Friday, November 3, 2023


It is definitely Beatles Week this week.  (Wait a minute … what is this … 2023 or 1963?!?!?)  I mean, I know we set our clocks back this weekend ... but this is ridiculous!!!

[For the record, in November of 1963, The Beatles were getting ready for the release of their second album ... and their FIFTH single in the UK ... and America was still none the wiser.  Of course, all of that would change within the span of a couple of months ... but there were absolutely NO British ties here in The States at the time, that first week of November, 1963!]

On Wednesday, a 12-minute video explaining the history and the making of “Now And Then” was posted …

And then, of course, on Thursday, the single officially became available for downloading after a worldwide premier (at 9 am Chicago Time) … and likely playing throughout the day on The Beatles Channel.

And now today (11/3), the promo film, put together by Peter Jackson, who did the eight-hour “Get Back” film that premiered on Disney+ a couple of years ago is officially launching on The Beatles YouTube Channel.  The new (or, as they’re calling it, the LAST) Beatles single is now available for viewing here …

(You can catch this beginning at 8 am Chicago Time this morning) 

In addition, you’ve got Paul McCartney out on his “Got Back” tour …

And next week, The Beatles’ Greatest Hits compilation albums (“1962 – 1966” and “1967 – 1970”) are being reissued with additional tracks.

And, Mal Evans’ new book of photographs and memories is coming out, too …

Including THIS one which has been circulating quite a bit …

Quite possibly the last photo ever taken of John Lennon and Paul McCartney together.  (Clockwise from right bottom:  May Pang, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney and Nilsson)

It's the next wave of Beatlemania ... sixty years later!  (kk)

From Clark Besch:

First this, regarding the new 12-minute clip released on Wednesday, explaining the roots of “Now And Then” …

The Making of Now & Then was just posted on youtube to the Beatles channel (see the link below). 

Actually, it’s a pretty cool little 12 minute video.  I did not realize there was video footage of when the three Beatles tried to work on this song in 1996, so that makes it a bit more cool!  Might not be a bad song.  Still wondering if any vocals will be present other than John when released, as we only hear part of the song here.  STILL, nice explanation to the recording!

And then, Clark’s reaction after hearing the final, released single on Thursday …

Your thoughts on the new Beatles song?


I felt it was a bit of a Lennon LP cut … nothing better, nothing worse.  It’s a bit like Real Love -- just ok.

The guitar solo "like George would play" is a bit so-so as to the SOUND of a George solo.  Buried anyway.

The light orchestration had hints of ELO sound.

The Lennon vocal WAS very clear and clean.  I liked that.  It sounds like Paul did a light backing vocal.

Ringo’s drumming is ok -- what could he do anyway with a slow song?

It wasn't bad, but the hub-bub, as usual with today, was a bit overblown.

Nothing really stood out to me other than John's nice vocal.

STILL cool to see new Beatles 45 out.

I’ve gotta say it was MUCH more exciting in November some 56 years ago when one of us Besch boys was downstairs with hand on the reel to reel trigger to record the then new Beatles single -- and we weren't disappointed. 

Attached is exactly the way our original tape reel sounded that Sunday night when WLS' Ron Riley’s "Preview" hour long show came on at 7 PM, when he played the brand new songs WLS was airing that week.  The Buckinghams ALSO had a brand new 45 as you will hear -- their 5th Top 10 hit of the year!  Then, WNOE in New Orleans plays both sides.  Static be damned, we don’t care.  It's "A NEW BEATLES SINGLE" as the 'NOE DJ says! 

Most likely brother Steve or I recorded this night of ecstasy.

Clark Besch

For me, it’s the weakest of the three tracks that “The Threetles” dubbed onto John’s demo tapes.  (Actually, “Real Love” is my favorite … but obviously not yours!)

At the time, there was all kinds of talk about “Grow Old With Me” being the “new” bonus track on “Anthology 3” … but that set came without ANY new Beatles track.  (Ringo eventually cut the track on one of his solo LP’s, with Paul helping out here and there.  That one MIGHT have been the strongest, had they finished it.  “Now And Then” came out of nowhere … and I’m surprised that Paul and Ringo want this to stand as “the last Beatles recording.”  (Of course if that were truly a factor, they couldn’t possibly have gone out on a higher note than their “Abbey Road” album!)

Yes, it’s cool to get a “new” Beatles track after all these years … but there have been more than a few times now where I wish The Fabs would have simply listened to their own credo and just “let it be.”

Unfortunately, because of all the hype surrounding this track, it will likely achieve undeserved status many years from now, thanks to all the curiosity surrounding it, which will lead to boatloads of streaming and downloads.  (And quite honestly including it on the 1967 - 1970 album seems a bit ridiculous to me, too ... when played alongside some of John's tracks from this great 2-CD set, there simply is no comparison.  "Strawberry Fields Forever," "Across The Universe," "Revolution" ... "Now And Then" would have been rejected in a heartbeat at the time ... Lennon was writing more sophisticated music in his 20's!.)  I get it ... you've got to stick it somewhere ... and these two expanded reissues just happen to be coming along at the right time ... but for me it definitely ranks amongst John's weakest tracks, no matter how much they tried to doctor it up to give it more of a "Beatles sound."  Cool to have, yes ... as more of a novelty than an extension of their catalog.  (kk)

And, speaking of The Beatles, here is a cool shot from Timmy of a Beatles At Red Rocks Poster ...

Wow!  I just read your review again of the Ringo Starr concert.

I remember thinking how cool the Chicago Theater icon sign still is! 

When the WLS Studios were still on Michigan Avenue, I'd get off the air shortly before 10 PM and we'd literally run a few blocks to catch their 10 PM showing of some movie.  And when that one was over, we'd run directly across the street to the movie theater whose name I can't remember and catch their 2 AM Showing!  Yep, a Double Feature!  


Speaking of Ringo, I saw this the other day and thought of you immediately.


Chuck Buell catches Kent's Proud “Show and Tell” Time in the Forgotten Hits Headquarters Break Room as he shares his special "Status Cymbal" souvenir from the “Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band” Concert he went to last month!




A couple of other items of note ... and then more this weekend as we continue to play catch-up again this week ...

For the first time ever, The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony will be broadcast live as it happens … on Disney+ TV.  (HBO has always broadcast the highlights in the past … but this time you can see it all live.)  [Disney DOES know they swear during these things, don’t they?!?!] 

It all happens tonight on Disney+!  (kk)

After a five year hiatus, “Live From Daryl’s House” returned this week.

Daryl Hall has already lined up his first six episodes, bringing the total show count up to 90 counting this season.  New guests include Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze (November 1st), Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke (November 8th), Robert Fripp of King Crimson (November 15th), Andy Grammer (November 22nd), Lisa Loeb (November 29th) and Howard Jones (December 6th).  “Live From Daryl’s House” first premiered on November 15th, 2007, and has presented a wide array of guests over the years.  (John Oates has only appeared once … and that was on Episode 2!)  But along the way, Daryl and his “house band” have jammed with the likes of Smokey Robinson, Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger of The Doors, Nick Lowe, Cheap Trick, Wyclef Jean, Aaron Neville, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Booker T. Jones (of Booker T. and the MG’s) and Kenny Loggins.  (My personal favorite episode is the one Daryl did with The O’Jays … I’ve watched that at least a dozen times!)  kk

Micky Dolenz’s new CD paying tribute to R.E.M. is out today …

Here’s a great review from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Cal Lynch continues his countdown of The Top 100 Biggest Two-Sided Hits Of All-Time on tomorrow night’s show.  (He’ll pick things up right where he left off last weekend.)

And he promises us a few new surprises as well …

Hi Hot Waxers - 

Join me once again as I continue the countdown to the #1 best two sided hits of all time …

Last count was #70 … and you can be sure to hear more of Elvis as we near the top …  also two-sided hits by Chubby Checker, Ray Charles, Roy Orbison and more. 

Thanks to the folks at Forgotten Hits, I got an answer to my question of what was the very first double sided hit?  I’ll be including that this week as well. 

And, as you may have heard, we lost the last of the Performing Belmonts, Mr. Warren Gradus.  I’ll be doing a tribute.  (Angelo D’aleo, who is enjoying retirement, remains the last living Belmont.)

Lots of great Familiar and Memorable Music this Saturday, November 4th, beginning at 7 pm Pacific, 10 pm Eastern

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Speaking of The Belmonts, Dion DiMicci recently recalled the song “Abraham, Martin and John,” released 55 year ago in the aftermath of the assassinations of Martin Luther King and the Kennedys. It would become a Top 5 pop hit and relaunched his career.

He says he sees a parallel between the turmoil of those days and now and between that song and the just-released “An American Hero” (with Carlene Carter.)  He noted, "'An American Hero' came about in the same way as 'Abraham, Martin, and John.’ Both songs capture the mood of a strange and uncertain moment in our life as a nation. Both look for a hopeful way forward.”  

You can view Dion’s and Carlene’s new video for “An American Hero” here: