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The Sunday Comments ( 07 - 03 - 11 )

Lots of new goodies for you today ... ENJOY!

Kent ...
Check out the WCBS-FM A to Z Countdown.
Here are the "A" Songs.  (See link above)
10 PM (EDT) = currently playing " Angel Of The Morning"
7:07 PM (EDT) = finished the A's, into the B's.
Just played Barefootin' ... before that two versions of Barbara Ann.
9:08 AM (EDT) = Just played the last B-Song = But It's Alright.
First C-Song = Calendar  Girl.
6:00 AM (EDT) = D:  Do You Want To Know A Secret?, Do Your Thing,
Doctor My Eyes.  One week. 26 letters ( A to Z ) . Lots of music.
Now up to the letter "G". Currently playing "God Only Knows".
6:00 AM (EDT), first music set of the day = "Give Me Just A Little More Time", "Give Me Love" & "Give Me The Night".
Now listening to H = Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh
4:25 AM (EDT) - I couldn't sleep!
The "I's" have it.
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You, I Want Your Love, I Was Made For Dancing, I Was Made To Love Her, I Will Survive, I Wish, I Wish It Would Rain
Longest Music Set so far.
Frank B.

Here's some info of cool proportions. 
The Cruisin' Series is on the air right now on ASRN
Actually, they ran the History of Rock N Roll awhile back, but I did not let you know in time.
Clark Besch 
Hi Everyone,
The word cruisin' doesn't appear in the dictionary, but it's a familiar word to millions of people who did it. The CRUISIN' THE FIFTIES AND SIXTIES, is a year-by-year recreation of pop music radio during the years 1956 through 1962.
Each album is not just a collection of the top pop music of a particular year, but a total recreation by a top disk jockey (of that year) doing his original program over a major pop music station. That means actual commercials, promotional jingles, sound effects, newscast simulations and even record hop announcements in addition to the original records themselves.
The series was produced with unprecedented attention to detail. Disk jockey, Dick Biondi of Chicago, called his old home town, Buffalo, New York, just to get an accurate ten-year-old weather report. Another, Arnie "Woo Woo" Ginsburg of Boston, showed up in the studio carrying a suitcase full of chrome kazoos, cowbells, oogah horns and other noisemakers he'd used on the air in 1961. Then, after laying them out on a towel by the mike, much like a brain surgeon preparing to operate, "Woo Woo" wailed.
CRUISIN' producer Ron Jacobs monitored thousands of feet of tape, travelled over 10,000 miles and rooted through forgotten files and cluttered basements for old commercials, station promos and jingles. He also managed to get clearances for 84 different records, of which 42 are certified million-sellers, and all are from the Top 30 of their respective years.
The disk jockeys who appear on the series were picked after a month of carefully researching a decade's issues of BILLBOARD, including tabulating all disk jockey mentions. The names were then cross checked with audience rating services and longtime radio expert Bill Gavin--all this just to determine with jocks on which stations represented each year most accurately.
Once all the material had been collected, weeks were spent in the studio carefully integrating almost 1,000 seperate cues, and timing each year's "radio program" so it could be mastered for tape in four exactly equal parts. This was done to eliminate any dead space on CRUISIN' cassettes and cartridges, making each "rebroadcast" as realistic as possible and similar to the "tracking" effects of records. CRUISIN' was, in fact, originally conceived as a tape project: the first major one in the industry. After all, cruisin' meant cars, and listening to rock stations on the car radio; not until the enormous growth of in-car tape equipment was anyone able to recreate not only the sound of yesterday but the environment where the sound was first heard. Says Jacobs: "The full impact of such originally American social, technological, artistic and economic influences as rock and roll and Top 40 radio may not be fully realized in this century. But regardless of what time will ultimately be required to allow full historic perspective, there is the obligation to preserve the material so the media itself, not just written reviews and descriptions, will exist for future analysis.
"This isn't just nostalgia. It's history!"
Have A Great 4th!
Don "Records"
Also I thought I heard last night on WGN's Nick Digilio show that Ronnie Rice would be on live on WGN 720 Monday?  Could not find any info on their site, however.  Sorry.  
I tried to access that Cruisin' link about six times on Saturday and never did get through ... hopefully some of our readers will have better success.  (kk)


Hope we in the UK will get a last chance to see him before his retirement.  We were fortunate enough to see the last tour of the Everly Brothers.  With regards to his best recordings, I have always loved Turn Around, Look At Me, The Last Time I Saw Her and the L Tyson written Someday Soon, probably the one I like the most, as I play it at least two or three times a week.
Rockin’ Lord Geoff in England
One of my personal favorites (and Glen's last Top 40 Hit) is "Can You Fool". It hit #38 back in 1978 and is TRULY a Forgotten Hit.  (I don't think this one EVER got played here in Chicago ... I heard it on Casey Kasem's "American Top 40" program for a week or two ... and then it was gone! 

I think Glen was HUGE in the UK, wasn't he?  In fact, as I recall he even recorded a live album there.  (Albert Hall???)  kk
Yes, he has always had a strong following in the UK.
He did record a live album back in 1981 which was only released in the UK. It was recorded at a place called the Cornwall Coliseum, a very posh sounding name but from memory that would have put it on a holiday caravan (trailer) park in Carlyon bay, Very removed from the Royal Albert Hall.  He also did a live album from Royal Festival hall in London in November of 1977, so that means two live albums in the UK.  I  can’t think there have been many US artists who have done a least two live albums here in the UK!
By the way have you heard about the new plaza and walk of fame in Lubbock for amongst others Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison?
Take care,
Rockin’ Lord Geoff

As well as everyone else, I, too, was very sad to hear the news about Glen Campbell.  I loved watching his show back in the day. Not long ago I found a clip on You Tube of Glen Campbell playing (with full orchestra back up) The William Tell Overture!  It is truly amazing.  An extremely talented man but absolutely the best guitar player ever!  Watch the clip for some truly fine playing! 
Click here: YouTube - Glen Campbell in Concert-The William Tell Overture
Nancy / Atlanta

On the Glen Campbell situation: My father worked for Decca Records and, as such, became very tight with Glen and his then-manager Bill Thompson … and, The Smothers Brothers.
I met Glen several times and was always struck by his upbeat and totally professional attitude. I learned then what he had done musically (The Monkess, Beach Boys), and this news really stunned me. Our client Micky Dolenz went to see him perform several years back (with Jimmy Webb) in the NY-area and just had the nicest things to say about him. Needless to say, they knew each other for years!
A tragic, tragic story.  And, for the record: one of my favorite songs by Glenn was “Dreams Of the Everyday Housewife” … don’t agree? Listen to it again … what a record. What a shame!!!
David Salidor
It's a GREAT record, David ... and a pretty decent-sized hit, too ... #32 in 1968 ... and yet ANOTHER one you just never hear on the radio anymore.  Sadly it'll take Campbell's death to get radio to play ALL of his hits again ... and how sick is THAT?!?!?  This guy had about THIRTY HITS that still deserve SOME sort of recognition today. (Watch for one of them to pop up again next week in our "Today's Forgotten Hit" feature!)  kk

Kent -
Sorry to heard about Glen Campbell. Have you ever heard his version of the Vogues "Turn Around, Look At Me"? Apparently it came out in 1961. One of my friends Ivan brought it at one of our record mixers.
Yes, good version ... but since it predates The Vogues' version by about seven years, shouldn't we really refer to this as the Glen Campbell song???  (lol)  The Vogues had the bigger hit ... their version reached #4 in 1968 ... but Campbell was the first to chart with the song in 1961 when HIS version went to #49.  It went all the way to #13 here in Chicago!  (kk)

Glen had SOOOO many faves for me.  These days, my faves would be his 67 - 69 hits, but also "The Last Time I Saw Her".  From the later non-hit years, I would throw in "It's a Sin When You Love Somebody" and "I'm Gonna Love You."  Good luck to him.  He is a true talent of my lifetime.
Clark Besch

I would love to see the 'Wrecking Crew" movie here. Someone should be able to make arrangements to view it at the Portage or Music Box Theatre.
Mike De Martino
President of the Lovejoy Music Club
Actually it's played here several times now at various film festivals ... most showings now are fund-raisers, trying to raise the financing necessary to license all of the music featured in the film ... and you can only IMAGINE how much great music this is.  These guys played on literally EVERYTHING back in the '60's.  We'd probably have a better chance getting one of the colleges to offer a screening ... make a night of it ... do the full screening, plus questions and answers after ... and then an all-star jam session ... just like they've done in several other big cities recently.  Anybody here in Chicago able to pull some strings to help us make that happen???  (kk)


>>>While Johnny puts on a great show, he is truly the biggest jerk I've ever met in the music industry.  I went through his autograph line with an orange vinyl Asian pressing of one of his albums (which was pressed using the original US stampers, by the way).  He looked at it and scoffed that "this must be some crappy bootleg".  After everyone had gone through the line, I went back one more time to try to get a short promo liner from him to use on Topshelf Oldies, (mind you every other liner I've ever gotten has run on average 7 seconds long), however when I asked him if he would mind doing one for me, he looked at me, said "I don't have time for this right now", and walked away from me, choosing to go chat it up with some female standing 20 feet in the opposite direction.  As far as I'm concerned, I won't pay money to go see him ever again.  (Tom Diehl)

>>>Well, I dunno, Tom ... big rock star, hangin' out after the show ... who's he gonna pay more attention to ... the record geek with the Asian vinyl or some pretty girl 20 feet away ... kinda sounds like a no-brainer to me!!!  (lol)   kk

I don't want to defend anyone's apparent rude actions.  I have also been disappointed by the actions of a musician or two after a concert.  However, I have been delighted by the stamina and insight of several when dealing with their fans.  I think the story about Johnny Rivers selecting a girl over a record album op is PRICELESS.  Go Johnny! 
Anyway, as disappointed as we may be, remember we are not walking in their shoes and don't truly know why they are acting / reacting this way.  Ultimately, it is all about the music and if you had a blast, or resurgence of positive memories and feelings while attending - then it enhanced your life and that is A GOOD THING.
Shelley J. Sweet-Tufano

Been seeing lots of press surrounding the new Buddy Holly covers / tribute album "Rave On" ... some pretty big names attached to this project:  Paul McCartney (who, of course, owns Holly's music catalog), Cee Lo Green (not sure if he uses the F-Word in his version of "(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care" ... but I suppose with a title like that, he could!!!), Kid Rock, Nick Lowe, Patti Smith, Graham Nash, Lou Reed and contemporary acts like Modest Mouse, Florence plus the Machine, The Black Keys and more.  (Full details here at 
There was a time when I would have bought this album simply to have a copy of everything Paul McCartney ever recorded ... but I've outgrown that phase ... and, quite honestly, his 30-second clip on Amazon only reinforces my change of opinion ... nothing at all interesting about his track ... but we've heard good and bad on this new release:
Hey Kent,
Thought this might interest you. Enjoy!!
Eddie Burke,
Orange, CT

That Buddy Holly covers album getting all the hype is a throwaway.  The originals supersede the covers and the only people interested are those who are familiar with the originals. 
Bob Lefsetz

Here's more on that new "tribute" release:

Thought I'd pass this on to the FH Bobby Vee fans.  Looks as though Bob's going to slow down a bit.
The talk about Mr. Sedaka's remaking his own song Breaking Up is Hard to Do reminded me of Bobby Vee remaking his own song Take Good Care of My Baby in 1972 for his album Nothin' like A Sunny Day. I always thought that becoming a country rocker could have been a great move for him. He could have been in the same camp as Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band or even the early Eagles. Wonder why he didn't continue down the road. It's a pretty darn good album.
Good track ... interesting spin on his chart-topping hit!  (kk)

** Duane Eddy swaps Nashville for Yorkshire **
Duane Eddy, whose early rock and roll became known as "twang", has met up with former Pulp guitarist Richard Hawley to record a new album, the first in 25 years.
< >
-- submitted by Frank B.


>>>Any idea if Artie Wayne’s book will ever come in a printed version?  (Tony Waitekus)

I agree!  I wish it was in book form, as I don't read online books.  Artie DID allow me to read his early draft and it was just fantsastic.  NOW, we want the BOOK!  Not some 2011 version that could disappear with the loss of a computer.

Clark Besch

I ended up printing it all out myself anyway ... took TWO print cartridges to do so ... at about $21 a piece, I figure it cost me $42 to get a copy of Artie's "free" book!!!  (lol)  And, when he told me he wasn't planning on printing it, I offered to get him some pricing since, here in the REAL world, I just happen to work for a printer.  He didn't sound at all interested, however ... so I'm thinking you're not going to have a copy "to have and to hold" anytime soon.  (kk)

And, speaking of "Must Have" Books ...

The newest edition of Joel Whitburn's "Top Pop Singles" book is officially out ... and all I can say is WOW!!!  It's even cooler than I had ever imagined ... and, with it's new 8 1/2 x 11 page format, easier than ever to read (but harder than ever to cart around!  lol ... this sucker is SUBSTANTIAL!!!  And, without question, his finest work to date!)  Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy ... it's an all-encompassing look at The Billboard Charts from 1955 - 2010 ... with all kinds of "Classic Non-Radio Hits", Local Chart information, "Bubbling Under" Hits, B-Sides listings for EVERY record EVER to hit Billboard's Pop Charts ... year-by-year and decade-by-decade Top Songs and Artists recaps, The 500 Biggest Artists of All-Time, and on and on and on!  If you have a copy of ANY of Joel's earlier works, it's time to update and upgrade to the brand new 13th Edition ... nothing short of AMAZING!!!  You can get it here ... and Joel's even running a special introductory offer for the brand new soft-cover edition ... check it out!


Hi Kent,
thought I'd pass this along to you since the Burton version of You
Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet was a forgotten hits topic recently.
This comes from Inner View from back in the 70's.


Kent ...
I know you featured Mark Lindsay the other day in your Happy Together Again Tour special.  Here Mark talks about a Raider reunion. 

In fact, here's my latest idea to make you work harder.  

I think you should take it upon yourself to re-unite Dennis & The Buckinghams ... and then, on the same show, Mark gets back together with Paul Revere & The Raiders.

You don't have to start on this project till after the 4th of July weekend . LoL !!

Frank B. 

I don't think there's going to be any kind of Paul Revere / Mark Lindsay reunion anytime soon ... if ever at all!  And, as long as both guys are happy doing what they're doing, more power to them.  We saw Paul Revere and the Raiders last summer at The Arcada Theatre and they put on an INCREDIBLE show.  Likewise, ALL of the reports we got from last summer's Happy Together Again Tour singled Mark Lindsay out as one of the concert highlights.  Kinda like the whole Buckinghams thing we just went through.  Carl Giammarese told us in no uncertain terms that there will NOT be a Buckinghams reunion featuring Dennis Tufano ... and that's that.  Sure, the fans would LOVE to see it ... for BOTH of these great artists ... but it just ain't gonna happen.  Meanwhile, we get to enjoy TWICE as much music seeing The Raiders and Mark Lindsay and/or The Buckinghams and Dennis Tufano.  (In fact, Paul Revere and the Raiders are coming back to Chicago for a special Christmas Show this year ... with special guest star Gary Puckett!  Hoping to see THAT show, too!)  kk

Kent ... 
Check out Mick Jagger's new group.
Frank B.
Kinda sounds like a "Traveling Wilburys" concept here ... but some interesting participants to be sure!  (kk)

This was a real brain teaser back when the 45 was on the radio.  All the radio stations were playing an under 5 minute version on a DJ 45 that featured that and a longer version.  Oddly, when you bought the 45 in stores, you got the LONGER version!  I wanted the version I heard on radio as I mentioned in my stereo / mono comments above!  Shortly thereafter, I was happy to find an Adam VII compilation that had the short version on it.  This was one of those comps that are mentioned in Tommy James' great book where Roulette leader Morris Levy just took current songs and put them on comps without consideration for artists trying to sell current product!
Clark Besch


Rod Prince (of Bubble Puppy) would like to know what happened to the International Artists Studio recordings they made! So check your basements and check those flea markets (hey, King Harvest tapes were found there!) and let Rod know if you find any!
He says at least THREE takes of Hot Smoke & Sassafras were recorded!
Jersey John 

And if you're into the hot rod sounds of some GREAT surf guitar, be sure to check out The King Of Fuzz ... Davie Allan ... this guy is STILL putting out GREAT music on a regular basis!

Hi Kent ...
I couldn't help but think while going over the lists of summer entertainment ... the 60's rule!
I thought I might share a few dates with you for The Class of 68:
July 8th - The Taste of Lincolnshire, The Village Green, 8 - 10 pm
July 23rd - Alpine Fest Lake Zurich, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Aug 4th - Antioch Car Show, details TBA
Aug 17th - Del Webb, Huntley, details TBA
Aug 27th - Docks, Wauconda, 9 pm - 1 am
Please visit us at: 
So much great music this summer ...
I look forward to seeing you all out there!
Woody Johnson
The Class of 68

Jon Anderson To Play Select Summer Concerts
In Support Of New CD Release
6/30/2011 - Asheville, NC - Music legend and original YES vocalist Jon Anderson will be playing select concert dates this summer in support of his critically acclaimed new CD release 'Survival & Other Stories'. Jon Anderson, who has one of the most recognizable voices in music, and is best known for his work with YES, Vangelis and Kitaro, as well as his innovative solo efforts, recently completed a successful tour of the east coast in the US. The new leg of the tour will concentrate on the northwest US and several dates in Canada (listed below), and promises to deliver an exciting mixture of material from Jon Anderson's prolific solo career, collaborations with Vangelis and classic YES songs, along with new compositions from his new CD 'Survival & Other Stories'.
Jon Anderson Summer 2011 Tour Dates:
July 9 - Courtenay, BC Vancouver, Canada - Vancouver Island Musicfest at Exhibition Grounds
July 10 - Courtenay, BC Vancouver, Canada - Vancouver Island MusicFest at Exhibition Grounds
July 12 - Seattle, WA - The Triple Door
July 14 - Portland, OR – Aladdin Theater
July 31 – Vernon, BC, Canada – Komasket Music Festival Komasket Park
Aug. 3 - Lincolnshire, IL - Viper Alley
Aug. 5 - Saint Charles, IL - Arcada Theatre
Aug. 7 - Jerseyville, ON - Festival Of Friends Ancaster Fairgrounds 
(with America)

Aug. 11 - Shirley, MA - Bull Run Restaurant
Jon's recently released CD 'Survival & Other Stories' has been garnering rave reviews worldwide – here's what the press has been saying:
His newest release, 'Survival & Other Stories', is full of wonderful arrangements, charming melodies, life-affirming themes, and of course, exquisite singing. However, it’s also bursting with Anderson’s relentless spirituality and optimism.” - Jordan Blum, Philadelphia Examiner
Anderson, right from the first, simultaneously sounds more YES than he ever has as a solo artist and yet somehow different.” - Nick DeRiso, Something Else Reviews
All songs are identifiable in a sense by vocal recognition, yet each has a varying metrical rhythm and unique melody which gives every song a singular timbre and atmosphere.” - John P. Olsen, New Age Music World
It's very much in keeping with Anderson's musical visions presented in his earlier solo releases, but also crosses into some new territory. Different songs seem to reflect echoes of different periods of Anderson's career, while creating an updated vision. It's a very strong release of beauty and uplifting music.” - Gary Hill, Music Street Journal
Unyielding optimism as a theme in both the music and the lyrics is the other bond that holds the seemingly disparate backdrops together as a proper album. Jon's spirituality and complete acceptance of all the world's religions comes through strong in the lyrics.” - Brady Lavin, Guitar International
...the eleven track CD has a broad musical pallet full of patterns and personalities. Yet, the CD remains cohesive with Jon's distinctive singing style. Anderson still pens lyrics that are elusive but the themes of life, love and survival are evident. There are even a few lines of Yes songs subtly mixed into the creative compositions.” - Rich Lynch, Sound Press
For tour dates visit:
Jon Anderson 'Survival & Other Stories' available through Voiceprint Records

And, apparently, a "no show", too!
No reason given for postponement.
Frank B.

