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The Sunday Comments ( 05 - 03 - 15 )

re:  The Marty Grebb Benefit Concert:  
I'm feeling left out here, not being able to get to the Marty Grebb concert, but then, looking over the event comments from the artists performing, just maybe I will hear it here on the East Coast.  

Ah yes ... the Club Laurel!!! Now that's going back. My cousin worked there and got us in once or twice, since we were too young. Saw the One Eyed Jacks! 

Hey Kent, 
Sure wish I could be at the concert next weekend, but I'll be gigging that night as well. 
Tell Jim from the Ides that Bill Scherer from The Fabulous Armadillos says hi. 
I noticed these Buckinghams links on Youtube this morning and don't remember you ever posting them. 
First from the 2014 Happy Together tour: 
Then the Buckinghams in 1965 on a WGN tv show. 
Again good luck with the fundraiser. It's going to be great. 
Bill in MN   
I love those old vintage 1965 clips from the WGN series, "All Time Hits".  The Bucks were regular, featured performed on this local program and we've run several of these now in Forgotten Hits.  I swear they look like babies!!! 
They were posted by original Buckinghams keyboardist Dennis Miccolis ... here's a link to a few more ...  
And here's a link to the two songs they performed on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (or was it The Smothers Comedy Brothers Hour?!?!) back in 1967.  Notice that they're singing along to a pre-recorded backing track, meaning that at least PART of the vocal is going out live.  Sounds just like the record, doesn't it???  (kk)   

Kent -  
You rock, man! Bless you for your love of the music and supporting Marty. Thank you. It's been an enlightening experience!!  
Dennis Tufano

So there are occasional times I wished I lived in Chicago to see shows like the Marty Grebb benefit. We get a lot of great shows down here in the Tampa Bay area but nowhere near as many that come through your town. I would love to see Jim Peterik and the Ides of March. I read his book and it's one of the best rock bios I've ever read. I do have to be honest though ... other than the concert situation, Tampa Bay is still better ... but you do get a lot of great shows. I would go bankrupt by just supporting the Arcadia.  
Safety Harbor, Fl  
What Ron Onesti is doing at The Arcada Theatre is incredible.  I don't remember Chicago EVER having this kind of variety of acts passing through town.

Check out this line up for the next six weeks:

Tonight:  The Lovin' Spoonful

Wednesday, May 6th:  George Benson

Thursday, May 7th:  The Benefit Concert for Marty Grebb (featuring The Ides Of March, The Cryan' Shames, Ronnie Rice, Jimy Sohns and The Shadows of Knight, The Chicago Experience and Nick Fortuna, Carl Giammarese, Marty Grebb, Danny Seraphine and Dennis Tufano recreating and performing the greatest hits of The Buckinghams!

Friday, May 8th - A Birthday Party featuring The McCartney Years

Saturday, May 9th - Quiet Riot, Y&T and Hellion

Sunday, May 10th - The Bronx Wanderers performing a Mother's Day Sock Hop

Friday, May 15th - George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

Saturday, May 16th - Gino Vannelli

Sunday, May 17th - an acoustic set with Gino Vannelli ... followed by an evening concert by Paul Revere's Raiders

Saturday, May 23rd - Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer

Sunday and Monday, May 24th and 25th - The Jason Bonham Experience, performing Led Zepplein I and II in their entirety ... plus all of Led Zeppelin's Greatest Hits

Friday, May 29th - The Alan Parsons Live Project

Saturday, May 30th - Herman's Hermits, featuring Peter Noone

Friday, June 5th - Ruben Studdard performing his Tribute To Luther Vandross

Friday, June 12th - Gene Cornish of The Rascals

Friday, June 12th and Saturday, June 13th - Jenny McCarthy

Sunday, June 14th - Barbara Eden

Sunday, June 14th - Boogie Wonderband, performing their tribute to dance music of the '70's.

It just doesn't get any better than this!!!

