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PHIL NEE: November 19th

I recently went to my 40th class reunion.  
When I was in high school, I would always listen to music that came out 10, 20, even 30 years before.  My sister and cousins were all much older than me and I loved their music more than the songs from my era.  
When I was getting some music together for the reunion, I realized that there were a few songs that I still really like from my high school days.  They were all songs that stuck out and were different than the tunes on the radio at that time.

It is a real honor to be able to speak with those that made the music of your life.  The first WRCO archived cut today comes from Berton Averre.  He was the lead guitarist and founding member of the Knack.  They recorded one of the biggest records of all time. Released in 1979, My Sharona is a truly an ear worm that has been used in tv shows and movies through the years.

The next archived cut is from Cliff Johnson.  
When I was in high school, a group from Chicago known as Off Broadway opened for several top acts at the Dane County Coliseum in Madison, Wisconsin.   Their first album was called 'On' and it had a real throw back sound to an earlier era.  The single Stay In Time got a great deal of air play in the Badger state.  
I spoke with Cliff in 2002.

The last Those Were the Days archived cut comes from an interview with the late Jon Wetton of Asia.  He had been in previous groups such as King Crimson, Roxy Music, and Uriah Heep.  
When the super group Asia released its debut album in 1982, we had our music for the summer.  The single Heat Of the Moment debuted in April of that year.  It was in constant rotation on MTV.   
Jon talked with me in 2004 about the composition of that song.
A sure fire way to bring the kids to the dance floor in the early '80s was to spin a song from the Romantics called What I Like About You.  
The song only made it to #49 in Billboard for the Detroit band during the early months of 1980.  Thanks to its MTV play, it became a staple on Top 40 radio and in the clubs during the following years. 
The group would finally hit big with Talking In Your Sleep in late 1983.  
Lead guitarist Mike Skill joined me by phone in 2010.


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Friday, November 18, 2022


Micky Dolenz is in town this weekend for appearances at both The Arcada Theatre (on Saturday night) and The Des Plaines Theater (on Sunday afternoon ... that's the one that WE'RE going to!)

The Daily Herald did a nice piece on him this week ...

Don't miss the 2022 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony ... tomorrow night on HBO ... this looks like a goodie!  (kk)

Have you seen this new Backstreet Boys commercial???

Pretty cleverly done ... and I love the little twist there at the end.

(Yes, I admit it ... I'm a fan!  They've been together for THIRTY YEARS now ... and without all of the in-fighting that typically infuses groups like The Beach Boys ... this is their 60th!!!)

Now I don't think I ever really expected them to be doing Downy commercials on television ... but I like them enough to have purchased their brand new Christmas album ... and am trying to figure out ways to catch their 2023 residency in Vegas!  (kk)

I guess the Taylor Swift tickets presale is over ... they just can't keep up with the demand for the millions and millions of tickets being requested.  (There couldn't POSSIBLY be any tickets left over for her most dedicated and devoted fans who can't afford to scoop up tickets by the bucketful, just to turn around and resell them for an exorbitant profit.)  What a shame.

And did you hear that Bruce Springsteen has invited Taylor to join him on stage for one of his upcoming show?  The Boss' interview with Howard Stern is being shown as a two hour HBO television special, too!

Meanwhile, it's pretty clear that Disney+ is definitely in the music business, targeting our demographic as their audience ... after airing "The Beatles Get Back" documentary last Thanksgiving, they've now got the Abbey Road "If These Walls Could Sing" documentary coming up ... along with Elton John's final concert from Dodger Stadium.  (kk)

Just a reminder ...

On November 29th, we'll be celebrating the first ever Forgotten Hits Joel Whitburn Day.

Please send in your memories of Joel and the incredible chart library his company was able to put together over the past fifty-plus years and we'll share them with our readers.

And, coming next Tuesday (November 22nd), a very special trivia contest put together by long-time Record Research employee Paul Haney and Joel's daughter, Kim Bloxdorf.  (You may have to do a bit of record research of your own to answer some of THESE toughies!!!)

But it'll all be worth it in the end ... because the winner gets their choice of ANY book from The Record Research Library.  So be sure to stop back here NEXT TUESDAY (November 22nd)

I got my Gavin Report book yesterday ... and it offers yet another perspective on how the charts were compiled back in the day.  (I had no idea The Gavin Report continued to publish through the year 2000!)

