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11/25/63 – The funeral for President John F. Kennedy is held in Washington, DC, after which his body is moved to Arlington National Cemetery.  It is broadcast on live television around the world

Also on 11/25 – The funerals for Lee Harvey Oswald and Officer J.D. Tippit are held in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas, respectively

Also on 11/25 – Abraham Zapruder sold all rights to his 8-mm film of the Kennedy assassination to Life Magazine for $150,000 (about $1.5 million in today's dollars) to be paid out in installments of $25,000 per year until complete.  Two days later, Zapruder donated the payment of his first $25,000 to the widow of Officer J. D. Tippit.

This says a lot about Mr. Zapruder and his integrity.  The median income in 1963 was about $6500 a year.  Even a $25,000 a year pay-out could have made him a wealthy man ... but this selfless act speaks volumes.

Over the course of years, Life will run frame-by-frame graphic photos of the assassination, leading to considerably more speculation as to where the fatal shot originated from.




Rewound Radio is featuring SIX HOURS of vintage radio clips of Superjock Larry Lujack ... today from Noon - 6 pm Eastern Time

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Friday, November 24, 2023



11/24/63 – Jack Ruby shoots and kills Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of assassinating President Kennedy, as he is walked through a basement hallway en route to another holding cell

Thank you for posting about tomorrow's Rewound Radio Very Special Larry Lujack DJ Hall Of Fame tribute, Kent.  It is excellent coverage.  

Tommy Edwards and Fred Winston both did great things for us ... Tommy is opening and closing the show, and Fred helped with production of IDs and promos.

Allan Sniffen set up a special feed of promos that are running in a loop.  It includes a four minute sample of what you will be hearing on Saturday ... from KNEW to WRL, Real Oldies 1690.

I have been working on this project for several weeks now with Bill Shannon and Steve Brelsford.  The Rewound Radio DJ Hall of Fame, in remembrance of the 10th Anniversary of Larry Lujack's passing, airs this coming Saturday after Thanksgiving (11/25).  We will be saluting Superjock with this special internet radio event on from Noon - 6 pm Eastern / 11 am - 5 pm Central.  (You might even hear a couple of Animal Stories!)
Ted Gorden Smucker

Hi Kent!!
Will "Your kindly and delightful ole Uncle Lar' be exchanging Animal Stories with Lil' Tommy?" 😂 
Rich Silverman 
You betcha ... probably at least two or three times!
I like the fact that we'll get to hear Larry BEFORE he came to Chicago and really hit the big time ... plus, of course, WLS, WCFL, WUBT (The Beat) and WRLL (Real Oldies), after which he signed off for good.  (kk)
Chuck Buell's thoughts on Black Friday ...
(ain't it the truth!) kk

And, if you're looking for something to listen to TONIGHT:

Hello Kids:

Tune in to WMSE at 6 PM tonight to hear Dewey's Basement Show.

We will be doing a JFK 60 year tribute, playing the Top 40 Hits on the day he was assassinated. Interesting what the culture was then and how soon it would change. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ken Freck


And, of course, we just ran our first Super Chart yesterday, spotlighting the biggest songs across the country for this week in ’63.  

(Look for a brand new Super Chart tomorrow in Forgotten Hits ...

As we bring back The Saturday Surveys!!!)  kk