!! (lol)
I think there's a certain amount of burn-out that comes with this ... but then something really cool will happen and you feel rejuvenated again. (Even seeing the volume of mail that has come thru this week has been a real boost!)  kk
If I remember correctly, Ron was always good at "DEATH NOTICES."
Speaking of which, Christine McGuire of The McGuire Sisters just passed away ... from the 1940's ... before the rock era.
92 years old ... amazing!  (I can't even imagine being around here doing this for another thirty years!!!  lol)
Yeah, Ron was our official Grim Reaper when it came to these things ... and that’s kinda what he said - the only oldies news these days seems to be who died this week!
At least we talk about who’s still performing and where to see them! (You know, before they die!)  kk

I've exchanged a couple of comments back and forth with Ron recently via email, but he has not indicated anything to me regarding the site. I haven't seen him at a record show for a couple years. I know he was helping a friend of his with a movie. 
But I get it ... to be honest, I'm getting too old for this. I'm within four or five surveys of completing WLS except for the "legendary" 16 months and I have all the WCFL except for their "legendary" missing surveys and I have some of those, too. I doubt if I'll ever get them. Surprisingly, surveys are the only thing that sell for me on a regular basis on eBay. Sad to say much of the oldies hobby no longer interests me. (Maybe if I made more money at it it would). 
The only time I listen to the radio is in the car, and then only to Little Steven's channel. If I knew how, maybe I'd do my own podcast. When you mention commercials using obscure songs, I have no idea what you're referring to, as I haven't watched a TV show since before Thanksgiving. Maybe Ron's decided to enter a new phase in his life. I know he's active in his church. 
Frankly I don't know how you do it, working full time. My time is my own and I can't get it together. I had a website for three years and ended it, as I was paying $25/month, and not making 25 cents. In fact I don't recall ever making a penny off of it. I'm kinda in a last ditch push to see if I can get things jump started. Who knows, maybe I'll check my eBay listings and find I have 50 active bids.
Meanwhile, I'll send Ron a note. Thanks for the update. 
Since Hal Blaine checked in recently, see how well Dick Clark tried to get him sales.  Not sure I have ever seen Dick show a VIDEO just for Rate-a-Record!!!  Bizarre from September, 1967.
Clark Besch

These are two extremely bizarre tracks, even for 1967!  But cool to see Dick pushing Hal's record!  (kk)

And, speaking of Clark Besch ...    

It's interesting, but I don't even know who Clark Besch is, but I like him already. Now if I can just get Rockin' John, WORT-FM Madison, WI, to play the Blackstones on his Saturday night show, "I Like it Like That", my mission will be complete.
Robert Campbell  

A bit of thanks from Davie Allan … but tempered with a bit of regret at the way sales our going for his latest CD release.  (I think CD sales are down in general these days … and I, for one, really enjoyed the new mix to the CDs he’s referring to that featured guest vocalists … but apparently those caused a bit of discomfort as well.)
Anyway, if you’re interested in picking up copies of any (or all) of Davie’s Retrophonic Series, just hop on over to his website and get your collection going.  (If you mention Forgotten Hits, I’ll bet he’ll even autograph them for you!)  kk 

To all of you who purchased "Retrophonic 5," I send sincere thanks and wish you all a great 2019!
I am reluctantly compelled to add a not so great rest of the story:
Janine was amazed at my six months of recording in the summer of 2018 ... one new tune after another. A total of 17 … nine for the new album and eight for "Retrophonic 6," coming out in March to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my "Retrophonic" series. I guess I finally woke up and wanted to (hopefully) win back the fans who jumped ship because of the "download only" albums featuring female vocalists who basically "threw me under the bus."
I spent thousands of $'s and the snubbing is shocking! I have only sold 32 copies (and one of those was bought by Janine for her childhood girlfriend!) 
Still following through with "Retrophoic 6" anyway. (Working on the liner notes and pics now)! 

A few much needed good responses:

That is so hard to believe. So sorry give it time maybe it will pick up. I thought this release was fantastic I will keep passing the word.
Looking forward to the next one. I wish I was able to get out and tell people.

I am shocked and dismayed that one of the best CDs you've made has sold so little and that fans disappeared simply because you made some download only releases. LOVING the new CD ... been playing it to death. Your talent rocks.
Looking forward already to purchasing number 6!
Rick D. 

I am speechless. Retrophonic 5 is a 'killer' release, bringing you back to your own sound once again. I think if there is any flaw, it is in promotion, certainly not with your incredible work.  Maybe another appearance on Cult Radio A Go-Go?
Rod S.

The Ides Of March return to The City Winery on March 6th … the blew the doors off the place last time.  (Jim Peterik nearly lost his voice after the show!!!  But what a concert!)
Tickets can be purchased here: 

Here are a couple of other shows that caught my eye … both a couple of “Nooners” for a nice Sunday Brunch …    

Sunday, January 20th – Great Moments In Vinyl salute The Beatles (with strings)  Great Moments in Vinyl takes the tribute experience to a new level. For every concert, they choose a pair of memorable albums and perform them in their entirety. Along with the music, they supply a series of stories about the songs and the artists and the times that brought them into being.  The Great Moments in Vinyl band is a hand-picked collection of talented musicians from the Chicago area. The lineup for each ensemble is specifically chosen for the occasion. At City Winery, GMiV will perform with strings a collection of songs by the ever-popular English rock band, The Beatles.     

Sunday, February 17th – The Chicago Philharmonic – “All You Need Is Love”
For Valentine’s Day weekend, the Chicago Philharmonic’s own string fab four will present City Winery classical interpretations of famous and beloved Beatles songs, arranged for a string quartet by Chi Phil’s Benton Wedge. Selections include Come Together, All You Need is Love, Blackbird, I Will, Hey Jude and more. 48 years after their final performances, the Beatles continue to be the best-selling musical artists of all time. Chicago Philharmonic will share the love of this legendary band during this romantic weekend.

January also brings us Randy Bachman (24th and 25th) with Procol Harum stopping by on February 20th and 21st.  In March, you can catch Christopher Cross (19th and 20th)  More information, tickets, and the complete City Winery line-up can be found at the link posted above.  (kk)

And here’s another reminder for the Easter Seals Fundraiser coming up in featuring Paul Revere’s Raiders, Ronnie Rice and Ray Graffia, Jr., one-time bandmates in The New Colony Six, one of Chicago’s most successful bands of the ‘60’s, and Denny Sarokin, formerly of Every Mother’s Son (“Come On Down To My Boat) and later a member of Rick Nelson’s Stone Canyon Band. 
Ticket information and more details can be found here:  
C’mon, folks, this one is for a good cause … so let’s give them a full house.  (kk)

Otherworld Cottage reports great reviews for Harvey Kubernik's "The Doors Summer's Gone" …

Otherworld Cottage Industries has a lot to celebrate as it moves into the new year, starting with the publication of last year's book by Harvey Kubernik, "The Doors Summer's Gone." 

One of its earliest reviews, posted on April 24th by Kent Kotal in his Forgotten Hits Blogspot, "This and That" reported, "Once again Harvey has taken key elements from the interviews he's done over the past 40+ years and woven them into a very descriptive perspective of The Doors, both musically and personally … The book is brilliantly put together and even the most casual Doors fan will enjoy the fly-on-the-wall memories from those who were there from the beginning and caught these guys performing in the clubs before and after their first record was ever released. The way the band grew in fan appeal (and mythical proportions) is unbelievable. Highly recommended." 

In Shindig! magazine's June, 2018, issue (U.K.), reviewer Grahame Bent gave it Four Stars and reported "To his eternal credit, Kubernik's thoughtfully assembled episodic text doesn't focus excessively on already well explored aspects of The Doors' mythology, but rather attempts to build a fuller, more rounded picture of the band and their turbo-charged rise to the top by incorporating material and viewpoints from a wide diversity of sources which lends a tangible sense of time and place to the material." 

And this quote from Andy Pearson's Fear and Loathing Fanzine review of "The Doors Summer's Gone" claims, "Harvey Kubernik has opted to gather together rare or exclusive interviews and recollections with people who were there at the time, ranging from the band members themselves to original fans and acquaintances … which capture the real essence of the band, that I enjoyed so much and I'm sure anyone else, from rabid fan to appreciative listener will do the same."

On this side of the pond, "The Doors Summer's Gone" was a Lee Zimmerman Quick Pick in the August issue of Goldmine magazine in which he reports it's "A fascinating oral history told in remarkable detail, this is a Doors bio that ranks as among the more expansive." (If you really want to stay abreast of Harvey's many activities, visit Kubernik's Korner regularly. That's where all the latest news, reviews and interviews are regularly updated!) 

Mark Nardone's review of "The Doors Summer's Gone" reports "Here's another kick-ass compendium of interviews, courtesy of journalist/historian Harvey Kubernik, who seems to have a bottomless trove of chats with the band's members, intimates and authorities." And there are four Five Star reviews on Amazon

In Harvey's interview with Goldmine magazine publisher Pat Prince on his Goldmine Magazine Podcast, they talked about Kubernik's 2009 "Canyon of Dreams, The Magic and the Music of Laurel Canyon" (Sterling) and "The Doors Summer's Gone." Harvey's next radio broadcast interview about Harvey and Kenneth Kubernik's latest book "The Story of the Band" (Sterling), and "The Doors Summer's Gone", is scheduled for Saturday,19 January, between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. EST on the Michael Shelley Show on WFMU-FM in New Jersey.  Incidentally, "The Story of The Band: From Big Pink to the Last Waltz," was listed #5 in Paste magazine's compilation of its "Best Music Books of 2018," and also selected in "2018 in Review: The Best Music Books of the Year," by the Best Classic Bands staff. 

Harvey's fans know that he is widely quoted and published in print magazines, newspapers, and blogs, but we'd be remiss not to mention these next three. 

The 50th issue of Ugly Things magazine scheduled for publication in February 2019, which will feature Harvey's story on the 50th anniversary of The Doors "Waiting for the Sun," and an article on the 60th anniversary of Howlin' Wolf's debut album "Moanin' in the Moonlight" on Chess Records, soon to be reissued by Geffen/Ume. 

The current December-January issue of Record Collector News magazine, presenting Kubernik's 4,000 word examination of "The Beatles White Album" and includes an article introducing Travis Pike to Record Collector News readers. 

And Cave Hollywood's current offerings including Kubernik's appreciation of Howlin' Wolf's "Moanin In The Moonlight" celebrating a 60th retail milestone in 2019, plus his stories on Neil Young, Norman Granz, The Moody Blues, Tina Turner, Don Webster (Host of Upbeat), an extensive interview with Travis Pike, and on January 4th Cave Hollywood will add Harvey's 10,000 word essay on Johnny Cash and related 2019 50th anniversary Cash-driven events. 
Travis Pike
Otherworld Cottage Industries

And then this from Harvey himself ...

So happy you had the chance to see Burton Cummings recently. Until last year he was sort of my neighbor. I have known him since 1972.  I am so happy Burton is alive and well and still singing.
Keep doing what you are doing.
Harvey Kubernik 
And still sound great, I might add.  I'd love to see him keep things going for a few more years ... he's an incredible entertainer.  (kk)


Chuck Buell, who was one of the jocks at The Big 89 in 1969, has sent us some WLS memorabilia to share with our readers throughout the course of the year ... starting with this photo of the on-air staff as the year kicked off ...

 Latter Part of 1969  
(I don't know exactly when Bill Bailey 
joined the station and Clark Weber left) 
WLS Air Personalities 
              Standing: Art Roberts, Larry Lujack, Jerry Kaye      
Seated: Kris Erik Stevens; Bill Bailey, Chuck Buell
(Note: This is the Bill Bailey from Louisville)

Be sure to check back tomorrow when our very first 1969 WLS Hit Parade Chart runs in Forgotten Hits ... 

And then be sure to check back every Sunday throughout the year to see the latest and greatest charts ... 

From exactly Fifty Years Ago Today!!!