Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Beatles Get Back Book

Big news this week as OFFICIALLY announced the companion book that will be released in conjunction with the new Peter Jackson Beatles film, "Get Back."


Originally slated to premier next month, the pandemic pushed this (and life as we know it) back a year ... the new official film release date is August 27th, 2021 (what an INCREDIBLE birthday present that will be!), with the book becoming available four days later on the 31st.  (Ditto!)

We recently talked about the book that accompanied the original British release of the "Let It Be" album back in 1970 ... and how I had been able to pick up an intact copy (a real rarity, believe me!) a few months back.

This new edition looks absolutely stunning, jammed packed with photos and memories from all that were there.  (The goal with the new Peter Jackson film is to show that The Beatles were NOT all ill-spirited with one another at the end ... and that, in fact, these were some of the most creative and productive sessions of their career.  Keep in mind that while the filming and sessions for "Let It Be" were abandoned at the time and stuck on the shelf to be sorted out later, The Beatles regrouped shortly thereafter to create their true, ultimate swan song ... and perhaps best album of all time, "Abbey Road."  It was only timeline circumstances that caused "Let It Be" to be released afterwards.)

The whole concept of the original "Get Back" film was to show The Beatles "getting back" to simpler times in the studio without all the crazy overdubbing and lush productions that they had grown into once they stopped touring.  This was their chance to "get back to where they once belonged" ... with just the four of them, along with some help from George Martin in the studio and old friend Billy Preston, who was invited to participate (at George Harrison's suggestion) to keep the band on their best behavior.

The original "Let It Be" film (long out of print for DECADES now) showed, instead of a band rehearsing and recording their brand new album, a band falling apart at the seams.  With some of the arguments and confrontations left in the then final edit, it bode a sad farewell to the greatest band there ever was.

This new film is supposed to rectify all of that.  Jackson had something like 180 hours of filmed footage and studio recordings to go through in order to edit a happier final chapter.

The new book features over 200 beautiful photographs, spread out over 240 pages.  It's the first official release sanctioned by The Beatles and Apple Corps. since their Anthology volume twenty years ago.  Quotations from all of The Fab Four are included both from the time as well as reflecting back after so many years.

When The Beatles first got together in January of 1969 to begin filming the making of their next album, their CURRENT album (The White Album) was still sitting on top of the charts.  Filming showed them warming up in rehearsals by playing a wide variety of old rock and roll standards dating back to the Hamburg days and working on arrangements to new material they had each brought into the studio with them.  (As such, several songs that would later appear on "Abbey Road" and even some of their early solo albums were given consideration.)

The whole thing culminated with their infamous rooftop concert on January 30th ... their last live performance.  (If you look at the footage of this "concert," other than the fact that they all had to be freezing their butts off on a late-January British afternoon, they looked like they were genuinely having fun up there ... and THIS is the mood the new edit of the film will hopefully convey.)


Originally there was also talk about a "Let It Be" 50th Anniversary commemorative box set being released, featuring all kinds of bonus material recorded during these sessions (ala the "Sgt. Pepper," "White Album" and "Abbey Road" boxes released over the last several years) as well as BOTH cuts of the film.  Hopefully plans for this are still on the table ... although I'm sure we won't see anything until after "Get Back" completes its theatrical run.  (Praying there are no further delays on that front as well!!!)


Friday, September 18, 2020

This Week In 1970

We have TWO '60's Icons making the news this week ... 

Just wish it could have been a bit more positive!!!

September 18th – Jimi Hendrix dies in Kensington, London, England, of an accidental drug overdose.  (Officially, he took too many sleeping pills and then choked to death on his own vomit.)  He was 27.

