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5-5-68 WBBF Rochester, New York
Back up north, Rochester was rolling in RnB too, but with much more diversity on their top 55.  Seeing lesser hits from Ray Stevens and the Cowsills in the top 10 here show the importance of smaller market breakout hits that do make inroads into the national charts.  Here, the Swampseeds are moving up fast with their Mick Jagger sounding vocal bubblegumer, "Can I Carry Your Balloon" and Genesis' early 45, "Angeline," is the Pick Hit.  No, it's not the famous band from England (who also released THEIR first 45 about this time in 1968!), but a Jefferson Airplane sounding psych band from LA.  White Levi's were the fashion statement of 1968, as shown on the survey's "back side."

LOL ... Look how the Levi's ad was designed to just drop in the call letters of the various radio stations across the country running the ad on that week's survey!  (Could it look any sloppier or home made???)

Remember those Jefferson Airplane Levi's ads???

Clark's selected tracks show how much heavier things were starting to sound on the AM dial in May of 1968.  I personally was still more interested in the pop sounds.I love, for example, the fact that Ray Stevens has the #2 Record this week ... it didn't fare anywhere near as well nationally (#44 in Cash Box ... and only #52 in Billboard).  I wouldn't discover the record until a couple of years later when Ray hosted his own television series and performed it there.  (It never charted here in Chicago, where Stevens was unrepresented on the charts between 1963's "Harry The Hairy Ape" and 1969's BIG hit "Gitarzan.")

It looks like Chicago's New Colony Six are slowly inching up the chart this week as "I Will Always Think About You" climbs from #17 to #16.  (It's already dropped off the chart here at home where it peaked at #1 a couple of months earlier.)

The Lemon Pipers jump TWENTY places with their follow-up to their #1 Hit "Green Tambourine" ... "Jelly Jungle" looks to be another smash for the group.  (In reality, it didn't even crack The Top 40 in Billboard ... nor did their REAL follow-up release, "Rice Is Nice," which stopped at #46.)
It's funny how your mind associates certain songs together based on hearing them being played on the radio at roughly the same time.  Two of my all-time favorites make this list ... "I Love You" by People falls from #6 to #8 ... and brand new on the charts this week (premiering at #50) is "Pictures Of Matchstick Men" by Status Quo.  (Man, I couldn't get enough of this record when it first came out!)  kk

We've already covered Illinois in our weekly trek across The United States ... but as we've done several times already (and will continue to do as this series moves on), here's another special WLS Chart from this date in 1968 ... MOST significant because it commemorates the VERY first week that Chuck Buell (a regular Forgotten Hits contributor for years now) began broadcasting on The Top 40 Giant!

I have to admit that I was a little surprised to find this ... for some reason, I guess I always thought of Chuck as more of a '70's jock at the station ... tied into that whole Kris Erik Stevens / John Records Landecker line-up ... man, what a powerhouse WLS was back then! 

Chuck tells us ...

Wow!  Nice on-target historical radio hit on your part! First week, yes! Note at the very bottom the same date as this Hit Parade.  
Below is this accompanying Full Page Chicago Tribune Newspaper ad that WLS ran at the same time ...

.   Inline image 1
The small text says,

“Chuck Buell. New. Now. Nightly from 6 PM to 10 PM
laying down the much more music sound of ‘LS radio.
Listen close. And, try to keep your cool.
Because … the heat is on.”

I wanted them to add, “And playing tomorrow's Forgotten Hits” but management said, “Buell, we have no idea what you’re talking about!”
It was fun then when a station would actually promote their on-air Radio personalities!
Chuck "Great Buell's A Fire" Buell!

I think what they ACTUALLY said was "Buell, we have NO idea what you're talking about ... and neither do you" ... at least that's the way I heard the story.  Who knew that 50 years later we'd both still be famous for what we do ... and what we did!  (lol)  ALWAYS great to hear from you ... and have you onboard! (kk)

Two of my 1968 favorites made this very special W-Buell-S Chart ...
One of the week's biggest climbers is "Master Jack" by Four Jacks and a Jill, eventually a Top Five Smash ... and brand new on the charts is Neil Diamond's "Brooklyn Roads," still one of my all-time favorites by him!  (kk)

THIS WEEK IN 1968:  

4/29/68:  Brian Wilson’s daughter Carnie is born.  As previously discussed, she and sister Wendy, along with Chynna Phillips, daughter of The Mamas and the Papas couple John and Michelle Phillips, will go on to form Wilson Phillips and score three #1 Hits in the ‘90’s.  

5/1/68:  Paul McCartney and John Lennon attend a Bill Haley concert at Royal Albert Hall in London

5/1/68:  The Young Rascals (still billed that way, which is kinda surprising at this point!) appear as guests on a Leslie Uggams television special

5/2/68: The Box Tops receive a gold record for “Cry Like A Baby.”  It’s their second (following their #1 Smash “The Letter.”)

5/3/68:  The Beach Boys begin a 17 date tour of the United States with a show in New York. The second half of the concert featured the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who lectured the audience on "spiritual regeneration." The reaction was so negative that many of the remaining dates were canceled. 

5/4/68:  World-famous Model Twiggy recommends young female singer Mary Hopkin to Paul McCartney, who goes on to sign her to Apple Records, where he will produce her first album.  Mary’s first single, “Those Were The Days,” will top the charts all over the world.  She will also record one of Paul’s songs, “Goodbye,” written especially for her.

5/5/68:  The Buffalo Springfield perform their farewell concert at the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, California.  Stephen Stills (and later Neil Young) will form his next group with David Crosby of The Byrds and Graham Nash of The Hollies as Crosby, Stills, Nash (and occasionally Young.)  Richie Furay and Jim Messina will form Poco before Messina leaves to team with Kenny Loggins after producing what was supposed to be Kenny’s first solo album.

Also that night, Diana Ross and the Supremes take part in a salute to the music of Irving Berlin on The Ed Sullivan Show.  (They perform “Always” … and then a medley with Ethel Merman!!!)

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Thursday This And That

Hi Kent!  
So glad you could make it to the Cornerstones Show Sunday night. Seeing you and your lady’s smiling faces in the second or third row at the Arcada made us all smile.
We are all still buzzing from the strong reaction of the crowd during our performance and the warmth we felt at the merch table afterwards.
I wanted to thank everyone on the Cornerstones team … and the sold out show cried for everybody bringing their A game. 
As always, Peace and love -
Rock on!!!
The Cornerstones shows kick ass … every single time … and they've all been sell-outs, proving that there is still a great love for this music (and the opportunity to see it performed live … by the artists who were there at the time.)
The Arcada has already booked another show for November 24th (and odds are this one will sell out, too) … so if you haven't seen this show live yet … or, like me, you're looking forward to seeing again for probably the sixth or seventh time … get your tickets NOW because they won't last long!  (kk)

Speaking of which, we're off to see the Ides Of March tonight at Chicago's City Winery … and are taking a few of our readers along to see the show.  And then tomorrow night it's back to The Arcada to see The Box Tops and Chuck Negron, formerly of Three Dog Night. 
LOTS of great shows coming up … be sure to check out the list at the end of today's posting for more details!  (kk)

Brian Wilson has postponed all of his May dates to have immediate back surgery.

In a statement Wilson said:

As some of you might know, I have been having some issues wih my back tha has very recently gotten worse.  It runs in my family.  Carl had back problems as well.  My doctors have told me that I need to have back surgery immediately.  They are optimistic that this will finally relieve the pain.

Unfortunately, this includes three scheduled dates with The Nashville Symphony at Schermerhorn Symphony Center.   Meanwhile, Brian's agents are working to rebook some of the missed dates, including a return to Nashville to perform with the symphony in 2019.

Lots of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame stuff going on this week, with the premier of the 2018 Induction Ceremony premiering on HBO this Saturday Night.

FH Reader Tom Cuddy sent us a couple of VERY interesting articles in this regard ... including this first one where Bill Wyman (but evidently not THAT Bill Wyman) ranks EVERY act currently inducted into the hallowed Hall by their "deservability" for being there.  It's a rather long ride ... 214 artists are listed ... but you'll find some great commentary on the entire process along the way, echoing many of the same points we have been making for the past two decades.

It'll also inspire you to question what some of your own choices might be in this regard.  (Listing Elvis at #4 for example!  Seriously?!?!)  And it'll make you wonder ... again ... how the heck some of these artists ever got in there in the first place!  (There's some great biting commentary here ... and a few opinions that'll have you scratching your head for days!)

You can check it out here:

And then some more nominees for the "Deserving And Denied" list ... this time chosen by Jon Landau and Steve Van Zandt ...

But His Associates Have the Power
Jon Landau and Steve Van Zandt are major players when it comes to who gets nominated for induction into the Rock Hall of Fame.
When it comes to wielding power inside the walls of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, two people closely associated with Bruce Springsteen are at the top of the list -- his manager, Jon Landau, and his longtime bandmate and close friend Steve Van Zandt.
Both men sit on the nominating committee, which Landau chairs, and both recently talked about future nominees.
Landau was asked by the concert industry publication Pollstar  if he's "prepared to switch [the Hall's] emphasis to R&B and hip-hop after all the true rock pioneers are inducted." He says, "The future is not yet written, but my hope is that we continue to recognize the best of the best in every form and every genre. To me, the Hall of Fame is really about what [Motown founder] Berry Gordy called 'The Sound of Young America.' That means we must continue to expand our vision and to be open to every style and sound that can be included under that umbrella."
Van Zandt, in a series of tweets, says the following artists need to be inducted: 
Neil Sedaka, The Clovers, The Diamonds, The Jive Five, Link Wray, The Tokens, Procol Harum, The J. Geils Band and Johnny Burnette and The Rock and Roll Trio
Highlights of this year's ceremony -- held April 14th in Cleveland -- will begin airing this Saturday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

Also from Tom, this interesting piece on Lou Gramm …

Another push to help raise funds for the Dick Biondi Documentary that Pam Pulice is putting together.

Here are the latest details … 

Hello Friends!  
Spring is here and we are pumped, ready for our next challenge — to raise the funds to complete the Dick Biondi documentary this year.  That’s right, folks, lots of fundraising events and fun planned for 2018. But first our big news … 

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Dan Soles, Senior Vice President and Chief Television Content Officer for WTTW, has voiced his support for our project!  Is there a more fitting place than Channel 11 to broadcast this Chicago story?  With WTTW on board, we can offer our Sponsors the opportunity to have their business or group identified with the Dick Biondi film on PBS broadcast television — exciting stuff!  

Chicago Filmmakers Open Screening  
Our 21 minute prevue of THE VOICE THAT ROCKED AMERICA: THE DICK BIONDI STORY received accolades at the March 21st Open Screening at Chicago Filmmakers.  The room was filled with filmmakers, film lovers, my sis Bev Boynton, and friends Connie Jeffrey, Tom Filipino, and Mike Wolstein, who was wearing his Dick Biondi tee shirt. What a feeling to see our movie on the big screen and to receive positive feedback!  Now at last we have something to show to individuals, groups, and sponsors who wish to help us complete our movie.  Hey hey hey — we’re on our way! 

Our First Sponsorship  
I am delighted to announce the Italian American Executives of Transportation is the first group to sponsor the Dick Biondi documentary!  IAET is a very prestigious organization established in 1964. Their mission is charity, education, good public image of Italians in the community, and culture.   IAET’s President, Mr. Vito D’Ambrosio, recognizes Dick Biondi as a representation of Italian Americans in the community.   He writes:  
“We feel you exemplify good public image and have added greatly to culture.” 
The group plans to present a Special Recognition Award to Dick for his accomplishments in broadcasting at their annual Dinner Dance in November. We are honored to partner with IAET and will be grateful for the opportunity to publicly thank the group and to see our old friend Dick accept this prestigious award. 

Seeking Sponsors  
Our goal is to find our partners who will make it possible to finish the movie in 2018.  Our movie budget is $167,000, which covers the cost of music and media rights, post production, and pay all the people who worked on a deferred basis.  With funding, I believe we could finish in a matter of months.  Our ultimate goal is for Dick and Maribeth to be at the Premier, surrounded by friends, family, and peers.  And afterwards, have a BIG appreciation party for Dick Biondi!  Time is of the essence.  Dick will be 86 in September and has been off air since last spring due to a leg ailment.  We really need to get this done. 
If you or someone you know would like to have their name or group associated with the Dick Biondi Film by making a Tax deductible donation  please visit our Donate Page …   
Consider making a donation in a loved one’s name or asking your employer to match funds.   

2018 Screenings  
Come out and join in the fun, watch our Prevue of the Dick Biondi documentary followed by a Q&A with the Director, and meet fellow Biondi lovers.  In July, the talented Ronnie Rice will talk about his friendship with Dick Biondi and Dick’s impact on the music scene in the sixties.  Watch for added dates and events on our Facebook Page.  Special thanks to Cathy Kulawik and Connie Jeffrey for their research. 
May 20 2:00 PM Michigan City Library, Michigan City, Indiana  
June 5 1:00 PM Fremont Library in Mundelein, Illinois 
July 1   2:00 PM Sulzer Library, Chicago, IL with special guest Ronnie Rice, formerly of the New Colony Six 
Do you know of a great place to have a screening in your neighborhood?  Let’s talk … 630-670-8411. 

We Need Your Support  
Thanks to our generous Donors, we have raised $13,847 on our GoFundMe page! But we could really use your support.  Imagine if all of our 111 Subscribers would chip in $10 —we could reach the $15,000 mark and fund our Screener!  If you have not yet made a donation will you consider doing it now?  it would feel amazing to say, “Thanks—we did it!”  

Check our Facebook page for air date for a fun conversation with John Herbach and Pat Lauth of WNBI-LP Radio and J.R. Russ, who is the driving force behind the website   — you might even hear a knock knock joke. 
We want to thank Tony Langone, President of the Italian American Police Association of Illinois for inviting us to present our Screener at Alta Villa Banquets in Addison in April.  What a great group of people they are.  We thank you Tony, for the invitation and for the wonderful hospitality, and hope to see you again! 

In closing  
As independent filmmakers know only too well, the most difficult part of movie-making is funding. It requires us to put ourselves out into the world to find our golden donors, sponsors, and grantors. Since most documentaries don’t make a profit, and often don’t break even, independent documentary filmmaking requires great passion, persistence, and a loving supportive community.   Thank you for your loving support and for being part of our community! 
With love and gratitude, 
Pam Pulice 
Director, The Dick Biondi Film  
(630) 670 - 8411  
Film website 
Daily Herald article    
Tax deductible donations  
All donations to this project are tax- deductible and will be received through our fiscal sponsor, Chicago Filmmakers, which is a Non-Profit 501(c) 3 organization. 
Checks can be made payable to Chicago Filmmakers — please write "Dick Biondi Project" in the memo line. 
Mail to: 
Dick Biondi Project c/o Chicago Filmmakers 
5720 N. Ridge Avenue 
Chicago, IL 60660   

I don't know if you've seen this …
Casa Kane County Benefit Concert …
May 15th at the DuPage Airport.
Featuring Steve Azar and the Kings Men, The Ides of March and John Waite.
$200 per person including cocktails and gourmet food
Thank you -
Steve Sarley

More great Arcada shows coming up:
Gene Simmons of Kiss - TONIGHT
Chuck Negron (of Three Dog Night) and The Box Tops - tomorrow night, May 4th
Dweezil Zappa - May 6th
Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone - May 13th
Yes - June 5th and 6th
.38 Special - June 8th
Dave Mason and Steve Cropper - July 11th  
BJ Thomas - July 12th  
Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon, Jay Siegel's Tokens and Larry Chance and The Earls - July 15th
Ronnie Spector - September 9th
Pablo Cruise - September 15th
Tommy James and the Shondells - September 22nd
The Bay City Rollers - September 23rd
Ambrosia and Orleans - September 27th
Richard Marx - October 4th
Blue Oyster Cult - October 12th
April Wine - October 19th
America - November 16th and 17th
Cornerstones Of Rock - November 24th 

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Tuesday This And That

Hi Kent, 
I landed a rare interview with Herb Alpert in 1977 while working as a writer / producer with "American Top 40."  I was particularly jazzed by this opportunity as it was Alpert's success with the Tijuana Brass that inspired me to take up the trumpet when I joined my school band in Fourth Grade, a mere ten years earlier.
I conducted the interview in Herb's office on the A&M Records lot on an afternoon in March.  I specifically was curious about his decision to cut a vocal record, "This Guy's In Love With You," in the midst of an unbroken string of hit instrumentals.  This was the most comprehensive answer I have ever heard, before or since, on the subject.
"I was getting ready to tape a TV special, "The Beat of The Brass," for CBS and during rehearsals the director, Jack Haley Jr., came to me and said, 'You have that damn horn in front of your face in every segment of the show.  We need to do something with you without the trumpet.  Can you sing?'
"So I told him, 'yeah' -- before the Brass, I had cut several records as a vocalist and, with the right song, I could do a passable job.  So I went to Burt Bacharach, who was signed to A&M, and I asked him if he had something that might be a good fit for me.  He remembered a tune that he and Hal David had demoed on Dionne (Warwick) a couple of years earlier, but had never released.
"As we were wrapping up the taping of the special, I went into the studio and cut the song, including a bridge on trumpet, and we turned it into a segment on the show.  Response was so good when the program aired that we released it as a single and it became the biggest hit I ever had."
The irony of landing his only Number One hit with a vocal performance when he was the top-selling instrumentalist in the world was not lost on Herb.  However, two years after our interview, he finally topped the charts with the hit instrumental "Rise."
By the way, while I was on my way back to my office following our conversation, Herb called my office and spoke with my boss, evidently saying something to the effect of "Where'd you find this kid?  That was one of the better interviews I've ever done."
As I was still fairly new on the job, and probably still on some sort of probationary status, that call from Herb certainly helped cement my position with the company and "AT40."  Despite many future visits to A&M, I never ran into him again or got the chance to thank him for such a nice, thoughtful gesture.  So … if you happen to read this, Herb ...  It was always a real bonus when meeting a musical hero to find them to be a splendid human being as well.
And thank you, too, Kent!
Scott Paton 
What a great story.  Despite all his riches, Herb Alpert still strikes me as a very down-to-earth man … certainly blessed and appreciative of the career he has had … but also willing to share that cheer and good feeling with others he meets along the way.
When we saw him at The City Winery last year, after he was prompted to sing his #1 Vocal Hit, he consented but offered the disclaimer: "My voice isn't what it never was." 
While he only topped the chart twice in Billboard (with “This Guy’s In Love With You,” #1 for four weeks in 1968 and “Rise,” #1 for two weeks in two weeks in 1979), he did reach #1 in Cash Box Magazine with with his late 1965 instrumental hit, “A Taste Of Honey.”  (kk)

The ABBA return news stirred up one of my personal favorite concert memories. I was one of the fortunate Americans to actually see ABBA in concert. The concert was held at the Milwaukee Auditorium in the late seventies. The Auditorium seated only about 7,000 fans, as ABBA had not reached the heights in the US that they had in the rest of the world, and the concert produced very little buzz here in Milwaukee. I recall the concert being absolutely first-rate, with ABBA doing all their hits spot-on and the ladies demonstrating tremendous charm and stage presence.  At the end of the show the band welcomed a large choir of local children on stage to sing “Thank You for the Music”, a wonderful conclusion to a great show. I’ve always felt very lucky to have seen ABBA live and I like to brag to young Mamma Mia fans that I am probably the only person they know who saw the real thing.
Bob Verbos
I never had the pleasure of seeing them live in concerts … one of those regrets I can't undo at this point.  I'm not sure I'll buy into the whole "hologram tour" … but I'll definitely be watching the NBC television special to check it out!  (kk)

Vintage Vinyl News is reporting of a new Linda Ronstadt tour … and this is something I would LOVE to see!  (Special alert to Ron Onesti … this is right in your wheelhouse with some of the special shows you’ve done at The Arcada … no idea what her travel plans are … or what the budget for a show like this would be … but this is DEFINITELY something worth looking into!)  kk

Linda Ronstadt Is Returning To The Stage For “A Conversation With Linda”
Maybe Linda Ronstadt can no longer sing but that doesn't mean that she can't talk about her career.
Ronstadt had one of the most diverse music careers in history, starting in folk and country, moving to rock, operetta, big band / pop and mariachi music, seeing success with every change.
Ronstadt retired from music in 2011 and, two years later, revealed that she was suffering from Parkinson's Disease which has robbed her of her storied voice.
On Thursday Night, April 26th, Ronstadt returned to the stage at the Scottsdale Center For the Performing Arts in Scottsdale, AZ, where she presented "A Conversation With Linda."  Included during the evening was an audio - visual presentation on Ronstadt's career told through archival photos, videos and music based on Linda's 2013 autobiography Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir. The presentation was then followed by an audience question-and-answer session.
"A Conversation With Linda" was also presented on Sunday, April 29th, at the Fox Theatre in Tuscon, AZ … and additional shows are already booked for September 15th at the Angelico Concert Hall in Dominican College in San Rafael, CA, September 21st at the Harris Center at Folsom Lake College in Folsom, CA and on September 29th at Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA.
Let’s see if there is anything we can do to bring this show to Chicago!!!  (kk)

Hi Kent,
Thanks so much for your Box Tops Interview!  They hit it big because of their special sound. Although Alex Chilton was the big voice of the group, it sounds like they have recreated the sound again.
Bill Cunningham and his family have quite a musical resume. I loved all their songs and currently have "Soul Deep" in my juke box.
But when in doubt ask the master:  Was "The Letter" one of the shortest hit records ever made?  The only other short record I can think of is "Stay" by Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs???
Both of those records clocked in at just under two minutes, two of the shortest #1 Hits on record.  “The Letter” ran 1:58 and “Stay” lasted all of 1:37.  Other #1 hits that said everything they had to say in under two minutes include “Teddy Bear,” “All Shook Up” and “Surrender” by Elvis, “I’m Henry the VIII, I Am” by Herman’s Hermits (although I think when Peter Noone performs it today it sometimes goes on for about ten minutes … “Millionth verse, same as the first!”), “He’s So Fine” by The Chiffons, “The Stripper” by David Rose and “Yakety Yak” by The Cosaters.  (kk)

Best Box Tops tune = Soul Deep
That’s a great one, all right.  I often have a hard time ranking my favorites in any particular order by most artists because they often change depending on my mood at any given particular time.  The same would be true of The Box Tops, but (as mentioned in my interview) “The Letter,” their biggest hit, would not even make my Top Five.  Like you, I especially enjoy “Soul Deep” … but also “I Met Her In Church,” their rendition of “I Shall Be Released” (my favorite version of this song), “Cry Like A Baby” and “Neon Rainbow.”  (I’d even rank “Choo Choo Train” above “The Letter” … but that’s just my own personal taste.)

I recently read Alex Chiton's bio, "A Man Called Destruction" by
Holly George-Warren. I highly recommend it. 
Gary E. Myers / MusicGem

Burton Cummings has put his LA home on the market for $4.95 million.  (He reportedly bought the property five years ago for $1.75 million … not a bad return on his investment!)
Known locally as “Cummings Castle,” this place has to be seen to be believed … and we’ve got some incredible photos to prove it.
I dunno … Burton and I have become pretty tight over these last few years … think he might let me have it for $4.948 million???  (kk)

A quick triple play from Chuck Buell …

>>>I don't think I ever heard of Chuck Buell at WLS.   (Dennis)
Who is this Dennis guy . . . ?  I never heard of him!
Chuck Dah-Buell-Ell-Ess!

>>>“The Farm Report,” which began in the 1920s and ran early mornings on WLS Radio prior to their switch over to Top 40 on May 2, 1960, may have been what the station was best known for. That and the National Barn Dance!  (kk)
Add to those two well-known historical programs, the last lingering ABC radio network entertainment show on the network-owned WLS, a daily hour-long old-style late morning talkative interruption to the otherwise young-sounding and contemporary Rock ‘n’ Roll music format of the Big 89, “Don McNeil’s Breakfast Club.” 
That show began on June 23, 1933, and aired for over 35 years through December 27, 1968.  1968!   It continued as a formatically incompatible programming desert for eight years after WLS made the commitment to Rockin’ the Windy City!
I remember the "Club's" last year of 1968, when John Rook, who had been programming WLS for only a short period of time then, brought me into Chicago from Denver, Colorado, to host early evenings. He shared with me some of his battles with the ABC Radio Network Powers in New York.  I remember John telling me one of his top priorities was to get that Breakfast Club OFF the air. The Network, however, did not want to let go of such a long-term program that had been on their air for over three decades. While it took Rook around a year to do it, he finally did win his victory and WLS went from a 23-hour a day Top 40 Radio station to a full-blown 24!
Chuck Buell
Yeah, I forgot about that … Don McNeil’s Breakfast Club was a radio institution … and couldn’t have been further from the format WLS had switched over to and their core listening audience.  (Were the old folks REALLY tuning in at 5 am to catch Don McNeil and then switching off before the dreaded Jimi Hendrix music started blasting out of their tiny transistor radios?!?!)
Incredible to think that it took THAT long for the station to commit to its new format … but clearly this was more of a “corporate decision” in the hands of parent company ABC than anything the folks running things day-to-day on the local scene would have wanted.
You can find a VERY detailed history of WLS on Scott Childers’ History of WLS Website here …

Well, that was quite a surprise for me when I opened the Forgotten Hits Edition last week and saw the Buell Tribute Clark Besch put together!  It was a fun review, albeit in no particular order, spending some time with the collection there! Thanx for the effort, Clark.
Just a couple of clarifications on the two opening audio segments, however; the first voice on this track (KIMN) is NOT me.  Apparently, someone sitting in for me one day.  The rest of the audio is basically just the full version of "Those Were the Days."  I did not sing on that song!  {:~} 
That is also NOT me on these Coke Spots either. The commercials I was involved with were full singing versions with I doing the taglines at the end.  Not I singing on those either!  {:~} 
Other than those two items, I can't deny any of the stories that followed! 
Fun stuff!  And, admittedly, those were the days, my Friend! 

Micky Dolenz (of The Monkees) and Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky and  Hutch) at this weekend's East Coast Comic Con at The Meadowlands Expo Center, New Jersey.

(photo by Jodi Ritzen)

Also on Saturday, Micky was presented with the official key to the town of Secaucus, by Mayor Michael Gonnelli, at a Dolenz-sponsored Make-A-Wish event at Charlie’s in Secaucus Saturday.  

L-R: Dolenz and Gonnelli
David Salidor

>>>Only the Madison Crucibles with their intriguing "Salem Witch Trial" 45 actually was one such in the top 30.  Chicago's USA Records signed the Invaders for their new release "The Flower Song" which was this week's "Battle of Sounds Winner!" 
For whatever interest it may be, the Invaders were from Green Bay and had additional 45s on Calendar and Capitol. The Invaders and the Crucibles are both included in my Wisconsin books.
Gary E. Myers / MusicGem 

I was so jealous of WISM back then.  They were on 1480 AM in Madison, WI, and I was on 1480 AM In Geneva, IL.  We played MOR (Faith, Mantovani, etc.) and there was no way we could pick-up WISM.  We protected each other with directional signals. I was in my late-teens and the last thing I wanted to play was MOR.
Jon M

Question from Fred Glickstein of the Flock:
"Did you hear that Bob Dylan's getting back together?"
:- )