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FH Reader Chuck Buell tells us that we missed a key anniversary yesterday …   


Now, a look into a Forgotten Hits' "This Was the Week That Was!"

A Quick Check into Chuck Buell's Way Back Machine!

The Buell Bell Telephone Company was founded on July 9, 1877, and it installed the first public telephone lines from Boston to Sommerville, Massachusetts.

About a year earlier, on March 10, 1876, the first words ever spoken on a telephone were by Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, when he made the first call to his assistant, Thomas Watson.

Moments after they hung up, Bell received a call notifying him that his car’s warranty had expired!

[Ain't THAT the truth!!! - kk]

Now, a quick Dial to the Present for some Phun Phone Phacts!


So, what's all this mean?  Well, it's nothing more than a perfect opportunity to dial up once again this Definitive "Forgotten Hit!"



(Who, in this case, I can only assume is aka Call Me Boy!)


We did our OWN salute to the telephone back in 2016 as part of our on-going monthly Sweet Sixteen Countdowns …


Great article this week in Billboard about Bill Haley and his Comets and the launch of The Rock Era with their “Rock Around The Clock” climbing to #1 in 1955.  (That’s 66 years ago, folks … and it STILL sounds revolutionary today!)

You saw our recent list of Biggest Summer Songs … and “Rock Around The Clock” was certainly one of them.  (It topped Billboard’s Best Sellers list for eight weeks!) kk


The 5th Dimension was recently mentioned during a 'this and that.'  They have long been a favorite of mine.  I have had the honor of interviewing four of the five (Billy, Marilyn, Florence, and Lamont) over the years on my show. 

Recently I was listening to an old air check of the Real Don Steele from 1969.  He played the 5th Dimension version of Sunshine Of Your Love.  I had never heard that rendition before.  I see that it was on their Aquarius album.  It does not seem like the type of song that they would have covered, however, it isn't a bad version.

Phil – WRCO

So, of course, now I’ve got to hear this thing!  Never even knew this existed!

Here ya go!  (And no, it’s not a bad version at all!)  kk



Let me offer kudos to Roger Friedman and the data and information he offered in FH on the back story regarding "Summer of Soul" and FH for allowing a forum explaining a real-to-reel saga which I haven't read or viewed in other online sites and print outlets. 

I really liked this movie … got to see some of my faves as a consumer, not invited as a media member or author, and watch on the big silver screen in Hollywood at The El Capitan Theater … David Ruffin, The Fifth Dimension and other acts as mentioned in my comments. I knew 40 hours of additional footage exists.

I had no idea of the machinations behind the product in theatrical and streaming release.  

In 2010, I served as Consulting Producer on award-winning director / producer Morgan Neville's "Troubadours: Carole King / James Taylor and the Rise of the Singer / Songwriter" documentary and devoted a chapter to Morgan's impressive catalog in my 2020 book "Docs That Rock, Music That Matters." 

It was important for me to now learn that Morgan, along with the formidable creative team of Joe Lauro and Robert Gordon, did the labor-intensive seminal forensic work that helped bring "Summer of Soul" to the retail world. 

"Honor the incarnation." -- Ram Dass. 

Harvey Kubernik  

I think Questlove made the movie that he wanted to make …

It just wasn’t the movie that I wanted to see.

The idea of all this footage being “lost” or “forgotten about” seemed ludicrous to me … obviously SEVERAL people knew of its existence.

Why it didn’t come out in 1969 or 1970 is anybody’s guess.

Mine is that “Woodstock” did SO well and garnered SO much attention that the feeling at the time may have been that this footage would always be viewed in the shadow of the more popular film.

Too bad … because I really believe there’s some great stuff to be seen here … it’s just not part of this edit.

A program like this has to be heavy on the music … and they featured a WHOLE lot of it over the course of their six-weekend series.  We barely get the tip of the iceberg.  (Again, I have to go to my Stevie Wonder example … you KNOW the guy performed for at least an hour … and probably more … hit after hit after hit after hit … and all WE get his a five minute drum solo.  Not that Stevie isn’t talented … we all know he is … but honest to God, if somebody made a 90 minute film of only Stevie’s performance at this festival, I’d be willing to bet the ranch that that five minute drum solo would have been the most boring part of the film!)

And there’s really no reason why they couldn’t … heck, in today’s day and age, they could have streamed this as a six-part music series and featured expanded performances from every single weekend and STILL had time to get all of their necessary politics into the final cut!  And THAT would have created a buzz drawing more viewers each week due to great word of mouth.

I would LOVE to be able to sift thru it all … and hopefully someday a good chunk of it will finally see release.  (Heck, we’ve already waited 52 years … what’s a couple more?)

And let’s not forget that even with the treasure trove of talent that hit the Woodstock stages, in the final theatrical cut of the movie, each act was pretty much limited to a song or two … and a TON of acts didn’t get screen time at all (most often due to licensing issues.)  There is absolutely NO reason why Summer of Soul couldn’t have been built in the same mold … keep the music coming … keep it interesting (even using some of it as a backdrop).

Over the years, expanded cut after expanded cut has been released from the Woodstock Festival … to the point that a couple of years ago the ENTIRE concert event was released on something like 100 CD’s!  (I wish I could afford to buy such a collection … but also know myself well enough to know that I’d probably listen to it exactly one time and then put it away forever, thinking that maybe someday it’d be worth a fortune.  Curious enough to hear it … but not committed enough to actually OWN it!!!)  I remember making the comment many, many years ago that we could either go to Hawaii for our anniversary … or we could get tickets to The Eagles’ concert … but I digress!

In the end, I am hopeful that someone will come along and do these performances the justice they deserve and truly allow them to be seen after all this time … because despite all the pre-release publicity about how this film was finally going to do that, it doesn’t … and, as such, sells the project short.  Not only of my own expectations … but to all the fans who have waited to see what you just KNOW had to be one INCREDIBLE show.  (kk)


A nice piece by Ron Onesti on Dionne Warwick … sent in by Tom Cuddy …

(of course, she KNEW we were going to run this today, thanks to her Psychic Network!)

I WILL say this … I LOVE the music of Dionne Warwick … always have … but the night that WE saw her at The Arcada Theatre, she came across almost as a drill sergeant, instructing everyone to put their phones away prior to starting the concert and then warning the crowd that if she so much as SAW a phone during her set, she would stop the show and leave the stage

(In this day and age of Facebook, social media  and Internet Posting, most other artists encourage to you “snap away” … because they know there is really no way around it.  I mean, what are you going to do … confiscate all the phones at the door and then give them back after the show?)

But Dionne was adamant about this … and actually DID stop the show, giving this guy one last chance to put it away.  (Honestly, the instruction was clear at the onset … he should have been given his final warning and then if he failed to comply, be escorted out of the theater.  Don’t ruin the show for everybody just because you think you’re above it all!)

Still, it was an awesome concert … and I’d go see her again in a heartbeat.  (Hopefully, Ron will have her back.)

But you won’t catch me pulling out MY phone once she takes the stage!!!

(Fortunately, Arcada Photographer Luciano Bilotti was on hand to record a few shots for our review … you can check the whole thing out below.)  kk


I have talked to Dionne a couple of times thru Forgotten Hits.  The most memorable time was when we were doing our Ed Sullivan Show Series.

Dionne had evidently heard about it and contacted ME to see if she could still get some of her comments in about this “wonderful man.”  (What are we gong to say … “No”?!?!?  lol!)

She had the utmost respect for Ol’ Stone Face (see … me, too) and wanted people to know just what a genuinely nice man he was.

(You can read this exchange, too, as part of our Ed Sullivan Show recap, here):


My first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show was without a doubt one of the most exciting times in my career, as being asked to do his show meant you had either already made it or you were about to become a major star.  He was a wonderful man and he treated me with an abundance of kindness ... and each time I appeared on his show, he would bring me over to him and give information about me to the audience. 

The one thing I remember vividly was he never said my name correctly until one of the cue card writers made it easy for him by spelling my name phonetically ... DE-ON ... and from that moment on, he said my name right.

His show was by far the father of variety shows and these are sorely missed.

Thank you for including my memory of Ed Sullivan and his show.

Dionne Warwick



From Mark Lindsay’s Facebook Page …

Look what’s #1 on The New York Times Best Sellers List



Mark has put his full support into the book and the film … LOTS of great Raiders material included in the soundtrack and, as you already know, he had personal ties to the house where the Sharon Tate murders took places, having spent many a night there working with his producer and song-writing partner, Terry Melcher.  (Reports state that Manson target this house because Melcher had turned him down for a recording contract, unaware that Terry no longer lived there and the house now belonged to Roman Polanski.)  kk


Hi Kent,

Just in case Colin's mystery song doesn't turn out to be "The Sun's Message" by the Butlers (after all, everybody knows "the butler did it"), I think I have another candidate after watching today's July 9th edition of The Ed Sullivan Show -- what do you think … could it possibly be The Missionary Dominican Sisters Of Our Lady Of Fichermont's version of "Puer Natus Est Nobis"?  Hey, it could happen!

Please put my vote in along with you & Harvey Kubernik for The 5th Dimension (outstanding group)!  And, kudos for Bones Howe's work.

By the way, ala Dean Martin, I was thinking of organizing a Roast at the WLS-AM studios honoring Chuck Buell.  I mean, when you think about, when everybody gets together, who in the hell doesn't like a good "Chuck Roast!"  Broomp-boomp!

Take Care,

Tim Kiley


Hi, Kent,

I want to extend a sincere thanks to everyone involved with identifying our mystery song.

I think Glen is really on to something with “Sun’s Message” and I’m amazed how you figured this out. It has the same background harmonies and same melody as the song I heard. Although the lyrics are mostly different, some – especially phrases like “can’t you see” - are sung in the exact same manner as far as I can determine.

I’m guessing that the doo-wop group in question simply took that song and altered the words.

I did some more research this morning after I read Glen’s comments and found out that a group called The Destinations also recorded the song and their version was released on an LP called “Philadelphia’s Greatest A Cappella.” Of course, I can’t find that record anywhere, but I heard another of the group’s songs from that album - “Hey Boy” - on YouTube, and they sounded suspiciously like the group on our mystery recording. If nothing else, I will add Frankie Beverly’s version to my library today so I can enjoy a new-to-me oldie.

NOTE - If you’re a member of the group whose song we’ve been trying to figure out and have been chuckling to yourself reading these posts wondering if we’ll ever track you down … Well … You’re doing a great job of hiding!

Colin Donahue


kk …

How About a "SHOUT-OUT" for Glen Fisher's 10th Anniversary for "DOO- OP RAMBLINGS" newsletter?


Absolutely!  Congratulations, Glen … and thank you again for being part of the team and all your warm support of what we do here in Forgotten Hits … and for spreading the words to other oldies music fans along the way.  It is much appreciated.  (kk)



I want you to know that Clark Besch was right on about what he said concerning the surveys of WKY and KOMA. Without checking, I believe that the record by Dickie Lee (Atco) peaked at #1 on WKY, but I would have to check my survey.

Now I was told many years ago that when school was in session, WKY did not play the heavy rock and roll between 9 am – 3 pm. Their reasoning was that during that time period, all the kids were in school, and the bulk of their listeners were women (housewives) at home or doing errands in their cars. Of course, adults males figured in there as well.

I am like Clark in that I never even thought of WKY being an AC or MOR station. In fact, I didn't really know what that type of station did. I always thought of WKY and KOMA as your traditional rock and roll stations. Sure, they played a lot of country crossovers and records by artists or groups that were not classified as your typical rock and roll artists, but I know they played the variety of music that other stations were doing.

Clark was also right about how at times, a WKY DJ would leave and go to KOMA. I remember that years ago, OKC's Dale Wehba worked at KOMA and then came back later on at WKY. In fact, Dale Wehba was working for station KOCY (call letters at the time on 1340AM) back in the mid-fifties when rock and roll started up. Another DJ that crossed over from KOMA to WKY was Jim Bowman.

Another thing as a kid that I did not like is when you tuned in on your favorite DJ at KY or KOMA and he wasn't on the air, nothing was ever said as to what happened to him. Was he on vacation? Was he sick?  Heaven forbid, did he die?  The listening audience was not told. The only way to find out was to call up the station when the new guy (DJ) was on the air and ask him. A lot of times he wouldn't say.

As you know, VARIETY was the name of the game when it came to listing the records that were on a typical radio station's weekly survey. That one I sent to you from 1967 proves it.

Larry Neal


The input from Clark Besch in today's supplement regarding Oklahoma City DJs reminded me of that crazy cover from the 1967 Peter Knight LP, a knockoff of songs from "Sgt. Pepper."  Right in the middle of the Chicago gang of DJs is (I believe) Dale Wehba.

I am still fascinated by that cover, and wonder what Mercury Records was trying to accomplish by using all of those pictures of DJs. I'd love to meet someone who was involved with Mercury back in '67 that could fill us all in.

It is a bizarre cover, to be sure.  The only thing I can think of was it was some type of promotional release sent to these jocks, trying to get some airplay for these instrumental Beatles tracks.  But even Clark Weber and Dick Biondi in late ’67 almost seem to be odd choices … there were much “hipper” jocks on the scene by that point.  (Or maybe that was their strategy all along … they didn’t think the hip jocks would play it so send it to the established ones who would be flattered by having their pictures included in the montage and give some of the tracks a spin???)  Who knows.

Stranger still is the fact that Peter Knight was BRITISH!!!  How did he even know all these jocks???  His audience was more of the easy listening “lite” crowd.  (Unless this was all Chicago-based Mercury Records’ doing as a marketing ploy … Peter recorded the music inside the jacket and their marketing team put together the cover.  Again, who knows.  (By the way, his version of George Harrison’s “Within You Without You” was apparently released as a single!)  kk


Doing a bit more digging, check THIS out …

That same Mercury LP was issued with other album covers …


This HAD to be something designed to send to specifically targeted US disc jockeys.  (kk)


THE FORGOTTEN HITS CHALLENGE:  I wonder how many disc jockeys our readers can identify from their Top 40 listening years.

I would LOVE to see what you guys come back with!  (kk)


Hi Kent,

Reading the latest sheet, you mention the Bob Seger single “Old Time Rock And Roll.”  From memory, this great single was what the Everly Brothers used to open their last show they did at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Take care,

Rockin' Lord Geoff (in England)

It looks like they opened their show with “Claudette,” the Roy Orbison song (and a #30 hit for the Everlys as well in 1958.)

I just watched the entire concert and they did not perform the Seger hit ... but I WILL tell you that it's a GREAT show ... the boys are in fine voice (and even joke around about their "not getting along" period.)  You guys can watch the whole thing here, too …

Not a bad way to spend an hour and a half!  (kk)

Hi Kent,
Yes Sir, another fascinating read, my friend. 

Oh, and by the way, I love the pic ... lol ... looked great.
Be safe and be well, partner.
Bless ya –   

Take care, mi Amigo
Love ya, man

He’s referring to my “long haired freaky people” pic!  (kk)

From Frank B …

kk …

Unlike you, I send you easy ones!



And, from Bob Lind …


For the second year in a row, one of my one-act plays has won a place in the DELRAY BEACH PLAYWRIGHTS' PROJECT. (No judging last year due to Covid.)

It will be presented, along with the nine other winning plays, as a dramatic reading at the Delray Beach Playhouse on the weekend of Oct. 23 and 24.

The contest was open to all Florida playwrights.

The piece is a "bookend" to the play that won last time. It's from a collection I call THE ROAD PLAYS

Let's hope Covid will be well in the rearview mirror by then. If not, they assure me, all necessary precautions will be taken. I will send reminders and more details as the date gets closer.

If you find yourself in the area around that time, I'd love to see you there.


Bob Lind

Congratulations, Bob …

Who knew back in 1966 when “Elusive Butterfly” was climbing the charts that you would go on to become an overnight success as a playwright some fifty years later!  (lol)

Seriously, break a leg … and knock ‘em dead.  (kk)

The (somewhat distorted) world according to Billboard …

This was a headline story this past week …

Again, I don’t see the correlation between THIS chart (Rock Digital Song Sales) and The Hot 100 where CCR were denied the deserving #1 spot repeatedly in the ‘60’s.  (They pretty much became the Kings of #2 in Billboard’s eyes … “Proud Mary,” “Bad Moon Rising,” “Green River,” “Travelin’ Band” and “Lookin’ Out My Back Door” all peaked at #2 on Billboard’s chart.  Meanwhile, “Proud Mary,” “Bad Moon Rising” and “Lookin’ Out My Back Door” all made it to #1 in Record World.

Billboard writes:

John Fogerty / CCR Score First-Ever Billboard No. 1 Hit 

"Have You Ever Seen The Rain" has topped the Billboard Rock Digital Song Sales chart for two weeks -- 

the first track from John Fogerty and/or the band to hit the top spot on any chart! 


CCR’s track record was incredible.  Between 1968 and 1971, they scored ELEVEN Top Ten Hits … plus three more that made The Top 40.  Their output was second to none … during that same timeframe, they released SEVEN albums (in FOUR YEARS!!!)


Check out the CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Hit List below …


1968 – Suzie Q (#9)

1968- I Put A Spell On You (#55)

1969 – Proud Mary (#1)

1969 – Bad Moon Rising (#1)

1969 – Lodi (46)

1969 – Green River (#2)

1969 – Commotion (#30)

1969 – Down On The Corner (#3)

1969 – Fortunate Son  (#4)

1970 – Travelin’ Band  (#2)

1970 – Who’ll Stop The Rain  (#13)

1970 – Up Around The Bend (#2)

1970 – Run Through The Jungle  (#48)

1970 – Lookin’ Out My Back Door (#1)

1970 – Long As I Can See The Light (#57)

1971 – Have You Ever Seen The Rain (#3)

1971 – Hey Tonight (tag-along B-Side)

1971 – Sweet Hitch-Hiker  (#3)

1972 – Someday Never Comes  (#25)

1976 – I Heard It Through The Grapevine  (#43)


Read our CCR feature here:


Look for a brand new Jim Morrison documentary late next year.

For the first time, the documentary is fully sanctioned by The Morrison Estate … and promises to show a new side of the artist. 

Although plenty of films and documentaries have been made about Morrison and The Doors before, this film will take a new approach and, thanks to complete cooperation with the estate, filmmakers have been granted full access to Morrison’s music, poetry and art.

Gunpowder and Sky CEO Van Toffler says, “They just unearthed all these diaries and notes and that's what's intriguing to me: having footage, writing and information about Jim that's never been exposed.  It takes a unique filmmaker to really pull that out. If you do it right, it doesn't really matter what preceded it -- sort of like the eighth version of A Star Is Born, it’s new to a generation.”

The music of The Doors continue to be a musical force five decades after Morrison’s death, drawing nearly 9.5 million monthly listeners to Spotify and more than 590,000 subscribers to the band’s official YouTube channel.


Perhaps the ultimate ear worm …



(Of course the early bird GETS the worm!)  kk

One more smile for the weekend …


Buell Here! – Music Reunites The World

I am on the floor on my back in convulsions laffing so hysterically, I don't know if I can reach the "Send" Button to get the attached to you!!!

CB ( which stands for "Conniptions Boy!!" ) 

Hope we see a few of you out at the Chicago Experience show tonight!
And watch for a brand new 1971 Super Chart right here tomorrow!
Have a great weekend!  (kk)