Having heard that Unchained Melody was a theme song for the movie Unchained, rather ruined its romantic feel for me.  I find the lyrics and melody combo to be hauntingly seductive.  SO ... upon further investigation, I find that the lyrics were written YEARS before the movie as an expression of unrequited love by a boy who was too shy to pursue the object of his dreams.  Now, I feel justified in my appreciation.  This boy spoke from his heart, and although the subject of the movie was less than what the song deserved, it nevertheless shot it into our lives forever.
Shelley J. Sweet-Tufano
Without question, the scene in "Ghost" where this song comes up is one of the most powerful, romantic scenes ever filmed.  Unfortunately, radio has RUINED this song for me ever since with its complete oversaturation of airplay.  Whereas before you could appreciate and marvel and Bobby Hatfield's incredible vocal and the power that it conveyed, I find myself turning this song off now nine times out of ten 'cause I've truly grown sick of it.  ALL of the impact has been lost (or, at the very least, diminished) because we've heard it SO many times now since "Ghost" came out that we don't need to hear it again for a long, long time.  Too bad ... 'cause it's a GREAT recording.  (kk)

One of my fav's ...
THE IN CROWD (1988) - Joey 'Pants' plays the dance show host, Perry Parker, Donovan Leitch is the suburban kid in 'love' with one of the dancers ... lots of music, lots of dancing (circa early 60's) ... good fun movie ... Tale of 2 Cities theme ...
couldn't find a soundtrack listing ... but if you get the chance to see it, go for it ... it becomes a favorite of everyone I introduce it too ...
(scenes in Wildwood, NJ too)
good stuff ...
(gary) RENFIELD  
Yep, another "period piece" that has gotten quite a bit of attention here in Forgotten Hits over the years.  (kk)

American Graffitti is the movie that inspired me to be a dj. 
Wolfman Jack with melting popsicles! 
The station in the movie looked just like my first station.   
Another of my favorite movie songs is Tiny Dancer in the film 'Almost Famous'. 
I am a geek that remembers months and years that songs were released.  For example, if a movie is supposed to be set in 1972 and they use a song from 1975 in the soundtrack, it bugs me.  I presume they have to use whatever songs they can get the rights to, however, it seems they should research them better.  They should ask Forgotten Hits readers ... we could set them straight.
Phil - WRCO
That annoys the hell out of me, too ... some very simple basic research is all they needed.  (I've been promised that if John Madara ever gets his
"At The Hop" movie off the ground he's going to bring me in as their "continuity consultant expert" ... which is pretty cool because so far the best I've ever accomplished was a "lifeline" as the resident music expert for a contestant on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"!!!  (lol)  kk

Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2011 Award Recipients:
Thank you to all. It takes time for us to figure out best of festival. We truly believe all movies in our fest deserve such accolades. It is also true that we screen movies for reasons other than "cinematic" appeal.
Best Music Documentary – Meet Me on South Street - The Story of J. C. Dobbs (50 min) (Music Documentary) Dir. George Manney.
Meet Me On South Street, The Story of JC Dobbs documents, the evolution of Philadelphia's fertile music and arts subculture in the 1970's until the sad closing of JC Dobbs in 1996. Between the gritty walls and dressing room grandeur, to the mystique and dysfunctional family-like workplace, what was once the club in Philly known for live music seven nights a week, showcasing artists in the infancy of their rising careers, JC Dobbs was Philadelphia's premiere rock & roll bar!
Honorable Mention:  ToddStock (91min) (Music Documentary).
Dir. Todd Rundgren, Ed Vigdor.
Camping out at Todd’s house for his 60th birthday. Toddstock was born.
Honorable Mention:  BEATBOXING - THE FIFTH ELEMENT OF HIP HOP (55m, USA) Dir. by Klaus Schneyder
The undocumented fifth element of HipHop, Beatboxing.
View online here:

Remember when rock and roll first started back in the early '50's and nearly all of the hit songs revolved around the same three-chord progression?
Well, for proof positive that rock and roll music has evolved since then (we're now up to FOUR chords!!! lol) check out this AMAZING clip, sent in by our FH Buddy Bob Merlis:

-- submitted by DJ Stu Weiss

Just got this from our daughter Paige ... pretty cool since we had just watched the old Michael Douglas flick "Falling Down" a few weeks ago!  Check out this Foo Fighters video!  (kk)

I bet I've played this song hundreds of times on the radio and sang along with it ... it's Sean Morey's "Hairy Ass" Song, and now there's a video, too!  Enjoy, my friends.
I'll tell you what ... if you see this more than two times, you'll be humming and singing "Hairy Ass" the rest of the day ... GUARANTEED!
Wild Bill
"Hairy Ass" by Sean Morey

How 'bout this ... THE VERY FIRST SENIOR MOMENT (submitted by Frank B)
And here's one that'll keep you occupied for HOURS!!! I  think between us, we've tried this about 75 times now ... and he hasn't missed yet!!!  (kk)
Kent ...
Give this a try. Don't know how, but it works.
Frank B.
This is fun and amazing!
Choose a famous person in your mind and then participate in this 20 question game!!  It really works!

