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Good morning, Kent:  
I wanted to let you know that we're doing our first ever "K-Tel / Ronco Weekend," playing songs from the albums put out by those two companies in the '70s and '80s.  K-Tel and Ronco records were eclectic, as I'm sure you remember, each one featuring an assortment of top hits along with songs that barely made the charts and, usually, a couple of totally unfamiliar artists--across all genres.   
The K-Tel/Ronco album concept wasn't without its drawbacks.  In order to be able to fit 20-22 songs onto a single album, they had to truncate each one.  Sometimes they'd remove the entire song intro; often they'd remove the last 30-45 seconds with a painfully early fade-out.  But, for those of us on an allowance, we were happy to settle for those 20-22 altered songs when the entire album cost only $3.99 or $4.99.  Go out and get a couple of these albums, and you pretty much doubled the number of artists in your collection.
We're going to kick this off at 7:00 pm tonight.  It'll air throughout the weekend.  Listeners can expect to hear quite a few songs we've never played on MeTVFM before.
Thanks, Kent, for spreading the word!  
Rick O'Dell
Sounds fun - 
So are you playing these tracks from the original vinyl (in edited form?) Will this also be streaming out of Milwaukee? We now have TWO cars that cannot pickup Me-TV-FM ... finally had to trade in the Jeep (which did a couple of weeks ago.)
And with Comcast / Xfinity no longer carrying the station, my only option to listen now is via my alarm clock radio!!! (Unless I can stream out of Milwaukee, of course!) 
VERY frustrating as yours is a station that deserves to be heard by all.
Always happy to promote (and this is a very clever idea as we ALL had some of those albums in our collections back in the day ... sure cheaper than going out and buying a dozen singles!) 
Man, I wish you guys would look at other broadcasting options - you're losing listeners every day as people buy new cars or (in your demo), pass away!!! (lol)  I'm sure I'm not the only frustrated listener who feels this way.  (Finally finding something they want ... but then can't get it!)  kk
No, we’re not going to be playing the songs as they appeared on the original K-Tel/Ronco vinyl.  It was aggravating enough to encounter the harsh hand of editing the first time around!  We’re going to be playing songs that could be found on their collections — but in their full 45 rpm single rendition (and sometimes even the album cut).
This includes quite a few songs that have never been played on MeTVFM before.  
BTW, all of our musical features will also be carried on our affiliates — including Milwaukee.  Unless it’s a “Hometown Favorites” salute, everything we do will be available at our affiliates, too.  
Since I got here in 2015, the company has thoroughly explored EVERY alternative for making this programming accessible to more people:  a different FM frequency, an affiliation with a TV channel (which worked out very nicely for several years with Comcast/Xfinity, as you know), a partnership with satellite radio, even an AM frequency.  Nothing has materialized — yet.  We continue to consider every available option.  
What kind of new vehicle did you get in exchange for the Jeep, if I might ask? 
My wife got a new Subaru Crosstrek, which she LOVES!  Oddly enough, the dial goes down as low as 87.7 but cannot actually pick up the station.
You know what big supporters we are of Me-TV-FM ... so it just gets VERY frustrating when we can't tune in and listen ... but I'm anxious to hear what kind of "new" tracks you've added.  (Who knows ... maybe if you get a real favorable response, some of these will remain in rotation in some fashion down the road.)  Thanks, Rick!  (kk) 

Hi Kent ... 
Thanks for the updates.  
I always thought it was "Murray the K," the "Fifth Beatle," who first played The Beatles in America in NYC but what do I know.  I believe the recording of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" was the first Beatles record ever played in USA. And thinking about this, it could have been that the song was played simultaneously by several radio stations across our nation. What got my attention for sure is that I not only liked the song "I Want To Hold Your Hand," but I happened to see in the city newspaper around the same time that this new band, The Beatles from England, had their picture taken meeting the Queen of England which, of course, is a great honor.  I don't think any other bands at that time had ever done something that important.  So as a 12 year old little girl, it got my attention and I became VERY interested!!!  
I believe this is the picture I saw as a 12 year old girl. It's of the Beatles meeting the Queen Mother after a performance in November, 1963. They were right on the cusp of stardom. I guess it made a big impression!  
Yes, the infamous Royal Command Performance where John Lennon famously quipped, "Those of you in the cheap seats, clap your hands ... the rest of you, just rattle your jewelry."
Reread the article ... Murray The K was NOT the first (although he was one of the ones who claimed to be) ... The Beatles were NOT first played in New York City ... or Washington, DC ... or Philadelphia (despite the fact that Dick Clark once played "She Loves You" on American Bandstand's "Rate A Record" segment) ... and while it was "I Want To Hold Your Hand" that finally catapulted the band to success here in the USA, that was NOT the first Beatles song aired in America.
Seriously ... definitely worth a refresher course if only to keep the REAL story on track to replace all the fiction that's been circulating for the past 55 years! (kk) 

>>>Who played the first Beatles record in America?  (kk)
Some DJ in Miami Beach —> “Flew in from Miami Beach BOAC ...” 
The "Whipped Cream" album cover you included in your email was so very 'hot' when the album came out. I wonder how many men bought it just for the cover. Only one that was better was "Honey" by the Ohio Players ... really really HOT!!!
By the way, Herb Alpert is playing at North Central College's Wentz Concert Hall on Oct 19th! He is appearing there with Lani Hall. 
I will assume you know - and therefore confirm - that the "A" in A&M Records was/is Herb Alpert.
I hope all is well by you. Unbelievably, I have been retired for a year + already. People ask me; "What do you do all day?" and I reply; "I don't know, but it takes me all day to do it!" 
Rich Silverman 
Hey good to hear from you!
Yes, the A in A&M was Herb Alpert. (The M was Jerry Moss, his business partner) 
A&M had a good long run with a very diverse roster - everything from The Tijuana Brass and The Carpenters to Joe Cocker and Peter Frampton!
Lani Hall is a Chicago girl (and has also been Herb’s wife for many, many years. They just sold out two shows at City Winery a couple of months ago - we saw them there the yar before so passed on those and saw Sergio Mendes instead!  (kk) 

Hi, Kent ... 
That Tijuana Brass cover is probably one of the sexiest of all time.  I think that LP sold 5 million copies - like the "First Family" LP by Vaughan Meader, it turns up everywhere you go.
I have to also cast a vote for a cover that's difficult to turn away from (for us guys, anyway) - Herb Alpert's wife of many years, and lead vocalist of Brasil '66, on her 1982 LP named for the neighborhood we grew up in.  Lani and I lived two blocks apart and attended the same elementary school at the same time.  I'd love to meet her some day.

A Brasil '66 album cover that raised more than a few eyebrows back in the day has to be this one ...

It looks completely innocent on the outside ... just the band resting on a mound of beautiful desert sand ...

But when you open up the cover to reveal the gatefold spread, it takes on a whole new meaning! 

Congratulations to our "Supreme Glamour" book winners
Tony Waitekus of Weston, WI, AJ Karolczak of Woodstock, IL, Colin Donahue of Camanche, IA, Chuck Buell of Parker, CO and Ed Kocjan of Channahon, IL.
The new book is available now (through all the usual sources) ... and authors Mark Bego and Mary Wilson (of The Supremes) are doing publicity stops to help promote it.  (Mary, of course, is also starring on "Dancing With The Stars" right now ... so she's pretty busy these days!)
SUPREME GLAMOUR DUO:  Celebrity-biographer Mark Bego met up with his co-author Mary Wilson on Monday’s debut of ABC’s Dancing with The Stars’ where Wilson is a contestant. The two collaborated on the just-out (today) Supreme Glamour (Thames + Hudson).

And, we've got some more tickets to give away, too!
First of all, I've got a pair of tickets to see Booker T. Jones at The City Winery on Thursday, November 14th ...  
but in order to win them, you have to answer this "Almost Impossible" trivia question ...
What is the one key ingredient that should be part of ALL of Booker T's recipes?  

Plus we've got THREE pairs of tickets to see The Ides Of March with special guests Mark Farner (formerly of Grand Funk Railroad) and Bo Bice (American Idol runner-up to Carrie Underwood ... and, most recently, lead vocalist for Blood, Sweat and Tears) on Saturday, October 26th.
Get your entries in now because this should be one hell of a show!

Naturally, BOTH shows are available thru the theaters' online box offices ...

And on the day you talk about Eddie Money, he passes away. I read the Flash at 7:00 AM and received word of his death this afternoon. I am leery of you mentioning my name now. (I have to add some humor - I am hurting) 
Eddie and his family were visitors to the store when I was there and thrilled one of my staff with pictures and attention.

Hi Kent,
Here a good little video on Eddie Money.  I loved his music.  Great singer!
Tim Kiley 

Kent ... 
Sorry to hear about Eddie Money.  I always liked his songs.  Gone too soon. 
Glad to hear anything about the Grass Roots.  They were underrated band.  I am glad they are keeping the music alive.  So good to hear.  
And lastly, "Way To Go!" George Harrison for scoring big on Kent's 3333 list. Wow ... I think Paul was pretty mean to George. I am glad to know George has staying power. Yaay!!!  
Thanks for all of your updates.  Looking forward to the big list!!!  Have fun!
You'll find NINE Grass Roots tracks in our TOP 3333 MOST ESSENTIAL CLASSIC ROCK SONGS Countdown ... so keep watching for that.  (We are frantically working to pull this all together ... still taking WAY longer than I thought it would due to some more unexpected "challenges," but we're working on it!)  kk

>>>Thanx for your great story on Ric Ocasek!  Only correction is that the age of Ric was 75 not 70.  He graduated  from Maple Heights High School (in suburban Cleveland, Ohio) in 1963. I know many famous celebrities like to shave years off their age (heck, lots of regular people do, too!) If he really was 70, he would have been like 14 years old when he graduated.  My friends in Ohio told me about his school and graduation.Thanx  (Joe Studnek)

>>>Most of the reports I saw put his age at 75.  (I even saw one that said 77 ... but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how Ric could have possibly been as old as Paul McCartney, who reached his first level of success some fifteen years earlier!) But then I also saw a couple of reports (by very reliable sources) that said his age was 70, "erroneously reported as 75 by other sources," which made a little more sense to me since that would have put Ric at about 29 when The Cars broke through.  (Knowing that they had toiled around the bar scene for several years prior to making it, this seemed the most logical scenario to me.)

But ... just to be sure ... I went to MY music bible, Joel Whitburn's "Top Pop Singles" book ... which showed Ric being born in 1949, making him 70 when he died ... so that's the one I went with. Since most of the reports do show him at 75, I'll amend my piece ... and hopefully Joel will as well when his next revised edition comes out (which, sadly, will now also show Ric's date of death.)  kk 
Hi Kent,
Yes, Ric Ocasek was actually 75 years old at the time of his recent passing.  
As you know, we always strive for accuracy in our books.  Many people in show biz tend to shave off a few years, for various reasons.  As in the case of Ric Ocasek, we often don't know the actual age until they die.  Sometimes we uncover it beforehand.  
Several years ago, we showed the actual birth date for Irene Cara (which was a few years earlier than she was then claiming).  After our book was published, we got a call from Irene's manager asking that we change the date.  I told her that we had numerous sources citing the correct date.  A few weeks later, Irene Cara herself called and insisted that we change it!  I told her that I loved her music, but that I would need concrete proof of her claims (such as a copy of her actual birth certificate).  Shortly thereafter, several websites started digging into the story and it turns out that our sources were correct all along.  Sorting out the correct facts can often be a never-ending process, but that's all part of the job!
Paul Haney
Record Research

Rocker (well, one time rocker) Rod Stewart has now disclosed that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer a couple of years ago but has beaten the deadly disease.  He is encouraging ALL men to have their prostates checked (admitting that it is not the most fun procedure in the world!  lol)  But it really is for our own good.  (And I am the absolute WORST at this sort of thing ... colonoscopies, too!)
Still, better to be safe than sorry ... and it could add years to your life!  (kk) 

In today's FH, you said that Frank Ifield's I REMEMBER YOU premiered on U. S charts on September 8, 1962. Here in OKC, it made its initial appearance for the week of August 16, 1962. It appeared on the weekly survey for five weeks, peaking at #36. On the survey which I sent to you, it made its initial appearance in chart position #47. Through the years, WKY radio was known for playing records first before making the national charts.
Larry Neal
I just checked and it debuted on the WLS Silver Dollar Survey On August 25th ... but it peaked at #8, so it was a decent-sized hit.  Nationally premiered in Billboard on September 8th as noted above, but first hit both the Cash Box and Music Vendor charts the week before.  It peaked at #5 nationally.
Over in the UK, it first charted the week of July 5th ... and went all the way to #1.  In fact, Ifield had FOUR #1 Records in the UK:  "I Remember You" (1962), "Lovesick Blues" (1962), "Wayward Wind" (1963) and "Confessin'" (1963).
Beatles collectors will remember the Ifield / Beatles album that Vee Jay put together trying to cash in on both of their British artists in 1964 ... it is now worth a fortune (because virtually nobody bought it!)
On the same topic, Blogger did something to corrupt the photo of the two WLS Silver Dollar Survey charts where "Please Please Me" charted for "The Beattles" in 1963 ... I spent close to an hour trying to fix the glitch but finally had to let it go ... 
So I'm rerunning THAT photo along with Larry's chart and the mega-rare "Jolly What" Frank Ifield / Beatles album below.  (It was really some pretty deceptive advertising on Vee Jay Records' part ... implying that the album featured The Beatles "live on stage" ... the Frank Ifield cuts were all live tracks but The Beatles' tunes were drawn from the same library of material that Vee Jay released again and again and again in any variety of repackages before they finally went out of business.)
It's another Forgotten Hits potpourri!!!  (kk)

Larry also sent us this ...

I am sure you have seen this but for the second weekend in a row during the football games, there has been a national commercial on for Ford trucks with Little Richard's RIP IT UP playing in the background. You got to love it. 
Also, me and another guy were discussing something and wanted to bring it up to you. 
I don't know about today, but I knew roughly how Billboard magazine years ago calculated how a record became #1 by applying points to the records in question and the number of weeks they were on Billboard, how high they got on the charts, etc. But here is the question ... 
Is it or was it possible for a record to be #1 for the entire year without ever being at the #1 position? We think so but leave the answer to the man with the Post Versilog slide rule. (lol).
The one that immediately comes to mind is "Wooly Bully" by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs, which was named Billboard's Record Of The Year for 1965, despite never actually occupying the #1 spot on their Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart.  (There may have been others, but without researching it, I wouldn't hazard a guess.)
When one considers that 1965 gave us "Satisfaction" (#1 for the year on virtually every other chart known to man) and timeless classics like "Downtown" and "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" and "Yesterday," this was a bit of an upset.
1965 was an unusual year for #1 Records.
Between the three major trade publications, 33 different songs reached the #1 spot that year ... but only 21 made it to #1 on all three charts.
Meanwhile, seven records topped only one chart (including great hits like "My Girl" by The Temptations, "Love Potion Number Nine" by The Searchers, "Like A Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan and the aforementioned "Wooly Bully," which only hit #1 in Record World.
If you add up the total weeks spent at #1 between the three charts, the year's big winners are:
YESTERDAY and I GOT YOU, BABY (9 weeks each)
and HELP (7 weeks) ...
Yet it was "Wooly Bully" (a total of ONE week between the three charts) that came in at #1.  (kk)

If you like this sort of thing (and I KNOW that you do!!!), check out this recap we put together a few years ago ranking the biggest hits of The Beatles Era (1964 - 1970).
This chart is based on the TOTAL number of weeks that each record spent at #1 on each of the three major charts (Billboard, Cash Box and Record World), ranked by their accumulative total.  (Incredibly, there are 200 #1's listed for this brief seven year period ... certainly one of the most creative times in pop music history.) kk

Jimi Hendrix is back in the news this week ...
A couple of cool new books to look forward to ...
This one by Ben Valkhoff and Luigi Garuti ...
And one currently in the works written by our FH Buddy Harvey Kubernik (more details on that one as they become available) 

Ben Valkhoff and Luigi Garuti are proud to announce the upcoming release of Hendrix / 1968: Day By Day, a 300-page accounting of Jimi’s life during this tumultuous year.  We have documented in detail the concerts of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, studio recordings, after-midnight jam sessions and interviews. Performance details include: setlists, support acts, eyewitness accounts, and anecdotes by fans. This book also gives us a behind-the-scenes look at Jimi’s love life, leisure time, and his encounters with fans. Updated with new information, thoroughly researched, and highly detailed. 
The Hendrix/1968: Day By Day book is out on 1 October.
★ Pages: 300
★ Size: 170 x 240 mm
★ Available in hardcover and softcover versions
Pre-order your copy of Hendrix/1968: Day By Day here:

And from Jimi Hendrix to Mr. Rogers!!!
Yep, we cover it all here in Forgotten Hits ...
And isn't THIS an interesting idea for an album!   


Thank You, Mister Rogers: Music & Memories
October 25th Release Marks the Start of ‘Thank You Mister Rogers’ Month;
Rita and Tom Are Both at Home in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood!
The rebirth of interest in Fred Rogers, which includes an upcoming Tom Hanks film, has inspired a unique musical tribute that celebrates a special side of the man known as “America’s Favorite Neighbor.” A newly recorded collection of Fred’s songs called Thank You, Mister Rogers – Music & Memories will be available wherever music is sold or streamed on October 25th. View the album trailer HERE.
Providing delightful listening for the whole family, the album embodies unforgettable performances by award-winning artists performing re-imagined renditions of Fred Rogers classics as well as uncovered gems from his 200-plus catalogue of songs. The cast includes Kellie Pickler, Vanessa Williams, Rita Wilson, Lee Greenwood, The Cowsills, Jaci Velasquez, Jim Brickman, Jon Secada, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr., Micky Dolenz, Tom Bergeron, and Sandi Patty. Significantly, Wilson joins her husband Tom Hanks “in the Neighborhood,” by way of singing a Fred Rogers song on this album while Hanks portrays the children’s television pioneer himself in the upcoming biopic.
The album’s arrival also ushers in “Thank You, Mister Rogers Month” – a time set aside to honor Fred’s legacy by encouraging people to act on his simple but eloquent message, “Be kind.” Nashville, Tennessee, where much of the album was recorded, is the first city to proclaim November as a time to “Be Like Fred.”
Fred Rogers wrote more than 200 of the songs made popular on his PBS television show, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. The new album is produced in Nashville by two-time Grammy winner Dennis Scott, who observed, “Fred was a gifted songwriter and understood how music could serve as an effective way to teach and share important life lessons.” Both adults and children familiar with Fred’s songs will enjoy hearing how well they lend themselves to a variety of musical styles and genres.
The album includes some surprises, including a Spanish lyric put to the tune of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” which features a heartfelt performance by Cuban born pop artist Jon Secada. And TV spokesperson Tom Bergeron, best known for hosting “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and “Dancing with the Stars,” makes his singing debut with a jazzy rendition of “Some Things I Don’t Understand.” It’s also the first-time audiences will experience his talent as a gifted whistler. 
Actor, songstress Rita Wilson delivers a touching performance of “Sometimes People Are Good,” a sentiment also reflected in Tom Hanks’ onscreen portrayal of Fred.  Wilson aptly observes, “Mister Rogers’ melody and lyrics are beautifully integrated together. His words of kindness, acceptance, and peace are a classic message.”
David Newell, who portrayed Mr. McFeely on the show, describes the eclectic and joyful nature of this album: “Each song in this collection is different from the other…and each singer has made it their own. Fred would be delighted to know that his music lives on to new generations."
Perhaps the talented and lovely Vanessa Williams describes the audience for Thank You Mister Rogers best, “As a child you appreciated the songs but as an adult you really appreciate his music “
And in the words of Fred Rogers, “It’s such a good feeling…”
Thank You, Mister Rogers – Music & Memories will be available on CD and all digital platforms.
Pre-release singles will launch on September 27th and October 18th. Mister Rogers fans are invited to submit their own happy memories of the show and Fred’s music at:

Track list with run times and credits

1) Won’t You Be My Neighbor? / The Cowsills
Music & lyrics by Fred Rogers, © 1967 Fred M. Rogers 
2) Please Don’t Think it’s Funny / Sandi Patty
Music & lyrics by Fred Rogers, © 1968 Fred M. Rogers
3) Let’s Be Together Today / Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis
Music & lyrics by Fred Rogers, © 1967 Fred M. Rogers
4) Sometimes People Are Good / Rita Wilson
Music & lyrics by Fred Rogers, © 1968 Fred M. Rogers
5) You Can Never Go Down the Drain / Jaci Velasquez
Music & lyrics by Fred Rogers, © 1969 Fred M. Rogers
6) When the Day Turns into Night / Lee Greenwood
Music & lyrics by Fred M. Rogers
7) It’s a Perfectly Beautiful Day / Micky Dolenz
Music & lyrics by Fred Rogers, © 1967 Fred M. Rogers
8) Many Ways to Say I Love You / Vanessa Williams
Music & lyrics by Fred Rogers, © 1967 Fred M. Rogers
9) Some Things I Don’t Understand / Tom Bergeron
Music & lyrics by Fred Rogers , © 1968 Fred M. Rogers
10) It’s Such a Good Feeling / Kelli Pickler
Music & lyrics by Fred Rogers
11) This is My Home / Jim Brickman
Music & lyrics by Fred Rogers, © 1967 Fred M. Rogers
12) Es Un Dia Precioso en la Vecindad / Jon Secada
Music & lyrics by Fred Rogers, © 1967 Fred M. Rogers (Lyrics translated into Spanish by Reinaldo C.Toledo)
13) Thank You for Being You/ Music & lyrics by Dennis Scott , © Act IV Music 2019
>>>I asked our FH Buddy Frank Jeckell of The 1910 Fruitgum Company if he ever had any interactions with Crazy Elephant  (kk) 
>>>I never had a chance to interact with anyone from the band but I suspect you’re totally right about what happened. However, I do have a friend who was very involved in the K&K operation so I may be able to find out more. I’ll give it a shot and let you know what I find out.  (Frank)
Frank came back with a few more details ... and a link to a Wikipedia piece if you'd like more information ...
The Crazy Elephant - “Gimmie Gimmie Good Lovin’”
Billboard # 12, 1969 – Marzano - Calvert Band / Track and Background. 
Singing Lead Vocal - Robert Spencer (from the Oldies group The Cadillacs)
Written by Joey Levine and Ritchie Cordell
Bottom line - they were a studio band
I actually found a bit more info on widipedia:  

I've been listening to the new Ides Of March "55th Anniversary" CD in my car this week (just got it).  GREAT lyrics and songs with the playing impeccable, as expected.  Lots of Chicago-styled horns as well as nice sax on some.  The guitar work is great and vocals spot on -- including female singing.  Production is spot on, showcasing all the lyrics perfectly to hear.  The case is awesome with lyrics and all and fold out scene.  
Hard to pick my fave.  "Love or Something Like it" is great and "Song About Mary" has such nice ideas about all the songs that have come before about her.  "Play On," lyrically, reminds me of the Ides fave, "Melody."  
Sure, there is some 80's sounds that make me think "This could be a great Survivor Song" -- one with "Eye of Tiger" scratching.  Lots of great ideas and songs that make me say "How does he keep coming up with these songs?"  
Great job, Jimbo!!!!  
Clark Besch
It's playing again in MY car right now, too!  It's a VERY solid CD.  (Still waiting for the awesome "Friends Like You" video to drop ... that one's my favorite!)
Too bad you can't shoot in to catch The Ides at The Genesee Theatre next month with Mark Farner (who also figures prominently on the new CD.)  kk

>>>Would you believe that about three weeks ago I used an ATM (machine) for the very first time in my life?!?!  It's absolutely true ... but in order to activate my new bank card, I HAD to use one.  (Crazy, no?) - kk
"Crazy?!?  No!!!"  I've never used an ATM my whole life either, making it, for no particular reason, an obsessive goal to never use one in my lifetime! But, like you, they sucked me in!  
I went on an African Safari to Kenya and Tanzania about a year ago and it was necessary to convert US Dollars to African Shillings. 
And where does one do that? 
Yeah . . . at an ATM!

CB  (which stands for Currency Boy) 

Chuck also sent us this ...

Hey, Kent!
Chuck Buell Clockin' In Here!
I thought you might find this special gift my wife Linda had an artist custom for me interesting!   
It’s Laser-cut from an old Vinyl Record Album based on a 1966 KIMN Denver On-Air Studio Promo Photo of me back when I was playing today's "Forgotten Hits" when they were just new "Pick Hits of the Week!" 
You can see a copy of the Original Picture in the Label Area that inspired the design. 
“Now, let’s check the Official Up to the Second Kim-Land Time on the Ole KIM Clock on the Wall!”

CB  (which stands for Clock Buell)

Just want to say in the middle of your Herculean efforts with the Classic Rock voting how much I'm enjoying your postings of the WLS 1969 surveys and accompanying commentary. That fabled Summer of '69 was the time when my newly discovered love for AM Radio kicked into high gear. I'm wondering if you or anyone else get these pangs of sadness seeing some of these great songs moving DOWN the chart, almost like a reminder that, yup, this time is over and I wonder if it will ever get that good again? Room for discussion here, but for me it never did -- musically speaking. 
Keep up the good work, Kent! 
And PS, I'm guessing NO, that Three Dog Night will NOT unseat The Archies to take over the Number One spot next week!
Stay tuned ... you just may be surprised!
And if you're not already checking The Sunday Survey, please do ... every Sunday we run a vintage WLS Chart from exactly fifty years ago ... and (if Jack Levin ever starts sending them to me! hint hint!) we'll do the same thing next year with the 1970 WCFL Charts!!!  (kk)

I noticed that on the recent WLS surveys "Sugar, Sugar" is listed as being on RCA Victor, but most anybody familiar with the tune knows it was commercially released on the Don Kirshner-owned label Calendar, albeit distributed by RCA. 
Were copies sent to radio on the plain-white RCA DJ label? 
Bob Frable
Not that I'm aware of ... but you're right, RCA was the parent company.  We saw the same thing happen with some pressings of The Monkees' singles, released here on Colgems but virtually everywhere else on RCA.  (kk)

And, speaking of 1969 ... 

King Crimson's “In The Court Of The Crimson King” 50th Anniversary Series 3CD / Blu-Ray featuring 5.1 Surround Sound Mix & New Stereo Mix
(Blu-Ray features all-new, 2019, 5.1 & stereo mixes by Steven Wilson, approved by Robert Fripp in 24/96 resolution)

Recorded in 1969 “In The Court Of The Crimson King” stands as one of the defining albums of British rock music & one of the finest debut albums of all time. Described at the time as “an uncanny masterpiece” by Pete Townshend, the album has achieved legendary status over the years. Fifty years on, the album is one of the most beloved & revered in the rock music canon.

The 50th anniversary edition features:

Blu-Ray: First time on Blu-Ray for this iconic album with all new mixes in stereo & 5.1, original album mixes and a multitude of extras all in Hi-Resolution.

CDs: 3 CDs present the 2019 mixes in stereo & instrumental forms, an expanded alternate album and the original album mix – also with additional tracks.

Packaged in two gatefold sleeves with  booklet in a rigid exterior slipcase

Blu-Ray features all-new, 2019, 5.1 & stereo mixes by Steven Wilson, approved by Robert Fripp in 24/96 resolution – the first time the album has appeared in 5.1 at 24/96 resolution. Blu-Ray also features the original master edition of the 1969 album mix in 24/96 stereo. Blu-Ray also features a complete alternate album comprising 2019 mixes by Steven Wilson

A further album's worth of additional material drawn from studio takes – much of it mixed by Steven Wilson & including extracts from the 'wind session' that produced the intro to 21CSM in stereo for the first time, the single a/b sides of the album title track drawn, for the first time since on disc, from the original master tapes & more are also included.

The Blu-Ray is completed by a set of 2019 instrumental mixes and the surviving fragment of black & white footage from Hyde Park in 1969

This set marks the first appearance of the album on Blu-Ray completing the availability of all King Crimson studio albums on the format.

CD1 presents the album in its 2019 stereo mix – along with the 2019 instrumental takes (with 'Moonchild' edited to song length)
CD2 presents an expanded edition of the alternate album from the Blu-Ray
CD3 features the original master edition of the 1969 mix plus additional tracks

Presented as a 2 x gatefold sleeve edition containing the individual CDs plus booklet with new sleeve-notes by King Crimson biographer Sid Smith packed in a rigid slipcase. Artwork derived from the original paintings, as meticulously restored, for the limited edition full sized, signed prints

All material on this set will also feature on the forthcoming “Complete 1969 Sessions” – the eighth boxed set in the series documenting King Crimson's studio & live recordings from 1969 onwards.

The Alternate album appears, quite deliberately, in slightly different track-listings on the Blu-Ray & CD (& on the accompanying double vinyl set). The aim on the Blu-Ray was to provide a fully sequenced listen that closely resembled the original album running order. This was extended on the CD, gathering many of the new mixes on one disc & revised again to make for a satisfying listen on vinyl.

In common with all other King Crimson studio albums in the format, the 5.1 mixes are being made available in this affordable set rather than being held over exclusively for larger expensive boxed sets, a practice that limits the availability of the music in multichannel audio to the detriment of artists and fans alike.

In the 50 years since its release “In The Court of the Crimson King” has never been out of print or unavailable in any of the world's main music markets & continues to enjoy consistently high sales.

Blu-Ray NTSC, Zone ABC, playable on all BD players & drives

2019 5.1 mixes

1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 I Talk to the Wind
3 Epitaph
4 Moonchild
5 The Court of the Crimson King

Additional track

6 I Talk to the Wind (duo version)

Mixed by Steven Wilson

Original Master Edition

1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 I Talk to the Wind
3 Epitaph
4 Moonchild
5 The Court of the Crimson King

Produced by King Crimson

Alternate Album

1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 I Talk to the Wind
3 I Talk to the Wind
4 Epitaph
5 Epitaph
6 Moonchild
7 The Court of the Crimson King

1 Morgan studios June 1969 take with Greg Lake vocal overdubs from Wessex August 1969 & Mel Collins & Jakko Jakszyk August 2019 overdubs
2 Alternate 2019 mix
3 Duo version, full length master, 2019 mix
4 Vocals isolated/highlighted, 2019 mix
5 Alt take – 2019 mix
6 Take 1, 2019 mix
7 Morgan studios, June 1969 take, 2019 mix

Mixed by Steven Wilson except 1, 4 mixed by David Singleton

Additional material

1 Wind Session
2 21st Century Schizoid Man
3 I Talk to the Wind
4 Epitaph
5 Moonchild
6 The Court of the Crimson King
7 21st Century Schizoid Man
8 The Court of the Crimson King (part 1)
9 The Court of the Crimson King (part 2)

1 2019 stereo mix
2 Trio version, 2019 mix
3 Studio run through, 2019 mix
4 Backing track, 2019 mix
5 Album edit, 2009 mix
6 Take 3, 2009 mix
7 Morgan studios take, June 1969
8, 9 Single a/b side, 1969

Mixed by Steven Wilson 1 – 6, Mixed by King Crimson 7 – 9

2019 Instrumental mixes

1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 I Talk to the Wind
3 Epitaph
4 Moonchild
5 The Court of the Crimson King

Mixed by Steven Wilson

Video: 21csm extract Hyde Park 1969

CD 1 2019 stereo mixes & instrumental mixes

1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 I Talk to the Wind
3 Epitaph
4 Moonchild
5 The Court of the Crimson King
6 21st Century Schizoid Man
7 I Talk to the Wind
8 Epitaph
9 Moonchild (edit)
10 The Court of the Crimson King

1 - 10 mixed by Steven Wilson

CD 2 Alternate Album, expanded edition

1 Wind Session
2 21st Century Schizoid Man
3 I Talk to the Wind
4 I Talk to the Wind
5 Epitaph
6 Epitaph
7 Moonchild
8 The Court of the Crimson King
9 21st Century Schizoid Man

1 Wind Session, 2019 stereo mix
2 Morgan studios June 1969 take with Greg Lake vox overdubs from Wessex August 1969 & Mel Collins/Jakko Jakszyk August 2019 overdubs
3 Alternate 2019 mix
4 Duo version, full length master, 2019 mix
5 Vocals isolated/highlighted, 2019 mix
6 Alt take - 2019 mix
7 Take 1, 2019 mix
8 Morgan studios, June 1969 take, 2019 mix
9 Trio version, 2019 mix

Mixed by Steven Wilson except 2, 5 mixed by David Singleton

CD 3 Original Master Edition, expanded

1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 I Talk to the Wind
3 Epitaph
4 Moonchild
5 The Court of the Crimson King
6 21st Century Schizoid Man
7 I Talk to the Wind
8 Epitaph
9 The Court of the Crimson King (single a side)
10 The Court of the Crimson King (single b side)

1 to 5 Original master edition produced by King Crimson
Mastered by Simon Heyworth
6 Morgan studios instrumental take, 1969, produced by King Crimson
7 studio run through, 2019 mix by Steven Wilson
8 Backing track, 2019 mix by Steven Wilson
9/10 Original single master

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Distributed in North America by Amped Distribution.

Catch King Crimson's North American tour:

SEP 14, 2019 - BUDWEISER STAGE, Toronto
SEP 17, 2019 - ST DENIS THEATRE, Montreal
SEP 21, 2019 - RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL, New York City
SEP 23, 2019 - THE MET, Philidelphia
SEP 25, 2019 - HARD ROCK ROCKSINO, Cleveland
SEP 27, 2019 - THE RYMAN AUDITORIUM, Nashville
SEP 29, 2019 - THE COBB CENTER, Atlanta

For more information:

Her tale of Mississippi backwater intrigue captivated the whole world's imagination two years earlier. It had limited The Beatles' unofficial Summer of Love anthem to one week at the top of the Billboard singles chart. The ODE TO BILLIE JOE album stopped SGT. PEPPERS' fifteen week run atop the Billboard album charts. She and the Fab Four were Capitol Records' labelmates. In 1968 she went to England for a guest appearance  on Tom Jones' BBC-TV program. The producers were so impressed by Bobbie Gentry that she was offered her own weekly show. In late August, 1969, Capitol released her version of "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" (recorded in Nashville) in the UK. Whether it was deliberate or coincidental, Jones' two year old different song with the same title was re-released in America that same week. While his single was a UK #2 hit in 1967, it had flopped in the US. In 1969, THIS IS TOM JONES had been picked up by
ABC-TV in America and this time his song steadily climbed into the US top ten. Could this have something to do with Gentry's song not being released as a single in America because it might cause confusion? The Bacharach/David tune had already bombed by three different artists in the US so I'm sure Capitol was surprised when it topped the UK charts on October 18. No doubt it was helped by her BBC-TV variety show. The song was from the Broadway and West End musical PROMISES, PROMISES.
I've often read that Gentry's record was a Dionne Warwick cover. But Warwick's single wouldn't be released until December. I've also read that Warwick had misgivings about the song's hit potential. Gentry's success might have convinced her otherwise. The song received a Grammy nomination for 1969 Song Of The Year. And, a year later, the song won Warwick the Grammy for Best Contemporary Pop Female Vocal Performance after her version had reached number one on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts in early 1970. It was the same award Gentry took home three years earlier. It would be the last major hit for the Burt Bacharach / Hal David songwriting team. 
Bobbie's take exudes a vulnerability that I think is absent in Dionne's more polished version. Since it was my first exposure to the song, it remains my personal favorite. 
With me being an American stationed in London back then, I was often asked by the locals if we were related. Bobbie's real name was Roberta Streeter.
Mike Gentry

One of my unfulfilled dreams of doing Forgotten Hits for all of these years is to have interviewed Bobbie Gentry.  She apparently became a complete recluse several years ago and refuses to speak with anybody.  You'd think after fifty years she might be ready to talk about Billie Joe again!  (kk)

Thanks for stopping by the box office Friday night (what a show!)  It was so nice seeing you again.  
My how your blog has grown!  Fantastic!!  What a great job you have done keeping all of us Rock & Roll fans informed and young!  And they said it wouldn't last!!
Take care . . . 
We saw The Alan Parsons Live Project at The Genesee Theatre last Friday Night (where Donna works at the box office.)  Another outstanding show.  (We've come to expect nothing less!)
They mixed the set up a little bit this time ... added a few things from the new album (which is excellent, by the way), showed a few videos for the songs that Alan provided for the soundtrack to the film 5.25.77 (the date that "Star Wars" opened in theaters ... Patrick Reed Johnson, the guy behind the film, saw "Star Wars" on opening night AT The Genesee Theatre back in 1977) ... and the movie is a reimagined rememberance of those events.
The band also seemed to rock a little harder this time out.  (Gone was the "Turn Of A Friendly Card" sequence from shows past, in order to make room for the new material.)
P.J. Olsson has one of the finest voices in rock and isn't given enough credit.  (Part of this is because NONE of the members of Parson's current project performed on their hit records of the late '70's and early '80's ... yet you're not going to find a more talented and versatile group of singers and musicians than these guysEverybody has their parts down to a science and it is a performance executed with precision from start to finish.)
Sadly, Olsson lost his son recently and took a bit of time off from the band.  Frannie and I were both amazed at how he could put that much feeling and emotion into each and every vocal, knowing that it had to be tearing him apart up there to do so.  (It actually hurt us in the heart on a few occasions.)  Then again, maybe this is exactly the theraputic medicine he needs to get thru this experience ... all the love coming back up to the stage from the audience.  Quite a moving experience.
Incredibly, The Genesee was about half empty ... and that's a shame because this is an excellent show.  (They've made our "Best Shows" list many times now.)
Quite a few of the restaurants in the area have closed as well, which was kind of a disappointment.  (Unlike the area around The Arcada where I think the theater fuels the businesses all around the area to the point of overflow crowds.)
As a result, we ventured in to a Mexican restaurant called La Casa de Samuel (new territory for us), which was really quite good ... and who should be dining there but The Alan Parsons Live Project!!!  (How often does THAT happen!!!)  We got the chance to visit for a quick minute and then it was off to the show.  (I took great satisfaction in knowing that we wouldn't be the only ones farting during the show!)  kk 

We also saw the new Linda Ronstadt documentary "Linda Ronstadt: The Sound Of My Voice" last weekend.
Normally I try not to read too many reviews of a film like this in advance, particularly if I figure that I'll be writing my own review at some point in time.  I prefer to draw my own conclusions rather than be influenced by what some other critic may have thought ... and then read the reviews AFTERWARDS to see how many points we agreed on ... and if they caught something I may have missed or shared another perspective that I hadn't considered.
Because this film is in such limited release, we couldn't find a movie theater playing it opening weekend, so I went ahead and read a few ... all very positive reviews but nothing particularly glowing ... quite a few said the documentary was well done but that we didn't really learn anything new ... others said they liked it, but found it "too talky" and would have preferred that the music itself did most of the talking.
But the common denominator in all the reviews that I read was that the film's greatest attribute was that it acted as a reminder as to just how amazing and versatile her voice really was ... and I couldn't help but think how sad it was that we needed a reminder of that at all.
Ronstadt covered SO many different types of musical styles during the course of her career, succeeding well in all of them.  There are vintage clips displaying all of these different genres (pop, rock, country, big band, show tunes and a tribute to her Mexican roots) and it really is quite amazing how she was able to exceed in each.
The fact that her voice has been silenced by Parkinson's Disease these past several years is the greatest shame of all. (In many respects, the film plays a bit like the Glen Campbell documentary "I'll Be Me" in this regard.)  There is a key moment at the end of the film while Ronstadt, surrounded by family members, does attempt to sing a little bit with them ... not at all measuring up to her own high personal standards.  When it is pointed out that she was just singing, she replies "That's not singing ... that's family."
For someone who had such great control of her voice throughout her career, it really drives the point home ... she can no longer live up to her own level of expectation.
If you need a reminder ... or simply want to enjoy again the spectacle that was Linda Ronstadt in her prime, go see this film.  It is a very enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours ... and will likely leave you longing for more.  (We came home and watched more clips on YouTube!)
Highly recommended.  (kk)

All these years, and I still love being on your list.
Thank you. 
Bill Fortune 

Hey Kent
Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy reading your columns. I know it takes an enormous amount of time to put them together and I, for one, can’t begin to tell you how much it’s appreciated.
Thanks and stay well.
Johnny Holliday