And, speaking of upcoming concerts ... congratulations go out to Forgotten Hits Readers Lyn Amenitsch, Joe Malin, Melanie Mordhorst, Neil Neitling, Steve Sarley, Janet Weiner and John and Rosemary Longo, all of whom won tickets to see Engelbert Humperdinck at The Genesee Theatre next Saturday Night, May 9th.  (Tickets are courtesy of The Genesee Theatre and Colleen Rogalski.  In fact, if you think you can make it, we MAY be able to squeeze a few more tickets out of her ... but we need to know NOW!!!  Drop me a line pronto and I'll see if I can add your names to the winners list!)  kk    

re: Me-TV-FM:   
Kent -
Because of you my wife is pissed at me. You recommended MeTV-FM, 87.7. Well, I put the station on a button of her car radio. Ever since I did that, she has never turned it off. Well, when she drives, it is a law that the driver gets to pick the music. Since I am not able to drive my car, I have to listen to what she wants. So I have to listen to HER music which is 87.7 now ... no more talk channels or feel good format.
Well, here is the reason my wife is pissed at me ... with every song that gets played, I say "when was the last time you heard that on the radio?". She told me to "stop saying that!" after every song.  That station is GREAT ... they play oldies that you haven't heard on the air for over 40 years AND not the same song that every oldies station plays. 
The music that will be heard on the station includes hits from such artists as Chicago, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Jim Croce, The Beatles, The Eagles, Elton John, Linda Ronstadt, Todd Rundgren, Aretha Franklin, The Carpenters, America, Bill Withers, Neil Diamond, Neil Young, Don McLean, Gordon Lightfoot, The Bee Gees, Billy Joel, and the best of Motown. Not the songs you hear everyday but one hit wonders and some deep album tracks from those artists. When was the last time you heard "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes" by Edison Lighthouse?  Or "One Fine Morning" by Lighthouse?
My wife can't thank you enough for telling me about the station but now she is mad at me for asking after EVERY song "when was the last time you heard that on the radio?".
Thanks a lot!!!!
LOL ... my wife is the same way ... she listens to nothing else now in the car ... and she used to be a huge Eric and Kathy fan in the morning!  When she gets home, if nothing is on TV she'll set the station to channel 877 which, on Comcast, is a simulcast to 87.7 Me-TV-FM.  Then, before we go to bed at night, we'll drift off to another 30-45 minutes of the station playing in the background!  It has COMPLETELY taken over our lives!!!
Yes, I'm unhappy with some of the repeats ... and I swear I don't think I've EVER gone an hour without hearing something by James Taylor ... but they continue to surprise and amaze me on a daily basis.  It's like they're still adding new music to the play list every single day ... and radio is FUN again!!!
And for all the folks who have written in to say they've had difficulty picking up the signal, this past weekend we drove down to Normal, IL, to visit our daughter and I'll betcha we were able to tune in for at least the first 65-75 miles southwest of Schaumburg, which in and of itself is already about 25 miles from the City Of Chicago.  I'll bet The Drive didn't last another 25 miles beyond that point!
I can't wait for Me-TV-FM to start streaming so Forgotten Hits Readers all over the country can tune in and hear what we've been raving about.  It's EVERYTHING I've promised you guys radio COULD be ... if only somebody out there would take a chance.  (kk)   

For me, it's the little surprises that make listening such a pleasure.  To quote Bill Hengels, when was the last time you heard THIS one on the radio???

Things that make you go Hmmmmm ...
Hi Kent -
I had an interesting thought ... a profound thought.  I heard the song, "It's So Nice To Be With You" by Gallery (I think that is the band - its been so long since I have heard this song, I'm not completely sure.)
Apparently, the CBS.FM Oldies channel in NYC was reformatted recently to include "obscure" oldies songs. Anyway, I love this song. Hearing it again reminded me how much I love a good song and how much it puts me in a good mood for the day.  I can hear it in my head all day long, especially while I am working. It really gets me through the day. 
So I started thinking  that now that I am 64, just turned,  perhaps hopefully one day in the future hopefully soon that there will be revival or reformation of oldies music.  Some of the greatest songs, "feel good songs" like "It's So Nice" will live on ...
And that thought brought me to the conclusion that after I leave this planet and go on to a better place, one of my fondest wishes is that the listeners will recognize that the best of the best songs will live on.  In other words, the music will outlive me (and the rest of the baby boomers.)  
I hope and pray that this will be the lasting legacy of our generation ... OUR MUSIC ... the good and positive and uplifting songs will endure and remain alive forever!  :))
Unfortunately radio as a rule is doing absolutely NOTHING to help keep this great music alive ... yet everyone who is exposed to it falls in love with it just like we did back in the day.  You hit it right on the head ... "Feel Good Music" ... nothing beats it.  SO much of the music released over the past twenty years or so has so much anger attached to it ... That's why a song like "Happy" by Pharrell Williams totally captivates the audience ... try not singing along with that one ... or watch the video and try to sit still ... it's IMPOSSIBLE not to want to get up and do "The Happy Dance"!!!
Stations like Me-TV-FM are doing their part to show the completely variety of this music that captured our hearts so many years ago ... rather than just the same old 200 songs that the consultants have determined are the only songs we need to hear in order to link to our past.
Glad to hear that WCBS-FM has expanded their horizons lately ... we've received several other emails that fear the station will soon be 100% '80's and '90's music!  Now if just a few more stations in every major city would simply follow suit, listening to the radio could become enjoyable again!  (kk)   

FH Reader Clark Besch tells us that Reel Radio is back up and running with unscoped airchecks again!  Look for all your favorite, vintage jocks here!  (kk)
Apparently, Reel Radio is BACK online with "on demand" unscoped airchecks!!  YIPPEE!!!

re:  Leaving Us:
Kent ...
Let me know if I beat Ron (Grim Reaper) Smith with this sad news.
Frank B.
Just like nobody puts Baby in the corner, NOBODY beats Ron Smith with music death news!!!  (kk)  

We lost Tracy Partridge the same day!!!
Actress Suzanne Crough, who played the youngest member of TV's "Partridge Family" (though she didn't play or sing on the recordings) died "suddenly" Monday (April 27) at her Nevada home. She was 52. She eventually gave up acting and worked as a manager of an office supply company. She leaves behind a husband and two children. 
-- Ron Smith   

Jack Ely, founder and guitarist with the Kingsmen and lead singer on their #2 hit, "Louie Louie" (1963), died Monday (April 27) at his home in Redmond, Oregon after what as termed a "long illness." He was 71. Born in Portland, Jack started out as a jazz pianist but switched to guitar after seeing Elvis Presley perform on television. While attending Portland State University, he helped form the Kingsmen, who became the house band for a club owned by a local DJ. They went in to a local studio and, for $50, cut a version of "Louie"-- their crowd-pleasing favorite with mystifying lyrics-- in one take. Before the record had peaked though, Jack got into an argument with drummer Lynn Easton over who would front the band. Since Lynn owned the name, Jack quit and formed his own Kingsmen group. The ensuing legal battle ended with Jack receiving vocal credit and $6,000 in royalties but he was forced to change the name of his own group to the Courtmen. His career essentially ended when he was drafted in 1967. He later became a horse trainer.
-- Ron Smith
Got quite a bit of mail regarding the passing of Jack Ely, especially in conjunction with our recent Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame piece.  If ANYBODY had an influence on millions of kids who picked up a guitar, bass and drums, it was guys like Ely and The Kingsmen, thanks to their #1 Hit "Louie Louie" ... it convinced MILLIONS of us that if THEY could do it, we could, too.  You didn't have to be good ... you just had to rock!  (kk)   

Kent ...
Here's the late Jack Ely singing his hit "Louie Louie" to a horse.
The horse must've liked it ... he gave him standing ovation.Frank B.

Former Drifter and solo star Ben E. King died Thursday (April 30) of apparently natural causes at the age of 76. Ben was born in Henderson, North Carolina, but moved to Harlem at the age of 9. While still in high school he sang briefly with the Moonglows before joining the Five Crowns in 1957. When the manager of the already-successful Drifters decided to fire the entire group the next year in a contract dispute, he replaced them with the Five Crowns, including Ben. Ben co-wrote and sang lead on the Crown / Drifters first hit, "There Goes My Baby" (#2 - 1959). Ben also sang lead on "Save The Last Dance For Me" (#1 - 1960), "I Count The Tears" (#17 - 1961) and "This Magic Moment" (#16 - 1960), but only cut 13 songs with the group before leaving in a his own dispute for a solo career in 1960. His first session for Atco Records yielded "Spanish Harlem" (#10 - 1961) and "Stand By Me" (#4 - 1961 and again #9 when it was re-released thanks to the movie with the same name in 1986). Other hits included "Amor" (#18 - 1961), "Don't Play That Song" (#11 - 1962) and "I (Who Have Nothing" (#29 - 1963). While his career ebbed in the late '60s, it was revived with "Supernatural Thing" (#5) in 1975. Ben was inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame in 2009.
-- Ron Smith
The movie "Stand By Me" definitely revived Ben E. King's career.  After peaking at #3 in 1961 the first time around, it climbed right back up the charts in 1986, peaking at #9 (proving, of course, that Forgotten Hits is right again ... if you simply expose a new generation to this music, they will fall in love with it just like WE did.  "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers would be another prime example.)  Ben E. King will be missed.  (kk)
More from FH Reader Ken Voss ...

And how about this?  You can get in the Jerry Lee Lewis Death Pool! 

