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Phil Nee Remembers BOBBY VEE

One of the nicest artists that I have ever had the chance to meet was Bobby Vee.  He gave me the chance to talk with several other famous folks on my show.  All I had to say was that Bobby was a friend and it opened many doors for me.  We became friends after I first met him at a show in the late 80's.  Whenever he was playing anywhere close to Richland Center, Wisconsin, he would call and chat with me on the air. 

Phil Nee and Bobby Vee

This first batch of archived sound bytes are from a 2002 interview. 


Bobby Vee was born April 30th of 1943 in Fargo North, Dakota. 

When he and his band helped fill the bill on the Winter Dance Party tour following the February 3rd, 1959 plane crash that claimed the lives of artists Buddy Holly, J.P. Richardson (the Big Bopper), and Richie Valens, he would be associated with Buddy Holly for the rest of his career.  He met most of the legends of rock and roll.  

Bobby Vee never forgot his Midwest roots.  He was good to those of us in radio and radio was good to him in his early days.  A few of his records got their first spins here in the North.

During a 1991 interview we did together,  Bobby Vee talked about his first hit record for Liberty Records and the impact Buddy Holly had on artists of that era.

One of our very first celebrity encounters in Forgotten Hits was with Bobby Vee.

An East Coast Reader named Vicky (one of the original 35 that we talk about from time to time!) had known Bobby for years ...

And after we featured his 1964 hit "Hickory, Dick And Doc" in one of our daily segments in 2000, she sent it to him, along with an explanation of exactly what Forgotten Hits was all about ... and our purpose to get some of these long-forgotten songs back on the radio again.

Bobby wrote in, thanking me for featuring his tune (a #63 hit nationally, but a #18 hit here in Chicago ... as well as a personal favorite) ... and said that he absolutely LOVED the idea of what he called "Forgotten Hits Radio."  (Sadly, that email was lost forever some 56 computer crashes ago ... but it sure meant a lot to me at the time ... and was a great boost as far as telling me that I was on the right track with my goals to revitalize oldies radio beyond the 300 songs that every station in the country was playing ... and not much more.)

When another reader saw our story, she sent me THIS tag, which we have used from time to time to help promote our cause ...


One of my favorite Bobby Vee stories revolves around the song "More Than I Can Say," originally the B-Side to his 1961 Hit "Stayin' In."

Back in the day when B-Sides charted ... I shouldn't really say that since today, EVERY track on an album can make The Hot 100 Chart ... for at least a week or two ... "More Than I Can Say" climbed to #48 all on its own.

One night after getting back to his hotel room after a concert, Leo Sayer (who was VERY hot at the time with his hits "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" and "When I Need You," two back-to-back #1 hits) clicked on the tv and saw one of those late night ads for a Bobby Vee Greatest Hits album.

When he heard the ten second clip of "More Than I Can Say," it reminded him of how much HE loved that song back in the early '60's ... and inspired him to record his own new version of the tune ... which he did in 1980 ... and it went all the way to #2!

Here's Bobby's original version ...


Phil makes the point that Bobby's records always did well here in The Midwest.

We did a quick check to see how Bobby Vee performed on the Chicagoland Charts ... 

And this is what we found ...

1960 - Devil Or Angel (CHI - 8 / NAT - 4)
1960 - Rubber Ball (CHI - 6 / NAT - 5)
1961- Stayin' In (CHI - 18 / NAT - 20)
1961 - Take Good Care Of My Baby (CHI - 1 / NAT - 1)
1961 - Run To Him (CHI - 2 / NAT - 2)
1962 - Please Don't Ask About Barbara (CHI - 24 / NAT - 15)
1962 - Sharing You (CHI - 25 / NAT - 12)
1962 - Punish Her (CHI - 16 / NAT - 20)
1963 - The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (CHI - 2 / NAT - 3)
1963 - Charms (CHI - 11 / NAT - 13)
1963 - Be True To Yourself (CHI - 12 / NAT - 33)
1963 - Yesterday And You (CHI - 18 / NAT - 53)
1964 - I'll Make You Mine (CHI - 11 / NAT - 52)
1964 - Hickory, Dick And Doc (CHI - 18 / NAT - 63)
1967 - Come Back When You Grow Up (CHI - 2 / NAT - 2)
1967 - Beautiful People (CHI - 6 / NAT - 22)
1968 - Maybe Just Today (CHI - 19 / NAT - 29)
1968 - My Girl / Hey Girl (CHI - 6 / NAT - 17)
Ain't that the truth!  (kk)

Be sure to listen to Phil Nee's THOSE WERE THE DAYS radio program tonight ... and EVERY Saturday Night on WRCO ...

WRCO AM FM Radio Richland Center Wisconsin

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Friday, April 29, 2022

Henry Diltz's Journal - April 30th, 1971

Another GREAT round of photos from Henry Diltz's Photo Journal, provided to us by Gary Strobl.

These shots come from The Mamas and The Papas reunion of 1971 ...

And, as Gary points out, 

One of the frames from this photo session became the front cover for their People Like Us album.  

Friday, April 30, 1971

Met Ben Fong-Torres, writer for Rolling Stone, at 12 @ we ate lunch at the Source. (talked about Stephen Stills, Cyrus Faryar, The Farm, Waco, Paul McCartney, The MFQ, Mamas & Papas)

Went to Cass Elliot’s at 1 & Ben interviewed around dining room table as I took pics (8 rolls).  They sang a lot of new songs.

Moved out to yard. Finished at 5:30.

We're featuring exclusive snap shots from Henry Diltz's Journal all year long in Forgotten Hits.

Just type "Henry Diltz"  into the search feature at the top of this page to catch up on any that you may have missed!  (kk)

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Thursday This And That


Looks like we've got another anniversary to celebrate …

I just got this from FH Reader Ken Voss …

Buckinghams #1 on WLS - 4/28/67

Incredibly, although “Kind Of A Drag” made it to #1 on both the Billboard and Record World national charts, it never reached the top here in Chicago where it peaked at #2.  They wouldn’t achieve their first Chicagoland #1 Record until the follow-up single, “Don’t You Care” … and that event happened exactly 55 years ago today!

(Man, what an incredible list of music!  Also in this week's Top 30 were Chicago's very own Cryan' Shames, The New Colony Six and The Riddles .. and, from just across the border, Milwaukee's Michael and the Messengers ... all getting airplay on a regular basis right along with some of the biggest names of the decade.)

And another WLS milestone is right around the corner …

On May 2nd, 1960 (62 years ago!), WLS switched over to Top 40 / Rock and Roll Radio.

They wouldn’t publish their first Silver Dollar Survey until several months later, but it was on May 2nd that they first pulled the trigger … and started blasting 50,000 watts of rock and roll out on a signal strong enough to be heard in 48 states on a clear night.  "Alley Oop" by The Hollywood Argyles kicked off a decades-long run for the Big 89 ... and radio has rarely been as much fun ever since.

Ken also sent us this obituary for former WLS Top 40 Rival, WCFL, who ceased playing rock and roll in favor of “the world’s most beautiful music” in March of 1976.  Incredibly, Super Jock Larry Lujack stayed on at the station for a brief time because his contract stipulated that he had to in order to continue to get paid.  Eventually, his contract was bought out and Lujack was free to return to WLS, where he would serve out the balance of his formidable career. (A couple of comeback stints followed with Lujack broadcasting remotely from his home in New Mexico … and who can ever forget matter how hard we try ... the on-air confrontation with Steve Dahl and Garry Meier?!?!  An example of radio broadcasting legends at its absolute worst.)  kk


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! 

At beautiful US 30 Dragstrip ... well, actually, no ... it'll be right here up on the Forgotten Hits Website ...

Watch for a special MAY DAY Salute / Encore Presentation on Sunday, loaded up with #1 Tunes!


To Tommy Roe ...

What energy you must have to climb back into the studio at 80.

Congratulations, Tommy ... I am in awe of you.

Best of luck with your new project,

Paul Evans


I love the fact that Tommy Roe is still making new music at 80.

He’s inspired – and his voice still sounds great.

Thank you for sharing this brand new track with all of the fans of ‘60’s music.

Our favorite artists will new grow old!


Morning, Kent!

Your description of Tommy Roe is spot on …

Great Guy, Great Performer and more than that, A Wonderful Gentleman.

Well done!

