Saturday, January 13, 2024

January 13th, 1964


The Beatles premier at #38 this week on our Super Chart ... their first Top 100 appearance in America.

Of little notice at the time (it didn't even earn a bullet), Dusty Springfield's "I Only Want To Be With You" premiers at #97.

Hottest records at the time?

Bobby Vinton's "There, I've Said It Again" holds down the #1 spot for the third consecutive week, keeping the teen favorite "Louie Louie" by The Kingsmen at #2, where it has spent three of the past four weeks.

The Trashmen are at #4 with a bullet with their garage band classic "Surfin' Bird" ... and, speaking of surfin', that whole new "beach" surfin' / hot rod sound shows up in several places on this week's chart ...

The Rip Chords are up eleven places to #7 with "Hey Little Cobra, Jan and Dean hold down the #12 spot with "Drag City" ... while The Beach Boys themselves have TWO records on this week's chart:  "Be True To Your School" sits at #36 and "In My Room" can be found at #91.

Rick Nelson, Lesley Gore and Dionne Warwick are all making big strides with their latest records, "For You" (#16), "You Don't Own Me" (#17) and "Anyone Who Had A Heart (#19) , all earning bullets this week ... while Bobby Rydell holds on to the #5 spot with his hit "Forget Him," now in its tenth week on the chart.

Two songs in the lower region of the chart will have very successful British remakes this year ... "Do Wah Diddy" by The Exciters (#86) will go all the way to #1 for Manfred Mann when they cut it as "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" later this year ... while "When You Walk In The Room" by Jackie DeShannon, this week's #88 song, will find much greater success in the hands of The Searchers later this year as well.

Friday, January 12, 2024

The Friday Flash

From Our “Hot Ladies In The News” Department …

Selene Gomez has been cast to portray Linda Ronstadt in a new biopic that is being produced by Linda’s manager John Boylan and James Keach.

While no release date has been mentioned yet, this is a good cast … and Linda’s story deserves to be told.  (She is very proud of her rich heritage and experimented her entire career with different genres of music, succeeding at all of them.)

Between 1967 and 1990, Ronstadt notched 21 Billboard Top 40 Hits including her #1 recording of “You’re No Good” in 1975 and the Top Ten Hits “Heat Wave” (1975), “Blue Bayou” (1977), “It’s So Easy” (1977), “Ooh Baby Baby” (1979) and “Hurt So Bad” (1980) … pretty remarkable in that ALL of these recordings were remakes of previous hit records.  (She also fared well with her band The Stone Poneys on the Mike Nesmith track “Different Drum,” #13 in 1968, and scored back-to-back #2 Hits with “Somewhere Out There” from the film “An American Tail” and “Don’t Know Much,” a duet she recorded with Aaron Neville.)

Gomez, currently starring in the hit Hulu series “Murders Only In The Building,” has earned twenty Top 20 Hits of her own since 2010, including the 2019 #1 Hit “Lose You To Love Me.”

The 2019 Linda Ronstadt Documentary “The Sound Of My Voice” paints an excellent portrait of Ronstadt’s career and is well worth seeking out if you haven’t seen it.  Linda’s voice was unique and immediately recognizable … that may be the toughest part of the role to fill if Gomez is going to do all of her own singing.  She’s certainly talented enough to pull it off … but will the performance give Linda the distinction she earned on her own?  (kk)

The article starts out …

“Taylor Swift is currently the biggest pop star in the world” … and it’s no joke.

Her first Billboard Hot 100 Hit came in 2006 … and she’s been back 187 times since.  (She currently occupies the equivalent of almost 3 ½ full pages of Joel Whitburn’s new “Top Pop Singles, 1990 – 2022” book … an unheard of feat for an artist who just turned 34 years old.)

The point of THIS particular article is to tout how Taylor rose to such huge prominence once she moved from the country field to the pop field, which is where she has been dominating the music scene for the past ten years.

