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Christopher Cross’ appearance at The Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, IL, has been rescheduled to Friday Night, March 19th, 2021.  Here’s hoping that his bout with the Coronavirus … and that which is continuing to affect us all … is a long, distant memory by then.  (Chris has had some post-virus issues as well … it is VERY encouraging to hear that he is planning to resume life as normal as soon as we’re given the “all clear” to do so.  Kudos to his resilience … a positive sign for all of us should we ever have to deal with any of these issues ourselves.)  kk

UPDATE: A couple of weeks ago, we posted that, after testing positive for the CoronaVirus, Christopher had revealed that he was experiencing “intense muscle weakness and a temporary paralysis of my legs.”  He has since explained that these symptoms were apparently caused by an uncommon condition called Guillain-Barré Syndrome, totally unrelated to his bout with the CoronaVirus, and added that he’s “slowly making progress” with physical therapy.  

In a website post shortly after being diagnosed, he wrote:    

Dear Friends –
I want to clarify what my situation is, so there’s no confusion and also to shed light on a rare medical condition in hopes that others may benefit. I was not paralyzed by Covid; the virus induced a very rare syndrome called Guillain-Barré. Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) is a disorder in which the immune system attacks nerve cells in your peripheral nervous system. GBS resulted in a paralysis of my legs, part of my face, and a numbness in my fingertips. It has been a terribly difficult situation, but I’ve been fortunate to have excellent medical care and I’m slowly making progress. I’m working with a physical therapist to build strength in my muscles and eventually walk.
Being in a wheelchair has taught me a lot about patience and resilience, but especially to count my blessings. I’m grateful for all of you who have supported me with your well-wishes and prayers. Believe me, they’ve had a positive effect. Thank you, again, for being there.
Love, Christopher

It was SO cool to get an email yesterday from Bruce Arnold of Orpheus, the guy who wrote and sang their big hit “Can’t Find The Time” after we featured it as part of our plug for the brand new Explorers Club album of ‘60’s covers.  (Steven Page does a GREAT job with the lead vocal on this one.)

Hey Kent,
We just came across the review of The Explorer’s Club’s “To Sing And Be Born Again" on your blog this morning and thought you might like to include the following comments and quote from Bruce.

When our good friend Jason Brewer informed us that The Explorers Club would be covering my song “Can’t Find The Time,” I was thrilled – having been a fan of the group since I heard their 2012 release “Grand Hotel.”  (Interesting footnote: Jason later told me that the track “Run, Run, Run” off that album was inspired by another one my songs called “I’ve Never Seen Love Like This.”)  Singer Steven Page did a fantastic job on the lead vocals and I was delighted to see that the band also created an alternate “Nashville style” version featuring steel guitars. How great would it be to see Orpheus and The Explorers Club perform “Can’t Find The Time” live in Nashville! I know I’m down for it.”
– Bruce Arnold, Orpheus

Your readers may be interested to know we are busy recording our fifth album at Skywalker Ranch here in Marin County, California, and recently debuted the track “Man Alive” on SiriusXM’s “Cruisin’ With Cousin Brucie.”  Fans are welcome to follow our Facebook page for the latest on new releases and upcoming shows.
 John Mark Arnold
P.S.  We noticed that you had 1969 listed as the release year for the “Can’t Find The Time” single. It was actually released as a single in 1968 and then re-released by MGM in 1969 after the band’s third single “Brown Arms In Houston” / “I Can Make The Sun Rise” began climbing the charts. Also, you may have left out the words “lead singer / guitarist” after “the song was written by” in the second sentence of the track break down.
Hi Bruce -
Great to hear from you again.
"Can't Find The Time" ALWAYS gets a VERY positive response every time we feature it in Forgotten Hits.  This new version recorded by The Explorers Club proves again just what a great song it is.
As for the individual commentary on each of the tracks, those came directly from the PR Firm handling this release ... all we did is reproduce them for our readers as part of the spotlight feature.
As for a show featuring Orpheus and The Explorers Club performing in Nashvile???   I'm in!!!  (Of course, they have to open all the clubs again first ... but that's another story all to itself!!!)
Hope all is well with you and you're staying safe.
Great to hear about the new album!  (If you’d like to “sneak peek” a track on Forgotten Hits, just let me know … we’d be happy to do it!!!)  kk

Betty Wright has died.   
She was the only woman ever to sing and record with both Alice Cooper and Gloria Estefan. She was the only woman ever to co-host a TV series with legendary Miami disc jockey Rick Shaw. When she cut the record that first put her on the map (“Girls Can’t Do What The Guys Do”) she was just 14.  
Fourteen! And sounding so mature, so full of advice, so ready for the world!
Most only know Betty Wright through her 1971 hit “Clean Up Woman,” but there was so much more to this woman and her long, prolific career.  Although I didn’t know Betty well, news of her death hit me hard. What she meant to the Miami soul scene in the ‘60s and ‘70s cannot be overestimated. While she’s rarely mentioned in the same breath as Aretha, Gladys, Chaka, pick a diva … perhaps she should be.
It’s no wonder her music has been sampled by Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, and so many others. What a talent. Farewell Ms. B.
Jeff Lemlich  

The Rise Up New York Fundraiser / Telethon Concert raised over $115 million dollars Monday Night thanks to headliners like Billy Joel, Alicia Keyes, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Sting and Bon Jovi.  (And we missed the whole thing!)  I’ve heard really good things (folks seem to be singling out Billy Joel for the most inspirational moment) and clips from the event are all over YouTube.  (kk) 

Here is Billy's performance of "Miami 2017" ... complete with light show!

Somehow the video for this entry from Sunday’s Comments disappeared during posting … so here it is again.  (How can ANYBODY in their right mind in ANY way diminish the contribution Ed Sullivan made to The History Of Rock And Roll based on the number of top acts from every era he brought into our homes every Sunday Night?!?!)  kk
Please induct Mr. Ed Sullivan into the R&R Hall of Fame!
John LaPuzza
I’ve been saying it for years and years and years - what a GROSS oversight!  (kk)

It sounds like folks had a hard time tuning in to see John Records Landecker inducted into The Radio Broadcasting Hall Of Fame Thursday Night … even though they had pre-registered as requested, they had a tough time navigating thru the site … but we did hear some nice things about John from FH Reader Frank Merrill …

I consider him to possibly be the best radio jock in the entire 1970s decade!!!
I actually heard him in the 60s when he was working at WOIB in Saline [Ann Arbor], Michigan!  I think this may have been his first job on a broadcasting station, and he might have told me he worked on a carrier-current college station earlier - maybe Central Michigan University or I might be thinking of somebody entirely different, lol.  He showed up at a Chicagoland record show two years ago!
I met John at a Chicagoland Record Store a few years back as well … he signed a copy of his book for me and has been a Forgotten Hits Reader ever since.
Anyone growing up in Chicago during this era was a Landecker fan … we were constantly tuned in to WLS, mesmerized by all that he was doing on the air.  (Talk about doing major prep before a show!!!)
If you haven’t already read it, pick up a copy of John’s book (recently updated) … SO many great stories in there!
John lives in Indiana and he told me that he would LOVE to get back on the air again … and I can assure you that the listeners would love it as well.  (Maybe not as much as Rod Blagojevich … but then what do I know?!?!?)  kk  

Here’s a good example of what’s wrong with the way the world thinks these days.
I think it’s a pretty safe estimation to say that close to 60% of radio broadcasters have lost their jobs due to layoffs, firings, furloughs and downsizing, most of which can be directly linked to the CoronaVirus and the effect it has had on all of us, not to mention doing unparalleled damage to our economy.
Meanwhile, while all these talented broadcasters are now finding themselves out of work … people who, in many cases, have devoted their whole lives to developing their craft … WLS-AM 890 makes headlines this week for hiring former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich as a new commentator “to analyze politics, government, trending stories and global issues, featuring conversations with politicians, political experts, policymakers, celebrities and influencers about what’s work, what hasn’t and who can make it better.”
Here's a guy who has spent the last eight years in prison for government corruption, who will now be analyzing politics and government for all the  Joe Average Everyday Homebodies out there.
Chicago Media Columnist Robert Feder describes Blago as “the disgraced and unrepentant former Governor of Illinois” … except, he’s NOT disgraced … he’s EMBRACED because WLS is hoping (betting?) that folks will tune in to hear just what kind of vile this big-headed egomaniac will spiel while he’s on the air as part of his new program, “The Lightning Rod,” which will be available every Wednesday online at and on iTunes.
You can bet that this deal was already in the works prior to his release from prison, thus REWARDING this blatant criminal with his own show while cutting short the careers of countless other dedicated broadcasters and journalists under the guise of “we can’t afford you anymore.”  (Wouldn’t you like to know what WLS-AM is paying Blagojevich???  I’m sure he didn’t come cheap … not with the need to keep up the lifestyle he became accustomed to before his stint in prison.  And let’s not forget the only reason that he's out now is due to the fact that his sentence was commuted by President Donald Trump!)
And how about this quote …  “After a long exile, I made it home.  It’s a brand new day. I’m finally free and fired up to speak my mind, provide insights from the inside, and share what I’ve learned from the school of hard knocks.”
Yes, because you’ve set such a GREAT example with all your past doings … and set the bar SO high that we can’t WAIT to hear what you’ve got to say.
C’mon … this is a COMPLETE travesty!!! 
Yet WLS-AM's Marv Nyren, Vice President and Market Manager of Cumulus Chicago, seems to have no problem promoting his new acquisition this way:  “Blagojevich is a polarizing political figure who served his time and now he’s serving up the truth, only on WLS-AM.  It will be messy, it will be raw and it will be Rod as you have never heard him before.  Rod is going to be laying it all out there and hold nothing back.  It’s going to be exciting to hear.”
I think I’ll pass.  (kk)

How sad … 

For the first time in its history (nearly one hundred years) The Hollywood Bowl has had to cancel its entire season of shows.  In fact, in the past one hundred years, the longest The Bowl has ever gone without a performance is two weeks.
Again, all of this can be attributed to the pandemic, which has changed the course of history for all time.
One hundred years from now, people will be reading about this devastating, debilitating period in the world’s history as perhaps the worst disaster of all time … assuming, of course, that there are still people HERE one hundred years from now to do so.
What a sad, sad state of affairs.  (kk)

On the other side of the coin, what a GREAT social distancing idea …
And you even get to see a movie out of the deal!!!
(Could the CoronaVirus pandemic actually spark the return of the Drive-In Movie Theater???  Hey, I’d certainly be up for it!!!) 
The last of the drive-ins near me closed a couple of years ago … I wonder if anybody can pull things together in time to take advantage of the summer season!  (And then I guess Flea Markets the rest of the year, right???)  kk
kk …
Flashback to my teenage years.

Also from Frank B …
Here’s a guy who CLEARLY misses his commute to work every morning … 

(This one totally cracked me up!)  kk  

"The Wrecking Crew" is online, for FREE!  
If you haven't seen it, do it NOW!
This is the rock and roll film you HAVE to see !
Without question, it’s one of the best.  We were quite involved with getting the word out about this film, dating back to its Film Festival Days.  A well-deserved success for our FH Buddy Denny Tedesco.  (kk)

And another "Final Friday Funny" Smile from Frank B ...

See you back here on Sunday!  (kk)