They were always on the leading edge of predicting the hits ... with weekly programming suggestions.  (As such, you'll see LOTS of titles charting ... and in some cases PEAKING ... before they began their climb up the other national charts.)  I'll be commenting more on the new book once I've had the chance to devour it! (lol)

Peruse The Record Research Site ... and then be sure to stop back to take your crack at Joel Whitburn Trivia ... and the chance to win the book of your choice!  (kk)  

From FH Reader Billy James ...

Music Icon & Living Legend JUDY COLLINS Earns Grammy Nomination For Her Latest Album SPELLBOUND!

With a career that spans over an astounding five decades, singer/songwriter Judy Collins continues to reach for new heights with her craft, pushing her renowned talents in new directions, and leaving audiences absolutely spellbound! Just this year she achieved a remarkable first, releasing her first ever album of all original material, with songs that were either written or co-written by herself. And just this week it was announced that this very album, Spellbound, her 55th recording overall, was nominated for a Grammy for Best Folk Album. It’s Collins’s seventh Grammy nomination, and her second in the album category, next to her 2017 duet album with Ari Hest, Silver Skies Blue.

Spellbound was always destined to be something special. Written during the COVID-19 pandemic, the songs draw heavily from Collins’s own life including her childhood (“When I Was A Girl In Colorado”), her early music career at the forefront of the ‘60s folk revolution (“So Alive”) and her most profound social-activist influences (“Thomas Merton”). But it isn’t just the rich autobiographical material that makes Spellbound soar, it is also the production team behind the recording including studio musicians Thad DeBrock, Zev Katz ,and Doug Yowell, as well as co-producer Alan Silverman and Hest, who has the only co-writing credit on the album, for the title track.

It’s a team effort that caps an incredible decade of artistic renaissance for Collins, but at the center of it all remains that unmistakable voice, a voice that has persisted across the years and lost none of its power or beauty. Here is just a sampling of the accolades Spellbound has received from major media publications:

[Collins’s] voice [is] still as pure as mountain air…” – The Guardian

Her voice remains pure and true.” – Mojo

Her voice and her writing have lost none of their chandelier sparkle.” – Uncut

The Grammy nomination for Best Folk album is as richly deserved as the praise the album has received. There’s no better time than now to become captivated, enraptured and mesmerized by this incredible album.

Purchase Spellbound on CD/Vinyl:   

Stream/download Spellbound:  




~JANUARY 27, 2023~


The music of Marvin Gaye transcends time in ways that can’t be described. From relatable songs about romance and heartbreak like “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” to socially conscious meditations “What’s Going On” and “Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)”, his music continues to resonate across generations.

One of the most soulful, celebrated voices and songwriters in music history, Marvin Gaye cemented a legacy as a trailblazer in R&B and beyond. His lush arrangements, irresistible grooves, and silky smooth yet emotive vocal delivery earned him 12 Grammy nominations, a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame. However, the true magic of Gaye’s music was his ability to weave emotion or deep socio-political commentary into melodies and harmonics that, sonically, left the listener feeling good, no matter what the sentiment behind the lyrics – a rare feat that is truly difficult to achieve.

Captured on Marvin Gaye: Greatest Hits Live In ‘76, these songs, which were originally released on DVD in 2007, are now available as a standalone audio release for the first time. The set will be released on vinyl and CD on January 27, 2023 by Mercury Studios.

Marvin Gaye: Greatest Hits Live In ‘76 was recorded in the midst of his 1976 European tour, during a live performance at the Edenhalle Concert Hall in Amsterdam. The 20+ song set features an abundance of Marvin Gaye’s beloved hit songs, spanning his entire career up until that point.

These powerful songs are a wonder to experience live and are beautifully presented on Marvin Gaye: Greatest Hits Live In ‘76.

Track Listing: 


1. All The Way Around
2. Since I Had You
3. Come Get To This
4. Let’s Get It On
5. Ain’t That Peculiar
6. You’re A Wonderful One
7. Stubborn Kind of Fellow
8. Pride And Joy
9. Little Darling (I Need You)
10. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
11. Hitch Hike
12. You
13. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
14. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
15. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)
16. What’s Going On
17. Save The Children
18. You’re All I Need To Get By
19. Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing
20. Heaven Must Have Sent You
21. It Takes Two
22. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
23. Distant Lover

From the Ross On Radio column ...

What do "Good Vibrations," "Sweet Home Alabama," "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye," and "Brick House" have in common? They're enduring hits that never made Billboard's Year-End Top 100. Now, reader Pat Kelly has calculated year-end rankings that include those songs. It also means that we can apply our Lost Factor rankings to even more songs.

And a couple of quick smiles before we go ...

>>>This is a 95% accurate guitar tutorial of my song “On and On.” There are a few chords here and there that will remain trade secrets.  (Stephen Bishop)

Hurry to watch because John Belushi is coming for his guitar!!!

Clark Besch 

And how about this one ...

17 #1 Hits WORSE than "We Built This City!!!" ...

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Thursday This And That

Rewound Radio has already started collecting votes for your all-time favorites for their annual Top 77 Countdown (which REALLY numbers into the well over THREE THOUSAND favorites once all the votes are tabulated!)

You can vote for your ten favorites now … and then Rewound Radio will play them back (plus all the extras) during the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

Vote here:

Paul Haney tells us that all of the pre-orders for the new Record Research book spotlighting The Gavin Report have shipped ... and I can't wait to get my copy!

This is one that I talked to Joel Whitburn about for years ... SO glad to see it finally come to light.  (And I know how long it took to finally track down copies of all of these charts ... essentially just a mailing list that radio programmers adopted as their guide when it came to adding new music to their playlists and measuring the potential of upcoming hit material.)  You can still order your copy thru the Record Research website:

(I still hope to see Bill Gavin's columns come to print some day!)

Speaking of Joel Whitburn, The Forgotten Hits 1st Annual Joel Whitburn Day is just around the corner.  (November 29th)

We've got a few things planned (more details coming up) ... with a special trivia contest put together by Paul and Joel's daughter Kim, the winner of which will win a copy of the Record Research book of their choice ... meaning a copy of the new Gavin Report book ... or any OTHER book currently in print. (Again, check the website via the link above ... and then keep watching these pages for more information.)

In the meantime, we would LOVE to share more of your thoughts about what Joel's books (and Joel!) have meant to you over the past fifty years.  Please send along your comments and memories and we'll run some of those on the 29th as well.  (kk)

The limited edition (3000 copies) of the brand new Paul McCartney solo singles box set has already sold out.  (Hmm ... 3000 copies @ $612 per set ... that's another $1.8 million that Macca just earned ... and Lord knows he needs the money!!!  lol)

Still ... can you imagine what these will be selling for shortly ... and in the future ... on the collectors market???  (Might have been worth it just for that!)  kk

And that incredible Howard Stern / Bruce Springsteen interview that we were telling you about a couple of weeks ago will soon be airing as an HBO television special.  (Now THIS I've gotta see!)

The two hour special will premier on Sunday, November 27th, at 10 pm (eastern) and then be available for streaming on HBO Max.

And remember that this year's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony also airs this weekend and then begins streaming as well.  (Honestly, this sounds like one of the most interesting ceremonies in quite a while ... so I'll be checking THAT out, too!)  kk

Hey Kent,

Just a memory of a Dick Dale show I attended at the “CABOOZE MUSIC CLUB” (in Minneapolis) in the summer of 2013.

The place was packed with mostly younger music fans. My friend and I were part of a handful of age appropriate fans who were around in the 60’s and 70’s. It was so nice to see that his music was discovered by so many younger fans. The crowd was so very appreciative of Dick’s guitar shredding.

Anyway after the show, Dick was there for pictures, signings and plenty of music talk. As the place was emptying out, a fan brought in a full size surfboard for Dick to autograph. It was so cool. The “King of the Surf Guitar” was happy to autograph the board. I will always remember that July night.

Gary Maurer


Here's a nice pic of Dick Dale. Pam Pulice contacted me back in 2016, to mention that Dale was playing at Durty Nellie's, so we met up out there. That guy could shred a guitar like no other. And   to be able to do it when his health was as bad as it was ... unreal.



Although it never charted, one of Bobby Vee's best and rockingest singles was his version of the Buddy Holly song "Well All Right" from 1978 (mp3 attached).

– Randy Price


Sad to hear that Roberta Flack can no longer sing due to her affliction to ALS (best known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.)  According to a press release, it is now “impossible to sing and not easy to speak … but it will take a lot more than ALS to silence this icon.” Sadly, the announcement comes just days before the release of “Roberta,” which will premiere at DOCNYC on Nov. 17th.  According to Billboard Magazine, “the film explores the complexity of Flack’s lyrical and thematic choices as well as the classical and soul influences that helped her develop her musical style and subsequently inspired many others.”

Between 1971 and 1978, Roberta earned eight National Top 40 Hits, including two MASSIVE #1 Hits, “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” (1972) and “Killing Me Softly With His Song” (1973)  She topped the charts for a third time in 1974 with “Feel Like Makin’ Love.”  She twice made The Top Five singing duets with Donny Hathaway, “Where Is The Love” (#5, 1972) and “The Closer I Get To You” (#2, 1978)  kk


Billboard also tells us that Arlo Guthrie is coming out of retirement to do four shows with his wife … his first live shows since suffering a series of strokes in 2019/2020.

After much discussion and consideration, Arlo and his wife decided that he could recuperate much better in front of a live audience, rather than just sit at home … and then they both agreed they should get back out there as part of my rehabilitation.

Arlo’s biggest chart hit was his version of the Steve Goodman song “City Of New Orleans” … but, of course, he’ll always be best remembered for “Alice’s Restaurant” … and, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, this seems like the PERFECT time for him to pull up a stool and entertain an audience again.  (kk)


Foreigner has announced their farewell tour, kicking off next summer (with a trip around the world!) Leader and founder Mick Jones said “Many years ago, I wrote a song called ‘Feels Like The First Time’ and today we are launching one last worldwide tour. We will be presenting a show that I know will have the same enthusiasm as our very first appearances.”

U.S. appearances are listed below.  (kk)


July 6th – Alpharetta, GA – Ameris Bank Amphitheatre
July 8th – West Palm Beach, FL – iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre
July 9th – Tampa, FL – MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
July 11th – Nashville, TN – Ascend Amphitheatre
July 14th – Rogers, AR – Walmart AMP
July 18th – Kansas City, MO – Starlight Theatre
July 19th – St. Louis, MO – Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
July 21st – Indianapolis, IN – Ruoff Music Center
July 22nd – Tinley Park, IL – Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
July 24th – Cleveland, OH – Blossom Music Center
July 25th – Toronto, ON – Budweiser Stage
July 28th – Darien Center, NY – Darien Lake Amphitheater
July 29th – Burgettstown, PA – The Pavilion at Star Lake
August 1st – Saratoga Springs, NY – Saratoga Performing Arts Center
August 2nd – Wantagh, NY – Northwell Health at Jones Beach
August 4th – Gilford, NH – Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion
August 5th – Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center
August 8th – Raleigh, NC – Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek
August 9th – Charlotte, NC – PNC Music Pavilion
August 11th – Dallas, TX – Dos Equis Pavilion
August 12th – Houston, TX – Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
August 14th – Austin, TX – Moody Center
August 16th – Denver, CO – Ball Arena
August 18th – Salt Lake City, UT – USANA Amphitheater
August 20th – Phoenix, AZ – Ak-Chin Pavilion
August 21st – Irvine, CA – FivePoint Amphitheater
August 23rd – Wheatland, CA – Toyota Amphitheater
August 24th – Mountain View, CA – Shoreline Amphitheatre
August 30th – Detroit, MI – Pine Knob Music Theater
September 1st – Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun Arena
September 2nd – Syracuse, NY – St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview
September 3rd – Holmdel, NJ – PNC Bank Arts Center



1977 – Feels Like The First Time (#4)

1977 – Cold As Ice (#6)

1978 – Long, Long Way From Home (#20)

1978 – Hot Blooded (#3)

1978 – Double Vision (#2)

1979 – Blue Morning, Blue Day (#15)

1979 – Dirty White Boy (#12)

1979 – Head Games (#14)

1980 – Women (#41)

1981 – Urgent (#4)

1981 – Waiting For A Girl Like You (#2 – FOR TEN WEEKS!!!)

1982 – Juke Box Hero (#26)

1982 – Break It Up (#26)

1985 – I Want To Know What Love Is (#1)

1985 – That Was Yesterday (#12)

1988 – Say You Will (#6)

1988 – I Don’t Want To Live Without You (#5)

1995 – Until The End Of Time (#42)


AM i the only one out here that has grown COMPLETELY tired of hearing Fleetwood Mac’s 1988 Hit “Everywhere” non-stop in that new Chevy commercial???

I swear, it comes on every fifteen minutes or so!  I have lost all affection for an otherwise GREAT song that I used to LOVE to hear come on the radio every now and then.  (But every fifteen minutes is just a little too much!!!)

Fleetwood Mac took their hit to #14 in early 1988 …

And the STRANGEST thing happened the other night …

In consecutive back-to-back commercials, they played Lindsay Buckingham’s “Holiday Road” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere”!!!  (I guarantee you the guy programming this had absolutely NO idea what he was doing … it was just one of those curious happenstances that made me smile … and actually enjoy hearing both songs again.)

Buckingham’s hit came from the National Lampoon Movie “Vacation” and wasn’t much of a hit at all, peaking at only #82 in Billboard Magazine in 1983 … but I have always loved this tune … ALL of Lindsay’s solo hits, in fact.  “Trouble” led things off for the Fleetwood Mac guitarist, going to #9 in 1982 … and “Go Insane” became a #23 hit for Lindsay in 1984.  (kk)


By the way, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (#26), Bobby “Boris” Picket’s “Monster Mash” (#47) and Ray Parker, Jr.’s “Ghostbusters” (#49) all re-entered Billboard’s Top 50 last week in honor of Halloween airplay, downloads and streaming.  (I guess that’s one cool thing about the way the charts are being calculated these days … literally ANYTHING could pop up here again if it gets enough buzz!)  kk


MICKY DOLENZ APPEARS ON NAKED LUNCH THIS THURSDAY (November 17th) with Phil Rosenthal and David Wild

Micky, David Wild and Phil Rosenthal


OK … so maybe Taylor Swift really IS bigger than The Beatles!!!

She’s got the #1 Album … AND The Top Ten Singles …

And when tickets went on sale Tuesday for her upcoming Eras Tour (Tuesday, as in the same day she was nominated for four Grammy Awards), so many MILLIONS of fans tried to get online to buy them that the traffic actually shut Ticketmaster down!!!  The demand for tickets was more than the service could handle … and this was just for the PRESALE!!!  (By the time tickets actually go on sale to the general public, they’ll already be sold out!  Taylor may have to add dates in every major city just to accommodate the demand!)  kk


And, speaking of The Beatles, here’s MORE Beatles news from FH Correspondent Clark Besch …

Coming Dec 16 to Disney+, a doc on Abbey Road studios that looks enticing!

How about a 22 minute fascinating video on the Butcher cover "Yesterday & Today" LP?

For those who like details.  For instance, the paste-overs with number 3 on the back cover (lower right) from Scranton are the easiest to peel because that plant used water-based glue for the paste-over cover, while the west coast plants (numbered 4, 5 and 6 on the back cover) used an alcohol-based glue.  The video also mentions that Dave Dexter had been taken off Beatles projects after "Help!," but a  Bill Miller constructed this final Capitol makeshift LP.

My brother Roger bought Yesterday & Today when it came out in 1966 and bought in Dodge City (I think) and believe it or not, IT was a Butcher cover paste over!  Made it to DODGE CITY!!  I believe the story was he found out about the paste idea when he was in college a couple years later at Wichita State and he and his roommate decided to unpeel the cover and SEE if there was a cover underneath.  I don’t think he ever thought about rarity or worth.  No one did then.  Sure enough, they peeled it REALLY well and then had sense to put THAT peeled cover on cardboard and keep it.  One of the best I have ever dreamed of seeing for peeling.  Of course, when he brought it home on school break (1970 I think), we couldn't believe it.  We still did not know about being able to tell if you HAD a butcher cover underneath until 80's when we heard that you could see the Ringo V in paste overs.  Sure enough, brother Steve found one at a garage sale in Lincoln!  He still has it and is still unpeeled!  Roger sold his copy to a friend of mine in Lincoln who still owns it.


