Saturday, November 20, 2010

ON THE RADIO - More Of Your Radio Comments, Ideas And Memories

Regarding your latest Radio Rave-Out ... Amen, brother, Amen ...
I printed the whole column out so I can read and re-read, when I need to get my bearings.
Might I once again mention my two old-commercial pods? and If I could also plug my 2 daily blogs ... is aimed at Baby Boomers mostly ... and people who wish they were. And is more oriented toward where I grew up, the North Shore, north of Boston, but again I think has stuff of interest to Groovy Geezers and Baby-Go-Boomers from anywhere ... the light dawns on Marblehead ... thanx, kk!
-- stolf

Kudos to Jeff James, now handling mornings over at Y103.9. I just happened to be listening last week when he announced the next song as "going way back for something by The Everly Brothers", leading right into their 1957 #1 Hit "Wake Up Little Susie". As soon as the record started to play, however, it became PAINFULLY obvious that this was NOT the original hit version of the song, but rather a latter-day remake.
As faithful Forgotten Hits Readers already know, this is one of my MAJOR pet peeves ... ESPECIALLY when a radio station purported to be playing oldies doesn't catch mistakes like this ... but Jeff did ... and not only did he catch it, but by the third line of the song, he had already pulled the record off the air!!!
Before I could even call in to register a complaint (and offer a stern scolding), Jeff asked aloud, "Does that sound weird to anybody else but me?"
"I hate that," he continued. "This is why I'd rather play my 45's on the air than trust the computer to play a remake or a re-recording of something. Let's try this one instead" ... and then, without missing a beat, he went right into the CORRECT version of "Cathy's Clown".
How many listeners really would have noticed the first faux pas? In this day and age, when we're constantly being told by consultants and programmers that radio is nothing more than background noise for most listeners ... and far too many people AREN'T paying attention, probably not more than a handful would have recognized the error ... and fewer still would have cared about it. (Yeah I know, we're REAL anal that way!!! lol)
But I've got to give Jeff props for not allowing it to happen. (Hopefully, he's since fixed the computer so that the RIGHT version will play next time!!!) kk

And, speaking of Y103.9, we've received a couple of inquiries about Jim Shea, our radio buddy who Jeff James replaced in the mornings a few months back.

Here is the latest report on behalf of Team Shea:
Hi Kent!
I used to enjoy listening to Jim Shea in the morning on Y103.9.
I first discovered his program through your Forgotten Hits column and know that you appeared on his show a number of times and, from what I understand, were friendly with him off the air, too.
It's been several months now and I just wondered if you had heard any updates about where he may be working these days -- and if so, can we still tune in here in Chicago to listen? (Maybe he's streaming online?)
I always enjoyed Jim's sense of humor and thought he was very entertaining -- pretty much gave you all of the things one would expect on a morning show -- but he also seemed to have a genuine love and appreciation of this music, too, and he often had interesting guests on his program. He also liked to pick up causes, too, like preserving the end credits from the old Andy Griffith Show -- and recruited his listeners to rally around him in support of these quests. If you can supply a new "listen live" link, I'd love to tune in from time to time and give him a listen. And, if you talk to him anytime soon, please let him know that the regular listeners miss him!

Actually, I've talked to Jim a few times since he was let go from Y103.9 back in August. (Ironically, on my BIRTHDAY of all days!!!)
Unfortunately, for all of his fans out there, he's still off the air as of right now ... but the minute he lands somewhere, you can be sure that we will have ALL of the details here in Forgotten Hits.
(Fact is, it's been a tough time for good radio talent for a while ... SO much of what we hear up and down the radio dial now is pre-programmed, syndicated and voice-tracked, thanks to constant budget cuts and streamlining, that the local and spontaneous feel we came to enjoy on terrestrial radio is all but missing these days. Part of Jim's appeal, I think, was the fact that he could play the role of neighborhood community broadcaster one day and interview The Mayor of Crystal Lake, for example, and then visit with Tommy James the next and talk about his latest book and movie deal, exposing the true music enthusiast inside and handling BOTH of these interviews ... two extremes if there ever were one ... in a professional and entertaining manner. I really believe that Jim could talk to ANYBODY and carry on a "real", down-to-earth conversation.)
There is no question that Jim is a genuine fan of the music and loves playing to an audience and I really believe his dismissal came as a complete and total shock and surprise to him. (Budget cutbacks were cited as the reason at the time.)
I think he may be doing some stand-up comedy appearances in the interim (so you may want to keep on the look out for those) and I've also heard that he may have gone back to school to continue his education ... and while he says he's really not all that anxious to get back on the air, I personally believe he'd be there in a heartbeat if the right offer came along! It's what he does ... and he's good at it!
Regrets? He's got a few ... but then again, too few to mention. Let's face it, radio has ALWAYS been a tough gig ... listen to Phlash Phelps (on XM60's) rattle off all the different cities he's worked in over the years for just a small taste of what seems to be the "norm" in the radio biz. Here in Chicago, with SO many different radio choices, it wasn't at all uncommon for a jock to leave one station and turn up on another one a week later ... but for the most part, those days are gone. (Of course, it's a whole different thing when a jock chooses to make a move in an effort to reach a bigger audience ... but when it's a MANAGEMENT decision ... and no explanations are ever given or spoken about ... you cannot help but feel that you've lost contact with a person who was part of your life and your daily routine. All of a sudden, the guy who'd show up in your bedroom each morning to wake you up ... or who you would later invite into your kitchen, your car or your office every morning ... isn't there anymore ... and, most often, he never even got the chance to say goodbye.)
And that's what I sense bothers Jim Shea the most ... he thinks about all of the "regulars" who used to phone into the program all the time ... fans and friends ... people who you just knew were out there listening and participating never got proper "closure". Maybe Jim didn't know all of their names or their phone numbers or their email addresses ... but they were still part of the "family" that a good radio station develops between the on-air personalities and their listeners. I know that it bothers him that he never got the chance to say goodbye. (Honestly, if given the chance, I think he would have preferred to prepare a "farewell" show ... accept the cutback but have had the opportunity to bring it all to a grand finale and officially say goodbye ... the very "closure" that we spoke about.)
Anyway, I asked Jim if he might like to say a few words to our readers ... and here's what he came up with:
Hi Kent and the amazing host of readers,
Mr. Shea here!

First of all, is it me, or has Forgotten Hits been more amazing than ever of late?
C'mon readers ... give it up for KK!!

I know a lot of people (um like two, I think) are wondering what happened on August 27th at Y103.9 in gorgeous Crystal Lake, IL.
I was called in after the show and told that I was suddenly unaffordable.
Obviously, this was a bit of a jolt, seeing as how I've always prided myself on my affordability. Although I do realize that if we want to continue to compete abroad, we must cut costs. I understand that there are 12 year old Pakistani kids who crank out wonderful oldies morning shows for like 13 cents a day. The only snag is management doesn't like it when they leave the studio smelling like couscous.

I have no regrets or bad things to say at all. I consider my self self self ... the luckiest man man man ... on the face of the earth earth earth ... to ever get paid paid paid paid for screwing off all morning morning morning playing tunes tunes tunes and stealing office supplies plies plies.
And when I say no regrets that is to say that I have, well, one ... and that is the way it ended ... with no goodbyes.
Radio is about the weirdest business ever. Your job is literally to be everybody's best friend, for real ... the kind of best friend that you welcome into your homes and cars, the kind of best friend who brings you great music and celebrities and timely information in the morning ... the kind of best friend who leaves you one day without saying a word ... wait, what? I have no way of getting in touch with so many people I really miss.
Maybe they'll read this and contact me at ... maybe they already got bored and scrolled down to the item about Dick and Dee Dee, who knows?
Thank you for everything, Kent.
Having grown up in this greatest of all radio towns, you always give props to the great ones like Biondi, Lujack, Landecker, Winston, et al. Seeing my name in Forgotten Hits is almost like being mentioned in the same breath as those guys. I say almost, because generally people say those names, roll their eyes, take a deep breath, and say my name ... come to think of it, it's more like a gasp
Happy to pass this along, Jim ... hopefully some of your former listeners WILL drop you a line from time to time and stay in touch. (And likewise, you'll let US know when and where we can find you back on the air again!)
As I think you already know, you were the VERY first jock to put me on the radio a few years back when our series exposing the ways and means of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame infuriated knowledgeable music fans across the USA. Soon jocks all over the country were quoting from our columns and asking me to be a guest on their show ... at one point, I was actually having to take time off from work in order to appear on as many as seven different radio shows in the same day! But YOU were the first!
(That's right, folks, Jim Shea popped my radio cherry ... which, of course, is the bumper sticker that we BOTH proudly display on our vehicles to this very day! lol)
All kidding aside, that Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Series kicked Forgotten Hits up a few pegs ... (hell, it damn near made us famous! lol) ... and, timing being everything (as it so often is), right before the series ended we were able to announce both the launching of John Rook's brand new Hit Parade Hall Of Fame and then the RIDICULOUS scandal exposed by Roger Friedman of Fox News regarding The Dave Clark Five being removed from the ballot in favor of a RAP act (when Jann Wenner decided it was time to recognize Rap Music as a form of rock and roll).
So thank you, Jim, for your on-going help and your support ... and for inviting me back to your program so many times after that to discuss FAR less interesting topics!!! (lol)
I really do appreciate it!

Hi folks, this is Hoss!
The second half of my interview with Joyce Conroy on is going to be aired this evening, Saturday November 20, 2010 at 6:20 pm PST on The Block Party. (The program starts at 6:00 pm)
I will be back to share more funny and heartwarming stories when I was road manager for Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Blues Magoos and Herman's Hermits. Something strange was happening at the Blues Magoos concerts that I will enlighten you on.

It’s a rock and roll gathering of friends on “The Block Party” 91.1 FM (WHFC) and will enlighten you.
You will enjoy it. Send me an email if you liked it.
And from
Joyce Conroy91.1 FM WHFC:
Dear friends, this weekend on "The Block Party" I will be chatting with Mark Amans aka "Hoss". Hoss was the former road manager for Paul Revere and the Raiders. He has a new book coming out. So many funny stories he will share. It is a rock and roll gathering of friends.
The Block Party, Joyce Conroy spins "the platters that matter" from the 1950s, 60s and 70s.
Go to:

So many claim a large listening audience / response, but I sit patiently and watch them disappear from the "airwaves". Ex: R&B show at WIFI (local) - I sample, hear a bunch of obscurities; call in and suggest a familiar song occasionally; two weeks later - off the air. I observe Bob Mathers (a seasoned DJ) try his hand at internet radio and actual radio stations, (2) so far, playing this past music, even one radio station owned by Pat Sajak, and it seems it never goes well for him. I listen to WRDV and, while they claim Big Band music saved them, they, too, have to constantly change the shows, even "new wave" music, Saturday nights. I listen to Zoomer Radio out of Toronto, Canada, 740kHz, AM, and even they have to constantly change formats. Anyone can play this past music, but keeping it interesting enough, takes a lot of forethought. We have to face facts: With Every Mother's Son on the internet and college / university radio playing these "oldies", in the form of TV themes, stereo, obscurities, etc., people soon got tired of them. Look at the internet for chat forums = dead. I don't see anyone offering me a radio show, even though I could compile a more interesting one than most! :-)
Meanwhile, I get e-mails for financial support for these "oldies" radio shows, yet they claim tons of listeners / callers. All this together proves that this past music, while fine material, died a slow death years ago. Even I find it (radio) boring, because I never learn anything new. My personal radio heroes were Bob Pantano (WOGL), since he'd play a lot of familiar material that I totally forgot about, including Philly hits, and Dick Bartley, for his Westwood One syndicated shows, decades ago.
Jersey John

Hi Kent,

I'm in a tribute band in Minnesota. We do different theme based shows every couple months. Our current is a Blues tribute show.
Well, I'm stuck in a hotel for this week and next so what am I doing during the day?
I've been taking the time to visit some of the sites you share links to in the newsletters. I can't recommend the Ronnie Allen interviews shows highly enough. If folks haven't checked them out they really should. Lots of great information for us rock and roll-infomaniacs. Thanks, Ronnie, and keep up the great work.Makes me wanna live through the 50's 60's and 70's all over again!
Oh yeah, BTW, I am not looking for publicity but thought I'd share our web site link with you just in case you have a minute.
I believe there are some music links you can listen to.

Yep, Ronnie's a pro ... and FH Readers have been checking out his interviews for YEARS now ... always a fun time! Thanks, Bill! (kk)
Click here: Ronnie's Radio Page

Last month we told you about the latest Hz So Good Poll ... this time around, they're letting you help pick The Top 100 Radio Stations Ever! (Here's a little reminder from a few issues back):
From the folks who gave you the JOCK 100, The Crass 100 and the now-annual I.R.S. Top 104 ... Hz So Good ... comes THE STATIONary 100, ranking your picks of the best radio stations (or music delivery services, to be all-inclusive) ever.
If you haven't voted already, send Hz as long a list as you'd like of stations, along with the years when each was at its best. Yes, that means that if any station was great in more than one era, you can vote for it more than just once. Oh, and feel free to tell why each station was so great, while you're at it.
Voting closes November 10th, just before the next Hz So Good comes out, featuring part 1 of THE STATIONary 100, #s 100-51.
Thanks for your help!

Rich Appel

As you can see, the polls for this one have already closed ... but, before they did, Forgotten Hits Reader Clark Besch sent us along a copy of HIS favorites. (You can view the final results ... well, the first HALF of the final results ... here:
Click here: HZ SO GOOD, November-December 2010
Meanwhile, here are a few of Clark's Favorites:
Here are my votes for the attached poll. This is an election worth voting on! Wanna turn your in and see what shows up? If so, vote to
My fave station eras ...

1. WLS 1964-68 My personal formative listening years when I would literally run home from school in the winter in Dodge City, KS, to DX the Silver Dollar Survey and see how early I could pull the Big 89 in. It was a time of Beatles Exclusives, the British Billboard countdowns, great PAMS jingle packages, Super Summer 67, great local bands featured, ABC on air strikes, the Riley - Weber feud, Larry Lujack comes on board; for the also great Dex Card, Art Roberts takes over the late evening shift from Biondi and SO much more! From no competition to battling to stay number one!
2. WCFL 1965-68 The gradual switch to Top 40 and the incredible battle with WLS led by Ken Draper. Another great set of jingles that brought us the Sunset promotion. The Kingbee Ron Britain, Barney Pip, Chickenman, Officer 36-24-36, The Cheetah remotes, Capsule Countdowns, Mini-Spins!
3. WKYC 1965-68 Switching call letters from KYW, Ken Draper would steal much of the KYW talent away eventually for WCFL above, but this era of WKYC saw Jerry G Bishop, Big Jack Armstrong, Jim LaBarbara, Chuck Dann, Fred Winston, Chuck Dunaway and those Sound 11 Countdowns made this magic. Power radio jingles!!
4. WLS 1969-72 With the battle to stay #1 vs. CFL, WLS went for some youth and in came Chuck Buell, Jerry Kaye, Kris Eric Stevens, Steve King as well as Fred Winston, Lujack and the great John "Records" Landecker. The Cheap Trashy Show Biz Report, America Panorama, Boogie Check, the Rock of Chicago Jingles.
5. KOMA 1960-1968 Getting the chance to actually VISIT a station I loved twice (1963 and 1965) adds to this #5 rating. Growing up hearing "As we go border to border and coast to coast" as well as DJs like Dale Wehba, Charlie Tuna, John Ravenscroft (aka John Peel of UK), Bobby Davis, and so many other great jocks made it a special station--as well as the battle for OKC with WKY.
6. WCFL 1972-76 Super CFL begins with Larry "Superjock" Lujack returning to CFL and bringing renewed life to the station until its' 1976 demise. Bringing in Dr. Brock, Dick & Doug, Big Ron O'Brien, the "Klunk Letter of the Day" and those great Super CFL jingles made it a great era.
7. KHJ 1965-68 Bill Drake and Boss Radio! Need I say more. How it changed radio -- eventually for the worse. But at the time, it was a pretty cool format to hear so much music in an hour. Throw in the jingles, the Real Don Steele, Dave Diamond, Humble Harv, Gary Mack and the Monkees and the LA scene and what a great station you have!
8. WABC 1964-68 The Beatles coming to America. Cousin Brucie, Dan Ingram, Charlie Greer, Chuck Leonard, Bob-a-Loo, Roby Young, Scott Muni and more. The contests, the blackout, Fun Vibration jingles and more!
9. KEYN-FM 1969-71 This was my introduction to great FM top 40 meets underground. Alan McKay, Old Weird Dave Biondi, and the great PAMS "From the air capital City" jingles made it magic.
10. KLMS 1959-72 Lee Thomas worked his butt off at this station to help make it a great listen in a minor market. Lincoln never had better and prbably never will. J Marshall Stewart, Chris Abercrombie, Citizen Bill and others made it hop.
11. WLS 1982-87 Going til Talk radio 89 in 1987, this era gave us the 1985 reunion, Fred Winston, Golf Tour Commisioner Larry Lujack, Animal Stories, Steve & Gary, the year end Rock Montage, Landecker's return, the Bears and Jim McMahon on the air and lots of other great times.
12. WCFL 68-72 Lew Witz lost the Ken Draper momentum, but CFL was still fun even with the revolving door of WLS jocks joining (Riley, Clark Weber, Dex Card, Jerry Kaye, Art Roberts, Dick Biondi, Kris Erik Stevens) and leaving while some CFL jocks stayed on from the Draper era.
13. KAAY 1965-74 This station was a blowtorch from the southland that played great music. "The Big K" with Beeker Street, their Top 5 at 5 requests were great to catch.
14. KYW 1964-65 Leading up to the switch to WKYC, this station featured many of the jocks that would turn up at WCFL a year later. Jim Stagg, Jim Runyon and many more during the Beatles era. Jerry G playing his guitar and singing on the air.
15. WOR-FM 66-68 The FM station that dared take on the AM heavy weights and help to pave the way for FM takeovers. Featuring a huge playlist and that mix of Top 40 and great obscurities, as well as adding genuine AM stars like Murray the K and Rosko made it an east coast break through station.
16. KIMN 1964-72 Just a great, but weak signaled, station that was the best place to break songs in the midwest.
17. KOIL 1959-72 They came in to take Top 40 originator KOWH out and that they did. KOIL became a training ground for great voices like Gary Owens, Fred Winston, Lyle Dean, Dave Diamond, Johnny Dark, Joe Light, Roger W Morgan, Bill Young, the Real Don Steele, Dr. Don Rose as well as KOWH transfer and close friend, Sandy Jackson.
18. WLS 1960-63 Should be higher, but I did not get in on much of this era originally. The Dick Biondi era, Mort Crowley, Gene Taylor, Bob Hale, Sam Holman, Clark Weber all paving the way for the greatest station ever, IMO.
19. KLEO 1966-69 Wichita had one truly great Top 40 station in this era. KLEO with Don B Williams and more playing the hits of the day for us Kansans.
20. KIOA 1964-73 Des Moines had a great outlet that still plays the great songs of the era today. Dick Youngs led the way right into the 2000's.
21. CKLW 1964-69
22. WKY 1959-69
23. WBZ 1965-68
24. WHB 1964-72
25. WLS 1973-82
26. WSAI 1960-69
Also in no order: KOMA 87-92 (Return to Top 40 oldies), XERB 1966-67, KFRC 1966-70, KTKT 1966-8, WMEX 1964-67, XEROK 1979-80, WQAM 1966-68, KLIF 1965-67, WHAS 1990's (Joe donovan show), WOW 1971-73, WAVZ 1965-70, KFRC 1966-68, KIXZ 1965, KAFY 1967-8, KDAY 1973, KELO 1966-7, KJR 1964-68, KGOR-FM 1970-80, KILT 1967-68, KOWH 1954-59, KSHE-FM 1968
Clark Besch

Wow ... that's quite a list!!! I don't know that I listened to 20 different stations back then!!! (lol) For me, growing up here in Chicago, WLS and WCFL were pretty much my whole world back in the '60's and '70's (until FM came along and blew away the AM market.) Before that, I constantly switched back and forth between these two Top 40 AM Giants, trying to find my favorite songs. (kk)


And, if you're into vintage Top 40 Radio, here's something you'll want to check out!
For the past couple of years we've been telling you about a GREAT documentary on radio called "Airplay". (In fact, we've even given away tickets to special screenings of the film.)
Producer Caroyln Travis tells me that a deal has finally been struck with PBS, who'll begin airing the program in February of next year. (It'll be broadcast in an edited format to allow for pledge solicitation ... but then offered to PBS Subscribers as an "expanded", full-length DVD version when you pledge a certain limit.)
We've been singing the praises of this one for a while now, so if you're into the glory days of Top 40 Radio, you'll definitely want to check it out. Please contact your local PBS affiliate and ask them when they'll be broadcasting "Airplay" in your area.
Hi Kent,
Did I tell you that "Airplay" is going to be a PBS pledge show, starting the last week in February? We don't have any news on markets and dates ... it's being syndicated by our sponsoring station, Maryland Public Television, so each individual PBS station decides whether to pick it up, so if you or any of your readers have any friends or contacts at their local PBS station and would like to put in a good word for us, it would really be appreciated.
We're also working on a companion website. It's not ready to show anyone yet as we're still working on clearing music rights and adding material, but as soon as we get things organized, we'll be sure to let you know.
One of the things we've been working on is the "Welcome to the Deejay Lounge" page. You'll see that we have some deejays and airchecks ... we're trying to represent as many deejays and markets as possible. When we were doing the various film festivals, people would always ask us in every city we visited why their favorite deejay wasn't interviewed for the documentary. Of course, this would have been impossible, but we learned that these are very devoted fans ... in some cases, the fact that their favorite jock was deceased wasn't a good enough reason for their exclusion from the film! :-)
I don't know how many radio personalities you have on your list, but if anyone would like to share an aircheck and photo (taken when they were on the air) we'd be happy to try and include it in our Deejay Lounge once the website is up and running.
We're also playing around with the idea of a "Record Your Own Show" page ... I'm trying to work something out with PAMS that would allow me to use some of their jingles.
As far as actual airdates for "Airplay" goes (and in which cities it will air), I should start getting more specific information on sometime in December, and I promise to share it with you as soon as we know.
Thanks again for all your help. And thanks for being such an endless source of new and interesting information.

CALLING ALL DEEJAYS!!!: If you were on the air during the Rock And Roll Radio Era and would like to be included in the new "Airplay" DeeJay Lounge, please drop us a line and let us know. Ideally, we're looking for airchecks and vintage photos of your time on the air at this time. Lots of other ideas are being kicked around, too, so pass this around to some of your radio cohorts from back in the day and let's see how cool we can make this site! We'd love to get representatives from ALL the great Top 40 Stations of the '50's, '60's, '70's and '80's, so please help us to spread the word. I'm sure memorabilia pages, old radio station surveys, deejay memoirs are ALL part of our future so please let us know if you're interested in participating! (kk)


>>>Colorado Disc Jockey Mason Ramsey has been pushing (and featuring) his "Music Of The Ages" format for years now on ... you're likely to hear songs from the '40's, '50's, '60's, '70's, '80's, '90's and today played side-by-side on a regular basis ... with NO excuses or explanations ... simply because the music FITS and feels right. A good song is a good song ... but radio has gone out of its way to segregate each and every format and then completely SATURATE their audience by playing the same 200 or 300 songs over and over and over and over again ad nauseam ... to the point that we now turn off some of our all-time favorite songs because we're simply sick of hearing them. Variety is COMPLETELY missing on today's radio dial ... far too often, even teasers like "you'll never know WHAT we're going to play next" simply means "the same frickin' song we played about four hours ago"!!! Sorry to get up on my soap box again but if I ever DO win the lottery and end up with an extra $50 Million in "carrying cash", the very first thing I'm going to do is take Mason's format, refine it and then launch it nationwide ... and prove once and for all that ALL of this music makes up the soundtrack of our lives ... because we've all been exposed to ... and lived through ... ALL of it. Doesn't matter if WE bought it ... or our parents bought it ... or our kids are buying it now ... it is PART of us ... and I find it downright INSULTING that day after day radio continues to tell us what THEY think we REALLY want to hear rather than face this reality. (kk)
Hi Kent,

I've been following Mason at since the beginning.
You got it right about his format and I love the way he works in music from such a variety of eras and genres. Why not! It could be a movie theme from the 50s, Patti Page, or one of my mom's big band favorites one minute then, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash or even Taylor Swift the next! You never know what you're going to hear next on!
I agree with all you say about today's radio! It's great to see someone else get up on the soapbox! If Mason doesn't get there first, I hope you DO win the Lottery and look forward to something new and "real" in radio!
Thanks for Forgotten Hits, Kent. Keep the words about music coming!


Hi Everybody:
Normally I'm here to tell you about what's happening each Friday night on "The Pop Shoppe". But this week I'm sending you a VERY SPECIAL NOTE regarding next Wednesday Evening!!!!!
Ramtown Mike has put together a pre-Thanksgiving Special with four Dee jays.
Starting at 8 PM, it will be Stereo Tom followed by Soxx. Then Ramtown Mike. Starting at Midnight I'll pick things up and keep you going till 3:01 AM.
And, if you haven't checked out my website, it's never too late to see my pictures / my links / or hear past interviews. Just go to:
Hoping many of you can join us this Wednesday night ... and, as always I'm looking forward to seeing you all every Friday night when I will be playing The Greatest Songs That Ever Lived!!!!! So be here or be square!!!!
Sincerest wishes,
Stuart Weiss / DJ STU

Need some help from the FH readers.
Each week I contribute a half hour music show to a friend's local internet blog. Each show typically has about 5-7 songs that revolve around a given topic, usually something current. The Thanksgiving show will have songs about thank you. I try to include songs that are never heard on the radio, such as Thanks A lot, by Brenda Lee.
Anyways the request I have is for FH readers to suggest topics and / or songs to go with it. Even comedy bits. The format can be rock, country, MOR, blues ... hey, if a polka song fit in, I'd play it. The more zanier ideas the better.
I can be reached at:
Of course, MY Thanksgiving Favorite has always been "Alice's Restaurant" ... we even got Y103.9 to play that one four times a few Thanksgivings ago! (lol) Lots of songs with "thanks" in the title ... a few that immediately come to mind (some a bit more obscure than others) would be "Be Thankful For What You Got" by William DeVaughn, "I Thank You" by either Sam and Dave or ZZ Top (depending on your audience mix), "Thank You For Being A Friend" by Andrew Gold, "Thank You Girl" by the tulu-baby Beatles, ... or my PERSONAL favorite, "Thank You And Good Night" by The Angels (which would also make a GREAT way to close the show!) You could go a bit further out there and feature "Thank U Very Much" by Scaffold (featuring Paul McCartney's brother, Mike McGear) or even "Thanks For The Memories", the Bob Hope theme song. Then again, we have ALL Thank(ed) The Lord For The Night-Time from time to time, haven't we? (John Denver even Thank(ed) God (He Was) A Country Boy! Or just slip in something "sly" like "Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin"!!!) I'm sure our readers can probably come up with DOZENS more ... but you'll need to get them to Jack QUICK so he can include a few of these ideas on his show. Just email him directly at the address above. (And Jack, let us know which ones you decided to go with!) Thanks! (kk)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary Baby!

Just a quick "Happy Anniversary, Baby!" to Mrs. K this morning ... nine years and counting!

To quote John Lennon, "Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine" ...

Or, to quote The Little River Band ...

This is a big year for anniversaries it seems ...

We just mentioned Bob Stroud's 30th Anniversary of "Rock And Roll Roots" ...

And, speaking of 30th Anniversaries, next week (on the 21st of November) it will be EXACTLY thirty years since the world found out "Who Shot J.R."!!! (How many of you out there were COMPLETELY captivated by this whole phenomenon back in 1980??? The speculation ruined quite a few summers that year!!! lol)

Earlier this year we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Dick Biondi's first Chicagoland Radio Broadcasts ...

And now this just in from R.I.P. Renfield ...
I just looked at the calendar and realized ...
it's the 40th anniversary of ELTON JOHN'S 11-17-70,
the live session turned into an album in the old w-new fm studio
with the great intro by Dave Herman ...
You gotta say something ...
It's kinda been 40 years !!!


See, we're in pretty good company!

Love you, Honey!!!

(Show ya later!)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Monkee-ing Around

We're still receiving comments about The Monkees, Micky Dolenz,
"Davy Jones Sings", etc, etc, etc. ... so here are a few more we'd like to share:

re: THE MONKEES (et al):

>>>Micky was always MY favorite, too ... I think he is one of the greatest, most under-rated voices of the '60's ... and he STILL sounds great today ... as proven both in concert a couple of weeks ago at The Star Plaza in Merrillville, Indiana, as well as on his brand new CD release, "King For A Day". (kk)

Not sure the story behind him, but I believe he learned to play the drums later on.


Thanks, and great newsletter!

Jersey John
Micky had done some singing prior to joining The Monkees ... but hadn't really had any great commercial success with it. (A couple of tracks he recorded earlier for Challenge Records, "Don't Do It" and "Huff Puff", finally saw the light of day after The Monkees started hitting the charts ... but never really made any noise on their own. Over the years in concert, he's entertained us by telling stories of ... and then performing ... early "club" favorites like the old Lenny Welch torch song "Since I Fell For You" and Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode", which Micky said he sang at his Monkees audtion to ultimately win his role on the television series! Of course Micky was no stranger to TV ... even earlier than that he starred on "Circus Boy" as young Mickey Braddock way back when!!! And, believe it or not, later in life he audtioned for the role of The Fonz on "Happy Days"!!! One can only imagine how bizarre THAT might have been!!!)

Prior to his success with The Monkees, I believe he played a little guitar and then learned the drums once cast in the role of the drummer ... and became quite proficient at it, too. He used to joke that it was like Starsky and Hutch having to go out with REAL guns to chase criminals through the streets ... or William Shatner being asked to fly a rocket into space ... yet the four actors hired to PLAY The Monkees on TV had to learn how to perform on stage as singers and musicians or risk being criticized (or crucified) by the cynical critics who said they weren't a "real" band. Fact is, they weren't!!! They were four actors with SOME musical abilities thrown together to PLAY a band on TV ... yet they BECAME a real honest-to-God band and ultimately began recording and producing themselves in the studio ... and have toured for four decades since in reunion shows. It's all really pretty amazing when you actually think about it! (kk)

I have a Two-Record Set that I bought many years ago at a record convention in Eugene, Oregon. It's called "The Monkees", and it has a drawing on both sides of the cover of all four Monkees. No liner notes, nothing. It was released by Laurie House, which I think was an RCA budget label. If I remember correctly, the labels are RCA. I've tried to look up Laurie House and all that jazz to find out whenst it was released, but no luck so far. That "My Favorite Monkee" 45 is funny! I also have the Bell album "Re-Focus", which Arista later re-released as "The Monkees Greatest Hits" in 1976 (I have that one, too, as well as the cassette version, which I really wore out upon relistening to it).
I had the Laurie House LPs, too ... it was a "Made-For-TV" marketing album that came out a time when there was virtually NO Monkees music left in print ... so it made for a nice addition to any record collection. "Re-Focus" was a bit hard to find, too ... I remember being disappointed with the "new" stereo version of "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" ... I think this was the first time I had heard anything other than the original mono single mix. (By the same token, I've often complained before about HATING the stereo version of "Steppin' Stone" ... because that's NOT the way it sounded on the radio back in 1967!!! While some of our readers go through great lengths to find rare, alternate, stereo and foreign mixes of songs, I wanna hear these songs the way I first experienced them, coming out of my tiny little AM radio way back when!!!)
Honestly, I think Rhino's done a GREAT job with reissuing and repackaging The Monkees stuff ... all the original CD's are coming out again as double and triple-disk sets with both the mono and stereo mixes ... plus ALL kinds of bonus tracks and alternate takes, early rehearsals, etc, etc, etc. But honestly, HOW many times can we be expected to keep buying the SAME thing over and over and over again? It really is a rip-off at some point ... buy the "new and improved" version ... and then, five or six years later, be expected to buy the "newer and more improved" version because they've added an extra track or two. But we do it!!! (Actually, I'd like to get the super deluxe "Head" Soundtrack that just came out ... and I don't even particularly care for the music from this film ... it's just SUCH a nice package that I want to add it to my collection!) kk
Yes, as a lifelong fan of The Monkees, I love it every time they are popular again and it pisses off all the old hipsters who bashed them. (You don't know HOW many hippies I would argue with about the Monkees' musical merits because they [holy fuck!] used STUDIO musicians! I told my Mom the other night about the Beach Boys not playing on their albums and she was shocked! Fuck Jann Wenner - the Monkees should be in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame!
I also remember the cover of "Barrel Full Of Monkees" from when I as little (saw it on Wikipedia), but we never bought it. I probably didn't realize what it was (I was 5 or 6 when that came out). It's like "Star Wars" - HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES DO THEY HAVE TO RELEASE THIS SAME STUFF????? I wish I could afford the new Monkees Album releases with the two discs. That's why I always liked some of these other Monkees releases like "Monkee Flips". The new double CDs are releasing a lot of the "Missing Links" stuff on those new releases. Rhino has done an excellent job on the Monkees releases. Yes, "HEAD" is a big 3-CD release which I can't afford, like the 3-CD "The Birds, The Bees and the Monkees". Poverty is getting VERY old! "HEAD"has been remastered and redone (the film) and is available on some 60's Counter Culture Movie Set or something like that. I hope Rhino decides to remaster the "33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee", not that they have the technology to do that sort of thing.
I don't mind it so much when you're truly UPGRADING your collection ... to me that's well worth it and, as the technology has improved, so has the quality of many of these releases ... it retrospect for the overwhelming lack of respect The Monkees seem to get from the world at large, it's really pretty amazing that their catalog has been given the degree of attention it has. (Hmmm ... maybe some of those "know-it-all critics have been missing something all along that we FANS have LONG been hip to!) kk

>>>Micky Dolenz is keeping a tight lid on his pairing up with ace guitarist Phil Keaggy for a new CD project. Phil Keaggy is considered one of the greatest guitar virtuosos of them all. Mickey was instrumental in getting Jimi Hendrix on the Monkee tour. By the way, King of The Fuzz Guitar ... Davie Allan ... was a schoolmate of Micky Dolenz at Grant High School in Van Nuys. Micky sure does rub elbows with the greatest guitarists! (Boobie "The Vibe Man")

My friend Brian Mason will be interviewing Phil Keaggy on his weekly radio show this Sunday here in Nashville. I've encouraged Brian to ask Phil about the project he's working on with Micky, so perhaps we'll get some inside info. I had an opportunity to hear a rough cut of one of Micky's new tracks with Phil Keaggy on guitar. I can't share it with the group yet, but I must say it sounds great. Here's a recent photo of Micky with his Phil Keaggy mug.
David Lewis

By the way, I heard back from noted Monkees historian Andrew Sandoval the other day and he sent me TONS of pictures of these Davy Jones releases we've been talking about recently. Here are just a few more (obviously proving that all this stuff really DOES exist ... it's just next to impossible to actually FIND any of it!!!) kk

And finally, this from FH Reader Bill Hengels, who sent in a piece he found online naming The Top Ten Greatest Band Reunions.

Click here: Together Again: The 10 Greatest Rock and Roll Reunions
Of course, groups like Led Zeppelin and the recently-reunited Buffalo Springfield made the list, just as one would expect them to ... but The Monkees came in at #10, thanks to Michael Nesmith joining them on stage back in 1986, in time for the 20th Anniversary Tour! With 45 years just around the corner, isn't it time for these guys to play nicely with each other again?
Every band has a different reason for splitting and every band, it seems, has a different reason for getting back together and re-igniting the musical flames. Sometimes it’s cash, sometimes it simply the burning desire to re-kindle their youth. Often, there’s some unfinished artistic business to attend to. But whatever the reason, a reunion concert is always something special for the audience. Here are 10 of the most memorable.
10. The Monkees: 1986
In 1967, Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike sold more records than The Beatles. The pre-fab four’s TV sitcom won an Emmy, they brought the world Jimi Hendrix, gave career breaks to Tim Buckley and Jack Nicholson and then split soon after the TV show was cancelled. In 1986, with MTV playing the heck out of the old TV shows, The Monkees went back on the road, re-creating the original lineup just once, when Michael Nesmith made a surprise appearance on stage on Los Angeles.


Hard as it may be to believe, The Monkees always had a certain kin-ship with The Buffalo Springfield back in the day. (The fact that Peter Tork and Stephen Stills were one-time roommates may have had something to do with it ... legend goes that it was Stills who first auditioned for the part on the television series but, after producers decided he had bad teeth, suggested that his roomie give the role a shot instead!)

Since mentioned above as one of the great recent reunion (and with rumors now circulating about a full-blown reunion tour), here's a neat little piece submitted by FH Reader "Wild Bill" Cody:

Wow, I don't know what this Andy Greene guy is smoking, but this will NEVER HAPPEN! No way McGuinn would EVER agree to a Byrds reunion, same with Chris Hillman. They did it once, but that was then and this is NOW. However, if it was even a possibility, I think you'd also have to add Barry McGuire and John Sebastian to the mix. (These two guys could twist McGuinn's arm).
BUT you never know ... I'll tell you what, should it happen, I'd be in the 1st ROW for this show! And with my "bucket list" of things to do, I'd gladly take on the responsibility of the promoter for this extravaganza!
Willd Bill Cody

How Buffalo Springfield Could Pull Off a Tour With the Byrds

(It wouldn't be simple but it could definitely work.

Here's a step-by-step guide):
By Andy Greene
Nov 11, 2010 3:26 PM EST
Word is that Buffalo Springfield
will tour next year. But how exactly would that work? Neil Young, Crosby, Stills and Nash can command arenas and amphitheaters on their own, but Springfield can claim only one top forty hit, "For What It's Worth." It's hard to see them in anything bigger than theaters. Maybe what they need is another Sixties California folk-rock group to reunite and join the bill. In that case, what they need is the Byrds.
The Byrds, like Buffalo Springfield, have lost two members (Gene Clark and Michael Clarke). But the core group of Roger McGuinn, David Crosby and Chris Hillman is alive and well. The three did a series of shows as the Byrds around 1990, but haven't done anything since. If Buffalo Springfield do tour next summer, Stephen Stills will be available for the annual CSN tour freeing up Crosby to play with the Byrds.
The problem: Unlike Buffalo Springfield, the surviving Byrds aren't a good mix. Crosby has been bitching for years that McGuinn refuses to even consider a reunion. Chris Hillman is a born-again Christian and a Republican, meaning he's the polar opposite of Crosby. But this shouldn't matter. The Ramones toured the country in a van for twenty years while barely speaking. Certainly McGuinn, Crosby and Hillman can suck it up for a mega payday and to help secure their place in history.
The tour would involve three-quarters of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. So what role could Graham Nash play? The obvious answer would be to invite the Hollies. But Buffalo Springfield and the Byrds were L.A. folk-rock and the Hollies were a British Invasion group from a slightly earlier era. Also, their lead singer, Allan Clarke, has mostly lost his voice. Nash could cover most of the leads, as he did this year at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, but that wouldn't be ideal. And Nash's presence would practically require a CSNY set at the end of the night, which would reduce the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield to opening acts, and that would diminish the spirit of the whole enterprise.
Who would headline? The Byrds have a lot more hits, but you can't make Neil Young an opening act for anybody. They would have to co-headline, trading off who opens and closes. Then they'd need an opening act maybe, say, the Electric Prunes. Their bassist Mark Tulin has been working with Billy Corgan recently, and the Prunes still put on a great show.
Hey Live Nation, make Roger McGuinn an offer he can't refuse. We can make this thing happen.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Few More Rock And Roll Roots Comments

We went to the big CD Release Party last weekend at the Oak Brook Borders Store ... as always, a GREAT afternoon of music and entertainment. The highlight for me that afternoon was watching Jim Peterik's solo set ... a rousing blast of music that kicked off with a couple of tunes he co-wrote for .38 Special followed by a duet with Bob Stroud on "Rebel Girl", an early Survivor track that appears on this year's edition of the "Rock And Roll Roots" CD and, of course, a grand-finale of "Vehicle", a crowd favorite where the audience provided the horn soundtrack. In fact, Frannie got to witness a female fan faint during Jimmy's performance! (I'm guessing that THAT probably hasn't happened since the early '70's!!! lol) Actually, an elderly woman in the coffee shop passed out cold ... word was that she was one of those who had given blood earlier in the day for the LifeSource Blood Bank Mobile that was parked out front ... paramedics were called to the scene and she was carried out ... but the headline reads SO much better the other way!!! lol
It was interesting to see Cliff Johnson of Off Broadway perform with a couple of members of his new band ... but it made absolutely NO sense at all for him NOT to perform "Stay In Time", the Off Broadway hit that also appears on the brand new Volume 12 CD. (It's Johnson's ONLY charted hit and the one he's best known for ... yet he stated early on that he wouldn't be performing it that day. Huh?!?!? Dude, that's the ONLY reason you're here!!!)
Anyway, we got to visit with a few of the artists that make up our legion of Local Heroes and mingle with a few fans and Forgotten Hits Readers, too ... a GREAT time was had by all.

They did it all again yesterday at the Schaumburg Borders on Golf Road but (due to other commitments) we missed those festivities. If you were able to attend, drop us a line and let us know how the SECOND party went. (This is always a GREAT way to spend a couple of hours, pick up the new CD, grab a few autographs and help donate money to a very good cause!) kk

I was looking for the track list to the new Bob Stroud volume 12 album when I found you! Anyway, here's another Stroud story I found:
I have to admit that I had to laugh when I googled the same thing last Sunday Afternoon ... and found our Forgotten Hits article listed AHEAD OF The Drive's own website!!! I don't think THAT'S ever happened before!!! (Guess that means our readership is up!) kk

From the looks of the song selection, it appears these Rock 'n Roll Roots CDs are aimed at the One Hit Wonders and regional hits. The CDs seem to go out of print quickly, so I'm guessing limited pressing due to licensing. But no one has addressed the sound quality of these Rock 'n Roll Roots CDs. No mention of anything on the radio station's web site, such as Mono / Stereo, Single / LP versions, Excellence in Sound Quality, etc..
So, Kent, since you're applauding/promoting these CDs, spill the beans!! :-)Best,
Jersey John
The sound quality and song selection are always top notch (although typically it is the ALBUM version ... i.e. LONG version) of these tracks that are featured. In a few instances, that's been a negative for me ... it's virtually IMPOSSIBLE to find the 45 hit single mix of a GREAT track like "Cottage Cheese" by Crow, for example, and you won't find it here either. The new CD features the longer (read: not "popular" / hit) version of Billy Stewart's "Summertime" and this is typically the case when both a single and album version exist. (Long version of "Crimson and Clover" but, surprisingly, the hit single version of "My World Fell Down" by Sagittarius, long a Forgotten Hits favorite.)
Yes, there is a DEFINITE "local feel" to the series ... kind of a "Made In Chicago" theme runs throughout most of the volumes ... and Stroud has ALWAYS paid homage to our "Local Heroes" on his radio program. (Many of these artists turn up for the Launch Party festivities and entertain a VERY receptive crowd of long-time fans, all making for a GREAT afternoon of music.)
And, you're right ... the discs ARE heavy on "One Hit Wonders", but songs that you actually WANT to hear on the radio once in a while simply because they don't typically get a lot of over-saturated airplay.
Over the past twelve volumes, Bob has also brought us 19 "First Time CD Debuts" ... tracks that had NEVER appeared on CD before ... so that's always a nice bonus, too! (This year's special first-time feature is "Loved By You" by The Kind ... a GREAT local hit from 1982 that failed to dent the national charts ... but was a #15 on the WLS Survey.) It was an immediate favorite of mine the first time I heard it back in '82 ... possessing a definite '60's feel in a Greg Kihn / '80's sort of way! Folks outside of Chicago deserve to discover this track for themselves so we're giving you the chance to do so today ... worth the price of admission alone!) kk

Kent ...
It's 11-11-10 ... I'm sure you know that today is Veterans Day ... but did you ALSO know that today is your friend Jim Peterik's 60th Birthday?
I bet you didn't!
Maybe you better tell me when Frannie's birthday is, in case I have to remind you. If you forget that one, you're in big trouble . LOL !
Frank B.
Actually, I thought it was the weekend before ... when Jim appeared at The Rock And Roll Roots CD Release Party last weekend, he mentioned something about it being his 60th birthday so I just assumed he meant THEN, not a week from then! (lol) Happy Big 6-0, Jim ... (who, by the way, is still 19 ... just check out The Ides Of March's latest CD release!) kk

I bought Vol. 11 from you last year and would like to buy the new Vol. 12.

Please send me the info on how to get this new CD.
-- Steve Elders
Just as we have for the past several years, we're helping our out-of-state readers get a copy of the brand new Rock And Roll Roots CD. It's another GREAT track line-up this year (albeit a few more "modern" tracks than usual, tying in with the 30th Anniversary of Bob Stroud's VERY popular radio series.) As such, you get "Stay In Time" by Off Broadway, "Driver's Seat" by Sniff 'n' the Tears, the early Survivor hit, "Rebel Girl" and "Loved By You" by The Kind, all late '70's or early '80's hits. (By the same token, you ALSO get the OLDEST track ever featured on this series: the Lonnie Mack instrumental version of Chuck Berry's classic "Memphis" from 1963!) In between you'll find GREAT music like the Jimi Hendrix-produced "Good Old Rock And Roll" by Cat Mother and the All-Night Newsboys, "Shake" by Chicago's own Shadows Of Knight, the psychedelic classic "A Question of Temperature" by Balloon Farm, the beautiful "Classical Gas" by Mason Williams, "Tighter, Tighter" by Alive 'n' Kickin', "Summertime" by Billy Stewart and "Never Been Any Reason" by Head East.
Wanna pick up a copy for yourself? Just drop me an email at and we'll let you know all the details.
(CD's are $24 including Priority Mail postage .. and there are still a few Volume 9, 10 and 11 copies floating around, too, just in case you're interested. For a COMPLETE track listing of ALL of the Rock And Roll Roots CDs, scroll back to 11/6.) kk

Hey Kent!
Hadn't read the Saturday or Sunday Forgotten Hits by the time I reached Borders
on Sunday, so I was pleasantly surprised when Jim Pilster informed me of your
very kind words in the FH blog. Thanks SO much for your continued support with
the Rock 'n Roll Roots CD series.

It's a labor of love and I'm just thrilled every year when we get to Borders to see all the happy faces of the fans who love this music. It's a warm and fuzzy in an era when there's not a whole lot of warm and fuzzy.
It was great to see you if only for a moment. Wish I had more time to spend with everyone that day but it's a full time job keeping the children (musicians) in line!
Thanks for all you do as I continue to read each and every Forgotten Hits, start to finish faithfully!

Bob Stroud
Thanks, Bob ... and congratulations again on an incredible 30-year run! (kk)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Sunday Comments ( 11 - 14 - 10 )

Hi Kent!
It's been awhile since I've sent anything to post on your blog, but I'm still around on Sunday nights from 7-10 PM EST (going on 18 years!), spinning so many of those "lost classics" on Gerri's Place @
Just wanted to let you and your readers know that this Sunday evening, November 14, my very special guest will be Howard Ravitsky. Howard was (to quote from one of his CD's), "an unknown Philadelphia record producer, songwriter, and label owner (Lash Records) that created some of the best R&B and soul music to come out of Philadelphia." He worked with Patty and The Emblems (Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl), Bunny Sigler, Honey and The Bees, and many more soul and R&B artists.
He will be my guest for all three hours sharing tunes, and talking about Philadelphia record producers (mostly from the 60's / some 70's, and NOT Gamble, Huff, or Bell) and the heyday of soul music in Philadelphia.
He will be featuring records by many talented Philadelphia producers such as Luther Randolph, Johnny Styles, Frank Virtue, Jimmy Bishop, and others, who, like many of our beloved performers, also lacked recognition that they deserved. As a producer himself and owner of Lash records, Howard will highlight aspects in the making of records he's carefully selected for this program.
In preparation for the show, Howard had an important conversation with Weldon McDougal only a few months before we lost him, which he'll share in conjunction with Weldon's wonderful productions.
This is a must-not-miss show for any of your readers who love soul and R&B ... and promises to be both musical and educational - a real keeper!
Howard always has lots of stories and he has provided me with some amazing music that just isn't heard anymore!
Again, you can listen ANYWHERE on the planet ... Sunday, November 14, 7-10 PM EST ...!
Thanks for everything you do Kent!
Gerri Bender

... And, in OTHER Philly News, looks like we missed one event last week while we were taking a breather ... but are just in time to tell you about ANOTHER one coming up next week!


The Philadelphia music community will gather to stage a joyous celebration commemorating the life of WELDON ARTHUR McDOUGAL III, influential vocalist and producer and founding member of The Larks in a benefit concert and memorial service at the Clef Club.

McDougal, a West Philadelphia native who died Oct. 21 of pancreatic cancer at 74, was a promotions executive for Philadelphia International Records and Motown Records. He is credited with helping to shape Philadelphia soul music and helping to discover Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5.
WHEN: Tuesday, November 9, 2010
WHO: The Intruders - performer; The Soul Survivors - performer; Sounds of the Blue Notes – performer; The Delfonics – performer; Jamie Knight - performer; Rheel Menn - performer; Weldon McDougal IV - speaker; Ju-Taun - performer; Carol Riddick – performer; Earl Young, MFSB – speaker; Bunny Sigler - performer; Kimberly Roberts, Philadelphia Tribune – speaker
WHERE: The Clef Club / Avenue of the Arts / 738 S. Broad St. / Philadelphia, PA




PHILADELPHIA — Legendary producer-songwriting team and Rock and Roll Hall

of Fame inductees KENNETH GAMBLE and LEON HUFF will be honored by the City of Philadelphia with the renaming of the block of South Broad Street they made famous to “people all over the world” as “Gamble & Huff Walk” in a special ceremony to be held here Wednesday, November 17 at noon EST.
The world-renowned pioneering music icons, architects of “The Sound of Philadelphia,” one of the most enduring brands of soul music anywhere, will be honored in ceremonies in front of the infamous Philadelphia International Records building, where they created a massive catalogue of 3,000 songs together, including R&B #1 hits, pop #1 hits, 100 gold and platinum records, Grammy winners and BMI songwriters’ award nominees.

The block of South Broad Street where the historic building resides is located along the Avenue of the Arts between Spruce and Pine streets, a strip that also includes the Kimmel Center, the University of the Arts and the recently launched TSOP Experience, a live performance venue and souvenir shop that celebrates the Gamble & Huff legacy by showcasing the music of Philadelphia’s rising and established stars.
Though an arson fire has kept the Philadelphia International Records offices at 309 S. Broad Street quiet since the beginning of the year, the street renaming signifies a whole new beginning for Gamble & Huff, as the duo prepares for a glorious two-year celebration of their legacy, beginning next year with the 40th anniversary of Philadelphia International Records, and continuing into 2012 with the 50th anniversary of their distinguished partnership. The extraordinary festivities along Broad Street will include a free outdoor concert by several recording artists in the extended Philadelphia International Records family.

Guest speakers and attendees will include numerous dignitaries, recording artists, business associates and family members.
"We are truly blessed that the City of Philadelphia, which has inspired so many of our message songs throughout the decades, and which we are proud to say has been our home for so many years, feels we are worthy of such an honor,” says Gamble & Huff. “This is beyond our wildest dreams. It’s absolutely fantastic.”
Gamble & Huff are among the most prolific professional songwriting teams of all time, having written and produced over 3,000 songs within 35 years, an output that rivals Lennon-McCartney, Jagger-Richards, Leiber & Stoller and Holland-Dozier-Holland. Their message songs of peace, love, empowerment, social conscience and turmoil sold millions of records, as they fashioned the sweet, sexy, stirring, socially conscious Philly Sound at Philadelphia International Records (PIR).

They are enshrined in five music Halls of Fame, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Featured prominently in television programs ("The Apprentice," "Cold Case"), films ("The Nutty Professor") and advertising spots (Verizon, Chevrolet, Coors Light, Old Navy, The Gap, Office Max) for more than 30 years, Gamble & Huff's songs have entered the musical DNA of contemporary culture. In fact, one of their songs is played on the radio somewhere in the world every 13.5 minutes. With a stable core of artists led by the O'Jays, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Billy Paul, MFSB and the Three Degrees, Gamble & Huff co-founded Philadelphia International Records and created monster hits almost from the first day of its inception. Songs they have written and produced together, like "Back Stabbers," "Love Train," "For The Love Of Money," "If You Don't Know Me By Now," "Cowboys to Girls," "Don't Leave Me This Way," "Enjoy Yourself," "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me," "Only the Strong Survive" and "TSOP" (better known as the "Soul Train" theme), have received songwriters' awards from Broadcast Music International (BMI). Their songs comprise the most sampled R&B catalogue in the world, by artists such as Jay-Z, Usher, Cam'ron, Ja Rule, Jaheim, and Avant.
Gamble & Huff have recorded and collaborated with a galaxy of stars from the pop, rock, soul and jazz universes, including Michael Jackson and the Jacksons, Elton John, Lou Rawls, Teddy Pendergrass, Patti LaBelle, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Aretha Franklin, the Spinners, the Stylistics, the Delfonics, Dusty Springfield, Jerry Butler, Wilson Pickett, Labelle, Archie Bell & the Drells, the Soul Survivors, Laura Nyro, the Trammps, McFadden & Whitehead, Phyllis Hyman and Grover Washington Jr. Their songs also have been covered by a myriad of artists including Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones, Bette Midler, Simply Red, Michael Buble, Johnny Mathis, Lesley Gore, Donny & Marie, Thelma Houston, the Brand New Heavies and most recently, Rod Stewart, who sings four Gamble & Huff classics on his latest album, Soulbook.
In 1999, four years after being inducted into the National Academy of Songwriters' Hall of Fame, Gamble & Huff were honored by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences with the Trustees Award for their extensive body of work, both as producer and songwriter, and their contribution to the entire fabric of popular music, joining luminaries like Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, and Walt Disney. They have been inducted twice into the Dance Music Hall of Fame as well as the R&B Hall of Fame. In 2005, Gamble & Huff appeared on American Idol in a show devoted entirely to their music. In 2008, Gamble & Huff were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the first recipients of the newly created AhmetErteg√ľn Award. And earlier this year, Gamble & Huff were presented honorary doctor of music degrees – their first together in a distinguished partnership that is nearing its 50th anniversary – at Berklee College of Music’s 2010 Commencement.
Gamble & Huff will be honored by the City of Philadelphia the re-naming of the 300 Block of S. Broad St. as GAMBLE & HUFF WALK, in ceremonies in front of the historic Philadelphia International Records building along the Avenue of the Arts.. WHERE: Broad Street, between Spruce and Pine streets, Philadelphia, PA
WHEN: Wednesday, November 17, 2010,

11 a.m. – Press conference at the TSOP Experience-Souvenir Shop, 309A S. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA
NOON - Ceremony and festivities to include proclamation, live music performances, and reflections from family members and business associates
1 p.m. - Reception at the Doubletree Hotel, 237 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA
WHO: Mr. Kenneth Gamble – co-founder and partner with Mr. Huff of Philadelphia International Records and the Gamble & Huff songwriting team.
Mr. Leon Huff – co-founder and partner of Philadelphia International Records and the seminal R&B songwriting team Gamble & Huff, architects of “The Sound of Philadelphia.”
Live concert performances by notable artists in the Philadelphia International Records family.

Thanks to Forgotten Hits Readers Rich and Mamie, Frannie and I had the pleasure of a private tour of the Philadelphia-International facilities a couple of years ago. It was like walking through the Halls of History. (This same spot once served as the home of the legendary Cameo / Parkway Studios, too, back in the late '50's and early '60's!)
Congratulations to Gamble and Huff ... what an OUTSTANDING career you guys have had ... and thank you AGAIN for sharing this wonderful music with all of us. (kk)

From Soul Classics to Country ... we cover it ALL in Forgotten Hits!!! (lol)
Courtesy of FH Reader TCFireboy, here are The Top Ten Country and Western Song Titles ... Thanks, Tom! (kk)

Top Ten Country & Western Song Titles:

10. I Hate Every Bone In Her Body But Mine
9. I Ain't Never Gone To Bed With an Ugly Woman But I Woke Up With a Few
8. If The Phone Don't Ring, You'll Know It's Me
7. I've Missed You, But My Aim's Improvin'
6. Wouldn't Take Her To A Dogfight 'Cause I'm Scared She'd Win

5. I'm So Miserable Without You It's Like You're Still Here
4. My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend And I Miss Him
3. She Took My Ring and Gave Me the Finger
2. She's Lookin' Better with Every Beer
And the Number One Country & Western song is ...
1. It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chewed My Ass The Whole Day Long
LOL ... that #1 Song is one of my favorites ... done by country superstars Vince Gill and Rodney Crowell a few years back (as The Notorious Cherry Bombers) ... if you've never seen this video, you've got to check it out ... it's a CLASSIC! (kk)
Click here: YouTube - It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chew Your Ass Ou...

Last month we ran a photo that Bob Merlis sent us of some real-life triplets dressed up as ZZ Top for Halloween! Now comes a brand new photo of Alice ... and Cooper ... read on and you'll see what we mean! (kk)
Meet Alice Van Horn (born October 15, 2010) and Cooper Chetek (born June 28, 2010).
They are, respectively, the offspring of Dennis and Lisa Van Horn and Travis and Amber Chetek of Edmonton, Alberta. The couples are great friends and they're fans of -- you guessed it -- Alice Cooper and faithful listeners to the syndicated Nights With Alice Cooper radio show, heard locally on K-97.
It's certainly not a coincidence that their kids have been named as they are. Dennis Van Horn, who shot the photo and inscribed it on the kids' behalf, had a brush with the real thing when he spotted the adult Alice at the West Edmonton Mall some time back. "I yelled at him and got a wave; I was stoked," reports the new father who was long committed to the name Alice if the bundle his wife was carrying was going to be a girl. To which we respond: "Alice is a girl's name?"At any rate, we thought you'd enjoy this picture of two cute kids whose parents did not name either "Sue."
-- Bob Merlis


"Wages of Spin" available thru IndieFlix:
or "Wages of Spin" film top of "Must Have Music" Section PBS:
Shawn Swords

Later this month we're presenting "BEATexpo 2010." We have brought the convention back to CT with a fab line-up of guests, fine bands, a movie premiere as part of our film-fest, a great variety of exhibits / vendors / dealers and a wonderful location (the beautiful and conveniently located Downtown Stamford Holiday Inn, with free indoor garage parking). Last year's Expo was like the old shows we did "all those years ago" - fun for everyone in a great, Beatleful fan atmosphere, and we're making it all "come together" once again.

This year's convention is coming November 27 - 28 ... please visit for more information.
Hope to see some of your readers out there this year!

Charles F. Rosenay!!!

Liverpool Productions

"It's guaranteed to raise a smile."

Here's a review (sent in by one of our readers) of the brand new "Best of Apple Records" CD that we just recently gave away in Forgotten Hits:

And, thanks to FH Regular Contributor Frank B. (who, apparently raids the WCBS-FM website several times a day on a daily basis! lol) we've now got some of THESE Oldies News Headlines to share with you, too:

Kent ...
Looks like Lou changed his mind. First he said no, then he said yes.
Frank B.
Lou Reed creates 'intimate' video for Susan Boyle's 'Perfect Day' cover News NME.COM
Yeah, don'tcha just love it. Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer Lou Reed ... whose music catalog is in SUCH great demand ... says that Susan Boyle can't perform his song on "America's Got Talent" ... then not only gives her permission (once she's a world-wide celebrity of course!) but also volunteers to produce the track and video for her!!! Now that's TRULY a class act of kindness.
I haven't personally heard the track yet ... but I can't help but wonder if all the colored girls in the background are going "do-do-do-do" ... anybody know for sure??? (kk)

Controversey Over The New Michael Jackson Album « WCBS-FM 101.1
Kent ...
The Jackson Family says Michael's new album is a fake.
Frank B.
And the controversy is WHAT exactly?!?!? Can anybody name ANYTHING about Michael Jackson that WASN'T fake there at the end?!?!? (kk)

Christie Brinkley Was Not The “Uptown Girl” « WCBS-FM 101.1
Kent ...
Click here to find out who the real Uptown Girl was.
Frank B.

Kent ...
More of our kind of shows coming.
Floyd Mutrux to Produce Rock Musicals Based on Elvis, Goldner et al. 2010/07/30
Frank B.
Just one more way this music will continue to live on long after we're all gone. Plus new Cirque du Soleil shows featuring the music of Elvis and Michael Jackson ... a film version of "Jersey Boys", Tommy James' book being turned into both a movie and a stage musical ... tribute shows galore to the music of this era (and artists like Billy Joel, ABBA, The Bee Gees ... who ALSO have a new bio-pic in the works) ... it's just unreal. (Note to John Madara: sounds like the time is right to FINALLY get "At The Hop" made!!!) kk

With only about two months left in office, Florida governor Charlie Crist is considering a posthumous pardon for legendary rocker Jim Morrison, who was charged with indecent exposure following a 1969 concert in Miami, Florida. The lead singer for The Doors was charged after allegedly exposing himself during a March 1, 1969 concert at Miami’s Dinner Key Auditorium.
The singer was eventually convicted of indecent exposure and profanity but never served time before he died in Paris in 1971.
For years, fans of The Doors have sought a pardon for Morrison and in 2007 Crist first indicated a willingness to examine the issue.
According to Florida Today, Crist’s spokesman Sterling Ivey confirmed a report in “The Hill”, a congressional news organization. Ivey said a pardon is something Crist “is willing to look at,” Florida Today reported.
Kent ...
So it looks like Florida Governor Charlie Crist may pardon Jim Morrison before he leaves office. That's good to hear. I've been worrying about this since 1971. LOL!
Frank B.
Pardon Me, Governor: How Will You Close The Door On Your Administration? « WCBS-FM 101.1
Ah yes, a tremendous load off MY mind, too. (Hmmm ... I wonder if he'll ALSO declare "Touch Me" as the new state song?!?!?) kk

Back in the 1980s or 1990s, I saw a made-for-TV biographical film about the Carpenters. It started out with the family moving into their new home in the Los Angeles area back in the 1950s. The actor who portrayed a very young Karen Carpenter showed her to be chubby and this led to Karen becoming anorexic, as the entertainment industry gets into appearances and did so back then, too. She was probably told to lose weight or forget about succeeding and I am sure that Karen was also gotten on when younger about her being chubby and also before she and Richard ever hit the top. She then became determined never to be chubby again and was also very sensitive about things, to start off with, and this led to her becoming and being anorexic.
Also, in the 1920s, being skinny was "in" and the look for women was being boyish-looking and so they would flatten their chests with Band-Aids and the like. This is probably when the whole thing began.
Recently, I heard that women today who are in their 30s and 40s are now suffering from anorexia, due to the large amount of older female celebs who are very thin and probably work out ten hours a day to stay that way. The women who eat this up also get into working to be as thin and get obsessive about it, and anorexia is now becoming common in middle-aged women as well as younger ones and I am sure that there are also girls who are very young that are also going that way.
I once knew a woman who was and probably is still anorexic, and I ended up parting ways with her, as it was her whole life and I couldn't take in anymore. I heard from a woman that I am friends with that is still friends with the anorexic woman that she ended up taking up smoking, although her body is severely damaged from the anorexia, and probably to help keep herself from eating. The woman has cancer in her family, too, and is destroying herself further by smoking.
I can remember reading in the paper about Karen Carpenter's death back in 1982 and also seeing a picture of her and she looked very bad. Hollywood has to work to stop this thing from keeping on going, or there will be more tragedies like this that are going to happen to industry people and everyday people.
I also remember that there was a guy in my high school that was anorexic, and so men are also afflicted by this illness, although not as much as women. So, this also goes out to males as well as females. However, males are more likely to get into trying to "bulk up" and so they will take steroids like crazy and overwork out and do it until they get sick. The body image thing must be stopped or else so many more people will end up dead from trying to look like models in the media.
Leah Jordan
The book ("Little Girl Blue" by Randy L. Schmidt) gives some tremendous insight into the personal demons that were haunting Karen about her weight and appearance. It truly is an enlightening experience and comes HIGHLY recommended by all of our FH readers who have read a copy. Sad but meaningful ... and you'll want to dig out all of your old Carpenters tracks and listen to them again. We lost a great, natural-born talent when we lost Karen Carpenter ... we may never experience another voice quite like hers. (kk)

... and, speaking of good books ...

Kent ...
According to the book I read, Jimmy O' Neill, host of Shindig, was married to Sharon Sheeley. Sharon was about to marry Eddie Cochran at the time of his death. Among other songs, she wrote Ricky Nelson's first #1 hit, "Poor Little Fool," in 1958.
Frank B.
I haven't picked this one up yet ... but I hear it's quite a fascinating read. (kk)

How much I enjoy the comments of Gary Theroux. I go to him and Rollye James with any questions I have. I've found no one with more knowledge of pop music than they provide. Both are also on the Hit Parade Hall of Fame nominating committee.
John Rook
Gary is a walking music encyclopedia ... it is a real pleasure (and honor) to have him on the list of regular contributors to Forgotten Hits! (More from Gary coming in the days to come!) kk

Hey Kent!
Hadn't read the Saturday or Sunday Forgotten Hits by the time I reached Borders on Sunday, so I was pleasantly surprised when Jim Pilster informed me of your very kind words in the FH blog.

Thanks SO much for your continued support with the Rock 'n Roll Roots CD series. It's a labor of love and I'm just thrilled every year when we get to Borders to see all the happy faces of the fans who love this music. It's a warm and fuzzy in an era when there's not a whole lot of warm and fuzzy.

It was great to see you if only for a moment. Wish I had more time to spend with everyone that day but it's a full time job keeping the children (musicians) in line!
Thanks for all you do as I continue to read each and every Forgotten Hits, start to finish faithfully!
Bob Stroud

What is our stuff doing here? ... Stolen?!?!

Yep ... it's unreal ... and this happens SEVERAL times a month ... I get links like this regularly from our readers who are shocked to see our stuff running on somebody else's website! (I don't get it ... rather than simply present a link to visit The Forgotten Hits website and read the stuff for themselves, folks just steal it verbatim ... offering absolutely NO credit as to who the REAL author is ... and then present it as their own.
In fact, over the last couple of years I've found Forgotten Hits translated into about a dozen different languages, too, and then run in foreign countries.)
Funny thing is, we've had something like 600,000 people check out our website now ... but as many as 6 MILLION people may have read our stuff (without ever even knowing it was MINE!!!) I don't know what can be done about it ... one of the risks on being online, I guess ... kind of flattering and annoying all at the same time!
I guess it just goes to show you that you have an interesting site! (But it may be time to get Dick Tracy on this case!) :-)