Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Weekend Comments

You know how much I love COUNTDOWNS ---

How’s this for SUPER BOWL SPECIAL ---


 1:  1/15/67 - Packers 35, Chiefs 10 - "I'm A Believer" by The Monkees
 2:  1/14/68 - Packers 33, Raiders 14 - "Judy In Disguise" by John Fred and his Playboy Band
 3:  1/12/69 - Jets 16, Colts 7 - "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" by Marvin  Gaye
 4:  1/11/70 - Chiefs 23, Vikings 7 - "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head” by B.J. Thomas
 5:  1/17/71 - Colts 16,  Cowboys 13 - "Knock Three Times” by Tony Orlando & Dawn
 6:  1/16/72 - Cowboys 24,  Dolphins 3 - "American Pie" by Don McLean
 7:  1/14/73 - Dolphins 14,  Redskins 7 - "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon
 8:  1/13/74 - Dolphins 24,  Vikings  7 - "Show & Tell" by Al Wilson
 9:  1/12/75 - Steelers 16,  Vikings 6 - "Mandy" by Barry Manilow
10: 1/18/76 - Steelers 21,  Cowboys 17 - "Theme From ‘Mahogany’" by Diana Ross
11: 1/ 9/77 - Raiders 32,  Vikings 14 - "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" by Leo Sayer
12: 1/15/78 - Cowboys 27, Broncos 10 - "Baby Come Back" by Player
13: 1/21/79 - Steelers 35, Cowboys 31 - "Le Freak" by Chic
14 : 1/20/80 - Steelers 31,  Rams 19 - "Rock With You" by Michael Jackson
15:  1/25/81 - Raiders 27,  Eagles 10 - "The Tide Is High" by Blondie
16: 1/24/82 - 49ers  26,  Bengals  21 - "I Can't Go For That" by Hall & Oates
17: 1/30/83 - Redskins 27,  Dolphins  17 - "Africa" by Toto
18: 1/22/84 - Raiders 38,  Redskins 9 - "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" by Yes
19: 1/20/85 - 49ers    38,  Dolphins  16 - "Like A Virgin" by Madonna
20: 1/26/86 - Bears 46,  Patriots  10 - "That's What Friends Are For" by Dionne Warwick & Friends

I don't like those roman numerals.
These songs are not old enough for my D J friends to play ...
Maybe one of your D J friends will play this countdown.
I'll be playing it at Larry's Pub, before the game.
I’ve got more. Had to stop. Was getting dangerously close to the 90's.
Frank B.

It only seems fitting that you should stop with the most IMPORTANT Super Bowl of all time!  (lol)
I think it’s a GREAT idea for a countdown / feature to run on Super Bowl Sunday … even throughout the day … maybe one every half hour up until game time.
Not much time to implement this … VERY short notice … but let me see what I can do.
Meanwhile, knock yourself out at Larry’s Pub.  (Man, this guy must have one HELL of a jukebox!!!)  kk

UPDATE:  I pitched the idea to both Rick O’Dell at Me-TV-FM and Scott Shannon at The True Oldies Channel on Wednesday Morning (1/29) … in radio terms, INCREDIBLY short notice to pull something like this together, despite how easy it sounds.
As such, I am VERY happy to report that The True Oldies Channel will intersperse selections from this list throughout the day on Game Day so a quick thank you to Scott Shannon for taking this on with such short notice and making it happen.
(You can Listen Live on Sunday here: )
Also agreeing that this was a GREAT idea (but unable to pull it together and promote it properly in such a short period of time) was Rick O’Dell of Me-TV-FM, who has already earmarked the feature to run next year for Super Bowl 55 (or, as Frank hates to call it, Super Bowl LV!!!)
So thanks are certainly in order for Frank for coming up with a neat way to celebrate the game … AND the oldies … in fine fashion!  (kk)