First, I hope you have a great week and wish you continued success with FH.
I discovered something a couple of days ago on the internet, even though I knew about it months ago and somewhat forgot about it.
I am talking about the Jerry Lee Lewis website that tells about his anticipated death. Apparently,
every day a new date is put on the website that tells of his impending death. His anticipated death now is on April 26 at the age of 79. Assuming that he will still be alive on April 26, his death date on the website will change by a day or two. Interesting!
Larry Neal
How'd you like to wake up to THAT every morning?!?!  (kk)  

re:  David Lettermen:
Leaving us in a DIFFERENT way of course is David Lettermen who is winding down his stint as a late night television host.  And he's had some incredible musical guests on his program of late ...
Check out these clips of John Fogerty doing a Creedence medley of hits from his upcoming "1969" tour ... followed by a reunited Hootie and the Blowfish performing "Hold My Hand".

re:  The Wrecking Crew:
Hi ya, Kent:
I haven't ticked anybody off for at least three hours, so here we go.
Over the weekend, I carved out two hours to go the superb documentary on the fabled Los Angeles based "Wrecking Crew."  Drummer Hal Blaine, Bass guitar player Carole Kaye, and lead guitarist,
Tommy Tedesco, emerge as the heart and soul of the production.
A sad, but proud, Blaine explains how a bitter divorce cost him his Hollywood estate, yacht and Rolls Royce. At one point, he went to Arizona to work as a security guard.
So, on to the the main event. Only a nit wit would doubt the musical genius of Brian Wilson. However, after seeing the doc, I have reached this conclusion ... "Pet Sounds" would never have brought forth a musical revolution (See John-Paul-Pepper) were it not for the presence of the "Crew."
Yes, Brian constructed the songs we all love to this day, but it was the virtuosity and the imagination of these gifted studio musicians that made the Wilson project a seminal occurrence in musical history.
We will never see another "Wrecking Crew, a band that backed up countless artists and producers such as Phil Specter,The Righteous Brothers, The Ronettes, The Crystals, Sinatra, Sonny and Cher and countless other musical heavyweights. We should celebrate their overwhelming legacy.
No, to the best of my knowledge the Crew never did turn out tracks for the Captain and Tenille.
Chet Coppock
Host: Chicago Blackhawks Heritage Series
No, but The Captain and Tennille WERE touring members of The Beach Boys' Band at one point in time!!! (lol)
We've been raving about this film for about eight years now ... it is a "must see" event that can now be added to your home music video library.  We've heard from several Chicago-area residents who are planning to check this film out during its one week residency downtown.
Do it!  You'll be glad that you did.  And Denny Tedesco tells us that final details are being worked out now for the official soundtrack album ... man, what a SOLID GOLD piece THAT'S going to be!!!  (kk)

