Saturday, April 13, 2013

Imagine The Beatles ... Watching The Beatles!!!

We all remember the experience of watching The Beatles for the very first time on The Ed Sullivan Show. For most of us, it was a life-changing experience that we will never forget.

But have you ever wondered what it must have been like to actually have BEEN a Beatle ... and watch clips of those vintage performances again?

In our heavy, video-centric week of music, we couldn't resist posting these as a Saturday bonus.

Odds are most of you have never seen them ... and,  once again ... they're just too cool not to share!


In other Beatles-related news ...


Heritage Auction House Appraisers, Who Auctioned Signed ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ Album for

$300,000, to Value Attendees’ Music Memorabilia at Greater Philadelphia Expo Center 

PHILADELPHIA (April 8, 2013) – The same appraisers who just one week ago curated and hosted the record-breaking auction for the beautifully autographed BeatlesSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album are coming to Philadelphia to look for the next big item to be auctioned off for big money.

Garry Shrum and Jim Steele from Heritage Auctions will appear at the PA SPRING MUSIC EXPLOSION on Saturday, May 4th from 10 am – 6 pm and Sunday, May 5th from 10 am – 4 pm at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, 100 Station Ave., Oaks, PA (PA Turnpike to Route 202S to Route 422W). Admission is FREE. Shrum and Steele will give appraisals to attendees at the event for a small donation to charity as well as search for unique and collectible items for future Heritage auctions.

Described as one of the best signed Beatles albums of all time, bidding for the ultra rare Sgt. Pepper’s album, signed by all four Beatles, started at $15,000 as Heritage Auctions estimated the final price to sell for “only” $30,000. But when the bidding closed on March 30, the final selling price was just shy of $300,000…..a new world record for a Beatles record!

Garry Shrum, well-known and respected by collectors and professional peers on two continents, has been Heritage Auctions’ primary music expert since 2004. Jim Steele has been a Consignment Director for Heritage Auctions since 2001, working for both the company’s Entertainment & Music, and for the Comics & Comic Art venues. He is Heritage Auctions’ primary cataloger for music memorabilia.

The PA SPRING MUSIC EXPLOSION is a FREE event for entire family, featuring the largest CD, record, video, music memorabilia and pop culture collectibles store in the world. Hundreds of vendors from around the world and virtually every Rock & Pop lifestyle collectible will be available to buy, sell & trade. It’s the most comprehensive collection of music items ever assembled under one roof – new and used, rare, collectible, and common records, CD's, DVD’s, tapes, 45's, 12-inch singles, posters, T-Shirts, books and memorabilia in all types of music, including: rock, metal, jazz, R&B, alternative, classical, new age, blues, soul, show, soundtracks, folk, comedy, disco, new releases, imports, out of print, and much more. The PA SPRING MUSIC EXPLOSION also features celebrity guest appearances by the likes of Vince Martell of the Vanilla Fudge, returning by popular demand for the third straight year, and more to be announced – meeting fans, signing autographs, and posing for photo opportunities.

* * *


The largest CD, record, video, music memorabilia and pop culture collectibles store in the world. Hundreds of vendors from around the world and virtually every Rock & Pop lifestyle collectible available to buy, sell & trade. the most comprehensive collection of music items ever assembled under one roof – new and used, rare, collectible, and common records, CD's, DVD’s, tapes, 45's, 12-inch singles, posters, T-Shirts, books and memorabilia in all types of music, including: rock, metal, jazz, R&B, alternative, classical, new age, blues, soul, show, soundtracks, folk, comedy, disco, new releases, imports, out of print, and much more.

WHEN: Saturday, May 4, 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday, May 5, 10 am - 4 pm

100 Station Ave., Oaks, PA

(PA Turnpike to Route 202S to Route 422W)

WHO: Celebrity guest appearances, autograph signings, photo opportunities and memorabilia appraisals by:

Garry Shrum & Jim Steele from Heritage Auctions

Vince Martell of the Vanilla Fudge

MORE to be announced!


INFO: (973) 209-6067 or

See, THIS is the kind of stuff VH-1 Classics should be covering with their new "For What It's Worth" program ... special events like this ... send their reps out to record shows and used record stores ... nostalgia shops ... vintage toys ... visit with collectors (mail order guys or eBay experts) ... cover things like special auctions (imagine what they could do with Sothebys!) ... special events like Beatlefest or the recent Monkees Festival ... instead of the boring crap they're doing now.  They've really missed the boat on this one ... as there is a very definite audience out there PRIMED to see a show that truly focuses on the collectors.  (kk)


By the way, April 10th marked another Beatles anniversary of sorts ... that's the day that Paul McCartney broke the news of their break-up by releasing an interview announcing his new solo album ("McCartney") and stating that the band had no plans of recording together again. (Not a HAPPY anniversary ... but an anniversary nonetheless.)  

And, speaking of The Beatles ... and Paul McCartney ... here's some brand new Paul McCartney news ... 

Re-release of Paul McCartney & Wings’ groundbreaking 1976 live album Wings Over America containing bonus material (May 27th)

DVD release of the live concert film Rockshow documenting the band’s epic Wings over the World tour across America (June 10th)

Theatrical release of Rockshow and an exclusive VIP premiere screening – featuring an introduction by Paul – at BAFTA (May 15th)

NEW YORK (April 9, 2013)--This Spring will see another chapter unfold in the life of Wings, the UK rock group formed by Paul McCartney after the break-up of The Beatles – and one of the most successful bands the UK has ever produced.
Wings Over America
First, the historic live album, which documented the band’s triumphant 1976 tour across North America, will be reissued in a range of formats. Fans and hardcore devotees alike will be especially thrilled with the stunning four-book, four-disc (3 CD, 1 DVD) Deluxe Edition Box Set. The box set’s superior audio and video include the two-disc Wings Over America album remastered at Abbey Road, a bonus audio disc recorded live at San Francisco’s Cow Palace, a bonus DVD containing the rarely seen 75-minute television special “Wings over the World’’ and the photo gallery montage entitled “Photographer’s Pass.” Moreover, the Deluxe Edition Box Set contains four exquisitely rendered art books packaged with an incredible array of exclusive memorabilia, souvenirs, mementos, keepsakes and never-before-seen photos and art work from this historic tour. The spectacular 110-page commemorative tour book beautifully recounts the behind-the-scenes drama through dozens of live performances and backstage photos along with new interviews and liner notes from eminent music journalist David Fricke. The Wings Over America leatherette-bound “Tour Itinerary” contains extravagant memorabilia including printed 8x10 glossy band photos, a backstage guest pass, facsimiles of the invitation to the infamous end-of-tour party at the Harold Lloyd Estate in Beverly Hills along with Wings over America concert tickets, original album art work, tour posters, set lists, lyrics, press materials and much more. “Look”, the box set’s warm and intimate book of Linda McCartney photography features Paul and the band in their everyday life as they made their way across the country in the spring of ’76. Lastly, the set contains “The Ocean View,” an extraordinary hardbound compendium of drawings and sketches by artist Humphrey Ocean that captures the band on tour in relaxed and revealing ways. A striking artistic achievement in and of itself, the audacious Wings over America Deluxe Edition Box Set is a must have for any McCartney enthusiast.
Rockshow DVD Release
Second, for the first time a DVD will be released by Eagle Rock of the live concert film Rockshow which was shot in 1975 and 1976 when Paul McCartney & Wings undertook the epic Wings over the World tour which was the largest-scale tour they would ever undertake as a band. Packed with all the classic Wings hits - plus some of The Beatles’ and Paul’s solo classics - the film is released on both DVD and Blu-ray formats. Although filmed on this tour at the enormous Kingdome in Seattle, Rockshow, originally a cut down version of the concert, was not premiered until November 1980 in New York and April 1981 in London. It was originally released on Betamax (later on laserdisc) but it’s only now that the complete full-length concert is being made available fully restored from the original 35mm film and with restored & remastered sound, including a 5.1 mix for the first time.
Rockshow Theatrical Release
And then third, but by no means least, Eagle Rock has partnered with distributors Specticast who are releasing the film theatrically worldwide for a “one night only” event on May 15th (see here for more details: – meaning the film will be shown in more than 500 cinemas across the world! The theatrical release features an exclusive introduction with Paul McCartney, but there will also be an exclusive VIP premiere screening of Rockshow, with Paul in attendance and introducing the film, at BAFTA on May 15, 2013 in London.
For Wings across America, Paul brought with him one the most sophisticated and dazzling rock shows of the mid-Seventies (it was a time when nobody worried about extravagance or expense) and the band would eventually perform to more than 600,000 people at 31 shows in the US and Canada, ending with three mind-bending nights at The Forum in Los Angeles. It’s no exaggeration to say that the demand that greeted Paul McCartney & Wings (Linda McCartney, Joe English, Denny Laine and Jimmy McCulloch) in the spring of 1976 as they embarked on what would become their one and only North American tour was overwhelming. Having released four consecutive chart busting albums including Red Rose Speedway, Band on the Run, Venus and Mars and Wings at the Speed of Sound – not to mention 1973’s Academy Award-winning James Bond theme “Live and Let Die” – Paul’s solo career was in full flight… and having not performed in the States for 10 years either solo or with The Beatles, excitement had reached fever pitch.
Now Paul gives fans the chance to be able to immerse themselves in a concert that is destined to live forever.

And, all these years later, Paul is STILL touring!  
It looks like he's just added some US Dates to his "Out There" World Tour!
The show now stops in Orlando, Florida on May 18th, Austin, Texas on May 22nd, Memphis, Tennessee on May 26th, Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 29th, Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts on July 9th, Washington, DC on July 12th and Seattle, Washington on July 19th.  Check the website link above (for for more information and updates.

John Lennon's SON, Julian, has turned 50 on April 8!
Here's an article:
That is interesting on the ups and downs of Julian's life, the subject of a fave Beatles tune, "Hey Jude" (shortened, but for written for Julian).
He has a new CD coming and if it is anything like the song in the article, it might be great.
The song you can watch at:
"Someday" features Steven Tyler of Aerosmith as co-vocalist. I love the song. You will catch lyrics from the Beatles tune "Baby You're a Rich Man" throughout and orchestral music reminiscent of "Blue Jay Way" or "I Am The Walrus" Beatles tunes. Coincidently, all three Beatles tunes are from the 1968 (45 years ago itself this year!) album "Magical Mystery Tour" of which the film has just been remastered and released in the past month or two!
Pretty cool stuff.
If you have never heard Julian's "Valotte" first release in 1985, it is amazingly like John too.
Clark Besch  


I just returned from a weekend in Secaucus, NJ. WHY, you ask? Surely, I would! Well, it was the site for The Fest for Beatles Fans, 2013. What it gave me, was EXACTLY what I, as a teacher of music in the 20th Century, need: The transitional progress of notes, chords, drum beats, photos, and videos in that century ... AND ... CONCERTS! I cannot review all of the time I spent (13 hours on Saturday and 8 hours on Sunday) so I am scanning and sending parts of the program. And now Kent, it is up to you and the Chicago population to follow through this August with The Fest For Beatles Fans 2013; Midwest.


We went a few years ago (I still can't resist calling this Beatlefest ... I'll never understand why they changed the name!!!) The guest line-up typically changes from city to city ... but you saw some real good ones. (Billy J. Kramer I get ... but I'm a little bit shocked to see Peter Noone doing this!) We were VERY fortunate when we went to be able to catch one of the very last ever performances of the reunited Peter and Gordon ... they were excellent ... as was The Beatles tribute band, Liverpool. Always a fun time (I used to go every day of every year way back when ... I'm not sure I could do the 21 hours you did anymore!!!) ... Midwestern Beatles Fans can catch the convention here in Chi-Town on August 9th, 10th and 11th. The website says "details to come" but I know I received my flyer months ago! (kk)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ed Sullivan - Part 5

We ran a lengthy salute to The Ed Sullivan Show last year ...

The highlights of which are posted here:    
Click here: Forgotten Hits - FORGOTTEN HITS REMEMBERS THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW ... From Both Sides Of The Screen

We would love to add more artist memories to this site ... so please send us your recollections of this big-time moment in your lives!  

You'll also find our exclusive interview with Andrew Solt posted here:

And this week we've been saluting the SOFA / Ed Sullivan / YouTube Channel ... which just passed 25 Million Views ... by featuring 25 #1 Records as performed on The Ed Sullivan Show!   

And you can add these videos to your own personal collection!

All of the videos shown this week are available on home DVD through SOFA Entertainment ... you'll find lots of compilation editions available.  

Be sure to check out the complete list here:    
Click here: The Ed Sullivan Show - Official Website for DVD's, CD's & Videos

And we couldn't run this without a salute to The Beatles ... who broke the all-time ratings record for this program!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ed Sullivan - Part 4

The Ed Sullivan YouTube Channel just passed 25 Million Views ...

So we're celebrating all week long by playing back 25 #1 Records ...

As seen on The Ed Sullivan Show!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Ed Sullivan Show - Part 3

More #1 Videos from The Ed Sullivan Show!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More From The Ed Sullivan Show

All week long we're helping to celebrate SOFA Entertainment and their Ed Sullivan Show YouTube Channel passing 25 Million Views ...

By featuring 25 #1 Hits as seen on The Ed Sullivan Show!

Here are five more favorites:

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Ed Sullivan Show

We recently heard from Josh Solt about SOFA's Ed Sullivan YouTube Channel ...   

They've now passed 25 Million Views!!!  

To help celebrate, (and with Josh's kind permission), we're running clips of 25 #1 Songs as performed on "The Ed Sullivan Show" all week long in Forgotten Hits!  

Hi Kent,
Hope your site is growing nicely. I wanted to let you know that our YouTube channel has just surpassed 25 million views. Please feel free to embed some of our Ed Sullivan videos on your site.  
Also, we will be sharing this via our social media outlets.
Take care,
-- Josh Solt
SOFA Entertainment  

Congratulations, Josh ... this is GREAT news!!!  Readers are encouraged to check out the YouTube /  Ed Sullivan Channel Link supplied above ... as well as check back to our website all week long for more #1 Memories!  (kk)