Hi Kent -
I am happy to report that this year’s World Stage Concert was great - it ran until 11:30 pm!
David Pack was back again, Joel Hoekstra from White Snake, Anthony Gomes, the kid from Guitar Center who is now a blues man, Toby Hitchcock and Dave Jenkins from Pablo Cruise.
I told my wife that the first half of the show was like listening to Yacht Rock Radio on SiriusXM! 
For me, Jenkins from Pablo was the best guest, although the kid from Guitar Center was pretty good, too.  I personally could have done w/o Joel.
It must be mentioned that Peterik was in bed with the flu and still / in spite of this, made the show. That being said, he was a bit hoarse and his energy was down a bit.
Also, Colin Peterik’s Steely Dan cover band, Brooklyn Charmers, performed … and they are outstanding!  (Some of the best live guitar trading I’ve ever seen … hell yes, those boys can play! And yes I plan on seeing them again!)
I should mention that the absolute best live guitar trading I have ever seen was a Peter Frampton acoustic show at the North Central’s Pfeiffer Hall. His only guest was David Kennedy, who wrote “Change the World,” probably most famously covered by Eric Clapton. Anyway, both playing very nice acoustic 6-strings, they took turns playing leads and changing from lead to rhythm and back with nothing more than a nod. It was ELECTRIC and I regret to this day not recording this but I was mesmerized! As we talked with our friends afterwards, we all had goosebumps! 
Next year’s World Stage is already booked!
Rich Silverman
Hated missing the show this year … but it sounds like another incredible performance.

Here is a copy of the set list for World Stage 2020 from Jim Peterik’s website:

Set One:
Jim Peterik
- Night Of The World Stage
- Rocking Into The Night
Dave Jenkins
- Love Will Find A Way
- I Go To Rio
Anthony Gomes
- Cold Stop
- How Blue Can You Get
Toby Hitchcock
- Sound Of Home
- High On You/I Can't Hold Back
David Pack
- That's How Much I Feel
- Life Beyond L.A.
Set Two:
Brooklyn Charmers
- My Old School
The Ides of March
- People Get Ready/Blue Storm Rising
- L.A. Goodbye
- Friends Like You
- Vehicle
Dave Jenkins
- Don't Wanna Live Without It
- Whatcha Gonna Do
Anthony Gomes
- True That
- Come Down
David Pack
- You're The Only Woman
- You're The Biggest Part of Me
Toby Hitchcock
- Man Against The World
- The Search Is Over
Joel Hoekstra
- Fool For Your Loving (Whitesnake)
- If I Could Turn Back Time (Cher)
- Here I Go Again (Whitesnake)
All-Skate Encore:
- Eye Of The Tiger

From Jim Peterik (with some more exceptional photos courtesy of Kristie Schram … I just LOVE the one of Colin Peterik where you see the piano keys reflecting in his glasses ... I don't think you could have gotten a better photo than this if you tried to stage it!!!)

Hi Kent!  
Jimbo here!
Here are the pro shots from my World Stage show Saturday at the Wentz Concert Hall, courtesy of Kristie Schram, our Photo Ninja.
It was another sold out, stellar night featuring The Ides of March, yours truly, Dave Jenkins of Pablo Cruise, David Pack, formerly of Ambrosia, Anthony Gomes, Toby Hitchcock of Pride of Lions, Colin Peterik and Brooklyn Charmers, Yvonne Gage, Riley Pettrone and special surprise guest, Joel Hoekstra of Whitesnake, Transiberian Orchestra, and Cher, making his triumphant return to World Stage.  (He was there for the first eight seasons of World Stage starting in 2000.). 
Thanks to my amazing team and to the incredible enthusiasm of the audience. It’s all for you.  
Much love. Jimbo 
PS: Thanks, Kent, for all you do to spread the word of Rock & Roll.


Legendary New York Disc Jockey Harry Harrison has died … 

The Morning Mayor has died.  I used to listen to his show at work.
Frank B.

According to this article, Harry got his start right here in Chicago (where he was born) doing fill-in work before he moved to New York and became a fixture on New York radio since 1959.  A couple of nice clips included here, too.  Another Radio Hall Of Fame Disc Jockey has left us.  (kk)

I just heard that Harry Harrison passed away yesterday. 
We could get WABC in Dodge City on winter nights in the 60's and Harry was one of several great DJ's we were always excited to hear.  Great voice and delivery.
Clark Besch  

I watched this and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Yes, we’ve run this link several times before … a very well done special spotlighting “How Chicago Rocked the ‘60’s” … lots of great music and interviews with all of the Cornerstones Of Rock guys from The Buckinghams, The Ides Of March, The New Colony Six, The Cryan’ Shames and The Shadows Of Knight … and more!  Check it out the next time you’ve got a free half hour.  (kk)

This sounds like a great show …

On Saturday, March 21st at The State Theater in New Brunswick, New Jersey, you can catch The Golden Oldies Spectacular, hosted by Harry G, the Duke of Doo-Wop  and Alan David Stein.  Check out THIS lineup:  Jay and the Americans, B.J. Thomas, Lou Christie, Dennis Tufano (former lead singer of The Buckinghams) and The 1910 Fruitgum Company.  (They need to take THIS show out on the road!) 
Watch the cool promo clip here: 

More information on Don Young and his Chicagoland Hit "She Lets Her Hair Down" from our readers ... and from Don himself!

Don also recorded a version of the song as Brainstorm, with the title "Early In The Morning." It differs slightly from his version of "She Lets Her Hair Down." 

We actually had this version featured in our Don Young story that never ran.
Believe it or not, after some extensive searching, I finally was able to find bits and pieces of what Don sent me.
Over the course of his career, he recorded as Don Young, Donny Young, Don Albano and Donny Albano (Albano is Don’s real last name.)
As mentioned previously, he also did short stints with The Fireflies (1962, where he acted as their lead singer and played guitar and saxophone) and as part of Vito and the Salutations (1965 – where he provided guitar and high tenor.)
Here, in his own words, is his story regarding his involvement with this particular tune, “She Lets Her Hair Down / Early In The Morning.”  (Ironically, you’ll see ANOTHER reference to David Clayton-Thomas mentioned here, just as one of our readers pointed out the other day!): 

In 1969, Stan Schwartz recommended me to replace the singer that they first used on “Early in the Morning.”  They wanted someone with a heavier voice, more like a David Clayton Thomas. My version gets picked up by Calla Records. (They are part of Roulette Records.)  They released the version with the flute intro and called the group Brainstorm, even though there was no such group yet. I remember auditioning musicians for the band.
As far as the personnel on the record, the flute is played by Lew Tabakin, the flugelhorn is played by Lloyd Michaels and Bernard Purdie is on drums, Chuck Rainey on bass and Marty Scharf on 12 string guitar.  Stan Schwartz and Mark Gartman were on keyboards.  I did not play on this one … just provided the lead vocal.
In June of 1969, Foote Cone and Belding picked “Early In The Morning” to be used with the video they shot for Clairol.  The commercial first airs around July, 1969. It is a success and wins a CLEO Award.
At this time, Calla records a few  more sides as follow ups.  From these sessions,   “How Do You Move A Mountain” is released as a single on Roulette.  This time, they go with my real name, Donny Albano.  That session produced two other records ... the B side, “I Can Remember,” and “Vanilla.”  I thought that “Vanilla” was a better song and track than “I Can Remember.”  I guess at this point they had already given up on the Brainstorm record.   I had some input with the production, played guitar on the tracks and sang with the back-up singers.
Then, in the fall of 1969, Bang Records bought my contract and the masters from Roulette.  On Bang, the record is now called “She Let Her Hair Down” and is released immediately.  Maybe because of the commercial, who knows, but this time we hit the charts. I become Don Young ... I guess you could say a more mature version of Donny Young … I am 26.
I really want to thank all of my fans and believers. You have no idea how good it made me feel to know that, after all these years, you still remember.      
Best to All and God Bless You.
Donny Young Albano 

UPDATE:  While looking for something else, I just found more from Don Young …

Some of it’s a bit repetitive based on what we just ran above …

But it is SO cool to be able to share all of this with you guys again!  (kk)