Now, I know you usually focus your concert and show attendance to “name” groups, but I wanted to share with you an experience we just had.

Friday Night, Linda and I went to a Rock Show here in our town in a theater similar in size to the Des Plaines Theater and saw a group I was not familiar with at all called Leonid and Friends. We went on the recommendation of a locally based Oldies Group, who we do know and really like.

I actually did not know ahead of concert time exactly what to expect and this two-hour-plus performance knocked me out from the first song to the last.

While they do not bill themselves necessarily as a “Chicago Tribute Band,” they do acknowledge that and, for me, are the best “tribute” band of any other group I’ve ever heard! For me, it was like watching Chicago at their best along with just a few other Big, Brassy Songs mixed in from Earth, Wind, & Fire, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Tower of Power and The Ides of March, which also sounded just as good playing their music! At times, I counted nine to twelve musicians on stage at once.

Here's the interesting part to me. All in the group are originally from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus, and haven’t seen Chicago perform live, yet “replicates Chicago’s arrangements amazingly note for note” while performing their “unique ability to capture the spirit, musicality and fire of the supergroup Chicago.”

And they learned all the songs and styles only by listening to recordings and watching videos! Amazing! 

I can recommend to you it’s a show well worth seeing. They’ve been touring the world for the last seven years. If you ARE interested, they WILL be at the Des Plaines Theatre in a couple of weeks, Thursday Dec 1, 2022.



 Leonid and Friends Tickets 



And that’s what I have.  I didn’t want to do a full review here.  That’s Shelly’s Department!

CB ( which stands for “Chicagovich Boy!” )


We have been singing the praises of Leonid and Friends for several years now ... despite never having actually seen them!!!  (Check out some of their clips on YouTube … simply amazing!)

They sell out every time they play here ... and the reviews have been just phenomenal ... so you are not alone in your opinion.

Supposed to be uncanny ... and, being Russian, I believe they learned a lot of these lyrics phonetically ... yet still pull off the perfect tribute every time.

We won't make the December 1st show either ... but they are DEFINITELY on our list of MUST SEE Concerts.  (kk)  


To quote the Barenaked Ladies' song, "if I had a million dollars."  Okay, four or five.  I would need an out-parcel for the archives.
Scott Paton
James Taylor’s Childhood Home Was a Ghost of Itself, Until a New York Couple Saved It - WSJ



Another concert I wouldn’t mind seeing is Pink, who’ll be touring with Pat Benatar next summer.  (They stop at Wrigley Field on August 12th)

By the way, Pink will be performing a tribute to Olivia Newton-John at this year’s American Music Awards, which airs this Sunday Night, November 20th.  (kk)




6 LPs Encompassing All 1963 - 1969 Mono Recordings from “The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band” Available In Colored Vinyl Set For First Time Ever


ABKCO Records is set to release The Rolling Stones in Mono (Limited Color Edition) vinyl box set in early 2023. Originally issued on black vinyl, CD and digital in 2016, the updated version contains the entirety of the Rolling Stones’ 1960s recorded output (186 tracks spread across 16 180-gram LPs), now presented in a plethora of vinyl colors – 14 total – chosen to match the original cover art of classic albums such as Aftermath and Beggars Banquet


Spanning the era between 1963 and 1969, The Rolling Stones in Mono (Limited Color Edition) covers the formative years of the legendary London-based quintet, who were dubbed and acknowledged as “the world’s greatest rock and roll band,” as they were churning out era-defining hits such as “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” “Paint It, Black,” “Ruby Tuesday” and “Honky Tonk Women.” Packaged as 15 separate albums, The Rolling Stones In Mono contains key releases from the band’s U.S. and U.K. discographies, organized to include every track from the era while minimizing catalog redundancies. Stray Cats, a 2-LP compilation exclusive within the vinyl box set, ties up all loose ends, incorporating every 1960s Rolling Stones track that isn’t found on the other 14 albums, for a total of 24 tracks. It includes two versions of the aforementioned “Poison Ivy,” Barrett Strong’s 1959 hit “Money,” as well as “Fortune Teller.” Other rarities include “Con Le Mie Lacrime,” a version of “As Tears Go By” sung in Italian, “Stoned” (the instrumental b-side of “I Wanna Be Your Man”), and the 1965 outtake of Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long,” now freed of the fake applause to disguise its studio origin when the track appeared on the 1966 LP Got Live If You Want It.   


