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The Sunday Comments ( 10 - 04 - 15 )

re:  David Cassidy:  
Guess who got arrested ... again?!?!? 
Just a few weeks after our public David Cassidy appeal for good judgement piece ... ... word comes out that Cassidy was arrested again for erratic driving, hit and run and leaving the scene of an accident.  (Apparently, although this is just first coming to light now, this actually happened just a few days prior to his now infamous British TV interview that made headlines around the world.)   
Sounds like this time around he sideswiped another car on the highway and then, in what at first looked like he was stopping at the scene to check on the other driver, he instead made an effort to cover up his license plates so as not to get caught and then drove off!  For some crazy reason, despite repeated DUI citations, a drug and alcohol test was not performed at the police station.  
The boy CLEARLY needs help ... and at this point it's almost impossible to turn a sympathetic ear ... he's going to hurt somebody.  The results of this incident could have been DRASTICALLY different had the driver of the other car been seriously injured or worse, killed.  (All of this relates EXACTLY to what I wrote a few weeks ago ... see link above.  I cannot help but wonder what his fan club, his publicist, his website, etc., feel is left worth promoting!!!  He truly has become a one-man Menace To Society!!!  For God sake, man, GET SOME HELP!!!) kk  

Vintage Vinyl News tells the whole story here:  

David Cassidy's legal and personal woes just got a whole lot worse.
On September 9, Cassidy allegedly sideswiped a car while changing lanes on Interstate 595 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. According to England's Daily Mail, he initially stopped at the scene but it turned out it was only to hide his license plate, at which point he drove away even though his car was damaged and had a flat tire. The man driving the other car was treated by paramedics before being transported to the hospital for further examination.  
The Daily Mail goes on to say that police tracked the singer down at Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL later that day and, when they questioned him on the incident, told the officers that he had exchanged information with the driver of the truck and was at the facility for an unrelated appointment.Cassidy was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, making an improper lane change, operating a vehicle with a suspended license and operating a vehicle with an expired registration. He was not tested for alcohol or drugs.The singer has the potential of receiving 60 days in jail, six months probation and a $500 fine. The chances of him receiving the upper end of that sentence is higher as he has two DUI charges from the past two years, one in upstate New York in 2013 and another in California last year. He has also recently gone through a divorce and a personal bankruptcy.Two days after the incident, Cassidy made his now famous appearance on British television where he was combative with the hosts who were asking about some personal matters.
Cassidy is due back in court on October 27.  

re:  Lifeforce:  
In what seems to be a never-ending cycle here late of 12 and 14 hour days, I had to miss the Lifeforce concert at The Genesee Theatre this past Thursday night, something I was very much looking forward to. 
We were, however, able to send a few Forgotten Hits Readers to the show, thanks to a generous ticket give-away offer courtesy of the Genesee Theatre and Colleen Rogalski ... so we asked a couple of those folks to share their reviews with the rest of our readers. 

Here ya go ...   

Hey Kent,
Regarding the Lifeforce concert, you missed a great one!!!  
First, thank you so much for the tickets.  We loved it.  Very different from Peterik's usual concert material, but wonderful.   
Jim Peterik has put together another classy band, including World Stage and Pride of Lions musicians. Mike on guitar, Clem on bass, Ed on drums, and Steve on sax and percussion.  Colin Peterik, his son, did background vocals and rocked the house with his original song.  Also on background and lead vocals was Yvonne, who partnered with Peterik on a unique version of The Search is Over.  Another highlight was a slow-downed version of Survivor's Is This Love. They had the crowd on their feet. Next up was  Mindi Abair on sax.  Wow!  She played her music and songs she wrote with Jim.  It was fabulous.  The only complaint we had was the concert was too short at an hour and forty minutes.  We could have sat there all night.  
If you have a chance to see Lifeforce, don't miss it.  You won't be disappointed.  Peterik, as always, delivers!  
Thanks again,
Gary and Janet   

Thanks for the tickets. The show was great. Peterik was clearly enjoying himself, as he always does. Mindi Abair on sax was hot, in more ways than one. I'll be picking up her CDs to hear more of her. It was sad to see the show only drew 300-400 people. The Genesee is really a nice room.
Ken Voss
It is, without question, one of the most beautiful theaters around ... wish we could have been there to see it ... I'm not sure Lifeforce even has any other gigs scheduled right now at this time, but we'll keep checking.  I've heard nothing but good reviews when it comes to Mindi Abair ... she is certainly quite impressive in the video shown above.  Frannie says she has also worked with David Pack, formerly of Ambrosia, who has done some gigs with Peterik as well.  (You can catch all three performing together in the video below)

Here are some great action photos from the Genesee show, courtesy of Jean Mikota ... gotta check these guys out next time around!

Check out Jim Peterik's Lifeforce here:

And watch this very cool video (featuring Mindi Abair, who headlined Thursday Night's Show ...


More great local, Chicago Rock news, which also features Jim Peterik ...

re:  The Cornerstones of Chicago Rock / Soundstage Concert Special:
I think it is great that Jim Peterik and others have helped put this long needed show together with WTTW. 
Too bad Bob Sirott or Bob Stroud OR Carl Bonafede could not have emceed this one.  My passion for these bands has only increased as the decades pass.  Jim Pilster has long hoped for such an event, as well. 
I often think of the BIG 6 when thinking of Chicago's greatest 60's Top 40 bands and for once, all will be there in some form.  I have done some work for CDs by all:  Cryan Shames, Ides, NC6, American Breed, Shadows of Knight and Buckinghams.  They all are unique and helped create what is the Chicago Sound.  These six bands have been the TRUE cornerstones of the city's 60's Top 40 musical shape.  The fact that ALL of the original (and other important) lead singers of each band will be singing is especially pleasing!  I hope more members will be able to attend or play also.  I wish the Mob could perform with this group.
It is great to know there will be a memorandum segment for Chase and others.  It is sad that many of our beloved top 40 60's faves have passed, but will always be remembered.  Jimy Rogers, Jeff Boyan, Isaac Guillory, Jon Paulos, Dave Purple, Ray Herr, Joe Kelley, Dee Robb, Bill Chase, Mitch Aliotta and John Jeremiah, Minnie Ripperton, and many others should be remembered at this time.
50 years have passed since most of these bands formed and became household names in Chicago homes that had teens tuning their ears towards WLS and WCFL for the newest bands from the Windy City.  I wish you all a great time reliving what we fans have always embraced as the best times of our lives! 
Clark Besch
Well said, Clark!  (kk)
Well said, Clark. They will all be missed.  And remembered. Jimbo 

I'm going.  As soon as I heard the announcement I went online and got tix.
Wish I could be there for this but we had already bought Stevie Wonder tickets for the same night.  (Actually our original plan was to go see Leon Russell at The Arcada, another artist I've always wanted to see ... but Stevie's live performance of his "Songs In The Key Of Life" album ended up trumping those plans ... plus Frannie's never seen him live before ... and we're both big Stevie fans.)
We were able to give our Leon Russell tickets away to another Forgotten Hits Reader ... and he's even a bigger Russell buff than I am ... so it's a win/win for everybody.
Meanwhile, I'm hoping to be able to attend the rehearsals ... and bring some great photos and updates to all of our readers prior to the actual taping and airing of the show.  (This one's a keeper ... guess I'll finally have to learn how to use my DVR!!!)  kk

Hi Kent - 
Thank you so much for the latest news on the upcoming Channel 11 Concert of all the Chicago Groups. Please let us know when it will air!  
So sorry to hear about Frankie Ford passing. I saw him perform  during the taping of one of the Do Wop shows in Pittsburgh for Channel ll.  
He sounded great and I had the opportunity to meet him and have my picture taken with him. He was a great keyboard player, too.  
Cant wait to find out about the tickets giveaway for Brian Wilson's upcoming concert in November!!!  
Your Fan!! 
Hoping to have something up on the site next week regarding the Brian Wilson show.  We've only got a few tickets to give away for this ... so we're going to make you earn them!  Stay tuned. 
As for the Cornerstones of Chicago Rock concert, no official date has been released yet ... but I'm hearing November is a good possibility.  (I have to miss the actual taping because we've got tickets to see Stevie Wonder that night ... hoping to make it to at least one of the rehearsals.)  
By the way, I got the official word last week (from Skip Haynes himself) that Skip WILL be there for the taping and the performance of "Lake Shore Drive" by all of the artists for the grand finale.  All I can say to that is "As It Should Be"!!!  This will be a momentous occasion.  (kk)

Hey Kent,
Skip Haynes here. FYI, I'll be coming into Chicago for the "Cornerstones of Rock" special because Lake Shore Drive is the finale of the show. Apparently, everyone will be singing it so they asked me to lead the song - as kind of a tribute to Mitch and John. Maybe we can hook up for coffee.
Best regards

re:  The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: 
Boy, I’m on the edge of my chair anticipating the R&R HOF Induction of MOBY!!!!!!!!! LOL  

Greetings from AZ Kent!
Just read this year's annual rant about the HOF. Of course you're correct in your assessment but also of course our opinions don't matter to them.
I'm sure you'll get lots of mail reminding you of your failure to mention other worthy ones but I think the HOF's single biggest exclusion has to be Connie Francis. She certainly was the lead female singer in the first decade of rock and roll and to exclude her because her songs weren't hip enough is just plain wrong.
Steve Davidson
I've given up all hope of any of the rock and roll "originals" making the cut beyond this point.  Connie came in #1, #2 or #3 in all of our early polls, too, as being one of the most worthy, deserving and denied artists.  Brenda Lee got in YEARS ago.  But the bulk of the responses I got indicated that putting Connie in now simply because Brenda Lee is in would be a HUGE mistake ... as Brenda probably didn't deserve to get in in the first place.  (Huh??? That's true ... she's no Bonnie Raitt!!!)
Early influences like Pat Boone (who make rock and roll acceptable for whitebread mid-America), Chubby Checker, Freddy Cannon and so many others from that early era have been snubbed and forgotten about ... heck, even some of the best of the remaining '60's artists have been completely ignored.  (What about Glen Campbell, who not only crossed over in a big way between rock, popular and country music ... but was a member of The Wrecking Crew and played on literally HUNDREDS of hit records ... heck, he even went out on the road as a Beach Boys for a short period of time!!!  How 'bout Billy Preston or Nicky Hopkins as sidemen?  In addition to sharing label credit with The Beatles, Billy had his own successful solo career and played with big name artists dating all the way back to the Little Richard days.  How the heck do you ignore THIS guy?!?!)
And how about finally recognizing Ed Sullivan??? HE's the guy who brought rock and roll right into our living rooms every Sunday night.  How is it even possible that he has never been so much as nominated.
Without question, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has gotten it wrong ... in a VERY big way ... and I will NEVER understand or be able to justify in my mind how the majority of the artists inducted these past ten years can POSSIBILY deserve in ANYBODY's mind to stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder, with the likes of the Rock And Roll Pioneers who turned three chords into an artform now 60-some years old.  My point is simply that with such slim pickings available this year, NOW would be the time to take advantage of this situation, save some face, and FINALLY induct some of those HUGE names you've passed over so many times in the past.  Will they do it?  I doubt it ... but if there was ever going to be a time to do so, that time would be now.  (kk)

The Rock 'N Roll Hall of fame lacks one significant component - credibility. As you pointed out, the notion that Hole - a totally nondescript band - would have a plaque in the same building with the
Stones and Beatles isn't just bad its pathetic. Chicago, Tommy James and Paul Revere should have gone in years ago.
One salient point: where the hell is Ed Sullivan? His long running, prime-time Sunday night show literally "made" groups over night.  Chances are Jann Wenner, the clueless editor at Rolling Stone mag, has no idea what Sullivan's impact was on rock 'n roll.
Until further notice, the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame in good old Cleveland, Ohio, is just another tee-shirt shop.
Chet Coppock
Host: Notre Dame football on WLS
Author: Buffone - Monster of the Midway
We've pointed it out before and we need to point it out again ... the Museum in Cleveland has absolutely NOTHING to do with the nomination and balloting process of who gets in ... SEVERAL members of the Museum (including some of the highest higher ups) have told me off the record that they are just as mystified as the rest of the world when they see the names of some of the most obsucre, off-the-wall choices on the nominees ballot each year ... and they, too, believe that the institution known as The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has lost ALL credibility (and sight of their original purpose) YEARS ago.  They are embarrassed by these actions.
That being said, they still manage to house a BEAUTIFUL museum that pays tributes to ALL brands of rock and roll, past, present and future.
Incredibly, we've still never been ... so let's make a pact right now ... somehow, someway, we're going to do a Forgotten Hits Trip to The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Museum in Cleveland, Ohio, next spring. We're going to have readers from all over the country (hey, maybe all over the world!) come in and convene for this event.  We need to pick a "road trip" weekend ... probably more like a 3 or 4 day event as I believe the museum itself will take two days to thoroughly go through and enjoy, plus a travel day on either side of that.  We want HUNDREDS of you to participate ... so let's start a sign-up sheet now ... narrow down a couple of dates for March or April ... and then all commit to making this happen.  Whether you've been there a dozen times before or never even been, we want to make this a Forgotten Hits pilgrimage to The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Museum.  Bring friends and family, I don't care ... just join us.  (Once we have a head count I'll contact the museum to see what, if anything, they can do for us in the way of housing and group rates.)
Who's with me on this?  Let us hear from you and we'll get the ball rolling!  (kk)

re:  Ronnie Milsap:
I don't get overly excited over country music of the late 70's and 80's, but Ronnie Milsap was one whose music I truly loved.  I first heard him on the jukebox at our local tavern I visited often in my post-college drinking days.  The song was "Daydreams About Night Things."  I loved it and started to hear him as he crossed over to pop charts and every song was great.  He even did a great pop song with great video for "She Loves My Car."  Obviously, it was funny, since he is blind.  He does cameo spots in the video, but this song SHOULDA been a pop hit.  If Huey Lewis or ELO had recorded it, it could have been top 10. 
That said, Ronnie's country hits were all just awesome.  Faves likely are "It Was Almost Like a Song" and "In No Time At All" besides the one above that got it started for me.  Of course, he also had a hand in Los Lonely Boys' success years back, too. 
Clark Besch
Ronnie was definitely in the zone there during the late '70's and early '80's ... I was listening to a fair amount of country at that time and it seemed like everything he released was outstanding. (The fact that he collected 40 #1 Hits kinda proves my point!) 
"She Loves My Car" is as '80's sounding and looking as it can possibly be.  Not a big hit (#84 in Billboard ... the other side, "Prisoner Of The Highway" is the song that charted country), it's still a fun (if somewhat dated) track.  Pay close attention and you'll see a very young Mariska Hargitay as the hottie behind the wheel.  (kk)

re:  This And That:
Imagine finding a rare, live Beatles recording from 1962 ... one of only FIVE known to be in existence ... in your desk drawer.
Well, that's exactly what happened ... and now this incredibly rare disc is going up for auction.

Hi Kent -  
Spent the last weekend catching the Beach Boys in concert.
My pal Bruce Johnston invited me and friends on stage to sing Barbara Ann with them. What a thrill.
Here we are with Johnny Titlotson.
Ron Dante

Talk about interesting concerts, check out the details on this one.  (I asked if they might be taking this show on the road and was told that that is the ultimate goal ... but for right now, this is just the premier performance ... what a line-up of great singers!!!)  kk  

Music Legends Unite!
The Rock Pack Feat. Mickey Thomas of STARSHIP, Bobby Kimball, original lead singer of TOTO, Steve Walsh formerly of KANSAS, Robin Zander of CHEAP TRICK, Fee Waybill of THE TUBES, and John Payne formerly of ASIA!  
The Rock Pack To Perform At The Germain Arena, Ft Myers, FL. Nov 19, 2015
Fort Myers, FL  November 19th sees the arrival of THE ROCK PACK at The Germain Arena, Ft. Myers, FL.
John Payne, former ASIA lead vocalist and co-creator of the #1 Vegas musical “Raiding the Rock Vault,” has created a unique new event. THE ROCK PACK concert is an incredible 80s rock extravaganza featuring the vocalists and the hits from six major classic rock bands.
The cast of stellar star singers includes Mickey Thomas of STARSHIP, Bobby Kimball original lead singer of TOTO, Steve Walsh formerly of KANSAS, Robin Zander of CHEAP TRICK, Fee Waybill of THE TUBES, and John Payne formerly of ASIA.    
This stunning show features the classic hit songs sung by the original singers; Dust in the Wind, I Want You to Want Me, We Built This City, Africa, Surrender, Beauty, The Flame, Rosanna, White Punks on Dope, Carry on My Wayward Son, Dream Police, Hold the Line, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now and more.
Ringmaster Payne also extracts interesting stories from the cast of classic rock artists as well as pertinent visuals on huge screens. Throughout the show he sings the ASIA classics Heat Of The Moment, Only Time Will Tell, Sole Survivor, and Time Again.
Prepare yourself for an unprecedented evening of superlative music, enthralling stories and visuals.
THE ROCK PACK, Presented by KDIM Entertainment as part of The Classic Rock Series.
Who: The Rock Pack
When: November 19, 2015
Where: Germain Arena, Ft. Myers, FL
For more information:

Micky Dolenz's new album "A Little Bit Broadway; A Little Bit Rock & Roll" (Broadway Records) was officially released last Friday. Last Thursday night he sat in with The Roots on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. 
Backstage at the Jimmy Fallon taping, he ran into NSYNC's Lance Bass who was in the building taping another show.  Here are photos of Micky Dolenz with Lance Bass and Micky with PR-man David Salidor.  Thanks for sending, David!

Aww, what the heck ... here's one of ME and Micky, too!!!

Hey Kent.
The Zombies are on our shores, and they have a new album out October 9, which is really quite good.
The group is still led by Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone. Seems their longevity might have been helped by the dissolution of the band in 1968, which probably reduced some wear and tear. Remarkably, they're still in peak form.
What's really amazing is that they never performed songs from Odessey and Oracle, since they broke up before it was released. Only recently they have learned to play these songs live.
I had a great chat with Colin where he talked about their career and told the stories behind some of those amazing Zombies tunes. We also talked about the Alan Parsons Project song "Old and Wise," a great tune in which he lent his voice.
And here's my interview with Colin:
Clips from the new album are on iTunes here:
Be Well,
Carl Wiser

Speaking of The Zombies, here's a recent piece courtesy of Tom Cuddy ...

The Zombies start their U.S. tour today on Cape Cod, and I can confirm for any FH readers that if the tour comes to their area, it’s well worth the investment of time and money.  I have seen them several times and they are simply: TERRIFIC.  
Here’s a link to a new interview from Pollstar:  
-- Tom Cuddy
The Zombies’ upcoming shows:
Oct. 3 – Provincetown, Mass., Provincetown Town Hall
Oct. 6 – Boston, Mass., The Wilbur
Oct. 8 – Washington, D.C., Lincoln Theatre
Oct. 9 – New York, N.Y., The Concert Hall At The New York Society for Ethical Culture
Oct. 10 – Cranston, R.I., RI Center for the Arts at Park Theatre
Oct. 11 – Glenside, Pa., Keswick Theatre
Oct. 13 – Ridgefield, Conn., Ridgefield Playhouse
Oct. 14 – Munhall, Pa., Carnegie Library Music Hall Of Homestead
Oct. 15 – Kent, Ohio, The Kent Stage
Oct. 16 – Merrillville, Ind., Star Plaza Theatre
Oct. 17 – South Milwaukee, Wis., South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center
Oct. 19 – Denver, Colo., Paramount Theatre
Oct. 21 – Seattle, Wash., Benaroya Hall
Oct. 22 – Portland, Ore., Revolution Hall
Oct. 24 – Beverly Hills, Calif., Saban Theatre
Oct. 25 – Sacramento, Calif., Crest Theatre
Oct. 26 – Redding, Calif., Cascade Theatre
Oct. 27 – San Francisco, Calif., The Fillmore 

Here are a few of the 'Child Star Seminar' photos.  These are from the recent Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention.  Stu Shostack was the panel moderator for this panel.  
The stars were Barry and Stanley Livingston plus Tina Cole from My Three Sons, Jon Provost from Lassie and Angela Cartright from Make Room for Daddy.
Stu Weiss


Here's another Don Henley interview ... this time around he slams Frank Ocean and Kanye West ...
-- submitted by Tom Cuddy
I just got my copy of Don Henley's new CD "Cass County" and was listening a little bit this afternoon ... it may take a few listens to really grasp this one.  While certainly in the country vein he was shooting for, all the songs seem to have the same tempo and feel thus far ... and there really hasn't been one yet that's just jumped out at me and said,  "Listen to me ... this is a hit!" ... but I'll give it a few more shots as I have ALWAYS been a major Don Henley fan.  I guess I was just expecting less of a laid back feel and more of a "now THIS is how you do country" attitude.  (kk)
Hello Mr. Kent:  
Just letting you know that on last Friday night Paul Haney, who works with Mr. Whitburn on his books was on the Crap From The Past show on KFAI-FM radio with host Ron “Boogiemonster” Gerber.   They had a quite informative discussion about Joel Whitburn and his books and archives / vault.  You can listen to this for another week or so from the KFAI website or from the ” Crap from the Past” website.   
Ron has a great radio show on Friday nights from 10:30 to midnight dealing with many obscure and lesser know tracks out there.  You are better off to just listen once than me try to tell you about it.  You will be hooked.  
Pete Heger
I just listened to this all the way through and it's a bit of fun, especially for us chartaholics out there. (Ironically, Joel Whitburn sent out a promo piece last week also plugging this interview ... and tying it in with a special discount on his Chart Comparisons Book.  Check out the link below to get a 20% discount on this great new volume.) 

Paul Haney has been an employee of Record Research since 1992 and the most-referenced book on his desk is The Comparison Book.  Get a $20 employee discount through October 10, 2015, with promo code PAULSPICK"As a lifelong chart fanatic, The Comparison Book is literally a dream come true!  It’s such a thrill to be able to finally see ALL of the chart data from the three major music trade magazines in one concise, user-friendly publication.  No true chart fan should be without a copy of this invaluable reference.”

Paul Haney
(Listen to a recent radio interview about Paul's heart for the charts!)

The Comparison Book contains our basic chart research of the pop singles charts of America’s three top music industry magazines:  Billboard, Cash Box and Record World (known as Music Vendor prior to April of 1964).

This alphabetical by artist listing displays for each charted single its date charted, peak position and total weeks charted -- for each pop chart on which it appeared!

Chart data for all songs with multiple chart entries is listed in order of peak chart performance.

New research now shows everything that appeared below the Top 100 of Music Vendor and Record World’s pop singles charts, not just the exclusive titles that appear in our sold-out #101-150 Hit Records book.

The research for this book kicks off with the debut of Music Vendor on October 4, 1954, and continues for all three magazines through the final issue of Record World on April 10, 1982.

Through October 10, 2015, save $20 on The Comparison Book with promo code: PAULSPICK

We use Joel's Chart Comparison book EVERY SINGLE DAY ... and have dozens more of his Record Research books in our library.  (It sounds like their most popular book, "Top Pop Singles" is being revamped for an early 2016 release as well.  I have EVERY edition of this book since the 1970 original in my collection!)
Also of special interest to me during this broadcast was the fact that at some point in the program both Ron Gerber and Paul Haney confessed that they both bought the same two records as their First 45's ... "Le Freak" by Chic and "YMCA" by The Village People.  (We know ALL about First 45's!!!  Check out the other Forgotten Hits website for zillions of these!)  kk

Congratulations to The Drive for winning The Marconi Award for Best Rock Station in Chicago.  I know that a few of those guys read Forgotten Hits regularly and we've been listening and enjoying the station since Day One when they first signed on the air almost fifteen years ago.  They have focused on the music ever since ... one of the few radio stations not to change their format over that period of time.  We love it.  WTG, guys!  (kk)

Kent ...
I just watched this episode of Colombo this morning.
Frank B.

Vintage Fats Domino Concert From 1973 Released In Its Entirety For The First Time Ever!  
Los Angeles, CA - Fats Domino’s studio recordings inspired everyone from reggae legend Bob Marley to The Beatles, whose “Lady Madonna” was as a direct homage to the early rock pioneer. But while his songs were often imitated, Fats’s live performances were absolutely untouchable, a rollicking ride through boogie jump classics like “Let The Four Winds Blow” and “My Girl Josephine” on to his all-time classic hits such as the libidinous “Blueberry Hill,” “Ain’t That A Shame,” “Walking To New Orleans” and many more. On stage, Fats attacked his piano from every which way as sweat poured from his brow, all the while keeping that magnificent, signature smile front and center, making everything he did look as effortless as a pleasant Sunday stroll.
Now music fans will once again be able to hear this early rock pioneer’s explosive energy on a 1973 recording released on CD in its entirety for the first time ever this October 2 from Goldenlane Records. Thrillin’ In Philly - Live 1973 features an amazingly clear, professionally mixed multi-track recording that brings Fats’s brilliant hits to life. For good reason to as music journalist Dave Thompson’s liner notes reveal, this show captures Fats in the midst of a stellar, career-reviving tour that introduced him to a whole new generation of fans. He was playing for posterity, to preserve his legacy, and you can hear it!
Track List
1. Let The Four Winds Blow
2. Blueberry Hill
3. Please Don’t Leave Me
4. When My Dreamboat Comes Home
5. Walking To New Orleans
6. My Blue Heaven
7. Ain’t That A Shame
8. I’m In Love Again
9. Poor Me
10. My Girl Josephine
11. Goin’ To The River
12. Whiskey Heaven
13. I’m Gonna Be A Wheel Someday
14. When The Saints Go Marching In
15. What A Price
16. The Fat Man
17. Another Mule
18. Going To Mardi Gras
19. Your Cheatin’ Heart
20. The Sheik Of Araby
21. I Want To Walk You Home
22. Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
Dear Musical Friends,
Once again, Gary Pig Gold looks at (one of) the Forgotten Stones, as his review of THE MICK TAYLOR YEARS rolls anew into New York Waste Magazine …

Three All-New Historic Releases from THE BOTTOM LINE ARCHIVE SERIES -
Pete Seeger & Roger McGuinn in Their ONLY Performance Together ...
Plus Doc Watson and Tony Orlando  
Set for Release October 30 - Pete Seeger & Roger McGuinn (1994), Doc Watson (2002) and Tony Orlando (2001) - All Performances Recorded LIVE at The Bottom Line Cabaret 
New York, NY – The Bottom Line Archive Series has announced its next titles – three never-before-released live performances – set for October 30. Recorded at the legendary Bottom Line club in Greenwich Village, the new set presents an historical and rich sampler of artists and genres. The Bottom Line Archive label is distributed via BFD / Red; BFD is a division of Bob Frank Entertainment.  Set for release October 30: 
Pete Seeger & Roger McGuinn: Live at the Bottom Line The historic first meeting of two generations of folk masters happened only once, and it happened at The Bottom Line.  Over the course of one night (1994), with noted radio personality Vin Scelsa leading the conversation, Seeger and McGuinn swapped stories and songs. They had a lot to talk about – The Byrds had scored a huge No. 1 hit with Seeger’s “Turn! Turn! Turn!” in 1965, which Seeger credited with putting his kids through college – and that’s just the start. Includes “Chestnut Mare,” “If I Had a Hammer,” “Eight Miles High,” “Bells of Rhymney” and “So You Want to be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star.”  
Doc Watson: Live at the Bottom Line – These 2002 live recordings capture the guitar virtuoso on the heels of his sixth Grammy win (out of eight), showcasing his trademark wit, charm and prodigious musical gifts. Regarded as the father of modern day Bluegrass flat-picking, Doc Watson creates the easy intimacy of a back-porch performance as he walks his adoring audience through a musical history lesson encompassing “Shady Grove,” “T for Texas,” “Black Mountain Rag” and “Nights in White Satin.” Recorded during Doc’s two final Bottom Line engagements, captured just before, and shortly after, his 79th birthday. He had played the club over 30 times before.  
Tony Orlando: Live at the Bottom Line The first and only live album in Tony Orlando’s career, this post-New Year’s Eve show from January 2001 presents the artist as entertainer and singer in a range of musical variety from pop, to ballad, to Latin, to rock and roll, to heartfelt stories from his nearly 50-years in music. Career highlights include being the first multi-racial group to have a TV show (Tony Orlando & Dawn) and starring roles in award-winning Broadway shows, Barnum and Smokey Joe’s CafĂ©, all while selling millions of records.  This electric performance at The Bottom Line includes early hits “Yellow Ribbon,” “Knock Three Times,” and “Candida” as well as three new original songs including “Caribbean Jewel,” a tribute to his Puerto Rican heritage.  These releases are the third of an extensive quarterly roll-out of 24 new titles over the next two years, including classic live performances by Jack Bruce, Ralph Stanley and Rory Gallagher, among others. The next releases are scheduled for March 2016. 
Bottom Line co-founder / curator Allan Pepper has recordings of more than 1,000 shows from Greenwich Village nightclub, which always booked an eclectic mix of rock, jazz, blues, folk and other forms of music. Pepper says the label is currently in conversation with representatives from many of the acts. 
Series producer Gregg Bendian, who performed frequently at The Bottom Line with his band, The Mahavishnu Project, also organized the extensive liner notes for the series, which include backstories, testimonials and memories. 
All music from The Bottom Line Archive has been mixed and mastered at The Magic Shop, an award-winning state-of-the-art studio in New York. 
The Bottom Line Archive can be pre-ordered on Amazon and iTunes; and available on all digital providers. Previous editions of the BLA series with Harry Chapin, Janis Ian, The Brecker Brothers, Kenny Rankin, Willie Nile and more are also available on Amazon and iTunes.  
About The Bottom Line: 
The Bottom Line was a legendary music venue at 15 West 4th Street in Greenwich Village. Owned by Allan Pepper and Stanley Snadowsky, the Bottom Line opened February 12, 1974 and enjoyed a 30-year run.  Bruce Springsteen played showcase gigs at the club and Lou Reed recorded the album Live: Take No Prisoners there.  Harry Chapin held his 2000th concert at the Bottom Line in 1981.  The Bottom Line hosted an extremely wide variety of music. Among the thousands who performed on its stage were: Eric Clapton, Linda Ronstadt, The Police, Billy Joel, Patti Smith, Hall & Oates, Prince, Van Morrison, Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Betty Carter, Ravi Shankar, Ramones, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Charles Mingus, Neil Sedaka, Al Kooper, Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel, Cheech & Chong, Sam & Dave, Southside Johnny, John Cale, Laura Nyro and many more.