Monday, April 20, 2009

Tin Tin

Here’s a One Hit Wonder that has TRULY become a Forgotten Hit.

Despite peaking at #16 in Cash Box Magazine and #20 in Billboard Magazine in the Spring of 1971, "Toast And Marmalade For Tea" by Tin Tin has been all but ignored and forgotten by oldies radio.

Sounding an awful lot like The Bee Gees of this era … and for good reason: the track was produced by Maurice Gibb ... Tin Tin would never have another American Top 40 Hit.

Keyboard Player Steve Kipner would go on to enjoy some personal success in the ‘80’s … he wrote "Hard Habit To Break" for Chicago and both "Physical" and "Twist Of Fate" for Olivia Newton-John ... and all three of those records would go on to make The Top Five on The National Charts.