re:  This And That:
After much consideration and evaluation The National Transportation and Safety Board has decided NOT to reopen the investigation into the plane crash that took the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper on February 3, 1959.
Forgotten Hits has covered this story in great depth over the past few months ... in fact, WE were the ones who broke the news worldwide, thanks to some correspondence from LJ Coon, the man behind the research that prompted all of this to take flight, if you'll excuse the pun!
Evidently, the board feels there just isn't enough sufficient new evidence to proceed. (Meanwhile, Don McLean was able to sell the lyrics to "American Pie" for $1.2Million ... so at least SOMEBODY benefited off of all of this recent wave of publicity!!!)
Sorry it didn't work out for you, LJ ... who sends along his sincere thanks for everybody's efforts to help spread the word.  (A month after Forgotten Hits broke the story, the media across the globe jumped on board ... and soon this was the "talk of the town" worldwide!!!)  kk
Thank you sincerely for all that you do ...
And to all the others who let our efforts be known.
NOT picked up by the rest of the media, however, is the fact that LJ isn't giving up just quite yet ... 
He is resubmitting his petition, narrowed down to just nine points in the hope that these will be specific enough discrepancies to warrant a new investigation.
Dear kk:
I have re-submitted points #1 thru #8 and the CAB's #12 point to The NTSB (John DeLisi) 
See my responses below to the following for further review, and re-consideration.
Please read ... the #1 thru #8 points that NTSB John DeLisi responded with The NTSB:
Did you find each of the eight points to your satisfaction / unanswered, concerned?
Did you find my eight responses, to your satisfaction and meeting The NTSB Code-49 (para: A or B)?
Did it seem like to you that the NTSB just skimmed the surface with just 1 thru 8 'Cherry Picked' points to pacify me out of a 24 page Petition.
a). The Aircraft  N3794N is still in a secured holding facility, since the CAB Investigation submitted on September 23, 1959
b). Dwyer Flying Service was FAA certified for ONLY VFR Chartered Flights both Day and Night
c). To fly the February 3, 1959 Chartered Flight (there could not have been any weather phenomena) that didn't equal FAA certified VFR.
d). After The Mason City, Iowa, accident of February 3, 1959, Dwyer Flying Service certified by The FAA for VFR ONLY both Day and Night was never Prosecuted or De-Certified by The FAA nor was Dwyer Flying Service Insurance canceled. In fact...Dwyer Flying Service
Insurance company settled a lawsuit just days before the CAB findings of September 23, 1959.
(So, NO Violation of weather / VFR certification took place)
The FAA certification is just that, and doesn't account for The Possibilities of Carburetor / Induction Icing
This Aircraft / Chartered Flight N3794N on February 3, 1959, departed to the south with a Left-climbing turn  to a 315 degree heading, stopped the climb at 800 foot AGL, flew the 315 degree heading for slightly more than 2 minutes.  The Owner (Jerry Dwyer and The Tower Operator) then witnessed the aircraft began a " Slow Descent" to the Northwest.  The " Slow Descent" took 1 minute and 6 seconds to reach / impact the farm field with the right wing first.
a). The CAB report found that "The Magneto Switches were found in The OFF position".
(Much like our Car Ignition, to turn OFF the Magneto would take the turning of The Key three separate notched positions to Reach the OFF position)
b). There wasn't a 3,000 foot per minute VSI Instrument in the aircraft N3794N (However, there is a 2,000 fpm VSI Instrument)
c).  February 3, 1959 ... Temperature 15 Degrees - Dew Point 8 Degrees - Relative Humidity 60%
(How close was the possibility of Carburetor / Induction Icing?  Was the investigation and were the investigators astute enough in 1959 to consider "Carburetor / Induction Icing" the morning after?
d).  That famous Sperry Artificial Horizon / Gyro was always in The aircraft N3794N, since the very first day Dwyer Flying Service purchased this aircraft. That instrument was right there in front of Pilot Roger Peterson, from Day One on every one of his flights in this aircraft N3794N.
But remember ... Pilot Roger Peterson DID NOT have to be instrument rated,  ALL of The Dwyer Flying Service Chartered Flights were ONLY FAA Certified for VFR (both Day and Night)
The FAA certification is just that, and doesn't account for the possibilities of Carburetor / Induction Icing.
I provided a 24 page Petition, to The NTSB for consideration 
Which one(s) of the #1 thru #8 points of The NTSB and which one(s) of the #12 points from The CAB report / findings most concern you?  I invite you to feel uncomfortable about the outcome of the Mason City Iowa accident. In order for The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to consider a petition for reconsideration, it must meet the requirements specified in 49 Code of Federal Regulations 845.41: 
a). must either present new information or 
b). show that the original report's findings were erroneous 
L J Coon
Forgotten Hits has obtained a copy of the "rejection" letter Coon received from the committee ...
John DeLisi: NTSB
Thank you for your January 15, 2015, and February 10, 2015, letters regarding the Mason City, Iowa, airplane crash. 
As stated in our previous letter to you, in order for the 
National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to consider a petition for reconsideration, it must meet the requirements specified in 
49 Code of Federal Regulations 845.41: 
a). It must either Present new information or 
b). Shows that the original report's findings were erroneous 
Upon review of the accident report issued by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) on September 23, 1959,    and your letters,    we find that the criteria for a petition for reconsideration were not met. 
If you'd like to see a detailed analysis of their findings (and LJ Coon's responses to these findings), drop me an email and I'll be happy to send it along.  (kk)

Hey Kent,
It was funny to read how you would segue from Lollapalooza to my last name. Yes, they do rhyme, and I'm called that often. I also get Joe Palooka, from people who can't handle the pronunciation. I can thank my Italian father for that. What I know is that nobody in the family really knew how to spell their name, only how to pronounce it. I have met some shirt-tail relatives from the Chicago area; one, in Oklahoma City. To me, he just looked like anyone else down there (very midwestern American), but he showed me his high school picture, and oh yeah, he's family. I remember hearing about the comic strip, "Joe Palooka" from my folks. He was a buffoon heavyweight boxer, but a real sweet guy. There was a short-lived tv sitcom about him. Because I was so young, I don't remember much about it ... only that they had the actor overstuffed to make him look brawny. By the way, my best friends (and girlfriend) call me Johnny, and you have earned the right to do so! :-)
As far as the next generation of The Beatles go, I didn't come up with the idea. I do think they could make a one-time event of it, and not try to re-create Beatlemania. You're right about all the comparisons. One studio album really intrigues me, though. It would be cool to hear what originality they could all come up with, writing and performing all new material, and how it would sound.
- Johnny boy
Thank you for the update on Jim Shea and Jeff James.  Those guys made Y103.9 unique.  It was my favorite station, and, frankly, I enjoyed it more than I had enjoyed any radio station since back in the 60s. I keep up with Jeff through Facebook, and I wish Jim the best as he heads to med school.
Dan Crabtree
Earlier this week temporary construction fencing went up at the site of Jimi Hendrix Park in Seattle Park: a tangible indication that construction has begun in earnest.    
ERRG, Inc. is the contractor set to transform the open green space in Seattle’s Central District into a celebratory space worthy of its namesake, hometown rock icon Jimi Hendrix. The 2.5-acre park, located adjacent to the Northwest African American Museum, will come to life throughout the summer and is scheduled to be complete by the end of September.
The contractor will begin work by installing the underground utilities and the connection to the city sewer line.  Next they will start the demolition work, move to the rough grading of the site, then on to the more visible built improvements. This project will complete phase one of the work.  Fundraising for Phase 2 has begun and information can be found here:
There will be a planting party in late summer and the community is invited to attend.  Planting instructions and tools will be provided.  Stay tuned for more information.  
-- Bob Merlis
A special ticket discount offer to this year's Ponderosa Stomp has been extended until May 5th ...
Full details here: 
Tickets for the concerts are offered as a two-night package at a discounted rate of $100 now until May 1 TUESDAY, MAY 5.  Click to purchase:

re:  Cool New Releases:
Gonzo Multimedia has just released an exclusive Cream Triple DVD Set Featuring Tony Palmer's Original Classic Films With Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce & Eric Clapton  
Cream Farewell at the Royal Albert Hall (Bonus Features: We're Going Wrong from All My Loving, Layla and Tales of Brave Ulysses from All You Need Is Love, Facsimile of the Original BBC Script)
This was one of those occasions of which it can truly be said that those who were there, will never forget it. Legendary rock trio Cream featuring Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker performed their final gig on November 26th 1968, at the Royal Albert Hall. The show was filmed and recorded that evening and originally released on film and CD. Aside from the band's reunion concert in 2005 it was Cream's only official full concert release on video. It was originally broadcast by the BBC on January 5, 1969. It was not released on video in the US until 1977. The opening acts for the concert were future progressive rock stars YES who were just starting out and Taste an Irish trio led by Rory Gallagher. Now for the first time the concert is available in its original broadcast version, together now with rare bonus features taken from Palmer's landmark films, All My Loving and his definitive series on the history of American popular music, All You Need Is Love!
Jack Bruce - Rope Ladder to the Moon (Bonus Feature: 2009 Interview between Jack and Pete Brown)
Jack Bruce remains the greatest bass player in the entire history of rock 'n' roll. He became a legend because of his association with Cream, still one of the most extraordinary bands ever to grace the stage. But his own story is even more extraordinary. Born amid the slums of Glasgow known as the Gorbals, his musical talent was quickly recognized and he attended the Royal Scottish Academy of Music where he played the cello and keyboards. Then he discovered jazz...and rock 'n' roll. Although Cream did not immediately bring the financial rewards some people imagine, after the group broke up in 1968 he was able to buy a large island off the Scottish coast.
With Cream Jack also discovered that he was a talented composer - many of the group's famous hits were written by him - so it was no surprise when in 1970 he released a jazz-orientated LP of his own compositions called “Songs for a Tailor”.
This 55-minute film, made at the same time, takes Jack from the Gorbals, via Cream, to his island called Sanda, playing the cello, the sitar and thundering away on the organ of the Albert Hall in London, while featuring many of the tracks from his LP. With his strong socialist principles (his father had been a member of the Communist party) Jack Bruce himself provides the striking commentary. “What kind of a society do we want?” it begins....
Originally shown on the BBC in 1971, this critically acclaimed film has been restored to something approaching its former glory and reminds us yet again what a great musician Jack Bruce was.
Ginger Baker In Africa with Fela Ransome-Kuti (Bonus Feature: The Artist by Baker Gurvitz Army)
Producer Tony Palmer explains, “In November 1971, Ginger Baker wanted to set up a recording studio in Lagos, then the capital of Nigeria. He was among the first great musicians to realize the potential of African music. He decided also that it might be an invaluable musical experience if he traveled to Nigeria overland. Unfortunately, this involved crossing the Sahara Desert. Mad? Well, crazy - but that was what was so endearing both about the man and the musician. He bought a Range Rover - one of the first ever models - and it fell to me (because of my relationship with CREAM) to film this odyssey. And the music of Nigeria, when he finally got there, was a revelation. This was before the time of the oil boom and a succession of corrupt governments; the music pulsated with reckless freedom, from the African talking-drummers of Oshogbo, to a visit to the eastern city of Calabarwhere Ginger's friend (the then unknown) Fela Ransome-Kuti performed for us with devastating power.
“I remember filming Kuti in a stadium filled with several hundred Africans. Ginger & I, his driver and my cameraman were the only white faces. Scary. But not so scary as our nights in a Calabar hotel (well, 'hotel' is a bit of an exaggeration). The walls of our room, not to mention the seedy mattress on the floor, we recovered black with mosquitoes. I remember Ginger saying that if we survived this, we could survive anything. I'm glad he did, and the film pays tribute to his indomitable spirit and to his extraordinary musicianship.”
For more information:
After the positive reaction to our recent concert review of "The Who At 50", we thought you might be interested in this vintage concert from 1982 ...
~JUNE 30, 2015~
New York, NY (April 30, 2015) — This June, Eagle Rock Entertainment will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Who with the first ever DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital Video release of Live At Shea Stadium 1982 [MSRP $19.98 Blu-ray, $14.98 DVD]. This is the first official release of the full show and features restored footage and newly mixed sound.
The Who (Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, and Kenney Jones) delivered both classic tracks and rarely performed songs: “Pinball Wizard,” “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” “My Generation,” “Substitute,” “Who Are You,” “I Can’t Explain,” “See Me Feel Me,” “Baba O’Riley,” and many more. The tour promoted the 1982 album It’s Hard and the set list was comprised of several tracks from that album, some of which the band would only play live on this tour.
The Who’s 1982 North American tour was their last to feature Kenney Jones on drums and the band did not tour again until 1989. This concert film features the show from the second of their two nights at New York’s Shea Stadium and was filmed on October 13th 1982.
2015 is a year of even higher profile than usual for this legendary band - with their 50th Anniversary European / North American tour taking place this summer. Live At Shea Stadium 1982 shows exactly what their reputation has been built on.
1) Substitute  
2) I Can’t Explain  
3) Dangerous 
4) Sister Disco  
5) The Quiet One  
6) It’s Hard  
7) Eminence Front  
8) Behind Blue Eyes 
9) Baba O’Riley 
10) I’m One  
11) The Punk And The Godfather  
12) Drowned  
13) Tattoo  
14) Cry If You Want  
15) Who Are You  
16) Pinball Wizard  
17) See Me Feel Me  
18) Love Reign O’er Me  
19) Long Live Rock 
20) Won’t Get Fooled Again  
21) Young Man Blues  
22) Naked Eye  
23) I Saw Her Standing There   
24) Summertime Blues  
25) Twist And Shout

