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Phil Nee - October 22nd - The Chordettes

Today from my Those Were the Days archives, I have resurrected a 1991interview with a member of the Chordettes.   
Carol Buschman was a member of the group which hailed from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. They were on the first national broadcast of American Bandstand and wound up on television many times during the fifties.  
Carol talked with me about how they wound up on national t.v.

The Chordettes were a bit of a novelty at first.  They sang with Barbershop type harmonies and started before there were women's groups that were known as Sweet Adelines.
The Chordettes had two of the most played and recognized song of the 1950's with Mr. Sandman and Lollipop.  The big hits and television shows led them to many top shows with the best known stars of the day.  
During my time on the phone with Carol Buschman, she talked about touring and meeting the stars.

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Friday, October 21, 2022

Another Rock And Roll History Lesson from Chuck Buell

Earlier this week, Chuck took over the Forgotten Hits Web Page to talk about the anniversary of the release of The Beatles' Smash Hit "Something" ... the first time (and ONLY time) that George Harrison commanded the A-Side of one of their singles.  It premiered on the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart on October 18th, 1969.

And now, he gives us a reason to celebrate the anniversary of another Rock And Roll Classic Hit.

That's because during this week in 1977, Queen's single "We Are The Champions" first appeared on the pop charts ...

And, of course, the B-Side to that single was the classic rock stadium anthem "We Will Rock You."  Rock Radio and Top 40 Radio nearly ALWAYS segued those two songs together, which is the way they appeared on Queen's album "News Of The World," also out this week in '77.  (Incredibly, despite EXTENSIVE airplay, "We Will Rock You" never officially charted on The Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart.  Boy, they SURE have changed the way the charts are compiled today!!!  By today's standards, "We Will Rock You" would have been #1 for a month!!!)   For the record, "We Are The Champions" topped out at #4 in Billboard ... and "Something" only reached #3, while the B-Side of THAT record, "Come Together" earned the #1 Ranking!!!

You guys picked "We Will Rock You" / "We Are The Champions" (yes, it earned your votes as the medley) as your 11th Most Essential Classic Rock Song of All Time in our Forgotten Hits Poll a couple of years ago.  (Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" topped that list of Top 3333 Favorites ... and the band placed 23 titles on that countdown, including NINE titles in The Top 1000.)

Anyway, I turn things over again to our good buddy, CB!  (Which just makes me want to say 10-4, Good Buddy!)

Take it away, Chuck!

Today we shine our Golden Forgotten Hits Music Spotlight on this week in 1977, when Queen released their sixth studio album, “News of the World,” noteworthy because of its opening track, “We Will Rock You!”


Remarkably, it was also during this very week in an unrecorded year in medieval times, that those four words were actually first spoken during a major military event of the day.


Immediately after that hurling rock hit its mark, a traveling minstrel who happened to be in the castle at that very moment, shouted, “IT’s a HIT!”


Chuck, who would most certainly know, also notes that on the bottom of that projectile was a roughly hand-scrawled trademark, “W L S, the World’s Largest Stone!”


And, hence, “The Rock of Chicago” was launched.


 All this from CB ( which stands for "Chuck Dah-Buell-Ell-Ess!" )

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Thursday This And That

Playing a bit of catch-up again today ... 

But still some pretty cool stuff to share!

Oh no …


Ringo Starr has cancelled the rest of his tour after testing positive for Covid for a second time.  (Hope he’s ok!!!)


I have heard that once you test positive, future readings are suspect because this positive trait is now in your dna … they say that as a result, you can test positive for the next six months and you have to trust how you FEEL more than anything else … but still better to be safe than sorry.  (Starr is now 82 years old, so definitely in the high risk category.)

I haven’t read anything about specific symptoms or concerns … so let’s just hope he can battle his way thru this thing.  (As a kid, Ringo spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital … and then famously had his tonsils removed while The Beatles were on tour, forcing the decision to hire Jimmy Nichol as a stand-in drummer until Ringo could join back up with the band again.  Today you can almost do a tonsillectomy on an out-patient basis!!!)

In any event, we wish him the best for a safe and speedy recovery.  (kk)


And speaking of Ringo Starr, FH Reader Timmy just sent us this …


"Let There Be Drums," an upcoming documentary by Justin Kreutzmann, the son of Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann ...

The doc, due on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and in certain movie theatres, looks at where drummers come from and what keeps them going.

The film features, among others: 

Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead)

Ringo Starr (Some Liverpool band)

Stewart Copeland (The Police)

Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction)

Tre Cool (Green Day)

Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers among many others)

John Densmore (The Doors)

Taylor Hawkins  (His last-ever interview)


I’m wondering if anyone could direct me to a list of the original Oldies But Goodies tracklists?