"Guitar" Jim Nowoc


That’s awesome, Kent!  I can’t wait to hear Tommy’s newest record.

I’ll always think of Tommy Roe because “Sheila” was the first 45 MY brother Tom (aka Tommy) bought back in 1962! 

Tom passed away in 2011 from cancer at the age of 60 but his vibrant, youthful spirit lives on and I think of him all the time … but especially when I hear any classic from Tommy Roe! 

Happy Birthday, Tommy — ROCK ON!!!



Speaking of Tommy Roe in today's FH, years ago and I think maybe I still have it, I had (have) a copy of SHEILA, except it is misspelled. It is spelled SHIELA. I also have his original recording on Judd. Always did like the records that Tommy Roe put out. My favorite is probably the one he recorded for EVERYBODY.


Somewhere in my collection I have one of those RCA Gold Standard Singles that they put out on Elvis, putting “That’s All-Right, Mama” on THEIR label as an Oldies 45.

Except they misspelled his name as “Elvis Pressley!!!”  The biggest artist EVER signed to the label and the spelled his name wrong!  Man, that’s like spelling The Beatles with two T’s!!!  (kk)


>>>Age is just a number  (kk / Tommy Roe)

Yes, age is just a number - Tommy James celebrates 75 years on April 29th - still relevant, still creating new fans both young and older - still touring and still having great success with his Sirius / ZM  radio show every Sunday evening, airing from

5 – 8 pm on 60s Gold, Channel 73


Age IS just a number … and I can tell you what it numbs!!!


OK … THAT one made my day!  (lol)  kk

Also celebrating a birthday today …

My dear friend drummer / percussionist Jim Keltner celebrates his 80th birthday today. I don't think people realize how many of our favorite recordings he has played on the last 60 years.  

I first met him in 1970 at Lucy's El Adobe Cafe in Hollywood after seeing him drum with Joe Cocker, Leon Russell and Mad Dogs & Englishmen.  

I must have interviewed him three dozen times since 1979 for articles and a slew of my books. I've always been grateful for his support of my literary work and very thankful for his music and recording business navigation tips and nutritional guidance. I've been cataloging my archives and pulled out some of our interviews.

If you dig The Band, Gary Lewis & the Playboys, Delaney, Bonnie and Friends, John Lennon, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Phil Spector and Leonard Cohen, check out some of our dialogues. 

Harvey Kubernik

And we’ll do EXACTLY that next week in Forgotten Hits … so stay tuned!  (kk)



Hi Kent,

I enjoyed reading the story on how you got your first name.

Mine is a little simpler, but music related. 

My Mom grew up listening to the pre-rock music of Perry Como and Patti Page.  She graduated from high school in 1955 and while she did enjoy some rock and roll (Bill Haley & Elvis Presley), by the time the British Invasion rolled around, she wasn't as into new music anymore.  For instance, she liked a few of the early Beatles records, but wasn't a huge fan.  While pregnant with me in the fall of 1965, she still hadn't decided on my first name.  My older twin brothers were named Kevin and Keith, so she only knew that she didn't want anything that started with a "K" (therefore "Kent" was out of the question!)  Then one day she heard "Yesterday" by The Beatles and she thought it was just about the best song she'd ever heard.  The more she heard it, the more she thought that the name "Paul" would be it (if I was indeed, a boy.)  I'm just happy that she didn't prefer the B-side ("Act Naturally") … otherwise I might've been Ringo Haney!

Paul Haney


In German class in High School, we all had to select a German name to be called in class.

I immediately chose Paul … (for the obvious Beatles reasons)

Imagine my disappointment when I learned that in German, Paul is actually pronounced Powell!  I had to live with that all year!

(I guess I could have found solace in the connection to Cynthia Powell - but I didn’t think of that then!)

By the way, my Grandmother, who was born and raised in Germany, told me that if I got an A in the class, she would take me to Germany during my summer vacation.

I should report that to this date I have STILL never been out of the country!  Lol  (kk)


Chuck Buell with The Forgotten Hits Name Game!

I did not know your story of how you were named the way you were. I actually found it interesting. Particularly for me, the part where you recalled that in “our” day, “there was always that underlining guilty obligation to name the baby after your father  / grandfather / great-grandfather, etc., which is how so many Jr.’s and Thurston Howell the Third’s on Gilligan’s Island were named.”

And that is why I carry the moniker of “Charles James Buell, the Third!” My folks even made sure that my new full name as such was registered on my birth certificate.

Several years ago, in one of my Radio Station Stops, I once worked in a state where they would not accept the fact that even if one had a legal and current driver’s license from the state they previously lived in, they still required an Official Birth Certificate to be presented to get a license in their state. That was the only state I experienced that requirement.

And, that state apparently sold the names and addresses they harvested from their DMV to a marketing company or two.  ( Damn Motor Vehicle Department! ) Those kinds of lists get updated periodically and sold again and again, over and over, on and on, and so to this day, I’ll still get a piece of third class solicitation / offer / organizational invite junk mail addressed to me with “III” or even “3D” after my official birth-given name!

In your naming case, you said your Mom later fessed up that you WERE named after Kent cigarettes because of their “MIKE-ronite filter” feature ( Mike being the name she really liked ). Imagine if that connection did not exist and because she smoked Pall Malls, you could have instead been named, “Paul!” ( I think "P. Kotal" has a Fun ring to it tho! )

So now, let’s end all this with a rousing sing-along to Shirley Ellis’ “Name Game!”  We can safely do “Kent,” but it’s probably wise to stay away from “Chuck” so as not to offend anybody!


Here, as demonstrated and instructed by Ms. Ellis;



Kent, Kent, bo-Kent,

Bo-na-na fanna fo-fent!




Now, let’s do "Chuck!"

You say a name with an "F" very plain

Then "fee fi" and a "mo!"

And there isn't any name that you can't rhyme!


Chuck, Chuck, bo Chuck,

Bo-na-na-Fanna fo Fu .-----  !!


CB ( which Stands for “Censored Boy!” )

Which is why EVERYBODY wanted to sing “Chuck,” right???

(I think Bart was probably a close second)  kk



>>>Today we honor the great Duane Eddy  (Phil Nee)

Duane Eddy was also honored in the Summer of 1963 in a song that charted on WLS and WJJD, "Surfin' Hootenanny".  In this song, guitarist Al Casey pays homage to the guitar styles of Dick Dale, the Ventures and Duane Eddy.  It is one of my favorite songs of that summer.  It should have been a bigger hit.

Ed #1


>>>In addition, 'CFL played the Chicory version of "Son Of My Father" while WLS featured the Giorigo version.  (They're nearly identical ... yet plain and clear, this was a DELIBERATE approach toward playing "what the other guy wasn't playing.")  kk

I love both versions as well and the Chicory one was the big hit in UK while Giorgio did best here.  I know our FM station in Omaha played and charted Chicory.  Personally, my own charts ran Chicory to #9 and Giorgio #1. 

Maybe ‘CFL was at a breaking point and soon to be saved when on July 3rd, 1972, Larry Lujack would come to the station and revive ratings again and totally change the whole top 40 image of the station with him already being Superjock and now ‘CFL would be SuperCFL!  It was an awesome moment, altho I wrote to WLS complaining vehemently about this, as I could listen to Larry easily on WLS from Lincoln before school and now he would be afternoon drive on ‘CFL.  I was only 16, so what did I know of how radio worked.  I still have the letter they wrote back to me somewhere.

Clark Besch

Lujack just always sounded better to me in the morning for some reason … maybe because he routinely helped you shake off that last bit of sleep before heading into your day … and always with a smile.  (I heard someone say recently, “Sometimes I shake my head and laugh … and sometimes I just shake my head.”)  THAT was Larry Lujack in a nutshell!  (kk)



You are right about when there were two rock and roll stations being in the same market, that some records were played on one station and not the other. I can't really think of too many examples here in the OKC area, but one I do know is that the Music

Explosion's LITTLE BIT OF SOUL was played on both KOMA and WKY. But their follow up, SUNSHINE GAMES, was played only on KOMA. Most of the Uniques’ records were played only on KOMA.


And, as we learned when we did our FAVORITE, FORGOTTEN B-SIDES Poll several years ago, some of the REALLY good stations were playing the flip side of “Little Bit Of Soul” and treating their listeners to “I See The Light,” a GREAT song that actually charted in some parts of the country yet never made any of the national charts.  (Another one that comes to mind is The Guess Who’s “Bus Rider,” which they played like crazy here in Chicago in 1970 … yet it neve charted either.  (kk)


Now how cool is THIS?!?!?

I have never seen these photos before … but Me-TV uncovered the recording session where Ann-Margret voiced her Flintstones character Ann Margrock … and these are just amazing!

Hi Kent,

I thought Harvey Kubernik did a great job interviewing Dick Clark. He covered areas of interest that most interviewers would not.

I have great memories of Dick. We worked together as partners in a series of radio networks for fifteen years, from the time we formed The United Stations in 1981 until we sold the company, then Unistar, to Viacom, who merged it into Westwood One, where I stayed on as President / Programming.

Ed Salamon

>>>Dionne Warwick’s show at The Genesee Theatre scheduled for this evening has been cancelled.  A news release issued by the theater only said that “Dionne Warwick has an urgent medical issue to attend to and is unable to perform."  (Other rumors suggest that Dionne is suffering a bad case of poor ticket sales.)  Our last run-in with Dionne saw her stop the show several times from the stage and threaten to walk off completely if people in the audience didn’t put away their cell phones.  (Not an especially fun experience.)  Still, I think Dionne HAD to know in advance that she wasn’t going to be able to perform on Sunday … I mean, isn’t that the sort of thing her Psychic Network is supposed to be all about???  (kk)

While Dionne Warwick has become the subject of jokes and satire thru the years, due to her involvement with Psychic Friends, one must remember she is a successful entertainer. I, for one, wouldn't say I'm a fan, but one thing I will agree with her about is, PUT THE PHONES AWAY!  Maybe some performers don't care, but if I'm going out there and busting my ass for two hours to give a quality show, I don't want to see flashing lights. From an audience perspective, I don't want people in front of me blocking my field of vision while they snap photos, or shoot videos. It also violates the artist's performance rights. If I'm performing, I would warn the audience once. If it happens again, I walk off the stage, even in the middle of a song and the show is over. No refunds. 


Dionne has participated with Forgotten Hits a few times in the past.  One could say that if you looked up the word “Diva” in the dictionary, you’re likely to find Dionne’s picture next to it as an illustration.  One could ALSO say that if anyone has earned the right to be declared a Diva, Dionne fits the bill.  She has had an INCREDIBLE career, racking up 35 National Top 40 Hits … a true voice for a generation … but she has also made it a point to show off her “not so attractive” side the past couple of decades.  (One of the reasons we watched “The Celebrity Apprentice” was to see Dionne in action … she became so bitchy and impossible to deal with that we couldn’t stand her by the time she was eliminated … it was a real “good riddance” moment … and that’s coming from someone who DOES consider themselves to be a fan.)

Still, there is no denying her contribution to the music scene for the past 55 years.

Different strokes for different entertainers, I guess.  (I think in Dionne’s case it was more an issue of people posting unflattering video of her, taken out of context during a live show than anything else.)  Other artists, like Burton Cummings for example, tells their audience to take as many pictures and videos as you like and post them any where you’d like.  “And if you get some REALLY good ones, send them to me!”  I think that’s an artist having the confidence that they’re putting on the best show possible every time out.

But hey, I love Dionne … look forward to the new documentaries coming up and have watched all of the previous ones, too.  We just figured if we’re going to spend 2 – 2 ½ hours in transit to see a show at The Genesee, we’d prefer to invest that time in Alan Parsons, where it was pretty much a sure thing to be a great show.  With Dionne, it really could have gone either way.  (kk)


We lost Susan Jacks of The Poppy Family this week after years of suffering with kidney disease.

The Poppy Family delivered a one-two punch in 1970 with their hits “Which Way You Goin’ Billy?” (#2) and “That’s Where I Went Wrong” (#20)

The group consisted of then husband and wife Terry and Susan Jacks.

Although the group continued to chart in the lower region of The Top 100 through 1973, they never came close to matching their initial out-of-the-box success of “Which Way You Goin’ Billy?”  (Terry would go on to have a #1 solo hit with the love-it-or-hate-it “Seasons In The Sun” in 1974.  At one point, he was tapped to produce new music for The Beach Boys … to whom he also offered this song … but things never worked out between them and their version of “Seasons In The Sun” has been a collectible bootleg ever since.  It was finally legitimately released a short while back.)

The Canadian group that Susan Jacks fronted reached Canada’s Top Ten with their two American Hits (“Billy” went all the way to #1) plus a THIRD single (“Where Evil Grows”) that peaked at #2.  (kk)


Hi Kent,

I just discovered Susan Jacks has died at age 73, She had received a kidney transplant a few years ago and was recently hospitalized for new kidney dysfunction. Susan was from British Columbia and I believe she had one of the best voices in popular music. She will certainly be missed.

Bob Verbos

We first heard the sad news thru FH Reader David Lewis … what a shame.  (A great voice … and she ranked pretty high on the “hot chick” meter, too!)  kk


Earth Wind and Fire’s saxophonist Andrew Woolfolk has also passed after fighting an illness for over six years.  Woolfolk joined the pop/soul group in 1973 … and was part of their famous horn section for the next twenty years.  (kk)


Hey Kent,

I'm a bit baffled with all the talk about The Beatles' "Get Back" DVD being "canned," at least for now.  I ordered mine from Amazon back on January 29th and after a short delay, it was delivered, fully intact, on February 26th.  Three discs stacked one on top of another, with no booklet, but otherwise all was in order.  I can't be the only one on the planet who received this, can I?

Nick Frankart


I’m not aware of any copies being shipped out.  Amazon US or UK?  Can you send us a picture?  (kk)


Amazon US …


You are the ONLY person I know of who has received a copy …

All other orders (including my own) were cancelled and refunded until they could come up with a firm release date.  This is just CRAZY!!!  (kk)


As I type this this morning, here is how they’re showing this release on Amazon …

“Currently unavailable.  We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.”


Tomorrow’s the last day you can vote for your favorites to be inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.

Duran Duran still has a commanding lead over Eminem …

And really The Top Five have remained, for the most part, unchanged for over a month now.

Duran Duran – 920,000 votes

Eminem – 680,000 votes

Pat Benatar – 620,000 votes (and gaining on Eminem who, at one time, led the pack)

Eurythmics – 435,000 votes

Dolly Parton – 390,000 votes


FH Reader Ken Voss tells us that on July 3rd, 2022, ZZ Top, with Ann Wilson of Heart, will be performing an outdoor concert at The McHenry County Fairgrounds, Woodstock as part of their 4th of July Celebration.  (The following month, Big $ Rich with Sara Evans will be there (on August 6th) as part of The McHenry County Fair.  (kk)

Hi Kent -

Here is the updated information on the Herman’s Hermits and New Colony 6 (7) rescheduled show for Champaign Illinois on February 17, 2023.

Jay Siegel’s Tokens will not be a part of this event.

The link to the Herman’s Hermits show in 2023 have been updated!

Below is one of the big reasons the venue asked that I move the show, especially since it will be drawing an older crowd.

Hope to see you there, just let me know as time gets closer to show time.



Meanwhile, you can catch the next Cornerstones Of Rock show at The Genesee Theatre on October 1st … The Buckinghams, The Ides Of March, The New Colony Six, The Cryan’ Shames and The Shadows of Knight, performing all their hits.

These shows sell out every time … so get your tickets early …

(You can take advantage of the presale by clicking on the link below and entering the code GENESEE … get ‘em before they go on sale to the general public!)

Slash of Guns 'N Roses comments on the new "Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child" book (Sterling/Barnes and Noble) - Authors Harvey and Kenneth Kubernik

"'Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child'. It's one of the very best Hendrix books I've seen.  A brilliant photographic expose' of the man throughout his brief career." --- Slash

My fellow Fairfax High School graduate Slash (Saul Hudson) received a copy of our book and sent over this heartfelt endorsement. 

I knew his mother Ola Hudson, who, like Slash, was interviewed in 2008 for my book "Canyon of Dreams: The Magic and the Music of Laurel Canyon." 

Fairfax High School in Los Angeles gave the music world Herb Alpert, PF Sloan, Warren Etner, Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Steve Barri, Mo Ostin, Allan Sherman, Rami Jaffee, Phil Spector, Larry "The Mole" Taylor, Warren Zevon, Stan Ross, Marilyn Wilson, Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Hillel Slovak, Marvin Etzioni, Timi Yuro, Elliot Ingber, Marshall Leib, Carol Connors, and Jerry Leiber.   

"Be true to your school." 

-      HK


Speaking of books, Jim Nowoc just sent me a copy of his brand new book, “No Strings Attached: My Life Growing Up With The Birth Of Rock And Roll” … and I can’t wait to read it!

I’ve been running into Jim for YEARS now at so many of the shows at The Arcada Theatre … and he always has his guitar in tow, getting more and more artists to sign it for him.  (Soon it may be JIM who’s signing things … like copies of his brand new book once the first shipment comes in!)

Ron Onesti wrote the Forward … and Jim takes us through nearly 60 years of rock and roll memories.

Congratulations, Jim!

(Of course, I always thought you should call it "Have Guitar, Will Travel" ... with maybe some sort of make-shift Paladin logo on the cover ... but as you can see, I am forever stuck in the '60's as well!)  kk 


Guitar Legend Adrian Belew In Conjunction With US Summer Tour Releases His First Solo Digital Album “Elevator” With Bliss Entertainment / Ingrooves Music Group 

Legendary Guitarist With Frank Zappa, David Bowie, King Crimson, Talking Heads

First Singlea13Now Available!

Adrian Belew is a legendary guitarist well-known for his diverse travels around the musical map. He is a multi-instrumentalist whose solo records are critically acclaimed. His moving singing voice and prolific songwriting has endeared a loyal fan base of music lovers. His music is being discovered everyday by more and more listeners thirsty for great music with a creative standard not often pushed by the commercial music industry.

Adrian has signed with Bliss Entertainment, distributed exclusively by Ingrooves Music Group. “Elevator” will be the first Adrian Belew solo recording released through streaming. Adrian and management chose the Ingrooves Music Group channel based on the Ingrooves technology and the Universal global distribution channel. As with all artists, the optimization  of music sales revenue is key to picking their distribution and marketing partners. The first single  “a13” is now available!

To purchase Adrian Belew’s new single “a13”:

“Elevator” is Adrian’s 25th solo record and as with most of his solo releases, he writes the songs, produces the record, and plays and sings everything. “Elevator” includes 38 of Adrian’s recent digital paintings as well as the lyrics to his songs. There are 12 new songs, ranging from delicate ballads to raging art rock as well as Adrian’s unique brand of avant-pop music.

To promote his new solo album and digital distribution deal, Adrian will be touring the US and Canada this summer starting July 13th in St. Paul, MN. Adrian’s touring trio will include bassist Julie Slick and drummer Johnnie Luca. Adrian describes the “Elevator” show as “part ‘classic’ power trio, new power trio songs never performed before, and a short solo acoustic performance of favorites and new songs from ‘Elevator.’” Adrian will be performing fan favorites spanning his whole career!

Tickets are available Friday April 29th at 10 AM EST - for more information:

Adrian also continues to perform with the Remain In Light tour featuring Adrian and Jerry Harrison, and will finish out the year touring the states as guest artist alongside Todd Rundgren for the “Celebrating David Bowie” show.

Adrian Belew first appeared on the guitar-world radar when he toured with Frank Zappa in 1977 who later said, “Adrian reinvented electric guitar”. Adrian’s signature tones, unique use of effects and whammy bar remains completely different, and his techniques continue to be a huge influence on today’s guitarists. He was guitarist, songwriter and frontman Progressive Rock Powerhouse King Crimson for over 30 years. “Discipline”, Adrian’s first record with King Crimson, is listed among the most important rock records ever made.

Adrian has had a career that commands both awe and respect from fellow musicians and loyal fans, from his first solo record “The Lone Rhino” to the Atlantic Records hit album “Mr. Music Head” or any of his other solo records (25 total) that push sonic boundaries while maintaining artistic integrity. Adrian shreds on guitar but also writes beautiful songs that will make you cry. Yes, Adrian has taken his fans on a wild ride through countless world tours and albums with David Bowie, Talking Heads, Laurie Anderson, and Paul Simon. He truly is the Twang Bar King!

Tour Dates:

7/13/22 - Turf Club, St. Paul, MN
7/14/22 - Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI
7/15/22 - Arcada Theatre, St. Charles, IL
7/16/22 - Hi-Fi Annex, Indianapolis, IN
7/18/22 - City Winery, Chicago, IL
7/19/22 - City Winery, Chicago, IL
7/21/22 - The Ludlow Garage, Cincinnati, OH
7/22/22 - Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH
7/23/22 - Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI
7/24/22 - The Oaks Theater, Oakmont, PA
7/26/22 - City Winery, Nashville, TN
7/27/22 - City Winery, Atlanta, GA
7/29/22 - The Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC
7/30/22 - City Winery, Washington, DC
7/31/22 - Rams Head, Annapolis, MD
8/1/22 - Ashland Theatre, Ashland, VA
8/3/22 - Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT
8/4/22 - The Flying Monkey, Plymouth, NH
8/5/22 - City Winery, Boston, MA
8/6/22 - The Newton Theatre, Newton, NJ
8/14/22 - Center for the Arts of Homer, Homer, NY
8/16/22 - City Winery, Philadelphia, PA
8/18/22 - City Winery, New York, NY
8/19/22 - The Egg, Albany, NY
8/20/22 - Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield, CT

For more information:

The B-52’s have announced an 11-city farewell tour of the U.S. for this summer, pairing up with special guests KC & the Sunshine Band and the Tubes. 

Lucky cities on the list …

August 22nd - Seattle, WA - McCaw Hall*

September 29th - Mashantucket, CT - Foxwoods Casino**

September 30th - Boston, MA  - MGM Music Hall**

October 1st - Washington, DC - The Anthem**

October 7th - Chicago, IL - Chicago Theatre**

October 13th and 14th - New York, NY - Beacon Theatre**

October 15th - Atlantic City, NJ - Ovation Hall – Ocean Casino**

October 19th, 21st and 22nd - Las Vegas, NV - The Venetian Theatre

October 28th and 29th - San Francisco, CA - The Masonic Auditorium*

November 4th Los Angeles, CA - YouTube Theater**

November 11th - Atlanta, GA - The Fox Theatre**

*with Special Guests The Tubes

**with Special Guests KC & The Sunshine Band

Tom Jones (another guy who is still in FINE voice these days!) is making a trip back to The States to perform a few shows!  (We missed him the last time he was here … played the Chicago House Of Blues.  This time around, Chicago’s not even on the list.)

Sure would like to see this show … Arcada??? Des Plaines???  City Winery??? Genesee???  Buehler???  ANYBODY?!?!?

09/09 – Atlantic City, NJ @ Borgata
09/10 – Forest Hills, NY @ Forest Hills Stadium
09/13 – Hershey, PA @ Hershey Theatre
09/14 – Boston, MA @ Orpheum Theatre
09/17 – Vienna, VA @ Wolf Trap
09/19 – Toronto, ON @ Massey Hall
09/21 – Montreal, QC @ Théâtre St-Denis
09/24 – Northfield, OH @ MGM Northfield Park
09/26 – Indianapolis, IN @ Murat Theatre
09/29 – St. Louis, MO @ Stifel Theatre
10/01 – Fort Worth, TX @ Billy Bob’s
10/04 – Los Angeles, CA @ YouTube Theater
10/05 – Santa Barbara, CA @ Arlington Theatre
10/11 – Saratoga, CA @ Mountain Winery
10/12 – San Francisco, CA @ The Masonic


Last night I listened to one of my air checks I did of the Wax Museum on 7/14/96, all five hours. During the fifth and final hour, I played Davie Allan's APACHE '65. Still sounds great after all these years.

I just wanted you and him to know that Davie Allan, whom I have never met, back in 1996 was not forgotten.

Larry Neal

Davie’s a great guy … and he’s another one of our heroes who’s still out there making new music.

Check out all his latest wares right here:


Another closing smiler from Chuck Buell …

And How is Development Going in YOUR Town?

Have you seen Amazon’s proposed design for their new building for their Second Headquarters in Washington D.C.?


The Arlington County Virginia Board Members unanimously approved of the plan.


I'm not sure what vision they saw, and I'm not an architect but, I created here what I see. I'm pretty sure the emoji folks already created the original design.

CB ( which stands for “Conceptional Boy!” )

Well, judging by this photo, CB is definitely NOT Constipated Boy!!!  (kk)