So good to hear from you. I hope that I cleared up some of the mystery. In fact, I usually referred to the song as "She Let's Her Hair Down". I had forgotten that Bang used "Early In The Morning" as the title. I forgot to mention that Calla had it out as "Brainstorm" ... same record minus the classical intro, released around March or April of 1969.
I wonder if there is any record of the appearances I made in Houston (Larry Kane) or Cincinnati (Up Beat )?? Those were other cities where I made it to #1. (They sent video tape to many other shows ... I guess it was cheaper than sending me.) Check out the Ben E King CD. (Google "Ben E King cd I've Been Around") and you will get to hear portions from Amazon.
Keep in touch.
Best to all for a Happy Holiday Season,
Don Young
Thanks, Don, and the same to you. We've been pushing for releases of the old "Up Beat" television series (Cleveland, I thought) for YEARS now ... seems like everybody who was anybody appeared on this program at one time or another. (I heard the video tapes are available but for an INCREDIBLE licensing fee, even just for one-time usage.) Would LOVE to see all this stuff come out again so that the rest of us around the country could enjoy it, too. Crazy to have all this great stuff sitting in a vault somewhere. The footage is truly getting less and less valuable as the audience that WANTS to see these again is shrinking!!! Might as well put it out while those who care can still enjoy it all! Thanks for all the info! (Hey, now Joel Whitburn can update HIS bio for his next edition, too!!!) kk

Hi Kent!
I have in my hand an original record from 1969. it shows the title as "SHE LETS HER HAIR DOWN" (EARLY IN THE MORNING) on BANG RECORDS by DON YOUNG. I also have the original release drom CALLA RECORDS by BRAINSTORM. The title on this is "Early In The Morning". Both records list PAUL VANCE and LEON CARR as the composers. I assume that because the CALLA record was pre-Clairol, hair was not an issue when this version was released in early 1969. (Note: this is the same record on Bang, minus the classical intro.)
I also have a record that was released around June, 1969, on ROULETTE called "HOW DO YOU MOVE A MOUNTAIN". ROULETTE chose to use my real name, DONNY ALBANO, for this venture, which was R&B. It seems that while they may have given up on "EARLY IN THE MORNING", they were still in favor of keeping me as an artist. CALLA and ROULETTE were related companies. The commercial was released around July of 1969 (and won a CLEO!)
The transfer to BANG took place around the fall of 1969. I remember doing the Up-Beat show in Cincinnati and the LARRY KANE SHOW in Houston, one week before X-MAS 1969. In both cities the record was in the top three. I recorded several more songs for BANG in 1970 … however they were not released. Paul Davis wrote one ... he was on Bang at the time. 
I find it interesting that you have a BANG record that lists Early In The Morning as the title???
Don "Young" Albano
F.Y.I. The name YOUNG was first used by AM-CAN records in 1963 on my recording TWELVE TO SEVEN
As the record took off in different parts of the country, Bang must have re-pressed it. Perhaps, as you suggested, "Early In The Morning" was the ORIGINAL title they went with ... and then, between the usage of this song in the Clairol commercial ad campaign (and the release of a completely different tune using the same title by Vanity Fare), they opted to just change the name to "She Lets Her Hair Down" to avoid any further confusion. (Strange, too, as we pointed out in our website piece, that Rupert Holmes produced a version called "Early In The Morning" for The Cuff Links LP but then, when he recorded it himself, changed it to "She Lets Her Hair Down" ... and, apparently, took a bit of the song-writing credit, too!!!) Again, thanks for all this extra information ... part of what makes Forgotten Hits such a COMPLETE source when it comes to things like these!!! (kk) 

kk …
Quoting Ron Smith's Book, “8 Days a Week” –
1/29/1959 = According To Troy Shondell, Buddy Holly was at his show in Davenport, Iowa, just a few days before the plane crash.
I wasn't at the show – but I did buy Troy's 45 “This Time.”
“This Time” was a #1 Hit here in Chicago.
Watch for more Buddy Holly information on February 3rd.  (kk)

I vote for Quick Joey Small as the #1 bubblegum hit.
Jack Levin 

Hi Kent,
Saw your note concerning the Guess Who performing at the Genesee Theater in October and wanted to let you know the Guess Who are down to just one original member, that being the drummer, Garry Peterson.  Jim Kale, the original bass player, though he co-owns the rights to the Guess Who name, no longer performs with them.  Rudy Suarzo, formerly of Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, and Whitesnake, is now their bass player.  And yes, the Guess Who of today is the not sound of the Guess Who of yesterday, with hit after hit.  For that sound, we will have to catch Bachman-Cummings on tour this year, or forever refer to the original audio "photograph" moments in time captured on vinyl, CD, mp3, YouTube, or our memory banks!
On a footnote, what did you think of the Grammys this year?  I know the show varies from year to year, but this year's show seemed a bit different than usual.  How's that for being politically-correct, neutral, and non-offensive?  ha!
Loved all the Pop Lists you published!  Somewhere there is a radio station that is going to take a chance and play all those songs and cash in!  But then again, let's not hold our breath -- is my face turning blue yet?
Tim Kiley
Believe it or not, this is the first year EVER where I did not watch The Grammys … I didn’t think I would EVER get to that point.  (I can’t remember what we watched instead but with all the controversy circulating about how so much of this is rigged … and the fact that I was familiar with SO little of the music … I guess I just didn’t see the point.)  And then I saw that this week’s brand new #1 Album is by Eminem!!!  Say What?!?!?  What year is this anyway?  I didn’t think that would EVER happen again … or that anybody was still paying attention.  (So what do I know!!!)  kk     

This is what the WIND poster looks like in living color. It also comes in yellow, if it matches your home decor better. I have both colors available.

I was a BIG fan of WIND in the early 70s and have a copy of their Top 1000 list. The station was easily found on a good radio here in metro Milwaukee. I was especially fond of DJ Connie Szerszen . Connie claims to be the first girl rock jock on AM radio in America. Connie had a sweet voice and a great on-air persona. She has written her memoir “Top Rock Girly Jock” and her background is very interesting. She was as good-looking as her voice suggested and was apparently “involved” with some famous rockers. Connie also hosted the infamous Kiddie A-Go-Go show. She also became an accomplished portrait artist. Check out Connie on Facebook to find her picture from her younger days and videos of her now.
Bob Verbos
Connie’s been a Forgotten Hits Reader for several years now … we first met her when her book came up … but used to listen to her all the time on WSDM-FM, the all-girl-dj “smack dab in the middle” pop station on the FM dial.

A vintage memory from 2009, via the late Ron Smith, who worked with Connie at WIND during the era we’ve been covering …

My first professional radio job back in the early '70s was answering phones during one of WIND’s Battle Weekends in Chicago (and why doesn't radio do THOSE anymore?). I remember working with a DJ who wore a wide-brimmed hat and pulled it down over her eyes -- obscuring me, the producer, the engineer and anything but the audience she was imagining talking to. That was my introduction to Connie Szerszen. Now, Connie has taken off that "lucky hat" and opened up her life and career to us. Her autobiography, "Top Rock Girly Jock," has just been published by Starbright Publishing (ISBN: 978-0-615-30718-3 $19.95). Frankly, I loved the book and I'm recommending it to all. It's a nice mix of her life story (not many women would admit to dating such cheating boyfriends), gossipy celebrity items (two meetings with Elvis and a date with Neil Diamond) and lots of photos and radio memorabilia. Whether it's from WSDM (where she was Den Pal Dawn), WCFL (the Girl from Ten), WIND (the Polish Princess), WJMK or her personal life (Chicago's Alvernia High or Northwestern University), Connie clearly never threw anything away and we're the beneficiaries. An added bonus are pictures of some of her oil paintings and portraits that prove just how talented this woman truly is. Connie described the project to me recently as a "fun, nostalgic book and, hopefully, inspirational to young folks." I think she hit a home run in that department. "Jeszcze Polska Nie Zginela," Connie (her closing line each night -- read the book for the translation). Now, will someone please put this Chicago legend back on-the-air?
Ron Smith
You can still order a copy of Connie’s book thru the link above … a very fun read.  (kk)

In fact, even Connie chimed in …

Gosh, Kent!
EVERYONE is telling me about FORGOTTEN HITS and just RAVING! I can't thank you enough for including my book, "TOP ROCK GIRLY JOCK -- A CHICAGO RADIO FIRST!" on your site. I thought, when I wrote it, that it might be helpful to young folks trying to break into a career that seemed out of reach. Since I was born in Chicago, I tried to tell how, coming from a non-media-connected family, it was still possible to get that gig, just by being persistent. Of course, I would never have been in radio, if it hadn't been for Den Pal Penny Lane (WSDM-FM), whom I didn't know, and who insisted I give it a shot, back when I worked for WCFL as a Talent Coordinator. It's made me realize that it's God's Hand at work that leads us to where He wants us to be -- and so, the inspiration in the book -- "There's a bit of Stardust in everyone -- so we may sparkle for each other." I tried to do that for my listeners -- because they sure did that for me. And YOU! Your unbelievable info on the site and the many friendships it inspires -- God bless you for sharing your Stardust with the world.
Will be talking more about the book with Steve & Johnnie on WGN, 720 AM, Tuesday, Oct. 27. Hope you get to tune in!
Connie Szerszen
Thanks, Connie ... as a long-time listener and fan, it means a lot that you are enjoying what we do here in Forgotten Hits. I'm hoping you'll share some of YOUR memories with our readers from time to time. Best of luck with your book sales! (kk)
OOOOOHHHHH -- Goody Goody!
And y'know, I'm finally able to get to know listeners. When I did the shows, everything was a rush -- now with "radio you can read" -- haha -- great line and so true -- we can finally communicate!
I hear so many good things about you and your site -- a former listener way out in Colorado -- Jeff Duntemann -- a great writer -- turned me on to you. So many folks are impressed with your knowledge -- I know you've got me beat!
What really makes this whole thing work is the participation of the readers ... from ALL walks of life ... fans, industry insiders, artists, disc jockeys ... together we are able to share our love and knowledge with each other and keep this great music alive. Believe me, I learn something new in Forgotten Hits every single week!!! (lol) kk

More on Connie’s book (from 2009) …

I promised you that when I read Connie Szerszen's book I would give you a review. I don't know if you read it yet, but I think it would be worth picking up, for anyone as in to the Chicago radio scene as we are.
While I was struck by the brevity of Clark Weber's book, that is not the case here.
"Top Rock Girly Jock" is 346 pages long.
The first 60 pages recount Connie's childhood in great detail. As a fellow Chicagoan who grew up about the same time, I found it interesting
The best part, though, begins when she recounts her adventures at WCFL. Names and places and sometime pictures are provided. It's amazing the amount of detail that she remembers. The book is also peppered with facetious asides and double entendres like those that got her radio show compared to Larry Lujack's. For example, after reading about her adventures with Neil Diamond, the chapter title "Cherry, Cherry" seems doubly appropriate. I finished this book in less than a day, it was a very fast, entertaining read for me.
Ed Erxleben

>>>WIND wasn't really known for it rock and roll or Top 40 chops  (kk)
WIND was a fascinating station in that period.  For the 70's times, this station would be (followed by others) a leader for those stations who were unafraid to play ALL the hits.  I can think of KOMA's Larry Neal in the 90's and something called MeTV-FM as two who played many of these, too … and eventually Kent Kotal featuring these over the years as something called "Forgotten Hits." 
FH'er Ed Erxleben was taping off the station then with his trusty reel to reel like I did in the 60's and he captured an amazing amount audio proving how great this station was.  I have clipped bits and pieces of these great moments in radio.  SO before anyone disses WIND in the 70's check this track out. 
I was amazed by how cool this station was for many of us oldies completists.  Some very awesome DJs like Ron "King Bee" Britain (sounding a little different, but still popping a drop in at the end of his show!), Chuck Benson, Chuck Wood, Dick Williamson and even a VERY young future star, Connie Szerszen!  She sounds like it was her first radio gig, as most of us radio people did. 
Sure, they played "The Hits" on the top 1000 WIND chart, but you can hear BJ Thomas' "It's Only Love," "Wives & Lovers" by Jack Jones, "Lola" (Cherry Cola) and the Chordettes' "Never on Sunday."  They played them all and deserve credit for a fascinating day of music daily.  I believe Mr. Weber was also on WIND in the 70's, but not sure if during this period.
Thanks again to Ed for giving me many hours of cool WIND radio!
Clark Besch

How about that ... a #1's Weekend that actually plays ALL of the songs that hit #1 (instead of the same 50-100 they play all the time anyway.)  Yes ... a day and age when radio was still fun and offering the unexpected.  (No, we don't want to hear all these songs every day ... or even every week or every month ... but what a nice surprise to see these hits being recognized again within the context of a specialty weekend!)
Clark Weber was indeed on WIND during this era.  (I remember Clark and Connie hosting an online radio show several years ago that lasted far too briefly.)
I guess I missed this era of WIND’s “hit years.”  (I think they’re a Spanish station these days!)  During the early ‘70’s, I was still enjoying the Radio Wars going on between WLS and WCFL … and I guess I never really went anywhere else back in the day when cars only had AM Radios … and ‘LS and Super ‘CFL were the hottest stations in town.  Now I regret not exploring further.  (Hey Ed … if you’ve some more tapes to share, I would love to hear them!)  kk 

And then we heard from Ed ... but thru an email he sent to Clark Besch ...

WIND was the first place I heard many of the great oldies of the fifties that I hadn't heard when they were popular.  At work, I used to go out to my car during my lunch break and listen to WIND play the oldies on the radio … usually it was during Connie Szerszen's show.  She developed a biting sense of humor, sort of like Larry Lujack.  I remember after playing "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" she commented "Frankie, the eyes can stay, but the hands have got to go."  She had some Polish phrase she used to say at the end of her show, too.
Ron Britain was on Real Oldies during the early 2000's.  He quit because program director Tommy Edwards said he was taking up too much time with his bits.  Well, that's what he's known for.  Tough decision.
Good work with the samples from all these tapes, Clark.  I'm glad you saved them from going in the dumpster.
Dang, I really missed out on this!
I discovered many of those great '50's and early '60's classics a year later when "American Graffiti" came out in theaters ... bought the soundtrack album right away ... and then one of those TV-Only 5-LP sets of GREAT music from this era.
Like I said before, being an oldies station in 1972 REALLY narrowed the playing field ... even playing a 15 year old song put you at 1957.  (I remember WGLD, one of Chicago's very first all oldies stations playing a lot of these late '50's and early '60's tracks ... I remember thinking "The Boll Weevil Song" by Brook Benton was the COOLEST thing around this same time!  (lol)
Truth is, far too many of these songs haven't aged very well and are difficult to listen to today ... they just sound SO dated ... while others are every bit as fresh and exciting today as they were way  back when.  (Honestly, I don't imagine too many people clamoring to hear "Allegheny Moon" again any time soon ... but it WAS a hit! (And it scored ahead of "Georgy Girl," "Alone Again Naturally," "The End Of The World," "Bread And Butter," "Cracklin' Rosie" and "Twist And Shout" on that WIND list!!!  Go figure!)
I've always said, each to their own taste ... and this list offers up ALL kinds of variety.  (But even Me-TV-FM knows better than to dig too deep into the '50's these days ... unless it's music by the biggest mainstream artists of the day.)  kk 

And Frannie sent me this smiler to end this week’s comments page … 

A quick word of advice ...
Be careful if you try this at home!!!
(We cannot be held responsible for the results!)  kk