I seem to encounter different versions of some of the albums, or albums with songs that are on more than one of the albums in the series.

I’m trying to put together a playlist of my favorites.

If anyone would know where to find a definitive list, it would be the amazing Forgotten Hits folks.

Thanks for any tips.


These albums have been reissued so many times over the years (sometimes with fewer tracks than the original and then, in the era of cd’s, often with more “bonus” tracks.)  My guess is that another big part of the revised play lists would be that licensing agreements ran out along the way.  (I’ve also seen instances on vinyl where it was no longer the original hit version of the song being featured, which is a real shame because this goes against absolutely everything Laboe was striving for.

I don’t think I ever had a complete collection on vinyl … and those are long gone … but THOSE would be the ones to track for original listings.

Between everybody out there, perhaps we can put together a complete set of track listings as shown on the original pressings of these LP’s.

Forgotten Hits Folks (or, as Chuck Buell likes to say), Forgotten Hitters … whatcha got????  (kk)


This might help … these track listings appear to be from the original vinyl pressings …

(Looking these over, I can confirm that I personally owned volumes 2, 3, 8 and 9 …

And, although I don’t see it here, whichever one originally contained The Castaways’ hit “Liar Liar,” because I remember playing that track quite a bit at the time.

It’s funny, because as I look at the track list for each of these, I can remember the primary reason I bought each one!  Cool to see all of these again!)  kk


>>>I had the chance to see Billy Joe Royal as the opening act for B.J. Thomas in Madison, Wisconsin in the early 2000's.  It was an outstanding show.  He made sure to sing one of my favorites, 1969's Cherry Hill Park.  He talked about that record with me back in 2010 and some of the other almost hits that he recorded.  (Phil Nee)

Billy Joe Royal had a lot of chart success in Texas in the 1960's, far more than he did nationally.  Songs like "Hush" and "Heart's Desire" were TOP 10 hits in Texas.

And a song of his that did not reach the Billboard HOT 100 was a true smash here.  "The Greatest Love" was one of the biggest hits of 1967 in San Antonio (and the flip side, "These Are Not My People" is outstanding to my ears as well.)

And as you mentioned, Joe South's song writing and producing talents were a big part of why the songs sounded so good to my teenage ears.


Speaking of Billy Joe Royal, I saw him in concert in Jackson, Tennessee, at the Kool 103 Caravan Of Stars in May of 2014. The next day, I met him at the hotel and had a brief conversation with him over breakfast, where we spoke a bit about our mutual admiration for the late and very much missed Joe South. He gave me his phone number to do a full length interview when we both had more time, but my dumb butt never followed through. I've regretted it since, but I still have the business card he wrote his number on the back of. 

Here he is from that concert, sounding just as good as ever, singing with Ronnie Dove 

Ronnie Dove And Billy Joe Royal - Funny How Time Slips Away - YouTube

Tom Diehl


Fleetwood Mac’s 1988 Top 20 Hit “Everywhere” is charting again, thanks to its use (some might say OVERuse) in a new Chevy commercial.  (I have always loved this song … but right now there’s just no escaping it!  Frannie watches some show on one of those Home Networks, where they fix, rehab and flip houses, and I swear they play it at least three times an hour … but it doesn't really matter ... switch to another channel, and you’ll likely hear it there, too!)

Still, it’s just goes to show another way of keeping this great music alive … and is probably why you’ve seen so many complete music catalogs purchased lately … which just means this great music will outlive all of us.  (kk)


From Stephen Bishop on Friday, October 14th


On This Day in Stephen Bishop History …

On this day in 1975, Art Garfunkel’s Breakaway album was released. It was the album that changed my life and career 47 years ago. Art took a chance on a young and unknown songwriter at the time. Believed in his music, arrangements, and lyrics. Without this break, I always wonder where I would be and how many songs of mine would have never been written.

Art and I still talk regularly, a few times a month. We sing together, reminisce about the good/bad times, laugh, and remember the old days. I am forever grateful to Art, his friendship, guidance, and knowledge that helped make me the singer-songwriter I am today. Plus, having him record 10+ songs of mine is nice too …

Love ya, Art!

Love and Sunshine,

Your forever pal,


Listen to Breakaway on Spotify!


Here’s a great interview with Gene Cornish of The Rascals, back out on the road again with his old bandmate Felix Cavaliere, doing Rascals Hits again!

Hey Kent ...

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate your newsletter.  Your information just keeps getting better and better.  Please keep up the good work.


Thank you, Tom … much appreciated!  (And I think you’ll like the little YouTube piece we put together with Dann Isbell saluting Chicago Radio, circa August, 1967, when The Cryan’ Shames ruled the airwaves with their four-week #1 Record “It Could Be We’re In Love.” 




