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The Saturday Surveys (February 17th, 1968)

2-17-68 KUOI Moscow, Idaho

Heading to another college town, this time, home of the University of Idaho, we still find Paul Mauriat leading the pack with "Love is Blue."  Besides this easy listening giant, there's plenty of rock and RNB and soul stuff to make for a great time listening to the local college station.  

A surprise to this hit list might be the Portraits' "Runaround Girl."  Our own Forgotten Hits contributor of (mostly) Wisconsin band information, Gary Myers, was a member of this 4 Seasons sounding band in the 60's. 

*Survey courtesy Gary Pfeifer and ARSA website

We've been talking about how big a hit "Love Is Blue" was for several weeks now ... so I guess it's time we finally feature it!

Also on my hit list ... the Glen Campbell track "Hey Little One," always one of my favorites that didn't enjoy the success I felt it deserved.  (kk)


2/12/68:  Chynna Phillips is born to Mama Michelle and Papa John.  In the 1990’s she will team with Brian Wilson’s daughters, Carnie and Wendy, to form Wilson Phillips … who will go on to have three of their own #1 Records

Also on this date, Jimi Hendrix is given an Honorary High School Diploma (as well as the Key to the City) in his hometown of Seattle, Washington.  He performs a free concert for the students at Garfield High School, his alma mater.

2/13/68:  10,500 additional US troops sent to Vietnam

2/15/68:  Blues harmonica great Little Walter Jacobs dies, age 37.

Also on this date ... The Beatles travel to India to study meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  Mile Love of The Beach Boys will join them.  While there, The Beatles compose a number of songs that will ultimately find their way to their double white album released later that year … including Paul’s Beach Boys-inspired “Back In The USSR.”

2/16/68:  Aretha Franklin Day is celebrated in Detroit, Michigan

Also on that day, Elvis Presley receives another gold record, this time for his Gospel Album “How Great Thou Art.”  It will go on to win a Grammy as well for Best Sacred Performance.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Why The Music Of The Beatles Will Live On Forever

Yeah yeah yeah ...

We've heard it all before from all the naysayers out there ...

The only reason The Beatles were a success in 1964 was due to a HUGE marketing campaign waged by Capitol Records who spent a million dollars getting the word out so that by the time The Four Lads from Liverpool actually landed here, teenage girls were already worked into a frenzy of anticipation.

They paid them to scream ... they paid them to turn up at the airport to welcome into The United States, launching what would become the first hint of The British Invasion yet to come ... and it was all because of this manipulation that The Beatles (and all the other groups from England who followed them over here) became the success that they became.

Yeah right.

But hey ... I'm a pretty reasonable guy ... so I'm willing to put this out there for consideration ... 

Let's just say that there's even the slightest ounce of truth to this theory.

That would explain February 9th and their appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show ... and maybe even a brief period of popularity thereafter ...

But what about the rampant Beatlemania that had already swept Europe the year before when Capitol refused to release their records here in The States because nothing big had ever crossed over here from Great Britain before?

What about the 24 #1 Records they achieved on the National Pop Singles Chart over the next seven years?  (Not to mention record album sales for their LP's)?

And how do you explain the 54 years SINCE that incredible night of February 9, 1964 ... and the way The Beatles have continued to win over brand new fans from every generation since?

Do you not find it remarkable the way the band grew from "Love Me Do" and "From Me To You" to the sophisticated sounds of "Rubber Soul," "Revolver" and "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (let alone the pure brilliance of a masterpiece like "Abbey Road"?)

Are you thinking that Capitol Records must have paid off the billions and billions of new Beatles fans who have been won over in the past 54 years since, too?

Every moment of EVERY day, somebody new discovers and falls in love with the sound of The Beatles.  (C'mon ... you've got to admit that they've done SOMETHING right!!!  How many other songwriters have assembled the catalog of catchy, timeless, memorable, classic hits that these guys have?)

And if you STILL don't believe me that The Beatles continue to win over new fans, here's a brand new fan ... who's already got it down ... and he's only two years old!!!  (Just listen to the joy and excitement in his voice as he rattles off this list ... using words that wouldn't even exist in a normal two year old's vocabulary!)

Check it out ...

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thursday This And That

Big fun goin' on today in Forgotten Hits ... so let's get right to it!   

Yesterday, of course, was Valentine’s Day … but the day before that … February 13th … marked a special anniversary in Beach Boys History.

Because on THIS date, in 1966, the band took the photos for their infamous “Pet Sounds” album cover at The San Diego Zoo … which, incredibly, STILL has the zoo upset some 52 years later! (In fact, The Beach Boys were banned for LIFE from ever visiting the zoo again!!!) is reporting that the group’s visit to The Children’s Petting Zoo Area on February 13, 1966, was not exactly a “cuddly” experience.

According to the original report filed by the San Diego Union-Tribune at the time, "Zoo officials were not keen about having their beloved beasts connected with the title of the album but gave in when the Beach Boys explained that animals are an 'in' thing with teenagers. And that the Beach Boys were rushing to beat the rock 'n' roll group called 'The Animals.'"

Unfortunately, the band members reportedly neglected to treat the occasion with the seriousness it deserved. Without naming names, Zoo superintendent John Muth accused one Beach Boy of bouncing a carrot off of a tiger's head; another, according to Muth, "tried to stick the head of a little antelope through some iron bars." Multiple band members were also accused of being careless with puppies and baby chicks, setting them down in places they didn't belong and leaving them there.

Putting things mildly, Muth was less than amused by these whole proceedings.  He told the newspaper that "The Beach Boys are not welcome back and never will be."

For their part, at least two of the band members seemed less than impressed with the experience. Bruce Johnston is quoted as saying the goats involved in the photo shoot were "horrible," while Brian Wilson claims never been back to the zoo.   (kk)

I just want you to know that I appreciated very much you posting the one hour, fifty minute Fab Four performance on your website today. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You were right! They are great. To me, the icing on the cake was their first song, PLEASE PLEASE ME, which probably is my all time favorite Beatle tune. 
Larry Neal
Seriously, if you get the chance to see them, check them out … you’ll be even more amazed watching them pull all this off live on stage!  (kk)

We also wanted to share a few of the photos that Luciano Bilotti sent in from last Sunday’s Cowsills / Grass Roots / Gary Puckett and the Union Gap concert held at The Arcada Theatre.  (We hated to miss this one … so are enjoying this special look … along with a favorite song of mine by each of these acts.)

The Cowsills opened the show … they’ve been one of our concert favorites for years now … ALWAYS an entertaining show with spot-on harmonies and vocals that haven’t aged a minute since the first time we ever heard them.  In fact, that first hit, “The Rain, The Park And Other Things” is still my all-time favorite of theirs.

Up next came The Grass Roots.  Led these days by our buddy Mark Dawson (who also hosts a great weekly oldies show Thursday Nights on Our Generation Radio … check it out! ... they’ve got a hit catalog that doesn’t end.  Still, one of my favorites remains “Temptation Eyes.” 

And finally, headliner Gary Puckett, who scored six straight Top 20 Hits (including two #1’s) right out of the box when they first hit the charts back in 1967.  My hands down, all-time favorite is 1969’s #3 Hit “This Girl Is A Woman Now.” 

I know you’re a big Creedence fan … add this to your CCR Feedback …
Go on YouTube and watch "Keep On Chooglin' " from the January, 1970,
Oakland concert. I don't know which is better - the band or the crowd!
John Berkovitz

You’re right … I am a MAJOR Creedence Clearwater Revival fan … and was fortunate enough to see them once in 1972 after Tom Fogerty had left the band as a trio … one of the loudest concerts I’ve ever been to in my life! 
We learned nearly every song they did as soon as they came out … and I’m talkin’ about all the album tracks, too!  (You couldn’t go wrong playing CCR at a party!  Lol)
For those who haven’t seen it, check out our profile of the band from a few years ago … wait a minute … has it REALLY been FIFTEEN YEARS since we did this?!?! … Holy Crap you guys are getting old!!! ... along with the feedback section that John is referring to …

>>>The Rolling Stones (with a combined age of 700) is the oldest act still out there touring!  (kk / Robert Friedman)
Excuse me, but the last time I looked there were only four 'Rolling Stones', (yes I know they have other musicians with them, but they are not RS, just employees). 
Now I know they all look pretty ancient, but I don't think any of them are actually 175 yrs old, let alone all of them!
George VanWin
That line just TOTALLY cracked me up.  (I dunno … maybe they’re counting Keith Richards’ nine lives!!!)  kk

Hey, Kent ...
Yeah, age-wise, the Stones may be the 'oldest' touring band, but they are tied for bands that are still touring since they first started.
Hungary's Omega started in 1962 (as did the Stones) and are touring again this year. 
Two of the original band members from 1962 are still in the band (a third joined in 1967).
Just thought I would throw that out there ;)
Hope you and Frannie are doing well!
Doc Rock
That’s a long, long time.  Chicago’s Ides Of March (with the complete, original line-up of the four kids who got together in a Berwyn basement for the very first time back in 1964) are still performing together in 2018.  Now they’ve taken some time off here and there … and leader Jim Peterik has certainly kept his hands full producing other projects (including a long, 17-year stint with Survivor) but when these guys get together on stage today, all these years later, pure magic still happens.  (Thankfully they’re all still alive and well … and haven’t killed each other in any bitter disputes along the way … in fact one of the guys acts as Peterik’s manager and another runs his World Stage Recording Studio!)  kk

Talk about longevity, the other day we told you that The O’Jays have announced their retirement … pinpointing it to two years from now so that they can go out in style in the year 2020.  (As for me, I’m still shooting for 2525, just so I can see if Zager and Evans were right!)
Two of the original founding members, Eddie Levert and Walter Williams, both of whom will turn 76 this year, are also celebrating their SIXTIETH YEAR together this year … incredible!
FH Reader Tom Cuddy sent us this clip from CBS Sunday Morning, where the group discussed their past … and their future …

kk …
They announced it on the radio -- last week, Billy Joel sold the millionth
ticket to his Madison Square Garden Residency Shows … an amazing accomplishment.
Maybe you should try and get him to do a show at the Arcada so you can go see him.
Frank B
It really is a remarkable feat.
Billy’s been playing a show at Wrigley Field for the past several years, too … always a sell out … and his new channel on Sirius / XM is quite enjoyable … Billy’s a GREAT storyteller and he makes every song more interesting by giving the listener more insight into the whole songwriting experience.  (They’d have to book Billy for the next five years straight to keep up with the demand for tickets!)
I’ve had tickets to see Billy Joel three times … and have yet to make it to a concert.  Every single time something came up that prevented me from going … so to this day I’ve never seen him live.  (This would be a great time to check him out … his popularity just keeps growing and growing!  And he hasn’t had a Top 40 Chart Hit since 1993!  [But he had 32 of ‘em before that!])  kk

When we told you the other day about Micky Dolenz appearing on Ray Stevens’ new Public Television Series, Caba-Ray, we forgot to run the picture of these two legendary performers together.
Check your local listings to see if and when this airs in your area.  Micky will be on in April.  (kk)

News of Tommy Roe’s retirement led me to recall seeing him at the Wisconsin State Fair sometime in the 1990s. I first attended a free-stage concert by Gary Lewis and the Playboys during which Tommy Roe was sitting in the front row enthusiastically enjoying the show. Later, during Tommy’s show with Jay and the Techniques, Tommy opened with “Sheila,” which set the tone for a great show. Later on in the show some people who had missed the first song called out “How about Sheila?” Tommy heard the fan and responded “We already did that one but ... let’s do it again.” The crowd went nuts.
I will always recall this experience and have a warm place in my heart for a guy who was nice enough to personally support a colleague and specially respond to a fan.
Bob Verbos

Hi Kent –
You are not the only one that remembers Dancin' On Ice by the Movies.  I believe I mentioned it to you a few years ago when we were in the middle of an ice storm here in Wisconsin. That song got played in
the Milwaukee and Madison radio markets. The Movies evolved from the Messengers, who were from Milwaukee. Known for the sped-up version of In the Midnight Hour in 1967 and the 1971 record That's The Way A Woman Is, which made it to number 3 in Milwaukee.  The Movies’ 1976 album contained Dancin' On Ice and other singles such as Satellite Touchdown and Hello, Hello Young Lovers.  
You also brought up Gunhill Road.  Two of the members of that trio joined me on the air a while back.  One of their sons is releasing a documentary about them.
Phil Nee – WRCO
I seem to remember seeing a Movies video for “Dancin’ On Ice,” too … it’s a very catchy tune, very much of that era.
I couldn’t find it … but stumbled across this one along the way …

And speaking of our “local favorites,” Mike Baker, long-time host of The Forgotten 45s radio show, just sent us this 50 Year Anniversary clip on The Mob from Chicago … appropriately enough, on Valentine’s Day (a big day in mob history here in Chicago!)  Check it out!

50th Anniversary | WHO IS THIS MOB?!
The St. Valentine's Day Radio Spots 
Read all about the radio spot campaign, then listen

This Saturday's Survey takes us to Idaho ...
Be sure to join us each and every Saturday in 2018 as we Flashback Fifty Years to This Week in '68 ... featuring a different survey from a different state until we've covered all fifty of 'em!!!  (kk)

And finally here’s an addictively fun way to spend a bunch of time on your computer!

Our FH Buddy Ronnie Allen has devised a new game called “Survivor Snippets,” aka “35 Or Bust!”

The premise is explained below and, having just gone a few rounds myself, I can tell you that it’s a little bit tougher than you might think given the categories you have to choose from.  (These should all be “no-brainers” for guys like me, right???  Wrong!!!  Especially once the snippets start getting shorter and shorter!)

Take it for a test drive when you get a chance.  I can tell you that it’s fun and challenging … but MAY become habit forming … so play at your own risk!!!  (kk)

Hi Kent,

I created a brand new oldies snippets game It is called SURVIVOR SNIPPETS - AKA "35 Or Bust."

The goal is to get 35 right ... you will then be dubbed a "Snippet Genius"!

The game works best on a computer using Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Internet Explorer will work but the game is not as good. It will not presently work on a tablet (such as an Ipad) or a Smart Phone. On the preferable Google Chrome or Firefox browsers, snippets can start anywhere in the record: on the IE browser, every snippet starts at the beginning.

It is very simple to play.  You hear a snippet. You view the alphabetical list of 36 titles. Press the "guess" button next to the record that you think the snippet it is from. If you are correct, you SURVIVE and the word "RIGHT" replaces the "guess" button and the program instantly plays the next snippet. If you guess wrong, you LOSE YOUR LIFE and the word "WRONG" replaces the "guess" button and the game is immediately over. 

All snippets in the game are from 1956 through 1968. Eventually I plan to have snippets from later years.

No snippet will repeat during the game. You can replay any snippet as many times as you want by clicking the REPLAY button at the bottom. And, oh yes, each snippet that plays is a little shorter than the previous one.

Here are three versions of the game that you and everyone can try (if you have the computer environment described above).

Thanks Kent!  Have fun!
Ronnie Allen