You can find our Jimi Hendrix special tribute here: 
And then this, from a new, upcoming release:

September 20th – Jim Morrison of The Doors is acquitted of charges of “lewd and lascivious behavior” but is found guilty of exposing himself during a concert at The Dinner Key Auditorium in Coconut Grove a year and a half earlier.  At the trial, held at the Dade County Courthouse in Miami, Florida, Judge Goodman sentenced Morrison to six months of hard labor along with a $500 fine for public exposure … and an additional six months of hard labor for profanity.  The sentence was appealed but Morrison died in Paris, France on July 3, 1971, before he could be brought back to trial.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Thursday This And That

This message is late, I know.
Confusion abounds here with reopening schools ...
BUT I truly want to thank Kent and Scott Shannon for the 200 Top Summer Hits Weekend and more.
Scott and I have talked about the importance music has had in our lives and how it kept us going through tough times and enjoying the best of times.
I feel like I am in A Tale of Two Cities right now. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”
The worst of times is very obvious in all sectors, but my restrictions have also produced observations of the best of times emerging from people.
Pushing that PLAY button on the True Oldies Channel or Forgotten Hits kept pulling my feet back to the ground and enabled me to prepare for (literally) THE FIRST DAYS OF SCHOOL. It’s completely different, as if it hasn’t existed before.
For whatever comes my way, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing the music as YOU AND I TRAVEL TO THE BEAT OF A DIFFERENT DRUM.    
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano

Hey Kent -
“Satisfaction” DEFINITELY qualifies as a summer song!
I was 9 in July of 1965 and we made the obligatory family vacation road trip. Mom and Dad, me, and my four siblings piled in the ol’ Ford Falcon station wagon from Virginia to my aunt and uncle’s place in Connecticut.
As we were pounding on each other in the back seat, more than once Dad made the standing threat of “Don’t make me pull this car over!” (Sounds like the Griswolds, right?)
Once we got to the New Jersey Turnpike and within daytime listening range, my older brother and I begged Dad to tune the radio to WABC. You can imagine how that went over!
Long story short, somewhere in CT he finally relented and the first song we heard was “Satisfaction.” We were in heaven and Dad was having a meltdown over that damned long haired rock and roll.
Ahhh, memories!
- Larry Cave

Hi Kent,
I join the countless others in thanking you for all your hard work in putting together the 2020 Summer Song Countdown.  There was something in there for everybody -- what a great compilation!
Tim Kiley 

Might be old by now, but I don't watch TV;  I found it on YouTube.  It's cute. 

GREAT one … never saw it before!  (kk)

It was heart-warming to see all the tributes and love shown for Dick Biondi – he touched the hearts of so many listeners and artists over the years and truly is one of a kind … and, one of rock and roll’s originals.
But as much as I enjoyed the birthday bash, I also tuned in to see YOU!!!
You have been touting this film for several years now, helping to draw both interest and donations … and I expected to see you have a greater presence in the ceremonies.
What happened?
I was there … you just had to hang around for three hours to see me! (lol)
Pam and Joe do SUCH a good job with these things (and I’m hardly a master of ceremonies … especially when you’ve got guys like Scott Mackay and John Landecker at your disposal!)
I just want to help get this film made and out there for people to see … so I’m willing to help in any way I can to help make that happen.  In this way, we ALL benefit.
I’m just hoping that in the final edit of the film, the whole story of Dick’s connection to getting The Beatles played here in Chicago is allowed to be told because it was a momentous occasion … even if nobody had ANY clue as to its importance at the time!  (kk)

I skimmed through an hour of the Dick Biondi birthday tribute and it was great to see so much love for Dick, but I was disappointed ...
I thought they were going to talk with you.
Tom Cuddy
I was in hour three … about 45 minutes in … for about all of two minutes.
It’s a shame because about the first six minutes of our interview was cut from the broadcast … and it really made it look disjointed.
The whole premise of bringing me in was to talk about Dick playing the first Beatles record in America … which would have been “Please Please Me” in February of 1963.
We talked about how he came to have that record to play … how Capitol was refusing to release Beatles records in America (and why) … and how other earlier attempts to launch The Beatles here failed (“She Loves You” being played on American Bandstand, for example) simply because America wasn’t ready to accept four mop-tops from Liverpool.
We actually covered quite a bit of ground in a very brief period of time … and when she showed the label with The Beatles’ name misspelled with two T’s (something else I covered), I figured this was my spot … but ALL of it was cut!  (A shame, too, because I think I had some good interaction with John Landecker during this segment.)
I know we were having technical difficulties while recording this segment … and at one point, Landecker’s dogs got loose and went crazy (!) … so I followed up the next day to see if everything had come out all right (thinking that if necessary I could at least re-record my answers to be spliced in to the original recording) … but was told that they hadn’t even reviewed it yet and not to worry.
Based on that, I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed with the end result …
But we pretty much covered the same ground in the film (which I hope they’ll show in its entirety once it finally comes out!)
A lot of talk about this airing on PBS … and I know that deal has been made …
We’re just waiting now for the final edit.  Hopefully this fundraiser was enough to push them over the top in order to make that happen.  (I honestly thought we had reached our goal with the LAST fundraiser … so I’ve gotta believe we’re REALLY close now, if not already there.)  kk
As I said, I watched the first hour and now I just went back to the Facebook site to watch your segment and it appears you’re not able to watch any of today’s production.  Is it posted anywhere now? It would be smart to do that since everyone wasn’t available this afternoon to see it.
I’m going to send a check to the PO Box they promoted on the site.
It looks like the individual hourly segments are posted here:
They're available as four one-hour segments.  (All of these will be posted to YouTube before the end of the week ... and we'll send links for those as soon as they're available.)  Naturally, donations are still being taken.
Again, if you're looking for ME, you’ll find me (briefly!) in Hour Three, during the John Landecker segment (about 45 minutes in)  Thank you so much for making a donation ... it is very much appreciated (and puts us one step closer to getting this thing released!!!)  kk
By the way …

The best line of the entire four hour broadcast has to go to Jim Pilster (J.C. Hooke of The Cryan’ Shames) who said:
“I understand you’re turning 88.  My wife told me that if I ever turn 88, she’ll kill me.”  (lol)  Love ya, Jimmy!  (kk)

Hi, Kent.
Just read the piece about Gary Theroux finding that rare Biondi LP, "The Teenagers."  I treasure my copy - found it at a flea market a number of years ago.  Very rare.
One interesting part of the story of that LP is that the crazy-looking sweater that Dick is wearing  (my apologies to Pam) was purchased by and given to Dick as a gift by Pam Pulice, the hard-working lady who was been busting her butt making the Dick Biondi Film for 6 1/2 years.  ;-)   (Luvya, sweetie!)
Mike Wolstein

Yep … we’ve covered that a few times now (and you’re right … it IS a pretty darn ugly sweater!!! Lol) … but Pam’s love and appreciation for Biondi and all the enjoyment he contributed to her life is EXACTLY what’s kept this project going.  (Actually, I thought she made it for him - ???  Still, how incredibly cool that he chose to wear it for the album cover photo shoot!) Let’s hope we’re finally close to seeing the end result.  (Before the pandemic hit there was some talk about doing some film festival showings of a final “rough cut” of the film … figuring that audience feedback might help with the final editing.)
Even THAT would be a welcome surprise at this point … and I would LOVE to be part of it.  That’s how we build momentum for Carolyn Travis’ “Airplay” documentary … and Denny Tedesco’s “Wrecking Crew” film.  Nothing like good word of mouth to create a buzz!!! (kk)

Like many of your readers have said, Dick was the kind of guy who would bend over backwards to entertain his listeners.
One day back in March of 2007, I told Deon Jackson (who was living up in Arlington Heights, not far from me), that Dick Biondi would probably be interested in interviewing him live on the air.  He said OK, so I gave Deon's info to Dick, and a
few hours later, the interview was done, and Dick played it soon after.  That's just the kind of guy Dick is.

Deon Jackson had the big hit “Love Makes The World Go Round” in 1966.  (#11)  I had NO idea he was living here in the Chicago area for all that time!  Sadly, he passed away in 2014.
Dick was kind to SO many of these artists back in the day, ALWAYS willing to help give somebody a leg up on that fickle show-biz ladder of success.  (kk)

I can only add my voice to the Biondi accolades. 
My career as a DJ was spent mostly in the Chicago burbs, although I did work off-mic for WLS, WMAQ and WIND. 
Dick and I crossed paths at least four times during the 1960s - 2000s. 
1) He welcomed me into his office unannounced at WCFL after his show to give me DJ advice. 
2) He met me after a live show at the Kane County Fairgrounds.  He drove a green VW beetle; I was looking for a limo!  We talked for 30 minutes about how his advice had helped me with my career. 
3) I had a private 90 minute interview with him before his show early one morning at WBBM-FM.  It was recorded about his life and career and I still have a copy. 
4) Finally, even though I was working in the shadow of his show in the late ‘90s, he recorded some promos for me that said something to the effect that, "Whenever I'm driving to or from my (dick's) show, I listen to the Jon .... Show on W...!." 
At the height of his popularity on WLS, my mother told me that he would never be allowed in our house, because he was crazy and a bad influence.  I was 12 at the time. 
Many years later, she had apparently changed her mind when I told her that he was considering my invite to a home-cooked dinner.  She said, "OK, Let him in."   And she didn't even know who Wings was!
She is gone now, but the invitation still stands.  Great guy!
Jon M

Hi Kent!
Thanks for all you did to promote the Biondi event! I knew you would!
I watched the entire Biondi Birthday tribute. It was very well done.
THANKS … and CONGRATS to Pamela Pulice and Joe Farina on a job well done!
I knew a few of the Chicago area performers personally but I did see almost all of the other local acts. It was a really well-produced program.
One of the highlights for me was the interview with Dean Torrence (Jan & Dean). Dean spoke in depth of their early recording experiences. I found it fascinating that not only did they sing and harmonize brilliantly, Dean also created his own recording studio, and composed, arranged, and wrote most of the charts himself. 
I think it is a SHAME  that he and Jan (RIP) have NOT been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall yet, which I believe is a tragic oversight!  We need to do something about that!
Thanks for reading this, Kent! I am interested to read your take on the event! I hope they received enough donations to finish the project SOON!
Folks can still donate on FaceBook, as you know.   
And I hope they did not sell out of the Biondi T-shirt. I need one!   
Have a great day,
There were SO many great testimonials from artists as to the extent that Dick Biondi helped their careers during the early, formative days of rock and roll …
And so many others that I just know would have contributed, were they still around.
Still, hearing from Dean Torrence, Brian Hyland, Frankie Avalon, Neil Sedaka, Johnny Tillotson, Tommy Roe, Tommy James, all of our Local Heroes (of course!), including the guys from Chicago, and many, many more was a REAL treat.  (Let’s face it, we don’t get to see these guys every day … and with the whole pandemic this past year, we haven’t even had the chance to catch them in concert!)
The stories told about Dick refusing to have his name connected with The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Museum in Cleveland until the rock band Chicago was inducted were timeless and precious memories.
Can’t wait to see the final film … I’m hoping we should be close!!!  (kk)

Thanks for the post in your blog.
Something that you might note about the "Weeks at Number 1" factoid ... 
The reason I picked the arbitrary period 1963-1989 is because it was an era of relative stability on the charts.  Joel Whitburn runs this down in his Top Pop Album books, but there was originally a 15 album chart, then a variable chart from 10-30, then a split between mono and stereo, new albums and older albums.  Finally, in 1961, it coalesced into a 150 position mono chart and a 50 position stereo chart.  Mono and Stereo was combined into a 150 album chart 8/17/63, which is where Ranking the Albums starts.  The chart grew to 200 in 1967.  It ends in 1989 when the LP was effectively dead and before there was more chart chicanery. 
I have no idea how to make apples-to-apples sense of 1955 to now as one study.
By the way -- I've attached a picture of the simplified methodology equation.

See?  It's that easy!
lol ... got it!
I have always argued that there is NO way to accurately compare the charts from the '60's and '70's to the charts of today if only because it was SO competitive back then that acts were releasing as many as THREE albums in a single year!!!  (And good stuff, too!)
I was a little surprised by Fred Bronson's comment in the book’s forward that, regardless of HOW the charts were compiled, there was still a #1, a #2, a #3, etc.
While there's a certain amount of truth to that ... and I would agree that any INDIVIDUAL chart since your 1989 end-period represents the most popular albums of that given week or time ... comparing the collective information as a WHOLE is a completely different story all-together.  (The Beatles probably would have charted at least another 50-60 times if each individual album cut was ranked at the time of its release, simply on airplay alone.  Even The Monkees would have another two dozen chart hits because the cuts off those first four albums were played with the same frequency of most of the singles on the chart at the time.)  Someone like Bronson, who covered Chart Beat for Billboard for decades, certainly knows better than to break it down into such simplistic terms ... it just doesn't hold water as a whole.  (kk)

One thing that really jumped out at me in William Carroll's new book "Ranking The Albums," is the fact that he offers this up as part of his “Foreward” / "How To Use This Book / FAQs" section:

Q:  There's so much stuff here.  Are there any mistakes?
A:  Probably.  I hope you look  hard enough to find them and let me know where they are.

Those of us who do what we do strive for perfection which, of course, is impossible ... but we keep trying to get as close as possible.  With FH, it's always been about presenting "The Most Accurate Truth Possible," arrived at thru any number of conflicting sources available ... some trying to recall events from fifty years ago, some generated by the publicity machine at the time.  Like they say, there are three sides to every story ... yours, mine and the truth.  (kk)

Harvey Kubernik interviews Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones here:   

>>>In the football game last night, I heard a commercial (can't remember the product) in which the Chambers Brothers’ TIME HAS COME TODAY was playing in the background. Now offhand, I don't remember ever hearing this before. Maybe it has been on before several times, but if so, I can't remember.  (Larry Neal)
It's for the cloud-computing-services company connected to Amazon.
Here it is at
Bob Frable

From Frank B:
Very sad to hear that Charles Patrick, the original lead singer of The Monotones’ “Book Of Love,” passed away today on his 82nd birthday. He was believed to be the last surviving member from the original lineup.
R.I.P. Charles Howard Patrick.
(September 11, 1938 - September 11, 2020) 
One Hit Wonders in the truest sense of the term, The Monotones had EXACTLY one chart hit … not even so much as a “bubbling under” follow-up … when “Book Of Love” went to #5 in 1958.  (kk)

We also heard that Edna Wright, the lead singer of the female vocal trio Honey Cone, who scored a #1 pop and R&B hit with “Want Ads” in 1971, died Saturday (September 12). Wright, younger sister of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Darlene Love, suffered from COPD and was having difficulty breathing. Though attempts were made to revive her, she suffered a heart attack at Encinco Medical Center. Wright was 76. 
In her pre-Honey Cone days, Wright sang backup for various artists, including Ray Charles and the Righteous Brothers. As a solo artist in the ’60s, she used the pseudonym Sandy Wynns to record a solo single, “A Touch of Venus,” for the Champion label.
But it was in 1969 that Wright’s best-known role got underway when she formed Honey Cone with Shelly Clark and Carolyn Willis. After several mid-chart singles, the trio struck gold with “Want Ads” on the Hot Wax label. The song debuted on the Hot 100 at #79 on April 10, 1971. Within nine weeks on the chart, it reached #1 and remained there for 3 weeks, selling over one million copies.
(Information courtesy of Best Classic Bands)  kk

Cousin Brucie, Volume 2:
This week Cousin Brucie is calling it WABC-77 MUSIC RADIO.  They usually say WABC-77 TALK RADIO. He's talking about PALISADES PARK REUNION #8.  He's taking a lot of requests, phone and e-mail.
Duke Fakir (Four Tops) called in. He said they're working on a Broadway type play. Why not ... it worked for the Temptations. 
I think Cousin Brucie is losing it.
Example #1:  Guy from Florida calls in ... wants to hear a song by the Passions. Jimmy Gallagher, lead singer of the Passions, lives in Florida ... makes sense.
Cousin Brucie says “I'll play your song another time.” He plays some other song instead.
Example #2:  Woman calls in and says “I'm here listening with my husband and daughter. She received her First Communion today.”  Brucie says “Isn't that great -- What can I play for you?”  They make a request ...  and Cousin Brucie says “I'll play
your song another time” and he plays "I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND" by the Beatles instead.
Sounds like he must have a very limited amount of music at his fingertips … not much point in doing a Request Show if you can’t actually PLAY the requests!!!
Now granted, these aren’t songs you typically hear every day (which is kinda the biggest PLUS of doing a Request Show … far too often we hear people calling in and asking for something that you know the station was going to play ANYWAY within the next hour or so because it falls into their limited 200-300 song play list!)  And I can see on some of the obscure stuff that you might have to wait until the following week so he can bring the record in in order to play it on the air.  Really not all that uncommon … unless, of course, you’re listening to somebody like Dave The Rave … ask HIM to play a request and all he has to do is run upstairs to his No Static Attic and pull it off the shelf out of his own billion 45’s record collection!!!
(Now THAT’S a Request Show!!!)  kk

kk …
Here are two of our favorites …

Dennis Tufano and Brian Hyland
LOTS of Dennis Tufano pics here via this link … hangin’ with several of his costars from the oldies stage!  (Just hit the arrow buttons to see Peter Noone, Ron Dante, Gary Lewis,  Vito Picone, LaLa Brooks, Tony Burows, Bo Donaldson, Kyle Vincent, Jay Reincke, Bobby Miranda, Tom Doody, Jimy Sohns, Dave Zane
(Boy, some of these “package shows” would have been GREAT to see here in Chicago!!!)  kk

On Sunday, you said the Boston Pops had an instrumental cut in the Beatles AT40 Montage.  I believe it was by the Hollyridge Strings.  I have several of their Beatles cover LPs and the music was a dead ringer for their version.  I became a fan of instrument music mainly because of their LPs.
Jon M.
I guess I was mistaken.  Arthur Fiedler and The Boston Pops Orchestra had a minor hit (#55) in The Summer of 1964 with their arrangement of “I Want To Hold Your Hand” … in fact, at the end, they even sang “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” before wrapping things up!  (Yeah, I know … wrong song … but hey, the very fact that they even knew who The Beatles WERE was quite impressive!!!)  However, a few of the instrumental segments included in The American Top 40 Beatles Medley were actually by The George Martin Orchestra … you’ll hear segments from “A Hard Day’s Night,” “Help!” and “Yellow Submarine.”  (kk)

Tom Cuddy tells us …

ChicagoRoberta Flack and Isaac Hayes will be the among the honorees on Great Performances: Grammy Salute to Music Legends. 
The PBS special will air on October 16th and be hosted by producer Jimmy Jam. It will feature fresh performances of songs made famous by these legendary artists, who have received Special Merit Awards:
·         "If You Leave Me Now" (Chicago) - Performed by Philip Bailey
·         "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (Flack) - performed by Cynthia Erivo
·         "Where Is The Love" (Flack with Donny Hathaway) - performed by Cynthia Erivo and Leslie Odom Junior
·         A medley of "Soul Man" / "I Thank You" / "You Don't Know Like I Know" / "Hold On, I'm Comin'" / "You Got Me Hummin'" / "When Something Is Wrong With My Baby" (Hayes) - performed by Sam Moore
Also being saluted on the broadcast: Iggy PopJohn PrinePublic Enemy and Sister Rosetta TharpeKen EhrlichPhilip Glass and Frank Walker received Trustees Awards. 
The lineup of performers includes Laurie Anderson, Brandi Carlile, Chris Isaak, Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires, Cyndi Lauper,. Presenters include Rhiannon Giddens, Joe Mantegna, John Legend, LL COOL J, Greg Phillinganes, Henry Rollins, and Don Was.
In addition to the broadcast, the show will stream on PBS's mobile app.
I know you and your viewers dig The Byrds.
The link below from Music Magazine magazine will take everyone to a real deal history of the band and further educate everyone to the stellar talents and musical journey of Chris Hillman. His autobiography is due in November. 

A couple of upcoming events you may be interested in …

As we approach the 50th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s death, a live panel discussion and tribute concert event has been planned for THIS FRIDAY, September 18th
And you’re invited to join along!
Please join us on September 18, 2020, for a Jimi Hendrix panel discussion from the Regent Theater in Massachusetts to discuss Hendrix history.
Panelists include: Kathy Etchingham, Peter Neals (who produced the Hendrix film Experiences / See My Music Talking, and who wrote the book Starting at Zero: Jimi’s Own Story), Joel J. Brattin, Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Hendrix scholar, music journalist John Masouri and Rights Incorporated managing director Greg Roselli.
With the 50th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s death approaching, experts on the guitar legend will come together to commemorate his life, music, and legacy.
Joel J. Brattin, a professor of English at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an academic expert on Jimi Hendrix, will participate in a live, interactive panel discussion on the rock legend on Friday, Sept. 18. Brattin will appear with Peter Neal, who produced the first ever Hendrix film in 1967, Experiences / See My Music Talking, and who wrote the book Starting at Zero: Jimi’s Own Story, alongside others who were close to Hendrix.
Brattin’s expertise on Hendrix is internationally recognized. He has written, reviewed, and edited more than 300 Hendrix articles, books, reviews, and notes, and still writes regularly for European journals UniVibes and Jimpress, publications dedicated to Hendrix. About seven years ago, Brattin came into possession of the most important Hendrix concert tape to surface in decades: a stereo soundboard of a Hendrix concert at London's Royal Albert Hall held Feb. 18, 1969. His discovery was later featured in media outlets worldwide discussing the soundboard. He is also known for his insight on Hendrix’s famous performance at Woodstock in 1969.
Even though Hendrix died five decades ago, Brattin says there is always something new to hear in his music, and that the beauty of his music will shine for decades to come.
“Jimi’s music is wonderful and inexhaustibly rich,” says Brattin. “One of the things he’s great at is the creation of beauty. Beauty in music is important, and it’s not always something people think of when they think of Jimi.”
The Regent Theatre, Arlington, Mass., in collaboration with Starting at Zero, a book and film project about Jimi Hendrix, will host a live streamed event called “Jimi Hendrix Returns,” which will commemorate the legacy of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix, as well as the 50th anniversary of his untimely death.
The event will be broken into three sections:
• An exclusive presentation from England hosted by filmmaker and author Peter Neal, who will show 35 minutes of clips from his new film, Starting at Zero, a feature-length film about Hendrix.
• A live panel discussion about the life and music of Hendrix.
Questions can be submitted in advance or during the live event. Go to the Regent Theatre website for updates on how to submit questions.
• A live Jimi Hendrix tribute concert from the Regent Theatre by new band The Earth Blues Revue.
The event is open to the public. Information about tickets for digital entry to the event can be found on the Regent Theatre website
The panel discussion will feature international Hendrix experts, including:
• Joel J. Brattin, Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Hendrix scholar
• Kathy Etchingham, Hendrix’s longtime girlfriend
• John Masouri, music journalist
• Greg Roselli, managing director of Rights Incorporated, a rights management and channel distribution company
Note: Peter Neal, who produced the first-ever Hendrix film in 1967, Experiences/See My Music Talking, and who wrote the book Starting at Zero: Jimi’s Own Story, will also be on hand during the panel discussion.
Friday, Sept. 18, 2020, the 50th anniversary of Hendrix’s death, beginning at 6:30 p.m. EST. The tribute concert will begin at 8:00 p.m. EST
Access to the live stream will be made available on the Regent Theatre website.
Eckhard B. @

And …

John Lennon 80th Birthday Concert Event Changed to Worldwide Stream 
On October 9th of this year, John Lennon would have turned 80 years of age. On the exact date of this momentous occasion, Friday evening, October 9, 2020, Beatles fans and music aficionados from all over the world will "come together" to view a special concert event entitled "Remember Lennon: Imagine 80." Showtime is 7 pm EDT.
The show is a speculative representation of a concert that Lennon may have performed had he still been alive and actually playing out. The production incorporates one of the world's greatest John Lennon tribute artists along with a full backing band to present an evening of John Lennon's Beatles and post-Beatles material live in concert. For Lennon's 80th birthday, the concert will be streamed "across the universe," for safety sake in the current state of the world, and to allow fans to enjoy the historic show in the comfort of their own home.
The evening stars famed Lennon impersonator Scot Arch, of "Beatlemania Now," and will include not only Lennon's earliest "Moptops" hits with his mates Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, but will also include John's most memorable and poignant recordings as a solo artist. The set-list features many songs that John never actually played live. 
The show was originally planned as a live event, but the streaming platform allows for a very special pre-concert exclusive presentation where entertainers and celebrities, as well as Beatles notables, will be delivering special birthday messages as an opening to the evening's ceremonies. 
Tickets for this historic 80th birthday gala streaming event are only $19.40 (1940 is the year John was born) through October 1st, and $25 thereafter from
"Remember Lennon: Imagine 80" is presented by Liverpool Productions, the same organization that premiered a similar event in 2010. They have produced Beatles Conventions and Beatles Fan Expos since 1978, along with the Beatles 50th Anniversary events in New York. The Connecticut-based fan club have also organized the annual "Magical History Tours" to Liverpool and London for Beatles fans since 1983.
For further information on  "Remember Lennon: Imagine 80," call (203) 795-4737 or visit www. or
Tickets available at:
REMEMBER LENNON: IMAGINE 80 is a unique extraordinary STREAMING musical experience celebrating the music, the memory, the magic and the LIFE of John Lennon.   Imagine ... 80

This weekend Me-TV-FM will be running another Forgotten Hits special feature …
They’re calling it their Eye Tunes Weekend … and what a wide assortment of “Eye” Tunes you’ll hear …
Everything from “Eye Of The Tiger” to “Eye In The Sky” to “Private Eyes” to “Have You Seen Her,” “I Can See Clearly Now” and “I Saw Her Standing There” … and who knows, maybe even “Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)”!!!
The EYES definitely have it this weekend on Me-TV-FM …
Brown Eyed Girl … Can’t Take My Eyes Off You … Hungry Eyes … I’d Really Love To See You Tonight … Can’t You See That She’s Mine … The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face … See You Later, Alligator … Smoke Gets In Your Eyes … The More I See You …
The list goes on and on!!!  Who knew there were this many eye-related tunes out there?!?!  (Well, I guess WE did … since we came up with the list!  Lol)
Be sure to tune in and listen … to Me-TV-FM’s Eye Tunes Weekend!!!  (kk)

Love your "Eyes Tunes" idea!
Many years ago, I proposed a "body parts" weekend theme -- song titles listing eyes, arms, legs, heads, even (hah) "My Boyfriend's Back" -- for Scott Shannon.
The perfect name for that, in my view, would have been . . . Scott's Anatomy, playing off the hit TV show!
Don Effenberger
I actually pitched this idea to Rick O’Dell six months ago … sometimes these things just take time … but it’s a good one and you’ll hear all kinds of surprises.  (When all was said and done, we came up with nearly 100 titles!!!  Who knew there were THIS many songs about or related to EYES!!!) 
The A-Sides / B-Sides Weekends (quite successful from what I understand) took over TWO YEARS to get on the air!  Then again, I think we just may have a bit of a proven track record now at this point … so we’re hoping to do more specialty weekends together in the future.  (kk)

Rick O'Dell told you that next weekend it's going to be an "Eye Tunes Weekend" on Me-TV-FM.
Kent, the first record that came to my mind was a record that I am sure you have never heard of. It was a record that was very big here in OKC back in 1961. It was by singer Jerry Wallace and it was called EYES (Don't Give My Secret Away). It was on his label, Challenge Records, and without checking, I believe that Ed Townsend wrote it. Also, I always liked B. J. Thomas' EYES OF A NEW YORK WOMAN out of 1968.
Larry Neal
Well, you’re not going to hear “Eyes” by Jerry Wallace … that one never even charted nationally … but I can pretty much guarantee you that you WILL hear “Eyes Of A New York Woman” by B.J. Thomas!!!
And how about Bobby Vee’s big hit “The Night Has A Thousand Eyes,” “Private Eyes” by Hall and Oates, “Sad Eyes” by Robert John … “I Only Have Eyes For You” … “See Me, Feel Me” … and even The New Colony Six’s 1968 Hit “Can’t You See Me Cry.”  Damn!!!  SO many goodies feature!  Be sure to tune in THIS COMING WEEKEND and listen to these … and plenty of other … GREAT Eye Tunes!!!  (kk)

From Rick O’Dell and the Me-TV-FM promotion team …

Have you ever noticed just how many pop songs have something to do with eyes and vision? “Bette Davis Eyes.” “Temptation Eyes.” “Doctor My Eyes.” “I Can See Clearly Now.” “You Won’t See Me.” “I Saw The Light.”
We thought we’d have a little fun with our first annual “Eye-Tunes Weekend”—songs about our peepers and what we do with them -- starting this Friday night in the 7:00 hour.