Monday, November 20, 2023

Something Special To Look Forward To


Hi Kent,

Here’s a reminder of a special event coming up on Saturday November 25th, on Rewound Radio …

It’s a VERY Special Edition of The DJ Hall of Fame, featuring Larry Lujack!

The long Thanksgiving Weekend is one of food, family, fun and football.  And when you’re tired of all of that, you go looking for some “me time.” 

Spend that alone time celebrating the career of legendary DJ, Larry Lujack, with a six-hour audio tribute to Superjock on the Rewound Radio DJ Hall of Fame.  You will hear Larry Lujack from very early in his career from stations in Washington State, and as they say in the commercials, “That’s not all.” 

Of course, there will be several shows from the WCFL and WLS era, before his early retirement in 1987.  We will also be highlighting his return to radio during a reprise on WUBT, “The Beat 103.5” and with Tommy Edwards on WRLL, “Real Oldies 1690,” both in the early 2000s. 

Larry was born Larry Lee Blankenburg on June 6, 1940, and passed away from Esophageal Cancer on December 18, 2013.  He changed his name early in his career, taking on the surname of Lujack from his college football hero, Johnny Lujack of The University of Notre Dame. 

His well known features include “Klunk Letter of the Day,” “The Cheap Trashy Showbiz Report,” “Can This Marriage Be Saved?,” and his best known daily feature, “Animal Stories,” which he hosted with Lil’ Snot Nosed Tommy. 

Larry was at the forefront of the one of the most memorable events in Chicago radio as WCFL transitioned from playing Rock and Roll to Beautiful Music in March of 1976.  He was the only DJ at the station to survive the format change and hosted the new relaxed format for six months, before returning to WLS later that year.

As we near the tenth anniversary of his passing, we will hear from many of those that worked with Larry over the decades, including World Famous Tom Murphy, Chuck Buell, Kris Erik Stevens, Lyle Dean, Fred Winston, Jeffrey Hendrix, Catherine Johns, Doug James, Garry Meier, and of course, Tommy Edwards.

Catch the DJ Hall of Fame, featuring Larry Lujack, on Saturday, November 25th. 

Tune into beginning at 12 noon ET / 11 am CT and enjoy Superjock, Larry Lujack, as we span over 40 years of his broadcast career.

Click the link below and Fred Winston will tell you a little bit more about it …

Ted Gorden Smucker




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