re:  Frank, Elvis, The Beatles, et al ... :
Thanks for your follow-up to my Sinatra question.  It was exactly what I was looking to hear ... your articulation of something I knew about, but wanted you to put words to it.  The longer length of your response just made it all the better.
Jon M  
Radio. It's a sound idea!
Hey Kent,
In today's FH, you wrote about Elvis, The Beatles, and Sinatra, and how they shaped the lives of our "yoot". You stated that Frank was the original teen idol and not "manufactured", like Frankie Avalon or Bobby Rydell was, several years later. I don't know if there is any truth to this, but a long time ago, I heard that J. Edgar Hoover actually pressured the record companies to "manufacture" new squeeky-clean teen idols, like Avalon, Rydell, Boone, Fabian, and others, because he thought Elvis was such a threat to the security of our country. Do you or your readers know anything about this? 
- John LaPuzza
First time I've heard this one ... but, as paranoid and conspiracy-concious as he was, it really wouldn't surprise me.  Do we know if Hoover was wearing a dress when he said it???  (kk)
Here's another brand new release that I thought sounded rather interesting ...
Superstar Vocalists From Both Sides Of The Pond Come Together For A Special Tribute To The Beatles!  
Featuring performances by Heart’s Ann Wilson, Todd Rundgren, Asia’s John Wetton, Judy Collins, Jack Bruce, David Clayton Thomas and more!  
Los Angeles, CA - An all-star gathering of musical luminaries bring their warmest performances to a brand new tribute album featuring 16 acoustic renditions of the best song’s by The Beatles! Keep Calm And Salute The Beatles offers heartfelt and inviting contributions by artists such as famed Heart vocalist Ann Wilson, who leads an elegant and meditative take on “Across The Universe,” while fellow Brit John Wetton belts out a passionate and playful version of “Penny Lane.” Another of the album’s highlights is a devastating interpretation of the mournful ballad “Eleanor Rigby” recorded by legendary Cream vocalist Jack Bruce just prior to his passing in late 2014. It was Bruce’s last recorded performance and a testament to the man’s prodigious talent and sincere passion for music. Other incredible performers include legendary Todd Rundgren, singer/songwriter Andrew Gold, Martha Davis of The Motels, ‘80s icon Howard Jones, Stephen Bishop and so many more. The entire project was overseen by producer extraordinaire Billy Sherwood (Yes).  Any Beatles fan worth their salt won’t want to miss it!
1. Across The Universe - Ann Wilson
2. Penny Lane - John Wetton
3. Eleanor Rigby - Jack Bruce
4. Blackbird - Liz Madden
5. Norwegian Wood - Andrew Gold
6. Hide Your Love Away - Todd Rundgren
7. All You Need Is Love - Helen Reddy
8. I’ll Follow The Sun - Judy Collins
9. And I Love Her - Howard Jones
10. Ticket To Ride - Felix Cavaliere
11. Let It Be - KC
12. Yesterday - David Clayton Thomas
13. Nowhere Man - Martha Davis
14. All I’ve Got To Do - Stephen Bishop
15. Something - Billy Sherwood
16. Hey Jude - Leo Sayer
Purchase the CD version:
Purchase the special bonus track version on iTunes:
11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025
You've probably heard by now that Elvis' two private planes (The Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II) have been taken off the auction block.  Sounds like the Graceland Estate has gotten involved and now owns these planes and they will continued to be displayed and greet visitors for a long time to come.
Meanwhile, it made news headlines around the world when Paul McCartney performed at Buddakan last week for the first time in 1949 since The Beatles filmed a concert there. (Slow news week?  Or are we just so starved for good oldies news?)
Actually, this was a pretty big deal.  Not only did Macca grace the Buddakan stage again but he also performed a Beatles tune live for the very first time EVER!!!
McCartney dug out the "Help!" chestnut "Another Girl" and performed it as part of his show.  (No, he didn't have a bikini-clad hottie to strum this time ... but it was still pretty cool to hear this one again just the same.)
With a catalog as deep as his, he could almost change up the set list nightly ... but he pretty much sticks to the tracks he thinks his fans most want to hear.  (kk)

