Friday, August 7, 2020

The Friday Flash

How cool is this?  

John Records Landecker will be filling in for Bob Sirott next week on WGN Radio.  The two offered up a TREMENDOUS one-two punch at WLS, The Big 89, back in the early ‘70’s … and word has it that MIGHT consider this to be a bit of an “audition” … if things go well, Landecker may find himself back on the radio here in Chicago hosting evenings for the station.

Let’s hope all of this can be worked out.  (Is there another Boogie Check in YOUR future???)  kk

>>>It was 54 years ago this week … It was July 29th that I walked over to the local TV/Radio repair shop.  They also sold records and I picked up these two surveys. From there, my life began a downhill slide from which I may never recover.

Because of this addiction, I would meet some dude named Kent Kotal, about 13 years later. Somewhere in that same time period, maybe earlier, I would meet FH member Mike Wolstein.  Of course, later on, I have met, or at least conversed with, many other FH members.  This all because of a fateful Friday afternoon walk with a friend of mine to that TV repair place. Who knew what course of events would have been different?  (Jack Levin)


I am surprised you started on surveys so much later than me, but glad you picked when the Cryan’ Shames were peaking!  The Shames had two top summer 45s in a row with "Sugar & Spice" and "It Could be We're in Love" along with "Young Birds Fly" doing ok in ‘68 as well locally.  
Surveys are indeed addictive, especially if you lived for finding new stations and charts all the time like I did.  It was great to meet YOU a few years ago, too!

The period of the surveys you sent in are just the best time for Chicago rockers.  LOTS of local talent making the surveys.

Clark Besch

I was a bit surprised to hear that you picked up the survey habit so late in life, too … especially since you are SOOOO much older than me!  (lol)

I can pinpoint my discovering WLS and The Silver Dollar Survey to the end of May, 1964 … but only  because I clearly remember the #1 record that week being “Little Children” by Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas, which topped the ‘LS chart for two weeks at the end of May.  I became a faithful daily listener from that day forward … and by early 1965 was picking up surveys on my way home from school every week.  (Conveniently at both my junior high and my high school, a record shop was located just a block or two out of the way on my walk home … so in early 1965 I was picking up the WLS chart as well as The Top Tunes Of Greater Chicagoland Chart, soon to be replaced by the WCFL Survey in 1966 … so I had a good year and half head start on you!  And I STILL love reliving them now every time we run a copy in Forgotten Hits!  (kk)


Hi Kent,

Going through some stuff and found this photo from when I was working at WCFL, guiding its transition back to music in 1980.

Left to right in the WCFL music library, Program Director David Martin, who I was lucky enough to hire away from WFYR, me, 1962 Miss World (and Mrs. Chubby Checker) Rina Evans, and Chubby Checker. 

Ed Salamon

FH Reader Tom Cuddy sent me this link to a review of a concert The Beach Boys just did in Lincoln, Nebraska, at The Pinewood Bowl in the midst of the pandemic …

'Good Vibrations' from a distance —

Concertgoers play it safe at Beach Boys' Pinewood Bowl show

Photos by Kenneth Ferriera, Journal Star

(I do like Mike Love's shirt!!!)


Frequent FH Contributor Clark Besch, who lives in Lincoln, but did NOT go to the concert, sent us the same link … along with this comment …

We did not go, but the Beach Boys opened the Covid-era concert events yesterday here in Lincoln.  The distancing and masks and such must have been fairly safe, it looks like.  Instead of a tribute to George Harrison, "Wouldn't it be nice" if they had done a tribute to Emitt Rhodes, their fellow performer from their home of Hawthorne?


Hey, The Beach Boys played “Rockaway Beach” by The Ramones!!!  Who would have ever figured on that?!?!

(About thirty Beach Boys tunes … AND “Rockaway Beach” … have been nominated in our latest poll to determine your All-Time Favorite Summer Songs.

The final voting deadline is NEXT FRIDAY, August 14, one week from today … so get YOUR votes in here pronto … and then watch for the winners list … along with a special True Oldies Channel “Last Blast Of Summer” Weekend come Labor Day!  (kk)


Tom also sent me a link to a brand new interview with Paul McCartney, done by Dylan Jones for GQ Magazine.  It is described as “his most candid interview yet” … and there may be something to that!  (When one considers the tens our thousands of interviews McCartney has done over the years, this is really saying something … but they cover a lot of ground here and Macca offers up perhaps some more “truthful” answers to some to the questions and topics that come up along the way.

You can read the whole interview here:

(I’ve been looking for a physical copy of the magazine as this one’s a “keeper” … but haven’t found one yet.  Like record shops, there seem to be fewer and fewer bookstores around these days … carrying FAR less magazines than they did in the old days.  Even our nearest Barnes and Nobles has closed since the pandemic hit.)

Speaking of Paul McCartney, I dug out the soundtrack to his “Give My Regards To Broad Street” film to listen in the car the other day.  (I know what you’re thinking … “Kent, why do you torture yourself so?”) … but despite the fact that it is a God-Awful film (almost unwatchable in some places), the soundtrack album is really quite good.

The new material (really only a couple of new songs … the rest are remakes of some Beatles, Wings and solo classic … everything from “Yesterday” and “The Long And Winding Road” to “Silly Love Songs” to tracks from his recent “comeback” albums, “Tug Of War” and “Pipes Of Peace.”

But the REAL treat here is that Macca virtually redoes nearly all of his contributions (save “Got To Get You Into My Life”) to The Beatles’ “Revolver” album, voted by many as the best album The Beatles ever did.

I wonder what the reasoning was for this.  By 1984, McCartney had toured the world again several times over … so could have included all of these songs as part of his various stage shows over the years … but this nearly 20 year look back )the film was released in 1984) at some of Paul’s finest music ever may just be a case of these songs being among HIS very favorites of all time, too.  (There is NO doubt that Paul was in the zone here … “For No One,” “Here, There And Everywhere,” “Good Day Sunshine” and an unnecessarily long and extended version of “Eleanor Rigby” are about as good as it gets when it comes to ‘60’s classics!)

Either way, it was a nice rediscovery for me … and I’ve got to say that Paul’s voice sounds every bit as pleasant as it did when he first sang and recorded these songs some 20 years earlier.  (kk)

And, speaking of “Revolver,” THIS article hit our mailbox the very next day …


And … the latest Virtual Fest For Beatles Fans kicks off tonight (August 7th) and runs thru Sunday, the 9th …

Get unlimited access … FOR $44.00 FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND

And check out this guest list …

Mary Wilson of The Supremes, Jenny Boyd (Jennifer Juniper), Peter Asher, Jeremy Clyde, Billy J. KramerDonovan, Klaus Voorman, Fred Kelly (The Beatles Fan Club President!), , former Wings members Steve Holley and Laurence Juber, Gregg Bissonette (drummer from Ringo’s All-Starr Band) and many, many more …

Including a live performance by Liverpool from Daryl’s House …

Famed Beatles authors and historians like Mark Lewisohn, Jud Southerland Kessler, Bruce Spizer, Wally Podrazik and at least a dozen more …

A massive Beatles Marketplace, Beatles Memorabilia Exhibit and Art Museum …

A booth of Sirius XM jocks from The Beatles Channel …

And SO much more.

$44 gets you in for everything!  

Chicago's #1 Beatles fan Terri Hemmet will be handling the MC responsibilities over the festivities once again, just as she has done since the very first Beatlefest was held here in 1977!

That piece you shared last week on Emitt Rhodes was the BEST of everyone's I think.  Thanks so much.  I loved it!

Clark Besch

It was VERY well done … and heartfelt.  (Here’s the link again in case you missed it):!

His release of a new CD in 2016 of songs that seem to be as old as 1980 in some cases, STILL was enough to allow him to make a record deal. 

I was one of many who put money in a "go fund me" thing just to get the money for him to release the CD!  He must have said “I am not signing ANY contract with anyone!”

Clark Besch

Hey, I kicked in for it, too, just because I wanted to hear something new by the guy … ANYTHING new, really.  While you liked the new CD more than I did, there are three or four tracks that have grown on me since those first few listens … but still hardly worth waiting 40 years for!!!  Like I said before, I don’t want HIS negative attitude on life to create a negative attitude in ME toward his music … but I hold it in the highest regard.  Seriously, watching that documentary is a REAL downer!!! (kk)

Harvey Kubernik remembers Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s “Déjà vu” on its 50th Anniversary …


Let’s twist again with Chubby Checker …

No, seriously, let’s twist again …

ABKCO Records is re-releasing Chubby’s original “Twist” album along with a series of “bonus tracks” in honor of the 60th Anniversary of “The Twist” first reaching the #1 position in Billboard Magazine on September 24th, 1960.

The record kicked off a dance craze sensation like nothing else we had ever seen before.  It remains the ONLY record to top The Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart TWICE when it was rereleased a year and a half later as the “older generation” hipsters caught on to the craze and started packing the discotheques to get THEIR groove on.  (The original release of “The Twist” in July of 1960 topped all three major trade publications, holding on to the #1 spot for four weeks in Cash Box, two in Music Vendor and one in Billboard.  A year later, Chubby recorded “Let’s Twist Again” as a follow up … and it went to #3.  Then, in November of 1961, Cameo/Parkway rereleased the original … and it went to #1 AGAIN … to even GREATER stats:  #1 in Cash Box for four weeks, #1 in Music Vendor for three weeks and #1 in Billboard for two weeks.)  NO other record has ever had this kind of unanimous success on the charts … and yet Chubby’s STILL not in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.  (But that’s a rant for another day!)  His SONG is in … but he’s not.  (Chubby continues to performed to packed houses to this day … and looks half his age up there, twistin’ the night away!)  “The Twist” remains the biggest record of The Rock Era, thanks to this unprecedented … and unmatched … achievement.  (kk)





ABKCO Records has announced a celebration of the 60th anniversary of “The Twist,” Chubby Checker and the legendary Cameo Parkway labels with commemorative releases September 25th. The definitive Twist With Chubby Checker album has been remastered and will be made available for the first time on vinyl since the 1960s this September. The date dovetails with the 60th anniversary of “The Twist” having first reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 on September 24, 1960. A special 45 rpm 7” vinyl of “The Twist” with two B-sides will also be available along with the physical editions of the new, definitive Dancin’ Party: The Chubby Checker Collection (1960 – 1966) on both CD and LP.  Dancin’ Party collects twenty-one tunes that includes seventeen Top 40 hits, twelve of which hit the Top 20; seven hit the Top 10 with two going to #1, including the pinnacle recording of “The Twist,” a single that two trips to the top.


Twist With Chubby Checker has also been remastered for a digital release, with the single for “The Pony” available immediately to stream and as an “instant grat” track with pre-orders of Twist With Chubby Checker.


CD versions of two other newly compiled Cameo Parkway sets, You Got The Power: Cameo Parkway Northern Soul 1964 -1967 and You Can’t Sit Down: Cameo Parkway Dance Crazes 1958 – 1964 are also being made available on September 25.


In Summer of 1960 “The Twist” was released and first hit the Billboard chart on August 1st, sixty years ago this week.  The tune raced to the #1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 on September 24th a matter of weeks later.  Most remarkably, after the song was re-released in late 1961, it again arrived at the #1 spot on January 13, 1962, making “The Twist” the first record to occupy the #1 slot in two different run-ups, a feat unequaled to this day. The first release of the single in 1960 included “Toot” on the flip side and the 1961 version carried “Twistin’ USA” on its B-side.  In recognition of that singular achievement the newly remastered version of “The Twist” EP includes both “Toot” and “Twistin’ USA.”

At the 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony in Cleveland, a new class was inducted, this time in recognition of their respective impact on music and culture. First among these in terms of cultural and commercial transcendence was “The Twist” by Chubby Checker. Steven Van Zandt had the honor of inducting “The Twist,” recalling the song would, “along with The Pill, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy philosophy and Helen Gurley Browns’ ‘Sex and the Single Girl,’ be credited with starting the sexual revolution.”

When Billboard celebrated the 50th anniversary of its Hot 100 singles chart in 2008, “The Twist” was declared the number one song of that half century span.  That designation was bestowed on the record again in 2013 and 2015 and, yet again, when The Hot 100’s 60th year was observed.  Each time, “The Twist” held on to the top spot among over 27,000 individual titles by more than 7,500 artists.  “The Twist” by Chubby Checker is in the National Recording Registry at the Library of Congress and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame more than 20 years ago.  In its own time, “The Twist” was recognized by the Recording Academy as the Best Rock & Roll Recording at the 1961 Grammy™ Awards.

Concurrent with the massive success of “The Twist,” Cameo Parkway became one of the industry’s most successful independent companies on par, in that era, with Motown.  It accrued a vast artist roster with a strong emphasis on dance-oriented hits and its shares were even traded on the American Stock Exchange, a first for a record label. Checker’s initial follow-up, “Let’s Twist Again” was emblematic of this as were his many other dance floor and chart successes which are all collected on Dancin’ Party: The Chubby Checker Collection (1960 – 1966).  

You Can't Sit Down: Cameo Parkway Dance Crazes 1958 -1964, features well known dance repertoire by the full spectrum of Cameo Parkway stars, among whom are The Orlons, The Dovells, Dee Dee Sharp, Bobby Rydell, The Applejacks and others along with Chubby Checker. Highlights are seven Top 10 hits including The Orlons’ “Wah-Watusi,” Dee Dee Sharp’s “Mashed Potato Time,” “The Bristol Stomp” and “You Can’t Sit Down” by The Dovells, “Slow Twistin’” by Chubby Checker and Dee Dee Sharp as well as Bobby Rydell’s “Cha Cha Cha” plus sixteen more.  As with the Dancin’ Party, You Can’t Sit Down includes liner notes by British music historian and author John Broven, author of Record Makers and Breakers (University of Illinois Press). 

You Got The Power: Cameo Parkway Northern Soul 1964 -1967, a more specialized set, highlights the fact that numerous Cameo Parkway singles would go on to become part of the soundtrack of Britain’s Northern Soul lifestyle phenomenon. Northern Soul’s emphasis was on obscure yet danceable records, a number of which became the focus of a cult-like worship years after they were first issued.  Singles by Frankie Beverly & The Butlers, Bunny Sigler, The Orlons, Evie Sands, Candy and the Kisses, Christine Cooper and Eddie Holman are highlights of the 20-track collection.  The set includes liner notes by Ady Croasdell, DJ-founder of London’s 6Ts Rhythm ‘N’ Soul Club, home of Britain’s longest-running Northern Soul night.

ABKCO’s September 25 Cameo Parkway releases

Twist with Chubby Checker (Remastered) – vinyl and digital                                                         

1.       Twistin' U.S.A.

 2.       The "Ooh Poo Pah Doo" Shimmy                                                                                

3.       The "C.C. Rider" Stroll                                                                                          

4.       The Strand

5.       The Chicken                                                                                                           

6.       The Hucklebuck                                                                                                    

7.       The Twist                                                                                                               

8.       The Madison                                                                                                          

9.       “Love Is Strange” Calypso                                                                                                     

10.     The “Mexican Hat” Twist                                                                                                      

11.     The Slop                                                                                                                            

12.     The Pony 

The Twist (Remastered)7’’ EP and digital                                                                                                

      1.  The Twist                                                                                                                             

       2.  Toot                                                                                                                          

       3.  Twistin’ U.S.A. 

Dancin’ Party - The Chubby Checker Collection: 1960 - 1966 – CD 

1.     The Twist **

2.     The Hucklebuck 

3.      Pony Time **

4.     Dance The Mess Around 

5.      Let's Twist Again **  

6.      The Fly **

7.     Dancin' Party 

8.      Slow Twistin' **

9.      Popeye The Hitchhiker **

10.    Limbo Rock **

11.   Let's Limbo Some More 

12.   Twist It Up (single version) 

13.   Birdland (single version) 

14.   What Do Ya Say! 

15.   Loddy Lo 

16.   Hooka Tooka 

17.   Hey, Bobba Needle 

18.   Lazy Elsie Molly 

19.   (At The) Discotheque 

20.   You Just Don't Know (What You Do To Me) 

21.   Hey You! Little Boo-Ga-Loo 


You Can't Sit Down: Cameo Parkway Dance Crazes 1958-1964 – CD 

1. The Twist - Chubby Checker 

2. The Wah-Watusi - The Orlons 

3. Bristol Stomp - The Dovells 

4. Mashed Potato Time - Dee Dee Sharp

5. You Can't Sit Down - The Dovells

6. The Third House (In From The Right) - Bobby Rydell

7. Do The Bird - Dee Dee Sharp 

8. Slow Twistin' - Chubby Checker w/Dee Dee Sharp

9. Shimmy Shimmy - The Orlons 

10. The 81 - Candy And The Kisses

11. (Everybody Do) The Swim, Pt 1- The Marlins

12. The Popeye Waddle - Don Covay

13. Do The New Continental - The Dovells

14. Baby, Do The Froog - Dardenelles

15. Rocka-Conga - The Applejacks

16. The Hucklebuck- Chubby Checker

17. The Mash - Tom Young & The Hippies

18. Mexican Hat Rock - The Applejacks

19. The Cha-Cha-Cha - Bobby Rydell

20. When You Dance - The Turbans

21. Everybody South Street - The Taffys

22. Twistin' U.S.A. - Chubby Checker

You Got The Power: Cameo Parkway Northern Soul 1964-1967 – CD 

1.     You Got The Power - The Four Exceptions 

2.     Because Of My Heart - Frankie Beverly & The Butlers 

3.     (Whoa, Whoa) I Love Him So - Nikki Blu 

4.     Girl Don't Make Me Wait - Bunny Sigler 

5.     It's Rough Out There - Jerry Jackson 

6.     Envy (In My Eyes) - The Orlons 

7.     Picture Me Gone - Evie Sands 

8.     Country Girl - Vickie Baines 

9.     Night Owl - Bobby Paris 

10.   Village Of Tears - Ben Zine 

11.   You Just Don't Know (What You Do To Me) - Chubby Checker 

12.   The 81 - Candy And The Kisses 

13.   Shake And Shingaling (Part 1) - Gene Waiters 

14.   S.O.S. (Heart In Distress)  - Christine Cooper 

15.   Eddie's My Name - Eddie Holman 

16.   Pass Me By - Hattie Winston 

17.   The Grass (Will Sing For You) - Lonnie Youngblood 

18.   (Your Love Was Just A) False Alarm - Tari Stevens 

19.   Who Do You Think You Are - The Soul City 

20.   You Didn't Say A Word - Yvonne Baker 

More praise for Harvey Kubernik’s new book “Docs That Rock, Music That Matters” …

Dr. James Cushing, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, English and Literature professor (ret.), writes "Rock is the gift of sound and vision, and Harvey Kubernik's Docs That Rock is the essential guide to the history of rock on film. Kubernik's been doing his homework on this subject for fifty years; he knew everyone, spoke to everyone, and got them to tell stories they never told anyone else. We learn how Steve Binder made The T.A.M.I. Show happen in 1964 and helped save Elvis' career in 1968; we hear Murray Lerner giving the details of filming Hendrix at the Isle of Wight in 1970, and we even dig into the backstory of Shindig! Perfect for film and cultural studies classes, Docs That Rock gives a rich context to movies you thought you knew all about."
Roger Steffens, author and Reggae scholar, wrote "Not only does Kubernik reveal his choices for the greatest music films of all time, but he gives us the background, challenges, discoveries and excitement inherent in these visual treasures, taking us into the dressing rooms, the cutting rooms, the theaters and the auditoriums, speaking with the prime creators of the form. An absolute must-read for anyone who loves popular music and its secret histories."
And photographer Heather Harris writes "The studios, the music companies and Madison Avenue pay big bucks for intellectual understanding of their products. What these products represent … helps sell the singularity of them in crowded realms. Harvey can toss off these split-second analyses about every other sentence in casual conversation and even make you laugh at the same time with some heretofore never imagined juxtapositions. So imagine the glorious outcome of his concerted research efforts added to his extraordinary insights about music and film. Harvey's books are the unique culmination of both in whatever topic he addresses."
Author and music historian Harvey Kubernik served as Consulting Producer on the 2010 documentary Troubadors, directed by Morgan Neville, and this year Harvey served as a Consultant on the Laurel Canyon: A Place in Time documentary directed by Alison Ellwood, which debuted in May on the EPIX/MGM television channel. With rock, pop and soul-oriented documentaries appearing on streaming platforms, and with DVD and Blu Ray releases more popular than ever, Harvey Kubernik's Docs That Rock, Music That Matters in-depth exploration of the music documentary world is both fashionable and fascinating.
Visit the 
Otherworld Cottage Books and DVD catalog to learn more about "Docs That Rock, Music That Matters," or view its Table of Contents. To stay up-to-date on Harvey's many ongoing and entertaining activities, visit Kubernik's Korner.

This just in …

British Invasion Rocker Wayne Fontana has died of cancer.  He was 74.

Fronting The Mindbenders in 1965, Fontana scored a #1 hit with “Game Of Love.”  And then The Mindbenders (led by future 10cc star Eric Stewart) went on to have another one without him … when “A Groovy Kind Of Love” topped the charts the following year.  (Talk about your Two-Hit Wonders!!!  BOTH records went to #1?!?!  There can’t be too many artists that can make THAT claim!!!)

Born Glyn Geoffery Ellis in 1945, he took the stage name Wayne Fontana inspired by Elvis’ drummer, D.J. Fontana.  (The fact that the band’s records were released here in America on the Fontana record label is just another one of life’s happy coincidences.)  kk

Guitarist Steve Holland, founding member of Molly Hatchet who had the big Classic Rock Hit “Flirtin’ With Disaster” in 1980, passed away last week, too.  Steve was the last surviving original member of the band.  (kk)


Much like Elton John has been doing, The Who have launched a new live concert series featuring some of their most famous appearances over the years.

The whole thing kicks off THIS WEEKEND … and their calling it “Join Together @ Home” …  streaming worldwide on their own YouTube Channel …



Available digitally for the first time, this six-part weekly series will feature
some of the band’s most memorable performances, including previously unseen footage!   

Set a tune-in reminder for the series Premiere on Saturday August 8th
at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm UK

Commencing this weekend, The Who, in collaboration with YouTube will launch a six-week celebration of their incredible live performances. 

The weekly series, entitled “Join Together @ Home” on the band’s official YouTube channel, starts this Saturday (August 8th) at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm UK. Each featurette — available digitally for the first time — will appear as a YouTube Premiere, streaming live and rarely seen footage, mini videos and special screen footage, culminating with a performance from a previously unreleased show.

The series launches this weekend with five live tracks from The Who’s 1982 Shea Stadium, New York show. This will be introduced with an exclusive "red carpet" premiere clip from Roger Daltrey.  “Join Together @ Home” is in partnership with The Who and Eagle Rock Entertainment and will stream exclusively on YouTube. “Join Together @ Home” is free to view, but fans are encouraged to donate to co-beneficiaries Teenage Cancer Trust and Teen Cancer America – directly via the link provided on the YouTube page

As Patron of both charities, Roger Daltrey, along with his partner, Pete Townshend, has raised much needed awareness and funds to help support young people with cancer, both in the UK and the US. He has been the driving force behind Teenage Cancer Trust’s iconic comedy and music shows, held at the Royal Albert Hall for the last 20 years.

Teenage Cancer Trust has always had incredible support from the music industry and relies on donations but due to Coronavirus, saw essential income generating activity, like the Royal Albert Halls shows, cancelled. With income estimated to drop by as much as half this year; the charity needs to raise £5m to maintain frontline services so events like “Join Together @ Home” are more important than ever.

With Teen Cancer America fundraising events also cancelled, they face a shortfall and need your help more than ever. Your donation can help to continue improving the lives and outcomes of teens and young adults with cancer. Nearly 90,000 adolescents and young adults face a cancer diagnosis every year in America, and every hour another young life is lost. The Coronavirus is not just impacting fundraising, but increasing the risks for immunocompromised cancer patients, and adding to the growing burden of hospitals and caregivers.

As you have faced the inconvenience of isolation these past months, please think of the many teenage cancer patients who are in the fight of their lives. Follow your local guidelines, stay safe, relax and watch The Who, and do one of the most important things you can do today, donate to help teens facing cancer. 


What:  The Who “Join Together @ Home” special footage #THEWHO #WITHME
 Series kicks off Saturday 8th August, 2020 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 6 pm UK
 Streaming exclusively on The Who’s Official YouTube Channel

About YouTube Premieres
YouTube Premieres is a feature that lets artists and their teams build anticipation and create a unique moment around a music video release on YouTube. The feature transforms the way fans view and engage with content by creating an event where fans and artists directly engage and enjoy the experience together in an interactive way. Premieres radically change how music video content is released, turning the watching experience into a communal moment.

About Teenage Cancer Trust
Cancer isn’t stopping for Coronavirus and neither is Teenage Cancer Trust. The charity has launched an urgent fundraising appeal to raise £5 million to maintain its frontline services. Donate today: . Every day, seven young people in the UK aged 13 to 24 hear the words "you have cancer". Teenage Cancer Trust puts young people in the best possible place, physically, mentally and emotionally, for their cancer treatment and beyond. We do it through our expert nurses, support teams, and hospital units. And we're the only UK charity dedicated to providing this specialized nursing care and support. Teenage Cancer Trust is a registered charity: 1062559 (England & Wales), SC039757

About Teen Cancer America
Teen Cancer America seeks to bridge the gap between paediatric and adult oncology care by helping the health providers and health systems develop specialized programs and facilities for this age group. TCA brings together physicians and allied healthcare professionals in both paediatric and adult oncology. Age-targeted care for this population is necessary for medical and appropriate psychosocial development. Outcomes associated with some cancers that target this age group have not improved in over 30 years. Teens and young adults with cancer are long overdue for an upgrade and TCA can hopefully light the fire in America’s health systems. For more information, contact Michelle Aland or visit

elping Out Our Readers:


There has been a commercial running on network television now for about 2-3 weeks and I am not sure, but I believe the product is Google.

Anyway, the music playing in the background is an instrumental from the fifties. I say instrumental, because I believe that the vocal has been deleted out.

One might believe it is from Buchanan And Goodman's few seconds from THE FLYING SAUCER STORY (Part I), or a Big Joe Turner tune or possible Nappy Brown's SHUT THE DOOR. I believe first guess is the one by Nappy Brown. What say you? Or have you seen the commercial yet?

Boy, you’re really not giving me much to go on here … especially since I have NOT seen the commercial you’re referring to …

But maybe somebody else out there HAS … and can fill us all in on the details.

(The music from “Flying Saucer, Part 1”?!?!?  How on earth would ANYONE remember what THAT sounds like!!!  And, being a Buchanan and Goodman record, wouldn’t THAT music have been lifted from something else, too???)  kk

>>>The big mystery of the week?  What kinda payola was going on to give "Two Little Rooms" a Hit Bound spot for Trella Hart?!?!?!  This song "Bubbled Under" for exactly one week in Billboard (and nowhere else), where it peaked at #120.  I'm not sure I'd want to hear it even if I COULD find a copy!!! (lol)  kk

THIS could be a reason for Trella's WCFL charting.  She likely sang WCFL jingles for PAMS!  Pretty bad fer sure.

Clark Besch

Hi there Kent,

Well, you’ll get to hear it if you want to …

Despite her record, Two Little Rooms only managing to reach number 120

on Billboard, her voice was heard on radio a WHOLE LOT!  You see, Trella

Hart was a jingle singer at both PAMS Production Company and TM

Productions both located in Dallas.  Although there had been notable PAMS solo singers in the past, Trella Hart was the first jingle singer to actually be promoted by the company. This happened at WKNR in Dearborn, Michigan, when PAMS series 32, Swizzle, came out back in 1966.   

They actually brought her to Detroit and there was a party in which she sang on stage at a Detroit night club.

But now, getting back to her 1970 song Two Little Rooms, here it is for you to hear, if you want. 

Just follow this link:

And now, let's bring Trella a little closer to home for you.

Here she is at TM Productions singing what else but, that old standard Chicago.  To

hear this cut from TM Productions, just click on this link:


All the best,

Sam Ward

Well, I can say, without any reservations, that I have never heard this song before in my life … and what a HORRIBLE song it is, by the way!!!  (Who thought THIS would be a good topic to write a peppy pop song about?!?!)

Meanwhile, Frannie says the chorus part … “Who’s gonna miss me when I die” … DOES sound vaguely familiar … as if she may have heard it once or twice before … but none of the rest of the song rings a bell with her at all.

Interesting ‘tho that it got airplay and made the Top 30 in Chicago and Dallas … which is where each of us were growing up in 1970!

And check out this video of John Fogerty with “Fogerty’s Factory” …

His kids have put together a brand new video of John’s 1997 track “Blueboy.”  (Son Shawn was barely five years old when Fogerty recorded his first video of this track in conjunction with his then new album “Blue Moon Swamp.”)

They sound damn good, don’t they?!?!?  (kk)


And finally, from Chuck Buell …