Friday, September 13, 2019


We just got word that Eddie Money passed away this morning, just hours after we had posted today's Friday's Flash. 

A statement issued by his family said:

“The Money Family regrets to announce that Eddie passed away peacefully early this morning. It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our loving husband and father. We cannot imagine our world without him. We are grateful that he will live on forever through his music.”

While we knew the prognosis wasn't good, we are still saddened by this loss.  (We saw Eddie in concert a few years ago and he was outstanding.)  Our sympathies to his family and legion of fans.

Eddie has ten songs nominated for our TOP 3333 MOST ESSENTIAL CLASSIC ROCK TRACKS OF ALL TIME survey, all of which have been assured a spot on the final countdown.

Here's our original review to the show we saw back in 2014:


Welcome to a very special FRIDAY the 13th Edition!

Have you heard about this tape that has surfaced of a business meeting between John, Paul and George? (Ringo was in the hospital at the time ... so the meeting was recorded at John's suggestion so that they could communicate any new information to him in this way.)
What makes this tape so special is that it was held AFTER the "Abbey Road" album was recorded ... and just a couple of weeks before the LP was released.
Now the legend has always been that The Beatles went into the studio to record their "swan song" ... something that would allow them to go out on top.  (As most of you already know, the "Let It Be" album was actually recorded BEFORE they started their sessions for what became "Abbey Road" ... but the group was in such disarray with on-going squabbles and dissension after having their every move filmed for the theatrical release that those tapes sat dormant for a year, primarily because NOBODY wanted to be bothered to sort them out.)
Paul rallied the troops to record one last album "like the good old days" and even persuaded Producer George Martin to helm the project.  (Several producers were involved at various stages of "Let It Be" before John Lennon turned the project over to Phil Spector to see if he could assemble something worth releasing ... and when he did, Paul absolutely HATED it!)
Martin, too, was fed up with all the bickering back and forth ... and only agreed to come back if the band would work together in unison in a much more disciplined environment. 
They all agreed and the results were amazing ... most would agree that "Abbey Road" is the best album The Beatles ever recorded ... and the time spent on assembling the medley that takes up the bulk of Side Two was nothing short of extraordinary.
Anyway, this has been the myth for the past fifty years.  After "Abbey Road," they would all go their separate ways.  John, George and Ringo had each quit the band at various times ... but all were persuaded to come back and finish whatever project they happened to be working on at the time.
The Beatles clearly meant more to Paul than any of the others ... he wanted to continue to set the bar high and maintain the high standard they had achieved throughout their career.  (His little line to John in "Too Many People" drove that point home ... "You took your lucky break and broke it in two.")  He had become the dominating (some would say overbearing) force in the studio that kept driving the band to do better and the success (and excellence) of  "Abbey Road" (much like "Sgt. Pepper" before it) can be attributed to Paul's perseverance in the studio. 
Well, this new tape shows that John, Paul and George were meeting to discuss their next album ... to be released AFTER "Abbey Road" ... the album that never happened ... that never was SUPPOSED to happen ... yet all were harmonious enough to sit down with each other and discuss their next, future project.  (Maybe it's the fact that "Abbey Road" went SO well, they thought they could continue to heal the wounds and do it again ... and again.)
In any event, John again assumes control of the group and says that he feels that on the next album, each of them (John, Paul and George) should contribute four songs ... and that Ringo could have two "if he wants them" ... thus laying out a strategic game plan that he hoped would make everybody happy.  (Years before, when the White Album was first released, there was talk about how The Beatles should do another double album with each of them taking an entire side ... thus taking the lead and having the others work as their "side men" for those sessions, but reversing the roles for each leader.  Interesting as that may sound, it never happened ... and maybe it's just as well ... after "Don't Pass Me By," I don't know that I could have taken an entire side of Ringo tunes at this point in time!!!)  
Anyway, after John makes the democratic offer of divvying up the real estate of their next LP, Paul immediately assumes the asshole role that ultimately drove the band apart by basically saying "Well, I don't know that George's songs are good enough yet to warrant four on the next LP," to which George replied, "All down the line people have told me that they really like my songs!"  (Keep in mind that George's two most recent contributions to the "Abbey Road" album were "Something" and "Here Comes The Sun," two Beatles standards that rank right up there with the best material they ever recorded.  In fact, in our Top 3333 Most Essential Classic Rock Tracks list that we're compiling, George has the top TWO Beatles songs on the countdown with "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Here Comes The Sun," which also happens to be the most-downloaded song of their entire catalog. 
Anyway, the matter was never settled and John and Yoko went off and did their Plastic Ono Band / acorns for peace thing while Paul and Linda formed a new band together that eventually found their place at the top of the charts, often outselling The Beatles themselves.  In the meantime, all "considerably less talented" George did was score the first Beatles solo #1 Record ("My Sweet Lord"), the first Beatles solo #1 Album ("All Things Must Pass") and organize and headline The Concert For Bangla Desh!  Kinda makes you wonder how Paul feels about all of this in hindsight, doesn't it?!?!  (Especially now that this tape has "gone public.")  kk
More here:

What is also particularly interesting about this conversation is that John Lennon suggests that the long-standing songwriting team of Lennon and McCartney (on paper) should finally be abolished as they rarely wrote anything together anymore at this stage of their careers.  He felt that each of their solo names should appear if they were the key writer of the track.
This is significant because for DECADES now Paul has been trying to get the copyrights to properly credit the main writer.  (A song like "Yesterday," for example, written 100% entirely by Paul, still bears the Lennon-McCartney songwriting credit.)  He has pointed out where, in some cases, there simply isn't enough room to list BOTH names in a publication or radio identification so only Lennon's name appears ... on songs he had virtually nothing at all to do with.
But Yoko Ono has adamantly refused to grant Paul this concession.  McCartney even suggested that they then list the primary writer first ... thus keeping the Lennon-McCartney "brand" alive, but showing some of Paul's key compositions as McCartney-Lennon.  Yoko nixed this idea, too.
But now that there's documentation that John ALSO wanted individual credit acknowledged, perhaps Paul has a stronger case.  (Of course Yoko's immediate response will be that John wanted this only for the songs written from that point forward.)  If you think about it, it's a bit ridiculous to see Lennon-McCartney credited on John's "Give Peace A Chance" anthem ... or on Paul's "Magic Christian" soundtrack contribution "Come And Get It" for that matter.  (On the tape, John even suggests that Paul should have given "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" to Mary Hopkin instead of putting the group through the ridiculous paces he put them thru in order to get The Beatles to record it.)  kk

Interesting, too, that John (who has always seemed the most adamant member wanting to dissolve the band) was the one organizing and chairing the meeting.  And that NONE of this information has EVER come to light before in the past fifty years.  (No mention by ANY of the former Beatles at any point nor discussed as part of the "Anthology" series.)  Perhaps they had forgotten all about it?  Seems unlikely since virtually EVERYTHING they did was examined under a microscope.  Perhaps Beatles history will be rewritten from this point forward to better reflect "what might have been."  (kk)

Speaking of Badfinger, Joey Molland has a brand new album coming out. Produced by Mark Hudson, the LP also features a number of special guest performances.
It's currently part of a Kickstarter campaign (and all contributors automatically get a free download of the new album!)
You'll find more information here:  

Eddie Money's Stage 4 esophageal cancer treatments had to be put on hold after the singer contracted pneumonia, forcing him to cancel his chemo.  Money spent three months in the hospital for heart valve replacement issues and now this ... but he keeps battling back.  All concert plans have been cancelled for right now ... but a new album, more episodes of his television series "Real Money" and a resumed tour are all in the plans for early next year ... so don't count this guy out quite yet.  He's a fighter!  (kk)

Hey Kent,
Carl over at Songfacts referred me to you ... wow, you are a find for me!  I am always trying to find answers about forgotten music, forgotten songwriters, etc. Carl said if anyone can successfully dig up a past song, it's you! 
In either the 1960s or early 1970s, my friend Larry Laufer was in a band whose name I can't remember.  He played me a "45" vinyl of their record so I know it exists, but obviously it was not a big hit, and it was called either "Gimme, Gimme Good Lovin'" or perhaps "Gimme Good Lovin'" or maybe "Good Lovin'."  (It was not by The Young Rascals nor the other by Slim ... but it was under a band's name, not Larry's name.) I dont recall the name of the band, but if you find it, I WILL recognize the name instantly!! 
Larry passed away at the age of 35 from multiple sclerosis and I just wish I could remember the lyrics and frame them as a remembrance of him. He was a great pianist and music was his life.
Any chance you could dig a little somewhere and find it? 
He always referred to it in those days as "bubblegum music."  It was a fun song to dance to and cute lyrics, but never a huge hit, and it was bought by some company and produced as a single 45 vinyl.  I think it began with "Gimme, Gimme Good Lovin' ehv-a-ry nigh-ah-ight," sung loud and fast!!!
I have my fingers crossed that maybe you can find the lyrics.
Thank you for the opportunity to possibly solve this puzzle, with your help!!!
Sue Cooper
Boy, I wish they were all this easy!  (lol)  You have got to be talking about "Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'" by Crazy Elephant from 1969 ... a MUCH bigger hit than you give it credit for, going all the way to #4 in Record World (but stopping at #12 in Billboard.)  It was a Top Ten Hit (#6) in Cash Box, too ... and went all the way to #3 here in Chicago, too.  (Looks like you had everything you needed except the name of the band!)
When you say "bubblegum," you're not kidding ... the brains behind this one were Kasenetz and Katz, the same guys who orchestrated hits for The Ohio Express ("Yummy Yummy Yummy"), The 1910 Fruitgum Company ("Simon Says") and The Lemon Pipers ("Green Tambourine).  Their success at Buddah Records put bubblegum music on the map.  (They even had a hit of their own in 1968 called "Quick Joey Small.")
Many of these featured session singer Joey Levine on lead vocals ... and this record, too, was done as a studio creation.  When it took off, a band was quickly assembled to hit the road and cash in on the success of their Top Ten Hit. That's when your friend Larry joined the band. 
Although they never had another hit (their next four releases only managed to "bubble under" in Billboard ... but did chart in the 70's and 80's on the Record World Chart), it was the "road" band that went back into the studio to make the subsequent 45s and album.  (Larry is clearly shown as the keyboard player on their self-titled LP released in 1969.)
I asked our FH Buddy Frank Jeckell of The 1910 Fruitgum Company if he ever had any interactions with Crazy Elephant ... 
Hi Kent,
I never had a chance to interact with anyone from the band but I suspect you’re totally right about what happened. However, I do have a friend who was very involved in the K&K operation so I may be able to find out more. I’ll give it a shot and let you know what I find out.
I’m now part of another oldies act, The Royal Teens. We just completed a promo video. Check it out:

Happy to pass this along ... and give another listen to "Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'," another one of those real good, feel good songs ...

Thank you, Kent, you've found them!  What fun to be able to HEAR them singing it, too. 
Thank you so much ... you're the best!
Sue Cooper

>>>When Sugar, Sugar came out and I was in like the 8th or 9th grade, we had a sock-hop at our grade school, with a great live band. Well, lo and behold, they played Sugar, Sugar, as well as some other songs and, being a drummer, I stopped dead in my tracks to listen ... and I'm like No Way, the Archies!?!?!  In Rogue River, Oregon!?!?! So, after the crowd settled down, I asked a few teachers who were working that nite keeping us in line if that was, indeed, The Archies ... and our track coach, a nice young lady, (it was '68 or '69) nods her head yes and gives me the shhhh sign.
Evidently she was friends of one or more of the members of the band and they were visiting her that week so they played incognito for our sock hop...what do you think?
They rushed out after the party so I couldn't talk to them.  (Curt)
I think the odds have got to be a zillion to one ... The Archies were not a real band and they didn't do live gigs (although it wouldn't surprise me to find out that bands PRETENDING to be The Archies were out there scamming club owners trying to make a buck!)  But I have learned over the many years of doing this that ANYTHING is possible ... so I reached out to Ron Dante, lead singer of The Archies, and asked him to please comment on this (if only to give you a little peace of mind after 50 years!!!  lol) 
I mean, who knows ... maybe Toni Wine was friends with this high school track coach and happened to stop by to put on a surprise free concert that night for a bunch of eighth graders!  (kk) 

Anyway, here's what Ron told me ... 

Hello Kent -
Sorry to say this was not the Archies group.
No group was ever sent out on the road to perform ... but there were many bogus groups out on the road pretending to be The Archies.
The Happy Together Tour was a blast all summer.
I met so many fans at the shows. 
All the best to you bud,
People are already talking about next year's show!  The Turtles, The Association, The Cowsills, Mark Lindsay, Chuck Negron and "newcomers" The Vogues.  Should be quite a fun night of music.
Thanks, Ron!  (kk)

While researching something else the other night I came across an album credits list that showed that Forgotten Hits Member Henry Gross played on a few tracks on Jim Croce's albums!
I had to know how all of this came about ...
Hi Kent!
Jim Croce and I shared Cashman and West as producers. They liked my guitar playing and so they had me play on some songs. It was a real honor to be asked as I loved Jim’s writing and he and the great Maury Muehleisen really made a magical combination on guitar. Their complementary styles were to the guitar what The Everly Brothers accomplished with their voices. I really was delighted to be invited into that club!

From our FH Buddy Bob Lind ...   

To My Florida Friends and Fans -- and Those Who May Be in Florida Next Month:
October is a sweet-looking month for me. 
Two good-news items:
October 4th, Friday: I'm playing my favorite South Florida venue: The Luna Star Cafe in North Miami. It's been more than year since I played there and I'm eager to get back at you. Details are on my Website gigs page (see the link at the bottom)
October 26th, Saturday: My one-act play, "A Good Night," will be featured in the Delray Beach Playhouse Playwrights' Project. It's one of eight plays selected for the festival which runs both Saturday evening AND Sunday afternoon. This one isn't up on the Website yet, but it will be soon, and I'll send out another email or two, closer to the time. It starts at 8 at the Delray Beach Playhouse.
Here are the Luna Star details: 
Bob Lind

And a fitting, Friday finale ...
You're about due for another excuse to show "that certain Herb Alpert album cover" ...
Tim Kubat
You know, now that you mention it, I think I HAVE seen this cover somewhere before!  (kk)


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Grass Roots At The Apple Fest

Another guest concert review from Shelley Sweet-Tufano ...

The band is setting up and testing their equipment. At 9:00 PM, the announcer says, “It’s about a half hour before The Beatles come out.” REALLY? THIS I WANNA SEE!

OK, I know it’s The Grass Roots who are here, but he wanted to get a reaction from the crowd, and he did! He wanted to break through all the crowd chat quickly. When 9:30 PM arrives, he gives a killer introduction of fact and glory bestowing garlands of praise on the group and bringing the crowd to a near frenzy as The Grass Roots break into ‘I'd Wait A Million Years.’

The next few seconds are inspirational to me. I can visualize Rob Grill’s face hovering over the pavilion, smiling in affirmation. I also feel a friend of mine, who unexpectedly passed away on the first, poking me. When I was afraid of writing and concerned about others’ reactions to my reviews, Judy gave me loving advice: “DO IT!” Maybe that’s what Rob said to The Roots when he told them to keep singing his songs.

And here we all are. I am squeezed into the crowd on stage right, pen in hand, while The Grass Roots jump into their roles as talented musicians and again bring the past to life. I have to stop saying that. BRINGING THE PAST TO LIFE. Music is the past, present and future. It is timeless. To the person here listening for the first time, it is their present and they will look for it in the future. It becomes their past later.

This is The Apple Fest in East Haven, CT. I have not seen The Grass Roots perform in almost a year, and I will be seeing them twice this month. Just how it rolls. This crowd is really loving their show. They know the songs, as they are cheering when each one starts and they are singing along …with the correct words.

Don’t Pull Your Love Out On Me Baby
Heaven Knows
Sooner or Later
Things I Should Have Said
Baby Hold On

Top Songs, great guitars, keyboards and percussion. Rock music is NOT simple music, and these four guys can truly play! Also they own the best heads of white hair - bar no other band. As the heads bob and Mark Dawson’s hair swings back and forth, it visually completes their talented performance. When Dawson’s joke that the number one question asked is “What conditioner does he use on his hair?” I almost fall for it tonight. Must have been the lights.

‘Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes’ is an ironic next selection. Like The Grass Roots,  Edison Lighthouse began as a studio band, that one headed by Tony Barrows. After their #1 hit, they no longer existed. After The Grass Roots had a #1 hit, the studio decided they better develop a live band to continue recording under that name. It’s a good song for The Roots. It compliments their style.

A darker song, Let's Live For Today’ is dedicated to our American Veterans. For those who returned to cheering crowds, and to those who are serving now, we thank you. To the Vietnam Vets who are the only ones to return home from a war and not receive a hero’s welcome, we give it to you now.

Where Were You When I Wanted You
Lovin’ Things
The River Is Wide
Come On and Say It

And then … it is Drummer’s Request time! 
Joe Dougherty, what song do you want?
What song, Joe?
Joe … hey Joe … what song?

Dusty Hanvey: Joe wants to do ‘It’s Raining Men’


Mark Dawson: I think we’re going to revoke Drummer’s request.


Finally! Thank you Joe.

Did you know that The Grass Roots appeared in the movie ‘With Six, You Get Eggroll’? 
In the lava lamp first date sequence, it is The Grass Roots who are performing in the club. They sing a song named ‘Feelings.’  I have never seen nor heard it performed live till tonight. And although Dusty wanted them to appear in Gone With The Wind (nah, that would require acoustic) or Ben Hur (THAT would require lutes), I must say that I came home and listened to THIS song after the show and relished its distinctive style and slight departure from the other songs of Grass Roots fame.

Because I was being asked questions by those around me, I missed the next song, but it is for sure that I shut my mouth as they finished the show with ‘Temptation Eyes’ (my favorite) and ‘Midnight Confessions’ (everybody else’s favorite).

I drove 12 minutes to get to the East Haven, CT Apple Festival for this free concert and, for my first time, saw The Grass Roots as an entire show. Just them, a crowd of fans and fanatics and the required blooming onions, sloppy sandwiches, and assorted paper cup drinks. They were great. They were animated. They were happy to be there. Or at least made us think so. 

Next week I see them again, driving two hours, spending cost on a hotel, ticket, tolls and gas. Isn’t life wonderful!? If it’s really like a box of chocolates, I am being indulged. When, where and cost is of little importance. 

See you next week, Larry, Joe, Mark and Dusty.

Hey there! Where were the apples????

Shelley J Sweet-Tufano

We haven't seen The Grass Roots in a couple of years ago ... hard to believe it's been two years already since I guested on Mark Dawson's radio show to count down our favorite songs from 1967!  And now our salute to 1969 is nearly over!  Time flies.

Great music ... great times.  Thanks for sharing, Shelley!  (kk) 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Tuesday This And That

Totally random bits and pieces ...

Episodes of that new Brady Bunch reunion program, "A Very Brady Renovation," began airing last night and curiosity got the better of me.  It's actually pretty interesting at the attention to detail (and the number of modifications) they're having to make to full restore The Brady Bunch House to all its 1970's glory.
HGTV paid $3.5 million ($1.6 million over the asking price!) for the original home used in the exterior shots only of the popular TV series.  NONE of the scenes were filmed in the real home ... they were all shot on a sound stage ... yet the goal is to renovate the actual real structure to match the look of the rooms shown in the long-running series. 
The fact that the original cast of Brady Kids have all reunited to participate in all of this is amazing in and of itself.  (Sadly Mom Florence Henderson, Dad Robert Reed and beloved maid Alice, Ann B. Davis have all since passed on.)
Check it out if you get the chance ... it's actually better than I thought it would be.  (kk)

And, while watching A Very Brady Renovation, I saw back-to-back commercials that featured Jackie Wilson's "To Be Loved" and Brenton Wood's "Oogum Boogum Song" ... talk about your strange choices in musical advertising campaigns!  (kk) 

>>>I swear there was a week where WLS showed the artist as Sweden Heaven And Hell ... but I can't find it anywhere.  Yet I still seem to clearly remember seeing it (even some 50 years later!)  kk
The original Billboard Hot 100 charts showed the artist for "Mah-Na-Mah-Na" as "Sweden Heaven And Hell" Soundtrack, which is a paraphrase from what was shown on the original Ariel Records label [attached]; Piero Umiliani was shown as the songwriter, not the artist. (The original Cash Box charts listed just the label and number, without an artist.) Following Billboard's example, I show "Sweden Heaven And Hell" Soundtrack as the artist on the SuperCharts (#50 with a bullet on the SuperChart dated Sept. 20, 1969). 
– Randy Price

You've really gotta wonder who came up with the marketing idea to release this as a single back in 1969.  (It performed best nationally in Record World, who listed the artist as simply "Soundtrack," where it peaked at #38.  Cash Box ranked it at #44 while Billboard showed it at #55.)
I sure hope Piero has been able to collect his royalties over the years ... this goofy little melody has probably been heard more times than "Yesterday," "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" and countless other "ranked hits over the past 50 years combined!
Hard to imagine, too, any of these publications listing it WITHOUT an artist's name ... certainly not the norm ... but great information to know.  Thanks, Randy!  (kk)
Rock Author Mark Bego was honored with another book release party last week in Los Angeles for his new book "Living The Luxe Life" (Skyhorse Publishing), written with hotelier Efrem Harkham.  Appropriately, the event took place at Harkham's Luxe Sunset Hotel ... where guests included Mary Wilson (who arrived directly from the set of Dancing With The Stars), "Band Of Gold" singer Freda Payne and actress Rebecca Holden from TV's Knight Rider.
Bego's book with former Supreme Mary Wilson comes out later this month in the US.  (It's already a best seller overseas!)
PR Guru David Salidor sent us this picture of Freda, Mark and Mary to share EXCLUSIVELY with our Forgotten Hits Readers. (Thanks, David!)  kk
Forgotten Hits is giving away FIVE copies of the new Mary Wilson / Mark Bego book "Supreme Glamour" ... and will be drawing the winners later this week!  (kk)
Hot on the heels of opening for Steely Dan for two nights at Ravinia last week, Dinosaur Exhibit has just been booked to perform at Ron Onesti's Evanston Rocks on Saturday, October 12th.  (We heard from both Quent Lang and Jerry Smith of Dinosaur Exhibit on this one ... sure to be a very hot ticket!)  kk 
Hey Kent:
As you know, we opened for Steely Dan two nights this past weekend, and had a wonderful time. The crowds were enormous!  We received standing ovations both nights, hung with Donald Fagen and Company before the shows (some of us have crossed paths before), made a ton of new musical friends, and signed a boat load of autographs. Truly a magical weekend.
We will be doing Ron Onesti's  EVANSTON ROCKS on Saturday, Oct 12th, and we will be bringing back Jerry Goodman for this show. 
Here's more info ... hope you can make it out.
Quent Lang 
Just off the heels of two nights with Steely Dan at Ravinia, we are proud to announce that we will be performing at Evanston Rocks on Church Street in downtown Evanston on Saturday, October 12th.  
This is a very cool club that holds about 300 people and they have a fun Italian restaurant next door named Rock N' Ravioli.  Jerry Goodman will be with us on electric violin and I promise you a great show!  
This will be our last appearance in 2019, so it would be great if you could come out and support us.  
Tickets are now available and there will plenty of seating for everyone.  
We do expect a sellout, so please purchase your tickets early.  
Here is the link:
Hope to see you there for a great evening of music, drinks, etc.!!
Jerry Smith
And check this out ...
ZZ Top is coming to The Genesee Theatre!  (I've got to admit that THIS is a pairing I never expected to see!  lol)
The concert takes place on Saturday, November 2nd ... but the ticket presale starts today ...
(just use the special presale code GENESEE)
This should be a killer night of music.  (We're going to the Genesee this weekend to see The Alan Parsons Project, one of our all-time favorites!)  kk 
From Forgotten Hits Sunday September 8th ...
>>>September 2nd – The very first ATM machine in The United States is installed.
An “ATM Machine?”  Wouldn't that be an “Automated Teller Machine Machine?”
Yep, it would!  Redundantly redundant!
Would you believe that about three weeks ago I used an ATM (machine) for the very first time in my life?!?!  It's absolutely true ... but in order to activate my new bank card, I HAD to use one.  (Crazy, no?)
I'm just dreading the day when I have to update my cell phone ... gonna miss that rotary dial and roman numerals!  (kk)

Monday, September 9, 2019

A Short But Sweet Monday Morning Quickie

Came across some interesting links this week so I thought I'd share ...

I think that most would agree that one of the greatest live performances of ALL live performances ever has GOT to be The 1984 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony posthumous tribute to George Harrison as a solo artist as an all-star band led by Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, George's son Dhani and a lead guitar solo performed by Prince has got to rank right up there at the top.

But the back story behind Prince's participation ... and the fact that no full-blown rehearsal for this performance ever occurred is the stuff of TRUE rock and roll legend.  (Meanwhile, where Prince's guitar went after it was launched up into the air at the end of the performance may be one of rock and roll's greatest mysteries!)

I don't care how many times you've seen it ... take seven minutes and watch it again.  You'll still find yourself mesmerized by this incredible display.  (kk)

Read the back story here:

FH Reader Tom Cuddy sent us this clipping stating that vinyl will likely outsell CD's in 2019.  (That would be the first time since 1986.  Who would have EVER thought?!?!)
Of course the #1 source for purchasing music these days is downloading and streaming ... and, fortunately, there are now over 50 million tracks to choose from!
As such, people are buying a lot of physical CD's anymore ... but vinyl seems to have captured the collectors' market.

Well, I still buy CDs (and listen to them in the car!) ... and the release I can't wait for right now is the upcoming Abbey Road 50th Anniversary box set. 
Apple released a promo copy of the newly remixed version of "Oh! Darling" last week ... and it sounds amazing.  (Give a listen ... but crank it up loud to truly appreciate just how good this thing really sounds!)  kk

>>>I have NO idea who Pete Howard is ... nor have I ever seen a pressing of the record with that name on it.  (kk)
I am pretty sure this was a WLS joke listing of Pete Howard on the survey as the artist for Mah Na Mah Na.  I am guessing that, with about a 70% accuracy hypothesis, this a combination of two of Chicago's most famous record promoters of the 60's, Pete Wright and Howard Bedno!!!
BOTH were instrumental in helping Chicago 60's pop artists get radio airplay.  Wright arranged, produced and promoted many artists including the New Colony 6, Patti Drew, the Exceptions, the Mob, the Little Boy Blues and the Riddles and Quill Records was the brainchild of his that signed so many Chicago artists back in the 60's.  Besides artists that went on to bigger fame, Quill produced albums for WLS, WCFL and even the Chicago Cubs back then.
The two created a music promo business together in 1968.  Results included the below 45, my PERSONAL #1 song of 1969.  Their names adorn the 45.  There are a handful of CDs featuring Quill Records' output.  Bedno had been a promo man since the 50's, working a lot with USA Records and All State Record Distributors in Chicago. 
Do the two together make ONE "Pete Howard"(???)  I am thinking SO!  
Maybe Clark Weber played an "inside joke" or maybe Ray Graffia knows????
Clark Besch 
I never would have even considered this possibility in a million years.  This would make for a really odd scenario if all of this is the case.
As to my query as to why the label was listed as Ariel Records, that IS the label that released the commercial hit version of the song by Piero Umiliani.
I swear there was a week where WLS showed the artist as Sweden Heaven And Hell ... but I can't find it anywhere.  Yet I still seem to clearly remember seeing it (even some 50 years later!)  kk 
Actually, checking my weeks the song charted on WLS, the label is spelled correctly and never listed artist as "Sweden Heaven & Hell."  I am thinking the two promo men were pushing this 45 early and when someone at WLS said, "Who's it by?" they told them "Well, we don't know. You can just throw OUR names on the survey" and maybe that's what they did at the Big 89 as an inside joke (???)  
As Larry Neal mentioned, they listed a duo of people on the WKY chart in OKC as well.  Maybe the whole NO NAME thing was a prank to let stations decide HOW to list the artist???
I think where I'm getting the Sweden Heaven And Hell thing is that this is the way it was shown on the reissue 45 I bought back in the 1970's.  (The movie is also referenced in Joel Whitburn's Top Pop Singles book ... and has been for years.)
Still pretty incredible to think that WLS would do this ... but hey the WJJD / Top Tunes Of Greater Chicago charts would have fun with their listings all the time!  (kk)   

Kent ...
I saw Wednesday’s piece and will venture a guess as to Pete Howard.  
Our management team was Pete Wright and Howard Bedno and both were promo guys in addition to managing us.  I believe that Howard may have passed away a few years ago – I'm not sure – but I think Pete is still around.
Ray Graffia, Jr.
Yes, I remember covering the story after Howard passed.  Never had the opportunity to meet or talk with either of these two guys but they are nothing short of legendary here in Chicago as to who worked to get music played on our two big Top 40 stations.  (I know Pete was still around several years ago when I did the New Colony Six series because Ronnie Rice told me that he still spoke with him from time to time.  Wonder if we can track him down for a definitive answer to this Mah-Na Mah-Na mystery?!?!?)  kk    

I don't know how many dozens, hundreds, (thousands?) of times I've looked at the 9/8/69 survey, including when I sent you the copy you posted, but it's the first time I noticed the misspelling of Bob "Dyan". Is he related to Dyan Cannon? 

In hindsight, how I EVER thought I would have the results of this mammoth project ready in time to start sharing over Labor Day Weekend is nothing short of ludicrous!   
I am STILL processing votes some ten days later (although I will admit that I am finally starting to see a glimmer of light at the end of what still remains a very long tunnel!)
I can only assure that the final list IS coming ('tho I hesitate to even speculate as to a launch date yet as there are still several areas that need to be addressed, most importantly the massive number of "ties" we're encountering along the  way.)
We'll continue to keep you posted. 
But in the meantime, I CAN assure you of this ...
This is going to be one INCREDIBLE, eye-opening countdown once we wrap things up. 
We have GOT to find some way of having the final results broadcast ... this is a countdown that deserves to be heard ... in fact, if classic rock radio is EVER going to improve itself, it NEEDS to be heard.  (Reading the list is one thing ... and it's sure to trigger more memories ... and frustration ... than you can imagine.  But HEARING the list drives home the very essence of what we've been talking about these last several months ... these songs DESERVE to be heard, even if it's only once in a while to remind us of how great they really are.)
So please continue to be patient ... and watch for updates as they become available.  (kk)

Sunday, September 8, 2019

September 8th

How cool is this?  The top three acts on this week's WLS Hit Parade Chart have all been Forgotten Hits participants over the years! 

Add to that tally Gary Puckett, The Box Tops, The 1910 Fruitgum Company, The New Colony Six and Lou Christie, and we can lay claim to 40% of this week's hit-makers!  (If you thought things were pretty darn exciting fifty years ago ... they're every bit as exciting for me fifty years later!) 

Biggest movers within The Top Ten this week include Grass Roots (I guess you can include the current members of that band to our "contacts lists," too, now that I think about it!), up from #11 to #5 with "I'd Wait A Million Years" and the aforementioned Mr. Puckett, who climbs from #15 to #6 with his latest, "This Girl Is A Woman Now," my all-time favorite Union Gap song.

The Temptations climb nine places (from #23 to #14) with "I Can't Get Next To You" and Bobby Sherman is up ten spots with his breakthrough hit "Little Woman" (#33 to #23).

Not much in the way of premiers this week ... but the two tracks that debut at #39 and #40 are both '60's Classics ... "Tracy" by The Cuff Links (giving Ron Dante TWO songs in this week's countdown) and "Hot Fun In The Summertime" by Sly and the Family Stone, soon to be yet another monster hits for these guys.

THIS WEEK IN 1969:  
September 2nd – The very first ATM machine in The United States is installed in Rockville Centre, New York  
Also on September 2nd, Former President of The Democratic Republic of Viet Nam, Ho Chi Minh, dies

September 3rd – The Elvis movie “The Trouble With Girls (And How To Get Into It) opens in theaters nationwide.  Elvis has to feel a major sigh of relief that he won’t be making motion pictures like this one ever again … he is now once again a top concert draw.  (The Colonel has already booked him to perform at The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo at The Astrodome on February 27th, 28th and March 1st.  Elvis is taking his act out on the road!)

September 4th – The Youngbloods are scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show tonight to perform their hit “Get Together” but during his opening monologue, host Johnny Carson states that they will NOT be appearing on the program …  "They complained about the set, the lighting, the sound, the show ... everything. So we wiped their noses, told them they'd been in show business a day and a half and sent them home."   Wow!

September 5th – Lt William Calley is charged with six counts of premeditated murder for the 1968 My Lai Massacre, which killed 109 Vietnamese civilians in My Lai, Viet Nam

Also on this date, Dweezil Zappa (son of Frank) is born

September 6th – After performing at a show at the Memphis Mid-Southern Coliseum, James Brown, “The Godfather of Soul,” announces his retirement from live performing.  (It doesn’t last long.)  Brown says he’s tired.  (James may have other things on his mind … he is also fighting a paternity suit file by the one-time president of the local James Brown Fan Club.)