And here’s a tip of the hat to our Cornerstones Of Rock guys …


Got this picture from my buddy Pat Malott and I thought I'd share with all 60's Chicago music fans.  This was from a recent "Cornerstones of Rock" concert in Chicago area.  These great shows have been going on for years now and you may have seen an early one on PBS over the past few years when Gary Loizzo (American Breed) and Jimy Sohns (Shadows of Knight) were a part of it before their passing.  What a GREAT group of folks and a TON of great music!


Pat listed all the artists to his knowledge below the photo.



1st Row

Sharon Malott, Jane Malott, Donna Murphy, Julie Malott


2nd Row

Jim Pilster (Cryan’ Shames), Jim Peterik (Ides of March), Ronnie Rice (Formerly of New Colony Six), don't know name for fill in for Jimy Sohns - Shadows of Knight), Thomas Doody (The Cryan’ Shames), Ray Graffia, Jr. (New Colony Six)


3rd Row

Mike Malott, Larry Millias (Ides of March), Bruce Matty, Montrose Bam White (New Colony Six), Carl Giammarese (Buckinghams), Pat Molott, Bob Bergland (Ides of March), Pat, Jr. and Shaun Malott

Nick Fortuna and Dave Zane (of The Buckinghams) were not in the picture


Chronicle Chroma Announces November 8th Publication of JIMI, Visual Celebration Tied to Rock Legend’s 80th Birthday 

JIMI is the ultimate tribute to the greatest guitar player in rock and roll history.

Chronicle Chroma has announced the November 8 publication of JIMI, a visual celebration of Jimi Hendrix’s career and legacy, coinciding with the late guitarist’s 80th birthday (November 27, 2022) celebration. This visually stunning and specially curated deluxe hardcover book is a comprehensive, graphic salute to the iconic musician. 

Authors Janie Hendrix and John McDermott have compiled childhood stories, rarely seen photos and candid images, dedications, and inspirational anecdotes, giving fans an inside look at Jimi’s groundbreaking musical artistry. More than anything, JIMI presents a vivid display of why he is considered the most influential electric guitarist in the history of popular music.  JIMI has just been chosen as one of Barnes & Noble’s Best Gift Books of 2022. On November 18, just ten days after the book’s publication, Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. in partnership with Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, is releasing The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Los Angeles Forum: April 26,1969 on 2LP vinyl, CD and all digital platforms.

“It’s hard to imagine that Jimi would be 80 … Perhaps it’s because he will be forever young in our minds and alive in our hearts,” says Experience Hendrix president and CEO Janie Hendrix. “We celebrate his inspiring life with this beautifully designed tribute to Jimi that features a collection of images, art, and memories that tell his story as not only a legendary guitarist and musician, but as an incomparable human being who so briefly graced planet earth with his presence.”

JIMI is an official collaboration with the illustrious artist’s sister, Janie Hendrix, and John McDermott of Experience Hendrix L.L.C., and significantly expands on the authors' previously published titles, including An Illustrated Experience. The collective work also features a new introduction by Janie, extensive biographical texts, and a trove of photographs, personal memorabilia, handwritten lyrics, and more, giving full inside access in ways fans have never seen before. Additionally, JIMI includes quotations by legendary musicians, such as Paul McCartney, Ron Wood, Jeff Beck, Lenny Kravitz, Drake, Dave Grohl, and others expressing their sentiments on Jimi’s lasting influence. 

“We are thrilled to work with Janie Hendrix, John McDermott, and the Jimi Hendrix estate on this very special publication,” says Chronicle Chroma publisher, Steve Crist. “Jimi’s music has touched millions of people around the world, and we are honored to publish this distinctive, visual journey of his life and incredible musical career.” 

In the four years before his untimely death in 1970 at age 27, Jimi Hendrix created a groundbreaking musical legacy. It is an expansive and eclectic body of work that includes ballads and Blues, as well as revered classics such as “Purple Haze” and “Voodoo Child.” Widely regarded as one of the most celebrated musicians of the 20th century, his signature guitar playing, provocative songwriting, and charismatic performances have continued to inspire legions of musicians and fans alike. 



JIMI By Janie Hendrix & John McDermott 

ISBN: 9781797220017

9 x 12 in 320 pp, 250 color & b+w photographs and memorabilia 



On-sale date: November 8, 2022 


ABOUT JANIE HENDRIX Janie L. Hendrix is the president and CEO of Seattle-based Experience Hendrix L.L.C. and Authentic Hendrix L.L.C., the family companies of Jimi Hendrix, which were founded by James “Al” Hendrix in 1995, as a means of keeping Hendrix’s legacy alive. Janie has ushered the companies into the 21st century with the dream of her father and brother in mind.


ABOUT JOHN MCDERMOTT John McDermott is a director, writer, and producer who has long been associated with the legacy of Jimi Hendrix. He has served as the catalog director for Experience Hendrix L.L.C. for nearly three decades. Together with Janie Hendrix and Eddie Kramer, McDermott has coproduced every Jimi Hendrix CD and DVD release, including 1999’s Grammy Award–winning Band of Gypsys, 2014’s Emmy Award– winning Hear My Train A Comin’, and the recent Grammy-nominated Music, Money, Madness: Jimi Hendrix In Maui and the forthcoming Los Angeles Forum: April 26, 1969 


ABOUT EXPERIENCE HENDRIX, L.L.C. Founded by James “Al” Hendrix, Jimi’s father, in 1995, Experience Hendrix has been managed since its inception by the family members handpicked by Al During his tenure as Chairman.  It is the official family company charged with managing the music, name, image and likeness of Jimi Hendrix. As a part of their daily operations, Experience Hendrix and Authentic Hendrix oversee Jimi's timeless legacy on a worldwide basis.



Founded in 1967 in San Francisco, CHRONICLE BOOKS is one of the world’s most admired publishers and distributors of illustrated books, gifts, and games for all ages. Its highly acclaimed list spans art, photography, food, lifestyle, pop culture, humor, self-help, wellness, thought leadership, children’s books, and stationery, among other categories. Chronicle is the home of numerous award-winning authors, bestselling series, and trend-setting titles. Chronicle Books is committed to partnering with artists and writers who represent the diversity of our world and to maintaining an inclusive and equitable working environment for its employees and business partners. For more information visit 


CHRONICLE CHROMA is the Los Angeles–based imprint of Chronicle Books. Chronicle Chroma publishes books that celebrate the visual arts, entertainment, and pop culture, including film, photography, art, fashion, illustration, architecture, design, and more.

Hi Kent,

I recently had the pleasure of being on the Ray Carr Show in Cleveland, Ohio.

You can listen to the interview here:

Paul Haney

Record Research

Country Music Superstar Shania Twain has been cast as Mrs. Potts in an upcoming ABC Television Special celebrating the 30th Anniversary of “Beauty And The Beast” being nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award.  (Ironically, Disney’s movie Mrs. Potts, Angela Lansbury, just passed away about a week ago.)

The program will air on December 15th.  Also on board are H.E.R. as Belle, Josh Groban as The Beast … Martin Short and David Alan Grier … and Rita Moreno will narrate.  (kk)

Congratulations to The Police … their 1983 #1 Smash “Every Breath You Take” just passed ONE BILLION YouTube views.  (Incredibly, it is the 225th video to do so)  kk


Today's FH post from Chuck Buell reminded me of one of my all time favorites by Kenny Rogers, COWard of the COUNTY.



I loved your corrected/added to version of my story.  Thanks so much for the additional stuff.  


I think it worked well together - 

This was a topic I might not have covered otherwise ...

But it provided a good chance to shine even more light on Capitol’s mismanagement of the biggest act they’ve ever had!!!  (kk)

SO TRUE!  Kids today have NO idea how exciting those years were.  

It'll never happen again with very few releases ever being heard and thus bought these days, with year long charters.


OK, so you've just GOT to check this out!

When our FH Buddy Dann Isbell (he of "Ranking the '60's" and "Ranking the '70's" book fame) approached me a couple of weeks ago about putting something together for his new Bits O'Hits YouTube series, I was immediately onboard.

(You can view Dann's posts to date here ... )

Dann's videos are built to capture a specific moment in time and he then counts down The Top 30 Biggest Hits of that particular era.

So when he asked me what I'd like to do, this was a no brainer ...

Because anybody who knows me at all knows that my all-time favorite year in music is 1967 ... heck, we even dedicated an entire YEAR to reliving and remembering everything that happened during my favorite musical era ...

But better yet (and this is ESPECIALLY cool, having just come off the whole Rewound Radio Labor Day Weekend Tribute to WLS and WCFL, our two 50,000 Watt Powerhouse AM Top 40 Stations in '67), we had Dann put together a sequence counting down The Top 30 Hits on Chicagoland Radio, circa August, 1967, based on the rankings of the accumulated charts of each station's weekly survey!!!  

(Why August, you may ask???  Because that month capped off The Summer Of Love ... because our local groups were enjoying some of their greatest success on the AM dial ... and because The Cryan' Shames captivate our hearts for that entire month when they topped our local charts with their mega-hit "It Could Be We're In Love!")

So now ... join us as we OFFICIALLY Launch this VERY SPECIAL EVENT ... 

The Bits O' Hits / Forgotten Hits Salute to August, 1967 ... and the WLS / WCFL Charts!!! 

(Thanks again, Dann, for your patience and dedication in putting this thing together.  I hope it's a huge hit for you!  And we are proud to be a member of your site.)  kk