I just received my copy of Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the Sixties, Volume 1. All I can say is WOW! Thanks to you and your website for alerting us to this release. I can't wait until all of the volumes are released. And to have them in the order they peaked on the chart is great. It's amazing that they are able to get permission from what must be many different labels and sources to compile these songs into one collection.   
It has the makings of an INCREDIBLE series ... I haven't picked up the first volume yet. (Actually, I was hoping Randy Price would send me one!!!  lol)  But it truly IS a music fan's dream ... so I most definitely plan to collect the entire series.  Glad you're enjoying it ... and that we could help let you know!  (kk)

CD Review! ...
There was a forth page, where it was written that the CD was suggested by Jersey John, but it was omitted!!! Maybe Franke mentions it in the CD booklet! :-)
Jersey John
Oh, I'm sure he does!!!  (Actually, we helped get the word out about THIS one, too ... even lined up an interview between Franke and the above-mentioned Phil Nee at WRCO!)  Come to think of it, I never got my free CD out of THIS one either!!!  (lol)  kk

While we may not have received OUR free stuff, we've still got some GREAT free stuff to give away ... and we WILL deliver on our promises!!!  Have you registered yet?  Up for grabs is a copy of the latest Rip Chords CD, "Best Of The Rip Chords ... Today", Alan O'Day's "Appetizers" CD (featuring the original album version of his #1 Hit "Undercover Angel") and copies of Artie Wayne's new book "I Did It For A Song".
Interested?  Then you've got to drop us a line so we can get your name on the list.  We'll pick our winners in a week or two so stay tuned!  (kk)


Hey Kent, 
I have a piece of super trivia for you ...
Since we're once again talking about Alan O'Day, we recorded another song of his besides "Easy Evil", which you showcased in "Forgotten Hits" a while back.  This one is  called "Spin Away".
The super trivia here is that when we booked studio time to record it, we only had the demo by Alan and no lead sheet.  It was a holiday weekend and we had word out to the publisher to get us a lead sheet, but they wouldn't be in for a few days, so we had go in and record it just by picking up the lyrics off the demo.
Anyway, in the second verse, we transcribed a few words to say "Your cup was broken".  Later, after we were back on the road, we found out the correct lyrics were, "Your compass broken" ... but it was too late ...  by then, it was mastered and ready for Capitol to do their thing.
Like I said, a real piece of super trivia.  But it's a nice song and we have had people tell us they really liked it.  
Ex-Letterman / now Reunion, 

Gary Pike


Regarding Friday's choice for 'Today's Forgotten Hit', I am with you in that I also did like this particular song by the Turtles, which you hardly seem to hear on the radio anymore.
Singer Lee Michaels liked it also,,do YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?


Was surprised to see this mention in "Times Square Gossip" the other day.  Thanks a million, guys!  Great stuff!  (kk)

FORGOTTEN HITS? --- There is a site called Forgotten Hits, presided over by one Kent Kotal, that is a must-read for lovers of the hits and artists of yesteryear. Although, that said … the one rather provocative questioner that keeps coming up on their reader-feedback is what exactly is an oldie? Sure, Freddy Cannon's “Palisades Park” (which is featured in the current X Man: First Class movie-which has grossed $133 million worldwide and has somewhat rejuvenated his career) is an oldie (from May 1962) but, if you liked a Steely Dan song in college and occasionally listen to Yes and Emerson, Lake and Palmer … does that qualify you as rather dodgy, oldies-devotee? With the amount of legacy bands touring this summer … it does certainly raise the question of what really is an oldie … not too mention being an oldies fan. I was turned onto this site by radio-guru Tom Cuddy several years back and have myself, become a major fan. A big plus in my book, is the consistently good feedback from the readers. They may not be buying record anymore, but their memory of history is astounding, and, Kent's accuracy and writings are sensational.