re:  Diggin' Forgotten Hits:
Just a crush note from a fan.
I still read Forgotten Hits every day. My eyes get really big when people start comparing artists from different eras. I think it's fun but not particularly important except AS fun ... like old sports buffs comparing the short pants two hand set shot era of the NBA with the high-flying take as many steps as you need slam dunk circus of today.
I was alive when Frank Sinatra was a teen idol but I was in elementary school and we all thought he was a joke. I was in the Air Force when Elvis hit the big time and I damned near died laughing at that silly man with the silly name. I was about thirty when The Beatles became famous and I thought they were the silliest of all. Point is, for some of us, all these changes were startling and it took a while to get used to them. Sinatra of the 50s reinvented himself and became the ring-a-ding-dinger who created a template for pop singers like Steve Lawrence, Bobby Darin, Eydie Gorme, etc. Many took the Sinatra way as THE way, while non-emulators like Nat King Cole (and later Johnny Mathis) did their own thing. I never embraced Elvis Presley's music as a whole, while I did like a song here and there. I changed towards the Beatles as they changed and their craft showed through the mopheads and teen screaming.
I get virtually nothing out of current pop music as my brain is hardwired in another direction and I really don't think anyone anywhere is writing and performing music for 80 year olds.
I don't care who has the most # 1 hits. I don't care who is or isn't in that silly Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. I have about a million mp3s and way too many CDs so my music world is one of isolationism, be that good or bad.
But I LOVE Forgotten Hits. I love your passion for what you do and the passion for all those artists and fans who frequent your website and mailbox.
As I said, this is a crush note. I promise not to stalk you beyond the scope of the internet. 
Mister Hil
Wow, THANKS, Hil!!!  Your letter made my day!  As one of the original 35 folks on the list, it's a TRUE testament to what we've been doing here that you're still checking in fifteen years later!!!  And your points are well taken.  As a connoisseur of ALL good music, I regard your opinion very highly.  You have always told me that it doesn't matter WHAT it is ... or WHO it is ... Good Music is Good Music.  Simple as that.  (kk)