Saturday, May 6, 2023

Shelley's Seein' Some Shows!!!

While our "out and about" time has been severely compromised these past several years, East Coast Correspondent Shelley Sweet-Tufano is making up time for both of us.

Here's her latest review, spotlighting a recent concert she saw featuring our FH Buddy Mark Dawson and The Grass Roots!

I don't believe in coincidence, but synchronicities are happening to me more and more these days. 
A memory popped up on my Facebook from April 25, 2017. It was Mark Dawson singing 'Temptation Eyes' at a concert I was attending. VERY CURIOUS, as I had taken a leap of faith and purchased a ticket for April 28, 2023, featuring The Grass Roots and Herman's Hermits Starring Peter Noone on Staten Island, not knowing if indeed, I would be able to attend it. 
I re-posted the memory and commented that it was surprising that I must have been at a Grass Roots concert then and I would be again this Friday. A friend of mine added the comment "See you there, Shelley". 
I had decided to make a go of this concert, taking personal time off from school, booking a hotel and filling my car's gas tank. As I sat in the theatre Friday night, I wondered if I would run into my friend Stephanie and her husband Ernie while I was here, and maybe I should go looking for them. I was coming from CT, they were coming from VA. It made sense to make sure we saw each other when ... I turn and see that the hostess is telling Steph and Ernie that the two seats next to mine are their seats. "I DON'T BELIEVE IT!" comes out of my mouth, followed by Steph's "OH I'm not sitting next to her!" (Brat - I think the hostess bought it for a second). Yep - SYNCHRONICITY ALL AROUND. Unbelievable that we will now enjoy the concert AND time together.

As The Grass Roots take the stage, a wave of applause rises, even though the stage is dark. Mark Dawson, Dusty Hanvey, Larry Nelson and Joe Dougherty smile as they plug in guitars and move toward mics. 'Wait A Million Years' begins and the entire audience erupts in song. As I sing along, I think, "Oh my goodness! It has been so long since I have been able to see them in person that I can't remember the names of their songs!" I can sing them, but just what are the titles? Not every song title follows the lyrics. I think I cracked my song block and should be fine for the rest of this review.

"THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT!" The humorous comment from Larry Nelson brings me back to the St George Theatre reality and I smile as 'Don't Pull Your Love'  begins (OK ... I had to check this title, but all research seems to believe that those words are the only ones used in the title of this song). 'Heaven Knows' is next and then Mark reminds us that this is Rock N Roll's version of the Senior Tour. Well, this is a senior tour I can win! 

'Sooner Or Later'
'Things I Should Have Said Today'
'Love Grows' (Where My Rosemary Goes ... just so you know)
'Let's Live For Today'
'Where Were You When I Needed You'

I am so thrilled to be hearing these songs again and the jokes are flying between these guys. A serious moment evolves when they dedicate 'Let's Live For Today' to the Veterans who are in tonight's audience as well as all over this nation. And just what song was released on July 20, 1969? Well, while Neil Armstrong is taking a giant leap for mankind on the moon, we hear 'The River Is Wide' for the first time. I wonder just how many times I have heard it since then? Not enough. I am still enjoying this one and all the others.

Joe gets to pick a song now and a woman in the balcony tries to help by yelling, 'Midnight Confessions' over and over. It's ok, Ma'am. They have a set list. We're good! 

After Joe's pick of 'Two Divided By Love', they announce 'Glory Bound' and seemingly talk as if they are ending the show. I'm not fooled ... 'TEMPTATION EYES' sparks up the stage in lights and sound, followed by 'Midnight Confessions.'  The balcony has been satisfied.

My friends and I have had so much fun and stand in appreciation to the four men who came from the east coast, west coast and middle America to entertain us tonight. THANK YOU!


For the second act, I wrote an acrostic poem. I wanted to use 'End Of The World,' as it is one of my favorites, but even though lyrically and melodically it is beautiful, the title is rather sobering. So, I go with 'There's A Kind of Hush'.

T heatre is gorgeous
H erman's Hermits starring Peter Noone
E rnie is so understanding of we girls
R ich wails the keyboards on 'Sea Cruise'
E nd of the World' is a favorite
'S ullivan gets stuck playing a long guitar intro which is finally interrupted

A udience gets visits from the stage 

K icking Vance still able to dance
I am so glad I traveled
N oone never disappoints
D ave Ferraro has a giggling fit

O pulence is in the theatre decor
F erraro played drums on this tour

H enry is always a crowd pleaser
U nsettled weather outside doesn't matter
S tephanie and I rocked our audience roles
H ush' left the audience standing for more

Well, I will be back in June. I have no concerts in May ... strange, but true. However, I have a wedding for which I need to buy boxes of tissues:  My daughter's.

NE Correspondent 
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano
Thanks, Shelley!!!  And Congratulations on your daughter's wedding!  (kk)

Friday, May 5, 2023

The Friday Flash

They've been talking about it for years now, but boy, there sure has been a LOT of fuss lately about whether or not Ed Sheeran pinched the melody of Marvin Gaye’s hit “Let’s Get It On” to use in his own chart-topper “Thinking Out Loud.”

Personally, I never really heard the similarity (but this isn’t the first time Sheeran has been accused of “borrowing” from other tunes to create his own music … consciously or not.)

Then I saw this clip this morning and thought, “Wow … it sounds more like it than I thought it did!  Maybe they’ve got a case!”

But as it turns out, that case was thrown out of court later that same day, stating that the songs were NOT strikingly similar.  A Manhattan jury deliberated for three hours before siding in favor of Sheeran in this highly publicized case.  (kk)

Hello Mr. Kotal:  

Here is something you have probably never heard regarding Gordon Lightfoot and his song, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”  It is an interview done by Tom Mischke, a former radio host on AM1500 in the Twin Cities to a gentlemen that is an expert on the sinking of the Fitzgerald.  The clip is a bit long, but the runup to the interview is worth listening to.  The Interview starts at about 7:40.  What makes it fun is that Tommy sings the interview questions to the man using the song from Gordon Lightfoot and the guy just goes along with it.  Take the time and listen to it. 

Here is the link:  

And it is about time and many congratulations to Al Kooper for being inducted into the R&RHOF.  Long overdue for him.  Now, if the Hall would only finally wake up and induct Blood Sweat and Tears, Paul Revere and The Raiders and so many other ignored groups, and of course Ed Sullivan, they could probably redeem themselves. 

Keep up the good work and again, CONGRATULATIONS TO AL! 

Pete Heger

Tom Cuddy sent us this trailer to the new Donna Summer film we mentioned the other day …

Honestly, I hope the movie’s better than this trailer would indicate!  I have been looking forward to seeing this and the trailer is pretty watered down.  Surprising since it’s Donna’s daughter who made the documentary.

(That doesn’t mean I won’t still watch it … I’m just a little less excited about it right now!)  kk

He also sent us this …

The 50 Best Music Documentaries and Concert Films Ever

I dunno … I’m a music guy … AND a movie guy … and I’ve only seen ten of these … and can probably think of about fifty others that I’d put on my list … but to each his own.  (For more suggestions, be sure to check out Harvey Kubernik’s “Docs That Rock” book!)  kk

FH Reader Frank B loaded us up with goodies this week …

Zoletta Lynn Taylor Was A Contralto Singer For The Platters From 1954 - 1964.

On April 30, 2007, She Died Of Complications Of Pneumonia In Riverside, California.

"HE'S MINE" Was The Platters’ Only Billboard Hit She Sang Lead On.

It Debuted On The Chart 4/6/1957, Peaked At #16 And Stayed On The Chart For 23 Weeks.

No, I'm Not Going To Talk About The Frankie Lymon Story.

A Week Ago Last Saturday, Cousin Brucie Interviewed Kenny Vance.

Did You Hear About His New Documentary "HEART & SOUL?"

Check Out The Trailer On You Tube.

Kenny Said It's Very Difficult To Get Financial Backing For An Independent Project.

Nowadays, These Streaming Services Make Their Own Movies & Concerts.

So What Kenny Is Doing Is Traveling Around & Appearing At Festivals.

"HEART & SOUL" Won An Award At A New Jersey Festival.

He Also Appeared At Two Florida Festivals, Trying To Raise Money For National Distribution Of His Documentary.

This Tuesday Night from 8 – 11 PM on Remember The Radio …


Spotlighting Frankie Valli's Birthday + Artists That Started Their Careers At Apollo Theater.


CHAPTER ONE = "SPLISH - SPLASH" ( One Guess:  Who's This About? )

Early In Their Careers, Don Kirshner ( Lyrics ) & Bobby Darin ( Music ) Were Songwriting Partners.

Connie Francis Recorded One Of Their Songs: "MY FIRST REAL LOVE."

This Was Two Years Before "WHO'S SORRY NOW." The Song Didn't Make The Charts.

It Wasn't The First Break All Three Of Them Were Hoping For.

Don Says There Was A Spark Between Connie & Bobby Right From The Start … You Could See They Liked Each Other.

4/16/1958 = Bobby Darin Recorded " SPLISH - SPLASH. "

In Order To Simulate The Sound Of Dripping Water, The Sound Engineer (Tom Dowd) Started The Recording Off By Rapidly Clicking His Index Finger Against A Dixie Cup. I Didn't Know That --- Did You?

That's All I Got For Now.


I’ll have to pick up that Don Kirshner book …

I’m reading all about his time spent launching The Monkees right now in Andrew Sandoval’s “The Monkees Day By Day” book.  You’ll have to tell me about your books slant on these events when you get to that part.

Oh, and by the way, I LOVE the “Why Do Fools Fall In Love” / Frankie Lymon Story movie … betcha I’ve watched it thirty times!!! (lol)  kk

By the way, if you enjoy these ‘50’s artists, you’ll just LOVE this clip that Clark Besch sent in … an entire “Coke Time” show starring Pat Boone, Bobby Darin, Annette, Paul Anka, Edd “Kookie” Byrnes, Bob Denver (as Maynard G. Krebbs) and Anita Bryant.

I love this quote offering songwriting advice from Stephen Bishop’s book “On And On”:

It always helps me to have a title before writing a song. Having a title to your song is like having half the song written because it gives you an idea of where you want to go. I try to have lyrics that are interesting, unusual, and unpredictable. 
If you get an idea for a song, and it’s going well, you’re making significant progress. You should spend all night working on it even if you have to go to work the next day. Who cares? You will have a song. I’ve always been lucky with melody. I try to keep all my songs with their own melodies for each one to be unique. I’m fortunate that I don’t have many songs that sound alike.

I’m entirely self-taught. I started writing songs at fourteen years old. I found the best way to get an idea of how good a song was, was to play it for as many of my friends as possible and get their opinions. If you read my book, you'll know that Paul Simon gave me advice on one of my biggest songs. He said he didn't like my song “Separate Lives,” the title or anything really. So, I guess friends are not always right.


And how about this very pompous remark from Davy Jones, given during an interview with Penny Valentine that ran in “Disc” and “Music Echo” over the Christmas holidays in December of 1966 … before The Monkees’ tv show had even premiered in England:


“The reason for the group’s great success is just a matter of timing.  We happened to be what the public wanted at the time we were formed.  The Beatles are tired and on the way out, right?  Not everyone wanted to go on listening to Herman’s Hermits singing about Mrs. Brown or the Rolling Stones singing dirty songs.  There was nobody to take over and then we came along and just hit it lucky.  And we try to give the kids something.  I don’t know whether it’s enthusiasm or what it is.  Our act is different from most.”


A pretty bold statement when one considers that The Beatles had just released “Revolver,” considered by many to be their crowning achievement as recording artists … and still had “Sgt. Pepper” and “Abbey Road” yet to come … and that The Rolling Stones would go on to achieve the title of The World’s Greatest Rock And Roll Band, STILL touring to sold out mega-audiences sixty years later.  (And I think our buddy Peter Noone is still doing all-right, too!  Lol)


That quote just really surprised me.  (kk)


From Tom Cuddy …

Smokey Robinson turns seductive with new album 'Gasms' …


>>>I enjoyed most of my conversation with Bobby Rydell … although I had to prod him along every now and then, trying to get him to give me enough to run a full week’s worth of copy … but also pointing out that NOBODY else was going to give him this kind of attention.  Although he pushed back (and at one point actually told me not to contact him again! lol) he then later brought up the “excellent interview in Forgotten Hits” during OTHER interviews he was doing at the time to promote the book … so I figure he couldn’t have hated me THAT much!!!  (kk)


Congrats On That Bobby Rydell Interview. 

How Can Anybody Piss-Off A Mild-Mannered Guy Like Bobby Rydell?

You Must've Asked Some Probing Questions (?)

If I Ever Become Famous, My Pal Kojak Gets The Interview …




When Bobby came seeking publicity for his new book, he pretty much allotted each interviewer fifteen minutes to ask their questions.  Because I knew his PR Guy (a Forgotten Hits Reader for many years), I told him I wanted to do something much more in-depth than any of these other sources were going to do.

Give an interviewer fifteen minutes and they’re all going to ask the same questions … which I would think would be just as boring for Bobby as for the readers seeing the same quotes again and again and again … so I got him to give me 45 minutes instead … and that formed the bulk of the week-long series we ran in Forgotten Hits.

As a result of that conversation, however, additional questions needed to be asked for further clarification … Bobby wasn’t too happy with that … so I had to remind him that we were doing a FAR more in-depth piece than anyone else was going to do … and promote the heck out of this very special one week feature … at which point he reluctantly agreed.

Sure enough, before our piece came out, I saw half a dozen other interviews with Bobby, all virtually identical and every single one of them telling the world how he was “his generation’s Justin Bieber” … it was like they all just took the same template and signed their own names to it.  That’s when I knew ours was going to be a stand-out piece … because we were going to show ALL phases of Bobby’s career … and portray him in the proper light and context.  (Of all the Philadelphia Teen Idols, Bobby was by far the most talented … the guy could do ANYTHING!)

And I feel we achieved what we set out to do … I am very proud of the end result, which all can still read here:  Forgotten Hits - Bobby Rydell

As for “probing questions,” I only asked one in half-jest.  I remember hearing a radio interview that he and Ann-Margret had done (fairly recently … in the last ten years or so) to promote the anniversary of “Bye Bye Birdie” and Bobby asking her, “Why didn’t we ever get married?”

Bobby’s book was squeaky-clean, maintaining his image as the cute and friendly boy next door … but the guy was a teen idol, for God’s sake, and had women throwing themselves at him on a regular basis.  As an actor, he also got to work with any number of beautiful Hollywood starlets.  I asked him to “dish some dirt” on at least SOMETHING to help convey the REAL lifestyle of an entertainment superstar … but he refused … said he wasn’t going there.  I felt it was a noble move in respect for his wife.  Knowing now (as you told us) that it was Bobby’s wife who encouraged and ultimately convinced him to write the book, this makes even more sense now.  Once again, I was just looking for SOMETHING that the other trades would have missed … especially since none of this was ever really touched on in his book.

I am very proud of the fact that Bobby would go on tell other interviewers about the great piece that Forgotten Hits did on him, something unheard of when trying to make another interviewer feel special and the center of attention … so I think he came to feel those few extra minutes were worth it.  We even got Ron Onesti to book him at The Arcada Theatre, where he appeared with a small orchestra ... and gave away a few free tickets to a couple of FH Readers to boot!  Unfortunately, Bobby used his time on stage to salute The Great American Songbook rather than focusing on his own long string of hits … which I found very disappointing … and when I went to meet him after the show, he barely even acknowledged knowing who I was … which is something I’ve always been warned about when meeting your heroes.  (Bobby wasn’t really of my era … and I can’t say that I was ever really a fan … although I have come to love many of his recordings over the years … but I can certainly appreciate the great music he gave us and what a great entertainer he was … all of which I tried to convey in our piece.  It was especially fun hearing him talk about some of his earliest releases, all of which bombed, before he finally clicked with Cameo Records.)

Anyway, I, too, had always been told that he was one of the nicest guys in show business that you could ever possibly meet … and I’m hanging on to that as the proper benchmark as I truly do believe that that was the standard he set for himself with his audience.  I think he may have felt at times that I had overstayed my welcome, so to speak, from an interviewers perspective … but all I know is that OUR interview and week-long piece on Bobby Rydell blew EVERYONE ELSE’s pieces away … and I can live with that!  (kk)

(me and Bobby)

Timmy C sent us another great Whisky A-Go-Go pic, this time showing “The Cream” up on the marquee.  (It still cracks me up that this is the way the band was originally known … because by the time of their first album, it had already been shortened to simply Cream, which is the way we all remember them today … but I’ve seen all kinds of British ads over the years referring to them as The Cream as well.)  kk

The other day we posted a link offering an AI version of The Beach Boys’ legendary “Smile” album …

Now we’ve heard AI-constructed clips of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, each being added to one of the other’s solo tunes … and while it’s obvious they’re not real, they’re also not bad.  (I especially like this version of John’s “Grow Old With Me,” which sounds downright classical with this incredible string arrangement.)

Interesting that people are STILL trying to put The Beatles back together, 53 years after they split up!  Lol  (kk)

Of course these new creations aren’t for everybody (and the REAL fans of these artists probably won’t like them at all) …

Like this from Clark Besch after he heard an AI creation of Paul McCartney (and The Beatles) covering The Beach Boys’ classic “God Only Knows” …

How do people think THIS Artificial Intelligence sounds like McCartney and WHY are they preying on HIM anyway?  It doesn't sound anything like Paul.

This whole AI thing for fake music versions this week is beyond horrible now.  We need laws passed over this!

Clark Besch


I, for one, am already tired of it ... you'll hear a good moment hear and there but this is akin to rewriting history ... and not even featuring the actual artists themselves when doing so.  I don't know that I'll be listening to very many more ... burned out in under a week!  (kk)


Hi Kent, 

You had a great discussion going on about songs that were shortened for radio play and it made me think of quite a few.  The big one is “Light My Fire.”  I remember the first time I heard the long version on the radio it was like “Hey what, where did this extended music come from?”  I think it was one of the first hits that this happened to.  I think I remember reading that the Doors did not want it shortened but when the record company played them the edit, they were ok with it.

I got the same feeling when I heard the longer version of “All Right Now” by Free.  Another verse!

Same with “Black Magic Woman.”  The instrumental that continues after the edited version is sooo good.

Another was the short version of “In A Gadda Da Vida,” which surely is a tune that can’t be truncated, but they did it and I suppose it might’ve helped steer people to the full side version of the album.  The single works but it’s hardly like the full version.

“No Time” but the Guess Who is another one.  The extended guitar solo on their Canned Wheat album is another mind blower when you’ve only heard the single version.  That ended up on the next album, American Woman.

In a reverse of this, I believe (and someone may correct me here) that “Crimson and Clover” was actually a single first (as we all know it) and then they made an extended version for the album to make it “heavier.”

“Radar Love” and “Green Eyed Lady” both were shortened for radio.  The great organ solo was cut from the latter.

Steely Dan’s “Do It Again” had a shorter version, but I’m not sure if it gets played anymore. 

“Make Me Smile” and “25 or 6 to 4” both got cut just before some great guitar from Terry Kath.

“Sky Pilot” by the Animals had some psychedelic bombast cut for its shorter version, as did “Whole Lotta Love” and  “Susan” by the Buckinghams.  (Imagine that the Buckinghams had a single shortened!)  To this day when I hear these songs, I wonder which one I’m hearing as it goes to the normal edit spots.

“Time Has Come Today” by the Chambers Brothers … another one that I was blown away by when I first heard the long version.

I’m sure there’s more … I’ve heard that “My Sharona” got cut, but not sure if I’ve heard it.

Those were great times that we grew up in and these quirks and musical inconsistencies made it even more fun!



There were a ton of them once FM Radio started becoming the preferred listening choice in the early ‘70’s.  A lot of times the record companies would shorten a song in the hopes of getting it airplay … keep in mind, this was back in the era where a three minute single was about the most you could hope to get on the air.

Some of these shortened singles are so familiar to me now after all these years that I actually prefer them to their longer, unedited album counterparts.  (And every once in a while I’m still amazed when I hear a long version I didn’t know existed … the last time that happened, it was “Black Betty” by Ram Jam.  But I think that’s a record that makes a strong case for the idea that too much of the same thing does NOT make for a better song!)

And yes, you are correct … Tommy James and the Shondells went back into the studio to try and lengthen “Crimson And Clover” because that was the sound that was selling in the FM/underground market at the time.  (I have NEVER liked the longer version of this song … and I never will … this single was absolutely PERFECT just the way it was!  They didn’t need to go out and try to get all “heady” just to keep up with the Joneses!)  kk


Sam said he didn't know anything about Robert Q.Lewis and his answer to the Rosemary Clooney song. As some of your readers will write in, Robert Q. Lewis was a panelist on a lot of game shows back in the day and also was the M.C. of a couple. Now in 1958 on MGM Records, he had a song called (I LOVE THAT) LITTLE GREEN GIRL. However, the flip was a song called SANTA CLAUS JR. which I played on my special Christmas shows when I had them.

Larry Neal


More from Sam below ...


Hi there, Kent,

I must admit that it was a real rush to see those songs up on your blog, songs that I was really happy to be able to share with your FH readers.

There's something else that I thought I'd share with your FH Readers, since Dickie Goodman's name has come up lately. 

One night back in October of 2006, I got bored, so I decided to take apart Dickie

Goodman's most successful charted record in Billboard, Mr. Jaws from 1975, and substitute the song fragments that he used with my own song fragments.  Of course, Dickie Goodman limited the songs he chose to records that had been out in the spring of 1975, but I didn't stick to that criteria at all.  Instead, I just thought about the questions he asked, and came up with answers that I thought might be somewhat better, and at the same time rather humorous.  So, this is my version of Mr. Jaws,for what it's worth.  (You'll notice that I used a bit of April Steven's 1951 song Don't Do It in this version.)



Although I am glad to have that early April Stevens recording from 1951, I am missing quite a few other of her early selections, and I would love to find decent mp3 recordings of the following songs by her, all recorded between 1950 and 1953:


No! No! No! Not That!

Black Lace

The Sweetest Day

Later Perhaps (Not Now)

End Of Desire

Put Me In Your Pocket

The Tricks Of The Trade

Roller Coaster

Dreamy Melody

Gimme A Little Kiss, Will Ya Huh?

And So To Sleep Again

Aw C'mon

I Love The Way You're Breaking My Heart

Meant To Tell You

That Naughty Waltz

I Like To Talk To Myself

Treat Me Nice

Hot Tamale

How Could Red Riding Hood (Have Been So Very Good)

You Said You'd Do It (Are You Gonna?)


April Stevens could have remained in obscurity as that hot, passionate sounding woman that could not be possibly played on the air if she didn't end up having a little luck after her first several records which were all recorded on very small labels.  For example, Don't Do It was recorded on the Society label.  One of my buddies at the Oak Hill School for the blind in Hartford Connecticut had it on a 78.
Anyway, luckily for her, Henry Rene learned about her, and thought she would be just perfect for a very romantic song called I'm In Love Again, not the Fats Domino song obviously.  The song was certainly very sultry, but not sexually explicit. 

Henry Rene recorded for the RCA record label, which put April Stevens on a major record label.  Obviously, Henry Rene loved recording sultry women, because in addition to recording I'm In Love Again by April Stevens, his orchestra also backed up Eartha Kitt on her 1953 recording of Santa Baby.
But you're right, Kent, Don't Do It is certainly one of the most sexually explicit records of the time, and to think that the NBC Network banned Tony Martin's 1951 song I Get Idea simply because of the line, "When we are dancing and you're dangerously near me, I get ideas, I get ideas."  Well, obviously April Stevens already had those ideas, she wasn't just getting them.  She certainly would have taken Billy right in that car with no hesitation if the pill had been around back then.  I mean, that was a thing to consider. After all, rubbers broke.  It was certainly a very different time than today, that's for sure.
Have you ever heard the out-takes of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis for their movie, The Caddy?  It seems mild today, but in 1953 when it was secretly being bootleged and passed around to Hollywood disc jockeys and movie mogles, well, it was absolutely shocking. The "f" word was a lot more shocking in the early fifties than it is now.

Also, if anyone is interested, I have a few other pre Chipmunks David Seville songs that I can share with you folks as well.  Of course in 1956, David Seville recorded an instrumental called Armen's Theme, which I believe charted in Billboard, and probably on quite a few local radio stations as well.

Take care, and keep on rocking,

Sam Ward

Anybody out there able to help Sam out with his April Stevens “Want List”? 

Drop me a line if you’ve got MP3’s to share … and also if you are looking for any other David Seville-related recordings from the ‘50’s and ‘60’s.

Thanks!  (kk)


Another closer from CB …


"Like sands through the hourglass so go the days of our lives!"


And yesterday, May 4, was a Big Day!  I do hope “May the Fourth” was with you!


Now today, May 5, is Cinco De Mayo, and I would like to introduce you to my Friend, an Unofficial Representative of this day today  ~~~


"May the Fifth of Mae Be With You!" - cb


CB ( which stands for  oh “Carlos-Buelly” Wan Kenobi!



What's that you say???


You've got another Shelley Sweet-Tufano Concert Review all queued up and ready to go???


Yeppers ...


And you'll see it posted right here tomorrow morning.


Have A Great Weekend, Everybody!!!  (kk)

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Thursday This And That

It seems like the polls had no sooner closed (last Friday, April 28th) and The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame was already announcing this year’s inductees.

And it’s quite a list … 13 names in all.

From the Performers Category, The Hall will enshrine Kate Bush, Sheryl Crow, Missy Elliott, George Michael, Willie Nelson, Rage Against the Machine and The Spinners.

Under the category of Musical Influence, DJ Kool Herc and Link Wray will be honored … and, for Musical Excellence, Chaka Khan, Al Kooper and Bernie Taupin.

This year’s Ahmet Ertegun Award goes to Don Cornelius, who created Soul Train, Black America’s answer to American Bandstand.  (Yep … Don Cornelius gets in … Ed Sullivan gets snubbed again!)

George Michael won the Fan Vote this year ... no big surprise … he led nearly the whole way there … but he was the ONLY artist to place in The Top Five to make the cut this year.  (Michael was also the only artist to receive over one million votes … 1,040,072 to be exact … but the other Top Five Fan Favorites just didn’t make the cut this time around.It was surprising to see artists who placed near the BOTTOM of the Fan Vote get inducted over the clear fan favorites.  Missing out were Top Five vote-getters Cyndi Lauper (928,113 votes), Warren Zevon (634,130), Iron Maiden (449,682) and Soundgarden (427,040)

Sheryl Crow and Willie Nelson were nice additions (although not necessarily surprises) … Lauper not being included in the group that got in was the biggest surprise, especially since she earned nearly a million votes on her own.  

I fully expected Willie Nelson to get in (you can read all about his 90th birthday bash below) … and The Spinners FINALLY got inducted in their fifth time on the ballot.  As for some of the others in the specialty categories, it was great to see our long-time FH Buddy Al Kooper get the nod … I don’t think he’s ever so much as made the ballot before.  Chaka Khan was a nice surprise, too (in a Hail Chicago sort of way!) and Bernie Taupin getting his due was a long-overlooked acknowledgement as well.  Link Wray has long enjoyed a cult following and has often been mentioned as being an overlooked candidate … and I really don’t have a problem with Don Cornelius getting in … I just have a problem with him (and so many others) getting in BEFORE Ed Sullivan, a man who did more to advance rock and roll on a national basis than just about anyway.

When I congratulated Al Kooper on his honor ... a well-deserved recognition for an illustrious career ... he replied (in typical Al fashion):

Thanks … but I had MORE forgotten hits!

@l k%per

And while we’re on the subject of George Michael, I wanted to let you know that a brand new Wham Singles Box Set is being primed for release, featuring everything the duo recorded together, including a number of 12” mixes and remixes, along with a couple of previously unreleased tracks.

Noticeably missing from the set is Michael’s #1 Hit “Careless Whisper.”  That’s because it was officially released as a SOLO single by George Michael, rather than under the Wham banner.  (Hardly seems fair … the biggest hit of the Wham era will be missing from the collection.  You’d think they could have at least included it as a Bonus Track or something!)

Far more popular in Great Britain, Wham still managed to place six tunes in the US Top Ten, including three straight #1 hits:  "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go," "Careless Whisper" (here in The States, this record was released as Wham! featuring George Michael) and "Everything She Wants."  (kk)

So sad to hear of Gordon Lightfoot’s death.  He really was a troubadour, as they say, sticking to his own inspirations for 60 years and always following his own muse.  In recent years, he still played and made albums up to 2020.  He was one of a kind and I didn’t really pay much attention to him in his hit-making days but have since realized what a special talent he was up there in Canada. 

In recent years, I have gone back and listened to so much of his early work and the common thread through it all is his own individual style that came through in the music every time.  There was no big showiness or attention-getting effects.  Just the man and his music.  And there is an understated beauty in so many of his tunes.  Sincere with great lyrics and music to fit.

Two songs that are so melancholy that they may bring you to tears are “Beautiful” and “The Last Time I Saw Her Face” from early in his career.  So beautiful.  He was a rare talent that probably should’ve been more popular, but he did what he felt and that’s the best way.

Jim C

Billboard Magazine ran a list of their staff picks for Gordon Lightfoot’s ten best songs …

Unless you were more than just a casual fan, you probably won’t know half of these!

Ultimate Classic Rock ran a series of tributes to Gordon from other rock artists …

And, of course, there is always that great tribute that Burton Cummings used to do during his concerts …

Clark Besch sent us this clip (which I had not seen before) … but I HAVE seen Burton do this in his act a number of times over the years … and have even shared audio of it in the past.

Honestly, this video clip may be one of his weaker tributes … it really doesn't do the bit justice ... I always found it much more entertaining years later … but looking at Burton in this clip gives you some idea as to just how long he’s been performing this shtick in concert!  (Judging by his appearance here, I’d peg this as late ‘70’s / early ‘80’s … he looks a lot like he did when his big hit “Stand Tall” hit the charts … which is a lot longer ago than Clark claims it is in his email below.  I think it may have first been POSTED thirteen years ago … but the clip definitely dates back further than that.)

Still, we’ve still gotta share it … because we just love this guy!  So thanks, Clark!  (kk)

Great and funny tribute to fellow Canadian from Guess Who's Burton Cummings from 13 years ago!!!


Here’s a more recent clip … more what I’m accustomed to hearing …


As expected, Aerosmith announced their farewell tour (although they refuse to call it that, preferring instead to refer to it as “Peace Out”)

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Friday, May 5th) for this last blast of shows:

Aerosmith, Peace Out Tour
September 2nd – Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center
September 6th – Pittsburgh, PA - PPG Paints Arena
September 9th – Belmont Park, NY - UBS Arena
September 12th – Toronto, ON - Scotiabank Arena
September 15th – Chicago, IL - United Center

(I dunno, honey, what do ya think?  Wanna go?  I’ve never seen them before …

And it IS your birthday!!!)

September 18th – Detroit, MI - Little Caesars Arena
September 21st – Cleveland, OH - Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse
September 24th – Raleigh, NC - PNC Arena
September 27th – Washington, DC - Capital One Arena
October 11th – Tampa, FL - Amalie Arena
October 14th – Atlanta, GA - State Farm Arena
October 17th – Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center
October 20th – Sunrise, FL - FLA Live Arena
October 23rd – Austin, TX - Moody Center
October 26th – St Louis, MO - Enterprise Center
October 29th – Indianapolis, IN - Gainbridge Fieldhouse
November 1st – San Antonio, TX - AT&T Arena
November 4th – Tulsa, OK - BOK Center
November 7th – Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center
November 10th – Omaha, NE - CHI Health Center
November 13th – St Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center
November 16th – Kansas City, MO - T-Mobile Center
November 19th – Denver, CO - Ball Arena
November 22nd – Salt Lake City, UT - Vivint Arena
November 25th – Portland, OR - Moda Center
November 28th – Seattle, WA - Climate Pledge Arena
December 1st – San Francisco, CA - Chase Center
December 4th – San Jose, CA - SAP Center
December 7th – Los Angeles, CA - The Kia Forum
December 10th – Phoenix, AZ - Footprint Center
December 28th – Newark, NJ - Prudential Center
December 31st – Boston, MA - TD Garden

(VERY cool … New Year’s Eve back home in Boston!)

January 4th – Cincinnati, OH - Heritage Bank Arena
January 7th – Louisville, KY - KFC Yum! Center
January 10th – Nashville, TN - Bridgestone Arena
January 13th – Knoxville, TN - Thompson-Boling Arena
January 16th – Buffalo, NY - KeyBank Center
January 19th – New York, NY - Madison Square Garden
January 23rd – Columbus, OH - Schottenstein Center
January 26th – Montreal, QC @ Bell Centre

FH Reader Mike Wolstein reminds us that yesterday (May 3rd) would have been James Brown’s 90th birthday …

And Tim Kubat, The Vinyl Lark, sent us this May Day clip …

I have always liked this song … a minor hit for The Brothers Gibb in 1969 … but the version that really pushed it over the top for me was the one performed live by Lulu with her ex-husband Maurice Gibb on her television show …

From our FH Buddy Bob Lind …

TO MY SOUTH FLORIDA FRIENDS AND FANS SOUTH FLORIDA ... and those of you who may be in South Florida this weekend … or during the rest of the month …

My one-act play, "Spain," has been selected for the CURTAIN CALL PLAYHOUSE SHORT PLAY FESTIVAL. The presentation includes eight plays that will run as a single evening (and/or matinee.)  The festival opens this Friday, May 5th, and runs through Sunday, May 7th, at the Willow Theatre in Boca Raton. It will also run at other South Florida venues throughout May. 

Here are the specifics including how to get tix for all performances:

This is a real honor for me. The play has a huge chunk of my heart in it. It's being brought to life by director Gary Solomons and a fantastic cast, under the auspices of artistic director Kris Coffelt. I was at a rehearsal last night and they really nail it.

I hope to have a whole mess of you there. 


Bob Lind

Bachman-Turner Overdrive lost another founding member this past week (April 28th) when Guitarist Tim Bachman passed away.  A member of Brave Belt, which evolved into Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Tim left BTO before their greatest chart success hit in 1974.  (He would rejoin the band ten years later for a brief reunion.)  His brother Robbie, BTO’s drummer, died earlier this year.  (kk)

For a recap of Willie Nelson’s two night Birthday Party Bash at The Hollywood Bowl (along with a bunch of video), be sure to check out this link:

The idea of Willie Nelson and Keith Richards performing together (the butt of SO many of our jokes this past decade) was something we never thought we’d see …

But perform together they did at Willie’s 90th Birthday Bash … and Timmy C also sent us in this fan video to share …

With a combined age on stage in the low 2000’s, it was a real treat to see.

Willie’s LONG STORY SHORT Set List:

Night One – Saturday, April 29th:

Billy Strings – “Whiskey River,” “Stay All Night”
Charley Crockett – “The Party’s Over”
Particle Kid & Daniel Lanois – “The Ghost”
Edie Brickell and Charlie Sexton – “Remember Me”
Lyle Lovett – “Hello Walls”
Margo Price and Nathaniel Rateliff – “I Can Get Off On You”
Beck – “Hands on the Wheel”
Norah Jones – “Down Yonder,” “Funny How Time Slips Away”
Warren Haynes – “Midnight Rider”
Rosanne Cash and Kris Kristofferson – “Lovin’ Her Was Easier”
Lukas Nelson – “Angles Flying Too Close to the Ground”
Leon Bridges and Gary Clark Jr. – “Night Life”
Gary Clark Jr. – “Texas Flood”
Jack Johnson – “Willie Got Me Stoned”
Tyler Childers and the Food Stamps – “Healing Hands of Time,” “Time of the Preacher”
Ziggy Marley – “Still Is Still Moving to Me”
Tom Jones – “Opportunity to Cry”
Jamey Johnson – “Live Forever”
Bob Weir – “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”
The Chicks with Keith Sewell – “Bloody Mary Morning”
The Lumineers – “A Song for You”
Nathaniel Rateliff – “City of New Orleans”
Sturgill Simpson – “I’d Have to Be Crazy”
Miranda Lambert – “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys”
Chris Stapleton – “The Last Thing I Needed,” “Always on My Mind”
Neil Young, Stephen Stills with Promise of the Real – “Long May You Run,” “For What It’s Worth”
Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson, Micah Nelson, Neil Young with POTR – “Are There Any More Real Cowboys”
George Strait and Willie Nelson – “Sing One With Willie,” “Pancho and Lefty”
Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson – “Roll Me Up”
Willie Nelson – “On the Road Again”
Group – “Circle Be Unbroken,” “I’ll Fly Away,” “Happy Birthday,” “It’s Hard to Be Humble”

Night 2:  Sunday, April 30th:

Billy Strings – Whiskey River
Billy Strings – Stay All Night
Orville Peck – Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other
Charley Crockett – Yesterday’s Wine
Allison Russell, Norah Jones – Seven Spanish Angels
Dwight Yoakam – Me and Paul
Margo Price, Waylon Payne – I Been to Georgia on a Fast Train
Particle Kid, Daniel Lanois – (Die When I’m High) Halfway to Heaven
Rodney Crowell – It Ain’t Over Yet
Rodney Crowell, Emmylou Harris – ‘Til I Gain Control Again
Rosanna Cash – Pancho & Lefty
Warren Haynes – Night Life
Lyle Lovett – My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
Jack Johnson – Willie Got Me Stoned and Took All My Money
Beck – Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
Tom Jones – Across the Borderline
Bob Weir, Margo Price, Billy Strings – Stay All Night
Lukas Nelson, Shooter Jennings -Good Hearted Woman
Lukas Nelson – Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground
The Avett Brothers – Pick Up the Tempo
The Avett Brothers – Heaven and Hell
The Lumineers – Pretty Paper
Norah Jones – Down Yonder
Kris Kristofferson, Norah Jones – Help Me Make It Through the Night
Nathaniel Rateliff – A Song for You
Sheryl Crow – Crazy
Dave Matthews – Funny How Time Slips Away
Emmylou Harris, Daniel Lanois – The Maker
Jamey Johnson w/ Booker T – Georgia (On My Mind)
Lukas Nelson, Particle Kid, Shooter Jennings, Rossana Cash – Highwayman

Willie Nelson, Booker T – Stardust
Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow – Faraway Places
Willie Nelson, Lily Meola – Will You Remember Mine
Willie Nelson, Buddy Cannon – Something You Get Through
Willie Nelson, Billy Strings – California Sober
Willie Nelson, Keith Richards – We Had It All
Willie Nelson, Keith Richards – Live Forever
Willie Nelson – On the Road Again
Willie Nelson, Everyone – Will the Circle Be Unbroken / I’ll Fly Away
Willie Nelson, Everyone – Happy Birthday to You

I love this one …

Elvis Presley’s step-brother, Billy Stanley, revealed this past week what The King thought of KISS the first time he heard them …


I love it … K.I.S.S. … Keep It Simple, Stupid!  (kk)


Congratulations to our buddy Chuck Buell, who just won the “Award Of Merit” for his Best Voice-Over / Trailer Voice for the short film “Meet My Pet Monster.” 

He won these latest Honors from the San Diego International Film Festival, Southern California’s Premier Film Event, in their Best Shorts Competition, Movie Trailer Category, as they honored the Best from over 100 independent films from around the world.  (If you’re counting, this is the third separate award he has won for this same trailer!)

WTG, Chuck!


Chuck also leaves us with this appropriately timely final shot …


Well, yes, of course!


From all of us at Forgotten Hits ~~~


"May the Fourth Be With You!"

And if you don't know how to do it,

Kent will show ya how to Walk the Dog!



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