During this period, most rock and pop recordings were mixed in mono, with the stereo version often an afterthought, and only dealt with following the completion of the original (mono) version of a given track. In short, mono reigned and this was, indeed, the case for the Rolling Stones at that time. While typical playback systems of the ‘60s were less than sophisticated, the original mono recordings, especially as heard through quality components, were of the highest audio quality and had a powerful and very direct impact. "You felt you were in the room . . . listening to exactly what went down in the studio, no frills, no nothing," Keith Richards wrote in his autobiography, Life. "Rock was a completely new musical form," Mick Jagger explained in a 1995 Rolling Stone interview. "It hadn't been around for ten years when we started doing it . . . You felt like one of the chosen few, one of the only ones in the world who would get to play with this new toy. We had evangelical fervor." Late recording engineer Dave Hassinger explained how he mixed his ’64-’66 works for the Stones in mono. "They always played together at the same time. They would run the parts down, work out the changes here and there, nail it down, then start recording."


Rolling Stone senior editor David Fricke, in his 5,000-word essay that accompanies the set, writes, “The Rolling Stones in Mono is the full studio account of that first decade of history and mayhem, newly remastered with unprecedented fidelity and revelatory detail.” His commentaries are included with the box set as part of a 4-color deluxe 48-page lie-flat book that features numerous rare photos by renowned photographer Terry O’Neill. The 16 LPs are housed in the original full color album jackets that fit along with the book into a one piece specially crafted box.


The Rolling Stones in Mono (Limited Color Edition) was mastered by GRAMMY® award-winning engineer Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering. For the project he utilized Direct Stream Digital (DSD) transfers from the original master recordings, with a sampling rate of 2,822,400. Lacquer cutting for vinyl was performed at Abbey Road Studios by Sean Magee. The Rolling Stones in Mono (Limited Color Edition) project has been overseen by Teri Landi, ABKCO’s GRAMMY® award-winning Chief Audio Engineer.


­The Rolling Stones In Mono (Limited Color Edition) 16-LP vinyl box set

1)    The Rolling Stones (UK, 1964) – Cobalt Blue vinyl

2)    12 X 5 (1964) – Yellow vinyl

3)    The Rolling Stones No. 2 (UK, 1965) – Steel Blue vinyl

4)    The Rolling Stones Now! (1965) – Gold vinyl

5)    Out of Our Heads (US, 1965) – Sky Blue vinyl

6)    Out of Our Heads (UK, 1965) – Green vinyl

7)    December’s Children (And Everybody’s) (1965) – Silver vinyl

8)    Aftermath (UK, 1966) – Purple vinyl

9)    Aftermath (US, 1966) – Grey vinyl

10) Between the Buttons (UK, 1967) – Azure Blue vinyl

11) Flowers (1967) – Pink vinyl

12) Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967) – White vinyl

13) Beggars Banquet (1968) – Maroon vinyl

14) Let It Bleed (1969) – Red vinyl

15)  [JK1] Stray Cats (2-LP collection of single A & B sides plus E.P. tracks) – White vinyl



And here’s another cool release you might be interested in …  


Deluxe Box Set LOST MASTERS & DEMOS Features Unreleased Recordings From TODD RUNDGREN’s ‘60s Power-Pop Project NAZZ!

Attention music collectors and Todd Rundgren enthusiasts everywhere!

Purple Pyramid Records, a subsidiary of Cleopatra Records Inc., is proud to announce the release of an extravagant box set of long-lost studio recordings by the ‘60s power-pop/psych project that brought Todd Rundgren his first taste of musical notoriety and, Nazz. These tracks are taken directly from the original master acetates of the originally conceived 1968 rough mix of Nazz's sophomore album Nazz Nazz. It was at the sessions that Rundgren took his first turn behind the mixing board, developing the production skills and techniques that made him the highly acclaimed producer he is today!

Rundgren’s ambitious vision for the second Nazz album actually encompassed 26 songs spread across 2 LPs. And although the recordings were eventually scrapped and most of the songs reserved for the band’s third album III, these early versions of the songs would profoundly shape not just Nazz’s sound but the trajectory of Rundgren’s own career. In addition, the other recently discovered acetates contain alternate mixes of Nazz’s signature tune “Open My Eyes” as well as the future Rundgren hit “Hello, It’s Me.”

Set for full release on December 2nd, Lost Masters & Demos brings all of these rarities into one gorgeous package, available as either a 3CD set or 4LP set, that includes a full-color booklet with detailed liner notes from music historian Michael Armes as well as an extensive interview with Nazz engineer and future engineer on Rundgren’s first three solo albums PLUS tons of rare photos! Fans can get a small taste of what’s in store with the single “Forget All About It,” which is being released on all digital platforms prior to the box set’s full release.

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1. Forget All About It
2. Only One Winner
3. Magic Me
4. Gonna Cry Today
5. Meridian Leeward
6. Under The Ice
7. Some People
8. Rain Rider
9. Resolution
10. Old Time Lovemaking
11. Featherbedding Lover
12. Take The Hand
13. How Can You Call That Beautiful

1. Loosen Up
2. Sing A Song
3. Good Lovin' Woman
4. It's Not That Easy
5. Sing A Song Reprise
6. Plenty Of Lovin'
7. Letters Don't Count
8. Kiddie Boy
9. Christopher Columbus
10. Hang On Paul
11. Not Wrong Long
12. You Are My Window
13. A Beautiful Song

1. Get Outta Here Baby (Early Version of Rain Rider)
2. Gonna Cry Today (Alt Version - Dick Charles)
3. Hello It's Me (1st Mono Mix - Hit Factory)
4. Gonna Cry Today (Alt Version 2 - Dick Charles)
5. Kiddie Boy (Alt Version - Regent Studios)
6. Magic Me (Alt Version - John Kurland)
7. Magic Me (Mono - Regent Studios)
8. Not Wrong Long (Alt Mix - Regent Studios)
9. Open My Eyes (Alt Version Stereo No Phasing)
10. Open My Eyes (Alt Mix, No Vocals - Dick Charles)
11. Open My Eyes (Alt Version No Phasing - Dick Charles)
12. Old Time Lovemaking (Alt Version - Dick Charles)
13. Only One Winner (Alt Version - Dick Charles)
14. Under the Ice (Alt Version Mastertone)
15. Under the Ice (Stereo - Regent Studios)
16. Back of Your Mind (Alt Version - National Studios)
17. Hello It's Me (Alt Version - John Kurland)


R.I.P. Jim Bohannon, whose career took off when he joined Chicago's WCFL in 1980.  I just heard that Jim has passed away.  I heard Jim's late night show often driving home from work in late night and found his interviews with all types of guests to be very interesting. He would sometimes mention his days at WCFL as well.  He interviewed many music guests for an hour when you never knew much about them otherwise. 

Despite sometimes having political views that did not mesh with many, he sometimes might be an acquired taste and could rub you the wrong way, but unlike many, you still found the next interview fascinating.  At times, I hated the way he treated a host in glorification, but also at times he was quite rude, IMO, to the guests.  Same with callers.  He loved cutting off good callers and bad callers alike, IMO.  You never knew when he was gonna pull the rip chord on anyone.  No matter what politics he spoke of, he had a great voice and delivery and went way beyond politics on his shows.

Clark Besch


OK, now this is especially cool!

Stephen Bishop, who celebrated his 71st birthday earlier this week, has posted a guitar tutorial showing interested guitar players exactly how to play his biggest hit, “On And On.” (#5, 1977) [Well, maybe not EXACTLY … from his announcement: 

"This is a 95% accurate guitar tutorial of my song “On and On.” There are a few chords here and there that will remain trade secrets."

He has enlisted the help of guitarist Travis Bowman to take you thru the paces … and it’ll take you about 20 minutes to watch it (and then likely countless hours to master it!) … but still, I thought this was an especially cool idea …

Stephen’s birthday present to YOU.  (kk)

You can view the whole thing here: