Friday, November 1, 2019


Last weekend we were celebrating Me-TV-FM's A Side / B Side Weekend ... and I saw a WHOLE lot of positive response on both their Facebook Page and their Twitter Page … and Program Director Rick O’Dell confirms that the series was a smash.  (In fact, they may make this more of an occasional occurrence rather than an annual event, as listeners really seemed to respond to it!) 

Rick tells us … 

Hi Kent:
The response was huge!  We’ll have to wait and see how the numbers went, but the reaction from listeners was amazing.  We also received quite a few messages and emails from listeners wanting to know where we were able to come up with the A-Side / B-Side info for the songs we featured, so I sent ‘em your links.  One listener even commented that there were so many memorable B-side songs we were playing that he was wondering if we had grabbed a bunch of 45 re-releases by accident (you know, the ones where they intentionally put hits on both sides years after the original songs were released).  I sent that gentleman over to your websites, too, so he could check out all the legitimately two-sided hits came out in the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s.
Thank you for your creative input into this feature.  It really turned out well.

This one just seemed to me to be a “can’t miss” feature … the folks who were there buying these 45’s at the time remember the thrill of getting two great songs on the same 45 … and can probably easily rattle off dozens of their own favorites and discoveries.  Others who didn’t pay as much attention to such things are likely to be amazed to hear that both of these great songs came from the same record.  (Let’s face it … today’s generation has no idea what a B-Side is … they just download whatever songs they want at random, picking and choosing the LP tracks they like and building their library that way.  We, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to get our latest 45’s home to play them … and then ALWAYS flipped them over to see what gem we might find on the other side.)
Now a LOT of artists deliberately put TRASH on the flipside so that the radio station couldn’t mistakenly play the wrong side of the record on the air … but even some of THOSE tunes turned into #1 Hits.  Perhaps the best example … “Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye” by Steam … they recorded that song as a deliberate throw-away thinking that no one would EVER play it or mistake it for the “hit” side of the single.  And then it went to #1 … and has been playing non-stop on the radio ever since for the past 50 years!
When we first did our Two-Sided Hits Series and our special Phil Spector Series, I interviewed Bill Medley of The Righteous Brothers.  Phil was notorious for putting crap on his B-Sides … for all of the reasons mentioned above.  He then devoted all of his efforts and energy into producing the most monumental A-Side possible … and with The Righteous Brothers alone he achieved to absolute masterpieces … “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’” and “(You’re My) Soul And Inspiration.”  He had the same expectations for their 1965 single “Hung On You,” putting all of his creativity into producing the perfect Wall-Of-Sound track.  In fact, he was SO disinterested in the flipside that he told Bill Medley to record whatever he wanted and produce it himself.  Medley’s partner, Bobby Hatfield, said that he’d like to record “Unchained Melody” … which, of course, they did.  This was another time where the B-Side GREATLY outshined the intended A-Side.  “Hung On You” peaked at #47 in Billboard Magazine … while The Righteous Brothers’ version of “Unchained Melody” went all the way to #4 … and became an instant classic that again is still heard every day today.  Bill Medley (who didn’t even sing on the song) produced it because Phil Spector couldn’t be bothered to “waste his time” on a B-Side.  Amazing!!!

Here are some of the comments we saw posted on Me-TV-FM’s sites:

This is another great idea by Me-FM!  Love the theme weekends, especially this one – Moe Howard

You really rocked today!  Love listening to you … the best!  My favorite b-sides include “I’ll Get You” by The Beatles and “In Love Again” by The Supremes – Tammy Seleski-Shepard

Every market in the country would kill to get a station as good as MeTVFM that thinks outside the box and is creative as it is.  In fact, every major market probably wishes MeTVFM were in their areas – Bill Hughes

[Rick O’Dell responds:  Thanks for the kind words, Bill.  And, truth be told, the MeTVFM format IS available to any station that wants it.  The syndicated version is offered here: It’s customizable to any market and nearly all the features we don on 87.7FM Chicago go out to all our network stations as well.]

In fact, Me-TV-FM is adding new affiliates all the time.  We regularly listen to the broadcast out of Milwaukee as we can no longer pick it up in our cars here in Chicago! And for others in the same situation … and those of us who used to enjoy listening at home, too, on Comcast / Xfinity cable, write your local cable company and request that they add Channel 877 back to the line-up!  (kk)

Such a great idea!  It’s going to be great to hear this!  So many songs where the B-sides were better than the A-sides, too! – John DeRiggi

Great idea again!  Keep up the great work – Larry McGuire

You guys and gals are doing a great job thinking outside the box – Damon Denover

Can’t wait!  MeTVFM, you are the best! – Bobby Parisio

It’s going to be a great weekend! – Pilar Toledo

May I throw Immigrant Song and Hey Hey What Can I Do into the ring? – Jared Ganbarg

Well, we knew they weren’t going to play THAT one!!!  (lol)  Although the B-Side doesn’t stray TOO far from the format, I don’t picture Led Zeppelin making the Me-TV-FM cut anytime soon!  (kk)

GREAT IDEA!!! – Paula C. Bachorz

That’s every Beatles single!  Both sides were hits.  For example:  Revolution / Hey Jude … incredible! – Tom Mick Hernandez

Wipe Out / Surfer Joe, Hound Dog / Don’t Be Cruel, I’m Sorry / That’s All You Gotta Do … some non-Beatles pairs that come to mind – Jim Kaplan

Anything Elvis – Teri Carroll

Great idea! – James Sinkler

Was Queen’s We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions a two-sided single? – Jack Brickhouse

Technically, yes, due to the overall length of the two tracks, which were nearly always segued together when played on the radio (much like the seven minute version of “American Pie,” which was split in two in order to fit on both sides of that single.  Incredibly, “We Will Rock You” never officially charted in Billboard, so it didn’t make our Top 200 Biggest Two-Sided Hits Of All Time list, which was a mathematical accounting based on the actual chart positions of BOTH sides of each single.  (Thus one of the most famous and best known and loved two-sided hits didn’t make the cut!)
It DID, however, make our Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides List … (it came in at #8 overall, based on over 65,000 votes) … so the FANS know where this song truly ranks.  (I’m guessing Me-TV-FM didn’t play this one either, did they???  If not, listen to your audience … there are SO many more “couplets” you can slip in as surprises to future Two-Sided Hits Weekends.  It’s OK to step outside the format now and then within the context of special programming … ESPECIALLY if it draws more listeners to the station!)  kk

Again, you can view the COMPLETE lists here:

A favorite of mine was/is The Bee Gees’ Night Fever / Down The Road (live) – Leo Khodi

That’s a fun idea! – Bruce Wayne

Certain B-sides were superior to the A-sides! – Frank Palumbo

Agreed!  There were many B-Sides that I liked better!!! – Paula C

This has been FANTASTIC!!!  Great idea! – Tom O’Connor

How fun!  One day when I was a teenager I flipped all my stack of 45’s over on my record player (yes, you could do that!)  For the most part, you could see why they were B-Side songs – Bonnie Blankemeier Pasbrig

Absolutely terrific music radio idea – Larry McGuire

Love it!!!  Great Idea!!! – Laura Novak

Do you know if there has been any 45 rpm B-Side tracks that were more popular in the ratings than its A-Side track?  Keep the tunes spinning.  Thanks! – Scott Larson

[Rick O’Dell responds:  Using chart position alone, the list is too long to put into a tweet.  And, if you based a list on our listeners’ preferences of B-Sides that were better than their A-Sides, you could come up with several dozen examples, I think.]

It happened more often than you might think.  (I’ve cited a couple of the biggest examples above.)  Check the website for the complete lists … you may be genuinely surprised which tracks outshone their flips.  (You’ve got to remember that this was an era when radio PLAYED both sides of a record if they were popular enough … and each side charted separately.  I never really understood how they measured sales in consideration of chart position … I mean, if somebody came into a record store to buy a single, how did the store know which side of the record brought them in in the first place?  Of course, at the end of the day, BOTH sides of that single would miraculously sell the EXACT same number of copies … yet one side might chart Top Ten while the other barely (if at all) made The Top 40.  It was a different time, for sure!  (kk)

Isn’t Hound Dog / Don’t Be Cruel one of the first and best examples of that?  And on various charts … Top 40, R&B, Jukebox … both sides achieved equal billing and success … eleven weeks at #1 for each – Pensive Michael

“Don’t Be Cruel” / “Hound Dog” was, by far, the biggest two-sided hit of all time. In Billboard, based on their various charts, BOTH sides spent eleven weeks at #1.  In Cash Box Magazine, “Don’t Be Cruel” (the generally accepted A-Side, although many would argue that “Hound Dog” was the more popular and better known track) spent six weeks at #1 while “Hound Dog” topped their chart for four weeks.  Music Vendor (the precursor to Record World) listed “Don’t Be Cruel” at #1 for eight weeks and showed “Hound Dog” peaking at #2.  Both sides of that record hit #1 here in Chicago, too, back in 1956.  (kk)

Your B-Sides special is fantastic!  Listening now and truly enjoying it ! – Tammy Seleski-Shepard

[Rick O’Dell responds:  Thanks, Tammy.  The reaction to the feature has been very positive.  We’re thinking about doing it again … and perhaps not waiting a full year for the next time to do it.]

Hey, I’m ready when YOU are!  (Or would that be “when ME is?!?!”) 
In fact, that brings to mind ANOTHER great two-sided hit that you could feature that definitely fits the format … how about “I’ll Be There” by Bobby Darin … backed with “Won’t You Come Home, Bill Bailey.”  Fans will recognize “I’ll Be There” as a Top 20 Forgotten Hit by Gerry and the Pacemakers four years later.  I remember Scott Shannon getting a good response when he featured it on his Two-Sided Hits Weekend many moons ago.  (kk)

Wait … wait … let me add one more nominee to the next A-Side / B-Side list … I don’t know if they played this one or not … but I recommend “Dancing In The Dark” / “Pink Cadillac” by Bruce Springsteen as ANOTHER great two-sided hit 2-fer … even tho “Pink Cadillac” never officially charted, it’s been played nearly as much or more than at least another dozen Springsteen favorites.
And let me just add that that was one of the things I REALLY liked about the way Rick chose selections from what essentially are all three lists … The Top 200 Biggest Two-Sided Hits Of All Time, The Top 200 Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides and a list of nearly a hundred more “Runners Up” that are still memorable two-sided hits but didn’t earn enough points to make the final countdown.
As such, we got to hear a wide variety of tracks such as the obvious big hits “Don’t Be Cruel” / “Hound Dog,” “Come Together” / “Something” and “I’m A Believer” / “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” … some favorite B-Sides like “She Loves You” / “I’ll Get You,” “Sugar Town” / “Summer Wine” and “All I Really Want To Do” / “I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better” … as well as “Runners Up” tracks like The Beatles’ “I’ll Cry Instead” / “I’m Happy Just To Dance With You,” Chicago’s “Beginnings” / “Colour My World” (which kicked off the weekend) and Donny Osmond’s “Hey Girl” / “I Knew You When” (God, that’s an awful record!!!  Lol)
And with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of more selections to choose from, Me-TV-FM can run this feature again and again with minimum repeats and favored requests for a long time to come.  (I love it!)

If you still haven’t checked out this incredible list of selections, hop on over to these two sites to view the results of our extensive research on this topic!  (kk)

The Fab Four piece looks great, Kent! It turned out to be quite comprehensive, with all the lads' responses -- which, I think, is nice for the fans who really want to get to know a little more about them. Your interview questions were thoughtful and covered a lot of interesting ground.
Thanks so much for the time and work that went into putting this piece together and running the ticket giveaway -- and, as always, for putting in your usual good word for the lads! We really appreciate your support!
Jeanne Dininni  
And thank you, too, Jeanne, for access to the guys and a few more tickets to give away to Friday Night’s show.  We would LOVE to sell this thing out … and I’m hoping Ron will run links to the interview as well as I think it offers some great insight into the band and the whole make up of The Fab Four concept.  (He was VERY generous with his support in the way of free tickets to this show, too!)
Looking forward to the concert!  (Forgotten Hits Ticket Winners will also take an EXCLUSIVE Group Photo with the band after the show!)  kk 

Hi Kent,
Enjoyed the Fab Four article.  I saw the "Legends" in Branson, MO ... they were excellent as well. I'm sure the Fab Four is awesome.
The Beatles were my inspiration to play guitar at a whoppin' 14 yrs old ...
Saw it was ok and cool to be left handed.  Only problem I had was nobody told me to re-string it ... LOL … sooo I learned upside down and bass ackerds!
Still, I'm glad I was able to play a little, since my love for music has filled a space that I truly needed.
Be well, my friend, and keep hammering.  It's appreciated by a lot of folks.
Later -  

Maybe you are the "go to" public relations guy for all things at the Arcadia Theater? lol
I enjoyed the interview with the Fab Four and how they got their start.  Wow!  They look like the "real Beatles."  Some of the pictures are amazing; with their appearances, their authentic costumes, their Beatles stances, etc., I can only imagine.  It was interesting to hear what songs the Fab Four considered their favorites by the Beatles and I’m wondering which songs they are choosing to play on November 1st.
Enjoy the concert!!!
The show runs the full gamut … from start to finish … of The Beatles’ incredible career (with the bonus of “Imagine” thrown in.)  The costume changes run throughout the show … from the collarless suits to their Shea Stadium uniforms … the more “relaxed” look of “Rubber Soul” and “Revolver” to full “Sgt. Pepper” gear … the addition of facial hair (along with much longer hair than their original mop tops) right up to the rooftop concert that closed “Let It Be.”  It truly is an amazing show … and if it heads out your way, you should definitely check it out.  I promise you won’t be disappointed … and will walk away amazed by just how well they nail the whole look and feel of The Beatles.  (kk) 

I'm not sure if you are aware of the fantastic concert line-up this Friday (tonight!) at the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet.  It’s being billed as “Stars of the Sixties” and features Jay and The Americans, The Vogues, Gary Puckett and Dennis Tufano!
Should be a fabulous show with some of the greats!
John Bilas 
No, I had NOT heard about this one but it sounds like a GREAT line-up.  (Obviously, we’ll be tied up at The Fab Four show at The Arcada … but I would welcome your review if you wanna fill us all in on what we missed!)
I have never been to The Rialto Square Theater … several years ago, I tried to forge a relationship with their ticket people, thinking that I could help promote some of their oldies shows … but it never really went anywhere.  (They contacted me the night before an Engelbert Humperdinck concert to see how many tickets I could give away … I told them it wasn’t enough time to even get the word out … and I never hear from them again!)  Amazingly, Engelbert just sold out The Arcada the other day … so it’s hard to believe they couldn’t sell enough tickets to fill their venue.
I hear it’s really beautiful theater and I’d love to see it sometime … I don’t think they get that many oldies acts there anymore … and at one point I know there was talking about booking a national act, say like Tommy James, to do a show at The Arcada one night and The Rialto a second night so fans wouldn’t have to travel so far to see them … but that never materialized either.  (kk) 

Hi Kent –
Nice article about the show … and great pictures.
Hey, I don’t know if you know Al and Delores Weissmann - they do that ‘In a Nutshell’ show for local tv - anyway I sent them the link for your review and they’ve got an upcoming show with Jim Peterik and wondered if they could use some of your stuff. Not sure exactly what they’re looking for, but maybe you guys can talk about it?
Marlene O’Malley 
I met them a few months back at one of those “Meet and Eat” get-togethers and we talked a little bit about their show.  Hey, I’m happy to contribute whatever they think they can use on the program … but I think it airs at something like 3 am!!!  So I don’t think I want to be on there LIVE!!! (lol)  But if there’s something they need that would help, by all means, put us in touch!  Thanks, Marlene!  (kk) 

Thank you, Kent, for the incredible review of our Genesee show. Means so much coming from you.
As you can see below, I copied it to the immediate world.
And I know what you mean about Meagan McNeil.  I first met her when we guested together on the Mancow show a few days ago. Her El train breakout video went viral and Mancow said “You should have her on the Anniversary show.”  I said “Absolutely!”  She blew everyone’s mind on Eye of The Tiger. Cathy and Anne Harris were flipping out watching her. A Star is Born ... and we watched the birth!
Rock on! 
PS ... And thanks to Frannie for the additional photos!
I didn’t realize that Meagan was a former contestant on The Voice … do some digging and you’ll find quite a few YouTube videos posted, most of which blow her El-Train performance away!  She was actually sitting in our row at The Genesee and I had NO idea who she was.  We’ll all remember her now!  lol  (kk) 

Great Review, Kent!! Thanks mucho!!
Scott May

Those are some amazing shots by Gene!!!
It was so much fun hanging with y’all. I’m so proud of all of the artists and how much joy they brought to that crowd (and me) during that show. Kudos to everyone for a job well done.  
Bo Bice

Yes, it was a great concert, but I was a little disappointed. I thought they would give the hardcore fans a few of the more obscure gems in their library. Would have loved to hear Rollercoaster, Superman, Aire of Good Feeling. Nobody Loves Me, One Hit Wonder, etc.
In saying that, The Ides were in top form like always!  Man, all the special guest were great! Bo Bice, Cathy Richardson and Mark Farner ... I wish they could have done another song each ... Bo – And When I Die; Cathy – Somebody to Love; Mark - Bad Time.
I guess I am being greedy, oh for another hour!!!
I wore out my girlfriend … she was falling asleep … too much time on the picket line. She is a Chicago school teacher. but she can't keep up with me!  I need someone  younger! Lol ... I am 16 year older than her!
Thank you, Kent … we had a wonderful time! The Ides will be performing a free concert November 29th in Elk Grove Village at 4 PM … and then we will see them again the next day at the Arcada for the Cornerstones of Rock. Can't get enough of the Ides!
Lastly, have you ever heard the version of Vehicle by the Links?  It is a massacre of a great song!
Mike DeMartino 
I get what you’re saying but this show was primarily dedicated to celebrating the release of their new “Play On” CD so the set list was geared more in this direction.  True, that eliminated a few “fan favorites” … but c’mon … you DID get to hear “Like It Or Lump It”!!!  And THAT’S not something you’re going to hear every day!  (Nor would you want to, for that matter!)
I agree that I would have also liked to have heard at least another song by each of the special guests … and I think your suggestions are spot on as to what would have garnered the best response from the audience.  I can only imagine the intense rehearsals that must have gone into learning all this “new” material required to best represent their guests … and once again, The Ides rose to the challenge and proved just what an exceptional band of musicians they really are.  (All these years of backing up the other Cornerstones artists on stage certainly didn’t hurt!  Lol)
Jim has been doing more and more of these “specialty” shows … we attended the one a couple of years back where he did his “reimagining” versions of many of his best known hits … and last Saturday Night’s concert played like more of a mini World Stage show … but I swear the band has NEVER sounded better.
I stick with my original assessment … they totally blew me away … and odds are some of those other tunes will pop up at other concerts down the road.  (Frannie LOVED “Pepperhead” … believe it or not, she had never heard it before … and was blown away by The Ides’ harmonies … so everybody comes away with a different take.  That’s the great thing about music … there’s always SOMETHING there to resonate with you … and an Ides Of March show will generally hit you where it counts at least a dozen times per night!  (kk) 

Enjoying the Top 3333 Countdown.  How cool would it have been if Zager & Evans had ended up at #2525?  

Hi Kent,
Just want to let you know that Allan Sniffen, during his October 26th Saturday afternoon live show on Rewound Radio, gave a shout-out to your Top 3333 Classic Hits survey and encouraged his listeners to check it out. 
Ian N. Berge 
How VERY cool … Thank You, Allan!  (This was brand new territory for me … but Rewound Radio has been compiling 3000+ favorites collections for YEARS now, every time they put together their latest WABC TOP 77 FAVORITES list … which typically generates SEVERAL thousand nominees.
They ultimately end up playing every single one of them right around the holidays … so we’ll run another plug nearer to the air date as a reminder … this makes for EXCELLENT, no repeat listening at work!
Meanwhile, you can vote for up to ten of YOUR favorites right now on the Rewound Radio Website:   (kk) 

On the "Words" video by the Bee Gees where they are on Ed Sulivan, am I missing something or is Barry the only one featured and the only name said by Ed Sullivan?  I just got through watching and it made me wonder!
I love looking through these every morning!  I'm having a lot of fun!!!
I'm really enjoying the countdown.  Every day I go through and pick some that I've never heard of and post them to my page.  Some on the list I voted for and I’m happy to see that they made the cut.  It's a non-stop jukebox!  What a gift!
Nikki Sloan 
As you can see in the video, the whole band is there.  I think the beginning of Ed Sullivan’s intro was cut off on this clip.  I believe what he actually said was “And now, here are The Bee Gees and soloist Barry Gibb.”  Not QUITE a Paul McCartney / Beatles / “Yesterday” moment … but that entire song IS a Barry Gibb tour de force … so I think the introduction was just a way of giving a special nod to BG the Bee Gee.
My original thought was to play each video daily to keep a real “feel” for the countdown going … but it’s been so busy lately that I’ll bet I haven’t listened to more than a dozen since the countdown began.
OTHERS out there may have more time to do so … and let’s face it, THAT’S what they’re there for … for all to enjoy … so here’s that link once again … 
Believe it or not, we’ll already be cracking into The Top 2000 Favorites tomorrow!  (kk) 

Enjoying your series on classic rock and roll. Many thanks for posting it.
Jerry Reuss 

FH Reader Billy Hinsche tells us that Chicago’s brand new Christmas album (the band’s FOURTH!!!) debuted at #1 on Soundscan’s Top Seasonal Albums Chart.  (Chicago placed an incredible 36 SONGS in our Top 3333 Most Essential Classic Rock Songs Of All Time countdown!)  You’ve already seen and heard a couple of them … but there are a LOT more to come … so stay tuned.  Be sure to check the website every morning for the latest reveal!  (kk)

Hi Kent,
Thanks for putting this top 3333 list together. I'm honored that we have so many of our songs on the list. I want to thank you and all our fans for enjoying what we have been doing all our lives. See you soon in a town near you.
Lee Loughnane / Chicago 

Congratulations to the Buckinghams!  I am so happy to hear about their induction. I always enjoy hearing a Buckingham song.  While flipping through the channels, I  make sure that I stay on the station that is playing their songs on the radio ... always good.  I am glad the RnR Hall of Fame got it right.  It would also be wonderful to see the Grass Roots inducted as well.  Like the Buckinghams, I believe that the Grass Roots are "Hall of Fame" worthy.  Maybe next year.
Btw, thanks for the pictures, too!
To be clear, as Carl indicated in his announcement, it’s not THE Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, but rather the IOWA Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame!!!  The Buckinghams have never even been nominated for THE Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame … but as we have seen SO often over the years, they rarely (as you said) get it right!
As you can see, it is a VERY eclectic group of musicians who have been honored over the years … ...

And, as Ray Graffia, Jr. of The New Colony Six reminds us, HIS band was inducted back in 2002!  (I remember covering this event in Forgotten Hits!)  You’ll find our buddy Tommy Roe in there, too!  (kk)

Ron Dante was pleased to see last Sunday’s WLS Hit Parade survey, which featured his hit single “Tracy” at #2, besting all of its national showings.  (You’ll find “Sugar, Sugar” on that same chart, too!) 

Hi Kent -
Tracy was a fun song to record. I overdubbed over 20 voices on the track to make it sound a little like the Association and The Turtles. I was so happy it became a hit along with Sugar, Sugar at the same time. That chart has Tracy at number 2 and Sugar, Sugar at 36. Pretty cool year I would say.
I'll be joining the Happy Together Tour, 2020 …
Hope to see you and all my friends at a show.
We missed the show last year … please stay in touch!
Thanks, Ron! (kk)

Hey Ron …
Did you happen to catch the special Sugar, Sugar Halloween video sent in by Chuck Buell and posted on the site yesterday?
He sent in a corrected version … along with an apology (no big deal … we covered it!) … which we’ve since replaced on the site. 

Please accept my apology and a correction notice … because to me, a person’s name and getting it correct is very important.  Please pass my apologies on to Frannie and to Paige for not spelling their names correctly in the special “Sugar, Sugar” video I sent you!
I place the blame squarely on my otherwise crack award-winning research staff ( me! ) who had actually saved their names in my personal records some time ago … albeit wrong! Believe me, during all my years on the air, I know what’s it like to have one’s nomenclature mangled!
I have sent you a corrected version for your files by an additional send.
Chuck Mule.   Ah … Yule!  Rule!!  Dual!!!
Damn!  “The Name’s BUELL!!!  CHUCK Buell!!!  

Hi Kent,
For those of your readers who are interested in the Dave Clark Five, downloads of a number of their albums are now available in a variety of formats.
Here’s the link:    
Jerry Reuss 
I meant to post about these Dave Clark Five “digital only” releases a few months ago when they were first announced but was so buried with everything else going on that I never got around to it and then ultimately forgot.
I happen to have a complete Dave Clark Five CD collection … but for those of you who want to add these LONG out-of-print albums to your digital collection, here is a GREAT way to do so!  (kk)

And, speaking of The Dave Clark Five, we just happened to get THIS email a few days ago … 

Underappreciated: The Dave Clark Five's smooth-as-silk 1970 version of Jerry Keller's 1959 hit "Here Comes Summer."  I'll never understand why it didn't get any airplay or chart action (that I can remember.)  MUCH nicer that Keller's, IMO.
Mike Wolstein 
By 1970, The Dave Clark Five weren’t getting much airplay anymore here in The States … This track “bubbled under” in Cash Box only for two weeks, ultimately peaking at #135.
Back home in the UK, it fared quite a bit better, where it peaked at #44 … still not really “hit” material … but a nice rendition none the less.  (kk)

>>>Then again, a lot of people thought that Burton Cummings was singing "Goodbye American Woman, Goodbye American Bitch" when in fact he was singing "Goodbye American Chick," so many his "God-damned glad" line in “Bus Rider” wasn't quite that out of character to listeners' ears in 1970!  (kk) 
I can remember a couple of times that Burton Cummings sang "Goodbye, American Bitch" in concert. I believe that there was one recording where he used that line, but it was deeply embedded in the fade-out and was almost inaudible.  
And, while we're on the subject of Burton and the GW, I'll go along with you 1000% in that he and the Guess Who are one of the most underrated and underappreciated groups of all time.  
Mike Wolstein 

Harvey Kubernik just sent us another OUTSTANDING piece of work spotlighting the 50th Anniversary of The Rolling Stones’ release “Let It Bleed.” It’s an in-depth look at the album and the new commemorative release.  Too big to post here … but if you’d like to see a copy, just drop me an email and I’ll forward it along to you right away.  (kk) 

>>>Happy Fall ... Or Would That Be Winter, Now That We've Already Had Our First Official Snow?!?!  (kk) 
Just came inside from my first snow shoveling of the season! We are having a record Halloween snowfall in the Milwaukee area - expecting 3-5 inches here in the western suburbs. And, as always, I hear in my head the song Life In A Northern Town by Dream Academy as I shovel the first inch or two. Did you know this song has two videos?  One is the all Britain version and the other (for the American audience) includes several scenes from rural Pennsylvania. I fear I’ll be hearing it inside my head a lot in the next few months.
Bob Verbos
New Berlin, WI 
This whole year has absolutely flown by … but snow on Halloween (and, for us, the day before as well) was quite a shocker.  I am SO not ready for this!!!  (kk)

And today’s closer is an incredible video that Frannie found of Michael Martin Murphy performing his 1975 Hit “Wildfire” with the incomparable Amy Grant.  Enjoy!  (kk)