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Friday Morning:

Another death to report ...
I just read that Bill Withers has died.
Frank B.     

I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know ...  (kk) 

Every once in a while a new artist will come along that doesn't sound like anybody else who came before them ...

Someone who is distinctly their own creation.

Bill Withers was such an artist.

The very first time I EVER heard "Ain't No Sunshine" in The Summer of 1971, I was blown away ... what a unique sound ... essentially a stripped down record until the strings came in ... and then that CRAZY "I know, I know, I know" bridge that brought you back into the main crux of the song ... it was perfection ... and sounded as effortless as breathing.

Now Bill Withers would have other hits over the years ... eight Top 40 Hits in all ... but none of them ever again quite captured the innocence of this first record.

Don't get me wrong ... "Lean On Me" was a #1 smash ... and I loved it when it was out ... although this one hasn't aged as well for me.  Still, it preaches the gospel to millions of others who have adopted it as their own personal model of inspiration, especially in the most trying of times, such as those that we're all going through today.

I hated "Use Me" when it first came out.  Again, I was in the minority, as this record sailed all the way to #2, hot on the heels of "Lean On Me."  (In fact, my younger brother Mark played the heck out of this song ... ultimately causing me to hate it even more!)  But then, when I heard Hootie and the Blowfish perform it 20-something years later, I was blown away.  In the process, I rediscovered Bill's version and have loved it ever since.

There are a lot of fans out there who cite "Lovely Day" (#23, 1977) as their favorite ... it's another smooth-sounding hit that just flows seamlessly along ... and Bill's vocal on Grover Washington, Jr.'s track "Just The Two Of Us" was superb ... the perfect marriage of sound (even if Dr. Evil and Mini-Me's version stole some of its thunder two decades later.)

The documentary "Still Bill" may have exposed Withers' dealing with stuttering, but it also showed how his release through music helped him escape what others may have perceived as a handicap.  It also endeared him to many more fans who otherwise might not have discovered his rich music catalog.

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame worthy???

No ... and I adamantly opposed his very nomination, much less his induction ... he just doesn't fit the model of what this foundation was built to recognize.

But an artist worthy of attention ... a deserving Grammy winner ... an artist who carved out his own place on the musical landscape ... yes, most definitely.  (kk)

1971 - Ain't No Sunshine (#3)
          Grandma's Hands  (#31)
1972 - Lean On Me  (#1)
          Use Me  (#2)
1973 - Let Us Love  (#39)
          Kissing My Love  (#26)
1977 - Lovely Day  (#23)
1981 - Just The Two Of Us  (#2) with Grover Washington, Jr.

April 4th, 1970

1970:  April 4th – Diana Ross makes her first solo concert appearance in Framingham, Massachusetts

Also on this date, Janis Joplin reunites with Big Brother and the Holding Company for a concert in San Francisco.

Friday, April 3, 2020


Today we turn things over to Ken Voss, who will tell us about a brand new Facebook Page he has started, honoring music and musicians with ties to Illinois ...

As well as a special feature he's put together spotlighting the early years of the career of Jackie DeShannon.

Take it away, Ken! 

Hello, Kent ... 

I wanted to let you know that I have started a project trying to create an encyclopedia of Illinois music and musicians. I've called it the Illinois Rock & Roll Music Archives. 

I have a Facebook page - - telling stories of some of the artists that have emerged from Illinois.  

Here's one story that I thought you might have an interest in posting - Jackie DeShannon.
Ken Voss

Jackie DeShannon – The Early Years 

How many of you remember Jackie DeShannon singing the Top 10 hits “What The World Needs Now Is Love” and “Put A Little Love In Your Heart?” Did you know she was from Batavia, Illinois! 

Born Sharon Lee Myers (8/21/41), her family originally lived on a farm in Kentucky. By age six, she was already singing country tunes on a local radio station there. As her mother was originally from Aurora, the family relocated to the western suburbs, moving to Batavia in 1953. 

Just in eighth grade, Myers hosted her own Saturday morning radio show “Breakfast Melodies” on WMRO in Aurora. On Saturday nights she performed as a vocalist with Don Lee and his Fox Valley Boys square dance band. And made numerous guest appearances on local TV shows including Pee Wee King’s popular “Country and Western Television Show” on Chicago’s CBS-affiliate channel 2.  She attended Batavia High School for two years from 1955 - 1957, but dropped out to pursue a musical career.

As a 16-year-old, Myers first commercial recording was on the Hammond, Indiana-based Mar-Vel label where she was billed as Sherry Lee. Owned by long-time record entrepreneur Harry Glenn, while the label served as an outlet for Myers, it was not a label that would launch a career. Glenn had an unorthodox method of promotion, “personally promoting his releases in a carnival-like manner,” it was noted in, “loading his car up with records and traveling from town to town with his set of loudspeakers trying to persuade all those who would listen that his recordings were a must.”

For this first single, Glenn partnered Myers with country singer Shorty Ashford on “I’m Crazy Darling” with the B-side “Baby Honey” (Mar-Vel 903) being her first solo credited side as Sherry Lee, the label noting her as “Miss Country Music.” Take a listen to her first record “Baby Honey” -

In her early years, the small independent record labels didn’t seem to like her real name with various releases as Sherry Lee, Jackie Dee and Sharon Lee before finally settling on the stage name she is best known as – Jackie DeShannon.

Her next single “How Wrong I Was” came out on the Gone label, this time as Jackie Dee.  

By now, there was enough interest in Jackie that Liberty Records sent her to Nashville to record, where she stepped into more of a rockabilly style with a tribute to Buddy Holly, titled simply “Buddy.” And while the record proved she was a rocker on par with the likes of Wanda Jackson and Brenda Lee, it was an era where female vocalists were receiving very little airplay from radio programmers.

Yet, the small independent labels still putting out singles by Jackie continued changing her name. Next, she was called Sharon Lee, releasing a single “Kissing Game” b/w “No Deposit No Return” for the Excellent label.
In 1959, the Cincinnati, Ohio-based Fraternity Records called her Jackie Shannon. There, she was teamed with Rusty York and the Cajuns. As both Jackie and Rusty were originally from southern Kentucky, there was a familiar vibe to working together. The single “Just Another Lie” came out in the beginning of 1959 billed as Jackie DeShannon and the Cajuns. However, she only appeared on the A-side, the flip being the instrumental “Cajun Blues” by The Cajuns. That record then was licensed to the Sage label, and then to Dot, who released it in April of that year.
York recalled that time when Jackie was touring with his group. “Man, that girl could sing,” he said in an interview in the book We Wanna Boogie: An Illustrated History of the American Rockabilly Movement. “We’d travel around to these little record hops and dance programs, and she would say she wanted to be a big-name singer,” the book noting she was “still a brunette and decked out in fitted shiny gold slacks, the teenager proved a popular regional attraction.”

One more single came out under the moniker Jackie Shannon with “Lies” b/w “Trouble” on the P.J. label, a small label that only issued two singles, one by Jackie and one by York. That single was then licensed to Dot, and re-issued the following year on the Sand label.

After a show in Chicago, Jackie met rockabilly star Eddie Cochran, who gave her some advice that changed her life. “He was very encouraging,” she recalled in Finding Her Voice: The Saga of Women in Country Music. “He said, “If you really want to get somewhere, you’ve got to come to California.” And that she did. The connection with Cochran also led to an introduction to his girlfriend, songwriter Sharon Sheeley. That resulted in Jackie and Sheeley forming a songwriting team penning songs for the likes of Brenda Lee, Irma Thomas and The Byrds (she would later go on to enjoy a brief songwriting partnership with Jimmy Page as well as writing hits “Come and Stay With Me” for Marianne Faithful and the Kim Carnes’ hit “Betty Davis Eyes” earning her a Grammy in 1982 for Song of the Year).

Connecting with the Edison International label, she finally became Jackie DeShannon. In a 2003 interview, Jackie recalled, “In the beginning when I was making records, radio stations were not playing records by girls. It was suggested I choose a name that could be a boy or a girl. So there you have it.” She became Jackie DeShannon. She recorded two singles for this label.

And finally, Jackie signed a major label deal with Liberty / Imperial, enjoying a long and successful relationship with the label. Her first single “Lonely Girl” hit the U.S. charts. And her big breaks came in 1964, when she opened a U.S. tour for The Beatles and co-starred in the teen movie Surf Party.    

From there her releases kept climbing up the charts, her most popular years 1965-69, with records in the Top 100 surveys through 1980.
Jackie DeShannon Early Years
Note: All these sides have been included on the compilation Jackie DeShannon: The Early Singles 1956-1962 (Jasmine JASCD1008)

As Sherry Lee
1957 - I’m Crazy Darling b/w Baby Honey (Marvel 903)

As Jackie Dee
1957 - How Wrong I Was b/w I’ll Be True (Gone 5006)
1958 - Buddy b/w Strolypso Dance (Liberty F-55148)

As Jackie Shannon and the Cajuns
1959 - Just Another Lie b/w Cajun Blues (Fraternity F-836)
1959 - Lies b/w Trouble (P.J. Records 101)
          Licensed to Dot (45-1590) in 1959 and then re-issued
          on Sand (330) in 1960

As Jackie DeShannon
1960 - I Wanna Go Home b/w So Warm (Edison International F-416)
1960 - Put My Baby Down b/w The Foolish One (Edison International F-418)
(courtesy Illinois Rock & Roll Music Archives - 


The Illinois Rock & Roll Music Archives is a group dedicated to the music and the musicians from Illinois. The artists, the recordings, the studios, the players, the labels, the managers, the agents and all those involved with making music happen. Includes bios, discographies and stories about the artists and recordings. 

You'll find lots of cool, interesting and very rare things here already ... so this is a page you'll likely want to come back to again and again.  I suggest you bookmark it NOW for future reference.  (kk)

Jackie DeShannon first charted here in Chicago in 1960 when "I Wanna Go Home" reached #16 on The Top Tunes Of Greater Chicagoland Chart. 

A couple more singles made the same chart as "extras" before she started cranking out the hits we best know her for.  ("Lonely Girl," 1960 and "Heaven Is Being With You," 1961.)  "Lonely Girl" debuted at #37 in its only week on The WLS Silver Dollar Survey at the close of 1960.

In 1963, she again achieved "extras" status with her version of "Needles And Pins," a song that would loom large for The Searchers as The British Invasion took hold of the American music charts the following year ... and then in 1965 she hit The Top Ten with her recording of the Hal David / Burt Bacharach classic "What The World Needs Now Is Love." 

Not shown above are some of her early national hits ... "The Prince" bubbled under at #106 in Music Vendor and #108 in Billboard in April of 1962; "You Won't Forget Me" hit #104 in Cash Box and #141 in Music Vendor later that year.  Both of these releases were on the Liberty record label ... as were the next batch of minor chart hits that followed.

Then, in 1963, she finally cracked The Top 100 when "Faded Love" peaked at #97 in Billboard.  "Needles And Pins" would become her biggest hit to date when it reached #58 in Cash Box Magazine in May of that year (yet topped out at #84 in Billboard.)  "Little Yellow Roses" (#108, 1963); "When You Walk In The Room" (#81, 1964); "Oh Boy" (#112, 1964); "She Don't Understand Him Like I Do" (#142, 1964) and a reissue of "When You Walk In The Room" (#131, 1964) also predated her big break-through hit, "What The World Needs Now Is Love," which came hot on the heels of a switch to Imperial Records.

Call it a "worst kept secret," a "long-standing rumor" or a "Beatles factoid," but it would appear that Jackie hooked up in a major way with John Lennon during her US tour with The Beatles.  Incredibly, she still does a guest spot on the Sirius/XM Beatles Channel to this day, phoning in to Chris Carter's "Breakfast With The Beatles" morning show!  (kk)

THE JACKIE DeSHANNON HIT LIST is actually a pretty short list when one considers the incredible length of her career, paying her dues until she finally got noticed and earned her spot in The Top Ten.  Although only two of her records ever made it into The Top Ten, both were HUGE hits and reflective of the Sounds of the '60's.

1965- What The World Needs Now Is Love  (#7)
1968- The Weight  (#35 Cash Box / #55 Billboard)
1969- Put A Little Love In Your Heart  (#3 Record World / #4 Billboard)
1969 - Love Will Find A Way  (#30 Record World / #40 Billboard) 

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Thursday This And That

If some good comes out of this whole CoronaVirus pandemic, it’s been the wealth of new music and in-home concerts we’ve all been able to enjoy.  Last week, in addition to all the options we mentioned (including on online version of Beatlefest!), fans were treated to in-home concerts by James Taylor and Dave Matthews … and now more in-home concerts have been released by Graham Nash, Elvis Costello and Paul Stanely of Kiss …

I cannot believe this!
I told you that concerts were so heavy here, I could not get to all of them. Now they are rebooked as to look as though I may get to each of them.
HOWEVER, the Virtual Online Concerts and Events are so heavy I cannot even stay home and be able to attend them all!
The Fest for Beatles Fans, Mark Dawson, Peter Noone, Carl Giammarese …
Notices are popping up on my screen all at once. LIVE NOW!
What a great dilemma. And thank you to one and all for keeping me sane and the music going.
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano
(OK. Hit me with the “You weren’t sane before this.” Comments.)
It’s true … all of a sudden there are more “in home” shows than you can possibly watch!  (The good news is, most of these remain posted for viewing more to your own personal schedule.)
For me, it’s a bit tougher as we’re all still working our regularly scheduled hours … and there is no way I can cram all of this into an average evening, especially dividing time between all my other commitments …
But what a GREAT over-booked problem to have!  (kk)

How about this stay at home concert suggestion from GJ Kubat?

Now if we could corral up some older artists for our own quarantine concert???

Meanwhile, Folk Artist John Prine is in critical condition with the CoronaVirus and Alan Merrill, who wrote the Classic Rock Hit “I Love Rock And Roll” is dead at 69 of the virus as well.  When we first started today's comments page, Adam Schlesinger of Fountains Of Wayne had just been hospitalized with the CoronaVirus but was then reportedly doing better with treatment.  (In addition to writing "That Thing You Do" and the hit "Stacy's Mom" for his own group, Adam has been instrumental with the last couple of Monkees albums as well.)  Then came word on Wednesday Night that he, too, had died from the virus.  He was only 52 ... and not the demo we've been programmed to expect.  (The statistics just keep rising ... it's hard to even watch the most recent updates.)

And now this, from FH Reader EShanks5 (Eileen), regarding fan favorite Tom Rush …

I had tickets to see an old favorite, Tom Rush, who I have known since the coffee houses in Harvard Square back in the 60's. He was going to be appearing with America down here in Clearwater, Florida on March 20. Of course, the venue cancelled all the upcoming shows. He always does a meet and greet … and I always get a hug and a selfie. 
I just got an email from Tom.

I have just tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. I have no idea where I picked it up but strongly suspect it was sometime on or after March 11th when I was on my way north from my string of shows in NC, GA and FL early in March.
Nonetheless, out of an abundance of caution, IF you were at any of the shows listed here, and were shaking hands or taking selfies with me in the lobby during intermission or at the end of the evening, PLEASE be extra-vigilant for symptoms (fever, headache, dry cough, nausea).

March 4th, Isis, Asheville, NC
March 5th, Eddie’s Attic, Decatur, GA
March 7th, Lyric Theatre, Stuart, FL
March 9th, Studios, Key West, FL
March 10th, Kravis Center, West Palm

Be well, stay well!

There seems to be no end to this thing … as social distancing has been extended thru the end of April (which, quite honestly, STILL isn’t enough time to really get a handle on this … I’m guessing it’ll be July at the earliest before we truly understand just what is going on and how to deal with it.) 
Meanwhile, more and more artists are making an effort to entertain us from their home … as we ALL should be at home as much as humanly possible to contain this thing.  (kk)

Bruce Springsteen called in to his exclusive SiriusXM channel, E Street Radio, and spoke to SiriusXM’s Jim Rotolo.  During their conversation, Bruce Springsteen raised awareness for the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund, talked about his friends Tom Hanks and Jackson Browne, who are both recovering from the virus, and shared song and book recommendations for fans in this time of social distancing. During the phone call, Springsteen also shared with SiriusXM’s Jim Rotolo that he has been working on new songs while hunkering down at home.
Bruce Springsteen’s interview with SiriusXM’s Jim Rotolo aired on SiriusXM’s E Street Radio at 10:00 am ET on Friday, March 27th.
The full interview can be viewed below thanks to SiriusXM’s E Street Radio and SiriusXM’s Jim Rotolo. 
Bruce Springsteen talks about New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund in exclusive call to SiriusXM’ E Street Radio
(You’ll find some of the highlights below)
On the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund: Yes, a nice thing that Tammy Murphy, governor’s wife, is coordinating it’s going to help the state if a lot of people can give a hand … there are so many problems with a lot of people being overwhelmed and facilities being overwhelmed and we are just, we don’t know where we are in the whole thing. How much longer is it going to go, how much worse is it going to get. There is something there that people can get involved with if they’d like to. It’s going to be a helpful and good thing.
On friends like Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and Jackson Browne testing positive: Yeah, very worried. I’ve known Tom a long time since Streets of Philadelphia. Jackson I’ve known forever … he was one of the kindest people to us when we very first got started. He actually put us on the bill and let us open up.  He is a great, great, great friend of mine. Not only is he also one of my great heroes as a songwriter, I’ve spoken to him a little bit and he seems to being alright at the moment. Just wishing him well and a lot of love.
On if he has spoken to the E Street band: I’ve talked to Steve quite a bit, which is always a source of great entertainment, so he keeps my spirits up.
On what he has been doing: Everyone is just trying to stay busy. Patti and I are hanging out a lot, which is great … we are having a good time together. We are on a farm so we have our horses here and we get to spend a little time with them ... so that’s been nice. I have been busy a little bit working on some music.  I try to keep my day as full as possible and keep myself from going completely cabin fever crazy.
On what songs he is listening to: I have all kinds of old music that I listen to, old blues. I have playlists of the fathers of rock, where I have Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley. This morning I was listening to Del Shannon, who is sort of under sung as a hero of Rock & Roll … I have a playlist of him and Dion, two of the great, great singers in rock music, so I listen to them quite a bit. Future Islands … I like that band. You know I am all over the place.
On working on new music: Yeah, we got that going and it’s going well, so hopefully it keeps going well [laughs] I have no predictions on it yet.  

Follow the link below and read the entire article as near the very bottom, there is possibly a very valid explanation of why "Roll On' reached #4 in Hawaii while having lesser success elsewhere.  Pretty cool, eh?
Already sent the link to current NC6ers so next up shall be my family, IL R&R Museum, Ronnie Rice and the rest of the former and founder NC6ers after sending this to y'all.  Know any other places where it might earn a chuckle or TV/radio responses?  Feel free to circulate. 
Back to trying to garner enough business to make next month's payroll here at Arbortech - getting dicey in Johnsburg! 
Love ya,     
Ray Graffia, Jr.
OMG, that is just TOO funny!!!  What a GREAT promotional idea … and I’m guessing that you guys had absolutely NO idea it was even going on at the time!  This is DEFINITELY worth sharing.

(Of course the fact that “Roll On” is also a GREAT song made it a lot easier to listen to a bit more often … still one of my all-time favorites by The New Colony Six!)  kk

Some folks are trying to smile their way thru these scary times …
(Hey, sometimes you've gotta laugh to keep from cryin'!!!)

From FH Reader Mike Wolstein …
This video is really touching …

And this one’s just for fun …
Somebody spent considerable time on this and did a nice job.  Enjoy!
Tom Cuddy

About ten days earlier, two legendary Chicagoland Disc Jockeys pulled their talents to offer up a similarly-themed parody …
John Records Landecker wrote the thing and Bob Stroud sings it (along with Landecker and Matt Bisbee on background vocals) …

And, since we’re once again on the topic of The Beatles …

I, too, would start with "She Loves You" to introduce a newcomer to The Beatles.   As you know, it was one of the many tracks Capitol had first dibs on to release in the U.S. in 1963 but rejected -- which was why "She Loves You" and so many other early Fab Four classics wound up being first issued in America on minor labels like Swan, Tollie and Vee Jay instead.
Here they are live in England in November, 1963, two months before "She Love You" finally broke in the U.S.A.
Gary Theroux
"The History of Rock 'n' Roll"
"She Loves You" remained their biggest hit in England.  Something about the infections "yeah, yeah, yeah"'s ... the mop-top head shaking ... it truly was the PERFECT pop song to break the band worldwide ... except here in America, of course!  (kk) 

If I were playing a Beatles tune for someone who hadn't heard The Beatles before, I think I'd play A Hard Day's Night. That chord at the beginning sounded so cool slamming through my little transistor speaker, not to mention the car radio in my Dad's 1959 Plymouth.
Bill Scherer
That’s actually a GREAT suggestion!  How can that beginning NOT command your attention?!?!  And the non-stop rockin’ rhythm, John and Paul trading off lead vocals … plus it’s catchy as hell! 
OK, you’ve convinced … THIS one belongs somewhere near the top of the list!  (kk)  

In regards to what the Beatles are / were, my vote goes to their 1963-4 original material as well.  However, that brings up a question I've thought of a few times over the years, but never put into words.
Forget a minute about the impact (good or bad) they have had on music.
Do you think if the Beatles were new in 2020, given the same material, would radio play their music or at best be another boy band?
Personally, yeah, I think their music was magical enough … and they were charismatic enough … that they still would have made an impression in 2020.
But you have to factor into that what music might have been like had they not revolutionized it they way they did in ’64.
It’s kinda like when Elvis and Rock And Roll hit … music NEEDED something.  Try listening to what passed itself off as pop music from 1954 – 1957 and it becomes REAL obvious that something HAD to happen.  (Now I’m talking “pop music” here … because the underlying sounds of rhythm and blues was sweeping the underground at the time and the REALLY hip kids were on to it.  But without a poster child like Elvis, how far might it have gone?)
Then again, a big question a few years back was “If Bob Dylan auditioned for American Idol, would he have been give a golden ticket … or just been another William Hung?”
Who knows … thankfully, music DID evolve, which allowed room for ALL of these artists to co-exist.  It’d have been a pretty boring past fifty years if it hadn’t!  (kk)

Hey Kent,
Yes, I would love an excel spreadsheet of the Top 847,437 Classical Songs of All Time. I promise to give you all the credit you deserve for undertaking this monstrous talk. Thanxalot.
Guy Alone in Algonquin

Hi Kent,
Thank-you again for all the work and endless hours put in tabulating and assembling the top 3333 classic rock countdown.  Also, thank-you for continuing through thick and thin your ongoing publishing of Forgotten Hits.  I think, now more than ever, in these adverse and historic times, people appreciate all you continue to do.  Again, THANK-YOU KENT, it is all greatly appreciated.
Tim Kiley

Hi, Kent!
WOW, THANK YOU FOR THE LIST!!! I am particularly thrilled that you included the year of each song.  I have too many missing years on my iTunes list, and this will help tremendously.
The only thing I can think of that would make the list better:  the URLs for the YouTube videos you’ve been showing with the songs.
Kevin Killion
(the other KK)
Sorry, but that’s not going to happen.  (Not on my end anyway!)
Far too many of these videos have already disappeared from YouTube … or were noticeably different versions (live or otherwise) than the hit versions we want to hear on the radio anyway.  I just wanted to feature SOMETHING to help illustrate the songs and artists selected by all of you and make for a more interesting and entertaining countdown as we went from #3333 to #1.
As for the year and original album source, we can all thank Dann Isbell for that added feature.  Dann took it upon himself to spice up our daily reveals by adding in this information … and then allowing us to share it once we published the final list.  (It really IS a cool bonus feature … especially for those of you out there who may be putting together your own countdowns.)  kk

Hi Kent,
Many thanks for the file. It will take a number of hours and quite a few beers to fully appreciate the work that went into this.
Jerry Reuss

This list is more than enough to keep any music fan occupied until the lockdown is over. 
I'm planning to write about it later this week at my site (, as a follow-up to my recent discussion of my top four, which I linked to below.
It will go up on Friday, and I'll send the link when it's live.
Thanks, JB … as we know, there is no singular right answer to the Greatest Classic Rock Song of All-Time.  My research took me to DOZENS of lists, all claiming to be “official” countdowns … and they all had different #1 songs.  (I mentioned during our research that when radio stations last year did their Classic Rock Memorial Day 500 Countdowns, we found three stations out of the eight we polled that listed Queen with the #1 song … but each of those stations listed a DIFFERENT Queen song!!!  (“Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Another One Bites The Dust” and “We Will Rock You” / “We Are The Champions.”
Our list probably had more Rolling Stones top-end songs than most … but one of those other eight listed “Gimme Shelter” at #1 and another said it was “Satisfaction” … so who really knows.
Tracks like “Stairway To Heaven,” “Hotel California,” “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Layla” and even Jimi Hendrix’s version of “All Along The Watchtower” (as well as Bob Dylan’s own “Like A Rolling Stone”) regularly top these lists … but knowing first hand the amount of work, effort and accuracy that went into our compilation … and the sources that we used to measure one million votes … I just HAVE to maintain that ours is the most accurate based on sheer volume alone.
Would it come out differently five years from now?  Likely so … and I’ll bet the results five years AGO would also have produced different results.  Did the effects of the Academy Award Winning Queen movie play a role in the outcome?  Probably … but I can’t think of another song in the HISTORY of rock and roll music that comes even close to capturing what this Queen epic does.  It truly is one of a kind.  (Even after nearly 50 years I have to ask myself EVERY time I hear it … “How do you even WRITE something like this … let alone organize it and arrange it and produce it?”  It is unparalleled in the rock universe … so I stand by the decision of the rock fans who declared it #1.)  kk
PS – Can’t wait to read your update on Friday!!!

Well, since somebody else has already covered Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead, we’ll offer up THIS option for Things To Do At Home When You’re On Pandemic Lock-Down …

Kent -
These are indeed difficult times for all of us, and a thank you to you and the numerous contributors to your blog, for continuing to entertain us with great music and related stories and information associated with a much gentler era.
You may recall, it now seems likes eons ago, that you helped me connect with Ron Smith (may he rest in peace) who, for a few years before he cut back on his trivia content, published my newly compiled "Rockword" crossword puzzles on his website.   I still compile these puzzles (77 in all).
It's occurred to me that many of your readers might welcome the chance to occupy some of their current downtime in this social distancing, self-isolating environment "having a go" at some of these puzzles.
Perhaps your blog you could provide my e-mail address along with this short blurb, outlining what I can offer, and asking interested readers to contact me for more information.  
I would also add that under the current COVID-19 environment, I am not looking for any personal financial gain by providing these puzzles to anyone.  Folks contacting me for a few, or more, of the puzzles, and who find them enjoyable, could make a donation to a needy charity of their own choosing, should they feel compelled to do so.  (Like they keep saying, we’re all in this together … so please help out in any way you can.)  I am happy to provide just a little relief from the stressful world outside by way of the Rockword Puzzles to anyone who chooses to request them.
Keep up the good work, and more importantly may you and your family be safe.
Mike Ogilvie
Mississauga, ON.
Mike has been doing these puzzles for YEARS … we’ve run some (and sent some out) ages ago in Forgotten Hits … but now he is offering to send them directly to interested readers who contact him via email, requesting a copy (or copies) of some of his archive Rockword Puzzles.
You can request some here: 
Have fun!!!  (kk)

I thought Tommy James had a couple new songs out. Read his book
"Me, the Mob, and the Music" recently … not my usual read and really enjoyed it.
Then I went and got his "I'm Alive" CD and it grew on me. Dude’s still got the pipes and knows how to arrange. Gonna see him again this year.
Thanx for all the updates in your Sunday Comments Page ...
Great way to worship on Sunday!
Bill Faust

I don't remember the Kenny Rogers song you like ("TWENTY YEARS AGO.”)
Was it an album cut? It is a great song.
Frank B.
Isn’t it?
I swear I get choked up every time I hear it.
It was released as a single and pop radio ignored it. Went to #2 on the country chart.  GREAT track.  (kk)

Do you know about this song?
Today, Bob Dylan released a 17-minute song about the JFK assassination.
I’m adding this one to my LONG SONG LIST.
Frank B.
Not heard about this one before … probably more for the Bob Dylan completists at this point.  (kk)

Hi Kent -
So  sorry to hear about Phil Phillips passing.  His record "Sea of Love" is one of my favorite oldies but goodies. I hope he got royalties when the Honey Drippers sang it and when it was used in Al Pacino's movie " Sea of Love."
I heard a story that he was given only a new jacket for doing "Sea of Love."
It may be an old wives tale??!!
When in doubt ask the master ...
I’d never heard that story before so I can’t really comment.
As for royalties, he certainly should have earned something … he cowrote the song under his real name, John Phillip Baptiste.
The song was first released on the small Khoury label (anybody ever even hear of it??!?) before Mercury picked it up for mass distribution.  The move paid off … “Sea Of Love” peaked at #2 on The Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart in 1959.  (The Honeydippers version went to #3 in 1985 … so clearly this song was a hit with fans from ALL music generations!)
Although critically panned, I thought “Sea Of Love” was an interesting movie when it first came out … some pretty tense (and intense) scenes.  Not sure how well it’s aged … but I found it quite interesting (and erotic!) at the time.  (kk)

Justin Hayward released a brand new, digital only single last week through all of the usual digital service providers.

Whether performing solo or with The Moody Blues, Justin Hayward’s songwriting is known for its thought-provoking lyrics and inventive melodies. These qualities are fully displayed in the new tracks “One Summer Day” and “My Juliette.”  
“One Summer Day” is written in a conversational style, telling the story of unexpected events taking place one day in the summer. According to Justin, the song came about in an organic manner. “[It] just sprang out of my old Martin guitar late one evening ... I had been playing the riff for a while just for fun, without realizing it could actually be a song.” 
“My Juliette,” which references Danny Williams’ early 60s recording of “Moon River”, was inspired by Justin’s childhood fascination with the theater. His mother played piano for a repertory theater group during a summer in his childhood. He played guitar for the company, and was drawn into the artistry of the stage, from Shakespeare to pantomime. “I was entranced and I still treasure every moment of that theatre life,” Hayward continues. “I had the song for years before I was sure I wanted to actually finish or record it because I enjoyed just playing around with it.”
Hi Kent:
If fans like the concept of the “Yellow Balloon” flip side, they are sure to enjoy the flip side of “They’re Coming To Take Me Away” by Napoleon XIV! Same Concept.
Ken Freck
Yes, Jerry Samuels (Napoleon XIV) beat them to the punch with this one … a geat way to fill the other side of a single (as complete “filler”)!  Believe it or not, this track, too, earned votes a few years back when we were compiling our list of Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides.  (kk) 

>>>Me-TV-FM threw me for a loop this weekend with their A-Sides / B-Sides picks … some REALLY rare and unexpected stuff this time around … including the pairing of Neil Young’s “Heart Of Gold” / “Sugar Mountain” (live version), a track that never even charted.  (In the past, they have stuck with the more “tried and true” variety of two-sided hits … so this was a completely unexpected … and quite adventurous surprise!  WTG, Rick!)  kk  
Good morning, Kent:
First of all, thank you for the multiple mentions in your blog today.  What a pleasant surprise, first thing in the morning!
Interesting that you would bring up the Neil Young “Heart of Gold” / ”Sugar Mountain (live)” combo.  We did not play those two songs the last time we did “45s and Flipsides.”  But, during one of our regular music brainstorming sessions, where Neal Sabin, Bill Cochran and I toss around titles we could be playing (which usually includes a handful of songs recently suggested by listeners), “Sugar Mountain” came up as a deep track that we somehow missed.  The fact that the live version was the B side of “Heart of Gold” made it a must for our feature this weekend.
Also, the benefit of repeating special weekend features is that we’re able to rotate the combinations.  The A and B side combos that aired in the wee hours the last time we did this, last November, could see some daytime spins this time around.
You and your family take care and be safe.
Rick O’Dell

Todd Rundgren Recruits Guest Artists for Democratic Campaign Anthem 
Todd Rundgren and some well known guest artists are re-recording his 1973 anthem “Just One Victory” and giving it away for free to Democrats throughout the US running for public office this year. So far Joe Walsh, Daryl Hall, and Paul Shaffer have already agreed to join the effort along with producer Don Was. The idea was suggested by former Bearsville Records executives Paul Fishkin and Marc Nathan.
“Just One Victory” originally appeared as the final track on Rundgren's critically acclaimed 1973 album, A Wizard, a True Star.
Rundgren hopes that other notable artists sign on as well. “Let's go for 'We Are the World,'” he recently told Andy Greene of Rolling Stone. “Not many people know about it at this particular moment, especially because just as we were getting into the project this huge distraction [of the virus] came along. We are waiting for everyone to settle down from that before we refocus on the political and start actively soliciting some performances.”
Guest artists on the song don't need to be musicians or even musically inclined. Once the song is recorded any Democrat will be able to use the song for free. “It's really the kind of thing to get people hyped up and ready to go out and vote,” Rundgren says.
Read the recent interview Todd Rundgren did with Andy Greene of Rolling Stone:

Hi Kent,
One radio station I’d recommend for readers to listen to online is They primarily play music from the 80s, but two of my favorite shows that play older material air on Sundays.
From 2:00 - 5:00 PM Central, you can listen to The Doo-Wop Stop, a syndicated show hosted by Bob “Cool Bobby B” Backman. Following that, from 5:00 - 11:00 PM Central is The Dusty Rhodes Show. His show features music from the 50s - 70s and is always a good listen. He’s been on the air since 1961, and sometimes will include vintage radio clips on his program.
Both shows feature a nice mix of big hits and lesser-known songs.
Colin Donahue

Here are a few more radio streams to help ward off Corona-Cabin Fever" …
• (CKLW/Detroit Tribute Site)
• (WIXY/Cleveland Tribute Site
And my "Every-Other Wednesday Night" show (a.k.a. The Vinyl Arkhives on has been sidelined as well until further notice.  I wound up being the last LIVE show on the station on the 25th.  That episode (and future episodes when available) can be heard at the website by going to LISTEN -> ON DEMAND -> ARCHIVES -> click on Mar 25 and The Vinal ArKhives will be at the top of the list.
-- Uncle T. Jay
Unfortunately, we’re seeing this more and more, too … studios are shutting down as a means of social distancing and keeping things clean.  (I guess it’s different if you can actually broadcast your program from the confines of your own home … and some of the jocks on our list can and do!)
Meanwhile, radio becomes a more vital source than ever as far as being able to give us to the minute updates … something that is EXTREMELY difficult to do in this day of voice-tracking and pre-recorded, syndicated programs … ‘cause let’s face it, we really need BOTH … new updates to keep us advised of what new regulations may be going into place … and music to free us from the mental burden these news updates continue to give us!  (kk)

Hi Kent –
You might like to mention this link to your readership …
I have mentioned Bernie Keith to you before as he has a rock “n” roll show every Saturday night on Northampton local BBC radio. This link is to the show he did this past Saturday and can be listened to for thirty days after it has been transmitted. This week he was on air for four hours, normally it is only two hours.
Take care and stay safe,
Rockin’ Lord Geoff (In England)

Hey Kent,
Hope you, Frannie and your family are well.
I listen to podcasts a lot, and I really like is Gilbert Godfrey's Amazing Colossal Podcast. He (and Frank, his co-host) feature episodes with some of our favorites from "back in the day," including Tommy James, Neil Sedaka, Peter Asher and many more.
This last week was Peter Noone. Excellent interview, funny and insightful and Frank really digs deep with his subject matter. Highly recommended for you and the followers of your blog!
Bob Burns
I know you’ve mentioned before how entertaining these shows are … guess I’ll have to check it out.  (Not a big Gilbert Godfrey fan … but if he plays it straight without all the annoying nuances he uses in his voice I can probably handle it … especially with a guest lineup like this!  Thanks, Bob!  (kk)

Hey, I just noticed that I can say "Hey Siri, play Rewound Radio," and she does it!  She will also do that with Oldies America. Does anyone else have other Oldies stations that work?

Plus, I just wanted to add my vote for the Double-Sided weekend on METVFM.
I thought it was great, and I loved the ones I didn't expect.
Bill Scherer …
Still alive in MN  

And a final smile from Frank B. (by way of Wild Wayne):