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This is it ...



We're giving you EXACTLY 60 Hours to cast your final votes ...

ALL of the ballots can still be found on the site (46 in all) ...

Just jump down to the bottom of the page and click the OLDER POSTS link

And it'll take you thru them all, one by one.

So, here is your VERY last chance to cast your votes for your favorites ...

The songs YOU feel are MOST DESERVING of inclusion in our FINAL List of


Whether you were late to the party and missed a few chances the first time around ...

Or you simply never voted at all (you know who you are!) and want to make amends by FINALLY having a say in the final outcome ...

Whether you feel a few deserving tracks may have been short-changed in the daily recaps ...

Whatever the reason, we want you to vote NOW!!!

The polls will remain open from 6 am Friday (August 23rd) thru 6 pm Sunday (August 25th)

And when THIS round is over, we're done!

We will begin computing the final standings on Monday (August 26th) and ...

Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise ...

Start counting down your TOP 3333 FAVORITES on Friday (August 30th)

Vote for as many as you like between now and then ... 

And then stand by for the final results.

This has been a BLAST!!!

(An EXHAUSTING blast ... but a blast!)

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote ...  hundreds of you coming back every single day to do so ... 

We truly do believe that OUR chart will provide the final consensus of what the listeners want in the way of Classic Rock Radio.

So please, tell your favorite local or Internet stations to take notice of our efforts ...

Nearly ONE MILLION VOTES Strong ...

Because the people have spoken ...

(and this is the kind of research you just can't buy!)


Thursday, August 22, 2019


A bit of catching up to do ... again ... so let's get to it!

When I saw that we were within 16 page views of turning 5,000,000, I put it up on the computer screen at work so I could watch the numbers change … and was able to capture #4,999,999 as well as #5,000,000.  (It also gave me a chance to see that the word “VISITORS” was spelled wrong on the site!!!  No telling how long it’s been like that (since this either the 4th or 5th counter we've had to replace since starting the site eleven years ago), but I’ll have to see if I can get that fixed!  Lol)  [I did]

I have no idea who #5,000,000 was … but it turned to that magic number at 3:14 PM on Wednesday, August 14th … and it made me very, very proud that we have come this far.  Thanks to everyone again for helping to get us there. 
[First thought thru my head:  
Man, I can’t believe FIVE MILLION PEOPLE have read at least SOMETHING that I have written … pretty frickin’ amazing!
Second thought thru my head:  You know, if I had only charged each visitor to the site twenty cents per visit, I’d have a million dollars right now!!!  (lol)]
Not true, of course … because it took just over ten years to collect that many views.  (Although Forgotten Hits began as an emailed newsletter back in November of 1999 … TWENTY YEARS AGO!!! … the websites didn’t go up until 2008 … so that’s a pretty impressive statistic in my mind!)  But I couldn’t have done it without all of you (and all who crossed paths with us along the way.)  Thanks again.  (kk)  

kk …
IS IT TRUE THAT number five million wins a free car?
IS IT TRUE THAT you'll start playing the Top 3333 Classic Countdown Labor Day Weekend?
IS IT TRUE THAT you're about to tell me how crazy I am?
You know, if you guys really wanna chip in and buy me a brand new car for hitting the five million mark, I guess I won’t stand in your way.  (We’re actually saving for one right now!)   
Oh wait … you think I should award #5,000,000 the new car?!?!  I wish I knew who it was.  (The website gives you a lot of stats … but unfortunately it doesn’t give you that one!)  I would definitely call out the individual and thank them for turning the page … and I’m sure we could find SOMETHING in the Forgotten Hits Prize Closet to send as a gift.  (Not a new car, of course, because that wouldn’t FIT in the prize closet … but something nice nevertheless.) 

Congratulations again to our Ides Of March CD winners:
Sarah Kurkowski, Colin Donahue, Robert Coleman, Evan Sutherland and Ed Kocjan, all of whom won copies of the brand new Ides Of March CD "Play On" (out today, August 16th) before you could buy it!

We’ve already sung our praises …
Here’s what some of the winners think … 

"Brilliant." "Awesome." "Masterpiece." Those were just some of the words running through my head as I listened - with a huge smile on my face - to the latest release from Jim Peterik and The Ides of March.
"Play On" celebrates 55 years since the group formed in Berwyn under the name The Shon-Dels. As evidenced on every song included on their new disc, they are still as strong as ever. I saw Jim perform with Lifeforce in Waukegan a few years ago and got a sense of how much fun he has performing. That energy comes through on this album as well.
Jim's writing is solid, with lyrics like "Now, I ain't no Columbo, but I got one good eye" from "The Cover-Up" and "I could survive three minutes without air, three days without water, three weeks without shelter or food, but not a single solitary moment without you" from "The Rule of Three" proving what a great lyricist Jim is. I was especially impressed with references to songs like "The Wind Cries Mary," "Hello Mary Lou" and what I can only imagine is a nod to Joey Powers' "Midnight Mary" in my favorite song on the CD, "Song About Mary."
The band is terrific, and it really helps that the original members - the "Core Four" - are still together, aided by other long-time members, and guests including Mindi Abair, who plays a sax solo on "Friends Like You," Paul Shaffer and many others. The instrumentation throughout compliments the vocals tremendously and makes the album a pleasure to listen to.
The only thing about the album I didn't like is that it ended... But since I'm almost done typing this review, I think I have enough time left to listen to it again.
I'm very thankful to have won a copy through your web site, but Kent, I have a favor to ask you. In 45 years, when The Ides of March release their 100th anniversary CD, can you please include me in that drawing also? Thanks in advance!
Colin Donahue 

Hi Colin!

I shared your Ides Of March CD with Jim Peterik and this is what he had to say ... 

Wow, Colin (great name! Lol!).
That’s about the best review a fella could wake up to. Any fan of Joey Powers is a friend of mine. I’m copying my good pal David Pack, who sings Song About Mary with me.  He will love that it’s your favorite.
And thank you for getting what the Ides are all about: positive messages, harmony and horns. That’s our other “rule of three”!
Glad you won a copy and are enjoying it so much. Friends Like You are hard to find!
Rock steady.
Had to share this with you ...
Hope it makes YOUR day the way your review made his!  (kk)

And this from David Pack … 

Aw thanks, Jimbo! 
I agree with every word of that awesome Ides review… and may I also add that what I’m so totally stoked about, too, is Jimbo’s voice has kicked into a new realm of righteous “rock-ness” that blows me away!
Singing “Song about Mary” with him - a sensational song with genius lyrics - was a total blast and an honor!   It has my vote for Song of the Decade!
But all the songs are at this level! 
And the Ides as a band totally blow me away.  You can’t fake the real deal. 
When I heard “Swagger” and those horn lines and then the duet with Mark Farner, I almost fell outta my chair!
I can’t wait for these guys to do a PBS TV special or some “Vehicle” (pardon the pun) to get this out to mainstream America. 
Let us not forget Jim and Larry’s work with Brian Wilson, too - That’s Why God Made the Radio!  Are you kidding me - a miracle of a song!
Keep it going and spread the word – The Ides have made an all-time classic album!
David Pack 

It is QUITE good from start to finish … order YOUR copy now … 
David Pack … and other guests, including Mark Farner, Mindi Abair, Bo Bice, Cathy Richardson, Paul Shaffer, Joe Bonamassa and Tom Doody, only help to enhance and boost the already incredible sound of The Ides Of March, who just continue to improve with age.  55 Years … and counting!  (kk) 

David, "Mary" is simply stunning. It's a song that could easily have been done by the Everly Brothers, and you're a guy who's sung with stereo Everlys on either side.
This whole album is a masterpiece ... something that every one of you can (and should) be damn proud of. I'm thrilled, honored, and humbled to have been a part of birthing this work of art.
Paul Braun

Paul –
You are too kind!  It was easy when 95% of the brilliant work was already done by Jim, Larry, the gang and my old pal Fred Mollin in the house!
I was just pretending to be Phil Everly!
We all just have to keep spreading the word about the Pride of the Ides: this album!
David Pack

Hi Kent!
Happy Friday!
Thank you so much for covering the official release party for Jim Peterik and The Ides Of March's 55th anniversary album, Play On, which is now available today, August 16th! The album is available for on Amazon (on CD and double-vintage vinyl format) and on iTunes and Spotify, and, due to popular demand, the album is available everywhere music is streamed. 
Amazon CD Pre-Order: 
Amazon Vinyl Pre-Order:
We'd love to invite all of you to check out the album if you haven't already, and appreciate you sharing information on today's release on your website. 
The Album Features 14 New Songs, Special Guest Artists and a Re-Release of Their Platinum Hit, “Vehicle” 
Today, August 16th, the legendary rock group, The Ides of March, releases their 55th anniversary album, Play On. Produced by Fred Mollin and The Ides, the album features 14 brand new songs, as well as a re-release of their platinum hit, “Vehicle”.
The band originated in Berwyn, Illinois, in 1964 and is the world’s longest-existing, top-10 charting band, with all original members: Jim Peterik (lead vocals, lead guitar, and piano), Larry Millas (guitar, bass, and vocals), Bob Bergland (bass, saxophone, and vocals), and Mike Borch (drums and vocals). The original four members for the last 30 years have been joined by Scott May (Hammond organ and vocals), Steve Eisen (woodwinds and percussion), Tim Bales (trumpet and Flugelhorn), and Henry Salgado (trombone). “Vehicle” was an instant hit back in 1970 and became Warner Bros. fastest-selling single of all time. Other hit songs by the Ides include “L.A. Goodbye” and “You Wouldn’t Listen,” all penned by Grammy-winning front man, Jim Peterik. Peterik – a former member of Survivor - made his name as a songwriter with Sammy Hagar, The Beach Boys, and .38 Special, but never left The Ides behind as they’ve continued their success over the last five and a half decades. With over 11,000 live performances, their music appeals to all generations, as they play to all ages and sold-out crowds across the country. In addition to playing Ides shows, the bandmates also participate in Jim Peterik’s World Stage and tour their PBS special featuring the hit bands of Chicago from the golden 60’s - Cornerstones of Rock.
Special guests on the album include: Mark Farner (former singer and guitarist of Grand Funk Railroad), David Pack (former Ambrosia front man), Paul Shaffer of David Letterman fame, Cathy Richardson (lead singer of Jefferson Starship), sax phenom Mindi Abair, Tom Doody (from Chicago’s Cryan’ Shames), Bo Bice (of American Idol fame and formerly of Blood Sweat & Tears), and blues- rock superstar Joe Bonamassa.
The album will also be released in a deluxe, double-disc vintage vinyl edition, which includes the original masters of the Parrot and Warner Brothers singles “Vehicle” (1970), “You Wouldn’t Listen” (1966), “One Woman Man” (1969), “Roller Coaster” (1966), “Flipside” (1972), “Superman” (follow up to “Vehicle” - 1970), “LA Goodbye” (1971) and “Aire Of Good Feeling” (1970). The album is available for pre-order on Amazon (in CD and vinyl format) and on iTunes. On the day-of release, it will be available on Spotify, TIDAL, Google Music, and, due to popular demand, the album will also be available everywhere music is streamed. Additionally, the CD and vinyl is available for purchase at 
Play On is a musical journey of The Ides’ friendship over the last 55 years, and impresses with the iconic sound that fans know and love. “Play On is the culmination of all that we’ve learned and all that we’ve dreamed in The Ides of March’s 55-year history as a band,” said Peterik. “With every mile we’ve traveled together, and the countless shows we’ve played, we’ve found the secrets that make our sound unique, and have tried to distill those elements into every track - the horns, the harmonies, and the songs of a band that is really a family on wheels - and music is our vehicle.” 
The band was just featured in a Billboard exclusive and has also been featured in AXS, ABC News, SiriusXM, and Guitar World, as well as shows in the band’s hometown such as, WGN News and Windy City Live, to name just a few. Recently, Peterik performed on stage with world-renowned cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, in Chicago in support of Little Kids Rock. 
For more information on the album release, please check out the links below: 
The Ides of March Links:
Amazon CD Pre-Order: 
Amazon Vinyl Pre-Order: 
Thank you for helping to spread the word! 
Taylor Leddin
Lead Public Relations Associate
Laura Orrico Public Relations, LLC.   

The Ides premiered their first video from the new CD for Billboard Magazine last week (it’s the track featuring Mark Farner, formerly of Grand Funk Railroad, “Swagger.)  Next up will be “Friends Like You,” featuring the incredible Mindi Abair on sax.  (We were there for the filming of this video a couple of weeks back and who knows … you may even spot us in the crowd!)  The Ides were still filming location shots for this one last week, as they returned to Berwyn and Larry Milas’ house where the band first rehearsed in the basement some 55 years ago!!!  (They were also filmed with the Ides Of March Way street sign!)
As soon as these videos are available, we will post them here in Forgotten Hits.
This truly is an incredible CD … and an incredible journey for the band … all school mates at my Alma Mater, Morton West High School in Berwyn, IL.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.  (You can thank me later!)  kk

And finally, short of becoming the “Unofficial Ides Of March Newsletter” here today, let me ALSO tell you that the band’s 1970 Hit “Vehicle” topped our Ballot #42 voting this weekend, beating the likes of “Undun” by The Guess Who, “Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey” by Paul McCartney and “Under My Thumb” by The Rolling Stones … not to mention “Walk On By,” “Uptown Girl,” “Walk Away Renee,” “Up On Cripple Creek,” “Valleri” by The Monkees and the FM Rock Staple “Walk On The Wild Side” by Lou Reed.  Congrats to the band for their timeless, enduring classic.

Here’s how The Top Ten finished on Ballot #42:
# 1 – Vehicle – The Ides Of March
# 2 – Walk Away Renee – The Left Banke
# 3 – Undun – The Guess Who
# 4 – Walk On The Wild Side – Lou Reed
# 5 – Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey – Paul McCartney
# 6 – Uptown Girl – Billy Joel 
# 7 – Walk On By – Dionne Warwick
# 8 – Valleri – The Monkees
# 9 – Under My Thumb – The Rolling Stones
# 10 – Up On Cripple Creek – The Band

From Jim (upon hearing the news that The Ides topped the daily ballot): 

Holy €€€€!  I was afraid to hope so I didn’t follow the voting.
This is too much to believe, Kent!  Big news which I will pass along immediately to the Ides and team. Thanks to everyone who voted for Vehicle as being one of the Top Essential Classic Rock Songs of All Time.
I could say we are humbled, but I’d rather say we are blown away at this honor. This isn’t a board of music experts voting - these are the REAL experts - the fans and friends of music that made our song a part of their lifetime play list.  This means everything to us.
When we went into CBS Studios on Fairbanks with our producer/ managers, the late Bob Destocki and Frank Rand, in late 1969, we were just recording a little song that seemed to go over amazingly well at Valley View Young Adults Club, the Green Gorilla  the CB and the Blue Village. The dance floor always filled up.
Little could have we imagined that in the year 2019 this song had this kind of impact to beat out songs like Undun, Walk Away Renee and Walk On By. Holy Jeez!! 
Thank you to everyone who voted for The Ides’ Vehicle. I guess it’s ok to open my eyes now. What a great way to greet a Sunday morning.
Love from Jimbo and all The Ides Of March.
Rock on!!!

Congrats to Team Ides!!! This is amazing!!!
David S. Chackler 
Dead Rabbit Films, LLC 

Hi Kent,
I keep thinking when your Classic Rock Promotion is completed, the faithful will put together a Classic Rock Kent Kotal Go-Fund-Me Thank-you Vacation Page, followed by a Royal Caribbean Kent Kotal Classic Rock Cruise, of which you will be too exhausted from counting votes to come to the buffet!
Take care of yourself, Kent … we all value the Editor of Forgotten Hits!
Tim Kiley

Hey man - long time no talk!
Just wanted to say howdy and let you know that I have been reading the blogs from time to time.  Hope your still swinging a hit!!!
Jeff James 
Man, I wish we could put together a podcast and count down The Top 3333 Most Essential Classic Rock Songs Of All Time - this is gonna be one hell of a list … we may top a million votes before we’re done!
It would be a blast to put something like this together - SO many great songs you never hear anymore.
Hmm - wonder if we could do a YouTube thing - that way people could watch as much as they want and then come back to it as often as they like and never miss a single song.  (kk) 
You’re funny -- in real time, this would take weeks to accomplish - - but look at you,  always thinking music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That’s me … always the dreamer!!!  (kk) 

Hi Kent, 
Great work on the success of your blog and your incredible research on the greatest classic rock songs of all time. Who knows? You might get some radio execs to pay attention to what people really want to hear. I’m always spreading the word about your amazing treasure trove at Forgotten Hits.
Since the Good Times Rock ’N’ Roll Fundraiser in April, my editor Steve and I have been busy assembling the Dick Biondi documentary and making great progress.
I’d like to share with you and your readers about a very special friend of Mr. Dick Biondi's who has been helping behind the scenes of the Dick Biondi Film -- Phyllis Spizzirri.
Phyllis is the kind of person who is always doing for others. She spearheaded the Good Times Rock 'N' Roll Fundraiser and even came up with the name. If it wasn't for Phyllis, I doubt we would be this far along with Dick's story. Phyllis is having foot surgery on Monday and will be in a nursing home for several months. Meanwhile, her bills are piling up. Much like the humble Mr. Biondi, Phyllis doesn't like asking for help. She prefers to give it. But we all need a little help from our friends some time in our lives.
If you can give Phyllis a kind word, a card, a phone call, or help her with her finances until she can get back on her feet -- literally, here is a link to her GoFundMe page.

Thanks, Kent. 
And thanks, everybody, for your support for our project.
To receive personal email updates, sign up on our website: www.DickBiondiFilm/Contact 
Pam Enzweiler-Pulice
The Voice That Rocked America: The Dick Biondi Story  

Have you seen the new commemorative Woodstock postage stamps?
They’re AWESOME looking!  Frannie’s got me some earlier this week!  (kk)

Speaking of Woodstock, Ultimate Classic Rock just ran a piece featuring 50 photos from the original 1969 Woodstock Festival.  Well worth checking out …  

Meanwhile, Billboard Magazine takes a look back at their original coverage of this big event, circa 1969 …  

From FH Reader Ken Voss … 
Not all musicians who played at Woodstock achieved stardom.  

Between you and me, with all the Abbey Road buzz going on, while so many others have known this for such a long time, I didn't know until about three or four months ago that that famous Abbey Road Crossing Photo included a FIFTH Beatle, too!  Duh!
And I think I'm so smart!
Of course, every now and again, I try getting out of my car before I unfasten my seat belt!
Chuck Buell

That VW Beetle Bug was the focal point of much of the “Paul Is Dead” controversy that came later … erroneously as it may have been.  The license plate “28 IF” was alleged to drop the clue that Paul McCartney would have been 28 years old IF he were still alive … except Paul was born in 1942 … which means that in October of 1969 when Abbey Road came out, he was 27 years old, not 28 … to which those “in the know” then irrationally explained that a lot of people count your birth year as part of your age.  (Yeah … sure they do!!!)  I guess if you were hell bent on believing that all of this was true, you could stretch the facts to imply just about anything!  (I remember a good friend of mine in high school saying at the time that if Paul was dead, then good … because the guy who took his place has been writing some of the best Beatles songs EVER since Paul supposedly died in 1966!  This “new” guy (Billy Shears or Paul McCartney look-alike contest winner Billy Campbell or whomever) would have been the brains behind Sgt. Pepper, “Hey Jude” and the whole “Abbey Road” medley.  Again, twist it any way you want to to best fit your own personal needs!  (kk) 

Hi Kent,
I hope this visit gets you nearer to Five Million.
So many pictures of EMI (Oooops, sorry, Abbey Road!). They always remind me of when I was lucky enough to park my car where the VW is when I worked in the studios.  No parking meters in those days.
Keep up the good work.

More from 1969 …

A team of Billboard Magazine writers have put together their own list of The 100 Best Songs From 1969 … without ANY regard to the actual Billboard Hot 100 Charts that documented the year ... charts that they themselves published at the time!!!
As always seems to be the case, this crew came up with a bunch of songs on the list that never charted AT ALL … which is what I hate the most about these self-concocted lists … everybody seems to feel the need to prove that they know more about the music than the people who were actually there buying it and listening to it!  It's as if "impressing us" is more important in their minds that simply reporting the accurate facts.
(One more feather in OUR cap for providing a list of THE TOP 3333 MOST ESSENTIAL CLASSIC ROCK TRACKS OF ALL TIME as determined by THOUSANDS of readers and listeners from coast to coast, who now have cast over 825,000 votes in support of their favorites and most deserving tracks.  It will definitely prove to be what sets OUR list apart from all the others.)
Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy a bit of a giggle and a whole lot of head scratching, you can check out Billboard’s list here … 

And, from FH Reader Tom Cuddy, here's an article about perhaps the BIGGEST hit of 1969, fifty years on …  


As you well know, I have no problem with being on the minority side of a popular issue. I will state here and now that I, too, have never been a Cub fan and never will. 
[Jack’s email was titled “The Flubs”] 
Growing up on the north side and/or north suburbs, it might be logical for me to be a Cub fan. In 1969, I lived maybe six miles from Wrigley. I could take one bus to Addison and then another to Wrigley.  Back then, you weren't sharing it with a couple hundred of your closest friends.
Later on, I had an apartment just four miles from Wrigley.
As a preteen, I recall getting Sandy Koufax's autograph before he was Sandy (expletive deleted) Koufax. Wish I still had it.  Never sought any Cubs signature.
I never liked driving in the area either although I used to, on a regular basis, when I would go busking. (Cub fans are cheap). Even Harry Carey was, as one night he passed by me and only dropped a dollar in my guitar case.
Until recent times I was always a Sox fan. Now my fave team is whoever the Cubs are playing, as I've soured on pro sports in general.
You failed to mention that Ron Santo played for the Sox for a year as well.

Hi, Kent - 
Gotta share this with you, while you're on the subject of baseball.
(Note:  I'm not partial to any team, but I do enjoy it when a Chicago team gets some notoriety.)
Around 1976-ish, I used to hang around at a record store on west Belmont Avenue that was owned by a fellow named Joe Tunzi.  One day, we were chatting about vinyl, and a VERY well-dressed man came in. His suit looked like it had cost about 400 bucks.  Well, he stated that he was looking for contributions to support a local boys' athletic group.   It took a few minutes of chit-chat, but something about his voice struck a chord (no pun intended).  Turns out that wonderful gentleman was Minnie Minoso.  We were quite impressed.
On the other side of the coin, I've attached a sound file of a great [Cubs] comedy song that you'll love.
Mike Wolstein

From Chuck Buell ...  

You wrote: 
“I have NEVER been a Cubs fan! I’ve been a White Sox Fan since 1963!” -- kk
Ah, just some of the Hard-Core Feelings that make Life interesting!
You’re either a Cubs Fan or a White Sox Fan!
You’re either a Chevy Fan or a Ford Fan!
You’re either a PC Fan or a Mac Fan!
You’re either a Forgotten Hits Fan or not a Forgotten Hits Fan!
(Wait. What? That last one can’t even be possible!)
CB (which stands for Cubbies Boy!”)

To which I'm sure you'd reply, "Arrggh!  You polluted my computer with your Cubs Cap!!!" 
I started taking my oldest daughter, Nicki, to Sox games when she was about five years old.  In fact, we used to do a Dads and Kids Sox Night every season … and about twelve of us would meet at the game for a night out … they even put it up on the scoreboard (wish I had a pic of that … but that goes back to the days when phones were just phones!) While I have drifted further and further away from following any of our local teams, she has stayed a Sox fan for life … even has a Frank Thomas “Big Hurt” foul ball that we caught one night … and SHE went to the Sox World Series while I sat home and watched it on TV.
Lo and behold, several years later she married a Cubs fan … (but, short of a little bit of teasing every now and then, we’ve never really held it against him!)  And, quite honestly, he’s had more bragging rights than WE have over the past several years.  (Who here DIDN'T get all wrap up in The Cubs' World Series victory a few years ago!)
To keep all things equal, our grandson Luke (all of 16 months old) has been taught to appreciate BOTH teams.  (kk)

Robert Feder tells us about a brand new ROCK ON TV Exhibit coming to The Chicago Museum of Broadcast Communications in October …

This sounds really awesome!  

A major multimedia exhibit on the historic connections between rock music and television in America is coming this fall to Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications. 
Created in 2018 by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, "Stay Tuned:  Rock On TV" ( will open October 18 for a six-month run at the museum, 360 North State Street. Chicago is the first stop on the exhibit’s nationwide tour.
Featuring archival footage, original artifacts and new interviews, the exhibit shows and tells “how TV launched rock’s iconic stars, brought them into our homes, kept them in the spotlight and connected them to us with music and visual imagery,” according to a museum announcement Tuesday.
Among artifacts displayed are original stage designs from the Beatles’ appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” outfits worn by Sonny and Cher on their TV series, CeeLo Green’s jacket worn on “The Voice,” and original animation cels from A-ha’s “Take on Me” music video.
Narrators include Mike Myers, Martha Quinn, Kelly Clarkson, Micky Dolenz, Kevin Eubanks, Cyndi Lauper, Paul Shaffer and Darlene Love.
“When four young British musicians made their debut on CBS’ ‘Ed Sullivan Show’ in February 1964, it detonated a pop-culture explosion on television that continues to reverberate to this day,” David Plier, chairman of the Museum of Broadcast Communications, said in a statement.
“From the Rockabilly era, to the British Invasion, all the way to the formation of MTV, you cannot overestimate the impact television has had on the evolution of rock and roll. This phenomenal exhibit tells that story and brings it all together.”
The exhibit follows “Louder Than Words: Rock, Power & Politics,” also curated by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which runs through August 25 at the museum.
“As we continue to transform the MBC, we welcome ‘Stay Tuned: Rock on TV,’ another world-class exhibit from our partners at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame,” said Justin Kulovsek, vice president of innovation and project lead at the museum. 
This is something we definitely need to go down and see!  (kk)

When it was announced yesterday that Mary Wilson of The Supremes was going to be one of the new season of Dancing With The Stars contestants, I immediately contacted PR Guru David Salidor and Rock Star Author Mark Bego to congratulate them … Bego’s brand new book, “Supreme Glamour,” was written with his long-time friend Mary Wilson … and the timing couldn’t be better for a little free PR for the new book, out September 17th.  (We’re giving away a few copies here in Forgotten Hits, too … so if you haven’t already registered and are interested in winning a free copy, shoot me an email with “MARY WILSON” in the subject line, and we’ll throw  YOUR name into the hat, too. Meanwhile, Mark sent along this official comment, EXCLUSIVELY for our Forgotten Hits Readers … 

I could not be more excited!
Mary told me a couple of months ago that she was being considered for Dancing With the Stars and I was sworn to secrecy! I am so thrilled she is getting this opportunity to showcase her dancing skills.
And, what brilliant timing to have this happen as Supreme Glamour (Thames + Hudson) is about to be released on September 17th in America. It has already hit number one in Amazon in England, where the book is already out. 
Dancing With the Stars will only further add to the success of Supreme Glamour and the success of my dear friend Mary Wilson!
Mark Bego – 8-21-19 
I know that I can’t wait to read it … and we’ve already received several entries to win a copy … so get YOURS in now if you want a chance to pick up a free copy!  (kk) 

The Supremes are just one of the great Motown acts featured in the new Showtime Motown Special.  Check it out if you get a chance ... now available on "On Demand," too.  (kk) 

Hi Kent,
Thought you would like to see Randy Bachman joining Burton Cummings onstage for three songs a few days ago at the CNE in Toronto!
Tim Kiley       
This is great to see … especially after their recent joint benefit concert together.  Hopefully, this is the start of something big that we can ALL enjoy in the months to come. (Lots of buzz about a “reunion” tour this year … and a Soundstage taping as well … but neither ever happened.  Perhaps we’re finally on the way to seeing all of this come true.  Nothing would please me more.)  kk 

We saw Burton at The Arcada Theatre a couple of weeks ago … never had a chance to run a formal review, but it’s tough to write a new review for an artist you’ve seen so many times before and offer up anything more than “Yeah, he’s still great!”  (lol)  [Aside to Shelley:  See, I don’t know how you do it!!!  Lol) 
In any event, official Arcada house photographer Luciano Bilotti sent us a couple of pix to share with our readers.

P.S.  Check out this other clip of Randy and Burton together from about 13 years ago on a television program called “First Time Around” … it’s outstanding!  (And very much what their Soundstage show would look like!)  kk

THE BOX TOPS are honored to have been chosen to be part of the 50th ANNIVERSARY of the TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL
Lewisville, TX - LABOR DAY WEEKEND > Aug 31 ... Sept 1 …
and the night before, AUG 30, THE BOX TOPS headline the CITY WINERY NASHVILLE
Gonna be a hoot.

This is awesome news, Rick!  Here’s hoping The Box Tops get on The City Winery circuit and start playing all of the clubs across the country … would love to hook up with you guys again when you hit Chicago!  (kk)

Tom Cuddy is reporting that Robin Gibb’s widow is writing his life story. More details here:  

More commentary on seeing rock bands out on the circuit that do not feature the original lead singer who sang all the hits … this was also submitted by FH Reader Tom Cuddy …   

If you happen to live in the San Diego area, you are going to want to check this out …
The new play / musical “33 1/3 – House Of Dreams” about the legendary Gold Star Studios, has been extended thru September 1st … so see it if you can … and be sure to report back to us so we can share with all the other readers who cannot get out there to see it! (kk)

This from our FH Buddy Harvey Kubernik …  

Jonathan Rosenberg and Brad Ross' "33 1/3-House of Dreams" about legendary Gold Star recording studio in Hollywood now extended to September 1st.   
Critic Pat Launer in the August 9th issue of the Times of San Diego hailed the production.
“Tribute and Triumph: You’ll not only love it, you’ll learn something — about the early days of pop/rock, and the small, wildly successful independent Hollywood recording studio that created the West Coast sound and churned out over 100 Top 40 hits from the 1950s-1970s.
“You’ll also learn what it is to have a dream, and pursue it against all odds (and often, against the needs of your family). So, this is not just another jukebox musical. The story is true, the relationships are thoroughly believable, and the musical history is significant, instructive and exciting. 
So enjoy “33 1/3” while it’s here in its expansive form. This production is so entertaining and effervescent that it’s positively irresistible — at any age.” 
In San Diego Jewish World, Mimi Pollock praised the play. “It has so much going for it. The performers are multi-talented, singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments. Velasco does a fine job as the director and choreographer. The actors who play Ross, Gold, and their wives are all excellent, especially Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper as Stan Ross. He really makes him come alive. 
“Other standouts include Paul Chairez as Richie Valens, and Dave Rivas who does a hilarious William Shatner.In fact, the whole play makes for a very enjoyable evening. Stan Ross and Dave Gold would be proud.”

Meanwhile, a film documentary about this legendary studio is also in the works.

This, too, come from Harvey Kubernik … 

Brian Wilson, Herb Alpert, Richie Furay, Mike Curb, Chris Montez, Kim Fowley, Steven Van Zandt, Marky Ramone, Nino Tempo, Bill Medley, Richard Sherman, Donna Loren, Jon Blair, Brian Stone, Carol Connors, Mark Guerrero, Lyle Ritz, Carol Kaye, Johnette Napolitano, Don Randi, David Kessel, Don Peake, Perry Botkin , Jimmie Haskell, Artie Butler, Sheryl Paris, Harvey Kubernik Stan Ross, Vera Ross, Lyn Levine, Lou Mattazera, Fanita James, Don Snyder, Neil Norman, and Leo Eiffert  were filmed for a documentary now in production about Gold Star and co-owner/engineer Stan Ross directed and produced by Jonathan Rosenberg and Stan’s son, Brad Ross.  
Keep your eyes open for this one!  (kk) 

Chicago will be releasing their FOURTH Christmas Album in October.  (Seriously … is anybody REALLY going to buy a FOURTH Christmas album by Chicago?!?!)
Hey, let’s hope it all works out for them.
What’s unique about THIS LP is that they have composed the majority of the songs themselves … so it really is a NEW Chicago CD, featuring a bunch of new material.
More details can be found here:

Billy Hinsche sent me this article as well … 

And, speaking of Chicago, one of the KINGS of Horn Rock, here comes word of a brand new compilation CD titled “Horn Rock (And Funky Guitar Grooves)”
Now I will admit that it is VERY cool to see the Peterik / Chase cut included as well as something by The Flock - but The Ides really should have been represented here, too.   

And how the heck do you leave out Chicago??!  (Make the licensing deal you need to in order to feature the best examples of what you’re selling!!!)  Honestly, it would have been nice to see The Mauds, The Mob and The Buckinghams represented as well.
Still, this all makes for a very interesting - but incomplete - compilation.  (More information below.)  kk  

That's a great CD and "Run Back To Mama" is terrific with Jim's vocal and the horn break near the end is just awesome.  "Roller Coaster" by BST is a great post-David Clayton Thomas song that I first heard DXing X-ROCK 80 in Mexico when it was out.  Nice CD, but as they say in the article, volume 2 should include the Ides hopefully.  Ace does great work!
Clark Besch

And we end with yet another mention of Jim Peterik and The Ides Of March!  (lol) [Ya know, I really SHOULD be on their payroll!  Lol]
Just kidding ... they get the press because they're just that good.
And now Jim's keeping it all in the family.
We ran our recent review of son Colin's new group The Brooklyn Charmers, a Steely Dan Tribute Band that we saw the same day as the video taping mentioned above.
Truth be told - pulling no punches - they absolutely blew us away.  (Can't wait to see them again in October at what is now a sold out show at Q Bar in Glendale Heights. 
Jim personally reviews their show at The Wildey Theater EXCLUSIVELY for our Forgotten Hits Readers.  (Check these guys out if you get the chance ... you'll be more than just a little impressed!)

It’s hard to sound objective as a dad doing a review on my son Colin’s band Brooklyn Charmers show at the historic Wildey Theater in Edwardsville, Illinois, but here goes:
Best Steely Dan Tribute band I’ve heard yet!  Lol!  
Well it happens to be true. 
True, they don’t yet have the brass section or female background vocalists that some of the other bands have ... those elements will probably soon be added ... but they more than make up for it in tight harmonies, amazing twin leads, soulful lead vocals, powerful drumming, creative bass playing and an allegiance to the original recordings that shows a deep respect and admiration for their musical heroes.
Sure, I would steep Colin in the music Of Steely Dan on our daily rides to Montesorri pre school and school. Sure, I thought it was awesome when in high school he saved enough money to buy tickets to all three Steely Dan shows at the Chicago Theater, but nothing could have prepared me for that night at the Wildey.
If you wanna hear Steely Dan music played with passion, accuracy and soul, two words: Brooklyn Charmers.
From the down beat of Peg, through the intricacies of My Old School (their first of many standing ovations that night) all the way to their thrilling last two songs, King of the World and Reeling in the Years, the sold out crowd of 320 remained in suspended animation hoping the night would never end.
Colin Peterik’s spot on lead vocals and perfect keyboard textures, Frankie Lightning and Sean Briskey’s twin guitars, Kevin Campbell’s bass, and Alex Zeravica's tight drumming proved that the thousands of hours of dogged practice paid off in spades. By the way, the sound at the theater was crisp, not too loud and perfectly balanced thanks to Gary Jerkatis’s excellent mix.
I highly recommend Brooklyn Charmers even if you don’t happen to be a big Steely fan. You just might become one!
Jim Peterik