No one could have possibly predicted that her career would skyrocket the way it has … and that she would remain as grounded, gifted and inspired as she has.  (kk)

It sounds like Lisa Marie Presley had been working on her memoirs at the time of her death and now, nearly one year later, her daughter Riley Keough is announcing that she has helped to finish it off and that it will be released in October.

More details to come as we get closer to publication date.  (kk)

A collectors’ set of stamps featuring The Spice Girls were issued in the UK this month.

Featuring 15 different images, the stamps help to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of The Spice Girls (can you believe it?!?!) and their contribution to pop music … and are available now.

Chicagoland Memories …

Do you remember in your mid-teen years a "Morey Major Sports Store" or something like that?

I was recently sent a radio commercial I voiced for them back in the day!  Big Ski Sale!  You know for when a Chicagoan wanted to get out to the surrounding flatlands and ski Mount Chicago!


(I don't know who produced it … background music sounds like it's from an Alfred Hitchock Film!  But it’s attached.)




Actually, yes … Morrie Mages …

They were a pretty big deal ... there's even a Facebook Memorial Page ...

I read that he died in 1988.

I recognized the store … and his photograph as soon as I saw them.  (I wanna say they were on a major corner downtown … but I think that had other chain stores, too.)  kk


Please mention The Barn in Naperville, IL, next door to Naperville Community High School and their famous gym.  It was ALSO showplace for some of the best bands in ChicagoLand.

The Shames played there, Aorta, The Vynes, The Disciples …

Garrett E Baldwin, bassist for the Vynes, Class of 1967, NCHS

I certainly remember The Barn … although I was too young at the time to go there in ’67.  (Just turned 14 in August of that year!)

But yes, it was indeed a suburban hot spot for teens!

Razed in 2016  (kk)


Inspired by This Morning’s Forgotten Hits …

On This Day in History (1-11-64) as noted in Forgotten Hits ~~~


>>>US Surgeon General report warns that smoking may be hazardous to your health.


“Across the land, more bottles started clinkin’,”


As some smokers, turned more to drinkin’!”


Roger Miller says it better when, coincidentally on this same day, “he records one of his first big hit records, “Chug-A-Lug!”


This And That:

It is being reported that Elton John is OFFICIALLY The Most Successful Live Act Of All Time, earning performing revenue in excess of $3.18 billion.

Check out these stats:

He has sold over 43.5 million tickets and played 4181 shows since 1970, as well as 210 with Billy Joel and 19 with Leon Russell.

Elton’s recently wrapped up final tour, “Farewell Yellow Brick Road,” earned R939.1 million all on its own.  (And we’re told he’s already bored silly sitting at home just a few months later, which is driving him back to the recording studio and considering “one-off” shows for special events.)  Over six million tickets were sold for Elton’s “Farewell” tour which, (thanks to delays due to Covid), ran from September 8th, 2018 thru July 8th, 2023.

In another interesting statistic (some of which I found to be quite surprising), Elton’s ten most-performed songs are: “Your Song,” “Rocket Man,” “Bennie and the Jets,” “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me,” “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues,” “Philadelphia Freedom,” “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting,” “Tiny Dancer,” “The Bitch Is Back” and “I’m Still Standing.”

BEGO & COCKER --  Tuesday night may well have been stormy, but scribe Mark Bego had a blowout event at Steve Walter's Cutting Room for his 68th Joe Cocker biography - With a Lot of Help from His Friends (Yorkshire Publishing). 

We actually watched the outdoor elements for a time through the Cutting Room's window and it was brutal ... kind of a Woodstock-night if you will.

Seen there were Dan Zelinski; 60's-icon Lou Christie; Isiah James from Good Morning America; Maria Milito from Q1043; Getty's Gary Gershoff; Bego's manager Dave Marken and photog Jeff Smith.

photos:  Q1043's Maria Milito & Mark Bego / Mark Bego & Lou Christie / 

Mark  Bego; Steve Walter; David Salidor and Dan Zelinski 

(all photos by Jeff Smith)


The other day we told you about the new Netflix documentary “The Greatest Night In Pop,” airing on Netflix beginning on January 29th


And we’ve now got the official trailer to share …


Definitely gotta watch this one.  (kk)


>>>Is it just me, or does everyone have to sign up for a Box account to be able to hear all your audio posts?  (Jon M)

>>>People seem to be having much more difficulty playing the music of late – and I’m not exactly sure why.  (I can only assure you that if something changed, it changed on Box’s end, not mine … I’m still posting the same way I have been for the past 25 years!)  Whenever that happens, try refreshing your screen (F5) – I think you’ll find that that usually works.  (kk)

>>>A few months ago, I started to experience the same issue.  Ever since you suggested to me pressing the F5 Key once, it solved the problem!  (CB)



The F5 key helped me open the audio files, but now some of the words on the

files are written in Russian.  Is there a way to change the language?

Jon M

lol ... I don't know what to say about that!!!

(Although I do believe Forgotten Hits is the #1 Oldies Music Publication in Russia)

I’m only half-joking …

Several years ago we got a website report that showed Russia as the country with the second most visits to our site.

I did some digging and found that somebody was translating all of our posts … and they were being widely circulated there.  Like I’ve said many times before, sometimes you just never really know who’s reading your stuff!  (lol)  kk


So Many Landmark Beatles Memories Coming Up …

>>>Even the album itself was repackaged in various ways (kk)

Don't forget that the Introducing The Beatles LP itself was released at the time with two different track listings, one with "Ask Me Why" and "Please Please Me" and the other with "Love Me Do" and "P.S. I Love You."

– Randy Price

Yep, like I said, Vee Jay milked it for everything it was worth.

And they COULD have released the album six months sooner if they wanted to … but it likely would have gone by completely unnoticed at the time as American just wasn’t ready yet for these Four Mop Tops From Liverpool.  (kk)


Mike Wolstein sent us this old column from our FH Buddy Jerry Osborne, addressing Dick Biondi being the first disc jockey in America to play a Beatles record.  It also addresses the possibility of George Harrison and his sister Louise getting the record played on the local radio station in downstate Benton, IL, later that September when George was visiting his sister …


Problem is, Jerry’s answer is provided by the guy who owned WQRL, which was an FM station … which never would have been the case in 1963.


Our article says the record was played on WFRX … an AM station … located in nearby Frankfort, IL … and that the record they played was “From Me To You” (and that that happened in June of ’63.)


SO long ago … and SO many rumors and legends have been spread since then … but based on this column, we stand by our original assessment.  IF it got played in downstate, IL, it was likely on this Frankfort station … but even THAT would have been at least four months after Biondi first played the record on WLS (as confirmed by his secretary in the Osborne article.)  kk



Micky Dolenz has added a special treat to his appearance at this years Fest For Beatles Fans in New York City …


For $1500 (available on a first come basis), you can have dinner with Micky (and eleven other guests who ALSO forked over the $1500.)


The proceeds are going to The Make A Wish Foundation


Email for more information or to purchase tickets.


(I know what you’re thinking …


For $1500, do you get dessert with that???)


Well, I’m guessing so … but you also get the chance of a lifetime to sit down one-on-one with a living legend …


AND do something good for a very worthwhile charity.


Good Luck to all hoping to attend.  (kk)


Speaking of The Beatles …


Be sure to stop by on Sunday to read our EXCLUSIVE Interview with noted Beatles Author and Historian, Bruce Spizer!!!  (kk)

And, of course, The Beatles were ALSO big news ...


The Beatles make their second appearance on the ATV show "Sunday Night At The London Palladium" where they performed "I Want To Hold Your Hand," "This Boy," "All My Loving," "Money" and "Twist And Shout."  (They last appeared on this program October 13th, 1963.)

You can hear the audio of this performance here: