Friday, September 8, 2023


OK, it's gotta be one of the coolest videos ever ...

And 60+ years in, The Rolling Stones are still making their mark!

Even after only hearing the 6-second teaser they posted a week ago, I already thought "Angry" was probably their catchiest hook since "Start Me Up" back in 1981!  (The fact that it's been 18 YEARS since The Stones have released an album of all new, original material speaks volume in and of itself!)
Clark Besch weighs in on their interview with Jimmy Fallon, broadcast live around the world yesterday morning ...   

I hope any Stones fans got to view this live interview because it was AWESOME!  
For promoting their new song "Angry," it sure was a hilarious interview!  The boys were on their quick witted best and made you wish John and Paul could have been this happy beside each other. 

They spoke of their new LP and about recording two tracks with Charlie Watts before his passing ... and one of those has Bill Wyman!  
[We're talking about a full-blown, official reunion of four of the original Rolling Stones, recorded in 2019 - kk]
Of course, over the top Fallon had to get them to sing Off the Hook with Fallon singing the lead.  The only ego NOT in check here was Jimmy.

They had all kinds of great comments and it was great to see them all seemingly in great spirits and health!  They said they recorded 23 songs (of which half are on the new LP I guess), making me think this should have been the 2-LP "Stones White Album."  The Beatles gave us "Misery" and now the Stones gave us "Angry."

IF you watched and waited, you heard what I would have called "Another Stone in the Wall" type music for five minutes when they premiered the song "Angry" video.  It resembled some crap Pink Floyd-like 40 year old boring dreck.  The comments were saying stuff like "I'm outta here" and "THIS makes me angry."  It was horrible for five minutes and I was thinking "This cannot be the first single from this LP can it?"  Then, after many had tuned out, the actual song and video started, making me think "They wanted us to get Angry BEFORE they played the song!"  BRILLIANT!!!

The song itself is straight ahead rock n roll and not bad at all.  The best was the interview.  Just a blast of great fun for 20 minutes.
Clark Besch 

Incredibly, on Monday when the Fallon teaser was first released, announcing that he would be hosting their official launch party, we posted that promo clip of The Stones calling Jimmy Fallon on his official, secret Rolling Stones Hotline to ask him to help them launch the blitz for their brand new album, "Hackney Diamonds," now officially out October 20th ... 

It was actually a pretty funny and clever three minute clip ... and definitely worth seeing.

But before we even knew it, that clip was then automatically replaced with the then live broadcast of a very entertaining interview about the new LP.  So the Rolling Stones / Jimmy Fallon interview was immediately posted on Forgotten Hits without me even knowing it!!!  (lol)  VERY cool!!!  

(Scroll back to yesterday's post and view the whole thing ... as Clark says, it really is quite a bit of fun.)

As for the new album, we can't wait to hear the whole thing ... and pre-ordered it immediately!  

The Rolling Stones ... still blowing us away, some 60 years on!  (kk)

And leave it to Chuck Buell to crack us up at the end of what proved to be a VERY long day ...

A day late and a dollar short ... the story of my life!  (kk)

SHOOT! NOW I Found It For Him!

Thursday, September 7, 2023


Chuck Buell is “In the House!”


Not surprisingly, the overwhelming success of the “Barbie” movie has triggered movie marketing mania everywhere with a myriad of Barbie Products, Restaurant Barbie Tie-ins to Retail Stores’ Barbie D├ęcors!


And now this!


The “Barbie House” in Hudson, Wisconsin!


This is a real house bathed in “Barbie Pink” Inside and Out!

And, it’s also an Airbnb with rentals available by the day, the week or the month. And upon further investigation, I found one can actually rent it by the hour for $150!  Now that just “sounds” so Barbie wrong on so many levels!


But nevertheless, for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in “Barbie Pretty in Pink,” this is one way to go!


Then there’s this! Here’s a photo of Kent with the star of the film, Margot Robbie, at Chicago’s Navy Pier sporting their Iconic Barbie Striped Swimsuits during her Windy City visit for the Chicago Premier of her movie!


You don’t think they turned heads!

But circling back around to “The Barbie House,” here’s my “Barbie Houses Chuck Buell Minute Medley!”



CB ( which stands for Barbie “Carnation-Pink Boy!” )


P.S. Somehow it just seems appropriate with a story about the Barbie Movie starring Margot Robbie, a picture of her should also be included!


So here you go!


I have to admit that I barfed a little bit after seeing all that Barbie Pink ... 

But recovered nicely once I got to the above Margot Robbie pic.

(I'd like to say seeing her has a calming effect on me ...

But it's quite the OPPOSITE, to tell you the truth!!!)  kk 


Now be a good journalist and feature what so many others are currently enjoying and are interested in and for a reward I'll buy you some Pure Pink Sugar Cotton Candy, Sweet Pink Dubble Bubble Bubblegum and Sugary Pink Wedding Cake Buttercream Frosting!
Your Secret Friend,
(Now go take a good, strong shot of . . . . . Pepto Bismol!)
I offered to take the girls to see the Barbie movie each of these past two weekends ... but got no takers!  (And this is much more geared toward THEIR audience than mine!!!)

Guess I'll just have to wait for it to hit cable ... because after all THIS hype, how can you NOT watch it?!?!  (kk)

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Stuck In The Middle (of the Week) With You

The Rolling Stones will do a live streaming promotional piece this morning, hosted by Jimmy Fallon, to announce their new album “Hackney Diamonds.”  (Fans can watch live on YouTube at 9:25 am Eastern.)  This promo clip was released on Monday Morning …

Timmy sent us some photos of Gary Wright with George Harrison to share …

Their bond solidified during the recording of George’s “All Things Must Pass” album, when George came to his defense during a Phil Spector session. 

Wright would later recall the incident this way …

Producer Phil Spector’s voice rang out from the control room into the studio where all the musicians were: 'Wait a minute, wait a minute; who’s that on the Wurlitzer piano making all those mistakes?' Devastated and utterly embarrassed, I meekly raised my hand and said, 'Sorry it’s me, Gary. I’m still learning the structure of the song.' George immediately walked over to me and said consolingly, “Take all the time you need, we’re in no rush.” He was so kind at that moment; I immediately felt a rapport with him."

They would go on to play on each other’s albums for several years to come.  (kk)

kk …

I Just Got A Call From DJ Kojak …

Larry Chance, Lead Singer Of The Earls, Died ... 83 Years Old.

Kojak's 1960's Jukebox Revue Was Going To Be About Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil.

It has been Canceled ... Remember Then Radio Shutting Down For 24 Hours.


I got the chance to visit a little bit with Larry Chance when he and The Earls played at The Arcada Theatre a few years back.  A very good, well-seasoned performer, who really knows how to play to the crowd.

Yes, The Earls only had one hit … but it was a big one … and “Remember Then” has gone on to be the theme song for more than a few oldies radio programs.  (kk)

Here's my tribute to Larry Chance ...

Larry's Gone - His Music Will Live On.

Don K. Reed Will MC a Concert That's Heavenly.

Larry & Willie Will Sing "LIFE IS BUT A DREAM" / A Duet We'll Never Forget / 

One Fast & One Slow - That Much I Know.

The Platters Will Sing "REMEMBER WHEN" After Larry Sings "REMEMBER THEN."

We'll All Sing "CRY-CRY-CRY" As We Look Up Towards The Sky.

Larry Palumbo & Larry Chance Will Sing "I BELIEVE" At The Heavenly Dance.

My "EYES" Are Full Of Tears. 

Although We Never Met, I Feel Like I Know You All These Years.

As Larry Sings "REMEMBER ME BABY" I Say For Sure --- Not Maybe.


Proud Member Of The Larry Chance Fan Club

About a month back we told you about Bruce Belland’s fascinating -- and very funny -- memoir Icons, Idols and Idiots of Hollywood, noting it would be coming out in September. The book is now available … and one of those stories is, of course, about the creation of The Four Preps’ most resonant hit, “26 Miles (Santa Catalina).” Bruce was inspired to write the song years before he and co-composer Glen Larson authored it. His family hadn’t yet moved to Southern California from Chicago but 10-year old Bruce, a Chicago Cubs fan, found out the team spent spring training on the island before the war. The Cubs, like the island, was owned by chewing gum magnate William Wrigley. 


Once Bruce relocated to Los Angeles (West Hollywood, be specific), his obsession with Catalina grew, as it was visible from the beach where he body surfed as a young teen.  After The Four Preps came together for a talent show at Hollywood High and were signed to Capitol Records, the fabled island became the subject of the group’s breakthrough hit shortly thereafter. 


In 1958, the Preps’ record had a 20-week run on Billboard’s chart and reached #2 and stayed there for three weeks.  Records that kept it out of the top spot were “Sugartime” by the McGuire Sisters, “Catch A Falling Star” by Perry Como and “Don’t” by Elvis Presley just before he was drafted.  The Four Preps, by the way, all served (together!) in the Air National Guard. 


Things are about to come full circle: this Saturday, September 9th, Bruce returns to the island to participate in The Catalina Museum for Art and History’s 70th Anniversary gala, at which he’ll be signing copies of Icons, Idols and Idiots of Hollywood, with sales to benefit the museum. 


Bruce’s close relationship with Catalina is underscored by this photo of a recent visit to the Museum’s Four Preps / 26 Miles display that is part of its permanent exhibition.  He composed the song on the ukulele in the center and that’s him, second from right, with his fellow Preps. We’ve pasted the book’s one-sheet below. 


Bob Merlis


I just started reading Bruce’s book and am thoroughly enjoying it -

He’s a great storyteller 

(Who knew The Four Preps were this cool!!!)  kk

I knew when I was a kid, based on hearing “More Money For You and Me"



A very sincere “Thank You” to each and every one who played a part in making WLS/WCFL Rewound a reality again in 2023.  Labor Day Weekend was truly a Labor of Love Weekend as people all over the nation helped to make this happen.  

Whether you are a listener, a radio personality, a tech person, a music person, or just one who loves to have fun, we hope that WLS/WCFL Rewound and Rewound Radio made you smile as you felt your memories come back to life in 2023.  Thanks for being a part of this “virtual radio reunion”.

Hope to “see” you all again next year.

Ted Gorden Smucker

I was able to listen to considerably more of the weekend than I thought I would be able to … and am already thinking about things we can do NEXT year to make things even more exciting!  (kk)

I read in Forgotten Hits this morning where Ted Smucker told you ~~~


"Next year marks WLS' 100th Anniversary."


Wow, I did NOT realize that!


A Century of Moos, Moo-sic, and Moods!


C Dah-B!


It's True!!!

Radio station WLS — for “world's largest store” — was started by Sears, Roebuck & Co. in 1924. Their first broadcast was on April 12th of that year.  

Four years later, Sears sold it to the Prairie Farmer newspaper, which made its Barn Dance a national hit.

Labor Day itself was the day I was able to put Rewound on and have it playing in the background while I "worked(?)" around the house. 
Of course I loved the music, but was so able to fall into the realm of "past lives" that I needed to remind myself that it was NOT the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Nixon was NOT president, and (looking at the sky) there was not a 40% chance of rain. Do they even use percent anymore when talking about weather? It seems it was hip and vogue and then died a quick death.

Oh and I received an email from my former boyfriend that day ... the one I mentioned in the Peter and Paul review. Really a throwback day. I better be careful who I mention from now on. There are some people I do not want to pull back in.


What I really enjoy about these flashbacks is the deejay patter ... and the commercials and references to products and places that don't even exist anymore.  The music I can listen to anytime (and let's face it, AM Radio was pretty repetitious in that regard) ... but the little gems that aired BETWEEN the music were every bit as fascinating for me.  (Do we REALLY have to wait a whole year again now till this happens again?!?!)  kk

ACTUALLY NO ... EVERY Saturday Rewound Radio features the DJ Hall Of Fame, playing vintage clips by some of the most famous jocks in Top 40 Radio History.  And then, immediately afterwards, Allan Sniffen does his live show.

Things kick off every Saturday at Noon Eastern ... and run for about three hours before Allan takes over.  Check it out!  Chicago wasn't the only city playing great Top 40 Radio!  (kk)

Micky Dolenz is set for Chris Carter's KLOS' Breakfast with The Beatles on Sunday, September 17th. This show will be broadcast from LA's Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood and Highland; and then, Dolenz will also appear as a guest of KTLA's AM show, Wednesday, September 20th, with Sam Rubin.


I went to a pool party over the weekend and the music being played was on a Pandora Deep Cuts Station or something like that. You could kind of tell by the sound of the songs which band recorded them, but you had no idea as you could not see the iPhone screen in the bright sun. So my guess is that I did not own any of these albums.

After about four hours of this, two songs came on that I was familiar with back to back … A Town I’d Like to Go Back To and The Warm by The Cryan’ Shames.

The songs did not sound exactly right and I went over to the speakers in order to hear them better. Sure enough, they were not the exact same songs recorded on the albums and singles.

My question is …

Where do these songs come from?

They are obviously unreleased recordings and how do these internet music apps acquire them?

Robert Campbell

Wow, I have no idea … but we have long discussed this fear here in Forgotten Hits that the people PROGRAMMING these stations have become so young that most of them have absolutely connection to the music … and wouldn’t know if they were playing the right version or not. 

And the fact that so many of these “alternate takes” now find their place on to new CD releases and compilation sets as “bonus tracks,” that somebody not paying attention (or simply using the “shuffle” feature) could just as easily program the wrong tracks for broadcast.  (Just for the heck of it, I looked at my copies of The Cryan’ Shames albums and checked to see if any alternate take bonus tracks were included … and only “The Warm” is featured in both its LP and 45 variations … nothing extra noted about “The Town I’d Like To Go Back To.”

Anybody else got any ideas on this one???  (kk)

Johnny B remembers one of his encounters with Jimmy Buffett …

Jimmy Buffett on the Jonathon Brandmeier Show Live at the Skyline Stage Navy Pier - Chicago!  

Jimmy rolls up on his bicycle at 7 AM, walks out to the jampacked audience, and plays "Stumpo El Bando" where Parrottheads try to see if Jimmy can remember and play his own songs!  He did and he didn’t!  The show ends with Jimmy singing one of his classics! 

It was one beautiful crazy Chicago morning, with one of the nicest human beings and entertainers I've had the great pleasure to know!  He will be sorely missed.

n  Johnny B
.... "our lives change like the weather, but a legend never dies" -- Jimmy Buffett

Timmy also sent us this photo of Jimi Hendrix, playing at a KRLA-sponsored gig in 1969 …


A weird one ...

What other musicians are onstage with Jimi here?



Which inspired some more dialog along the way …


The bass player looked like Carl Radel and it looked like the back of Delaney so I looked up “Delaney and Bonnie KRLA event with Jimi Hendrix” and found this:


A few more pics from the same gig …


I asked our resident Jimi Hendrix expert, Ken Voss (who publishes the awesome online Jimi Hendrix newsletter/fanzine "Voodoo Child") if he could she any light on this concert event ... and here's what he came back with ...


The date was actually March 30, 1969 ...

Hendrix jams with Delaney & Bonnie at their concert at the Teen Expo concert at the Hollywood Paladium, doing “Room Full of Mirrors” and an untitled blues jam. Jimi was using a borrowed Strat from a Fender booth. He is jamming with Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, which included Carl Radle on bass, Jim Gordon on drums and Bobby Keys on sax.  

Hendrix historian Dave Pearcy tells the story (two parts) -  &


Thanks, Ken!  (kk) 



I don't know about you, but when I saw and played CB's September songs, the first one I thought of was Neil Sedaka's CALENDAR GIRL where September lights up when she's sweet 16. Also, somewhat Jimmy Durante's SEPTEMBER SONG in 1963.


And a belated Happy Birthday to Freddy Mercury (who would have turned 77 yesterday)

(courtesy of Mike Wolstein)

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Labor Day Weekend ... Summer's Over

A Reflection from our in-Resident ... ah ... Reflector, Chuck Buell ...

The Kids are Back in School . . .'

The last Summer Bar-B-Que has Bar-B-Qued . . .

Rewound Radio’s Labor Day Weekend Special has Come and Gone . . .

Stores are selling Halloween, Thanxgiving, and Christmas Decorations.

Summer is Unofficially Officially Over.  [ sigh ]


















But it’s not all sad . . .   


I will not miss . . .


Mediocre Ice Cream eaten from a Wet Paper Cup with a Wooden Spoon that tastes like a Medical Tongue depressor!














Personally judging that Famous Fashion Disaster worn by others, Sandals with Socks















Summer Holidays’ Forecasts that say, “Possible Light Afternoon Showers!”













And . . . Public Unisex Bathrooms!
























For we now have now entered September, the month those Forgotten Hits sang about last Spring and was what then a time far off in the future.


And now with about 290 Days until the beginning of Summer 2024 in my mind, and that there are others who look forward to September for their own personal reasons, here’s my “Summer’s Over Chuck Buell Minute Medley.”



CB ( which stands for “Contemplation Boy!” )



We heard the rumors all day long ... but nothing to OFFICIALLY announce the death of Gary Wright.  Even late Monday night, most of the headlines read that he "reportedly died"


But when we saw postings by some of his friends saying goodbye, we pretty much knew it was true ... and official.


After co-founding the rock band Spooky Tooth, Gary made quite a name for himself as a session keyboardist ... and buddied up with George Harrison, who produced some of Gary's solo tracks once he went off on his own.  (Wright returned the favor by playing on some of George's albums, including "All Things Must Pass.")


Wright hit pay dirt three times on the pop charts, first hitting #1 with his debut solo single, "Dream Weaver" in 1976.  He followed that up with a #2 showing for "Love Is Alive" later that year (from the same album.) 


And then five years later he was back in The Top 20 with the #16 Hit "Really Wanna Know You." 

Gary had been having health issues for the past few years, having to cancel several gigs along the way (including one appearance that we were supposed to see as part of Jim Peterik's annual World Stage show.)  He also made several appearances over the years as a member of Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band.

I remember seeing Gary Wright for the very first time on The Dick Cavett Show when he was booked as the musical guest (at George's urging) during an appearance by George Harrison, who had come on the program to promote the upcoming "Concert For Bangla Desh" concert soundtrack album.  (George "mysteriously" sat in with the band during Gary's performance.)

One of the lines that cracked me up that night as George kicked into full promotional mode was when Cavett mentioned something about having John and Yoko on his program recently to promote something THEY were doing (most likely John's "Sometime In New York City" album), George responded by saying, "Yes, I've learned a lot from the Lennons."  (kk)


Did you get a chance to listen to any of the WLS / WCFL Rewound Labor Day Weekend radio special?

Kent ...
I couldn't turn it off!  
I've been running it around the clock since Saturday morning on my little neighborhood FM station here in suburban Detroit.  It is a freaking masterpiece!  ART
Art Vuolo Jr.
Radio's Best Friend
Due to a constantly changing and evolving schedule this past weekend,, I got to listen to a lot more of it than I thought I would be able to.
My favorite hour was at 5 am Chicago time on Monday ... my alarm went off as it always does ... but since there was no work this past Monday, I was able to just lie there in bed and listen to the whole hour.
Of all things, it was an hour of Robert E. Lee filling in for vacationing Art Roberts, now doing mornings at WCFL ...  an hour I probably wouldn't even have bothered with when it first came on back in 1971!
However, I was astounded and transfixed ...
It was proof once again that back then, there was no etched-in-stone, set-formula that radio had to follow ... and in the course of the SAME hour ... the SAME hour mind you!!! ... I was able to hear ...
The Donnie Elbert version of "Where Did Our Love Go," one of my favorite Forgotten Hits, "Don't Say You Don't Remember" by Beverly Bremers, "Cherish" by David Cassidy ... a commercial for one of the great cult-favorite movies "Harold And Maude," the JERRY LEE LEWIS version of "Me And Bobby McGee," Roberta Flack's soft and sensuous take on "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," "Stones" by Neil Diamond, a Coca Cola commercial sung by Tammy Wynette (!), another GREAT Forgotten Hit, "Five Hundred Miles" by Heaven Bound (which flopped nationally but went to #5 on the WCFL chart ... I don't think WLS even played this one!!!) ... followed by my all-time favorite New Colony Six song, "Long Time To Be Alone."  Before the hour was over, Robert E. Lee also played "Kiss An Angel Good Morning" and the track "Tomorrow" from the then brand-new, debut Wings album!!!
Throw in a couple of oldies ("It Hurts To Be In Love" by Gene Pitney and "You Were On My Mind" by We Five) and the ONLY bona-fide, current Top 40 Hit played the entire hour was Don McLean's "American Pie!!!"  In the meantime, listeners were treated to ALL of these obscurities in THE SAME HOUR, exactly as it was first broadcast on December 21st, 1971!!!  Pretty frickin' amazing!!!

    UPDATE:  I just HAD to know how all of these rarities fared on The WCFL Survey back then ... that was just SO many obscurities in the same hour!

    "Where Did Our Love Go" by Donnie Elbert peaked at #3 on the WCFL chart (and #15 nationally); "Don't Say You Don't Remember" reached #4 (#13); "Cherish" hit #3 (#3); "Me And Bobby McGee" went to #25 (#40); "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" never actually charted on 'CFL (#49 in Record World ... but only #76 in Billboard);  "Stones" to #7 (#10); "Five Hundred Miles" #5 (#79); "Long Time To Be Alone" went to #13 (#93 ... and I remember the back of an old WCFL survey showing it in The Top Ten in Hawaii!) and "Kiss An Angel Good Morning" #9 (#19).  (The national peaks for each of these records is shown in red ... again, proving that WCFL was charting its own course, REGARDLESS of what the national trades were promoting as "the hits.")

    Talking with Ted Gorden Smucker during the weekend broadcast, he reminded me that next year marks WLS' 100th Anniversary ... so all kinds of really cool options exist to make for a very special celebration.  Can't wait!!!  (kk)